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Trace Evidence is a weekly true crime podcast that focuses on unsolved cases, from chilling murders to missing persons. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines each case, diving deep into the evidence and exploring the theories which revolve around them. For each unsolved case, there are the victims and their families, who want answers and the abductors and murders who hide the truth. For more information please visit: ( Social Media:
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UPDATE - Little Christmas Doe Identified & Arrests Made

On December 21st, 1988, in rural Ware County, Georgia, investigators were called to a disturbing scene. Down a dirt road, in a dusty turn around utilized as a makeshift, illegal dump, a truck driver found the remains of an unidentified child. The child, a black female, had been wrapped in a blanket, placed inside a duffle bag and covered over with concrete. That bag was then put inside a footlocker or trunk, which was also then filled with concrete. The trunk was then wrapped in tape, sealed in thick plastic and shoved inside an old, broken television console.For more than thirty years investigators with multiple departments, including the GBI, have worked to uncover the child's identity. Now, it appears, they have broken the case open.Just yesterday, the GBI held a press conference to announce the child has been positively identified as Kenyatta Odom of Albany, GA. In addition to her identification, her biological mother, Evelyn Odom has been arrested alongside
14/11/202323 minutes 32 seconds
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233 - The Murder of Paul Jones & The Disappearance of Melody Jones

On the morning of May 5th, 1983, a horrified mother entered the home shared by her daughter and son-in-law and came upon a grisly scene. Her son-in-law, twenty year old Paul Jones, lay dead on the bedroom floor the victim of a stabbing. Despite her desperate search she could find no trace of her nineteen year old daughter, Melody.Investigators with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office and the OSBI theorized that intruders had entered the couples' home during the night, murdered Paul and abducted Melody. Working with a severe lack of evidence, they struggled to put the pieces together and a lack of tips left them devoid of suspect.More than forty years later, Paul's killer has never been identified and Melody has never been located. While some believe it to be a random crime, perpetrated by a sick and desperate criminal, others wonder if the truth might be found closer to home.Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit <a href="" target="
03/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 37 seconds
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232 - The Murder of Little Christmas Doe

On Wednesday, December 21st, 1988, a timber truck driver making his way through rural Georgia made a horrifying discovery. Just off US Route 82, down at the end of a long dirt road, in a dusty turn out which doubled as an illegal dumping ground, he found the remains of an unidentified toddler wedged inside of an old television console.Investigators would later reveal that the child, described as a young black girl, was estimated to be between the ages of 3 and 4 and had likely been dead for thirty to sixty days. Whoever had dumped her in that spot had first wrapped her in a blanket, placed her inside of a duffel bag, filled that bag with concrete, and then put it inside of a metal foot locker which was also filled with concrete. It was a scene so bizarre, so disturbing, it continues to haunt the investigators who worked it.Despite their sincerest efforts, the case grew cold and the child's true identity remained illusive. Twenty-one years later, in 2009, an anon
21/10/202351 minutes 59 seconds
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UPDATE - Jane Doe Identified & More

In this special update episode we examine major breaking news that the previously unidentified victim found adjacent to I-40 in Orange County, NC in September of 1990 has finally had her name returned to her. Twenty year old Lisa Coburn Kesler was identified through genetic geneaology and now investigators want to find anyone who knew her. They also hope, that by unlocking Lisa's past, they can uncover the person behind her murder. Listen to the full, original episode 207 - New Hope Jane Doe.In addition, we take a look at three cases previously covered on Trace Evidence which have had smaller updates in recent months. The cases we review are: 082 - The Vanishing of Andrew Gosden, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopene
08/10/202343 minutes 41 seconds
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231 - The Disappearance of LaTonya Roberts

The last time anyone spoke to LaTonya Roberts was the last night she was ever seen alive. Around 11 PM on Friday, December 16th, 1994, she called her sister and asked if she wanted to go to the club. In the end, LaTonya seemed set to head off on her own but when she didn't come home, everyone knew something was terribly wrong.Her father found her abandoned car two days later, on Sunday. It was parked half a mile from the club she was supposed to attend. The doors were locked and there was no sign of forced entry, although one tire was flat. Whether this was accidental or sabotage has never been determined. Police found themselves with an utter lack of evidence and few investigative avenues to explore. Then they learned the grim truth; that LaTonya had been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend, a man who just one month earlier, had threatened to kill her and bury her in a citrus grove. Did LaTonya's boyfriend make good on his threat or is s
02/10/202350 minutes 18 seconds
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230 - The Murder of Trisha Meredith

On an unseasonably warm night in Northwest Indianapolis, nineteen year old Trisha Meredith made the two minute walk from her new apartment to the laundry room. Accompanied by her boyfriend, he went back to make a call while Trisha stayed behind. Sometime during the thirty minutes, an unknown killer entered the room and attacked Trisha.Evidence at the scene showed Trisha had fought, tooth and nail, against her assailant. She sustained multiple defensive wounds before she sought shelter, trying unsuccessfully to squeeze behind a washing machine to avoid the blade of her attacker. When her boyfriend returned, he found Trisha bleeding profusely after being thrown into a utility closet.The crime occurred in broad daylight, at a busy time of day, in a wide open laundry room with a massive set of windows in front, giving passersby a clean and unimpeded view. Yet, there were no witnesses to either the murder or the killer's escape. Nearly four decades later, the truth o
16/09/20231 hour 8 minutes 41 seconds
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229 - The Vanishing of Colleen Perris

Eighteen year old Colleen Perris had the world at her fingertips and couldn't wait to chase down her dreams whether they led to Hollywood or American Idol, she was game. Then, on a lazy Saturday afternoon her cell phone rang and she quickly left the house. She has never been seen again.Six days later her car was found in a strip mall parking lot, resting in a space beside an abandoned fast food restaurant. Her purse was inside, though her wallet and phone were missing and bad weather had completely erased any forensic evidence from the exterior. It was another bright avenue that terminated in a dead end.For more than twenty years Colleen's parents have fought to discover the truth of her fate. Friends, family and the community as a whole came together to pass out fliers, raise rewards and bring awareness to he vibrant and loving young woman's terrible disappearance. Police were left with the belief that Colleen had been a victim of foul play. The onl
19/08/20231 hour 4 minutes 25 seconds
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228 - The Murder of Mandi Alexander & Mary Drake

On a hot and humid tuesday night in September of 2002, Great Bend, Kansas was rocked by a brutal and senseless double murder. Twenty-four year old Mandi Alexander was working her third day in her new job at the Dolly Madison Bakery when she was brutally murdered.Seventy-nine year old Mary Drake, a lifelong resident of Great Bend, dropped in to the bakery that night to pickup a loaf of bread. Authorities theorize that she walked in either right after or in the middle of Mandi's murder. When the killer saw her, he couldn't allow her to escape alive.For more than twenty years the mystery behind these brutal and heinous crimes have haunted the friends and family who continue to grieve without answers. Was this a targeted attack, a robbery gone wrong or a completely random act of violence?The Dolly Madison Murders Documentary \|/ <a href="
12/08/20231 hour 28 minutes 7 seconds
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227 - 3 Case Updates & LISK

In this week's special update episode we'll address three cases previously covered on Trace Evidence.First we'll begin with the arrest and conviction of Isaac Moye in the murder of Unique Harris, previously covered in Episode 30. Then we'll turn our attention to one of the most infamous disappearances in American history - Tara Calico - and the announcements of the Valencia County Sheriff's Office that charges are pending. Then, we look into the horrifying murder of an unknown child referred to at Little Jane Doe or the St. Louis Jane Doe. Recently, a social media post has reinvigorated investigators who are hoping for their first major break in 40 years.Finally, after the fantastic news that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the four Gilgo Beach victims, we'll take a few minutes to summarise the case and examine some thoughts surrounding the arrest of Rex Heuermann, the case as a whole and what this may mean about additional unsolved cases and futu
21/07/202344 minutes 41 seconds
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226 - The Vanishing of Charles David Hope

Social Media and Subscription Link TreeOn a humid, Florida night in March of 1982, forty-one year old Charles David Hope walked out of a popular seafood restaurant and mysteriously vanished. His truck was later found parked at his real estate business with the doors locked and windows rolled up. Inside police found several personal affects but no signs of a crime.At the time it was theorized that Charles might have fled the state, perhaps to take on a new adventure, or maybe, in fear for his life. However, as decades have rolled on, other more sinister theories have risen to the surface. Might Charles have killed by drug traffickers? Could he have been hunted down by an angry husband who didn't appreciate the way the notorious flirt talked to his wife? Or, is it possible, that Charles was himself involved in illegal acts that eventually led to his disappear
15/07/20231 hour 28 minutes 35 seconds
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225 - The Disappearance of Kristen Charbonneau

Sponsored by: Nom Nom! Visit for 50% off your no-risk, two week trial today!On a hot and humid summer afternoon in North Texas, a twenty-four year old woman seemingly vanished in broad daylight. Just before 4 PM, Kristen Charbonneau stepped out from beneath the pink canopy of Baby Doll's, a gentleman's club located on the border between Euless and Fort Worth. She has never been seen again.For years her family have waged a dedicated campaign to bring attention to her case, to locate the missing woman and to see the man responsible placed behind bars. Just when the case was beginning to grow cold everything changed when a suspect was arrested and charged with first degree murder.Unfortunately, after a prime witness recanted her statement, he walked free, leaving both investigators and the Charbonneau family to continue the search for Kristen while wading t
30/06/20231 hour 23 minutes 41 seconds
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224 - The Disappearance of Karen Denise Wells

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit to download the app FREE!In early April of 1994, twenty-three year old Karen Denise Wells received an urgent call from a dear friend. This friend was in a bad place and was really struggling so Denise decided to make the 1,400 mile drive from Oklahoma to New Jersey to visit. Tragically, she would never return.Less than three days after embarking on her trip, Denise would mysteriously vanish. Investigators found themselves struggling to put the pieces together as almost none of the story made sense to them. It didn't take long to realize something more sinister had occurred and that Denise's own friend may have been involved.Nearly thirty years later and Denise's fate has never been determined. While details are scarce and the official timeline is full of holes there is one thing investigators agree on; someone knows exactly wh
17/06/20231 hour 48 minutes 55 seconds
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223 - The Vanishing of Anthony Urciuoli Jr

On a cold winter night in January of 2001, thirty-one year old Anthony Guy Urciuoli Jr left his family's Poughkeepsie home to go play pool with a friend. He never made it back. His family reported him missing the next day but were met with investigators who seemed disinterested and initially argued that Tony had left of his own volition.More than twenty years later, the truth of Tony's fate remains unknown. While law enforcement says they have never found evidence to show he was the victim of a crime, his family believes his disappearance must be connected to foul play; possibly over a large sum of money. The family believes their son's disappearance might be connected to an ex-girlfriend, or perhaps, a co-worker who paged Tony the night he vanished.This episode includes a promo for the Coffee and Cases Podcast.<br
04/06/20231 hour 3 minutes 21 seconds
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222 - UPDATES - Ylva Hagner & Diamond Bradley

Sponsored by: Nom Nom! Visit to save 50% on your no-risk two week trial!In this week's special update episode, we look back on two cases previously covered that have seen developments inside of the last month.First, we begin with the Disappearance of Ylva Hagner (Episode 179.) The forty-two year old vanished from Belmont, California in October of 1996. Now, nearly thirty years later, a new search is underway at the home of a familiar name.Then, we turn our attention towards the Disappearance of Tionda and Diamond Bradley (Episode 055.) Ten year old Tionda and Diamond, her three year old sister, went missing from their South Chicago Neighborh
26/05/202345 minutes 1 second
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221 - The Disappearance of Susan Wolff Cappel

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the App today for FREE! | Use promo code "TRACE" to save 10% on your pass at CrimeCon.comNineteen year old Susan Wolff Cappel was in the middle of a divorce and custody battle, but she wasn't going to let that slow her down. After moving back in with her parents she picked up two jobs, started purchasing supplies to take care of her son and had just begun repainting her childhood bedroom for him. Then, she mysteriously vanished.Just hours after a call from her lawyer that a date had been set for the custody hearing, Sue was elated. She couldn't wait to get her son back into her arms. She left her parents home smiling, heading off to a short shift at work. At approximately 9pm, she exited the store and was met by an older model, light blue car as she was walking toward her own.After the exchange of a few words, Sue
13/05/20231 hour 37 minutes 17 seconds
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220 - The Vanishing of Ann Riffin

Sponsored by: HelloFresh! Visit and use promo code Trace50 to save 50% and your first box ships free!Thirty-three year old Ann Riffin was searching for something. She'd never found a place where she felt she truly belonged, and after so many years, she believed she may have found her new home in the small village of Ruidoso, New Mexico.A poet, writer and artist, Ann fell in love with the beautiful scenery, bustling community and local art scene. For three months she seemed to thrive until one quiet weekend in September of 1982 when she mysteriously vanished.Weeks later, Ann's car was found abandoned in an area frequently referred to as the middle of nowhere. There was no evidence of a crime, in fact there was no evidence at all. No one had any clue as to where Ann may have gone, or what tragedy might have befallen her. No
28/04/20231 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds
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219 - UPDATE - Anthonette Cayedito

Sponsored by ZocDoc! Visit and find the right doctor today!Thirty-seven years ago, nine year old Anthonette Cayedito mysteriously vanished from her family's Gallup, NM apartment. Initially it was reported that the child went to answer a knock at the door sometime during the night and it was theorized that whoever had been knocking abducted Anthonette when she opened the door.However, thirty-seven years later, new information has emerged which flips the entire case on its head. According to the police and FBI files, there was something far more sinister going on and all the evidence seems to suggest the most heartbreaking scenario -- that Anthonette's disappearance may have been orchestrated, in part, by her own mother.Beyond the Case - Part 1<a href="https://
15/04/202339 minutes 40 seconds
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218 - The Murder of Leslie Zaret

Visit and use promo code "Trace" to save 10% today!On the evening of Friday, August 16th, 1974, seventeen year old Leslie Zaret set off on a walk she'd made many times before. Leaving her best friend's home, the Queens, NY native had twenty-six blocks to cross before she'd arrive home. She never made it and less than ten hours later, her body was discovered in the playground of PS 203 - more than six miles off course from Leslie's walk.The initial investigation struggled with a lack of evidence, witnesses and suspects. Despite sincere efforts, the case grew cold. Thirty-two years later, a curious dream caused an NYPD Chief to take another look. Using new techniques and technology, they would finally identify a person of interest. However, nearly fifty years later, they still need your help to bring this monster to justice.<a href="
06/04/20231 hour 9 minutes 7 seconds
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217 - UPDATES - Robert Baron & Danielle Stislicki

Visit and use promo code "Trace" to save 10% today!In this special update episode we examine new information revolving around two cases previously covered on Trace Evidence.BREAKING NEWS: Episode 210 - The Disappearance of Robert Baron: This week there have been major advancements in this investigation searching for pizza restaurant owner who vanished from Old Forge, PA in 2017. Multiple agencies have been involved in the recovery of human remains not far from where Robert's car was previously found abandoned. While DNA tests are necessary for identification, law enforcement is of the belief that they have likely found Robert.Episode 037 - The Disapp
31/03/202340 minutes 8 seconds
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216 - The Disappearance of Barbara Holik

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the app for FREE! | Visit and use promo code "Trace" to save 10% today!Barbara Holik fell in love with the American west. Drawn to New Mexico, she emigrated to the states in late 1989 and ultimately settled in Taos. There she established herself as an artist, selling hand crafter jewelry and finely painted pottery. She made friends, delved deep into the history of the region and often led tours through the towns and surrounding wildernes. She was a popular woman who engraciated herself to the local community up until the day she vanished.When Barbara failed to show up for work two days in a row, her boss reported her missing. Investigators from the Taos Police Department found an absence of evidence at her apartment; nothing to su
11/03/20231 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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215 - The Vanishing of Chief Mel Wiley

Visit and use promo code TRACE to save 10% on your pass today!In January of 1982, Melvin Wiley was appointed Chief of Police in Hinckley Township, Ohio. With a law enforcement career spanning nearly twenty years and a background in military intelligence, Mel was considered by most the be a prime candidate for the position. For more than three years, they had no reason to question that choice.Then on a warm summer afternoon in July of 1985, Chief Wiley mysteriously vanished. After failing to show up for work for two days, rangers discovered his abandoned vehicle at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, right on the shore of Lake Erie. While some believed Chief Wiley had been the victim of a crime, others theorized that perhaps the aspiring author had written his own mysterious exit.Nearly forty years later and the mystery of Chief Wiley remains. Friends and family
02/03/20231 hour 50 minutes 41 seconds
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214 - The Murder of Tom Roche

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the app for FREE!On a cool, September afternoon in Burbank, California, thirty-six year old Tom Roche dropped off his girlfriend, Barbara Rondeau, at her office. Promising to return for lunch later that afternoon, Barbara would never see her partner of sixteen years ever again.Six days after filing a missing person's report, Barbara received a grotesque letter in the mail. In it, the writer claimed to have murdered Tom and dumped his body in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles. In addition to his disturbing words, inside the envelope were several of Tom's personal affects that had gone missing with him.While investigators were debating whether or not the letter was legitimate, five hundred miles away, investigators in northern California came upon partial human remains surrounded by clothing and personal items b
11/02/20231 hour 19 minutes 23 seconds
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213 - The Disappearance of Dori Ann Myers

Sponsored by: Daily Harvest! get up to $40 off your first box! | Magic Mind! Visit and get up to 56% off your subscription! | NomNom! Visit and get 50% off today!Listen to Donajean's interview on UnfoundOn a cool Tuesday night in January of 2006, forty-three year old Dori Ann Myers left her Fort Pierce, FL home to play poker in a local tournament. Arriving late, she missed her chance to get a seat at the table and went off to spend the night elsewhere.Dori then stopped in at the St. Lucie Inn where she was seen speaking with two unidentified men, allegedly US Marines
04/02/20231 hour 38 minutes 22 seconds
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212 - Who is Victim Number 5?

Sponsored by: Suspect Season 2, available wherever you listen to podcasts!Between 1990 and 1991, four unsolved homicides occurred in and around the city of St. Louis. Robyn Mihan, Brenda Pruitt, Sandy Little and Donna Reitmeyer had been murdered, kept for some period of time and then disposed of by an unknown predator referred to as the "Package Killer."More than thirty years later, in the winter of 2022, DNA analysis of evidence found at one of the scene finally returned a hit. This led investigators to a 73 year old prison inmate serving life for a murder in 1993. After confronting the man with this evidence, Gary R. Muehlberg confessed to the four murders and gave investigators details about the crimes.However, just when they thought they'd gotten all they needed from Muehlberg he dropped a surprise on them. He admitted to a fifth murder, one which he claimed occurred during the same time as the other. Muehlberg claimed to have murdered this woman
21/01/20231 hour 27 minutes 7 seconds
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211 - The Disappearance of Diana Braungardt

Sponsored by: Magic Mind! Visit and get 56% off your subscription with my code TRACEEVIDENCE | ZocDoc! Visit and download the app for FREE! | Suspect Season 2, available wherever you listen to podcasts!Eighteen year old Diana Braungardt was smart, funny, caring and popular. She performed well in school, worked a part time job and had just enrolled in modeling classes as high school graduation approached. Then, she vanished.After finishing a shift at a local discount department store, Diana clocked out and stepped out into the parking lot. She never made it home and her parents found her car, still sitting in the lot. It appeared to investigators that the high school senior had been abducted before she'd made it to her car.Over t
13/01/20231 hour 38 minutes 41 seconds
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2022 Wrap Up Q&A

Sponsored by: Magic Mind! Visit for 56% off your subscription using the code TRACEEVIDENCE | Nom Nom Now! Visit for 50% off your no-risk two week trial!In this week's episode, we kick of a new year of Trace Evidence by taking a look back at 2022 and answering listener questions about the show, the cases, the host and everything in between! Let's kick off 2023 with a bang and keep the ball rolling. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions and continues to support the show. Trace Evidence could not exist without you!Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopene
07/01/20231 hour 20 minutes 3 seconds
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210 - The Disappearance of Robert Baron

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the ZocDoc app for FREE! | MasterClass! Visit today and get a free annual membership when you gift one! | Exhibit C - join now by following Wondery Exhibit C on Facebook or on the web at***On a cold winter morning in January of 2017, fifty-eight year old Robert Baron was reported missing from Old Forge, Pennsylvania. A lifelong resident and pillar of the community, Robert owned the highly popular pizza restaurant Ghigiarelli's which has been a borough fixture since the 1920's. On the morning of Thursday, January 26th, Robert's son Bobby arrived at the restaurant to find the doors locked, llights off and his father gon
24/12/20221 hour 14 minutes 51 seconds
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209 - The Vanishing of Syble Brumley

Sponsored by: NextEvo! Visit and use code "trace" for 25% off your subscription of $40 or more! | Shopify! Visit to signup for a free trial!Seventy-six year old Syble Brumley was a kind, caring and beloved member of her community. A widow for more than twenty-years, she continued living in the home she'd shared with her late husband while attending to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Until one April night in 1997 when she mysteriously vanished.Investigators found obvious signs of foul play; the door to Syble's home had been smashed in and items were in disarray inside. It appeared that the assailant had forced his way in and then, rather than ransacking the house, had searched in specific locations as if there was something in particular he was seeking.While many wondered if perhaps Syble's disappearance could be chalked up as another unsolved crime happening in the stretch of land between Lou
09/12/20221 hour 5 minutes 17 seconds
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208 - The Disappearance of Leichia Reilly

**Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the ZocDoc app for FREE! | Talkspace! Visit and use code "TRACE" to get $100 off your first month! | Masterclass! Visit to give one annual membership and get one free!***On a bitterly cold winter night in January of 1985, twenty-one year old Leichia M. Reilly left her family home to visit a popular, local nightspot. She never made it home and early the next morning, her parents reported her missing.Investigators tracked down everyone who had been at the bar that night and found several witnesses who stated that they saw Leichia leaving at approximately 3am in the company of another man, off-duty NY State Trooper Daniel D. Rose. Rose did not report being at the bar that night, nor did he tell investigators he had seen the missing woman.Rose quickly hired a lawyer, denied leaving with Leichia, denied knowing her and denied being involved in whatever happened
19/11/20221 hour 16 minutes 27 seconds
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207 - New Hope Jane Doe

***Sponsored by: Shopify! Visit to signup for a free trial! | NextEvo! Visit and use promo code trace for 25% off subscription orders of $40 or more! ***Who is New Hope Jane Doe Facebook Page: a cool Wednesday morning in September of 1990, three roadside workers discovered the badly decomposed remains of an unidentified female. Murdered via strangulation, her body was dumped just over a guardrail along I-40 in Hillsborough, North Carolina at the New Hope Road Church exit.The victim was partially dressed, nude from the waist down other than a pair of white, anklet socks with clean bottoms. A pink sweater displaying an image of three cartoon bunnies was partially wrapped around her neck. She wore several pieces of costume jewelry, including a ring which may have been home m
12/11/20221 hour 21 minutes 59 seconds
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206 - The Vanishing of Richard Bendele

***Sponsored by: | | code Trace | The End Up Podcast | ***On a cold, November afternoon in 1996, twenty-nine year old Richard Bendele left his mother's home to do a little hunting where his recently deceased father used to take him. Hours later, Richard called his mother in a panic. He couldn't get his truck started and due to the darkness, he couldn't give specific directions to where he was. Planning to mark the road, to make finding him easier, Richard said he would call back, but he never did.The next morning, investigators discovered his truck abandoned miles north of where they'd thought he had been. The scene itself was bizarre; a window was smashed out, the battery was broken and tilted upside down and Richard had left everything behind: his phone, his gun and his coat.As massive searches were launched over the course of the next week, the discovery of several ite
28/10/20221 hour 13 minutes 24 seconds
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205 - The Disappearance of Kelly Wright Sims

***Sponsored by: Canva Pro! Visit for FREE 45 day extended trial! | Everylywell! Visit for 20% off your next at-home lab test! | Shopify! Visit to sign up for a FREE trial! | The End Up Podcast - available wherever you listen to podcasts!***Unfound: year old mother of three, Kelly Wright Sims was heading out for a night on the town. Alongside her boyfriend, Sims planned to participate in a darts tournament at a local bar. Sometime after arriving, however, the couple argued and split up, going their separate ways.Kelly ended up meeting with different friends, had a few drinks and took a trip. When pulling back into town, she requested to be dropped off so she could walk over to
07/10/20221 hour 39 minutes 9 seconds
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UPDATE - The Fort Myers 8 - New Identification

***Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the FREE app today!***In Episode 129, Trace Evidence features the case of the Fort Myers 8. In March of 2007, the skeletal remains of 8 unidentified men were found in a wooded lot in southwest, Florida. Investigators managed to identify three of the victims, but the remaining names were unknown.A few years earlier, in nearby Charlotte County, investigators discovered the remains of several men. Some of the bodies were found hundreds of feet apart, others were nearly a mile away. Ultimately police arrested and charged Daniel Conahan Jr with one of the murders -- there was not enough evidence to link him to all.***UPDATE***In June of 2021, investigators working the "Hog Trail Murders," announced they had positively identified John Doe Number 1 as being Gerald "Jerry" Lombard who had vanished from Lowell, MA in 1991. In September of 2022, investigators from Fort
23/09/202245 minutes 3 seconds
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204 - The Disappearance of Paresh Patel

***Sponsored by: Everlywell! Visit to save 20% on an at home test today!***Thirty-six year old Paresh Patel was on top of the world. Smart, rich and powerful, Patel was the owner of three separate clubs on Austin's famous Sixth Street. Outside of his own clubs, Patel was tied into several others run by friends and business associates. Many loved Paresh and called him a great person and a smart businessman; others believed he was corrupt and went out of his way to try and cut the legs out from under the competition.On the afternoon of Monday, September 25th, 2000, Paresh stopped by his club, the Metro, to pick up cash from the weekend's profits. Leaving with $15,000 in his hand, Paresh was set to stop at Azucar, another club he owned just down the street. Driving away in his Lexus SUV, Paresh was never seen alive again.Investigators located his abandoned vehicle the next day, with the windows rolled down and the keys in the
16/09/20221 hour 10 minutes 13 seconds
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203 - The Vanishing of Peggy Reaves Mock

***Sponsored by: Canva! Visit for a FREE 45 Day Extended trial! | Shopify! Visit for a FREE 14 day trial! | The End Up Podcast, available where you listen to podcasts! ***On Christmas night, 1992, Boaz, Alabama resident Peggy Reaves Mock left the home she shared with her mother for a night of drinks and celebration with friends. She never made it home, and for months following her disappearance, investigators didn't have a single clue.Then, in March, several of Peggy's personal affects were discovered discarded at the sight of a burned down club that was once a town hotspot. Despite the recovery of the items, no additional information about the disappearance was uncovered. Two months later, Peggy's missing car was found, parked at an apartment complex less than a mile from where she was last seen. It had been wiped clean of prints.Back to square one, with no solid leads or clues, investigators received a bizarre
09/09/20221 hour 2 minutes 59 seconds
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202 - Update - The Murder of Irina Yarmolenko

***Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the app FREE! | The End Up podcast. Subscribe today wherever you listen to podcasts! | Talkspace! Visit and use code Trace to get $100 off your first month!***In May of 2008, the body of twenty year old Irina Yarmolenko was discovered along the shore of the Catawba River, in North Carolina. Initially, investigators were baffled as they found Irina with three ligatures tied around her neck. Hoping to locate witnesses in the area who had seen or heard something, detectives began canvassing.They quickly came upon thirty-nine year old Mark Carver, fishing just up the river. He, along with his cousin, Neal Cassada, would become the prime suspects despite absolutely no evidence linking them to the crime. Cassada would pass away as the result of heart attack before going to trial, Carver would ultimately be found guilty and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.
26/08/202258 minutes 21 seconds
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201 - The Disappearance of Angela Gray Hamby

***Sponsored by: The End Up podcast. Subscribe today wherever you listen to podcasts.***October 29th, 1982 -- Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Twenty year old Angela Gray Hamby had a big day planned with her mother. Together, the two women were set to head out on an all day shopping trip where they'd hit all the clothing stores, share lunch and just be together. Sadly, however, Angela never made it to the store that day.At approximately 9:30am, Angela headed out to run some errands. She needed to fill her gas tank, drop off a payment on her car and deliver a message to her sister at work. All of this should have taken no longer than an hour so when Angela hadn't returned by 11am, her mother grew concerned. When noon hit, that concern transformed into panic and terror.By evening, the Wilkes County Sheriff's Department, along with the Wilkesboro Police and the State Bureau of Investigation were out searching for the missing woman. More than fifteen
19/08/20221 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

200 - The Shocking Murder of Betty Williams

***Sponsored by: Shopify! Visit for a free 14 day trial and full access to the entire suite of features! | TalkSpace! Visit and use promo code Trace to get $100 off your first month!***In episode 200 of Trace Evidence we examine one of the most shocking, disturbing and haunting murders in Texas history -- The Shocking Murder of Betty Williams.Odessa Texas, 1961. Seventeen year old Betty Williams goes missing from her bedroom sometime during the night. At first investigators don't believe there's any reason to worry, it's not uncommon for seventeen year old's to sneak out or run off for a few hours. As a matter of procedure, an investigator heads to Odessa High School to find out if anyone knew where Betty was.They could have never imagined what happened next. John Mack Herring, a popular football player at the school, and Betty's ex-boyfriend, makes a shocking confession. He killed Betty the night before and hi
12/08/20223 hours 30 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Special Q&A Episode

Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the ZocDoc App for FREE! | Gobble! Visit to get your first 6 Gobble meals for just $36!***Episode 200 - Q&A Special. In this week's episode, as we prepare for the release of episode 200, host Steven Pacheco answers listener submitted questions covering everything you want to know from details about case, creation of the show and overall views of podcasting and true crime in general.FB: for more information, case photos, contact info
22/07/20221 hour 11 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

199 - The Disappearance of Jie Zhao Li

***Sponsored by: Gobble! Visit to get your first 6 Gobble meals for just $36! | Upside! Download the FREE Upside App and use promo code tracepod to get $5 or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or more!***February 11th, 1988 - twelve year old Jie Zhao Li walks out of her family's Honolulu home to sell tickets for a school fundraiser. She never makes it back home. Within hours she's reported missing and investigators begin massive searches trying to track down the little girl or anyone who may have seen her.Soon witnesses come forward but their stories lead detectives in different directions. Some people saw Jie speaking to a man outside of the local 7-11 moments before her disappearance. Others claim to have seen her in the back of an old, yellow Chevy miles away and days after she went missing.While detectives quickly determine that the twelve year old was likely the victim of an abduction, their race against time hi
16/07/20221 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

3 Major Case Updates

***Sponsored by: Canva Pro! Visit to get your FREE 45 day extended trial! | Shopify! Visit for a FREE 14 day trial! | Talkspace! Visit and use promo code TRACE for $100 off your first month!***This weeks episode takes a look at three major updates regarding cases previously covered on Trace Evidence. First we examine the details surrounding Annandale Jane Doe who, after twenty-five years, has positively been identified as Joyce Marilyn Meyer Sommers. Then we turn towards the release of new information and the announcement that investigators have narrowed their suspect pool down to one person in the 1982 abduction of Kelly Bergh Dove. Finally, we will discuss the results of the trial of Dawan Ferguson, charged with the murder of his nine year old son, Christian.FB: <a hr
08/07/20221 hour 1 minute 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

198 - The Murder of Laura Ann Parker

***Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the ZocDoc app for FREE! | CanvaPro! Visit to get your FREE 45 day extended trial! | AcornTV! Visit and use promo code trace to ger your first 30 days for FREE! | Upside! Download the FREE Upside App and use code tracepod to get $5 or more back on your first purchase of $10 or more! | Shopify! Visit for a FREE 14 day trial and get full access to Shopify's entire suite of features!***On a cool spring morning in May of 1984, fourteen year old Laura Ann Parker went off to Lindenhurst High School and never came home. While her parents pressed the police, and even the FBI, to track down the missing teen, their concerns were written off as it was ruled that Laura had chosen to runaway.For four long months James and Patricia Parker investigated for themselves. They gave out their home phone number, tracked down every lead from Manhattan to the eastern end of L
17/06/20221 hour 28 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

197 - The Vanishing of Barbara Barkley

***Sponsored by: Canva Pro! Visit to get your FREE 45 day extended trial today! | Shopify! Visit for a FREE 14 day trial and full access to Shopify's entire suite of features!***Nineteen year old Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Barkley arrived for a normal day of work at the pipe furniture store in Pinellas Park, Florida on Friday, May 29th, 1981. Less than three hours later she had mysteriously vanished.There were no signs of a struggle, no indications of where Bobbie may have gone. Left behind were her purse and her cigarettes; the only things missing were Bobbie and her 1973 Plymouth Fury. While, at first, her family thought there might be a reasonable explanation, investigators were immediately concerned.Less than a year earlier, two other women had vanished under similar circumstances from within the same area. Police found one body, but the other remained missing. Soon it became a race against time to determine if
10/06/20221 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

196 - The Disappearance of Pamela Tinsley

***Sponsored by: ZocDoc! Visit and download the App FREE! | Shopify! Visit for a FREE 14 day trial and full access to Shopify's entire suite of features! | AcornTV! Visit and use promo code trace to get your first 30 days for FREE! | Manscaped! Visit and use promo code TRACE to get 20% off and FREE Shipping!***On a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon, nineteen year old Pamela Tinsley decided to take a ride down to one of her favorite Oklahoma City spots -- Lake Overholser. She'd had a rough few weeks and really needed a break from the hectic rat race of life. She never could have imagined that she wouldn't make it back home.According to friends at the Lake that day, Pam accepted an offer from a man she didn't know. He's drive her a ride around the lake on his motorcycle and then drop her right back off where he found her. Pam agreed, but neither was ever seen again.For more than twenty years
21/05/20221 hour 10 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

195 - The Mysterious Death of Robert Hamrick

On a cold winter morning in March of 1970, Rock Creek, Ohio Police Chief Robert Hamrick radioed in that he was involved in a high speed pursuit. He never called in again. Hours later a deputy moving through the area came upon the scene of a hideous accident.Chief Hamrick was found lying across the front seat of his cruisers whose lights and engine were off. He had sustained massive head and chest injuries and was barely clinging to life. Despite being flown to Cleveland for emergency brain surgery, Chief Hamrick succumbed to his injuries just nine days later.While the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department ultimately ruled Chief Hamrick's death to be the result of a car accident, rumors and speculation suggested something more sinister. Many believed there had been a massive cover up to conceal the truth: that Chief Hamrick was lured to that isolated stretch of road, ambushed and viciously beaten.<a href="
13/05/20221 hour 38 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Special Q&A

This week I'm crisscrossing the country, making my way to CrimeCon in Last Vegas. Taking a break from our usually scheduled episode releases, Trace Evidence brings to you an episode driven by you, the listener. Host Steven Pacheco answers questions submitted by listeners and also addresses the progress being made on Episode 195, set to release next week!Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial WebsiteOfficial MerchMusic Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kev
28/04/20221 hour 19 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

194 - The Disappearance of Irina Malezhik - Part 2

On a cool October afternoon in 2007, forty-seven year old Irina Malezhik walked out of her Brighton Beach apartment and mysteriously vanished. Nearly two years later, the FBI finally identified the prime suspect: Dmitriy Yakovlev. However, what they believed was an investigation into identity theft would quickly become something much more hideous.While the FBI dug into Dmitriy they quickly uncovered a complex history in which Yakovlev had been the last person to see Irina alive, but also two others; Michael Klein and Viktor Alexseyev. Klein, like Irina, has never been found. Alexseyev's dismembered remains were found just a few weeks after he was last seen alive.Quickly investigators uncovered a pattern; every two years someone Dmitriy knew vanished and within days he, and his wife, would reap the benefits of the missing persons bank account. It soon became clear that Dmitriy wasn't just an identity thief, but an active and previously undetected serial killer.<b
14/04/202255 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

193 - The Disappearance of Irina Malezhik - Part 1

Forty-seven year old Irina Malezhik mysteriously disappeared from Brooklyn after leaving her Brighton Beach apartment in October of 2007. Employed at the time as a Russian translator for the Federal Court system, tackling cases involving the Russian mafia, many were concerned that Irina had been targeted by someone from the mob.However, as the FBI began digging into the case they quickly discovered that someone was using Irina's identity to make large purchases; expensive clothes, watches and linens. They'd even gone and withdrawn thousands of dollars from her bank account. That trail did not lead to organized from, but to a married couple with a direct connection to the missing woman.What began as a case surrounding identity theft quickly developed into something more intense. Soon, they discovered a second missing person tied to the married couple. Then, the dismembered remains of a third were also linked to the identity thieves. It became quite clear; this wa
08/04/202254 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

192 - The Disappearance of Sandra Prince - Part 2

Sandra Prince was well known throughout Florida's Bay Avenue for her dedication to the community, her craft real estate acquisitions and for being one of the nicest and kindest friends and neighbors you could ever want. For much of Sandra's life, things had gone just the way she'd wanted them to until the night she vanished.For months investigators struggled to gain a foothold on Sandra's life. Notoriously private, few people knew exactly what she was up to nor who she spent time with. Eventually, one name came to the surface: Earl Pippin. Pippin worked as a contractor for Sandra and, reportedly, had been in a relationship with her for close to five years.Nine long months after her disappearance, the Temple Terrace Police officially named Pippin as a person of interest in the case. The hunt for Sandra's remains began in earnest as detectives had few reasons to believe the missing woman might still be alive. Pippin, allegedly the sole beneficiary to her estate, v
25/03/20221 hour 21 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

191 - The Disappearance of Sandra Prince - Part 1

In late December of 2005, fifty-nine year old Sandra Prince went missing from Temple Terrace, Florida. For several days, friends and neighbors assumed she had gone out of town to celebrate the New Year but when January rolled around and Sandra didn't appear, they grew concerned.Detectives working the case noted that they hadn't found any signs of a struggle, nor indications of forced entry at her home but the cell phone she always carried was left behind while her purse was missing. A notoriously private woman, investigators struggled to learn more about her as they tried to find anyone in her life who may have stood to gain from her disappearance. They had no way of knowing that a secret romance might be the key to discovering what truly happened.Breaking News After fifteen long years, an arrest has been made in the brutal 2007 slaying of eighteen year old Minot State University student Anita Knutson whose case was profiled in episode 137. In this episod
18/03/20221 hour 6 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

190 - The Murder of Walter Page

Seventy-six year old Walter Page was a pillar of the community in Manchester, New Hampshire. A resident for nearly fifty years, he and his wife Fae had built their home, raised a family and were now slowing down to enjoy a little more of their golden years. Just over a week before Christmas, in December of 1995 however, a series of threatening phone calls and a fiery attack would forever change their lives.Believing he had discovered banking inconsistencies, Walter began digging in to his Lodge's financial paperwork. Following a meeting with the then treasurer of the Lodge, Karl Bickford, as well as the president of the association, Conrad Ekdahl, disturbing things began happening. Ekdahl arrived home to find a homemade incendiary device wedged against his front door. Walter, among others, received a threatening call alluding to a bombing at his home.Less than two days later -- Walter was brutally murdered in the basement office of his home before the killer set
11/03/20221 hour 41 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

189 - The Vanishing of Lynn Burdick - Part 2

Eighteen year old Lynn Burdick mysteriously vanished from her evening shift at the Barefoot Peddlar, a small convenience store in her hometown of Florida, Massachusetts. After weeks of grueling searches headed up by law enforcement and Lynn's family, no trace of the high school senior could be found.By the beginning of summer, the senior prom Lynn hoped to attend had come and gone and, at what should have been her graduation ceremony, only an empty chair and a bouquet of yellow flowers marked her place. For the next forty years, the search for Lynn and the investigation of her disappearance would hit countless roadblocks and dead ends.Had Lynn been abducted by someone local, someone who may have known her? Did she fall victim to a yet unknown serial killer stalking the rural areas of Massachusetts or, was it possible, that Lynn was taken so she couldn't identify the man who had robbed the store that night?<a href="
04/03/20221 hour 10 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

188 - The Vanishing of Lynn Burdick - Part 1

Eighteen year old Lynn Burdick was born and raised in the small Massachusetts town of Florida. Throughout her life she worked hard in school earning high marks, dedicated her free time to volunteering for different fundraisers and charitable organizations and helped look after her mother. She was always there, reliable and trustworthy until the night she vanished.Scheduled to work the closing shift at a local convenience store, The Barefoot Peddlar, Lynn began her night without a worry. However, in the final hour before closing, Lynn disappeared from the store without a trace. Investigators quickly discovered the high school senior had likely been abducted during the course of a robbery.Massive searches were launched covering a fifty mile radius around the store; local and state police joined up with volunteers to scour the main roads, side streets and countless miles of state forests and difficult terrain. When a failed abduction earlier in the night came to li
25/02/20221 hour 4 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

187 - The Disappearance of Naomi Wilson

On a warm Sunday afternoon in April of 1981, thirty-two year old Naomi Wilson walked out of her Cedar Rapids home, climbed in to her Ford Fairmont and drove off never to return. Two days later, her car was found abandoned at a local K-mart just a few miles away. There was no sign of foul play, no evidence of a crime and no trace of Naomi.Despite large searches through the area and a media barrage -- Naomi has never been found. As the years progressed, her story slowly evolved into one of the oldest unsolved missing person's cases in Iowa. Did she truly drive off that afternoon, falling victim to a yet unidentified assailant or is it possible the story we've been told all of these years was merely a lie to cover up something closer to home?Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer n
12/02/202253 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Four Major Case Updates

In this Special Update Episode we will revisit four cases previously covered on Trace Evidence which have had major breakthroughs in the past few months. In September of 2021, Chapel Hill police announced they had arrested and charged a suspect in the 2012 murder of UNC Chapel Hill student Faith Hedgepeth. Just last month, in December, investigators with the Miami-Dade Police officially closed the case of seventeen year old Daniel Jess Goldman who was abducted from his family's home in March of 1966.This month, January of 2022, South Yorkshire Police announced that they had arrested two suspects believed to be connected to the 2007 disappearance of fourteen year old Andrew Gosden. Finally, after thirty-six years, an arrest has been made in connection with the 1986 abduction and murder of four year old Jessica Gutierrez, taken in the middle of the night from her family's Lexington, SC home.<a href="" tar
27/01/20221 hour 13 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

186 - The Disappearance of Gail Joiner

On the first day of Fall in 1972, thirteen year old Gail Joiner rushed home from school to her parents house in Thonotosassa, Florida. An hour later, the teen attached a leash to her beloved pet racoon's collar and strode out of the house to take him on his daily walk. She never returned.Despite exhaustive searches involving more than 200 people, not a trace of Gail was ever found. Within a month of her disappearance the case had grown cold and the investigation was scaled back. For the next decade, her case lingered in the limbo of joining other cold case files.Then in October of 1982, a confessed serial killer took credit for Gail's murder. After allegedly leading police to where he had disposed of her body, Gerald Stano retracted his confession and Gail's remains were never found. Had Stano been responsible, or was this another case of a murderer taking credit for crimes he didn't commit?<a href="" target=
21/01/20221 hour 18 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

2021 Wrap Up and Q&A

Take the Trace Evidence Survey today: Wrap Up and Listener Submitted Q&amp;A!Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial WebsiteOfficial MerchMusic Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
08/01/20221 hour 20 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

185 - The Stolen Grave of Paula Ream

On August 7th, 1962, nine year old Paula Ream passed away following complications from Cerebral Palsy. Her mother, father and three sisters were devasted by her death and struggled to make it through their grief and pain. On a quiet afternoon, the child was laid to rest beneath a simple stone in Riverside Burial Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There she remained for forty-eight years. Then the unthinkable happened.In early August of 2010, long after Paula's parents had been laid to rest beside her, an unknown figure crept into the cemetery. Under the cover of darkness, they broke through the earth, cracked open the vault and stole the small casket containing Paula's remains. Despite the shocking and grisly nature of the crime, investigators had few leads to follow.Originally thought to have been a gruesome prank pulled off by teenagers on Friday the 13th, the investigation would soon point towards practitioners of a ritualistic religion; perhaps voodoo or Palo
24/12/202153 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

184 - The Mysterious Death of Chad Langford

Twenty year old Chad Langford had been working as a Military Police officer at the Redstone Arsenal, just outside Huntsville, Alabama. A bright, driven and accomplished soldier, Chad was planning to re-enlist when his term of service ended but he'd never get that chance.On Thursday, March 12th, 1992, Chad radioed that he was investigating a stalled vehicle at the base. Several minutes later, when they were unable to get a response from Chad, all MPs were directed to track him down. At 8:20pm, Chad was found lying on the ground near his cruisers, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the head. He passed away 90 minutes later.Despite the fact that Chad had been found with his legs bound, his hat shoved into his mouth, a wire around his neck and handcuffs attached to his left wrist, the Army would rule less than forty-eight hours later that the soldier had died as the result of suicide.Arguing against this, Chad's family pointed towards conflicting evidence
16/12/20211 hour 52 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

183 - The Disappearance of Star Boomer

Thirty-nine year old Star Boomer was turning over a new leaf. In the midst of a divorce, she was studying to obtain her GED to put herself on the path to fulfilling her dream of opening her own business. She wanted, more than anything, to be able to provide a good and happy life for her young son, but a casual stop at a local bar would turn deadly.On the afternoon of February 23rd, 1999, Star walked into Uncle Mike's, a local dive bar in Kansas City, Kansas. Observing an argument between an apparent couple, Star stepped in to protect the woman. Moments later, she was assaulted by the man's friend before he hustled out the back door.Sometime later, Star's attacker returned and in full view of more than a dozen witnesses, Star was beaten unconscious before being dragged out to a waiting car. She was never seen alive again. Based on witness testimony, two men were charged with second degree murder but the charges would be dropped when not one of the witnesses was w
03/12/20211 hour 23 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

182 - The Vanishing of Bruce Falconer

Twenty-one year old Bruce Falconer had finally gotten his life on track. Enlisting in the Marine Corps at the age of sixteen, Bruce returned home to his native North Dakota on leave. Assigned to a new post in Arizona, Bruce was excited for his military future when suddenly he and his childhood best friend, Timothy Jewell, mysteriously vanished on a cold, February night in 1981.In addition to Bruce's case, this episode also touches on the underpublicized disappearances of three women: Rebecca Reid from Eugene, OR in 1997, Robin Ellis from Philadelphia, PA in 2003 and Kathleen Haley from Newport News, VA in September of 2012.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter
27/11/20211 hour 28 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

181 - The Murder of Teresa Gilcrease - Part 2

Teresa Marie Gilcrease walked out of an Alexandria, LA bar with an unknown man and was never seen alive again. Five hours later her body was found off a rural road southwest of town; she had been stabbed and run over. Early on, investigators received a deluge of tips but by year's end, the calls were drying up.At the same time, a task force operating in Baton Rouge was back on the hunt for a serial killer after the arrest of Derrick Todd Lee showed he was not the only monster stalking the streets. Could Teresa's murder be connected to these crimes or did the answer lie somewhere closer to home?Following up on a new tip, detectives turned their attention towards a Louisiana State Trooper. Their investigation would dig deep into the man's life in order to determine if the officer might be moonlighting as a brutal killer or if, perhaps, their unknown suspect might be someone who had disappeared without leaving any evidence to his identity.<a href="https
19/11/20211 hour 44 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

180 - The Murder of Teresa Gilcrease - Part 1

June, 2002 - At the tail end of a month long trip to visit family in Louisiana, forty-four year old Teresa Marie Gilcrease went missing. She had driven a friend of her daughter's home that night, but never made it back to her parents home in the town of Boyce. The next morning, as her family began trying to track down their missing daughter, sister and mother, investigators with the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office announced they had found the body of a woman along a rural stretch of road on the outskirts of nearby Alexandria.By mid-day, the family contacted the Sheriff's office who, at that time, confirmed their belief that the murder victim they'd discovered was Teresa. She had been killed in a grisly fashion with her assailant stabbing her multiple times. He then proceeded to drive his vehicle over her body multiple times before disappearing into the early morning darkness. At first, investigators believed there had to be some personal connection between Teres
13/11/20211 hour 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

179 - The Disappearance of Ylva Hagner

On Monday, October 14th, 1996, forty-two year old Ylva Hagner was working late at her Belmont, California office. Waving goodbye to her boss at 9:30 this would be the last time anyone saw the Swedish National alive. Before sunrise the next day, she would mysteriously vanish.Thirty-six hours later, Ylva was reported missing. Two days after that, police found her abandoned car less than a mile south of her office. There was no trace of Ylva, no sign of a struggle, nothing to suggest a crime had even been committed. Faced with a stunning lack of evidence, investigators almost immediately began hitting dead ends.Ylva's friends rallied, building websites and organizing a memorial dedication to keep her name alive. While detectives initially believed Ylva had to have been the victim of a random crime of opportunity, close friends began wondering if perhaps someone who claimed to want to find Ylva may in fact have been responsible for her disappearance in the first pla
05/11/20211 hour 21 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

178 - The Murder of Marvin Brandland

While children from coast to coast donned masks of ghosts and monsters for a night of trick or treating, a real life monster was walking the streets of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Arriving at the home of sixty-nine year old Marvin Brandland, the man pulled a pillow case over his head and tucked a gun into his waistband. Believing the man was a friend pranking them for the holiday, Marvin and his wife Ethel didn't take him seriously. The hooded man demanded to be led into the basement where the Brandland's kept a secret safe. Marvin fought back, reaching for the gun when a shot rang out and the man burst through the front door moments later, disappearing into the night.While investigators believed the crime was likely random, a robbery gone wrong, members of Marvin's family began to think that they knew who the killer was and he was not a stranger.Trace Evidence Faceb
30/10/20211 hour 3 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

177 - The Disappearance of Maureen Fields

While most people were celebrating Valentine's day with the one they love, forty-one year old Maureen Fields was scared for her life. Throughout her day at work, she told multiple co-workers and customers that she was afraid something bad would happen, and if it did, her husband, Paul, would be responsible. Less than twenty-four hours later Maureen mysteriously vanished.Her car was found abandoned in the desert near Death Valley. A series of confusing pieces of evidence left investigators to wonder if perhaps her husband had made true on her words of warning. Focusing in on Paul, the investigation struggled to accumulate enough to file charges.Then, after six long years, detectives got a hit on DNA found inside Maureen's car. To their surprise, it did not belong to her husband but to a convicted sex offender who made frequent trips to Maureen's town. Was this truly a random crime with no involvement from her husband or was there a connection between Paul Fields
21/10/20211 hour 49 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

4 Case Updates

In a short break, this week we examine updates surrounding four episodes previously covered on Trace Evidence. First we'll examine how a woman seeking more information about her family revealed a connection to one of the United States' most infamous and brutal killers. Then, we'll examine how a new investigation might shed light a forty year old abduction where neither the victim nor her abductor have ever been found. Looking back at one of the early cases covered, we'll go into Canada to examine the status of an investigation where officials are finally beginning to reveal some of the vital details they've kept under wraps for a decade. Finally, we'll take a look at the disappearance of a missing mother to be and how, nearly thirty years later, a new tip may provide answers which have been illusive for twenty-seven years.Trace Evidence Facebook<a
18/10/202152 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

176 - The Disappearance of Darla Harper - Part 2

Twenty-five year old single mother Darla Harper mysteriously vanished from her apartment one winter night. After months of searching and years of investigation, police were no closer to locating the missing woman.Then, during a court hearing regarding custody of the couple's daughter, accusations about Darla having been killed by her estranged husband were raised. Confronted about claims that Darla was buried on his property, Barry Harper challenged investigators to look for themselves.Police were now faced with the possibility that Darla's disappearance might not have been a random crime executed by a trio of unknown suspects, but perhaps, a plot executed by her ex-husband, a man with over a hundred thousand reasons to want her gone.Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer
06/10/20211 hour 9 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

175 -The Disappearance of Darla Harper - Part 1

One month before her divorce was set to be finalized, twenty-five year old Darla Harper mysteriously vanished. After leaving her husband, Darla had moved into a nearby apartment with the couples' two year old daughter. On a quiet, Tuesday night, Darla said goodbye to a friend and was never seen again.The next morning police found a smear of blood on her apartment door and inside was her daughter, having been left alone for hours. A neighbor reported hearing strange noises the night before but no one had seen what happened to the twenty-five year old.Investigators launched a massive search trying to locate the missing woman. When they located her car they discovered the vehicle was caked with mud and there was blood inside and out. The question quickly became: had Darla been the victim of a stranger abduction or had someone specifically targeted her, believing they had something to gain from her absence?<a href="
25/09/20211 hour 14 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

174 - The Murder of Coe Paisley

Coe Paisley had been putting things together. After opening her own law practice she'd finally purchased a home; her first home all for herself. Over the course of several weeks the twenty-nine year old had construction crews in and out making repairs to the seventy year old structure. Now, all that was left, was painting.Coe took the challenge upon herself, spending free time between work and family, tucked into her new house dragging the brush along the walls. Then, one quiet Wednesday afternoon, she pulled into her driveway, walked inside and found herself face to face with a killer.Coe's sister discovered her beaten body, she was barely clinging to life. Air lifting her to a nearby hospital, doctors word hard to save the woman's life but it was to no avail. Just twenty-four hours later, Coe lost her battle and investigators began hunting a killer.Unfortunately, there was little to work with. No solid clues, no witnesses, no evidence of forensic v
17/09/20211 hour 13 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

173 - The Vanishing of Charles and Catherine Romer

Charles and Catherine Romer had spent their winter in Florida, but were preparing to head home to New York. For the next few days they planned to cover 1,400 miles in four days. It was a trip they'd made dozens of times before but this time would be different. Just one day in and they would mysteriously vanish.After checking into a hotel room in Brunswick, Georgia, the couple seemingly disappeared along with their car, a customized 1979 Lincoln Continental. By the time anyone realized something was wrong no one had seen or heard from the Romers for four days. Investigators were starting with a major disadvantage, and it was going to get worse.Despite launching the largest search in the history of southern Georgia not a single trace of the couple could be found. They had vanished along with their car and thousands of dollars in fine jewelry. Detectives and the family theorized they'd been the victims of a robbery gone wrong, a random crime or perhaps one executed
11/09/20211 hour 16 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

172 - The Aqueduct - Wells Fargo Robbery

On a chilly, fall afternoon in 1969 a red armored car moved quickly through the busy streets of Brooklyn. Pulling over for an impromptu lunch break, three guards began their rotation. One after the next they'd go to a nearby deli, grab a sandwich and head back to the truck. Then, as the last guard approached, three armed men appeared and forced him inside.Cuffing the guards together and disarming them, the thieves drove the truck a few blocks over to where they had a getaway car waiting. In less than five minutes the three assailants drove off with more than one million dollars making it the second largest cash heist in American history, to that point.. By the time police arrived on the scene the robbers were long gone.Investigators struggled with a series of unanswered questions; how did the thieves know the armored car would stop there that day? Was this an inside job, and if so, who was the guilty party? Was it somehow higher level, perhaps involving the mafi
03/09/20211 hour 3 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

171 - The Murder of Justin Turner - Part 2

Five year old Justin Turner vanished on a Friday morning in March of 1989. Two days of searches organized and led by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department turned up no trace of the missing child. Investigators began to theorize that the boy had been abducted while making his way to the bus stop until, early on the third day, his body was discovered in a location that was supposed to have already been searched.While the focus of the investigation turned to Justin's stepmother, disputes between investigators and the coroner's office as well as the solicitor's office were sighted as hindering the case. Laws protecting spouses from testifying against one another were changed and a very public battle about the circumstantial nature of the evidence drew criticism from all sides.Now, thirty-two years later, the case is in the hands of cold case investigators who hope new forensic technology can finally unlock the truth and identify Justin's killer.<a hre
27/08/20211 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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170 - The Murder of Justin Turner - Part 1

Five year old Justin Turner said goodbye to his stepmother and headed off for the bus stop. It wouldn't be until hours later that she discovered the little boy never made it to the bus that day. As investigators arrived to begin searching for the child, it seemed like he'd been abducted sometime after leaving the house.However, on the third day of searching, a grisly discovery was made. Justin's body was found not in a far away location, not in the woods or in a field, but in a trailer camper in his own backyard. What really confused police was; how did Justin end up in a location that had already been searched?As the investigation progressed, focus began closing in around Justin's family. Had the little boy been the victim of a random, violent attacker, or was it more likely that someone in his own house knew more than they were telling?Trace Evidence Face
21/08/202159 minutes 13 seconds
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169 - The Murder of Iva Tice

Seventy-nine year old Iva Tice was worried about her husband after he suffered a stroke. Staying alone in their Allentown home, Iva made sure to visit the hospital every afternoon to be with him. Then, one afternoon, she never showed up. When no one could reach Iva, the Allentown police performed a welfare check and made a grisly discovery.Iva had been killed in the bedroom of her home sometime during the night. The killer had used both an iron fireplace poker and a large carving knife to commit the horrifying crime. At the time investigators theorized that Iva had come upon an intruder in the process of a robbery but as additional evidence was collected it soon became a question of whether the crime was random or if Iva had been targeted by a killer, perhaps even someone she may have known.Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="
13/08/202157 minutes 48 seconds
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168 - Kelly Moriarty and Doris Carter

Two days after Christmas a family, vacationing in St. Petersburg, FL, made the grisly discovery of a human leg washed up on the shore. Investigators conducted searches of the bay as well as the coastline but never located any other remains or evidence. For more than three months, that leg would remain unidentified until investigators began making ties across county lines.Thirty-eight year old Kelly Moriarty and her girlfriend, sixty-one year old Doris "Pat" Carter hadn't been seen in more than a month by the time they were reported. Quickly investigators from St. Petersburg, Manatee County, Hillsborough County and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found themselves involved in a desperate search for the two women while the assailant had well over a months head start.Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="" targ
07/08/20211 hour 30 minutes 15 seconds
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167 - The Murder of Stephen Sandlin

All of his life Stephen Sandlin wanted to be a police officer. Growing up the son of a cop, Stephen looked up to his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps. At the age of twenty-one one Stephen realized his dream, but less than two months later, he would be violent killed in the line of duty.On the evening of Saturday, May 7th, 1988, Officer Sandlin was found lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the Mountainair, NM police department, the victim of a single gunshot wound to the head. Initially investigators believed the wound might have been self-inflicted, but multiple investigations would raise a series of disturbing questions.Was Stephen Sandlin's murder related to a recent drug bust? Was it connected to an investigation into accusations made against the department? Or was Stephen targeted by more than one individual in an attempt to cover up illegal activities possibly involving drug trafficking and local officials?<a href="https://www.f
24/07/20212 hours 3 minutes 41 seconds
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166 - The Vanishing of Regina Brown - Part 2

Thirty-five year old Regina Brown put her youngest child on a plan to Texas, to stay with her family. She was setting a plan in motion, one which would allow her follow her child, to escape the constant fear and worry she suffered under. Moments later, Regina stepped out of the airport and vanished.Over the next thirty-four years the investigation would stop and start as phone calls initiated a massive search, court testimony indicated a world of pain and horror for the young mother of three and the discovery of new evidence reinvigorated the search for justice.Regina Brown has been missing for nearly as many years as she was known to be alive and her children are now older than she was when she vanished in 1987. Many questions remain, but perhaps the most pertinent are what became of Regina Brown and who may have been responsible for her disappearance?Trac
15/07/20211 hour 30 minutes 17 seconds
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165 - The Vanishing of Regina Brown

In the Winter of 1986 the world was captivated by the disappearance of Danish flight attendant Helle Crafts. Police would eventually arrest and charge her husband, pilot Richard Crafts for her grisly murder in what became known as the "Wood Chipper Murder." However, while all eyes were fixed on the Crafts, an eerily similar case was developing just down the road.Thirty-five year old Regina Brown mysteriously vanished after being seen at New York's LaGuardia airport. Much like Helle Crafts, she too was a flight attendant and mother of three married to a pilot. She lived less than three miles from the Crafts, in Newtown, Connecticut, and vanished just four months after Helle.Yet there were no major headlines for Regina, without the headline stealing aspects of a gruesome crime and an arrest, few articles were dedicated to her disappearance. When the Newtown Police began investigating they never imagined what they'd uncover; a life lived in fear, a woman subjected
10/07/20211 hour 16 minutes 23 seconds
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164 - The Murder of Russell Bean

In the Fall of 1978, twenty-five year old Russell Bean mysteriously vanished from a small New Hampshire town. He left behind a wife, children, siblings and a mother. For a long, dark decade, Russell's fate remained a mystery until a dramatic confession changed everything.In early March of 1988, a woman went to the police and relayed a story told by her father less than a week before his death. Her story suggested the location of a body and when police arrived they were shocked to discover Russell Bean had never left New Hampshire, but had been buried right beneath their noses.The land belonged to Robert Chambers, a long-time resident, part-time police chief, Russell's former best friend and the man his wife next married. Soon the investigation was swallowed into a sensational chaos of rumors telling of a bizarre love triangle, anger, jealousy and betrayal. It was up to investigators to determine fact from fiction, myth from reality, in hopes of uncovering just w
03/07/20211 hour 23 minutes 58 seconds
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163 - Bill and Kay Wood

James William "Bill" Wood Kaidena Lozelle "Kay" Wood had just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Each had lived long, good lives building their own families and only united them when Bill was 77 and Kay was 60. For three long years they were in love and spent time with their families and enjoying their hobbies of antiquing and country music.Just two weeks later a massive fire broke out at the home they shared together. When firefighters were able to sift through the rubble they discovered Bill's body, but his cause of death was not what they had expected. Bill had been shot prior to the fire, which is believed to have been arson. What became of Kay, no one knew for sure as she mysteriously vanished.Over the course of the next ten years investigators would work hard to determine who had been responsible and why they had targeted the elderly couple. Finding their missing truck was the first major break, which lead to a description of a person of interest.
26/06/20211 hour 2 minutes 30 seconds
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The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe [Laryngitis Bonus]

Due to laryngitis, this is a previously recorded Patreon exclusive episode. Famed author Edgar Allan Poe was a master of mystery and fear. He wrote suspense stories, beautiful poems and created the modern detective story along the way. His mysteries were compelling and captivating, but perhaps none so much as the circumstances surrounding his death.In today's episode we examine Poe's life, love, loss and death trying to get to the heart of what led to one of the world's greatest writers dying in such a bizarre and confusing fashion.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer no
18/06/20211 hour 13 minutes 26 seconds
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162 - The Disappearance of Mary Opitz - Part 2

In this week's conclusion we pick up with investigators turning their attention towards known killers who were active in Florida during the time that Mary Opitz vanished. After a brutal and violent spree ending with his death, Christopher Wilder becomes a prime focus for police and the possibility of his involvement is weighed.Forty years later, questions remain without answers. Are the disappearance of Mary Opitz and the murder of Mary Hare directly linked, or could there have been two separate but similar crimes committed from out of the same parking lot. In Part 2 we delve into all of the theories surrounding these cases and how one may tie into the other.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="" target="_blan
11/06/202156 minutes 57 seconds
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161 - The Disappearance of Mary Opitz - Part 1

It was a chilly Friday night, by Florida standards, when seventeen year old Mary Opitz took a trip to the Edison Mall with her mother and brother. Less than an hour later she would mysteriously vanish from the parking lot, leaving no trace behind. Investigators at the time believed she had runaway, and would soon return.One month later, when eighteen year old Mary Hare vanished from the same parking lot, and nearly the same parking space, it became clear that something more sinister was at play. The vital hours lost in the early days of Mary Opitz's disappearance may have been just the space the assailant needed to strike again.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTw
04/06/202156 minutes 19 seconds
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160 - The Disappearance of Shirley McKeown

Seventy-one year old Shirley McKeown left home early on the morning of Saturday, August 24th, 2002. Her destination was just seven miles across town, her daughter's new house, where painters were working. It should have been a quick trip, but Shirley never arrived.Within twenty-four hours she was reported missing, but she had seemingly vanished without a trace. It wouldn't be until ten days later when her car was found that investigators knew something terrible had happened.The backseat was soaked in blood, enough to show that someone had been mortally wounded. While detectives would be lead towards two persons of interest Shirley's fate, and location, have never been discovered.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="https://twit
28/05/20211 hour 3 minutes 47 seconds
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159 - The I-40 Hit-and-Run Murder

Four high school friends decide to a Friday afternoon doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Kenneth Dungee, Levern Allen III, Darius Bannerman and Kenneth Newkirk were excited about the 90 minute trip, never imagining that only three of them would make it home.Driving along I-40, an unknown man emerged in a blue, Monte Carlo. After aggressively tailgating the teens, he began ramming their car. A fun outing quickly became a nightmarish fight for survival until, finally, the assailant succeeded in forcing them off the road where the car flipped down an embankment.Kenneth Dungee was dead and Levern Allen had his leg amputated while Darius Bannerman and Kenneth Newkirk survived with minor injuries. The killer then stopped, surveying the carnage, before speeding off into the unknown.Had this been a random incident of road rage gone out of control or was the white assailant driven by racism as he targeted the four black teens?<a href="http
13/05/20211 hour 15 minutes 29 seconds
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158 - The Disappearance of Regina Bos

Regina Marie Bos' life was beginning to come around. After struggling for several years and an exceptionally difficult Summer she'd gotten a promotion, had a house in the works and was dating a new guy. One cool, October night, the talented singer went out to a bar in Lincoln, Nebraska to participate in an open mic night and never made it home.Her car was left exactly where she'd parked, directly across the street from the bar. There were no signs of a struggle, no pieces of evidence, nothing to suggest what might have happened. Perhaps the most disturbing detail for her family was the condition of her beloved guitar, left behind in her car's open trunk. Something Gina never would have done, if she'd had a choice.Bizarrely, the forty year old mother of three vanished from a city street, just yards from the bar where employees were closing up and band members were walking equipment out yet no one saw anything, no one heard anything. It was as if she'd simply vani
06/05/20211 hour 11 minutes 27 seconds
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157 - The Murder of Donnie Farrell

One homecoming weekend at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, everyone was looking to party and have a good time, including nineteen year old Donnie Farrell. However, while most students weekends went off without a hitch, Donnie would find himself the target of a sudden, violent and unprovoked assault and within hours he would pass away.Investigators managed to find surveillance footage of the suspect and noted he was wearing a unique hoodie, limited in supply. They had descriptions from witnesses and a nickname the suspect used, but finding his true identity proved to be a difficult task in an investigation that spanned thousands of miles across multiple states.Who killed Donnie Farrell and how has he managed to evade authorities for nearly fourteen years?Surveillance Video:;t=19sThe Donnie Project:<a href="
29/04/20211 hour 8 minutes 23 seconds
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156 - The Disappearance of Audrey Groat

On a sunny, summer afternoon, forty-one year old mother of six Audrey Groat left home with a family friend and never returned. For nearly three decades now, the mystery of her disappearance and the search for Audrey has haunted both the children she left behind and the investigators who tried to find the answers.What initially appeared to be the case of a stranger abduction took on a very different complexion when police discovered that the last person to see Audrey alive had been harboring a dark secret. Had Audrey truly been the victim of a random crime or are some secrets worth killing to keep?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="ht
22/04/20211 hour 37 minutes 21 seconds
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155 - The Disappearance of Traci Kegley

Thirty-year old Traci Kegley was about to begin a new life. The recently divorced mother of a two year old daughter had faced some setbacks, but she was moving forward. She had just gotten a new job and was excited for her first day... but she'd never make it.On the afternoon of Sunday, April 26th, 1998, Traci set off with her two year old to run errands. She stopped to fill up her gas tank and then drove off, never to be seen again. More than twelve hours later, a passerby found her car sitting on an isolate stretch of highway. Sitting in the back, still buckled in, was her daughter but Traci was gone.Police launched searches, got the word out to the media and pushed hard to track her down but they had to contend with miles of thick woods, difficult terrain and a slew of flooded pits and quarries. The horror of the truth was difficult to dismiss; she could be almost anywhere. While some believed she'd likely fallen victim to a random attack, investigators began
16/04/20211 hour 9 minutes 55 seconds
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Special Update - Carbon County Beth Doe IDENTIFIED & 7 Case Updates

GoFundMe for Evelyn Colon: forty-five years the mystery of the Carbon County Beth Doe haunted Pennsylvania. Who was she, how did she end up in Carbon County and who murdered the pregnant woman before dismembering her remains and throwing her off an overpass bridge. Now, thanks to genetic genealogy, she has been positively identified as fifteen year old Evelyn Colon of Jersey City, NJ. Even more surprisingly, her former boyfriend, Luis Sierra, has been arrested and charged with murder.In addition to discussing this amazing update, we will look at seven other cases which have had less major updates in the past years. Those include the Abduction of Angela Hammond, the Disappearance of LaShaya Stine, the Murder of Nick Kunselman and Stephanie Hart-Grizzell, the Abduction and Murder of Isabel Celis, the Vanishing of Asha Degree, the Disappearance of Dail Dinwiddie and the Littleton Colorado Bowling Alley Triple Homicide of Erin Golla, Bo
07/04/20211 hour 9 minutes 34 seconds
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154 - The Murder of Alexandra Anaya

Thirteen year old Alexandra Anaya vanished without a trace from her home in Hammond, Indiana. Her mother, Sandra was baffled. No signs of forced entry, no signs of a struggle. It was almost as if she had disappeared from the face of the earth.While Sandra, her family and police were trying to track down the missing teen, the Chicago Police were responding to a call about a body discovered in the Little Calumet River. Wrapped in chains and strapped to a cinder block was the dismembered torso of a young woman. Three weeks later, a DNA match confirmed that Alexandra Anaya had been brutally murdered before her killer severed her arms, legs and head. To this day, all of her remains have never been found.While locals believed the crime had to have been random and was likely committed by a serial killer, Alexandra's mother felt she knew exactly who was responsible and he was definitely no stranger.<a href="
03/04/20211 hour 32 minutes 43 seconds
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153 - The Murder of Jennifer Persia

Sixteen year old Jennifer Persia had everything going for her. She played saxophone in the school band, was on the color guard and was becoming a breakout athlete. As a freshman, she was on the varsity track team and medaled in a competition against mostly seniors. Then one quiet, Monday night, someone stole away everything she hoped to be, shattered a family and rocked a small town. On April 4th, 1994, an unknown killer, or killers, entered Jennifer's home and brutally murdered the sixteen year old over a matter of just $200For twenty-seven years the identity of Jennifer's killers has remained unknown, but while the small town believed a monster was stalking the streets, investigators began to learn that Jennifer's murder was likely not random, and in fact, may have been perpetrated by someone she knew and trusted.Trace Evidence Facebook<a
25/03/20211 hour 14 minutes 35 seconds
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152 - The Disappearance of Bryan Hayes and Mark Degner

Twelve year old Mark Degner and his best friend, thirteen year old Bryan Hayes had told several friends they planned to run away. On a cool, Thursday afternoon, they wandered out of their Special Education classrooms and walked off campus, seemingly vanishing.From the first moment there should have been tremendous concern, the boys suffered from several different issues, both psychological and physical, and required support, attention and their necessary medications. Yet, almost nothing was done. It would take nearly six hours before the first missing person's report was filed, because neither family had been told they'd left school.A desperate search was launched with family, friends and investigators trying to find the boys but there were few leads. Several sightings were reported, though none could be confirmed. As time began passing, years fell away and soon they were no longer looking for boys, but grown men.Then, in early 2017, Police and the F
18/03/20211 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds
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151 - The Disappearance of Denise Porch

Twenty-one year old Denise Porch was enjoying life. She'd just celebrated her first wedding anniversary, got a promotion at work and picked up tickets to see a concert. Then one hot, summer day, she mysteriously vanished from right outside her own apartment.There were witnesses, though they didn't see what happened, just Denise speaking with an unidentified man. Police searched, but never found a shred of physical evidence and with clues in short supply they never made much headway.Then, after a long ten years, the arrest and conviction of a notorious killer lead investigators to wonder if Denise had been one of his victims, or if perhaps, her case was connected to several others that had occurred in the area.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<b
12/03/20211 hour 31 minutes 36 seconds
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150 - The Murder of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell

During the pre-dawn hours of Friday, October 27th, 2006, Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell initiated a traffic stop on a white van with no plates. Over the course of the next seven minutes a violent struggle would begin. Deputy Mitchell was shot and killed, he was just thirty-eight years old.Investigators scoured the area in search of the white van but when they discovered it, it did not hold the answers they'd hoped but instead a larger, more confusing mystery. The van, found parked in a river, had two bodies inside. Soon investigators began to wonder, had Deputy Mitchell been killed because he'd stopped a killer in the process of dumping bodies or, was it possible, someone known to the two victims had killed the Deputy and then them.Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="" target="_blan
02/03/20211 hour 38 minutes 15 seconds
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149 - The Vanishing of Kathryn Adam

Thirty-five year old Kathryn Adam had made a decision: she was taking her sixteen year old daughter, leaving her husband and starting a new life. It wouldn't be easy, but she was determined to make it work. Then, just when things seemed to be falling into place the unimaginable happened.On April 29th, 1993, Kathryn left for work in the early morning hours. She never returned, vanishing along with her van. When her daughter reported her missing, police traced her steps to a storage unit where she kept supplies for her job. There they found a pool of blood and signs of a struggle. Not long after, her van was found abandoned a few miles away. It was caked with mud and there was blood inside.Was Kathryn Adam the victim of a random crime or did someone who knew her, and her schedule, lie in wait that early morning with a gun and murderous intent?Trace Evid
18/02/20211 hour 10 seconds
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148 - The Murder of Paul Featherman and Nancy Baugh

Twenty-seven year old Paul Featherman and twenty year old Nancy Baugh were living their dream on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Just before summer, on June 2nd, unknown perpetrators entered their rented home near Hanalei Bay. Paul was killed instantly, but Nancy's fate was unknown. Police would ultimately determine after witnessing her boyfriend's murder, she had been abducted by the killers.For thirty-four years the mystery of Nancy's abduction haunted two families. Then, in the winter of 2012 after massive flooding hammered the island, Nancy's remains were discovered. It was ultimately found that she had likely been killed the same night as Paul and her remains had been concealed just miles from the crime scene.Over the years, there have been many rumors about who may have been responsible. For some, it must have had to do with the influx of drug traffickers in the late 1970's, for others it was likely someone the couple knew and trusted. Yet beyond those two t
11/02/20211 hour 2 minutes 22 seconds
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UPDATE - Sumter County Does Identified - Episode 118

In this short update episode we will discuss the news that the Sumter County Does have finally been identified. James Paul Freund, thirty years old, was known as "Jock Doe" for forty-five years. Pamela Mae Buckley, twenty-five, was known as "Jane Doe."James and Pamela were found, brutally murdered, on Locklair Road in Sumter County, South Carolina, on August 9th, 1976. Now that their identities have been discovered, perhaps soon, their killer will also be identified.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a href="https://traceevide
08/02/202123 minutes 27 seconds
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147 - The Disappearance of Nita Mayo

Sixty-four year old Nita Mayo loved going on long drives, exploring the countryside and finding new sites to see. Throughout her life she had an adventurous spirit and a zest for life but during one trip in August of 2005 she would mysteriously vanish.Two days passed before investigators discovered Nita's vehicle, left behind at Donnell's vista, a beautiful but dangerous overlook situated on California's highway 108 which cut through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While police believed the location of the vehicle would lead to Nita and that she may be lost in the wilderness, her family believed something far more sinister had occurred.Despite multiple searches spanning several years, not a single trace of Nita was ever located. Eventually investigators were forced to admit that Nita was likely not anywhere near Donnell's vista. There was no evidence of foul play, but several disappearances from the same area would soon lead many to wonder if the mother and grandmo
03/02/20211 hour 3 minutes 9 seconds
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146 - The Murder of Julie Bell Davis

Thirty-three year old Julie Bell Davis was making strides. Married to the love of her life, mother of two beautiful children and now breaking her own sales records at work. Everything was looking up until it was all destroyed in a moment of madness.On the evening of August 28th, 1997, Julie was working out of her Des Moines office. She'd recently gotten approval to move locations to a high rise building downtown. That night, she was packing up when an unknown killer entered the office and struck.From the very beginning the investigation was almost cold with police acknowledging they had few clues. What they did know, however, was that whoever had committed the crime was no beginner and knew how to cover their tracks. Over the course of the next six months, three more murders occurred and some bore striking similarities to Julie's.Years later, police would capture a serial killer, tying him to some of those murders but the question still lingers: was
28/01/20211 hour 1 minute 56 seconds
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145 - The Disappearance of Robin Trivisonno

In the early morning hours of Monday, January 20th, 1997, twenty-eight year old Robin Trivisonno was looking for a ride. Asking around to friends in the bar she previously worked at, no one was able to help. Then a mysterious man approached and the two walked out together. Neither has ever been seen again.Investigators faced a tough case; few clues, no major leads and their main person of interest was unidentified. While witnesses were able to give extremely detailed descriptions, no one knew his name, where he was from or what he was driving. The case went cold almost immediately.After four long months, several pieces of evidence were found in an unexpected place leading investigators to wonder if they had been there all along or if Robin's abductor might have planted them. Twenty-four years later, family and investigators are still hoping to find the truth and discover what happened to the twenty-eight year old mother of three.<a href="https://www.
20/01/20211 hour 2 minutes 47 seconds
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144 - The Disappearance of Jennifer Pentilla

Eighteen year old Jennifer Pentilla was driven to help others. Fresh out of high school she traveled to Mexico on a mission trip to paint churches and assist the local community. When an opportunity arose to go back, she leapt at it.What was supposed to be a group bike trip from San Diego, down into Mexico, fell through but Jennifer was undeterred and even if she had to go alone, she was set on making the trip. In October of 1991, she set off on her own and for a time the trip was going well.However, on October 17th she made her last call home and mysteriously disappeared from Deming, New Mexico. Over a year later, most of her belongings were found in the desert not far from the town of Hatch. Thirty years later, the question remains, what became of Jennifer Pentilla?Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="
13/01/202154 minutes 58 seconds
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143 - The Abduction of Heather Kullorn

Twelve year old Heather Kullorn was looking forward to spending a week with family friends but what she imagined to be a fun week would instead become a nightmare. During the early morning hours of July 15th, 1999, Heather mysteriously vanished.What police had imagined to be a straight forward search for a child quickly became a chaotic situation filled with inconsistencies, lies and evidence that showed Heather was in dire trouble. The discovery of a drug lab aroused their suspicions and soon Heather's case was deemed a violent abduction.While investigators initially considered the crime random, the further they dug, the more the sinister reality came into view. It seemed apparent that the child had likely been taken not by a stranger, but by someone she knew and trusted. Did she see something she shouldn't have and someone moved to silence her or was there something else going on beneath the surface?<a href="
06/01/20211 hour 5 minutes 18 seconds
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142 - The Murder of Jenna and Ethen Nielsen

Twenty-two year old Jenna Nielsen had picked up a job delivering newspapers in the early morning hours. The mother of two wanted to help support the family she'd started with her husband, Tim. Eight months pregnant with their third child, a boy to be named Ethen, Jenna would soon be taking time off to be with her new baby.Tragically, what should have been a time of celebration would become a period of mourning and grief which has never ended. In the early morning hours of June 14th, 2007, Jenna and her unborn son were brutally murdered.For the past thirteen years investigators, and her family, have struggled to discover her killer's identity and see justice served. Still, to this day, the question lingers: was Jenna the victim of a random crime or is it possible she could have been killed by someone she knew?***Episode includes an update regarding an arrest made in the 2010 Disappearance of Unique Harris, covered in Episode 30.***<a href=
23/12/20201 hour 10 minutes 9 seconds
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141 - The Disappearance of Sandra Sollie

Thirty-eight year old Sandra Sollie was finally going to become a mother. In the Spring of 1994 she was seven months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her son, whom she'd named Brandon Michael.While her family was planning for the excitement of a baby shower they instead would face the pain of loss and unknowing. On May 23rd, Sandra mysteriously vanished leaving behind few clues. Sandra wasn't reported missing until June 5th so investigators were already two weeks behind.At the same time, a massive search was underway for a missing four year old, Kali Poulton, who had vanished on the same day. The difference between the investigations was startling and Sandra's family felt she did not receive the attention she deserved.What happened to Sandra Sollie? Was this a random crime or, perhaps, one perpetrated by someone she knew and trusted?<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopen
16/12/20201 hour 2 minutes 35 seconds
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140 - NYC Hotel Axe Murders

Over the course of one week in New York City in 1985, a violent and brutal killer wielding an axe took the lives of two women: 85 year old Janet Scott and 58 year old Ruth Potdevin. Both women were killed in hotels within days of each other, less than a half mile apart.While the crimes themselves were grisly enough, the killer went further by leaving a gruesome puzzle behind at each scene. While the NYPD believed they would capture the assailant, his wrath disappeared just as mysteriously as it had originally materialized.Did he finish what he aimed to do or did he simply move on to kill again, evading police once more?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"
09/12/202046 minutes 48 seconds
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139 - The Disappearance of Patrick Carnes

Eighty-six year old Patrick Carnes was making the two thousand mile drive from Toledo, Ohio to Reno, Nevada. Joined by his beloved dog, Lucky, he was set to return home by Thursday, April 14th, 2011. Unfortunately, while he was making good time, Patrick would never get home.After being stopped by a trooper at 9pm on the 13th, Patrick mysteriously vanished. He had planned to stop off in Elko that night, a town just fifty miles away. Whether or not he ever made it to Elko is unknown, but just nine hours later his car was found abandoned more than one hundred and fifty miles away.Initially it was believed Patrick may have gotten lost and wandered into the darkness of the desert but when investigators realized his car had been found in the same location as that of a woman who went missing five years earlier foul play quickly came into view.Was Patrick Carnes the victim of a random crime or could his disappearance be linked to another unsolved case?
02/12/20201 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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138 - Littleton Bowling Alley Triple Homicide

In late January, 2002, twenty-three year old Bobby Zajac, twenty-six year old Erin Golla and twenty-nine year old James Springer Jr were preparing to leave the AMF Broadway Bowling Lanes in Littleton, Colorado, when they were seized upon by an armed individual.After robbing the safe, the thief turned into a cold blooded killer, executing all three with a handgun. Moments later he casually walked out of the building, smirking to a witness waiting to pick up Erin before driving off into obscurity.For nearly twenty years police and the families have sought justice, though it has remained elusive. Was this a random robbery gone wrong? A planned attack? Was one of the victims an intended target or could this horrible crime be linked to another series of murders that happened just two months later?Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="https://www.instag
26/11/20201 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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137 - The Murder of Anita Knutson

Eighteen year old Anita Knutson had just completed her freshman semester at Minot State University in North Dakota. Living in an apartment with a roommate, Anita was working two jobs and excited about summer break.However, over the first weekend in June of 2007, Anita's family couldn't get in touch with her which was extremely out of character. After several attempts, Anita's father Gordon made the one hour drive to check on her. There he would make a horrifying discovery.Anita had been murdered, that much was clear, but who could have been responsible was a far more complex question involving a sordid cast of characters from a guy with an unrequited crush, a contentious roommate, the maintenance man, a group of construction workers and others.Despite being in possession of both DNA and fingerprints, police have yet to name an official suspect and while the case grows cold, a grieving family and frustrated community have begun to wonder if justice will eve
18/11/20201 hour 14 minutes 13 seconds
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136 - The Murder of Susan Taraskiewicz

Twenty-seven year old Susan Taraskiewicz had been working for Northwest Airlines out of Logan Airport, in Boston, for five years. After suffering through a harsh assortment of sexual harassment and threats of physical violence she managed to do something no woman had before her; she was promoted to the position of Equipment Service Crew Chief. Unfortunately while she was excited by her new position she also began to receive more aggressive harassment and threats.On the weekend of September 12th and 13th, 1992, Su was working overnight. At approximately 1am on the 13th, she volunteered to go out and pick up lunch for her crew however she would never return. Rather than report her absence, her co-workers clocked her back in and later claimed to be covering for her. Su failed to show up for work for her next shift and on the very morning her parents went to file a missing person's report her body was discovered.Su had been brutally beaten and stabbed before being s
11/11/20201 hour 4 minutes 58 seconds
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SOLVED - The Abduction and Murder of Christine Jessop - Ep 092

In October of 1984, nine year old Christine Jessop vanished from the streets of Queensville, Ontario, Canada. Months later, her remains were recovered more than fifty kilometers from her home. Police searched for her killer and eventually narrowed their suspects down to one man.However, that man, was later cleared of any involvement through the use of DNA despite having been taken to court twice, and convicted once. In the years since, no suspect has ever been named but now, thanks to DNA and genealogy research, Christine's killer has finally been identified.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blan
03/11/202027 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

135 - The Murder of Leah Rowlands

Forty-one year old Leah Rowlands was starting a new life. She moved to the small town of Cozad, Nebraska where her boyfriend lived. She had been married previously, from which she had two sons, but had fled from what she described as a very abusive relationship.Now in Cozad, she was putting the pieces back together. She had just been promoted to manager at the Amoco station where she worked. However, while her first day under her new position should have been a good one, Leah would be brutally murdered in a bizarre robbery.While police theorized that the crime may have been random, Leah's brother argued that it may have been an organized hit, funded by Leah's own ex-husband.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="https://twitter.c
29/10/202051 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

134 - The Mysterious Death of Donald Smith

Fifty-five year old Donald Smith was set to embark on a cross-country road trip. Along the way he planned to visit several family members, but just a day into the trip he was joined by a mysterious companion.Don showed up in Springfield, Idaho, tracking down his daughter, Brenda. When Don arrived, he was drunk and behaving erratically. Frustrated, Brenda told her father to sober up and contact her the next day. Just twenty-four hours later, Don was murdered.Three days later, his vehicle was involved in an accident in Denver. The driver fled from the scene, never to be seen again. When police arrived they found a blood soaked car jack handle and the hunt for a killer began.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="
21/10/202047 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

133 - The Murder of Irving Sicherer

Seventy-six year old Al Sicherer was finally living his life out in the open. After the passing of his beloved wife of forty years, Al confessed his secret: he was gay. Having his own health problems, Al decided it was now or never and he wanted to live his life honestly and by following his heart.Al maintained a quiet life, most of the neighbors at his condo knew him only as the quiet gentleman on the sixteenth floor. However, at night, Al began going to bars and clubs, seeking out potential partners. Sadly, one of those partners may have been the man who eventually killed him.In July of 2001, Al's daughter Beverly made the horrifying discovery. Al had been brutally beaten and stabbed. There were a lot of clues, fingerprints, DNA, a shoe print and surveillance footage. Despite all of this, though, the name of the man last seen with Al has remained a mystery. If only that mystery could be solved, Al's killer could be brought to justice.<a href="https
14/10/202047 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

132 - The Disappearance of Kristine Kupka

Twenty-eight year old Kristine Kupka was following her dreams. A firm supporter of women's rights, Kristine was just months from graduating with a degree in philosophy from which she planned to move into law school. Then she got a life changing surprise -- she was pregnant.Excited by the opportunity to be a mother, Kristine immediately began planning for the future. While she wasn't sure how the father would receive the news she couldn't be prepared for how he reacted. He begged Kristine to get an abortion and explained that he had lied to her; he was married and this pregnancy would destroy his life. Kristine empathized but she had no plans of aborting her child.Months later, Kristine vanished after being picked up by the child's father. While he argues he dropped Kristine off after several hours, others believe he played a direct role in the young mother to be's disappearance.<a href="" target="_blank" rel=
07/10/202058 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

131 - The Disappearance of Bianca Lebron

Ten year old Bianca Lebron arrived at her school in Bridgeport, Connecticut on the morning of Wednesday, November 7th, 2001. However, unlike her classmates, Bianca wasn't planning on attending classes that day. Instead, she explained to her teacher and friends that her uncle would be picking her up for a day of shopping at the mall.Right around 8:30am, a two-tone brown van showed up driven by an adult male. Bianca made her way across school property, climbed into the van and drove off. She has never been heard from again. No one checked Bianca's claim, no one verified that her trip with her uncle was approved. If they had they'd have discovered the truth: Bianca Lebron didn't have an uncle.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="https://twitt
01/10/202046 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

130 - The Vanishing of Mikelle Biggs

Eleven year old Mikelle Biggs was waiting for the ice cream truck to come by with her younger sister, Kimber. Losing her patience and growing cold, Kimber went home. Immediately upon arriving, her mother sent her back out to tell Mikelle to come home too. In total she was gone less than ninety seconds, but in that short window of time, Mikelle had been abducted.All that was left behind was the bike Mikelle had been riding, the rear wheel still spinning. While a neighbor with a criminal past caught the eye of investigators they never had enough evidence to charge him. Less than a year later, he attacked and nearly murdered a nearby neighbor. Was he responsible for Mikelle's abduction or is it possible that someone else may have played a role and has eluded authorities for more than twenty years?Trace Evidence Facebook<a href="
23/09/202059 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

129 - The Fort Myers 8

In March of 2007 a land surveyor was examining a ten acre lot in Fort Myers, Florida. Not far in from the dirt road which leads to the area, the surveyor discovered a human skull jutting out from the earth. After police arrived on the scene more bodies were found and, ultimately, the skeletons of eight men were unearthed.Over the years, law enforcement has worked hard not only to discover who may have killed the eight men, but also, who the eight men themselves were. Being that their remains were skeletal and there were no personal items of clothing found, identification has been a true challenge. However, the men's identities may be able to provide a clue as to who it was who murdered them.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="https://twit
17/09/202047 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

128 - The Murder of Diana Shawcroft and Jennifer Lueth

Best friends since middle school, Diana Shawcroft and Jennifer Lueth moved from Colorado down to the warmth of Arizona. The two imagined fun nights making friends, exciting new jobs and the opportunity to build a future. Unfortunately, they would meet a killer instead.After hanging out at a convenience store, both women mysteriously vanished after catching a ride in a blue truck. While searches expanded far and wide, no trace of the two could be found. Three long months passed and then two hunters made a grisly discovery.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial
09/09/202052 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

127 - The Disappearance of Bethanie Dougherty

Forty year old mother of three Bethanie Dougherty had to be up early the morning of April 2nd, 2008. She was training to be a manager at work and her shift began promptly at 5am. The night before, she kissed her eldest son goodnight and made her way to bed, planning to wake at 3am.Sometime between 3 and 3:30am, multiple neighbors called police to report the sound of a woman screaming. While New York State Police went out to check, they could find nothing to indicate any issues. Several hours later they were notified that Bethanie had vanished and that she lived very close to where neighbors had heard the screaming.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<br /
02/09/202047 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

126 - The Disappearance of Julie Weflen

Twenty-eight year old Julie Weflen worked for the Bonneville Power Administration in Washington state. While out on a routine task to repair a transformer, Julie mysterious vanished from the isolated substation.Investigators found a scene which seemed to depict a struggle and abduction and immediately launched a search. While the evidence was thin, police did manage to develop several theories including one which targets a person of interest with a connection to the disappearance of another woman.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a
26/08/20201 hour 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

125 - The Disappearance of Deborah Poe

Twenty-six year old Deborah Poe was set to work the graveyard shift at a local convenience store. After arriving at work all seemed to be going well, but just hours later, the store was found empty and abandoned and Debbie was gone.Investigators faced a challenging case with few, if any clues. Adding to the confusion was the account of a witness who had been in the store that night, but instead of being helped by Debbie, she was instead assisted by an unknown man who was pretending to work at the store. Could he have been involved in Debbie’s disappearance or does the truth lie closer to home?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="https:
19/08/202058 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

124 - The Mystery of Jennifer Fergate

In the spring of 1995, an unknown woman walked into the Oslo Plaza hotel and checked into a room. Three days later she was dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, but that is where the mystery truly began. All of the information she provided was false, a fake name, address and business. Her true identity was unknown and her possessions offered few suggestions. The tags were cut from her clothing, there was no ID or passport and the identity of a mysterious man seen in her company has never been determined, if he actually existed.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer n
12/08/20201 hour 6 minutes 59 seconds
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123 - The Deal Family Murders

In late October of 1978 Gary and Joan Deal put their three year old son Jason to bed. Within hours all three were murdered in grisly fashion by an unknown assailant. The murders weren't discovered for several days, by which time the killer had already made his escape.For more than forty years the victims' families and police have been haunted by this horrifying and tragic crime. Evidence was extremely thin and while police had developed several persons of interest they never had enough to make an arrest. Now, evidence is being re-analyzed using modern techniques in hopes of finally cracking this terrifying mystery.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<br /
05/08/202049 minutes 36 seconds
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122 - The Abduction of Eugene Martin

On August 12th, 1984, thirteen year old Eugene Martin walked from his home in Des Moines to the location where he would pick up papers for delivery. After waiting on the corner, Eugene loaded his carrier bag and mysteriously vanished.Just two years earlier, Johnny Gosch, also a newspaper delivery boy, disappeared from the very same streets. Their abductions bore uncanny resemblances leading many to wonder if both children had been taken by the same suspect.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a href="https://traceevidence.thread
29/07/202058 minutes 51 seconds
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121 - The Abduction of Jessica Small

In late October of 1997, in New South Wales, Fifteen year old Jessica Small and her best friend Vanessa took a ride with a man they didn't know. Shortly before arriving at the destination, the man attacked and while Vanessa managed to escape, Jessica disappeared.Rather than believing her story, Bathurst police accused her of lying to cover for Jessica running away. It would take ten years before her case was fully investigated and when it was authorities found a lot of evidence and witnesses that had been previously ignored.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOffici
22/07/202059 minutes 7 seconds
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120 - The Disappearance of Jeremy Grice

Four year old Jeremy Grice was last seen standing by his mailbox on the morning of November 22nd, 1985. According to the witness, the child was standing beside his dog, in the cold rain, without shoes or socks on. Within an hour, Jeremy would vanish.For thirty-five years investigators and Jeremy's family have tried to discover what became of him. Did he fall victim to a notorious killer, was he abducted by a stranger, did he get lost in the wilderness or does someone closer to home hold all of the answers?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<br /
15/07/202053 minutes 59 seconds
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119 - The Mysterious Death of Russell Evans

Thirteen year old Russell Evans was heading home from a friends house. An hour later a passerby found him lying in the street, badly injured and crying out for help. Eight hours later he died from what was ultimately ruled to be a hit and run accident.However, the more his parents dug into the case the more inconsistencies they found. The crime scene told a very different story and injuries to his body suggested the possibility that he had been in a fight the night he died.Was Russell Evans killed in a random hit and run, was it a targeted attack or was he severely beaten before being run over those who had attacked him?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener
01/07/20201 hour 3 minutes 28 seconds
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118 - Sumter County Does

Early in the morning on August 9th, 1976, a truck driver passing through Sumter County, South Carolina, stopped to rest. To his shock and horror he discovered the remains of two murder victims shot and left along the edge of an isolated, dirt road.When investigators arrived they presumed they would have their biggest challenge tracking down the killer. They never imagined that the identity of the victims would be the more enduring mystery.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a href="" target="_blan
24/06/20201 hour 3 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

117 - The Disappearance of Kimberly McAndrew

Nineteen year old Kimberly McAndrew was excited for the night. After a shift at work she'd be going to a local festival with her sister, her sister's boyfriend and her own boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. Much to her excitement, her boss let her off work forty minutes early but moments after exiting the store Kim vanished.For thirty years her family and investigators have tried to determine what might have happened to her. The investigation led towards a terrifying set of suspects including an obsessed older man and an alleged serial killer.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank" rel="norefe
18/06/20201 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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116 - The NY Transit Authority Heist

In July of 1979 a group of brazen and sophisticated thieves orchestrated one of New York’s largest, unsolved heists by hitting the most secure room in the state: The New York Transit Authority’s Money Room.The room contained millions of dollars in cash exchanged for subway tokens, picked up by special money trains throughout the city. All told, the thieves walked away with $600,000 utilizing a flaw in the impenetrable room’s security which had been ignored by those charged with protecting that money.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<br /
03/06/202056 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

115 - The Houston Decapitator

In the late summer of 1979 Houston was struck by a series of horrifying murders. Within a two month span, five people were killed in brutal fashion. The city was terrorized by an unknown killer, or possibly, more than one.For forty-one years the mystery of the Houston Decapitator has haunted Houston police, and those who remember that summer of horror. For Alys Rankin, Mary Calcutta, Doris Threadgill, Joann Huffman and Robert Spangenberger, their lives were stolen from them and justice has remained as illusive as their killers.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOff
29/05/20201 hour 20 minutes 35 seconds
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114 - The Sundrop Murders

On a warm Friday morning in 2008, an unknown gunman walked into the Sun Drop bottling company in Concord, NC. Minutes later he opened fire and fled the building leaving behind two victims.Donna Barnhardt had worked at Sun Drop for nearly nineteen years. She was a mother, grandmother and sister. Darrell Noles had walked in moments earlier to drop off an application, his wife was in the parking lot waiting for him.Twelve years later and police continues to search for the unknown killer while two shattered families try to put the pieces back together in their hunt for justice.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="https://Trace-
20/05/202049 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

113 - The Abduction of Kelly Bergh Dove

Twenty year old Kelly Bergh Dove switched shifts with her sister, working overnight at the Imperial Gas Station in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Hours later Kelly called police to report a man harassing her. Shortly after, she called again. She was panicked during a third call. Then the line went dead.Police arrived just minutes later and found the gas station vacant. Kelly’s purse, cigarettes and a magazine she was reading had been left behind but Kelly was gone. Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a href="https://traceevidence.threadless
13/05/20201 hour 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

112 - The Disappearance of Merrian Carver

Merrian Carver needed a break from life, so she flew across the country and hopped on an Alaskan Cruise. This wasn’t the first time Merrian went on a trip without telling anyone, but this time, she never made it home.Merrian was last seen in her cabin on the second night of the cruise. Despite her absence being noted multiple times, cruise staff failed to report her missing. A month passed before an investigation was initiated and when it was a startling number of inconsistencies and outright lies raised even more disturbing questions.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noope
29/04/202059 minutes 7 seconds
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Case Updates

In this special update episode we look at ten cases which have had updates in the past year. These ten cases include:Kurt Sova -- Andrew Sadek -- Candace Hiltz -- Teresa Butler -- Heather Elvis -- Danielle Stislicki -- Irina Yarmolenko -- Christian Ferguson -- Diamond &amp; Tionda Bradley -- Rachel CookeTrace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial WebsiteOfficial MerchMusic Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod (<a href=""
20/04/202044 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

111 - The Disappearance of Tristen Myers

Four year old Tristen Myers walked out of his home and disappeared into thin air. Despite massive searches and appeals on television shows and nationwide media, there has never been a trace of the child found. Days after he vanished, the two dogs he had taken with him returned inexplicably, but Tristen was gone.What became of the four year old, did he fall victim to something in the wilderness, was he a victim of abduction or does the answer lie closer to home?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial Website<a href="https://traceevidence.threadle
15/04/202054 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

110 - The Vanishing of Paige Renkoski

Thirty year old Paige Renkoski had plans to drop her mother at the airport, visit a friend and then return home, but she never made it back. After her visit, everything normal about her day disappeared and her case became truly bizarre.For reasons unknown she parked her car along i96 where she was later seen talking to an unknown man and possibly two others. Hours later her car was found idling in that same spot and left behind was her purse and shoes. What became of Paige remains a haunting mystery that her family and law enforcement struggle to understand.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank
08/04/202055 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus 1 - The Tylenol Poisonings

In lieu of taking a week off due to complications surrounding the Coronavirus I've decided to release this special bonus episode, originally a Patreon only episode. This episode digs into and examines the horrible incident known as the Tylenol Poisonings.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitterOfficial WebsiteOfficial MerchMusic Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod (
03/04/20201 hour 6 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

109 - The Vanishing of Paul Stevenson

Forty-Seven year old Australian Paul Stevenson took his prized motorcycle out for an early morning ride. He’d done this countless times before but this time he didn’t return. After extensive searching, police were able to locate his motorcycle and helmet, but no signs of Paul.The bike was found at the bottom of an embankment, minor damage but nothing to suggest an accident. No skid marks, no blood, and for eight years now the police and his family have struggled to discover the truth. What happened to Paul Stevenson and why did he never come home?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nore
25/03/202052 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

108 - The Disappearance of Carla Vicentini

Twenty-two year old Carla Vicentini dreamed of going to America. Living in a small town in Brazil, the young woman wanted to experience the culture and life of the states. In January of 2006, she obtained a work visa and soon found herself in Newark, NJ. After her living arrangements didn’t work out, she and a friend moved into an apartment owned by a friend of her father’s.Just three days later, Carla would vanish and between her landlord, an unidentified male and a host of theories, she has never been found. There were weird phone calls, contradictory statements and an utter lack of media coverage. Where is Carla and what happened to her that fateful night?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="" target="_blan
18/03/202058 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

107 - The Disappearance of LaShaya Stine

Sixteen year old Lashaya Stine snuck out of her families home during the early morning hours of Friday, July 15th, 2016. She never returned. Over the years her family and police have received multiple tips about Lashaya possibly having been forced into sex trafficking.While witnesses claim to have seen Lashaya, and others claim to know her assailant, Lashaya has yet to be found and her captor has never been directly identifies. If indeed Lashaya has been trafficked, as authorities believe, there is a chance she is still out there and someone may hold the key to bringing her home.The Vanished Podcast - Episode 81 - LaShaya Stine: Evidence FacebookInstagram<
11/03/202055 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

106 - The Murder of Hannah Truelove

Sixteen year old Hannah Truelove had her whole life ahead of her, but it was all taken in a night of madness. On August 23rd, 2012, Hannah was reported missing when she failed to return home. Police initiated a search but a heavy rainstorm delayed their efforts. Less than twenty-four hours later, Hannah’s body was found a quarter mile from her home, in the woods surrounding the apartment complex.Mysterious tweets in the days leading up to her murder led many to speculate that Hannah may have known she was in danger. After investigating, police told the media that they believed Hannah knew her killer. Who it could have been, no one could guess, and for the past eight years, Hannah’s killer has remained at large.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram<
04/03/202057 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

105 - The Disappearance of Keith Reinhard

Keith Reinhard was looking to start a new adventure in life. As he approached middle age he wanted to achieve some of the dreams he’d missed out and one of those dreams involved writing a novel. On the advice of a friend he took a leave of absence from work and went down to Silver Plume, Colorado, a small isolated town sure to promise the peace and quiet he sought.Silver Plume, though, didn’t provide as much inspiration as he’d imagined until he learned the story of Tom Young, the man who had rented out the same building Keith did. Young vanished one afternoon, and Keith thought this would be a great story to write. However, Keith was soon overwhelmed by the mystery and would eventually become a part of it.One afternoon, Keith set off for the dense forests and mountains surrounding Silver Plume. He never returned and what was left behind was an enduring mystery that continues to haunt his family and the people of Silver Plume to this day.<a href="htt
26/02/202054 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

104 - The Disappearance of Brianne Wolgram

On September 5th, 1998, nineteen year old Brianne Wolgram left her home in Revelstoke, British Columbia, to pick up a friend. She never returned. Searches for Brianne turned up nothing for days until her car was found abandoned on a logging road in the middle of the mountains. There was no trace of Brianne.When last seen, Brianne was in the company of three mysterious women who have never been identified. One witness reported seeing a female on the road near Brianne’s car the day after she vanished but that woman’s identity has never been ascertained. For twenty-two years, Brianne’s family and law enforcement have sought the answers to this enduring mystery and to this day none of the three women seen with her that night have ever been identified or come forward with information.There is a GoFundMe accepting donations for a reward for information in Brianne’s case. You can contribute here:<a
12/02/202056 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

103 - The Vanishing of Cindy Anderson

On August 4th, 1981, twenty year old Cindy Anderson went to work at a law office in Toledo, OH. Cindy had just ten days left before she’d be moving on to Bible College, but sadly, she would never make it.When her bosses arrived that afternoon, they found the office arranged for the day but Cindy was gone. Her car was parked outside and a book was laid open on her desk, but there was no sign of her. For weeks leading up to her disappearance, Cindy had been receiving scary phone calls and she was dreaming of being abducted.What happened to Cindy Anderson? Was she abducted by a stranger, or perhaps someone she knew and trusted? Did she fall victim to a pair of serial killer brothers or did her own boss play a role?Trace Evidence FacebookInstagram
05/02/202058 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

102 - The Disappearance of Barbara Bolick

On July 18th, 2007, fifty-five year old Barbara Bolick went on a hike with her husband's cousin's boyfriend. An avid hiker, Barbara knew the trails like the back of her hand and, on this day, she was hiking her favorite trail. A short 2.6 miles up to a beautiful vista.However, hours later, Barbara's hiking partner emerged from the forest with a bizarre story to tell. Barbara was missing, and the details have confounded friends, family and investigators alike for the past thirteen years. Police are actively seeking information about Barbara's disappearance and two young men seen in the area that day.Trace Evidence FacebookInstagramTwitter<a href="
29/01/202058 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

101 - Blue Ridge Savings Bank Triple Homicide

On May 16th, 2003, an unknown gunman walked into the Blue Ridge Savings Bank in Greer, South Carolina. After producing a 40 caliber glock handgun, he robbed the bank and then gathered one employee, Sylvia Holtzclaw and two customers, Eb and Maggie Barnes and led them into a back room. There, the gunman opened fire, killing all three.For the past seventeen years, Sylvia's son David has fought to keep this case in the public eye in hopes that the killer would be found. Despite three prominent suspects over the years, the truth of what happened that day remains concealed and the killer remains unknown.David Holtzclaw YouTube video: Evidence FacebookInstagram<a href="
22/01/202055 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

100 - The Death of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died on April 5th, 1994. His body was found in the greenhouse above his garage on the morning of April 8th. The Seattle Police Department and King County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Kurt's death a suicide inside of 24 hours. Before evidence was processed, before toxicology came in.. before they even investigated.For twenty-six years there has been a harsh debate: Did Kurt Cobain commit suicide or was it murder? In this episode, we bypass that question and instead ask something that we might actually be able to get an answer to... did the Seattle Police Department thoroughly and unbiasedly investigate the death of Kurt Cobain or did they leap to the conclusion of suicide, to which they've stuck to this very day?We will take a thorough look at the evidence, hear from experts and hear from Kurt himself in our search for the answer.Trace Evidenc
09/01/20202 hours 56 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

099 - The Murder of Nick Kunselman & Stephanie Hart-Grizzell

**This week's episode is Sponsored by Solid Gold. Visit for 30% off your first order.**Use Promo Code: TRACE2020 to save 10% on a pass to CrimeCon! Visit for tickets.Ten months after the horrifying tragedy at Columbine High School, on February 13th, 2000, fifteen year old Nick Kunselman and his girlfriend, sixteen year old Stephanie Hart-Grizzell were shot to death inside a Subway restaurant just blocks from the school.The murders made little sense to a town already reeling from the school shooting. Nearly twenty years have passed and while the Columbine Shooting continues to gain publicity, the double homicide of two teenagers has received very little coverage.For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com <
10/12/201958 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

098 - The Be-Lo Shooting Massacre

On June 6th, 1993, a man appeared inside of a Be-Lo grocery store in Windsor, NC after closing hours. Brandishing a handgun, the man ordered the store manager and a cashier to empty the days earnings into a plastic bag in an apparent robbery.After gathering up the money, the armed suspect then corralled the two employees, plus the four person floor cleaning crew and bound them. After being tied up, the suspect stacked the employees into three piles of two people a piece and then he opened fire. After murdering three and severely wounding two others, the killer walked out into the quiet night never to be seen again. Some twenty-six years later the killer's identity remains unknown and investigators continue to work the case.For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com
03/12/201953 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

097 - The Abduction of Jessica Gutierrez

**This week's episode is Sponsored by Solid Gold. Visit for 30% off your first order.On June 5th, 1986, four year old Jessica Gutierrez climbed into bed with her six year old sister, Becky, to go to sleep. The next morning, Jessica was gone and when her mother, Debra, asked what happened, Becky explained that during the night a man wearing a “magic hat” took her away.Debra filed a missing person’s report, but unfortunately, her nightmare had only just begun. Despite a fingerprint found at the scene, an alleged confession and suspicions across the board, the man many believe responsible for the crime has never been charged.A bitter dispute erupted between Debra, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office and the South Carolina Solicitor. While Debra wanted answers, the Sheriff wanted charges and the solicitor felt they didn’t have enough evidence. Over the next thirty-three years the questions surrounding Jessica’s abduction hav
19/11/201953 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

096 - The Disappearance of Margaret Ellen Fox

On June 24th, 1974. fourteen year old Margaret Ellen Fox stepped onto the 8:40am bus to Mount Holly, NJ, some seven miles from her home. She'd recently been hired on as a babysitter and was eager to start her new job. However, Margaret would never return home.When Margaret didn't arrive back home, her family began searching and soon discovered that not only did the number to her employer trace to a payphone but the man himself, John Marshall, did not exist. Several days later the Fox family received a call from the alleged abductor, demanding $10,000 and then they never heard from him again.For the last forty-five years the mystery of Margaret's disappearance has haunted her family and Burlington, New Jersey. What became of the young woman and what is the true identity of her abductor?For more information please visit:<a href="
12/11/201957 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

095 - Annandale Jane Doe

**This week's episode is Sponsored by Solid Gold. Visit for 30% off your first order.On December 18th, 1996, an unknown woman walked into Pleasant Valley Memorial Park in Annandale Virginia. Once inside she proceeded to the area in which children are buried and set herself a place, including placing a small Christmas tree. There she took her own life and left behind no clues as to her identity.Over the past twenty-three years, many have tried to determine who Annandale Jane Doe was, what led her to that particular cemetery, and ultimately, why she chose to end her own life? However, Jane Doe went out of her way to ensure her identity would never be discovered prompting the question: are some mysteries best left unsolved?For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.comhttps://www.p
29/10/201949 minutes 50 seconds
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094 - The Murder of Georgette Bauerdorf

Twenty year old Georgette Bauerdorf was an oil fortune heiress living in West Hollywood in the 1940s. A very giving and kind woman, Georgette garnered a reputation for offering money, meals and even places to stay for soldiers preparing to ship out for World War 2.In her evenings, Georgette worked as a junior hostess at the famous Hollywood Canteen, a club designed to give soliders a last good taste of America before heading to Europe or the Pacific. Here Georgette met and befriended many soldiers, dancing, laughing and spending time together.In October of 1944, Georgette had plans to fly to Texas to meet a soldier she'd gotten close to. Unfortunately, she would never make the trip. On the evening of October 11th, Georgette was murdered in her apartment and seventy-five years later, her killer's identity remains unknown. Who murdered Georgette and why? Was it jealousy? Was it random? Or was it committed by someone she knew and trusted?Social
22/10/201953 minutes 50 seconds
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093 - The Mysterious Murder of Judy Smith

**This week's episode is Sponsored by Solid Gold. Visit for 30% off your first order.In April of 1997, fifty year old Judy Smith attended a conference with her husband, Jeffrey, in Philadelphia. While the conference was work for Jeffrey, Judy planned to do some sightseeing during the day and then spend evenings with her husband. Unfortunately, Judy would mysteriously vanish.For five months investigators worked the case, casting a lot of suspicion onto Judy's husband who always maintained his innocence. Then, five months later, in September of 1997, Judy's remains were recovered from Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina. She had been the victim of homicide and while catching her killer was a top priority there were many unanswered questions.How did Judy find herself in Western North Carolina, why hadn't she told anyone about her plans to go there and who made the horrible decision to end her life?For
08/10/20191 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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Update - The Disappearance of Christian Ferguson

In Episode 75 of Trace Evidence I examined the case of nine year old Christian Ferguson who had gone missing after the SUV he had been left it was allegedly stolen. Two hours later, when the SUV was located, Christian was nowhere to be found. For many the prime suspect was Christian's own father, Dewan, who had been driving the SUV that morning.Now, some sixteen years later, charges have finally been filed and Christian will, hopefully soon, receive justice.St. Louis Post Dispatch article: Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License<a hre
04/10/20197 minutes 37 seconds
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092 - The Abduction and Murder of Christine Jessop

**This week's episode is Sponsored by Solid Gold. Visit for 30% off your first order.On October 3rd, 1984, nine year old Christine Jessop vanished from the streets of Queensville, Ontario. For months searchers looked everywhere, but no trace could be found. Sadly, on New Years Eve, they made the horrifying discovery of her remains.While police zeroed in on a suspect, a lot of questions were being ignored. When that suspect was officially charged, police told the public they had caught the killer. After years of legal wrangling, DNA evidence finally exonerated their suspect. A decade after Christine’s murder, the first real investigation began. However, so much time had passed and so much information had been ignored, it was almost too insurmountable to overcome.Now, thirty-five years later, Christine’s killer still walks free while a smile of his DNA is in the hands of police. Will the killer ever be caught or wil
01/10/20191 hour 10 minutes 49 seconds
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091 - The Disappearance of Dail Dinwiddie

On September 23rd, 1992, twenty-three year old Dail Dinwiddie went to a U2 concert at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.Following the concert, Dail and her friends went to a local bar, Jungle Jim’s, for a few drinks and dancing. When Dail became separated from her friends, they assumed she’d gotten a ride home. She hadn’t and for the next twenty minutes she searched for them.Finally leaving the bar at approximately 1:30am, Dail walked north on Hayden Street, last being seen at its intersection with Greene St. She has never been seen again.What happened to Dail Dinwiddie? Was she the victim of a random crime, the target of a serial killer or perhaps was she taken by someone she knew and trusted?For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com
25/09/201959 minutes 34 seconds
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090 - The Horrifying Murder of Little Jane Doe

On February 28th, 1983, two men made a grisly discovery in the basement of an abandoned building in St. Louis, Missouri. There, beneath some debris, they discovered the lifeless body of a young black female. The victim had been bound, assaulted, strangled and decapitated post mortem.Due to the absence of a head, identifying the victim would prove challenging and any connections that could be made to a possible suspect based on that ID was impossible. The child was given the name of Little Jane Doe, and for nearly forty years, her murder has haunted the St. Louis Police Department.Who is Little Jane Doe, who murdered her and will she ever receive justice?For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:<a href="
17/09/20191 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds
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089 - The Vanishing of Branson Perry

****This week's episode is sponsored by NATIVE. Visit and use promo code TRACE for 20% off your first order.****Twenty year old Branson Perry was living with his father, Bob, in Skidmore, Missouri. While Bob was in the hospital, Branson invited friends over to help clean the house and fix his car, a nice surprise for his return home. Sadly, Branson would disappear before he ever saw his father again.Over the course of the next decade, Branson's parents would search for him. Bob would pass away in 2004, and his mother Rebecca followed in 2011. Sadly both went to their graves never knowing what became of their son.Throughout the course of the investigation, authorities examined friends close to Branson, a violent and vicious felon and those involved in the drug trade. Despite all of their efforts, some eighteen years later, they have more questions than answers.For more information please visit: <a href
03/09/20191 hour 3 minutes 9 seconds
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088 - The Disappearance of Adam Hecht

Twenty-three year old Adam Hecht was living the life most people dream of. Son of a Hollywood producer living in Beverly Hills. While many people might crave that life, the older Adam got, the less he seemed charmed by it.Adam began volunteering at the mission and spending his time working with the homeless. While admirable, his family felt concerned when he moved a homeless man into his apartment. After that, Adam began spending more and more nights out on the streets.In June of 1989, after not having heard from Adam for a while, his younger brother came by to visit. All he found was Tony living in Adam's apartment, but no sign of his brother. When police got involved it became a question of whether or not Adam had been the victim of foul play or if he'd chosen to begin living his life on the streets.For more information please visit:<a href="https
26/08/201953 minutes 4 seconds
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087 - The Mysterious Death of Bobby Fuller

Bobby Fuller was finally living his dream as the front man of a band that was rising up the charts. While everything seemed to be going perfectly, there were some issues behind the scenes.Bobby was reportedly unhappy with his record contract and felt that changes were being made to his music that he didn't approve of. He began speaking up about his intentions to walk out on his contract and return home to El Paso.A meeting was set for the morning of Monday, July 18th, but Bobby would never arrive. At approximately 5pm, Bobby's body was found in his car, soaked in gasoline. Witnesses said Bobby appeared to have bruises on his body, dried blood on his shirt and scrapes on his arms but the coroner would rule his death due to accidental asphyxiation.Bobby's cause of death was later changed to accidental asphyxiation, but for those close to the singer, they believe something more sinister happened. Did Bobby Fuller end his own life in the midst of hi
20/08/20191 hour 3 minutes 26 seconds
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086 - The Murder of the Bishop Family

On March 10th, 1976 a concerned neighbor contacted local authorities. She hadn't seen the Bishop family for more than a week and mail was piling up. It was unlike them to just up and leave without saying anything, and so police sent a detective over to perform a welfare check.Upon entering the home, the detective found a grisly bloodbath. There was evidence of a brutal and violent crime, but no bodies were found. At first, police believed the entire Bishop family had been murdered but then they learned the horrible truth.Police in Columbia, North Carolina had discovered five brutally battered bodies dumped in a ditch and set on fire. It would turn out to be Annette Bishop, he three sons and her mother-in-law, Lobelia. Annette's husband, and the father of her children, William Bradford Bishop was missing.While it was initially believed that Bradford might be a victim as well, evidence would soon begin telling a far more sinister story and a mass
05/08/20191 hour 17 minutes 44 seconds
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085 - The Abduction of Anthonette Cayedito

Nine year old Anthonette Cayedito heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Dressed in her pink nightgown, she approached the door and vanished. When her mother woke up the next morning, she discovered that Anthonette was missing.Police had little to work with other than reports of a mysterious vehicle seen at the home in the early morning hours. The case grew cold almost immediately, but a year later a disturbing phone call reignited the search. Unfortunately, little if anything could be found.Several years later, a waitress called in a report of having seen the missing child, who at this time would have been fourteen. While the story was compelling, authorities could not confirm that it had been Anthonette.For thirty-three years, Anthonette Cayedito has been missing. Some believe she was abducted by a stranger, others by someone she knew and trusted. Then there are those who believe that Anthonette's mother knew much more than sh
30/07/20191 hour 18 minutes 48 seconds
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084 - The Murder of Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick

On March 15th, 1989, seventeen year old Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick went to work in Frederick, Maryland. The high school senior was focused on saving money to contribute to her college fund, and liked the independence working afforded her. Sadly, Tracey would never return home.At approximately 10:50pm, a security guard working at the mall in which she was employed made a grisly discovery. Tracey had been stabbed to death by an unknown assailant and there were no suspects. Her family was devastated but hopeful that the culprit would be brought to justice.Three months later, an anonymous caller told a haunting story about his involvement in Tracey's murder. Investigation into the caller would unveil a bizarre story which some believe, and others chalk up to a cruel prank.Thirty years later and Tracey's case remains unsolved. The suspect list is slim, rumors are rampant and there are even some who believe the entire investigation was purposefully botc
23/07/20191 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds
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083 - The Death of Nancy Argentino

Twenty-three year old Nancy Argentino had left her life in Brooklyn behind to hit the road with her new boyfriend, wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. It was a whirlwind romance that would ultimately end in violence.After a violent incident involving police in January of 1983, Nancy's family begged her to stay home and avoid Snuka. Unfortunately, Nancy did not heed their advice and went back with Snuka. Just four months later in May of 1983, Nancy was rushed to a hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania where she later died as the result of head trauma.Snuka alleged that Nancy had fallen and hit her head, though this was contradicted by the official autopsy report and the fact that Snuka gave more than six different stories of what happened that night. Snuka walked and was not charged, though why no one could ever explain.Over the course of the next thirty years, rumors and speculation ran rampant about what may have happened. Finally, after thirty two
09/07/20191 hour 16 minutes 16 seconds
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082 - The Vanishing of Andrew Gosden

On September 14th, 2007, fourteen year old Andrew Gosden pretended to go to school, waited for his parents to leave and then snuck back in. He packed a few items, changed his clothes, pulled all the money he could from an ATM and hopped on a train to London. By the time his family knew he was gone he’d been missing for hours. When it was discovered that Andrew had gone to London, no one could imagine why. The brilliant math student with perfect attendance had suddenly broken away from his normal life and disappeared into the busy streets. For twelve years now his family and investigators have had two questions: Why did Andrew leave and where did he end up?In a case that has captured the attention of millions, and a teenager whose face has been seen coast to coast across the UK and the world at large, so many questions remain and so few answers have been found.What happened to Andrew Gosden, why did he leave and is it possible he's still out ther
02/07/20191 hour 20 minutes 43 seconds
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081 - Carbon County Beth Doe

On December 20th, 1976, a fourteen year old boy made a horrifying discovery along the banks of the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. The body of an unidentified woman was found, severely mutilated and stuffed into three separate suit cases which had been thrown from the i80 interstate, some three hundred feet above.For the past forty-three years, the victim, known only as Carbon County Beth Doe, has remained unidentified and her killer has never been located. Making it even more horrifying was the discovery that, at the time of her death, Beth Doe was nine months pregnant. The crime was committed in an atrocious manner, and for many, the case will forever haunt them. Who killed and mutilated Beth, and for what reason? Was it a chance encounter, someone she knew or perhaps even a member of her own family?For more information please visit:<a href="https://
18/06/20191 hour 2 minutes 22 seconds
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080 - The Disappearance of Nyleen Kay Marshall

Four year old Nyleen Kay Marshall was excited to attend a multi-family picnic with her family in the Helena National Forest on Saturday, June 25th, 1983. She had no way of knowing she wouldn’t be coming home.Sometime that afternoon, Nyleen was separated from the children she was playing with and witnessed speaking to an unidentified male. She then vanished without a trace.For the next forty years, investigators and family worked the case trying to discover what became of the child. In the mid 1980s a man alleged to have taken Nyleen and to be raising her as his own child, but his identity was never discovered.What happened to Nyleen Marshall and is it possible she is still out there somewhere unaware of her true identity?Visit this week's sponsor: promo code TRACE19 for 10% off a standard pass to CrimeCon! Visit to regist
04/06/20191 hour 3 minutes 22 seconds
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079 - The Disappearance of Laureen Rahn

Fourteen year old Laureen Rahn had the apartment all to herself. Her mother, Judith, was out with her boyfriend and with spring break kicking off, Laureen decided to invite a few friends over.When Judith arrived home, sometime after midnight, something was wrong. All of the lights in the apartment building hallways were off and she found her front door unlocked. Checking over the apartment, the back door was both unlocked and open. She looked into Laureen's room and saw a figure sleeping in her bed. Unfortunately, this turned out to be Laureen's friend and she had no idea where Laureen could have gone.Over the course of the next forty years speculation has run rampant while evidence has been in short supply. What became of Laureen Rahn, was she abducted by a stranger and trafficked or perhaps lured out by someone she knew and trusted?Use promo code TRACE19 for 10% off a standard pass to CrimeCon! Visit to register now.<br /
27/05/20191 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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078 - The Vanishing of Jaliek Rainwalker

Twelve year old Jaliek Rainwalker had lived a difficult life. Born to a drug addicted mother, and suffering from developmental issues as a result, the child bounced through multiple foster homes before finally being adopted.Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald adopted Jaliek, and it seemed like everything was going to turn around for the child. Unfortunately, after an outburst, things went south and the family wanted to reverse the adoption. In hopes of taking some time away, Jaliek was sent to a respite home.When Jaliek's father, Stephen, picked him up no one knew this would be the last time he'd ever be seen. While Kerr and McDonald allege that Jaliek had run away, authorities disagreed and after finding multiple holes in the official story, Kerr became a person of interest.What became of Jaliek Rainwalker, did the child choose to run away or does someone he knew and trusted know exactly where he is?This episode is sponsored by Green C
14/05/20191 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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077 - The Disappearance of Bob Harrod

Eighty-one year old Bob Harrod was experiencing something that usually only happens in movies. After nearly sixty years apart, he had reunited with his first love, Fontelle, and they had gotten married. While his new wife returned to Missouri to pack her belongings, Bob had a lot he wanted to get done at his home in California before his new bride returned.On July 26th, Bob had a meeting with his three daughters. The point of the gathering was to discuss their inheritance and the family trust. Reportedly, the conversation didn't go well and things got heated, but eventually cooled down. Strangely, just twenty-four hours later, Bob would vanish.Two days before Fontelle was set to return, Bob went missing from his home. In the ten years since, little if any evidence has been uncovered. A feud broke out between Bob's daughters and Fontelle, with the family believing she was a gold digger and Fontelle believing that Bob's own children may have succumbed to th
29/04/20191 hour 8 minutes 48 seconds
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076 - The Abduction of Danny Goldman

Seventeen year old Danny Goldman was a senior at Miami Beach High School approaching both graduation and his eighteenth birthday. A smart young man from a well to do family who split his days between repairing electronics and spending time with his girlfriend. The future offered so many possibilities.Sadly, Danny wouldn't see that future. On March 28th, the day before his eighteenth birthday, an unknown gunman entered the family home and demanded $10,000. When they didn't have that cash in the house, the man took Danny with him and said he'd call later to arrange a ransom. The man never called and Danny was never seen again.The initial investigation didn't discover much and soon the case began growing cold and fading from the spotlight. It wouldn't be until 46 years later than a team of volunteer investigators would break open incredible information suggesting that Danny's abduction may had connections to the mafia under Santo Trafficante, a corrupt Sherif
16/04/20191 hour 6 minutes 44 seconds
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075 - The Disappearance of Christian Ferguson

Christian Ferguson was born with a life threatening disorder and nearly died in his first three days. Once the doctors were able to diagnose him, treatment was assigned and it was believed Christian could live a normal, healthy life.Following his parents divorce, and a bitter dispute in court, Christian's father, Dawan T. Ferguson was granted full custody while his mother, Theda, has visitation. Theda filed multiple claims against Dawan for neglect and child abuse, though these were never proven and the court did not accept them.In 2001, Christian suffered a setback in which his condition worsened and he seized and fell into a coma. He suffered severe brain damage which inhibited his abilities and required full time supervision and care. While multiple nurses noted poor conditions at his home, Christian remained with his father.In June of 2003, Theda won a court case in which she proved Dawan was denying her visitation. Dawan was ordered to give
04/04/20191 hour 16 minutes 2 seconds
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074 - The Murder of David Cox

Twenty-seven year old David Cox had served four years in the Marine Corps and was now living with his girlfriend back in his home state of Massachusetts. While the transition had been a struggle, things were beginning to look up.The release of the film "A Few Good Men" impacted David strongly as it was closely based on an incident in which he had been involved during his time as a Marine stationed at Guantanamo Bay. David was angry, feeling that he and his fellow Marines had been mis-represented and depicted as murderers.On the morning of January 5th, David was eagerly awaiting a call about a job. When his girlfriend called home at noon, there was no answer. She called again an hour later, but again there was no answer. Upon arriving home she found David gone, his keys in the ignition of his truck and no sign or indication of where he could have went.For three months David was missing until a man canoeing down the Charles River discovered his re
26/03/20191 hour 6 minutes 48 seconds
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073 - The Vanishing of Deanne Hastings

Thirty-five year old Deanne Hastings was finally putting her life back together. After a long battle with bi-polar, a divorce and time spent in an in-patient treatment facility she was back on the rise. She was in love, enrolled in school, looking forward to the future and excited to establish stronger relationships with her children.Living with her fiance, Mike Tibbets, in Spokane, Washington, life just seemed to be back on the right track. However, on the night of November 3rd, 2015, Mike returned home to an empty house. He found a note from Deanne explaining that she'd be running to the store and she'd be back soon. She didn't return and as hours passed, Mike began trying to track her down.Deanne's car was found in a parking lot, locked up. He purse and cell phone were inside, though her license and credit cards were not. Over the course of the next thirty-six hours, Mike will stake out the car, print up fliers, try to track his fiancee down and run in
19/03/20191 hour 19 minutes 26 seconds
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072 - The Disappearance of Ray Gricar

Fifty-nine year old Ray Gricar had worked as the Centre County District Attorney for nearly twenty years. Having given most of his life to law, he decided that this would be his last term and in January of 2006 he was set to retire... but Ray would go missing nine months before his last day in office.On April 15th, 2005 Ray decided to skip work and to go for a drive down to Lewisburg, a quiet little town some fifty miles away. He had been there often, and enjoyed visiting the local antique stores. On this particular day, though, Ray never came back.After being out of contact for twelve hours, Ray's girlfriend, Patty, contacted police who immediately began searching for Ray. Nothing would be found until the next day when his vehicle was discovered in a parking lot in Lewisburg. The car smelled of smoke, and there were cigarette butts outside, but Ray was not a smoker.The deeper law enforcement probed into the case, the more questions they had. W
12/03/20191 hour 18 minutes 48 seconds
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071 - The Horrifying Murder of Paula Sladewski

Twenty-six year old Paula Sladewski was making plans. After several attempts at a modeling career, leading to some success, she wanted to get back in the game and see what could happen. She hoped to start moving on her plan after she returned from her New Years Eve trip, but unfortunately, Paula would never make it back.Along with her boyfriend, Kevin, Paula flew to Miami, Florida to see a New Year's Eve concert, after which the couple planned to spend a few days on south beach before heading home. They'd had their problems in the past, but somehow, the couple had always found their way through it. The concert went well, and things were moving smoothly until the morning of January 3rd, 2010.Paula and Kevin attended Club Space, a nightlife hotspot in North Miami. After a few hours of drinking and dancing, Kevin tried to get Paula to leave but she wanted to stay. Kevin was ultimately thrown out of the club and took a cab back to their hotel room. Paula exited sho
27/02/20191 hour 7 minutes 48 seconds
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070 - The Vanishing of Niqui McCown

Twenty-eight Niqui McCown was a loving mother and sister. She was eagerly anticipating her upcoming wedding in August of 2001. However, just three weeks before she was to be married, on July 22nd, Niqui went to a local laundromat and was never seen again.In the weeks following her disappearance, Niqui's fiance became a person of interest, and then the father of her daughter and, finally a former co-worker with a violent streak. Despite theories and suspicions, no evidence could be found to pin the crime on any particular person.Three months later, Niqui's vehicle was discovered abandoned in a parking lot and through investigation, law enforcement was able to make connections between her disappearance and one of the person's of interest, who would later become the subject of an unrelated homicide investigation. However, before police can move in, a shocking twist brings the entire investigation to a halt.What happened to Niqui McCown and will we e
19/02/20191 hour 10 minutes 57 seconds
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069 - The Disappearance of Brandy Hanna

Thirty-two year old Brandy Hanna had recently gotten out of a six year long relationship. Having lived with her fiancé, Ray McAdams, she couldn't help but develop feelings for a friend, Zeke Lankford. The situation became complicated and ultimately Brandy moved out, choosing to find an apartment to rent with Zeke.Just weeks after leaving Ray, Zeke told Brandy that he was leaving her. The young woman was now living alone, in an apartment in a bad part of town that her mother, Donna, didn't want her staying in. Brandy decided to use this alone time to put her head straight and figure out what she wanted to do.On Friday, May 20th, 2005, Brandy worked the morning shift at Alex's restaurant. When her mother arrived that afternoon, she headed home and planned to go out to the beach for the weekend. Brandy would never make it to the beach and instead would vanish under bizarre circumstances.The investigation would find a witness who described the man
29/01/20191 hour 22 minutes 41 seconds
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068 - The Vanishing of Susan Walsh

Thirty-six year old Susan Walsh wanted, more than anything, to be a journalist. She'd put herself through college by dancing in bars and adult clubs. It had been a rough road, and Susan struggled with addiction but when she got married and had her son, everything changed.Working alongside an acclaimed journalist, Susan was finally getting into the world she wished to explore. Assisting in the writing of an expose, and later a book, about sex workers, Susan operated as a spy, using her connections and infiltrating clubs. Unfortunately, this closeness to the scene slowly drew her back in and soon, she was off the wagon and dancing.In July of 1996, Susan asked her now estranged husband, Mark, to watch their son David while she walked down the street to use a payphone. Susan was never seen again, and her disappearance launched an investigation that scoured Northern New Jersey and Manhattan. The list of possible suspects was endless from obsessed clients, stalk
22/01/20191 hour 23 minutes 18 seconds
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067 - The Disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel

Twenty-four year old Amy Wroe Bechtel was putting the future together. Along with her husband, Steve, they had moved to the picturesque town of Lander, Wyoming and in the Summer of 1997, they had just closed on the purchase of their first house.On July 24th, both had the day off from work and while Steve planned to go rock climbing, Amy was going to run errands and then go running, her favorite activity. This day though, it was partially work as she was mapping out the path of a 10k she was organizing. Amy drove up into the Shoshone National Park and never returned.Steve returned home and after waiting for hours, grew worried and called the Sheriff's Department. Amy's car was discovered parked on the side of the road but there was no sign of the young woman. Amy's disappearance kicked off a massive search and rescue effort but after days of searching and yielding no results, investigators began looking at her husband.Over the next twenty-two yea
15/01/20191 hour 19 minutes 56 seconds
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066 - The Mysterious Death of Mitrice Richardson

Twenty-four year old Mitrice Richardson wasn't making sense. She was sending cryptic text messages and indecipherable social media posts. Her mother was concerned, and on September 16th, 2009, she received a call explaining that Mitrice had been arrested in Malibu.After speaking with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Mitrice's mother was told her daughter wouldn't be released until the morning. With plans of picking her up the next day, her mother went to sleep. When she awoke, she was startled to discover Mitrice had been released and now, no one knew where she was.Over the course of the next year the anger between the family and Sheriff's department continued to grow as lies were uncovered and Mitrice's family felt the Sheriff's department was conducting a coverup. On August 9th, 2010, eleven months after she disappeared, Mitrice's body was recovered down a remote Canyon some six miles from the Sheriff's station. The discovery sadly confirmed
08/01/20191 hour 26 minutes 58 seconds
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Holiday Q&A

Celebrating the holiday season by answering listener questions.For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media: Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
24/12/201841 minutes 48 seconds
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065 - The Disappearance of Brandon Swanson

Nineteen year old Brandon Swanson had just completed his first year of college. Planning to spend his evening celebrating with friends, Brandon drove from his home in Marshall, MN to two separate gatherings. After leaving the second, near midnight, Brandon made the choice to take back roads rather than the faster and easier route of Highway 68.While driving on gravel back roads, Brandon got his car stuck in a ditch. Calling his parents for help, Brandon gave them directions to come and pick him up but when they arrived, neither Brandon nor his car were anywhere to be found. It wouldn't be until later that Brandon's parents would learn their son was actually twenty-five miles away from where he had thought.During a 47 minute phone call with his father, Brandon explained that he saw lights and was going to walk toward them. At some point, during the call, Brandon screamed out an expletive and the phone went dead. Neither Brandon, his phone or any shred of ev
20/11/20181 hour 13 minutes 4 seconds
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064 - The Disappearance of Rachel Cooke

Nineteen year old Rachel Cooke had been attending college in San Diego. There, she met and fell in love with a man with whom she hoped to create a brilliant and beautiful future. Rachel was pursuing a career in fashion, and she had completely fallen in love with California, which was entirely different from her small hometown of Georgetown, Texas.In December of 2001, Rachel returned home for the holidays. Her boyfriend came along, though he would return back to California before New Years. He had work to attend to, and the two of them had recently decided to move in together in the new year. Rachel decided to stay in Georgetown a little longer, so she could attend her cousin’s wedding. Everything was going well, until the morning of January 10th, 2002.Rachel went out for her usual morning run, but she never came home. When her parents realized she was missing, the Sheriff’s department was contacted. Despite exhaustive searches, media coverage and endless
06/11/20181 hour 14 minutes 40 seconds
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UPDATE: 033 - The Disappearance of Heather Elvis

Short update episode regarding sentencing of a suspect in the Disappearance of Heather Elvis, examined in episode 33 of Trace Evidence."Wounded" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
26/10/201812 minutes 11 seconds
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063 - The Mysterious Death of Norman Ladner

Seventeen year old Norman Ladner loved spending his free time on his family's land. He would walk through the 122 acre plot, exploring the open pastures and dense forestry. Fishing and hunting were two of his favorite activities, but on the night of August 21st, 1989, Norman didn't come home.After searching for over an hour, Norman's father made the terrible discovery of his son's body. Norman had died from a single gunshot wound to the head, and while investigators initially considered it an accidental shooting, the final ruling was suicide. Unable to accept this, Norman's parents began an investigation of their own.Over the next several weeks, the Ladner's discovered a blood stained bullet, too large for their son's rifle, a radio transmitter they were told was often used by drug smugglers and were even threatened by an unknown individual not to reopen the case. What happened to Norman Ladner, was this a tragic case of a teenager taking his ow
24/10/20181 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds
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062 - The Disappearance of the Clinton Avenue Five

It was a hot summer afternoon in Newark, New Jersey in 1978.  Five close friends, Melvin "Ricky" Pittman (17), Ernest Taylor (17), Alvin Turner (16), Randy Johnson (16) and Michael McDowell (16) had all gotten together to play basketball at West Side Park.As the afternoon turned to evening, the friends went their separate ways, planning to meet up again later.  They were going to help a local business owner move boxes in preparation for his purchase of a new home, grab a few extra bucks for their trouble, and then see what this summer night had to offer.  Sadly, none of them would ever return home.Over the next thirty-three years, theories and rumors would run rampant.  Psychics would claim to hold the answers, tipsters would call in with leads that led to nowhere and eventually, a confession would result in a trial that would end with unsatisfying results.  What happened to the young men, since then referred to as the Clinton Avenue Five and who may hold the an
16/10/20181 hour 10 minutes 14 seconds
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061 - The Abduction of Angela Hammond

Twenty year old Angela Hammond was living in rural Clinton, Missouri.  Everything in her life seemed to be coming together:  she'd fallen in love, gotten engaged and was pregnant with her first child.  The bright, sweet and beautiful young woman was excited for the days ahead and the future she was building.On April 4th, 1991, she had plans to meet her fiance, Rob, downtown for a night out.  As the evening wore on, she found herself getting tired and decided she'd rather just go home.  She stopped at a payphone at the edge of a supermarket parking lot and called Rob to cancel their plans.  In the midst of this conversation, Angie was abducted by a man in a green pickup truck.Angie screamed into the phone.  Rob sped over to the scene and caught sight of the truck.  As it passed him, Rob saw Angie struggling with the driver and heard her screaming his name.  He spun his own truck around and gave chase, but in doing so he had severely damaged his transmission and t
02/10/20181 hour 13 minutes 53 seconds
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060 - The Murder of Karina Holmer

Twenty year old Karina Holmer wanted to see more of the world beyond her Swedish home town.  In the Spring of 1996, she decided to go to America, working as an Au Pair for a well to do family in the Boston suburb of Dover.  At first, everything was going great, but soon problems began to rear their head.In letters home, the young woman went from positive and excited to negative and eventually, frightened.  Karina promised to explain it all when she got home, but unfortunately, she would not return home alive or in one piece.In a case which has become the Boston Black Dahlia case, the young nanny was found murdered in a dumpster not far from the club she was last seen dancing at.  Her dismembered remains were discovered by a homeless man, kicking off a massive investigation in which everyone was a suspect. Despite all of the media attention at the time, this terrible incident has been mostly forgotten over time, and Karina herself has become a name most no longer recall.<br
25/09/20181 hour 20 minutes 45 seconds
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UPDATE: Suspect arrested - 020 - The Abduction and Murder of Isabel Celis

Six year old Isabel Celis disappeared from her family's home in April of 2012.  Despite extensive searches, nothing could be found.  Rumor quickly built up suggesting that a member of her own family had been involved in the crime.  In March of 2017, Isabel's remains were recovered in rural Pima County.  Now, a year later, an arrest has finally been made which not only connects to Isabel and another young woman who was murdered, but which also exonerates her family.This short update episode briefly summarizes the case and then discusses breaking news of the arrest of thirty-six year old Christopher Clements in connection with the abduction and murder of Isabel Celis, as well as the 2014 murder of thirteen year old Maribel Gonzalez."Wounded" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
22/09/201816 minutes 46 seconds
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059 - The Vanishing of April Pitzer

In her early twenties, April Pitzer found herself on the wrong side of the law.  In order to wipe the slate clean, she agreed to become a confidential informant.  She had no idea the dangerous world she was entering, and ultimately had to flee Arkansas when her identity was compromised.  Years later, she was brought back to testify in a trial which sent over twenty members of a major drug ring to federal prison.April was never the same after that, scared and paranoid she began to fall into alcoholism and was diagnosed with bi-polar.  After losing her marriage and having her children taken away, April decided to go to California in search of perspective and to put her life back together.  Unfortunately, she would never make it back.In a terrifying twist of fate, a chance encounter with a woman from Arkansas revealed April's history as a drug informant and many of the people she found herself surrounded by had been involved in the very drug ring that she had testi
18/09/20181 hour 47 minutes 18 seconds
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058 - The Disappearance of Jeramy Burt - Conclusion

Jeramy Burt was last seen on February 11th, 2007.  Ninety six days later, the vehicle he had driven off in, his ex-wife's Mercury Cougar, was discovered abandoned and torched in the Bruneau desert in Southwest Idaho.  The discovery of the car caused the Boise Police Department to officially launch an investigation into his disappearance.During the course of the investigation they examined his bank and phone records, revealing details about his final moments and the days after he vanished.  His ex-wife, Kim, who he had been dating again at the time, married another man shortly after Jeramy disappeared, raising many suspicions.  His former girlfriend, and ex-lawyer, Jeannie Braun, became a person of interest for almost everyone associated with the case, but was there more to the story?In the conclusion to this story, host Steven Pacheco examines the investigation, missing audio files, polygraph tests, suspects and a possible link between Jeramy's disappearance and
12/09/20181 hour 17 minutes 22 seconds
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057 - The Disappearance of Jeramy Burt - Part 1

Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt was putting his life back together.  After an affair with his lawyer, his wife, Kim, filed for divorce and the two went their separate ways, though they were forever bonded through their young daughter.  Jeramy regretted his mistakes and worked hard to make amends and regain Kim's trust.  After his lawyer tried to coerce him into lying under oath in an attempt to frame her assistant, Jeramy recorded their conversations and testified against her in front of the grand jury.While his ex-lawyer, and former girlfriend, served a year in prison, Jeramy and Kim reconnected and began to repair the damage to their relationship.  In February of 2007, they were living together and talking about future possibilities.  Unfortunately, his old girlfriend had gotten out of prison and was pressuring Jeramy to come back to her.  While Kim was in Las Vegas, for a work seminar, Jeramy spent the weekend with family back in his hometown of American Falls, Idaho. 
28/08/20181 hour 11 minutes 8 seconds
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056 - The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley

Twenty-two year old Jamie Fraley was working hard to put her life on track.  After a life wrought with health issues as the result of complications are birth, she had gotten a slow start.  Unable to complete high school, or obtain a driver's license, she struggled to strike out on her own and put a future together.In 2006, everything changed when she moved out on her own, met the man of her dreams and entered a GED program.  She had recently tried to help a friend overcome a drug addiction, and this awoke in her a desire to help others.  She wanted to attend college and pursue a career in drug counseling.  Her life took a heavy blow when her fiancee was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for larceny, but Jamie remained devoted and determined to marry him when he was released.  In the meantime, she developed a close bond with her soon to be father-in-law who lived in an apartment just two doors down from her.  Unfortunately, as time moved on, her future in-law became obse
14/08/20181 hour 34 minutes 46 seconds
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055 - The Disappearance of Tionda and Diamond Bradley

On July 6th, 2001, ten year old Tionda Bradley was looking after her three year old sister, Diamond while their mother, Tracey went to work.  The children were reportedly last seen by their mother at 6:30am, and when she returned home at 12:30 they were nowhere to be found.  All that was discovered was a note, allegedly written by Tionda, saying that the girls were going to walk to the store and then a nearby school.Tracey searched for the girls, and didn't call the police until 6:30 that evening, at which point they had been missing for at least six hours.  Investigators launched one of the largest searches in Chicago history, but the wider their radius grew, the more they felt the answers may reside closer to home.  There were suspicions early on of Tracey and the man she was seeing, George Washington, Diamond's father.  The note didn't make sense, and a voice mail discovered later, left by Tionda the day they vanished, stated that a man named George was at th
07/08/20181 hour 27 minutes 7 seconds
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054 - The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most well known and prominent reporters in American history.  Her tenacious personality and intense columns examines major stories of her time, including the murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  While her readers loved her dynamic style, powerful figures in Hollywood and Intelligence Agencies were not fans of her work.After the assassination of President, and her close friend, John Kennedy in November of 1963, Dorothy dedicated her work to uncovering what she believed to have been a massive conspiracy and cover-up.  She had a contact in the Warren Commission who leaked information to her, which she in turn published.  The FBI began keeping a file on her, and tapping her phone after Dorothy refused to reveal her sources. Dorothy became the only journalist to get a private, one on one interview with Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.  In the days and weeks leading up to her death, Dorothy told
31/07/20181 hour 58 minutes 6 seconds
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053 - Colorado Triple Murder

On February 7th, 1999, in Westminster, Colorado, thirty-nine year old Paul Skiba brought his nine year old daughter, Sarah, to work at his moving company while covering a shift for an employee.  They were met by Lorenzo Chivers, one of Paul's employees, to go out on a job.  The three drove off in a moving truck and were never seen again.Police initially believed the disappearance was related to a custody battle between Paul and his ex-wife, Michelle.  Despite friends and family urging them to investigate, authorities delayed for days.  Finally, when Paul's mother, and two friends found bullet holes, blood and hair at the company parking lot, Police launched an investigation.No suspects were named, though many have made links between the triple murder and Paul's then girlfriend, Teresa Donovan.  Paul was looking to split up and wanted Teresa out of his home by the very day he disappeared.  Teresa's sister was living with Lorenzo and her brother, Tom, had a vendet
23/07/20181 hour 41 minutes 45 seconds
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052 - The Murder of Irina Yarmolenko

Twenty year old Irina "Ira" Yarmolenko was finishing up her sophomore semester at UNC Charlotte in May of 2008.  She planned to begin her junior year at UNC Chapel Hill where she would pursue a career in Public Health, an area near and dear to her kind and compassionate sensibility.  Tragically, Ira would never begin her junior year.On May 5th, 2008, just days after her twentieth birthday, Ira began her day by taking a final exam.  She had another scheduled for 5pm, and so she ran some errands.  Surveillance footage tracks much of her travels that day, but when she drove down to the banks of the Catawba river, no one was aware.  Two jet skiiers discovered Ira's lifeless body on the bank of the river, beside her car.She had died as the result of asphyxia secondary to ligature strangulation.  There were three ligatures around her neck.Investigators were baffled, and for many months, they failed to determine a motive or drum up a suspect.  On the day of the crime,
16/07/20182 hours 36 minutes 35 seconds
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051 - The Disappearance of Logan Schiendelman

Logan Schiendelman had just finished his first year of college as Washington State University.  He had spent a little too much time having fun, and not as much attending classes, and so he wasn’t able to return and instead planned to get a job, put some money in his pocket and see where the world would take him.  He was on a journey of self discovery, hoping to find his place in life, and within his own community.                On May 19th, 2016, he told his grandmother that he’d had an epiphany but before they could discuss it further, she had to go to work.  They made plans to talk that evening, but when she returned home, Logan was gone and as the days passed, she filed a missing person’s report, which would lead to bizarre eye witness accounts and the discovery of Logan’s car abandoned along Instate Five, just five miles from his home.  According to witness accounts, the car had drifted across multiple lanes before crashing into the center divider.  One witness reporte
02/07/20181 hour 43 minutes 45 seconds
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SOLVED: 010 - The Bizarre Murder of Arlis Perry

Case Update:  Episode 10 - The Bizarre Murder of Arlis Perry has been SOLVEDOn June 26th, 2018, Deputies of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department moved to execute a search warrant on suspect Steve Blake Crawford, the security guard who originally found Arlis Perry's body.  During the execution of that warrant, Crawford committed suicide with a self inflicted gunshot wound.This is a short episode discussing the events of the day and the news about how this case was solved and the state of further investigations to come.For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:<a href="" rel="noopen
29/06/201816 minutes 52 seconds
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050 - The Vanishing of Brandi Wells

Twenty-three year old Brandi Wells was beginning to put her life back on track.  After a failed marriage and traveling throughout Texas, she moved to Brownsboro, just twenty minutes away from her hometown of Tyler.  She re-enrolled in college, to pursue a degree in education, and had just gotten a new job.  Things were looking up.  On August 2nd, 2006, Brandi decided to go out for one last night of fun before she had to focus on her studies and job.  This night, she would decide to go to Longview, TX, to a club known as Graham Central Station.  Only a few people knew her destination, and no one knew why.  Brandi was seen entering and exiting the club, but after that, she vanished.  Her car was found the next day, abandoned along Interstate 20.  Sadly, the connection between the car, and her disappearance wouldn't be made for days.  By the time investigators knew what they were dealing with, they were a week behind.  The investigation was flawed, involving mis-id
26/06/20181 hour 43 minutes 37 seconds
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049 - The Disappearance of Kayla Berg

Fifteen year old Kayla Berg was excited to move back to her hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin after spending the previous two months in Texas with her mother, Hope.  While Texas hadn't worked out for the pair, Kayla was looking forward to seeing her father and brother, as well as all the friends she had left behind.Kayla returned on August 2nd, 2009, and immediately took advantage of the dwindling weeks of summer before she'd be returning to High School as a Junior.  Living with her grandparents, while her mother attempted to find more permanent housing, wasn't ideal, but Kayla was just happy to be home. Just a little over a week after coming back, on August 11th, Kayla makes arrangements to hang out with twenty-four year old Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother's who she has known since she was young.  Kevin picks her up around 9pm, and is home by midnight, but Kayla never makes it back.  The next day, when Kayla is noted as missing, Kevin states that he dropp
18/06/20181 hour 34 minutes 22 seconds
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048 - The Mysterious Death of Chuck Morgan

 Chuck Morgan worked as an escrow agent in Tucson, Arizona in 1977.  Far from an exciting life, Chuck enjoyed the quiet calm and exactness of his work, and in his free time, delighted in joy and excitement of raising four daughters with his wife, Ruth.  Suddenly, Chuck's life would be thrust into danger and mystery when he vanished on March 22nd.  Chuck resurfaced three days later and told his wife a bizarre tale about being abducted, torture and having his throat coated with a potent hallucinogen.  From that day forward, Chuck was extremely safety conscious and even went so far as to wear a bullet proof vest and he began carrying a .357 magnum handgun.  Several months later, in June, when things seemed to be back to normal, Chuck vanished once again.  Nine days later, a mysterious woman called his wife and gave her a cryptic statement about a Bible passage in Ecclesiastes.  Two days after that, Chuck's body was discovered in a remote area forty miles outside of
11/06/20181 hour 24 minutes 28 seconds
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047 - The Abduction of Jodi Huisentruit - Part 2

On June 27th, 1995, Jodi was meant to arrive at the studio at 3am. When 4am came, and she hadn't showed up, her assistant called her apartment and awoke a sleeping Jodi. She said she'd be there in twenty minutes, but Jodi was never seen again. Over the course of the next twenty-three years, the case has spiraled through moments of brilliant attention, and complete disregard. Throughout this time, many names have been whispered as possible suspects including two convicted sex offenders, a close personal friend of Jodi's and even officers working in Iowa law enforcement. What happened to Jodi Huisentruit? Join Host Steven Pacheco for the conclusion of his coverage of this baffling case in Episode 47 - The Abduction of Jodi Huisentruit - Part 2.For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.comhttps://www.patreo
04/06/20181 hour 13 minutes 10 seconds
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046 - The Abduction of Jodi Huisentruit - Part 1

Twenty-seven year old Jodi Huisentruit was living out her dream, being a television news anchor for KIMT in Mason City, Iowa. She'd always wanted to be on television, and her interest in broadcast journalism had brought her to her first role as the main anchor of a news network. Everything seemed to be coming together. On June 27th, 1995, Jodi was meant to arrive at the studio at 3am. When 4am came, and she hadn't showed up, her assistant called her apartment and awoke a sleeping Jodi. She apologized for her tardiness and said she'd be to the studio in twenty minutes. She never arrived. Shortly after 7am, an officer arrived at her apartment for a welfare check. Jodi didn't answer the door, and when he approached her car, he found a disturbing scene. Items scattered all around the vehicle, drag marks nearby. It was immediately clear that he was staring at a crime scene. Over the course of the next twenty-three years, the case has spiraled through moments of brill
29/05/20181 hour 5 minutes 36 seconds
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045 - The Disappearance of Zachary Bernhardt

For the One Year Anniversary Episode of Trace Evidence: On September 10th, 2000, Leah Hackett put her eight year old son, Zachary Bernhardt, to sleep in her bed at 11pm. Over the course of the next five hours, she watched television, chatted online and went for a walk and swim. After taking a shower, she discovered that Zachary was no longer in her bed, and he was missing. A frantic 911 call led to the Clearwater Police Department responding with multiple units and within hours a massive grid search was being executed, but Zachary was nowhere to be found. Over the years, Leah has become the subject of a great deal of speculation. A local pedophile would take credit for the crime, and then later deny it, and a yet unidentified man would abduct another child from the same apartment complex. A year after Zachary's disappearance, a photo was discovered near Boulder, Coloardo, some 1800 miles away, depicting a young, blond haired boy bound at his wrists and ankles with duct tape
21/05/20181 hour 57 minutes 4 seconds
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044 - The Abduction & Murder of Kristi Cornwell

August 11th, 2009 was a hot and humid day in the North Georgia town of Blairsville. Thirty-eight year old Kristi Cornwell was visiting with her parents that summer as she had recently embarked on major changes in her life. She’d left her career as a probation officer, and was pursuing a new journey into the medical field. She had gotten divorced a few months earlier, but in recent times, had begun dating a new man with whom she hoped she might develop a future. Due to a lower back injury sustained during a fall, Kristi had taken to late evening walks. They eased her pain and, in the evening, the hot and sticky weather wasn’t nearly as intense. Her mother didn’t like her walking so late, but Kristi assured her she could take care of herself, and besides, they were in Blairsville, a picturesque southern town with less than a thousand residents. They’d live there all their lives, and Kristi, if nothing else, always felt safe there. That night, with her phone in her
02/05/20181 hour 43 minutes 37 seconds
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043 - The Bizarre Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

Bryce Laspisa was the average American college student. He was bright, charming and liked to have fun at every possible time. During the Summer of 2013, he stayed at home with his parents, eagerly anticipating his return to Sierra College, in Rocklin, California. Within two weeks of his return, in August of 2013, Bryce's friends and girlfriend were growing concerned about his drinking and odd behavior. Over the course of a three day period Bryce would give away valuable items, break up with his girlfriend and embark on a mysterious drive into desolate area of California. On the night of August 29th, after sitting in Buttonwillow for nearly thirteen hours, he began his drive home to Laguna Niguel where his worried parents waited. Just after 2am, Bryce called home to say he was going to stop and rest. Just three hours later, his SUV would be found flipped on its side and Bryce was nowhere to be found. Nearly five years later and the circumstances surrounding Bryce
25/04/20181 hour 36 minutes 56 seconds
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042 - The Disappearance of Tiffany Daniels

Twenty-Five year old Tiffany Daniels was a talented artist living in Pensacola, Florida in August of 2013. Saddened by her boyfriend moving out of state, and overwhelmed with financial difficulties, Tiffany was struggling to find her way. Her worries seemed as though they might be ending as a friend's father rented a room from her home, making her more financially secure and while her boyfriends exist was difficult, she was excited to visit him in Austin and to see the culture which thrives there. On August 12th, 2013, Tiffany told her supervisor that she needed to leave early and may need the rest of the week off. Tiffany exited work at 4:43pm and was never seen again. Over a week later, her vehicle was found abandoned in a parking lot on Santa Rosa island, not far from her home. In the five years since she vanished, there have been many theories and alleged sightings, though nothing can be confirmed. What happened to Tiffany Daniels? Did she choose to run away
17/04/20181 hour 54 minutes 46 seconds
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041 - The Vanishing of Lily Aramburo

Twenty-three year old Lily Aramburo was on top of the world. She'd overcome her addictions, transformed her life and given birth to a son who she loved beyond compare. She'd recently moved in with an old friend, Christen, after each shared their true feelings and they were building a life together, but in early 2007, it would all begin to fall apart. Christen was still using, and before long, Lily fell back into the powerful grip of addiction. After several disputes, Child Services removed her son from her custody, and Lily was sent to rehab. She later failed a drug test and was ejected from the rehab center, losing her chance to win custody back. On June 1st, 2007, Lily and Christen had two friends over to their condo. At 2am, on June 2nd, Lily is alleged to have walked out of the condo wearing only a night gown and carrying bungee cords with her. She left behind her cell phone, wallet and personal items. Christen didn't report her missing for days, and when he
10/04/20181 hour 55 minutes 12 seconds
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040 - The Mysterious Death of Kurt Sova - Revisited

On October 23rd, 1981, seventeen year old Kurt Sova had plans to go to a local carnival. Plans changed when he ran into a close friend who invited him to a party at a duplex nearby. The party was filled with locals and people who had driven in from Detroit, and Kurt began drinking heavily. When he began feeling ill, his friend took him outside for some fresh air. The night had gotten cold, and Kurt's friend went into the duplex to retrieve their jackets. When he returned moments later, Kurt was nowhere to be found. For the next five days, friends and family, along with authorities, searched for Kurt, but could find no signs of him. During the search, several bizarre incidents took place. A homeless man told a store manager that Kurt would be found dead and that no one would know what had happened to him. A friend of Kurt's claims to have seen him walking along the side of a road, not far from his own home. The owner of the duplex alleged there had been no party,
02/04/20181 hour 26 minutes 37 seconds
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Bonus - Q&A Episode

I recently conducted a series of Q&A videos in which I answered listener questions. This is the audio from these sessions. If you want to see the videos, visit the Trace Evidence YouTube channel:
29/03/20181 hour 15 minutes 18 seconds
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039 - The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Twenty-one year old Elisa Lam decided to take a break from college. She wanted to take a trip, out of Canada and down into the United States to see California. Her trip involved stops in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. Embarking on her trip in January of 2013, Elisa visited San Diego and then went to Los Angeles where she had booked a three day stay in the notorious Cecil Hotel, at that time known as the Stay on Main Street. She shared a room with two roommates, but was moved after reports of 'odd behavior.' Having maintained contact with her family every day, they grew worried when on January 31st, she failed to call and they couldn't reach her. Elisa was reported missing, and a fervent search began. When no trace of Elisa could be found, police released surveillance footage from an elevator at the Cecil showing Elisa behaving erratically. The video sparked a wide array of theories, and a heated debate about whether Elisa was hiding from someone, or perhaps, on drug
26/03/20181 hour 37 minutes 45 seconds
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038 - The Murder of Sonia Varaschin

Forty-two year old Sonia Varaschin was a pediatric nurse living in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. A hard working woman with a zest for life and a love of adventure, she had a lovely personality and was often found dancing whenever she had the time. In August of 2010, Sonia vanished from her home and her blood stained car was found abandoned not far away. Investigators found a grisly scene inside her townhouse and a desperate search was launched to find her before it was too late. Sadly, one week after she disappeared, Sonia's remains were recovered from a remote area on the outskirts of town. The nurse had been murdered in a violent fashion, though police have never revealed her cause of death. Her family was devastated and for nearly eight years they have fought to find justice for Sonia. Police believe Sonia fell victim to someone she knew and are in possession of the culprit's DNA. Some believe that Sonia did not know her killer, and was victimized at random,
20/03/20181 hour 21 minutes 4 seconds
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037 - The Disappearance of Danielle Stislicki

On December 2nd, 2016, twenty-eight year old Danielle Stislicki made dinner plans with her best friend. She left her office building, located in Southfield, Michigan, at 5pm, and sent a text saying that she was going to be stopping at her apartment, and would meet for dinner around 6pm. Danielle never arrived. Within 24 hours, friends, family and police were conducting exhaustive searches for Danielle. Her Jeep was found parked just feet away from her apartment door. Her wallet and ID were found inside, but her cell phone and keys were missing. Investigators began to believe that Danielle was not the one who parked there, and foul play was suspected. Over the next year, their investigation would lead them all across the state of Michigan while witnesses would name a suspect - a man who worked as a security guard in the building where Danielle worked and who was seen talking to her the night she vanished. A man who would later be convicted of an attempted sexual assault whic
12/03/20181 hour 19 minutes 13 seconds
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036 - The Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall

Nineteen year old Suzanne Lyall was an accomplished poet and computer whiz attending the State University of New York at Albany. Majoring in computer science, she was cutting the path for a bright future full of joy and love. Along with her boyfriend, Richard, she was setting her goals high and looking to achieve all of her dreams. On March 2nd, 1998, Suzanne took an important mid-term and then reported to her job for her 4pm shift. She seemed a little more relaxed this day and was focused on getting her work done. She had another mid-term the next day. She left the Crossgates Mall at 9:20pm, boarding a bus to drop her off on campus at 9:45. A witness saw Suzanne exiting the bus that night, but she was never seen again. Over the next twenty years, investigators have struggled to solve her bizarre disappearance with little evidence and even less witnesses. Everyone in her life would become a suspect with many zeroing in on her long time boyfriend, Richard Condon.
06/03/20181 hour 27 minutes 27 seconds
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035 - The Disappearance of Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone

Thirty-four year old Danielle Imbo was going through a divorce and raising her eighteen month old son. Through her best friend, Christine, she reconnected with her high school crush, Christine's older brother, thirty-five year old, single father Richard Petrone. The two clicked instantly. Their relationship was going well when Danielle's ex-husband began attempting to rekindle their romance. Unsure of what to do, Danielle decided it was more important for her to be single and provide a life for her son, and so she told both men that she needed space and time to work on herself. Five weeks later, on February 19th, 2005, Richard reached out to Danielle asking if she'd like to come out for a drink and see some bands perform. Needing a night out, Danielle agreed and the two headed down to South Street, in Philadelphia, where they met up with Richard's friends Anthony and Michelle. After a the music ended, they decided to call it an early night. Both were picking up
27/02/20181 hour 22 minutes 45 seconds
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034 - The Murder of Dana Bradley

Fourteen year old Dana Bradley has gone to a friends house after school on December 14th, 1981 in St. John's, Newfoundland. She couldn't stay for too long, as it was her mother's birthday that night and she needed to get home. She planned to walk to a nearby bus stop and arrive home by 5:30pm. When 5:30 came and went, and Dana hadn't returned home, her mother and stepfather became concerned and began making calls. When they could find no sign of Dana, they reported her missing. Search efforts for Dana came up empty, though two witnesses came forward and reported seeing Dana hitchhiking the day before and ultimately getting in to a sedan, either a Dodge or a Plymouth, with extensive body damage and rust. Four days later, Dana's body was discovered in a remote, wooded location known as Maddox Cove. For the next thirty-six years, the search for Dana's murderer would lead investigators through thousands of interviews, hundreds of suspects and nearly one thousand veh
20/02/20181 hour 22 minutes 26 seconds
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033 - The Disappearance of Heather Elvis

In the summer of 2013, twenty year old Heather Elvis had an affair with Sidney Moorer, a much older married man she met through her job. When Sidney's wife, Tammy, found out, the relationship was severed and Heather became the subject of threats and insults. By December, Heather was moving on with her life and hoping to leave Sidney and Tammy in the past. She went out on a date and was excited for her future. In the early morning hours of December 18th, Heather mysteriously vanished. Her car was found abandoned at a remote boat landing not far from the Moorer's home. Over the next few weeks, Police investigated the possibility that Sidney and Tammy may have been involved in Heather's disappearance. The two were charged with murder, as well as indecent exposure, kidnapping and obstruction of justice. Most of the charges were dropped before going to trial, leaving the Elvis family wondering why. The Moorer's pointed the finger at Heather's father, accusing him of
12/02/20181 hour 16 minutes 55 seconds
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032 - The Disappearance of Steven Koecher

Thirty year old Steven Koecher was born into a large family, to two loving parents in November of 1979. A quiet child who enjoyed laughing, sports and music, Steven was raised up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His faith was strong, and as he grew into an adult, he became even more devout. Between his large family, his church and his community, Steven was surrounded by the love and support of a great many people who thought extremely highly of him. In the winter of 2009, Steven went on a series of strange road trips which he never told anyone about. Then, one morning, he got into his car and drove out to a quiet neighborhood, where he parked his car and walked away from it, never to be seen again. His family was floored by his disappearance, and investigators were perplexed about the highly mysterious nature of it. Over the years, countless searches were conducted and there was even an attempt to link Steven's disappearance to that of a woman who had van
29/01/20181 hour 13 minutes 28 seconds
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031 - The Murder of Joel Lovelien

Joel Lovelien took his fiancee to a Halloween party at the Broken Drum bar and grill in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Saturday, October 27th, 2007. The party was big, and a bus pulled up pouring out 40 to 50 twenty-somethings making it even busier. Joel took a call outside, and when he returned, explained to his fiancee that he was going to check on someone he saw outside who may have been left behind. Moments later, a woman came in screaming to call 911 and Joel's fiancee made the grisly discovery of Joel's beaten body. He was rushed to the hospital, but died as a result of his wounds. The investigation began, but it contained a sordid cast of characters like you'd find in a bad comic book. Identities were unknown, but Police were looking for men dressed as a cowboy, hunter, lion, construction worker, gangsta rapper and a clown. When all was said and done, the Lion - a man named Travis Stay was arrested and tried for the murder, but ultimately, was found not guilty. <
23/01/201855 minutes 16 seconds
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030 - The Disappearance of Unique Harris

In October of 2010, twenty-four year old, single mother of two, Unique Harris was having a movie marathon sleepover with her sons and young cousin. After putting the children to bed, sometime between 10pm and 9am, Unique vanished from her apartment. When the children awoke the next morning they were scared because Unique was gone. Her family wasn't overly concerned until they discovered her glasses had been left behind, glasses which Unique couldn't go anywhere without. Days after her disappearance, Unique's mother Valencia told a reporter that in the weeks leading up to her vanishing, Unique witnessed a murder in the parking lot across from her apartment complex. This statement has fueled rampant rumors that Unique was murdered by the same person, though this has never been proven and even the murder is debated. In a case full of contradictory evidence and strange details, the mystery has only deepened over the years. Her family remains devastated by her loss and hopes one
16/01/201852 minutes 53 seconds
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029 - The Disappearance of Teresa Lynn Butler

Thirty-five year old wife and mother of two, Teresa Lynn Butler spent the evening of January 24th, 2006 with her sister-in-law. She went home that night to put her two and four year old sons to bed, received a call at approximately 10pm and seemingly vanished into thin air. When her husband, Dale, arrived home the next morning, he found his wife missing and his young sons fending for themselves. Items were missing from the home, and Teresa's jeep which was still parked in the driveway was missing its stereo. Investigators found the entire case perplexing as there were no signs of forced entry, nor any signs of a struggle. In the home, authorities would later find foreign DNA, though they have never confirmed where or in what form. A key was also found broken off in one of the homes door locks, and the light bulb on the front porch had been unscrewed. During the course of the investigation, no trace of Teresa was ever found and there were two cryptic, early morni
18/12/20171 hour 2 minutes 10 seconds
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028 - The Disappearance of Sneha Anne Philip

Sneha Anne Philip was a thirty-one year old medical student in the final year of her residency. The year prior, she had married her med-school sweetheart and the two were now living in an apartment in Battery Park City. While on the surface, everything seemed to be moving along smoothly, a dark shadow of rumor and legal trouble was beginning to veil her life. Sneha was removed from her previous residency program under accusations of being late and alcohol related issues. She filed a police report alleged sexual assault by one of her co-workers, though the District Attorney would later charge Sneha with filing a false report. In the midst of the chaos, Sneha was alleged to have been engaging in extramarital affairs and her struggle with alcohol resulted in her suspension from her new residency. On the morning of September 10th, 2001, Sneha plead not guilty after refusing to recant her statement and have all charges dropped. That afternoon she spoke to her mother
04/12/201752 minutes 25 seconds
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027 - The Murder of Kanika Powell

Kanika Powell was a brilliant twenty-eight year old woman living in Prince George County, Maryland. After a tour of service in the Army, she came out and began work as a security contractor. Much to her delight, she found work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. After two years working as a contractor, she was hired on as a full time employee. Her work required a top secret classification and she was involved in securing projects related to National Security and in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security. The nature of her work has never been revealed for public consumption, and though the Lab did confirm that she worked there, they would not release even what her job title was. On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, Kanika had a frightening experience where a man posing as an FBI agent had tried to gain access to her apartment. He knew her name, and approached her door, but Kanika was intelligent enough to not allow him ins
18/11/201753 minutes 32 seconds
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026 - The Disappearance of Leah Roberts

Twenty-Three year old Leah Roberts had lived a difficult life and suffered multiple tragedies. By the time she was twenty-two she had lost both of her parents and been involved in a near fatal car accident. Desperate for a way to deal with her grief, and in order to find herself and her true dreams, she embarked on a secret trip. On March 9th, 2000, she left her home in North Carolina, heading for Desolation Peak in Washington state. She was on the trail of her favorite author, Jack Kerouac, and though she had two older siblings and a close knit group of friends, she chose to tell no one. Her sister, Kara, reported her missing on Monday, March 13th, and five days later received startling news. Leah's white jeep cherokee had been found in Whatcom County, WA. It was at the bottom of an embankment, smashed up and abandoned. Worse yet, there were no signs of Leah anywhere. A massive search was conducted, and an investigation launched but Leah was never found nor was
12/11/20171 hour 3 minutes 41 seconds
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025 - The Murder of Terri 'Missy' Bevers

Terri Bevers, better known as Missy, dedicated her life to helping others. She was a follower of God, a believer in charity and caring for those who couldn’t care for themselves. She met Brandon, the man who would become her husband. Renewed by this love, and driven to contribute as she always dreamed, Missy went back to school and received a teaching certificate, taking a job working as a special education instructor. Missy was popular, a beautiful woman in great shape with a far reaching social media presence. On the morning of April 18th, 2016, Missy was scheduled to conduct a fitness class at Creekside Church in Midloathian, Texas. The weather report called for rain, but Missy was determined and posted on Facebook that the workout was going forward, regardless of the weather. She went to bed early, her class was at 5am and she needed to arrive early to set up for it. She arrived at the church at 4:20am, but what she didn’t know is that someone was inside, waiting for he
05/11/201756 minutes 18 seconds
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024 - The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer

Twenty-seven year old Brian Shaffer was a handsome, hard working man with a dream of living on a tropical island and being in a band. In the meantime, he was in his second year of med school, working hard toward a career that he didn't quite envision himself doing. He had a loving girlfriend, and a tight knit family that supported him. Sadly, his mother, Renee, passed away due to a rare form of cancer and while Brian was struggling to deal with the aftermath. He was drawn closer to his father, Randy and his brother, Derek, and as a family they supported one another through that difficult time. As spring break 2006 approached, Brian made plans with his girlfriend to take a vacation to Miami, had dinner with his father and asked his brother to come out bar hopping along with his best friend, Clint Florence. Derek wasn't able to make is, so Brian and Clint went to downtown Columbus and started their evening at the Ugly Tuna Saloona. Brian called his girlfriend at 1
29/10/20171 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
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023 - The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth

Nineteen year old Faith Hedgepeth was a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in September of 2012. Born in Warren County North Carolina, she was a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Native American Tribe and dreamed of becoming a doctor and one day returning home to contribute to her community. On September 6th, she had a busy day of classes followed by rushing for a sorority and going to the library with her best friend and roommate, Karena Rosario. After working on a project, she and Rosario went back to their apartment to change and then went out to a local bar, called the Thrill. In the early morning hours of September 7th, Faith and Rosario left the bar and went back to their apartment. A strange series of texts and phone calls began, and around 4am, Karena left in the company of another Chapel Hill student, leaving Faith home, allegedly asleep, with the apartment door unlocked. When Karena returned the next morning, she found a grisly scene. Faith had be
22/10/20171 hour 14 minutes 56 seconds
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022 - The Suspicious Death of George Reeves

George Reeves exploded into the American mainstream when he donned the red cape and blue tights playing Superman on the 1950's television series The Adventures of Superman. Almost instantly he became synonymous with the superhero as well as his alter ego, mild mannered Clark Kent. Off the screen, Reeve's life was much more complicated and hardly mild mannered. George had been engaged in a nearly ten year romance with Toni Mannix, wife of MGM executive Eddie Mannix known all around Hollywood was the kind of man whose bad side you didn't want to be on. By all accounts, it was an open secret, with Eddie being well aware and even approving of his wife's extra curricular activities. All of that changed in 1958, when Reeves left his older lover for the younger Leonore Lemmon, a New York socialite known for her fiery temper and enchanting looks. Their relationship was a tumultuous one, with Lemmon described as a heavy drinker with a mean temper and a controlling person
15/10/20171 hour 5 minutes 40 seconds
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021 - The Abduction of Pearl Pinson

Fifteen year old Pearl Pinson was a sweet, funny girl who loved skateboarding with her brother. On the morning of May 25th, 2016, she packed her black and turquoise backpack and headed off for her routine walk to school. Shortly after she left her home, around 7am, Police received multiple 911 calls reporting an incident involving an armed man and a young woman taking place on the pedestrian overpass at Interstate 780. Witnesses reported seeing a latino man in a black hoodie and brandishing a firearm. The woman had dyed green hair, was bleeding from her mouth and was seen being shoved into the trunk of a gold, four door 1997 Saturn. When police arrived on the scene they found blood on the concrete and a cell phone which they were able to match to Pearl Pinson. Due to conflicts in eyewitness statements, an Amber Alert couldn’t be issued for nearly 32 hours, by which time Pearl had completely vanished into thin air. When authorities caught up to her abductor, nine
08/10/201751 minutes 57 seconds
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020 - The Abduction & Murder of Isabel Celis

Six year old Isabel Celis was tucked into bed shortly after her mother, Becky, braided her hair for her little league game the next day. By 11pm, the light was out and Becky made her way to bed. Isabel's father, Sergio, fell asleep on the couch watching a baseball game, just a few feet from his daughter's bedroom door. When he went to wake her at 8am the next morning, she was nowhere to be found. After a frantic search of the home, Isabel's brother found that her bedroom window was open and the screen was laying in the backyard. Sergio placed a call to 911 to report his daughter missing, though this call, and Sergio himself, would become targets of great speculation later on. Becky raced home from work to meet the police and a massive search was launched. Forensic examination of the house discovered strange clues, including blood stains. Searches of the neighborhood and surrounding areas came up empty. Police immediately determined it to be a case of child abduc
01/10/20171 hour 20 minutes 47 seconds
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019 - The Vanishing of Brianna Maitland

Brianna Maitland was a smart, independent seventeen year old woman working two jobs and sharing an apartment with a childhood friend. She had dreams of moving out of rural Vermont and experiencing the exciting life of a big city while pursuing a beautiful future. She had some struggles, but had gotten her life together, acquired her GED and was ready for whatever the world had to throw her way. Five weeks after the infamous disappearance of Maura Murray, on March 19th, 2004, Brianna would leave her night shift at the Black Lantern Inn and drive off into oblivion, never to be seen nor heard from again. Over the night, several witnesses spot her abandoned car, its headlights shining into the road while its rear bumper was smashed into a vacant farmhouse. There was no sign of Brianna and no one would know she was missing for days. During the investigation, more questions were raised than answered and even the police themselves come under fire for mistakes made earl
24/09/20171 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
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018 - The Murder of Garrett Phillips

Twelve year old Garrett Phillips walked the five blocks home from school during the early evening hours of October 24th, 2011. Shortly after arriving at the second floor apartment where he lived with his mother and half-brother, an unknown assailant attacked and strangled him. Though Garrett survived the initial attack, he would pass away two hours later at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Almost immediately, police zeroed in on a single suspect: Oral “Nick” Hillary, Garrett’s mother, Tandy Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend. Despite the possibility of other suspects, and no physical evidence tying Hillary to the crime, he would remain the prime suspect for several years until a new, upstart candidate won the position of St. Lawrence County District Attorney and indicted him on charges of second degree murder. The town became split, with many believing Hillary was guilty, and others standing by his side and arguing that one of Tandy’s other ex-boyfriends may have been responsible: Sheriff’s Deput
17/09/20171 hour 7 minutes
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017 - The Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

On August 8th, 2013, twenty-six year old Brandon Lawson got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend, Ladessa Lofton. Frustrated and wanting some time to cool off, he placed a call to his father over three hours away in Crowley, Texas and asked to spend the night. His father tried to talk him out of it, but at 11:54pm, Brandon began his drive. Forty miles later, he ran out of gas and called his brother Kyle for help. What transpired in the next thirty minutes is unknown, but when his brother arrived, Brandon was nowhere to be found. After searching for hours, there were no traces of Brandon. The family would later learn that shortly after calling his brother, Brandon made a call to 911. In the call, Brandon is clearly frantic and talking fast. The interpretation of what he said would become hotly debated amongst the family, police and online investigators. The Coke County Sheriff’s Department was hesitant to treat it as a missing person’s case, and instead
10/09/20171 hour 8 minutes 47 seconds
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016 - The Shocking Murder of Candace Hiltz

Candace Hiltz was a seventeen year old single mother, a junior at Brigham Young University and a newly accepted student to be at Stanford Law School. She dreamed of becoming a Supreme Court Justice. She had a brilliant level of intelligence, a ferociously protective personality and a great affinity for the law. All of that was destroyed when she was brutally murdered. Her family sought answers, but ultimately discovered that the men charged with solving her murder may have in fact been involved in it. On August 10th, 2006, a Deputy from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado arrived at the Hiltz family home. He questioned Dolores Hiltz in regard to the whereabouts of her son, James. Sometime during the questioning, Dolores’ daughter Candace became angry by his demeanor and told him to leave. The Deputy threatened to arrest Candace, who then threatened to expose him for taking bribes from local drug dealers. Three days later, the Hiltz family dog wen
03/09/20171 hour 21 minutes 58 seconds
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015 - The Unexplained Death of Andrew Sadek

Twenty year old Andrew Sadek mysteriously vanished six months after becoming a confidential informant for the Richland County Sheriff's Department, in North Dakota. He was last seen on surveillance cameras leaving his dorm room at 2am on May 1st, 2014. While his family approached it as a case of possible abduction and foul play, authorities treated it more as a man fleeing from legal ramifications. A bitter debate would erupt between Andrew's family and the Sheriff's Department coming to a head when nearly two months later, on June 27th, Andrew's body was recovered from the Red River just across the state line in Minnesota. He had been killed by a small caliber gunshot wound to the head and while Andrew's family believed he was murdered, others have suggested that Andrew may have committed suicide. Strangely, Andrew was not wearing the same clothing he was last seen in and his backpack was filled with rocks and tied to his body. Was this an attempt by a killer t
27/08/20171 hour 1 minute 25 seconds
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014 - The Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

Nine year old Jane Beaumont was tasked with looking after her siblings, seven year old Arnna and four year old Grant on a day trip to the beach. The children were in the middle of their summer break, and on January 26th, 1966, while much of the country was celebrating Australia Day, Jim Beaumont had a business meeting so his wife Nancy allowed the children to take the five minute bus ride down to Glenegl beach. They had gone many times before, and had even visited the previous day. On this day, though, while the rest of the country was enjoying the holiday, it would become a nightmare for the Beaumont family. The children failed to return home on the 12pm bus as their mother had told them, and when they weren’t on the 2pm or 3pm buses, Nancy Beaumont was frantic. When Jim arrived home from work, the two began searching, but when they failed to find any trace of their children, they contacted the police who would launch the largest search effort in Australian history to that
20/08/20171 hour 25 minutes 21 seconds
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013 - The Vanishing of Kyle Fleischmann

Twenty-Four year old Kyle Fleischmann took his mother, sister and best friend to a Dane Cook comedy show in Charlotte, NC. In the early morning hours of November 9th, 2007, he vanished into the darkness of the city. Several witnesses see Kyle that night, and Kyle himself places several short phone calls to his father, sister, best friend and roommate but leaves no messages. A surveillance camera captures him walking down the street, away from the Buckhead Saloon where he had spent the past few hours. An hour later, a cab driver claims to see Kyle wandering down North Davidson Street, toward Cordelia Park, in a bad part of Charlotte known to be inhabited by drug dealers and members of the violent MS-13 gang. The next morning, Kyle is reported missing and over the past ten years, no answers nor signs of Kyle have been found. Tracking dogs follow his scent to a then undeveloped construction site, leading many to believe that Kyle was murdered and buried where apart
13/08/201752 minutes 5 seconds
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012 - The Strange Murder of Robert Wone

On August 2nd, 2006, thirty-two year old Robert Wone kissed his wife goodbye for the last time, and went to work for the day. He would spent his evening at a Continuing Law Education course, and then wanted to meet his overnight staff at Radio Free Asia where he’d recently begun working.Rather than taking the train home that night with his wife, as was his normal routine, he had made arrangements to stay with his friend, Joseph Price, in his Townhouse in Washington DC. Shortly after his arrival at Price’s home, everything becomes a puzzling tale of confusion and contradictions. Robert Wone is stabbed to death sometime between his 10:32 arrival and the 11:49 call to 911. Emergency Medical Technicians are disturbed by the scene they find, and the behavior of Joseph Price, his domestic partner Victor Zeborsky and their sometimes lover and roommate Dylan Ward. The bloody knife found in the room doesn’t match the stab wounds, drafted emails on Wone’s blackberry don’t
06/08/20171 hour 13 minutes 48 seconds
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011 - The Vanishing Of Asha Degree

On the morning of February 14th, 2000, Asha Degree's parents awoke to find their nine year old daughter missing. Extensive investigation showed that Asha had packed her backpack, and left the home between the hours of 2:30am and 4:00am.Several passing motorists spotted Asha on the side of rural Highway 18, just a mile from her house, shortly after 4am. In the days of searching following her disappearance, Police discovered several personal items and candy wrappers, but no sign of Asha. Eighteen months later, Asha's backpack was found buried and double wrapped in garbage bags some 26 miles north of the last place she was seen. For seventeen years, the mystery of Asha Degree has haunted her family, and the suburb of Shelby, North Carolina. Did Asha choose to run away, never to return? Did she fall victim to foul play during her travels? Was she lured out of her home by a friend who later betrayed her? Did a passing driver hit Asha and choose to dispose
30/07/20171 hour 14 minutes 10 seconds
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010 - The Bizarre Murder of Arlis Perry

Nineteen year old newlywed Arlis Perry got into a spat with her husband while on a walk. She decided to go on alone to Stanford Memorial Church to calm down and pray. She would never come back. At 5:45am a security guard would find her body inside the church, murdered with an ice pick and posed in a lewd and sacrilegious position. Her murder would become the subject of theories about the occult and satanism. Some would link her death to the Son of Sam, the Zodiac Killer and a satanic organization known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Despite these theories, the true identity of the man who murdered Arlis was unknown. Witnesses would come forward to describe a man with sandy hair seen entering the church that night, a man whose description matches that of a man seen arguing with Arlis at her job the day before she was murdered. Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this case, and studies the unanswerable question: Who murdered and posed Arlis Perry
23/07/20171 hour 24 minutes 6 seconds
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009 - The Disappearance of the Fort Worth Three

Seventeen year old Rachel Trlica of Fort Worth, Texas, wanted to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Her best friend, fourteen year old Renee Wilson went with her, and nine year old Julie Ann Moseley, a friend of Renee's, tagged along. On December 23rd, 1974, the three girls made their trip to the mall and never returned, disappearing into thin air. The girls would famously become known as The Fort Worth Three. The next day, a letter would arrive allegedly written by Rachel, claiming that the girls has taken a week long trip to Houston. Strangely, the letter doesn't match Rachel's handwriting, and no one believes she is the one who wrote it. Over the next forty years, multiple theories and suspects would be considering, including Rachel's own sister, Debra. Rachel's brother, Rusty, would devote his life to finding his sister and through a series of twists and turns, would turn against Debra. Several serial killers and rapists were in Texas at the time, and m
16/07/20171 hour 24 minutes 45 seconds
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008 - The Bible John Murders

From 1968 to 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, a brutal rapist and murderer committed a series of attacks from February of 68 to October of 69. Then, just as quickly as he would strike, the killer vanished. When all was said and done, the mysterious killer took the lives of three women: Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald and Helen Puttock. All three women were beaten, raped and strangled with their own stockings and the similarities do not end there. Eyewitnesses gave their accounts of the killer, including Helen Puttock's sister Jean, who shared a taxi ride with the killer and her sister the night she was murdered. The press dubbed the killer "Bible John" since he was said to have quoted the Bible. Over the years, many suspects would be questioned, and theories would rise to prominence. Nearly fifty years later, and the true identity of Bible John cannot be known for sure. Was it a rogue police officer? A former military man? A notorious rapist and murderer arrested 37 years later?
09/07/20171 hour 9 minutes 14 seconds
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007 - The Suspicious Disappearance of Sky Metalwala

On the morning of November 6th, 2011, Julia Biryukova placed her daughter, Maile, and her sick son Sky Metalwala into her car, taking Sky to the hospital. Along the way, Julia runs out of gas, and leaves her two year old son in the vehicle while she goes for help. When she returns, one hour later, Sky has disappeared and as police investigate, Julia's story begins falling apart. Was Sky kidnapped, or did Julia play a role in the disappearance of her son? The answer may be found in an episode of a popular television show, which aired the night before, and followed a plot line extremely similar to Julia's story. Julia almost immediately fails to cooperate with police, and pleads the 5th during her questioning. Is this a case of a stranger abduction, or a psychologically troubled mother performing a sick and twisted act of malice? Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores the details of the case and asks the haunting question: Where is Sky Metalwala and what does his
03/07/201757 minutes 33 seconds
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006 - Dorothy Scott & Jesse Ross

32 year old Dorothy Scott was a single mother, working in Stanton California in 1980. A mysterious caller began harassing Dorothy, stalking and threatening her. During a trip to the hospital to help a sick friend, Dorothy went to retrieve her car from the parking lot and never returned. For four years the phone calls continued, to her parents, until her skeletal remains were discovered. Who was the caller, and why did he target Dorothy? Then Jesse Ross was a college sophomore and budding radio personality. During a college trip to Chicago for a Mock United Nations Conference, Jesse exited the meeting at 2:30am for a break. Hotel security cameras captured Jesse walking toward the Hotel entrance, but this is the last time Jesse Ross was ever seen. What happened to Jesse Ross, and why has his mysterious disappearance received so little coverage in the media? Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores these cases and examines the details. For more informati
25/06/201748 minutes 33 seconds
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005 - The Murder of Suzanne Jovin

21 year old Suzanne Jovin was attending prestigious Yale University when she was murdered on the night of December 4th, 1998. An investigation full of mistakes resulted in an innocent man being accused, and the unknown killer escaping into the night.Theories would arise about Police involvement in the crime, an international terrorist organization seeking to silence a critic and a former Yale student with an obsession. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines the details of the case, and considers each theory all while asking; Who murdered Suzanne Jovin? For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:<a href=""
18/06/20171 hour 34 seconds
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004 - Rico Harris: Into Thin Air

On October 9th, 2014, 37 year old Rico Harris began a 1,000 drive from Alhambra, California to Seattle, Washington. Rico was moving in with his Fiancee and it was a major step in a new life away from the demons of his past. In the early morning hours, Rico sent a last text message and mysteriously vanished. Two days later his car was found in the Lower Site parking lot of Cache Creek in Yolo County California. The investigation to discover what happened to Rico will uncover multiple pieces of evidence showing Rico's presence in the area, and possibly his disoriented state of mind but opinions and theories will fall on opposite sides, with investigators believing one way, and Rico's family firmly believing the other. Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this baffling disappearance.For more information please visit:<a href="
11/06/201751 minutes 36 seconds
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003 - The Vanishing of Lauren Spierer

In the early morning hours of June 3rd, 2011, twenty year old Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer vanished without a trace after a night out with friends. In the aftermath of Lauren's disappearance, everyone becomes a suspect; her friends, her boyfriend and yet unknown figures. Three years later, Indiana University student Hannah Wilson goes missing and is later found murdered. The similarities between the murder of Hannah Wilson and the disappearance of Lauren Spierer are startling. Did Lauren meet the same fate at the hands of the same man, or was it the man seen driving the white truck the night Lauren vanished? Or, perhaps, one of Lauren's friends knows more than he is saying. For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:<a href="ht
02/06/201743 minutes 37 seconds
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002 - The Disappearance of Tara Calico

Nineteen year old Tara Calico disappeared during her daily bike ride. Despite search efforts, she couldn't be located. Nine months later, a chilling photo appeared suggesting that Tara was being held captive.Over the next twenty years, speculation abounded and the mystery of Tara Calico became even more complex and frightening. Was it an abduction, murder, or something more? What happened to Tara Calico?For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:
28/05/201736 minutes 54 seconds
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001 - The Mysterious Death of Kurt Sova

Five days after he is reported missing, the body of seventeen year old Kurt Sova is found in a ravine not far from his home. Baffled, police ruled his death to be of natural causes. Three months later, the body of thirteen year old Eugene Kvet is found just a few miles from where Kurt's body had been located. In a strange twist, neither boy's right shoe is ever recovered. Was this mere coincidence or does it indicate a connection between their deaths? For more information please visit: https://www.trace-evidence.com Social Media:<a href="
21/05/201723 minutes 6 seconds