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Join Jason Tartick as breaks into the vault of secrets behind all things Money and careers. Jason explores the taboo curiosities and money questions we have been told never to discuss! He dives into all the trading secrets that we want to know and need to know to properly navigate the financial world as consumers, employees and investors. Out with the mantra of "wishing you knew then, what you know now"! Listen carefully as you will uncover trading secrets from Jason and his expert guests who dive into a specific subject every episode surrounding anything and everything, money. The power of “the inside scoop” will now be realized and you can use these trading secrets to earn more, spend less, and invest wisely.
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Katie Feeney is changing journalism. From $1M in five weeks on Snapchat to becoming a correspondent for the White House and NFL! What YOU need to know about the world of social media

This week, Jason is joined by content creator and social media influencer and correspondent, Katie Feeney! Currently a junior at Penn State University, Katie is blazing her own trail into a career in sports journalism and also content creation. She has been at the forefront of marrying social media with traditional broadcasting by reporting via TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram, while also being the first person to ever surpass $1,000,000 in earnings via Snapchat. With her massive network of over 13 million combined followers on her social media platforms, that was impressive enough. Katie might be best known for her work as the first social media correspondent for the NFL, the White House, and her everyday lifestyle content about college life. Katie gives insight to what her dream jobs were growing up, her advice for her younger audience who aspire to work in the social media industry, what Penn State has been like since becoming a social media star,
27/11/20231 hour 15 minutes 52 seconds
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Famous comedian, “Carrot Top” isn’t focused on the money! From not picking up paychecks to Las Vegas residencies, the $ecrets to his long standing comedy career revealed

This week, Jason is joined by world renowned actor and stand up comedian who has been making audiences around the world laugh for almost four decades, Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson! Scott’s comedy career and Carrot Top persona quickly became well known for his three trademarks; red hair, performing hilarious prop comedy acts, and his tiny shorts. His comedic skill set earned him acting jobs across film and television for the better part of 25 years. Named Comedian of the Year and Performer of the Year, both are considered some of his more notable accomplishments. However, one of Scott’s most impressive career marks comes from his long standing residency in Las Vegas, 17+ years performing at Luxor, 10 years at MGM before that, and a year at Bally’s.  Scott gives insight to the blessing and curse of naming himself Carrot Top and staying in that lane, how he came up with the name, how he almost turned down the Vegas residency, how the president of the Lu
20/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 17 seconds
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Tyler Cameron Tell$ All! From his Special Forces deal and beyond. Tyler reveals his takes on dating, real estate, new venture, and future of reality TV.

This week, Jason is joined by social media personality, fashion model, and Bachelor Nation fan favorite, Tyler Cameron! After a successful Season1, Tyler accepted an opportunity to join Season 2 of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, which debuted at the end of September. The series gives contestants a taste of what it’s like to become a Special Forces agent by competing in an array of challenges designed to break them down physically and psychologically and push them into dealing with incredibly different reality   Tyler puts Jason in the seat about his personal life and the dog situation before he gives insight to his rule with ex’s, how he looks at dating now, why he thinks it’s difficult to date someone in the industry, the difference between life in NYC and going back home, the demanding schedule of working the influencing industry, how social media has changed in growth and monetary ways since his last appearance on Tradin
13/11/20231 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds
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Carly Waddell is more than a Bachelor Nation fan favorite. From $5k/month on a cruise ship to $25k for a BIP wedding, and BTS to her music career studying with Lady Gaga!

This week, Jason is joined by Bachelor Nation fan favorite turned singer-songwriter, Carly Waddell! Many know Carly from her time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, but what you may not know is that Carly comes from a long history of singing and songwriting where she even toured the world as a headliner for the cruise industry before being discovered by producers of the Bachelor franchise. While Carly took a break from music to see through her experience in Bachelor Nation, raising her young kids, and eventually going through a very public divorce, Carly has recently jumped back into the music world, releasing her first debut EP. Carly gives insight to getting into Tisch Music at NYU and transferring to Oklahoma, wanting to get into Broadway, how she landed her cruise line gig, how she learned to negotiate, how her brother made it to hometown dates on The Bachelorette which lead to her being on the show, and how social media has changed since
06/11/20231 hour 21 minutes 37 seconds
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Oz the Mentalist will blow your mind. The skills he’s mastered that resulted in leaving Wall Street to build a massive career out of his passion for magic REVEALED

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, magician, and mentalist, Oz Pearlman! Although Oz took to magic at a young age, he took to Wall Street to begin his career before making the decision to move to magic and entertainment full time. Starting off by performing at restaurants, kid shows, and smaller events, Oz now performs over 150 dates per year in front of tens of thousands of people including a client list of politicians, professional athletes, A list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies around the world. On top of all of that, Oz has also championed himself to be an extremely successful long distance runner in marathons and ultra marathons. Oz has transitioned his love for magic and mentalism from a childhood hobby to a part time gig to a full blown business success.  Oz gives insight to his definition of a mentalist, the importance of picking someone who will give the best reaction, what social skills he implements that can be applied in
30/10/20231 hour 7 minutes 16 seconds
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Your Rich BFF has arrived! From leaving Wall Street & a $600k tech job to becoming Vivian Tu spills BTS to her career path and the secrets YOU need to know for building your wealth

This week, Jason is joined by former investment trader on Wall Street turned personal finance content creator, Your Rich BFF aka Vivian Tu! Over the past few years, Vivian has gained popularity on social media for sharing financial advice on investing money and building wealth. Between TikTok and Instagram, she has generated over 6 million followers, who she calls the leftovers, for whom she wants to share the lessons she learned on Wall Street and offer her best personal finance tips and tricks to readers of all ages and demographics. Vivian gives insight to the three tips she will provide to her own children, what a 529 account is, her method up or out, how to improve your credit score, her time at University of Chicago and which lead to working on Wall Street, how her fiancé was able to land a job on Wall Street without attending a feeder school, what working on Wall Street was like and how she left to work at BuzzFeed. Vivian also reveals how qu
23/10/20231 hour 4 minutes 44 seconds
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Real Housewives of OC, Gina Kirschenheiter dives into her the business of relationships, TV, real estate, and the $ecrets behind branding!

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, podcast host, and Real Housewife of Orange County fan favorite, Gina Kirschenheiter! Gina has been a part of Real Housewives of OC cast for the past five seasons and quickly acclimated to the California lifestyle after predominately living her life on the east coast in New York. In addition to being a major personality on Real Housewives of OC, Gina have never been shy about dipping her toes into entrepreneurial spirits and different pools by starting her own beauty product line, and most recently starting a podcast with Grammy winning country songwriter and producer Shane McNally. Gina has not held back on her personal struggles with mental health and sobriety and often shares ways she has overcome those types of struggles throughout her life.  Gina gives insight to how she was casted on Real Housewives of Orange County, why she thinks so many people are fighting to be on reality TV, how living in it for a couple of ye
16/10/20231 hour 13 minutes 1 second
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Craig Conover isn’t following traditional business advice! Southern Charm fan favorite reveals to $ecrets to his major success within reality tv, law, entrepreneurship and relationship.

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, lawyer, author, podcast host, and one of Bravo’s fan favorites from its hit reality show, Southern Charm, Craig Conover! Craig reigns as the pillow magnate of Charleston and beyond after starting his own sewing and southern lifestyle brand, which has been well documented on the show. His business has become a huge success via eCommerce and his brick and mortar location in Charleston. In addition to all of his business success, Craig continues his career in law, hosts a podcast, wrote a book, and continuously grows his brand on social media with his professional life.  Craig gives insight on how he manages all of his endeavors, which Real World contestant he connected with when he was asked to be on Southern Charm, why it took him an extra year to be sworn in after passing the bar,  which type of attorney he thinks is the safest option, how Bravo works with his business and how it ties into the show, and how he got out o
09/10/20231 hour 15 minutes 2 seconds
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Joe Amabile & Serena Pitt Pt 2! Plus, multi-million viewer swings for The Bachelor?! Bachelor Data, Suzana Somers breaks down The Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise premiere ratings!

This week, Jason is joined by Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt for part two, plus Suzana Somers from Bachelor Data also returns! Joe and Serena dive into how they are managing finances as a married couple, the importance of discussing finances in relationships, working together on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, and how it came to be. Serena gives insight to her career path including working in PR, the influencer life, and her new company Reset the Brand. Joe reveals where he can be found next and how he feels about reality tv. Will Serena be changing her name?  PLUS, Bachelor Data founder Suzana Somers returns to Trading Secrets to talk about all the analytics around The Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise premieres!  Suzana explains how the ratings are tracked and how it has changed over time, why she thinks it was a mistake to put the Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise on the same night, which show had more viewers, why she thinks the follower counts ar
02/10/20231 hour 10 minutes 32 seconds
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Pt 1: Married for $35?! Newlyweds Joe Amabile & Serena Pitt dive into the $ behind their wedding costs, combining finances, plus a Bachelor party story like no other!

This week, Jason is joined by Bachelor Nation’s newest and hottest married couple, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt! With Joe and Serena fresh off a wedding, what better time to discuss the money, planning, and time that goes into a successful wedding. Joe and Serena give insight to their courthouse wedding and what goes into that process, how they kicked off wedding planning by getting married, the process of applying for a green card once you’re married, what goes into getting a work visa, who paid for the wedding, how they decided what elements were worth it, and where they suggest saving costs.  Serena and Joe also reveal the gambling during Joe’s bachelor party in Las Vegas, how their spending habits compares to their investments, where Serena sees the value in spending money, how they plan to navigate their joint bank account, when they started having conversations about money, how they took on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Serena’s work in PR, what her visio
25/09/20231 hour 5 minutes 27 seconds
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Michael Allio is changing lives. Bachelor Nation fan favorite reveals BTS to his impactful entrepreneurial and nonprofit work, his time in the franchise, and $$$ behind it!

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, father, and Bachelor Nation fan favorite, Michael Allio! Most know Michael from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette and eventually his time spent on Bachelor in Paradise, where he quickly became one of the most popular and well liked contestants on the show. Michael has been open and vulnerable about sharing a personal loss he experienced in 2019 before going on the show after losing his wife, Laura, to cancer. Over the past few years, he has honored her memory by founding a nonprofit organization dedicated to families battling cancer and most recently getting involved with a cancer treatment project.  Michael gives insight to working for a distribution company he started with his parents supplying safety clothing, what his life was like after his wife Laura was diagnosed with cancer, what he would tell his younger self, how he didn’t want to show to change how he viewed the world, breaking down how his company
18/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 13 seconds
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Ben Higgins Pt 2: From the Almost Famous podcast to Generous Coffee, the BTS to his numerous ventures and the $$$ behind them

This week, Jason is joined by one of Bachelor Nation’s biggest stars and fan favorites, Ben Higgins! In 2017, Ben co-founded Generous Coffee, a company dedicated to raising money through its operation to create jobs, feed children, improve education and empower communities to eliminate poverty around the world. Outside of his socially conscious work, he maintains a connection to the one and only Bachelor Nation by co-hosting the Bachelor focused, Almost Famous podcast with Ashley I, which has accumulated over 80+ million downloads to date.  Ben gives insight to his interest in having a bigger role in the franchise, how to keep a positive outlook when not being chosen for an opportunity, his experience hosting Bachelor Live on Stage, the everchanging space of podcasting, the business model behind Generous Coffee, how Generous Coffee came to be, and why he doesn’t make a salary from Generous. Ben also reveals what gives him more joy, what keeps him grounded, the le
11/09/202350 minutes 40 seconds
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Pt 1. The Former Bachelor, Ben Higgins Tell$ All

This week, Jason is joined by one of Bachelor Nation’s biggest stars and fan favorites, Ben Higgins! Ben initially won over the hearts of viewers during his time on The Bachelorette and eventually became the Bachelor himself. Following his time on the shows Ben embarked on numerous ventures, entrepreneurial and otherwise, with a mission to help organizations connect more deeply with their employees and customers. In 2017, Ben co-founded Generous Coffee, a company dedicated to raising money through its operation to create jobs, feed children, improve education and empower communities to eliminate poverty around the world. Outside of his socially conscious work, he maintains a connection to the one and only Bachelor Nation by co-hosting the Bachelor focused, Almost Famous podcast with Ashley I, which has accumulated over 80+ million downloads to date.  Ben gives insight to how he ended up leaving Indiana and working as a business analyst in Denver, how his lifestyl
04/09/202357 minutes 4 seconds
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The money behind Netflix show “The Circle”! Past contestants, John Franklin & Alyssa Ljub reveal the true circle to neutralizing life: jokes, money and sex? The $ and secrets to careers in sex coaching, comedy and everything in between

This week, Jason is joined by fan favorites of Netflix’s The Circle. John Franklin and Alyssa Ljub! John and Alyssa were participants on season four of the hit reality TV show The Circle. As contestants, they maneuvered their way through a game in which they can only communicate with other contestants via texts on a specialized social media platform. Although neither of them were crowned the champion of their season, they have each been able to generate strong social media followings after their season wrapped up in May 2022. In addition to their social media influencing, both John and Alyssa have started to carve their own ways into separate specific careers, John being in stand up comedy and Alyssa being in sex relationship coaching.  John and Alyssa give insight to how they ended up on The Circle, why John ended up going on as a Catfish, where they are currently living and what they pay, what Alyssa’s advice is when it comes to improving your credit score, how
28/08/20231 hour 11 minutes 26 seconds
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How he turned funny into money! Jared Freid spent $80K to make a comedy special “37 and Single” and Netflix bought it! The secrets behind the $$$ and time deployed in the career of stand-up comedy!

This week, Jason is joined by New York based standup comedian, Jared Freid! Jared has become well known for his comedic insights into how millennial dating and relationships begin and end, ranging from the obsession over dating apps, trying to be real adults, and worrying about their looks on a daily basis. From performing alongside the likes of Jimmy Fallon to writing for media outlets such as BroBible and Total Frat Move, Jared has made his mark across many comedic outlets around the country. In addition to his standup comedy work, Jared hosts three highly rated weekly podcasts including U Up? and the J Train which both focus on various takes on modern day dating and generate a combined 1.2M+ monthly listeners.  Jared gives insight to his Netflix special “37 and Single” and what goes into creating a standup special, the variety of income when in the middle class of standup comedy, the amount of time that goes into building a comedy career, what challenges someo
21/08/20231 hour 12 minutes 41 seconds
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From earning $2.50/hr at Applebee’s to amassing $113K on MTV's The Challenge, and even making more in a single episode of Teen Mom than in an entire season of The Challenge, Cory Wharton unveils behind-the-scenes insights into his MTV reality TV career!

This week, Jason is joined by reality TV star known for his roles on MTV’s The Real World, The Challenge, and Teen Mom, Cory Wharton! Cory started his reality TV career back in 2015 when he was a cast member on the Real World Explosion. The very next year he made his way onto the Challenge, debuting on Battle of the Bloodlines. Since then, he has been a regular across the channels on a plethora of reality TV shows, including Teen Mom and has been able to capitalize on it by building brands for himself and the entirety of his family. Cory gives insight to how long a season of Teen Mom films for, how different filming is for the Real World and the Challenge compared to Teen Mom, why he dropped out of college, why he wanted to go into education, his jobs prior to his time on reality tv, how he monetized off social media, and how he was approached for Teen Mom. Cory also reveals how he ended up boxing, what it was like filming a movie, and how perspective is critical
14/08/20231 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds
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Pt 2: Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli dive into the secrets of navigating their professional and personal lives as a couple and what they really know about their partners' portfolios and money habits!

This week, Jason is joined by Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli as they return for part 2! Many may know Blake from his time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and Giannina from her time on season one of Netflix’s Love is Blind. After each of them failed to find love, they gave it one more shot on Paramount+’s All Star Shore where they inevitably found each other and have shown that love is worth the wait.  Giannina and Blake give insight to how Blake has continued to make more every year as a DJ, how they balance their professional and personal lives with the industries they work in, how communication and trust are critical to the relationship, how they handle their relationship in the public eye and with public perception, and the ways they support each other’s careers. Plus, Jason talks money with Blake and Giannina with a series of 10 questions. Does Blake or Giannina know more about their partners' money habits?  What is Blake’s goal amount for
07/08/202352 minutes 36 seconds
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PT 1: Giannina Gibelli & Blake Horstmann, from $19/hr at Universal to $150K/month! They dive into each career stops from Love is Blind, All Star Shores, & jobs leading up to reality tv.

This week, Jason is joined by social media personalities and one of reality tv’s hottest and favorite couples, Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli!  Many may know Blake from his time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and Giannina from her time on season one of Netflix’s Love is Blind. After each of them failed to find love, they gave it one more shot on Paramount+’s All Star Shore where they inevitably found each other and have shown that love is worth the wait.  Giannina give insights to her wild career path from advertising to mall kiosks to reality TV, what she made at each job along the way, her pioneering moments, how the mall kiosk places change the prices based on who you are, what her time on Love is Blind was like, why she needed reiki after returning to the real world, and how social media has played a major role throughout her career. Blake and Giannina also reveal why they decided to compete on All Star Shores, if they would have done anot
31/07/202348 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Car Mom to the rescue! Kelly Stumpe reveals the secrets to buying, leasing, trading and financing your next car! The car industry unlocked!

This week, Jason is joined by social media personality, automotive expert and working mom of three, Kelly Stumpe aka the Car Mom! Kelly spent her entire life growing up in the dealership business and started her career off by selling BMW vehicles. After establishing early career success, Kelly began to think about ways to expand her experience to a larger audience and in 2020, she began blogging and advising everyday moms about the car buying process. She now has a new platform called The Car Mom.  Kelly gives insight to her passion for selling cars, what makes selling cars so different from other sales jobs, how car sales is different from real estate when it comes to commission, what consumers should be aware of when talking to the finance and insurance manager, and her concern over how slim used cars are going to be over the last few years. Kelly also reveals her best estimations for the minimums and maximum for different roles in a car dealership, the most surprising
24/07/20231 hour 4 minutes 12 seconds
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8 FIGURES a year on YouTube! Rebecca Zamolo, YouTube superstar & former producer reveals the secrets to her rags-to-riches journey!

This week, Jason is joined by YouTube personality, actress, and all around entrepreneur, Rebecca Zamolo! Rebecca is one of the top female YouTubers in the world with over 47 million combined followers across her social media platforms with over 8 billion views on YouTube. Rebecca made her mark in the YouTube space with her family friendly content, which includes videos ranging from family challenges, do it yourself projects, 24-hour challenges, gymnastics, and much, much more. In addition to her YouTube work, she is a New York Times bestselling author and avid activist when it comes to raising awareness to various health journeys.  Rebecca gives insight to what the usual day to day work schedule looks like in order to create her level of content, treating content creation as a job, how reliability and personalizing trending concepts to your unique perspective is critical to viral content, why she has turned down brand deals, and her passion in real estate. Rebecc
17/07/202349 minutes 54 seconds
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Netflix Host of “How to Get Rich”, Ramit Sethi, shares the 4 #s you must immediately identify and the $ecrets to start living your rich life! We talk housing, investments, debt, and more!

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, NYT bestselling author, podcast host, and TV host, Ramit Sethi! His unique approach to managing finances is sometimes different from the traditional advice as he advises individuals to spend money on things you love, but cut back on the things you do not. By exploring his unique approach to personal finance management and how he has been able to diversify his methods into a multifaceted and successful business career, he is host of the I Will Teach You to Be Rich podcast and Netflix’s How to Get Rich.  Ramit gives insight to creating something that a small number of people love, not a large number of people to like, defining your rich life, reshaping your perception of money, the four numbers you need to know, and how the more money you pay does not mean better results. Ramit also reveals his take on renting versus buying, what percentage your total housing cost should be, his take on credit cards, student loans, and i
10/07/20231 hour 5 minutes 25 seconds
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Macklemore shares his secrets about the music industry, keys to his success, and the $$$ behind it! From making $2 racks a month to investing $2M+ into new album “Ben”

This week, Jason is joined by multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Ben Haggerty, known to the world as Macklemore! In March of 2023, he released his first new album in over five years titled Ben, which covers a portrayal of his life including topics such as his struggles with mental health. On top of his tour and new album, he is launching a collaboration with Adidas on his vintage inspired golf clothing brand called Bogey Boys which he started back in 2021. Entrepreneur, music, fashion icon, touring Europe, the United Stated and on top of it all, he is taking stakes in Seattle’s MLS and NHL teams, the Sounders and the Kraken.  Macklemore gives insight to his philosophy that has gotten him to where he is at, how priorities have shifted, his love of  the puzzle that comes along with being an artist and creative, where he finds meaning, how getting sober and his parents helped him get out of his own way, and how divine timing
03/07/20231 hour 41 seconds
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Wells Adams: Bachelor Nation fan favorite, BIP Bartender & TV Host shares his unique career track, his negotiations & pay each step of the way!

This week, Jason is joined by Bachelor Nation fan favorite and reality TV personality, Wells Adams! When it comes to making a career out of being on reality TV, Wells has truly made the most of his opportunities. While working as a radio DJ in Nashville, Wells won over fans by competing on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and later was a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise. Although he did not find throughout his time on either show, a love connection did come his way with Sarah Hyland. Fast forward years later, Wells and Sarah are happily married. Wells is thriving in his recurring role as the head bartender every summer on Bachelor in Paradise. In addition to working closely with the Bachelor franchise, Wells has expanded his media career by adding podcast host and TV host to his resume.  Wells gives insight to his career in radio starting in high school at the age of 16, how he worked his way up to radio host on Lightning 100 in Nashville, how he deal
26/06/20231 hour 17 minutes 1 second
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Negotiate like an FBI agent! Former FBI international hostage and kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss reveals the $ecrets YOU need to know when navigating relationships, business, and more!

This week, Jason is joined by author, entrepreneur, professor, and most notably former member of the FBI, known as the master negotiator, Chris Voss! Chris earned that title throughout his time serving as the lead crisis negotiator for the New York City division of the FBI, then as the FBI’s Chief International hostage and kidnapping negotiator.  In 2008, after spending 24 years working 150+ international hostage cases for the FBI, Chris founded the Black Swan group which serves as a consulting and training agency for both business and individual negotiating skills.  Chris gives insight to the process of being hired with the FBI, how volunteering at the suicide prevention hotline got him into the net negotiating group, taking advice from those who have been there, his work in the FBI with the World Trade Center bombing, 9/11, and Waco,  how there is always a deal killer on the other side, and the Oprah Rule. Chris also reveals what signs to look out for that indi
19/06/20231 hour 24 minutes 32 seconds
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Barbara Corcoran like you haven’t heard before! From getting fired to rehired, the Shark Tank star reveals BTS deal secrets, the future of real estate and how to talk money with your partner.

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, business leader, real estate investor, and fan favorite shark, Barbara Corcoran! We all know Barbara as one of the savvy, high-powered investors on Shark Tank, but what you may not know is her unique and diverse business career that sparked the opportunity for her to be on the show. Barbara founded her real estate company, the Corcoran Group, in 1973 and over the years, she grew her company from a small business into a $5 billion dollar real estate empire. Since then, she has expanded her skill sets into many other ventures, such as becoming a bestselling author, motivational speaker, podcaster, content creator, television personality, and so much more.  Barbara gives insight to the current state of real estate, the benefit to getting in the game early, why building an audience is easier today due to social media, using fear as a motivator, how she makes her decisions to invest on Shark Tank, and her take on prenups, po
12/06/20231 hour 6 minutes 14 seconds
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From Hayley Paige to Cheval. Sued for the rights to your own name? Say Yes to the Dress star shares secrets to navigating the lawsuit that almost erased her identity

This week, Jason is joined by entrepreneur, fashion designer, and America’s favorite bridal expert on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, Cheval! Cheval’s advanced and diverse experience in the bridal industry made her one of the most sought after luxury bridal designers in the world, earning her opportunities to dress female icons such as Carrie Underwood, Chrissy Teagan, and Dove Cameron. After a decade of working her way up in the industry, Cheval found herself in the legal hot seat after being sued by her employer to gain control of what she believed was her own brand and social media accounts, forcing her to give up much of her hard work she had put in throughout her career. She made the ultimate boss pivot and decided to utilize her entrepreneurial skills to create her own brand under the name Cheval, a powerhouse advocate for artists and creatives.  Cheval gives insight to how much she identified as a wedding dress designer and looking at “former” wedding dress de
05/06/20231 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
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109: Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay reveals the BTS business & drama of VPR, turning negatives into positives, and the $ecrets YOU need to know about the industry.

This week Jason is joined by entrepreneur, podcast host, vlogger, blogger, and most notably known for her role on the hit reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay!    Having already been a mainstay on the show for the past 10 years, Scheana has found herself at the epicenter of the most recent drama between various cast members of the show that has headlined media outlets, sweeping the nation’s pop culture talk for the past few months.  Scheana gives insight to how Vanderpump Rules ratings have fluctuated over the last few seasons, how the latest scandal was the perfect storm for the business side of the show, how her podcast is breaking its own records every month, the impact of she who shall not be named has had on Scheana’s life, and how he daughter witnessing her at rock-bottom motivated her to use her voice to elevate nonprofits and bring awareness to the court system and restraining orders. Scheana also reveals her best advice for getting through the
29/05/202358 minutes 12 seconds
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108: Selling the OC’s Tyler Stanaland making waves in real estate and the surfing industry!? The insights to the surfing profession and real estate that YOU need to know

This week Jason is joined by one of the stars of Netflix’s Selling the OC, Tyler Stanaland!      Tyler’s recent rise to fame came after his success with the Oppenheim group selling luxury real estate in the Orange County community over the past several years. What you may not know is that Tyler is actually a fifth generation realtor, fourth generation Laguna Beach native, and has several years under his belt as a professional surfer.    Tyler gives insight to his experience on the Dubai trip, how he deals with commentary about his personal life, the professional surfing space, how Catch Surf jump started his career after having life saving surgery at 22, the misconceptions a viewer may have, and his best advice when it comes to renting or buying. Tyler also reveals why he got his real estate license as a back-up, how surfing is now his side hustle, how he got in with the Oppenheim group, how role filming had on his focus as an agent in season one, the
22/05/202353 minutes 44 seconds
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$90k+/year in beauty! Francis Tesmer, founder of the LEAD Institute, reveals the $ecrets to breaking the beauty industry stereotype, partnering with L’Oreal USA Professional Products, and the power of the human machine & beauty

This week, Jason is joined by global entrepreneur, philanthropist, beauty industry leader and CEO of ROLFS global, Francis Tesmer!      In collaboration with L’Oreal USA Professional Products, Francis founded LEAD, a revolutionary higher education program that is designed to elevate a new era of leaders for the ever-changing world of beauty, with a passion for women’s empowerment, social justice, economic growth, and sustainability. In addition to her professional success, she supports and collaborates with hundreds of not-for-profit organizations that help connect leaders from around the world to ensure positive changes are happening, holding prominent roles such as the President of the United Nations World Trade Point Federation - Germany, executive producer of a full-length documentary, and now CEO of the first ever education program that offers an Associate
10/10/20221 hour 20 minutes 12 seconds
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2021 Year in Review: Jason Tartick Unwrapped and Unfiltered

I don’t think Jason has ever been this direct and decisive with his answers…while in the hot seat! In this episode, the final episode of 2021, the voice of the viewer, David Arduin asks Jason every single thing you could imagine about his business performance and life choices in the year 2021. From how much Jason has made from his podcast, what his wedding budget is, what he makes on brand deals, how much he’s lost betting on the Bills this year, and so many more details and dollars in between. It’s absolutely another episode you can’t afford to miss! Jason will do this 2x a year. The next one will be in the summer so please submit any questions you have with a 5-star review! Join Jason's business networking group at a discounted price of $99/year <a href= "" target= "_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= "
27/12/20211 hour 4 minutes 59 seconds
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Trading Secrets Trailer

Check out Trading Secrets, hosted by Jason Tartick - coming to Dear Media on May 24th!    Produced by Dear Media. 
17/05/20211 minute 22 seconds