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Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

English, Finance, 27 seasons, 213 episodes, 5 days, 10 hours, 35 minutes
Every week Co-Founder Jim Stromberg (actively trading since 1996) give his insight, tips, and tricks into the world of stock trading. The podcast covers market forecasts and takes a deeper look into major companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, FB, etc. #STOCKS, #MARKETS, #INDEXES, #TRADING, #STOCKTIPS #STOCKPODCAST
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Week 24 - 2021 - Nasdaq 8000 Next? - The Stock and Crypto Podcast

Is Nasdaq heading for 8.000 points? With only little support below and massive resistance above, the forecast is not very bright for the markets this week. The inflation continues to rise just as we predicted, and the FED will have to raise the interest rates this week, perhaps even more than what the market expects. In addition, the job market is starting to cool off, and recession is creeping closer by the minute. But our listeners know this as we told exactly what would happen more than a year ago. In this week's podcast, we look further into the future, trying to forecast the following significant events and moves and how they will affect the markets. Last week's trading tips did their trick, and Xpev raked a 7.17% profit. This week we have three new candidates who we think might be able to beat the market and yield some profit. Please tune in to find out which stocks we would place a bet on this week. 
6/13/202254 minutes, 7 seconds
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Will These Stocks Beat A Red Market? Week 15 - 2022

We believe, like last week, that this will be a red week for the markets. But if played correctly, red markets may be very profitable. Last week the Borr Drilling trade was closed with a 42% profit. This week we have 5 tips and Nivida is one of them. Summer and fall are coming fast, and today's decisions will be tomorrow's profit or loss. In this week's podcast, we take a quick look at what may wait further up the road and how to prepare for it. Gold is on the path to $2.500 and the 10-year treasury yield is 2.71. The Ukraine conflict will again escalate and that should push markets down.  This and much more in this week's podcast.
4/11/202245 minutes, 55 seconds
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Week 38 - 2021 - Buy The Dip

You should use the red days as an opportunity to get in cheaper. The trading tips are doing well and AMC was closed with a 22,16% profit. Is Bitcoin at $45.000 a buy or a sell? In the podcast portfolio, Ur-Energy (URG) has been closed with 95% profit. Where will markets go from here and what are the Nasdaq support levels? Tune in to get the answers.
9/20/202141 minutes, 3 seconds
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Week 16 - 2021 - The Week Of Changes

Nasdaq is pushing the 14K level and some of the major stocks like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are overbought. Are we heading for a major correction or will we head into a rally? What about Zomedica that just keeps falling and falling. Is now a buying opportunity? This and many more questions are answered in this week's podcast. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
4/19/202144 minutes, 26 seconds
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[Exclusive] - Jared Tendler - The Mental Coach

How many times have you wondered why you did not buy or sell when you knew it was the right thing to do?  Why did you not trust your gut feeling letting the good trade become red?  In this 50 minutes long special edition podcast, we talk with Jared Tendler, a mental coach that specializes in making people perform better by understanding how emotions affect your decision-making. Jared has coached some of the best golf players, E-gamers, and poker players around the world. Now he has focused on the stock market and is helping some of the top traders become even better. Tune in to get some of his tips and tricks!  Jared Tendler's webpage:
4/7/202150 minutes, 41 seconds
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Week 10 - 2021 - Time For Rebounce?

Markets are still oversold and a reaction up is more and more likely. Will it be this week or next? Bitcoin is in a strong nice trend and heading towards $60.000. Apple is bouncing up from two bottoms at $120 and NIO has never been this long oversold on RSI. Why have Apple Inc, Ocugen Inc, and Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp been added to the podcast portfolio? What is an accumulation and why do it? Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS, #ZOM, #OCGN
3/8/202155 minutes, 21 seconds
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Week 45 - Election Week

It is election week and what can we expect from the markets? Most stocks being oversold on RSI14 indicate short term reactions up. NIO, however, is overbought and in this podcast, I explain why that indicates a fall to $28-30. Tickers analyzed in this podcast: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD #AMZN, #DFFN, #FB,  #NIO, #MSFT, #MVIS #SRNE #TSLA
11/3/202018 minutes, 52 seconds
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Week 31 - Another Exciting Week Ahead!

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals started moving last week. But will it continue? Then there is Arbutus (ABUS) which was totally on fire the previous week. But what will happen now? More in-depth analysis on several other companies along with tips and tricks for your trading. #HTBX, #GNUS, #MSFT, #TSLA, #AMZN, #DFFN, #ABUS, #EQNR, #FB, #USO
7/26/202036 minutes, 6 seconds
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Week 18 - The Waiting Game

Updates on what to expect from the week ahead. A look into United States Oil (USO), Mircosoft and Netflix from a technical point of view. 
4/26/202028 minutes, 2 seconds
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Week 16 - Stock Picking Part II

In this episode we follow up more on how to pick the best stocks.
4/13/202028 minutes, 48 seconds