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Join Trent, Darren, Ben and Frank as they discuss the world of Toy Collecting and everything Pop Culture.
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#337: Box Office/Truth Bombs

This episode is full of bombs. Both the explody-Universal Studios type ones, and the box office flops that nobody likes to talk about. Yes, it's time to talk about Waterworld. Kevin Costner at his problematic best in the middle of the ocean: what could possibly go wrong. But at least the toys were cool? Trent for the affirmative. Then it's our Patreon Hot Takes Part Deux and boy do things get a little spicy. There's fence sitting, high horses and some very silly silliness. BOOM! Support the show: for privacy information.
26/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 45 seconds
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#336: A Legion of News with John Caulfield

There is so so much to talk about that we run overtime is this episode that is both news, and features a special guest. From the EuroLegions Podcast our good mate John Caulfield joins in the madness. New Super7 Ultimates - have they finally jumped the shark? Every good Battle Cat needs a Panthor, enter Mondo! The Todd does Todd-thing with the usual DC cast and another out of total left field. More reveals of the TMNT x Master line and even World of Warcraft gets a run. John then takes us through the recent reveals at the ever-growing LegionsCon. Are the Four Horsemen the greatest niche company ever? There's also tales of adventure to be had from John's amazing trip. Get comfy cause it's a long one! Support the show: for privacy information.
19/11/20231 hour 38 minutes 17 seconds
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#335: HOT TAKES!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have some Hot Take Statements that where submitted by our awesome Patreons.  We go through some of them and go around the room unpacking the statement, whether we agree, or disagree to it.  The power of nostalgia comes into question.  Of course some of the biggest franchises come under fire; such as Batman, Star Wars &amp; TMNT.  The ease of custom 3D printing vs mass production?  What about movies with a connected universe versus the good old standalone film?  All this and more, as we only scratch the surface of this now on-going sub-topic.  Then we each turn around, and review how each of us are tackling our own personal collections, with a bit of a State Of The Nation focus.  In rounding out we actually swing back to the Hot Take topic, for an unplanned discussion.  Enjoy!Support the show: <a href="
11/11/20231 hour 12 minutes 57 seconds
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#334: Latest News & Exciting Scores!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have another jammed packed Runsheet of News Segments from around the virtual Toy Aisles! Kicking things off, are the results on some of the Kickstarter Projects. Giant-Man with a race to the finish line &amp; the New already successful Ghostbusters Ghost Trap &amp; P.K.E. Meter. More reveals from McFarlane, and none of them are Batman themed!?! Some really neat Spiderman announcements from the Marvel Legends team - getting deeper into the universe. Some well overdue Star Wars announcements as well as crossover Transformers plus Beast Wars Combiners. The G.I. Joe Vamp vehicle is a true work of art along with the new Formo figures. Rounding out the news is Super7 ingenious ReAction of a classic Imperial colour variant. Then in our last segment, we list off the our latest scores! Enjoy!Support the show: <a href="
05/11/20231 hour 2 minutes 56 seconds
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#333: Ready, Set, Steve!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined in studio with Steve Ready.  We have the usual get-to-know-you questions; and then its into our main topic, which starts off being on the micro scale.  Yes, in the same format of Polly Pocket &amp; Mighty Max, Steve is renowned enthusiast for the Micro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toyline.  Spanning from little foldout playsets, very small figures and the incredibly tiny and very easily lost weapons!!  Then we raise the scale by a little bit, in order to chat about Steve's involvement in the Lego Community.   Everything from Christmas Themed dioramas and the challenges to get it done, to Steve managing the local Lego events.  All this and more, another great episode enriched by our guest.Support the show: for privacy information.
28/10/20231 hour 17 minutes 35 seconds
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#332: Ready for News? + Ashoka!

Welcome long time listener Steve Ready to the show! We'll introduce him properly next week because damn - there is some news to get too! It's the crossover the late great Darren would have absolutely gone all in on: TMNT x MOTU. Meanwhile, Todd does Todd things but has he landed on a real mono-chromatic winner here? Mad Max meets Shao Kahn in a new reveal before we dive into Filoni's latest (and possibly greatest) Star Wars entry: Ashoka. Then a fitting farewell from our good mate Scotty The Toy Hunta as he embarks on a new life journey! Support the show: for privacy information.
21/10/20231 hour 16 minutes 6 seconds
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#331: Latest News & Local Fairs!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, its all about the Latest news!  Another big week with several Conventions happening over in the USA.  First off the ranks, we touch base on how well the latest HasLab is going, in the form of Giant-Man.  Then its an unusual cross-over of Skeletor &amp; VeeFriends?  The Super Cyborg Krang Android is amazing, and very worthy of spot on your shelf as an upgrade of the Playmates version!  An absolutely beautiful version of Supergirl from Revoltech; then a big "Skelebration" checklist from Mattel, including both Origins &amp; Masterverse figures.  Fraggle Rock wave 2 from Boss Fight Studios are incredible, but the Holocomm Star Wars Collection has us scratching our heads for many reasons....   The Ultimate GITD Radiation Ranger &amp; Cobra MotherShip from Super 7 are both simply amazing, and rounding out the news is the announcement of Eternia's Choice Winner of the Snake Lair!  Then the lads chat about their experiences from the October Addelaide Comi
14/10/20231 hour 35 minutes 3 seconds
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#160.5 RETRO Reissue: JEM with Damien

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by a special guest and fellow SA collector Damien. He’s a rare breed of collector who manages to keep his passion for one line and one line only: the 80’s classic Jem and the Holograms! It was a time of flashing earrings, shoulder pads and face-paint so Damien takes us through the brand from conception at Hasbro to production. What famous show (beyond on her own) was Jem attached too? Was she even called Jem to begin with? We love figures with multiple accessories, but Jem takes it to another level with a staggering amount of outfits in a dizzying amount of colours. But is it all about the fashion, or the music? Or the Keytar?? Learn about the 80s corporate espionage and subterfuge that was Jem vs Barbie – it was big big money, so much so, one former employee banked some serious coin: and it might not be who you think! Can you have a love-triangle with two people? Hey, it was the 80s… We also get to peek at some seriously rare product –
08/10/20231 hour 1 minute 37 seconds
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#330: A New Challenger Enters: DVG

Today is a day unlike any other - Dave and Casey invade Toy Power the same way Guile and his commandos storm M.Bison's fortress. That's right, we are talking about the 1994 Street Fighter movie. So it seems like the perfect time to allow swearing and smut! No holds barred here as we play in the DVG sandbox with all the hilarity and chaos it's known for. Not much toy talk here, but plenty of laughs to awkwardly explain to your loved ones. Support the show: for privacy information.
30/09/20231 hour 10 minutes 57 seconds
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#329: DVG bring the Mayhem

Because variety is the spice of life, we invited Dave and Casey along for todays ride! Yes there are some news topics to talk through (including PulseCon reveals) but it’s the review you’ve all been waiting for: TMNT Mutant Mayhem. Made slightly trickier by the fact Casey hasn’t seen it, but that doesn’t stop us from having a good time! What did the Turtles fan-boys in the room all think? But most curiously, what did the renowned Turtles hater Producer Scot have to say about it? Next weeks ep will also be a true cross-over with the loveable duo, but done in DVG stylings so consider yourself naughty word pre-warned!Support the show: for privacy information.
24/09/20231 hour 16 minutes 20 seconds
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#328: Darren From Dark Oz!

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast we have Special Guest Darren Koziol in the studio, to chat about his role in Australian Comics!  Darren is of course the Creator, Editor, Publisher &amp; Primary Author of Dark Oz Comics!  He produces many titles under this banner, with hundreds of other creators working on these titles too.  After the initial get to know you questions, we find out, just how much Darren is passionate car enthusiast that even features some of his cars in his comics too!  Where has Dark Oz taken Darren and what future things does he potentially have in the works!   Darren has a hell of a lot going on, and is an extremely busy man!  So we really appreciate him talking to us. This was a really fun episode indeed. Please find out more about Dark Oz from the website: the show: <a href="
16/09/20231 hour 3 seconds
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#327: Drink it in

It’s news day have we our usual selection McFarlane, HasLabs and more to get through. Did the Ghost make the finish line? And will a new Marvel project meet the fate of the infamous Ghost Rider? Mattel let the fans decide and there are some decisions to be made – some more obvious than other. Brian Flynn makes Frank’s year (and indeed his wallet cry) while another toy seems to bear his very name. Speaking of named things, tonight we drinking something special… Then it’s over to latest scores and the merry-go round of toy swapping and buying even from within the four of us proving once and for all, that all good things come to those who wait!Support the show: for privacy information.
10/09/20231 hour 11 minutes 33 seconds
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#326: Razz with Spin-Master Gab!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by a Spin Master Gab!  With our regular get-to-know-you questions out of the way; we move onto our main topic around Raffles, Waffles, Razz or whatever name it takes, to fly under the social media guidelines.  So what is a Waffle?  (Cause Scotty doesn't know!)  What does it take to make a successful Raffle?  What doesn't work too is quite interesting too! Then we spin the discussion around; and touch base on what sub-category of the TMNT Franchise is Gab into the most?  How does such a huge TMNT fan like Gab focus his collecting habits too?  Overall, this was an intriguing conversation on many levels.  Enjoy.Support the show: for privacy information.
03/09/20231 hour 1 second
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#325: News & The Big Lie!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, its another full on News session; as we kick it off with a chat about the new Star Wars Asoka Show - what are we missing?  Then it genuinely seems that Todd McFarlane himself has filled our Runsheet with his upcoming reveals and announcements!  But can you believe that we are discussing more characters, from the DC Universe, than just Batman himself!  Yes, its a pretty cool mix... with some Batman too of course.  Then we move over to some really neat news from Ramen Toys.  Ace, announces a new Diorama set in the works plus a bomb shell statement on who has the rights for a certain 80's property....  Then in rounding out the episode, we circle back to a Question initially put forward by Master Fresh; of which - What is the great toy lie you are telling yourself this year?  Whilst we attempt to recall our initial answers to that question from 6months ago; we mostly seem to have all but broken the rules; except for Frank.  Well done sir!  All this an
27/08/20231 hour 24 minutes 30 seconds
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#324: Davey's Cartoon Connection

Davey sticks around and is here to carry the show as we delve into the world of 80s cartoons. Ready your sugar-high cereal, blanket and remote-less TV as we prepare to park it on the shag-pile brown carpet and relive our favourites. Which cartoon had too much singing in it? Best intro? Best voice and music? Is Scot’s childhood dependence a little too much? All the controversial opinions are here. Does Ren and Stimpy hold up? Ben reports in. Then Colin Betts delivers the good - literally - from far off Canadia in classic style.Support the show: for privacy information.
20/08/20231 hour 5 minutes 56 seconds
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#323: News With DaveyDamaged!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast; we have the Legendary man himself; back to poke fun at everything we say!  Yes; Master DaveyDamaged is in the studio to help us get through all the latest news.  Not too much regular news to cover, as their where obviously so much announced from SDCC; but now with some early reveals from PowerCon; we easily fill an entire episode!  Vehicle Voltron, more from Batman 66, Marvel Legends &amp; a blank customisable figure.  Flocked Panthor, Silver Hawks &amp; Cow Boys of Moo Mesa?!?  Then we take a look at the reveals from PowerCon!  TMNT Sewer Dio, Premium DNA &amp; Thunder Cats Pipeline. Plus closer to home, Ultimate Figure Protection Launches their website!  A very fitting tribute from Action Figure Adventure to round out the episode.  Enjoy! Find more antics from DaveyDamaged on his own NSFW platfrom: Dave's Video Graveyard!! Support the show:
13/08/20231 hour 1 minute 51 seconds
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#322: The Hang-Over Episode.

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are taking it very easy.  We are honestly still quite worn out from the excitement &amp; partying that came from the previous SDCC episode!  However, we are quite excited to announce our Seventh Birthday!  We have an exciting social media trend we wish you to be a part of too.  Then we shine the lime-light onto our latest scores.  Seems a very nice mix of Modern items, &amp; not one of us can stick to just one item, we all share multiple scores.  Then a round table discussion about what we are all Reading, Playing, Watching.  So sit back, as we kind of phone it in this ep; but still have some very interesting points to discuss.  Enjoy.Support the show: for privacy information.
05/08/202352 minutes 5 seconds
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#321: SDCC 2023 Recap!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a MASSIVE show organised for you!  As we attempt to cover almost all the wonderful news &amp; reveals from the juggernaut that is San Diego Comic-Con!  We have a small batch of Pre-Con news, and then we get stuck into the Con headlines - breaking them down into Company Brands.  Kicking off with Mattel, (with a bonus breakdown from Criss Fresh on all things Wrestling); then Super7, Mondo, Nacelle, Neca, Hasbro, McFarlane &amp; Mezco.  We have not one, but two "Shut-Up-And-Take-My-Money!" sizzle reels!   Then we rate the overall Companys display presence against each other - who was the overall best in our opinion?  Plus an interesting convo about if we even missed the Hollywood cinematic side of things this year?  This is probably our longest episode to date; so strap in as we break it all down for you! Episode cover art is an outstanding picture from Instagram Artist: @WorkMoreOrLess <a href="
30/07/20232 hours 30 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

#320: The Chronicles of Dave Holder!!

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast; we are joined in studio by the very cool Dave Holder!  A talented man whom is visiting Radelaide to attend the local Brixpo.  Dave is renowned for his big Lego brick built sculptures.  With his entry into the Lego scene by winning a competition to become a Master Builder for Legoland Melbourne!!  All this excitement of Dave's story around winning the Lego comp; we delay some of the "Get to Know you Questions!"  Dave is one of the designers on Bricker Builds - jumbo sized sculpture sets created, designed and setup for fans to purchase &amp; build in their own homes!!  A fascinating discussion on how this was created &amp; what things they offer.  Dave has some awesome stories to share around his recent trip to Chicago for Brick World!  Dave &amp; his team showcased a 'life-sized' Ang character (from the Avatar - The Last Air Bender); as well as many items from Bricker Build too.  Whilst in the USA - Dave has some really cool Toy Hunting tales to sh
22/07/20231 hour 7 minutes 46 seconds
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#319: Devourer – of News!

We’re not QUITE at SDCC yet, but that doesn’t stop the usual suspects dropping all their exclusives in what feels like Christmas in July. We revisit a pair of crowd funded projects – with wildly different results. ThunderCats fans rejoice (or cry depending on your financial outlook) cause there is some BIG confirmations here… The Todd keeps doing Todd things but has he peaked with arguably THE definitive Batman figure? Who is the new Supergirl actor, according to Hot Toys anyways. (Yikes) Mondo bring the heat with some great new MOTU and BTAS offerings before we dive into the current Hollywood strike situation and just what does it mean for some of our favourite upcoming projects. All this PLUS a true (toy) tragedy that unfolds live on air for Producer Scot.Support the show: for privacy information.</
15/07/20231 hour 8 minutes
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#318: Glenn's Ultimate Figure Protection!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have fellow local Aussie, Glenn Pluck join us to chat about his awesome side business: Ultimate Figure Protection!  We ask him the usual 'Get to know you Questions' as well as, how one starts this kind of venture.  Overall, a remarkably interesting conversation about protecting precious toys.  Glenn's turn around with his requests is amazing, almost as impressive as his variety too!  Glenn has the market covered with protective Acrylic Cases for dozens of various Toylines of all shapes &amp; sizes, including some playsets and large vehicles too!  With exciting plans for a one-stop-shop website in the works among other things; Ultimate Figure Protection is a name to watch out for!!  Plus, we touch on Latest Scores from all parties too, with a nice little surprise gift from Glenn too.   To find more about Ultimate Figure Protection &amp; what Glenn has to offer:Facebook: Ultimate Figure ProtectionInstagram: @Ultimate_Figure_Pr
08/07/202357 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

#317: First Look @ Mutant Mayhem Toys!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are only a trio; but the show must go on right!  So we kick things off by checking in on the GI Joe HasLab campaign; this continues to be quite successful; whilst other Jurassic Campaigns have us doubtful...  McFarlane showcases off two very unique SuperMen; &amp; what is with these Thundercat's Cat Lair teases?!?!  Can it really be done?  An announcement of the black &amp; white Space Usagi, followed up by another Transformers X GIJoe Crossover combination.  Then we pivot to reviewing the new Playmates TMNT Mutant Mayhem figures.  We are all unanimously impressed by certain figures; &amp; certainly blown away by all the included accessories!  All this &amp; more; enjoy!Support the show: for privacy information.
02/07/20231 hour 2 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

#316: Marvelous ToyBiz!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have Colin Bett's back again; to help us break down the wonderful 90's ToyBiz toy line.  A discussion starting with only Scot, Ben &amp; Colin; but later on in the ep, we may have some extra voices join us....  We have a deep discussion about the ToyBiz Toy line that really fleshed out the diverse roster of the Marvel Universe!  Spawning multiple sub-toy lines, different scales and a variety of vehicles &amp; playsets to boot!!  Action features, colours, vac metal and articulation; plus, insight and discussion into figures that never were never made!   Then we pivot from Marvel to DC; as we do a fairly broad, spoiler-free chat about the new The Flash film.  Does it live up to the hype?  How can we not compare it back to Marvel?!?  Support the show: for privacy in
24/06/20231 hour 7 minutes 48 seconds
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#315: Till all are Rodimus!

Our favourite Canadian Colin Betts joins us for this extended episode! There's a couple of new headlines to hit including the unstoppable DragonFly, COPS are back plus an amazing reveal from Mondo. Then it's time for the Vintage Toy Awards: Transformers G1 - Autobots edition. This was harder than we thought and some of our answers might surprise you - or even change as we go! Lots of categories to talk too - but which figure gets the coveted Best Autobot award? Support the show: for privacy information.
18/06/20231 hour 31 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

#314: TMNT Blitz and Toy Fair Recap

Today there is lots of news to chat too - and 80% of it seems to be Turtles related! So don't expect to hear much from Producer Scot today! But there's also the newest Haslab reveal (blink and you'll miss it) some new Marvel Legends (which one is in Scot's basket?), The Todd gets another license and is Ben about to collect a new line? What makes us revisit the Shredders Revenge game? Then we chat all things Mega Toy Fair, the sights, the sounds, the friends and of course, the almighty scores. Support the show: for privacy information.
10/06/202359 minutes 3 seconds
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#313: Mega Crossover Quiz!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast; we challenged ourselves like never before!  The crossover event of our careers!  So please look forward to a Quiz show devised from Matt Teale'o; with participants from Dave's Video Graveyard &amp; Geek Dudes; pitched against the Toy Power Team. This is actually Part Two of our crossover with good friends DVG and GeekDudes. If you’re wondering what happened to Part One; you’re not alone. I think Davey said it best, that when eight podcasters all yell at the same time, while chaotic and fun in places, it doesn’t necessarily make for good listening. On review, our decision to remove the PG filter wasn’t the right call either. Darren once said “Toy Power should be for everyone” and Part One simply didn’t fit that mantra - so it won’t be released. So for now, enjoy this family friendly quiz Battle Royale between us &amp; our good mates. Please be sure to give a Listen &amp; Follow to:- Fresh &amp; Dirty Uncle Mitch on the Geek
05/06/20231 hour 1 minute 41 seconds
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#312: Guess Who's Back - Villain Style!

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast, we bring back an old segment that has been requested for a Resurrection!  So with a little bit of a twist to the original idea; we bring to you the new style of: Vintage Toy Awards!  This round is focused purely on the Villains of the Masters of the Universe Toyline &amp; we have some cracker subcategories to discuss: Standout Leader &amp; 2nd Tier Character.  Best use of Colour, Best Sculpting, Best Accessories, Most Fun toy, Fave Beast, Fave Vehicle, Fave Playset &amp; the Overall Best Figure.  This was extremely fun to unpack our personal opinions, &amp; we would love to hear your votes too!  Then we take a darker path, as Ben reviews the new Evil Dead - Rise, Film!  Is it a Hit or Shit rating?  Then rounding out this episode on a high note, we do another round of everyone's favourite segment: Show &amp; Tell!  All this &amp; more, Enjoy!!  Support the show:
27/05/20231 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds
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#311: Kings, Kameos and Raccoons

It's news day and there's some cool cool stuff the chat too. The origins of Drax, our poor fact checking, Lego and Legions latest plus some seriously rad artwork that some people think is just "meh". We get our first look at the new MK (which Frank refuses to shut up about) then it's off to space as chat about the finale to the Guardians trilogy. Just how good is Gunn's Marvel swan-song? Support the show: for privacy information.
21/05/202359 minutes 1 second
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#310 - Matt & his Armies Of Ashmore!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a very creative guest: Matthew Rodriguez!  From the Pages of: Defenders Of Eden Comic Book series; he is creating a brand new Toyline titled: Armies Of Ashmore!  These Anthropomorphic Dinosaurs are being brought to life through Kickstarter right now!  So far, this campaign is going very well, with a roster of Five unique characters on offer as the first wave; standing at 8.5-11 inches in height!!  With removable heads, tails, armour &amp; hands, these figures are not only a large-scale collectible, but customizable &amp; posable Dino Army Buildlers!  To makes things even more enticing; these action figures are being sculpted by The Four Horsemen Studios!  So, you know the quality will be amazing!  Find out direct from Matt what a journey he has been on, to get these toys realised; as well as some future ideas &amp; plans too!  Exciting stuff, please see how to help fund this project bellow:
13/05/202357 minutes 31 seconds
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#309: The News, The Fair and The Grails!

It's news day and the Todd brings the noise with some great vehicles and a few teases along the way. NECA show off April in April and is this the best Super7 Ultimates wave selection of all time? Then we chat about the always amazing Adelaide Toy and Comic Fair. Great sales, great chat and our latest scores. One in particular that Producer Scot has been hunting for a long, long time...Support the show: for privacy information.
07/05/20231 hour 6 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

#308: Star Wars Intraspective!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we travel back to "a long time a ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...." to bring you the entertainment juggernaut that is: Star Wars!  In order to break this all down, we have resident expert Nick Greenslade, back in studio to help us out with this Inraspective episode.  So, this round, we are honing our focus into just three of the many sub-categories of the Star Wars toylines.  Those being: Vintage Kenner, 90's Power Of The Force &amp; The Modern Black Series Toylines.  What do each of them to us personally, and how do we rate them overall?  We have a rough aim usually of an hour-long ep; but this episode blows that time limit out of the water!  This episode's focus is released to tie-into the honoured May the 4th timeline.  "This is the way!"Support the show: for pr
29/04/20231 hour 43 minutes 36 seconds
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#307.5 Retro: Masquerade Madness!

RE-ISSUE - Originally published Nov 2017. =============Prepare for the slickest, most foolproof intro you've ever heard. Seriously, it's flawless. Trent loves it. We then delve in the Kenner toyline of M.A.S.K - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. But not before we attempt to sing our way into your minds... Not sure if this segment will gain or lose us listeners! We look at the cartoon, the comics and of course the mighty toys of this wonderful line. Is there a chance it will be rebooted for the modern era? Next comes the Vintage Toy Awards including, the best modern Lego set. But are Frank and Ben psychically linked? There's also our latest scores to make you all jealous! Kome get some! Support the show: for privacy information.
21/04/20231 hour 8 minutes 50 seconds
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#307: 4 Segments with 3 Hosts!

This week on the Toy Power - it's a team of three; whilst Frank is not well.  But the show must go on; and what a combination of segments we have for you!  Toy News - out with the Rodent King &amp; in with Lady Shredder!  The Celebration of Window Packaging, another wacky He-Man variant &amp; a utility Belt to tie all the news together.  Then, our second segment finishes off the last couple of Patreon questions.  "Hit Or Shit" Movie reviews - how right or very wrong where we initially when we talked about the D&amp;D + Super Mario Films?  Then rounding the out the ep, is a classic Latest Scores segment.  All this and a whole lot more!  Enjoy.  Support the show: for privacy information.
15/04/20231 hour 15 minutes 26 seconds
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#306: News with Nick!

With Star Wars Celebration upon us we thought there was no better time than to have our long time Patreon, fellow collector and friend, Nick come join in the fun! A long time fan of all things Lucasfilm, Nic takes us through the latest reveals as well as his takes on the toy headlines of today: Super7 Joes, a crazy Spider-Wave, Madballs, DnD, Mortal Kombat and are these the most anticipated Turtles figs of all time? Nick also heralds the return of the The Quiz! As a child of the 80s this one zeroes in on all things film in 1986... How many did you get? (Probably more than us!) Support the show: for privacy information.
09/04/20231 hour 35 minutes 38 seconds
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#305 - A Bit Of This, & A Bit Of That!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we serve you up quite the mixed bag of content.  Starting off with a lightning-fast Film Review.  Some cool stories from Frank; as well as a surprising pivot on his collecting journey!  Then it's a smorgasbord of Patreon questions that really get us scratching our heads.  Mount Rushmore of Toys, Weird Science conversation, who will we take on our journey for the ultimate toy quiz team-up?  Toy real-estate queries, missed opportunities on purchases, and who would we destroy - toy company wise?  And rounding out the ep, Indian in the Magic Cupboard question that is just plain fun to dream about!!  Plus, your last opportunity to reach out to Scotty for a segment suggestion.  Support the show: for privacy information.
01/04/20231 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

#304: Fresh from Headstart

Ol’ mate Criss Fresh joins us once again and this time, he has the inside running on the upcoming TMNT Mutant Mayhem toyline! Thanks to Headstart Toys for putting on a show that we could send our roving reporter too! Fresh rubs shoulders with the very people who put the toys on our shelves and asks the hard-hitting questions like: where is Ben’s Shredder figure??? There’s some cool tales to be told and we know Darren would be loving this ToyPower exclusive info. Producer Scot then throws out the challenge where YOU can program your own episode of the show - with a prize to be won!Support the show: for privacy information.
26/03/20231 hour 12 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

#303: Creatively Bankrupt. (AKA - Patreon Questions)

What happens when Producer Scot fails to come up with exciting content for the latest episode of Toy Power? We turn to our amazing Patreons and ask them to cover out collective backsides. Our Patreons have delivered the goods and hit us up some hard-hitting questions. Is there a toy Heaven or Hell and what toys would we send there? Will we be collecting toys as geriatric senior citizens? Which Toy Power member would Trent choose as his Lego Masters partner?  Where the hell is Ben for this episode? We tackle these questions and many more in this exciting episode.Support the show: for privacy information.
19/03/20231 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

#302: The Ultimate Conundrum

It’s news day and boy oh boy there is MUCH to discuss. So much so we run a little bit over time and a lot of it, comes from one spicy topic. If you’re a fan of TMNT and have been following Super7, don’t miss this discussion! We also get our first look at some movie-based toys from The Todd, Seth Rogens new Turtles film and an onslaught of Marvel Legends. And did we mention one of the team is BACK on TV again? We also talk Funko, but not in a good way…Support the show: for privacy information.
13/03/20231 hour 25 minutes 29 seconds
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#301: The Hangover Episode!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we start things off with a very special shout out from the Legendary American Cartoon Voice Actor: Michael Bell!! - with thanks to Tealeó for lining up that beautiful plug for us!  Then we go around the room calling out some key episodes we are personally fond of from the Toy Power Archive.  Then without missing a beat, we chat about the latest news hitting our radar.  More Figure Obscura reveals, McFarlane Titans wave announced, Shattered Glass Transformers, Ninja Turtles toy leaks from upcoming Mutant Mayhem film &amp; Biker Mice From Mars shots of the Mice themselves.  (Plus, a lot more news in-between too!)  Then we circle back to get Frank's opinion on how he thinks 10 of this year's films might rate.  Rounding out the Episode; we breakdown the new Antman &amp; The Wasp: Quantumania Film that continues in true MCU fashion.  A comparison of how we rated it before the film debuted &amp; of course full spoiler chat including after credit scenes.
04/03/20231 hour 13 minutes 12 seconds
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#300: LIVEstream Special

Who'd have thought, this silly little show would get this far? Probably only Darren in truth! Tonight we celebrate something Old, Something New and Something You. It's really just a cover for us to talk about the toys that we love in our collections. You can watch this celebratory episode on our Facebook page to see all the give-aways, the questions and the questionable fashion choices, inspired by a certain friend of ours. A massive THANK you to all our supporters over the journey, our Patreons and anyone who's ever listened. It certainly has been one helluva Good Journey! Support the show: for privacy information.
26/02/20231 hour 15 minutes 25 seconds
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#299: All Aboard The Hype Train!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, join us aboard the hype train towards the big episode #300; as we tease some of the exciting give-aways we have up for grabs next episode!  However, this episode is jam-packed with so much exciting News &amp; reveals! We naturally have a lot to cover from the 'Todd Father' himself; Nolan Batman &amp; several more Batman 66' characters too.  Plus, some great 66' themed dioramas &amp; vehicles; but that's not all... a very neat Mr Freeze with a Variant that has us all quite excited!  Fresh Marvel Legends announced with a heavy MCU Antman theme, but some beautiful comicbook faithful designs as well.  Street Fighter II returns in plastic form from Jada toys &amp; a really dazzling Glow-In-The-Dark Slash figure from S7 TMNT Ultimates!  More reveals from Dick Tracey, the Powered-Up Form of Dark-Lyn, a Cybertron version of Jazz, plus a questionable roster reveal of Ultimate Simpsons Figures.  The next wave of MOTU Origins, a teleporting Diorama TMNT Mach
19/02/20231 hour 24 minutes 32 seconds
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#298: 2023 Films - HIT or $H!T

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast - we introduce a new segment - as we preemptively review some of the 2023 Films - and discuss if they might be a potential HIT or $H!T movie; in our personal opinions.  The 2023 landscape of films is vast, so we narrow it down to just Ten films to look at.  They include: Antman &amp; The Wasp, Cocaine Bear, Dungeons &amp; Dragons, Evil Dead: Rise, The Super Mario Bros Movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, SpiderMan: Across The Spiderverse, Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, TMNT: Mutant Mayhem &amp; Dune: Part 2.    With a classic rating out of 19 - we will circle back once these films premiere, &amp; see how right, or wrong we were!   Then closing out the episode, Trent is very excited to reveal his latest score; a somewhat purrfect grail piece for his collection!!  Support the show: omnystudi
11/02/20231 hour 15 minutes 14 seconds
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#297: Fresh takes on Toys and DC

Today on the show our Victorian brother is back in town - Criss Fresh is in the house! Taking Hollywood Trents seat for the night, (and you KNOW that won't go unnoticed) we cover a wide range of toy talk including the current state of retail, Hasbro wobbles and our biggest new year toy lies. Then it's onto the bevy of DC announcements from James Gunn. What does it all mean and where do we all sit on it? Who is keen and drops the first F-bomb of the night? The answers might surprise you...Support the show: for privacy information.
05/02/20231 hour 18 minutes 23 seconds
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#296: Schooled by Sean!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we welcome back the very well-expressed Sean Fewster for an entertaining News heavy episode!  Reaction Shogun Figures have us measuring wingspans, Marvel legends have us questioning the accessories and a beautiful plug for the Marvel Squadron Supreme Comic Run.  We have hopes for a long anticipated TMNT figures debut and how can we possibly miss an episode without talking about more reveals from McFarlane Toys.  New Fan created 'Super Powers' Comics and MOTU Bearbricks.  Anthropomorphic Mice chewing tunnelling their way for a return, and rounding out the news, the concerning position that has made Hasbro layoff some of their work team.  Then switching gears, Sean has brought in his new Mondo HeMan Timed Exclusive that seems to be more of a puzzle or a Transformer than a Premium figure.  We go through the good and the very concerning issues in this spotlight. Find everything Sean has got going through his Instagram channel: @sean_fewster 
29/01/20231 hour 17 minutes 16 seconds
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#295: Laughing into 2023

Today on Toy Power, it’s time to look forward to 2023 and what lies beyond. But before that, just cause (most of us) were on holidays doesn’t mean the toy companies are! NECA do their traditional reveals while Boss Fight revive an 80s legend. Mattel do DEEP into the well for their new figure while Todd gives us the most maximum Batman there is. Also featuring Shaq, Tom Sellick, Sarah Jessica Parker and six-packs. And Ben answers the question on everyone’s lips: What does Thirty-Thirty look like?Support the show: for privacy information.
22/01/20231 hour 30 minutes 50 seconds
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#294: Best Of 2022!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we kick the New Year off; by looking back at the previous year that was?!  Yep; that's how we roll!  We asked our listeners to vote under twelve different criteria's of what they thought from last year.These questions included:- Best Movie- Best TV Show- Best Non-Toy Category (Statues, Video Games, Merchandise etc.)- Favourite "pre 2020" toy purchase (did you buy something vintage or something from a few years ago this year?  Shout it out; we would love to hear what it was!!)- Best Value Toy- Toy Most Fun To Play With- Best Sculpting- Biggest Toy/Franchise Flop of 2022- Biggest Toy Related Suprise of 2022 (That came out of nowhere in your opinion)- Best Oversized/Giant OR BAF Toy- Best overall Toyline (as an entirety of 2022)- The Darren Filsell Award for: Best Action Figure released in 2022Thanks to so many votes from our awesome listeners; we have gathered a great insight into the best and the
15/01/20231 hour 34 minutes 42 seconds
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#293: The Transformers Intraspective

In our final episode for 2022, Malcolm Hobbs and his extreme Transformers knowledge is back as we tackle the second of our famous Intraspectives. Legitimacy of the word aside, this one is all about those Robots in Disguise as we pick G1, Beast Wars, The Bayverse and Masterpiece as our toylines of focus. What do these toylines mean to us? Can we seperate the movie(s) from the toys themselves? In a juggernaut brand spanning many years, which lines hit or missed us? There's a couple of surprising scores throughout, the odd in-context swear word and even a GoBot or two... Strap in for this extended episode as you (and us!) learn more about the might Autobots and Decepticons than you ever thought possible. Support the show: for privacy information.
18/12/20221 hour 33 minutes 12 seconds
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#292: Malcolm Brings The Xmas Cheer!

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast, we hit the ground running with several topics to cover.  We even have Special Guest Malcom Hobbs on board, and we cover off the 'Get To Know You Questions' first.  Then we move onto some of the big News topics that are hitting our radar. Lots of Playmates talk, Transformers Haslab updates, more from Thundercats &amp; MOTU Origins, plus a beautiful nod to Father Christmas.  We then switch gears, and spotlight the latest Trailers.  With Xmas fast approaching - we have play our annual Secret Santa gift sharing.  Lots of fun as always &amp; on top of that we have even more gifts from Colin Betts!  Also, Scot brings in some beautiful Historical Adelaide items from John Martins that is simply Magical.  Another fun filled episode!Support the show: for privacy information.<
11/12/20221 hour 24 minutes 7 seconds
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#291: Mythic John, with a touch of: Cosmic Caulfield!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have our number one listener from Luxembourg - Master John Caulfield!  He is here to school us about all the history, mythology &amp; general amazing things about Mythic Legions!!This line has just about taken over John's plastic addiction &amp; now he even customiser's some of the many things available that compliment this line!  Hear first-hand about his travels to Legions Con &amp; the hype is real ~ regarding Cosmic Legions!All this and more; we challenge you not to appreciate how great these Four Horsemen lead lines really are!!Support the show: for privacy information.
03/12/20221 hour 30 minutes 50 seconds
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#290: News by The Duo!

We might be a couple of members down, but that won’t stop us sending the news your way. In an all too familiar pattern, we mourn the loss of another pop-culture icon: may the Power Protect him, always. Of course there’s the usual players of Marvel Legends and More More McFarlane, but we get some unexpected reveals from the Masters at Mondo. And when we say we bring you the big stories, Super7 took it literally with a HUGE reveal! Then it’s Reading/Watching/Playing time and Ben takes reading to the next level with a great review of Blake Wrights latest’s works.Support the show: for privacy information.
28/11/20221 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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#289: Half Shell Merch & Black Panther II

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have local legend DaveyDamaged back once again in the studio to help us cover a slightly different topic...  Yes, we love Action Figures and the Worlds &amp; Stories built around them!  But what if we could keep those stories alive when eating breakfast, bathing or even at school??  This ep - we have a Show &amp; Tell focus around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Merchandise!  The rabbit hole is extremely deep; as we touch on Davey's vast collection of goodies!  Then in the second part of the ep; we chat about the latest MCU film: Black Panther 2 - Wakanda Forever.  How well does this film pivot from the tragic passing of it's lead actor between releases?  Is Namor given enough of an into?  Warning - we claim BP2 chat to be spoiler-free - but that turns out to not be the case really!   All this &amp; more; plus the famous DVG rating out of 19 to really solidify what we all thought. Be sure to check out more from Davey at: Dave's Video Grave
19/11/20221 hour 10 minutes 19 seconds
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#288: News & Latest Scores with DaveyDamaged!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by the great man himself: DaveyDamaged!  With an intro plug for his Calendar we than swing things into the latest News circling our radar.  Kevin Conroy's legacy, Eternia green lit &amp; then some fake news that tricks Ben into promoting.  Xmas on Cybertron, plus the announcement of TMNT Ultimates Wave 9.  More news regarding a ghost from Thundercats, plus we highlight Legions Con with some of the amazing announcements that have spawned out of there.  It wouldn't be a new ep without another McFarlane Batman reveal, but also some more MOTU characters too.  A very expensive 5pk of Power Rangers, Guns and rounding out we touch on the eye-catching Armies Of Ashmore Dinosaurs!!  Second segment of the show is Latest scores - with some heavy hitting items being secured by each of us!  Another fun ep, especially with our great guest! Be sure to check out more from Davey at: Dave's Video Graveyard - a NSFW Podcast loosely based around
13/11/20221 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds
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#287: Emily's Halloween Spectacular!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we talk to the delightful Emily Lind!  With a spooky theme right from the start, you are in for a trick or treat!  The fun get to know you questions, and then it's time to shine some light on the amazing shrine that she has built around Peter Crushing.  A fascinating insight to the famous Grand Moff antagonist from Star Wars &amp; how one builds a shrine on this character - but also a deeper look at his marvellous acting carrier.  Then we pivot into the world of Horror.  With Toy Company's at their peak - we are treated with an exciting or scary selection of items.  TV , Movie , Books as well as Comic Book shoutouts form every era imaginable.  We ask Emily to break-down how she as a horror fan - chooses her toys &amp; what pops out to her; as well as a break-down of the difference between the films that are categorised as Universal &amp; Hammer Horror.  We also ask the hard question - what would Emily like to see in the Horror genre from films in t
05/11/20221 hour 3 minutes 7 seconds
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#286: News, I think...

Today on the show, I'm not even on the show! Yes as I, Francis Ignatious Calixto Allan, sit here and write this, I can neither confirm nor deny the contents of this episode as, I simply wasn't there! But after having done this nearly 300 times, here's my speculation: Trent says something wise and outlandish, Ben says "100 percent" 80% of the time and Producer Scot, well he must have done something right because the audio got recorded! Is this what it's like for ya'll out there, listening to it for the first time? It's both surreal and exciting! I'm sure it will be a banger! Support the show: for privacy information.
30/10/20221 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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#285: Hot Takes and Cool Gifts

Coming in from the deep south today, we get some fire and brimstone as Producer Scot challenges us to come up with some Hot Takes facing the toy industry. Last time Frank got controversial on a beloved toyline, it became a bit of a thing, so strap yourselves in folks! But to even us out, out of the north, a swift cold front sweeps in direct from Canada. Thanks to our amazing friend Colin, we get to open a bunch of unsolicited gifts on air. If you want proof that people actually listen to what we say, go no further because the love and dedication put into this parcel goes beyond words. The guy even brought presents for our kids! MIND. BLOWN. Support the show: for privacy information.
23/10/20221 hour 18 minutes 20 seconds
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#284: Mega News Meltdown! Toy Fair and more!

With PulseCon and NYCC reveals banking up, this was always gonna be a long, crazy episode. So crazy we forgot to tune Trents mic apparently! In this extended episode we cover it all from the usual suspects from Star Wars, Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, Origins, NECA and Super7, but also the road less travelled with Nacelle, Mondo, Toho and too many more to name. We also unpack the recent closure of Aussie retailer BulletProof Villain and the fallout from it. Lastly, our hometown super-event The Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair gets a glowing recap as we talk tales, latest scores and hilarity from one epic day.Support the show: for privacy information.
17/10/20221 hour 41 minutes 27 seconds
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#283: History of The Adelaide Fairs!!

This Week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are catching up again with Special Guest Brett.  Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, this will not be covering the most recent October Fair itself, however, we instead take a look back at how Brett has built up this awesome calendar event.  Now in its 8th year - how did it all start &amp; find out why he can never stop!  Getting the inside scoop from Brett - about the thinking &amp; planning behind these events, Artist Alleys, Venues vs Basketball courts, early TPP recordings &amp; how different places can really change the atmosphere of the fairs.  Find out what hurdles he had to jump over when dealing through the Covid Pandemic, as well as nightmarish last minute set-up changes....  Then we throw some off the wall ideas at Brett; in hopes to maybe grow the Adelaide Fair even more...  All this, as well as some stand-out memories from the past Fairs, along with shout-outs of some our historically greatest scores!  Then to round out the e
08/10/20221 hour 14 minutes 1 second
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#282: How much for the car?

Today it’s news day and we are Trent-less – Enter the Brett! His hair and voice are almost a match only with 1000% more comics! There’s some surprises from Hasbro, a cool cool Leo figure to tempt the hell out of Frank but the bulk of our chat comes down to price. Be it massive LEGO sets, super cheap Batmobeasts and at the other end, a crazy HasLabs project that has already courted controversy.  Are Americans finally feeling the pinch of $50 six-inch figures? Oh and was there something about Deadpool that happened this week? Hear Frank’s crazy plot theory. Brett then brings the pre-Toy Fair hype with some wonderful gifts.Support the show: for privacy information.
02/10/20221 hour 18 minutes 6 seconds
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#281: Fresh - Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!

It's time for us to spotlight the Wild World of Wrestling!  To help us shout out the correct information; we have the Ring-Master man himself: Mr Criss Fresh!  After a little bit of local toy aisle chats, we get to the crux of how wrestling became the juggernaut that it is known to be.  Through the eyes of Fresh, how did Wrestling hit his radar as a kid.  A captivating story of Fresh following Wrestlemania through TV &amp; Tape trading's, plus all the schoolyard banter - then the natural progression onto toys.  Fresh Smacks Down the facts &amp; memories of indestructible LJN figures &amp; their off-shoot bendy counterparts too.  The discovery of WWF Hasbro figures &amp; their great sculpts!  The realisation that some of these 'Green-back' figures did not get a wider world release - but are quite plentiful in Australia!  Galoob &amp; ToyBiz toylines featuring WCW characters &amp; Jakks Pacific covering WWF.  Poppy covering the Japanese Wresting series &amp; Remco spotlighting the AWA
24/09/20221 hour 5 minutes 45 seconds
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#280: LIFE-SIZED episode

Lots of new toys to talk to but if there too much of a good thing? Can Mattel stop leaving getting their wires crossed? New Masters comics! Has the price of LEGO reached an all time high? It sure is LIFE SIZE. And lets not forget all the chat coming out of D23 – Thunderbolts, trailers, blasts from the past. And yes – we chat about THAT spitting incident!Support the show: for privacy information.
18/09/20221 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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#279: Masters Of The Inraspective!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast; Scot introduces a brand new segment called: Intraspective!!  But in deciphering the meaning behind it, does Ben spoil the future of this topic?  Anyhow, this is a chat about a large property - this time being focused on our beloved Masters Of The Universe.  We chat to four (out of the many), toylines that have made a huge mark on our lives in one way or another.  Vintage, 200X, Classics &amp; the on-going Origins Toylines.  What makes them each so special, key releases as well as a DVG rating out of 19.   This was a really fun ep to record, hope you enjoy listening to it!Support the show: for privacy information.
10/09/20221 hour 26 minutes 12 seconds
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#278: The Eternal Wait

It’s news day and we bring the weird and wonderful to you! But first we hear about Scot’s guest appearance on DVG and – Weird is right word! McFarlane brings the heat this time while we get stuck on the Mickey Mouse aspect of GI Joe. Then there’s MOTU controversy as Ramen toys get in on the action while we debate Mattel’s latest entry to the Origins line. But on the subject of weird, I think we have a new winner for a What-The Crossover!  And just when you thought the average wait time for figures couldn’t get anymore crazy – here comes a new challenger! Finish it up with some latest scores and sneak peak at a potential future score by the devious Scot. Support the show: for privacy information.
05/09/20221 hour 13 minutes 55 seconds
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#277: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

We wanna be the very best – like no one ever was. But to do that, we need someone to help show us the power inside. And who better than the Master Battler, Scotty The Toy Hunta! This guy is so dedicated, he wrote us our own guide to all things Pokemon! Learn the very start of this mega-franchise from the creators upbringing, to the cards, the games and of course the toys. It’s all here in Scotty’s brain and we have exclusive rights to open up this Pokeball of knowledge. Scotty even gifts us some Pokemon goodies – but there’s a catch! There will be challenges along the way, with courage we will face. We do battle in a quiz, to claim our rightful place! So come with us, the time is right: there’s no better team. Find it all Scot’s website – it’s always been his dream! He teaches us and we’ll teach you – PO-KE-MON!   Find all of Scottys work (not just Pokemon) at and his Toy Power exclusive guide at : <
28/08/20221 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
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#276: Trent is Back Baybeeeeee!

The gang is back together again and Trent regales us with some hilarious Lego adjacent tales. Then it’s onto the news and there’s some tasty morsels to get too. There’s the our favourite chefs serving up their main courses: Super7 Ultimates, DC Super Powers, Marvel Legends, and Ramen’s finest noodles. And for a side dish, how about an unproduced dish not seen since the 90s all topped off with of Hasbro’s finest statistics ever. Then it’s dessert time with an assortment of goodies from PowerCon. Nacelle, NECA and Formo produce some sweet sweet treats and not just from Masters!  Bon Appetit!Support the show: for privacy information.
21/08/20221 hour 5 minutes 57 seconds
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#275: LIVE unboxing spectacular!

It's a milestone and boy does this episode go the distance! Streamed live on Facebook we have one of the biggest and most emotional unboxing episodes ever. Scot and Ben bring some amazing toys to show off but Frank steals the show with a tribute to the one and only Darren, that has to be seen to be believed. #MoreMOTUSupport the show: for privacy information.
15/08/20221 hour 3 minutes 2 seconds
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274: SDCC Pt2 (AKA: Frank was wrong)

We finally get around to all the SDCC news that was literally being announced when we last recorded. And yes, Franks silly statement from a couple of weeks ago comes back to bite him. Super7 gives Scot a figure he never knew he needed, while The Toddfather starts out with some 90s vibes. There’s some great reveals from GI Joe land and a big tease for the next HasLabs project. Then its movie/tv reveals and we go down the rabbit hole talking about what the future of the MCU looks like. All this, and the best Patrick Stewart joke you’ll hear this year! Support the show: for privacy information.
07/08/20221 hour 4 minutes 43 seconds
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#273: Fin-tastic Fun w. Sam Cripps!

This is one helluva Jaw-some episode - It's the first of many puns in this hilarious ep with our good friend Sam Cripps. He takes us through his love for the 90s juggernaut Street Sharks. From the iconic packaging, the pun-tastic names, the 90s fashion and of course what could have been with unreleased greatness. As part of his research Ben stumbles upon some seriously obscure spin-offs and the price tag will shock you. Then it's off to New Asgard as we take a look at the latest MCU entry with Thor Love and Thunder! Support the show: for privacy information.
31/07/20221 hour 1 minute 55 seconds
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"It's the MOST wonderful time of the yearrrrr!" Who DOESN'T love SDCC? But even before we get to that, it's been a big week of toy news to cover. This party is packed with our best friends: Ultimates, Mythic Legions, 80s Commanders, The Todd and yuuuuge ThunderTank. And that's for starters! For the main event it's a buffet of goodies with Mattel providing the main course - so much MOTU that we know Darren would have beamed with pride! There's so much, we're gonna revisit the Con in a future ep! Support the show: for privacy information.
24/07/20221 hour 22 minutes 11 seconds
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#271: TIYL Producer Scot!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it’s all about Producer Scot! He’s the man behind the show who keeps us all in line and IS the Toy Power engine room. Learn where he grew up, what he did, where he’s been and what life had in store for him. Find out the special bond that he and Darren had along with how his future wife made her intentions known! And how about that heartfelt advice… (I’m not crying, you are!) Trent stops by in audio format from his Brixpo escapades then we take a quick spin through an amazing time in television – Stranger Things, Obi-Wan and The Boys. Which one was your fave?Support the show: for privacy information.
17/07/20221 hour 15 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

#270 : Dad is away, kids will play!

Today on the show we travel to the house of Producer Scot and we are Trent-less. We will talk about Mega-Construx if we want to and Mr Lego Master can't stop us! There's lots more in here though with new Ultimates, Turtles from a trio of different companies, Todd seemingly NOT touting his latest figure, Mattel shooting themselves in the foot, a LEGO creation we didn't know we needed, and is this the most successful HasLabs of all time? Support the show: for privacy information.
10/07/202259 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

#33.5 RE-ISSUE: Davey revisits the 90s!

At a time when Jurassic Park and Top Gun are dominating the box office, we thought it fitting to revisit an old episode with our resident 90s expert: The Master of Disaster and Hypercolor, Mr Davey Damaged. We talk all things Street Sharks, Terminator 2, Last Action Hero and even Super Mario Brothers the Movie. There's also a quiz from the mind of Darren so prepare for much bending of the rules in this throwback episode originally published in Sep of 2017. Support the show: for privacy information.
03/07/20221 hour 4 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

#269: Hack the Dino Presents: Nintendo 101

It’s a crossover of sorts as our good friend and local podcaster Ben Rosenthal joins in the fun. While he calls himself a gamer he is very familiar with the collecting world : so much so, he teaches us about the history of Nintendo. A history that, actually begins in the world of toys. (Insert crowd shocked reaction here). Along the way there are botched trademarks, Jump Man, some AMAZING show and tells and more than a few blue jokes. Then it’s some Would You Rather as we put the hard word on Ben – Scot in particular! Go check out Hack the Dino on Twitch or Podcast format. Support the show: for privacy information.
26/06/20221 hour 3 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

#268: Ben's big week!

News day is here and it feels like it&rsquo;s all targeting Bens wallet &ndash; Is this the Ultimate He-Man figure? Are these the coolest Dino figures in the last 10 years? Is this the best Black Adam figure ever? New Toxic Crusaders? A new Soundwave? An EXCLUSIVE Shredder figure? I mean, one man can only have so much money to spend&hellip; Meanwhile Funko makes a big play but what does it all MEAN Basil? We also review the amazing Creating G.I. Joe Vol 7 book by Dan Kilingensmith. This is THE source of anything Joe and he was kind enough to send us a copy.&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
19/06/20221 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

#267: Knights of the Magical Light!

Matt Teale sticks around for another episode this time run by, you guessed it, Matt Teale. He walks us through the world of Visionaries and his love for all things Hologram. Don't know much about it? Well be prepared to learn like we did but be sure to pay attention (UNlike how we did) as there is a quiz at the end! Matt's generosity knows no bounds as we play the most shambolic version of Pass the Parcel that would make any parent proud!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
13/06/20221 hour 44 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

#266: The Tealo Effect!

Lots of news demands an extended episode and a special guest - Give a big Toy Power welcome to Matthew Teal! Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Matt is a long time Pateron and chose to spend his 40th birthday with us at Adelaides Mega Toy Fair! But before we talk all things Toy Fair, there are a ton of new reveals to talk through not least of which come from Star Wars Celebration and the SDCC previews are starting to roll in! Ramen Toys tragic Matt gives us a run down on all their upcoming releases. Matt also surprises us with specifically picked gifts. Who got what?&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
06/06/20221 hour 41 minutes 54 seconds
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#265: Enter the Decstroya!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, Davey is back but this time he&rsquo;s brought his son in &ndash; Delcan the Destroyer! While he&rsquo;s not into Turtles like Dad, he brings his passion for all things the Rubic cube! Enter the competitive world of speed-cubing, knock-offs, alternative puzzle games and more. How has COVID impact the world or Cubing? We throw in a speed challenge vs Ben, a terrible band name and even Feet solving? Then we really take the brakes off and make Delcan choose &ndash; Who Do You Rather: Mum or Dad? (I think we break Scotty as this point) Be sure to check out our YouTube for footage of some of the chaos and Decs amazing skill. Cube Collection: Challenge: v Dad:<a href="" rel="paymen
29/05/20221 hour 6 minutes
Episode Artwork

#264: Toy-verse of Madness!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, our own Villain for Hire takes the wheel as Scot stands in for Hollywood Trent. Election night aside, we get to vote on some of the biggest toy stories of the week including: Lego Transformers, more Ultimates Thundercats, Earthworm Jim, Legends, gun packs and a perfect Donatello? Hats off to the Bad Boys of Toys who get the honor of having official Mythic Legions made of them. Will this finally kick us into gear? Then it's off to the MCU and the Multiverse of Madness! Who gives a surprisingly high score? Plus a tease for next weeks special guest...Support the show: for privacy information.
22/05/20221 hour 12 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

#263: Rock out with Rob!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, our 2nd favourite Canadian drops by: Rob McCallum! Rob tells all about his latest projects including the recently launched Action Figure Adventure Season 2! It's simple goal: Make Jay sweat even more! Where did the crew head this time? How is season 2 different? What off-screen purchases were made? And it wouldn't be a Rob-show without him taking over and turning the tables on us! What questions does he have in store?&nbsp; Support Rob, Jay and Season 2 on Kickstarter: the show: for privacy information.
15/05/20221 hour 2 minutes 29 seconds
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#262: One for all, and all for Ben!

Today on the show it's news day and the hits just keep coming! But this edition seems very targeted to Bens particular tastes - can he resist the multiple temptations? Trent also announces his new collection and boy has he set the bar quite high... We also recap on the Adelaide Toy and Comic fair featuring our Victorian brothers. All that and a couple of Kickstarters to boot! Prepare thy wallets!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
07/05/20221 hour 8 minutes 7 seconds
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Ep11.5: The Re-Issue!

Well it finally had to happen - we're doing a clip show! Enjoy this throw back retro episode all the way from episode 11. The four lads test each others knowledge (Frank was still considered a "special guest" at this point) along with an ACTUAL special guest in James Eatock. The audio is rough, the theme song is different and we learned a LOT about how to use Zoom since this time (sorry James). So cast your mind back to March 2017 and see just how far the show has come.&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
01/05/202233 minutes 38 seconds
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#261: THE crossover

What happens when the GeekDudes, Davey and Toy Power are all in the same room together? This. This is for you Darren.&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
26/04/20221 hour 6 minutes 51 seconds
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#260: Tale of the Tassles!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, its's news day and just when we think there's not a lot happening, our fave companies prove us wrong. Star Wars, Transformers, Joes, Turtles, Silverhawks and Centurions - something for everyone! The controversial NECA van gets judged, Mindbenders fashion sense too and is Frank back in on Transformers? Does Ramen toys fill the gap on your vintage Centurions collection? Do we sound sexier on our new recording equipment? And we welcome a new Patreon! Happy Easter to everyone!&nbsp; And locals don't forget to head to Adelaide Toys and Comic Fair next weekend April 24th!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
17/04/20221 hour 9 minutes 46 seconds
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#259: Ben 10! Presents: Moon Knight!!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we keep handing around the roving mic, to find out a bit more about each of the hosts. &nbsp;Ben - this is your life - tell us some stories about your childhood &amp; school - (is there an under lying riverlry between Frank &amp; Ben?) &nbsp;Summer holidays &amp; how to beat the system with layby's at the suppermarket! &nbsp;Traveling around Australia &amp; the world, with impacts to local events. &nbsp;All this &amp; more as Ben lays it all on the table! &nbsp;Then we change things up in more ways than one, as we look at the first episode of the new MCU series: Moon Knight! &nbsp;How well do we each know of Moon Knight; &amp; who thought this was actually a movie release?! &nbsp;Oscar Isaac &amp; Ethan Hawke are surely a promising pair of actors for this series right?! &nbsp;Find out what we think thus far; with some predictions for the future!&nbsp;Support the show:
09/04/202258 minutes 11 seconds
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#258: Ramen-mania!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, a new day, and new toy reveals to talk about. And while the usual suspects show up, a lot of our focus is drawn to new company Ramen Toys. Not only are they expanding on their 80s Commanders, but seemingly a bevy of new licenses &ndash; nearly all of which are attacking Trent&rsquo;s wallet! There&rsquo;s a new Ultimates tease, Marvel Legends and a &ldquo;new&rdquo; reveal from Fomo Toys. When is a pivot too much of a pivot? Call in the lawyers cause this is some tricky waters! A local player picks up the NECA torch but is that a good thing? There&rsquo;s an update on Darrens collection and his parents and then we pick some winners for our Action Figure Adventure competition!Support the show: for privacy information.
03/04/20221 hour 9 minutes 15 seconds
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#257: Let me be Frank with you!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast its time for Frank to embark on the "this is your life journey"! And he throws down the gauntlet and lays claim over a favourite childhood toy that you might think belongs to someone else (remember boys, toys are for sharing)!!! Its then over to Frank's early years including hosting the best pool parties (picture Frank in a dressing gown smoking a cigar), cricket games that took over the whole local oval, and one dating app photo his found impossible to scroll past (and for good reason). Then Frank, Scot and Trent review the highly anticipated Matt Reeves The Batman film. Holy Rusted Metal batman, this is one dark and gritty take on the capped crusader. But is it all 19 out of 19s or is this film the "Batusi" of 2022? Listen to find out, and who calls one of the characters an absolute "piece of shit"? Agree. Disagree. Nerd rage. Bring it on! A massive thanks to Scot for filling in for Ben whilst he was away in Wagga.<a href="
27/03/20221 hour 17 minutes 43 seconds
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#256: From the House of Scot

Today on the Toy Power Podcast it's another first - we record Stand-in-Scots house! Finally some new wallpaper for us to look at! What does Scot have on his shelves? Then it's news time and this one is Masters heavy - have Mattel beaten McFarlane at their own speed-run game? Are they trying to make math cool? How do you incorporate 80s gimmicks in a 2022 world? Does the scatter-gun approach work for everyone? Then the King of Monsters shows up and it's game over for everyone else! Scot then pits Trent and Frank against each other in some quick-fire questions. Will Frank's reign as perpetual champion come to an end? Listen to the pressure mount!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
20/03/202256 minutes 43 seconds
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#255: Trent, this is your life!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we spend some time getting to know one of your hosts... Trent! Ever want to know exactly what talent you need to to rise to the Hollywood walk of fame? Well, probably best you don't listen to this episode then. But if you are dying to know whether a group of kids can divert the flow of a river, whether you should bring your own ice-skates to the rink and then claim to be a terrible skater, or which action figures itch will most likely never be scratched... then you have come to right place. Then strap in the boys take a look at the new Pacemaker series by James Gunn. Was this a cheap spin-off from The Suicide Squad, or a perfect tonic for the DC Universe that delivers all the gory, wacky fun your life has been missing? Find out. Rounds out with some exciting news regarding the Vintage Toy line Retrospective segment.&nbsp;Support the show:
13/03/20221 hour 19 minutes 17 seconds
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#254: Wine Club Fiasco

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it's news day and there is honestly a LOT to cover. Too much infact. Scot stands in for Ben as we look at ALLLLL the new hotness from NECA, The Toddfather, Boss Fight, Hasbro, Super7 and more. Controversy abounds with Wave selection the Achilles heel. Trent turns a member of the Marvel Universe into a Steam train, a new Dino-IP to discuss, smelly figures and an elongated prop replica. Then a quick Show and Tell featuring some toys we love to have our shelves. Speaking of elongated, hows that runtime.... sorryNotsorry!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
06/03/20221 hour 35 minutes 3 seconds
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#253: Colin’s Kickstarter Column

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we welcome back our Canadian friend Colin Betts to talk all things Kickstarter/Crowd Funded projects. If there&rsquo;s one thing you remember about Colin, it&rsquo;s his amazing attention to detail so what better place to start than the exploding world of Crowd Funded toys. What does it look like now that the big boys are using this space? Is watching the number tick by a genuine sport? How did we get to this point? Can a flailing campaign successfully course correct (not you Rancor!) What&rsquo;s a Robo-Skull? How important is timing? What projects have you backed? As if that&rsquo;s not enough questions, Colin tries his hand at a Toy Power quiz and boy, do we suck. Trent tries to cheat yet again and finally, we discuss the Return of Big Sexy Sax in a very special photo shoot. Bon voyage to Ben who leaves for work for the next month!&nbsp;Support the show:
27/02/20221 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds
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#252: IKON vs NECA (and some fun stuff too!)

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it's News Day and boy is there a lot to get through - so much so we run a little long in this one! The Todd is making waves with some interesting alternative facts! Hasbro meanwhile did what we all expected and painted Chewie black while also announcing a half-tank BAF from the Marvel Universe (so I guess those two things cancel each other out??!?) There's Batman in a Boxing match, the best yet of The Worst and a new Castle Greyskull. Then it's all Turtles as Playmates seem to be hitting their stride again, with NECA nipping at their heels and a sneak look at the 2023 movie. Then a big talking point for Aus collectors as IKON drop all NECA product - who's too blame and what does it all mean? We close the Book of Boba with out finale thoughts all before another give away of a prized piece of Darrens collection.&nbsp;Support the show: <a hr
20/02/20221 hour 18 minutes 31 seconds
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#251: Questions & Boba

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we thank you; the audience, for making our previous milestone episode such a fun &amp; exciting recording! &nbsp;In this recording we continue on with more questions from our fanbase - including favourite guests &amp; our personal dream list/s of MOTU Revelations figures. &nbsp;A great hypothetical Question around what period would we collect exclusively..... &nbsp;This somewhat basic question blows out to a very in-depth discussion &amp; opens up some really good arguments for both sides!! &nbsp;Out of left field; "Plant-Based Characters" you say?! &nbsp;We have a few up our sleeves that could fit into the Marsh of Swamp Thing! &nbsp;Items we hold dear &amp; what TMNT launch did it best; &amp; what specific aspects do toys &amp; food conjure up in our memories when those too things are paired together? &nbsp;Then in rounding out the ep we chat about the Book Of Boba Fett. &nbsp;We don't actually chat about the last ep; but do lay our impressions a
12/02/20221 hour 12 minutes 5 seconds
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250: LIVE!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast &ndash; is it still a podcast if we stream it live to the world? CAUSE THAT&rsquo;S WHAT WE DID! In a show-first, there is no editing on this guy and was streamed via Facebook. You can find the whole show on our page but fear not, for you audio only people, the whole ep is here too! What better way to celebrate our milestone by asking the fans what they want to hear about. Questions ranging from what collections inspired you, which ones you would steal, modern vs vintage, a reboot of your choice and even, a new ToyPower logo. All with the addition of live viewer comments influencing the show. BUT THAT&rsquo;S NOT ALL &ndash; we have some amazing give aways for those who were able to join us with a genuine mystery box to play with peoples heart strings! Oh and did I mention there were costumes? Massive thanks to everyone for sharing the love and helping us get to this great milestone!&nbsp;<a href="" rel="payment
06/02/20221 hour 13 minutes 14 seconds
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#249: Xtreme Mr. T!

Today on the ToyPower Podcast, we go back into the archives to cover a toy line we&rsquo;ve already covered &ndash; sort of&hellip; This time we are all about the deep dive on 1985s Centurions: Power Xtreme. With a cool gimmick, bright colours, loads of accessories and even a space station, the world of the Centurions is part man, part machine, ALL extreme! They even have their own Aquaman! Just how did this memorable line fare again the other 80s toyline juggernauts? (Hint: it wasn&rsquo;t well) In typical style it was tied to all the things but there are a couple of things that need to be tweaked for todays market. Enter Ramen Toys and their product aimed at revitalising the license (in a strictly un-licensed kinda way). Then it&rsquo;s quiz time and Trent is driving it so be prepared for controversy and bending of rules! Also a quick update on the status of Darrens Collection as we reach a significant milestone.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="paymen
30/01/20221 hour 7 minutes 52 seconds
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#248: The News; Scotty Doesn't Know!!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we welcome Scot as the fill in for Ben whilst he is away, but wait.... &nbsp;you might be surprised who else is present.... &nbsp;In this episode we spotlight all the latest news! &nbsp;Kicking it al off is a recap from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Livestream - both Classified as well as new style O-ring figures. &nbsp;We breakdown these new announcements incomparison to previous releases. &nbsp;Masters Of The Universe Origins has a few very impressive releases including SunMan whom has a rich history &amp; derives from the Olmec Toyline from the 80's. &nbsp;Neca has really impressed us all with some great photos of the upcoming Universal Monsters - Ygor Leonardo. &nbsp;Playing in the wheelhouse of a Storage Shell variation! &nbsp;The Boba Fett Nerf Blaster is great, whilst we aren't too sure on the Drifter Bruce Wayne set. &nbsp;Wave 2 of the Simpson's Ultimates far exceeds the first wave in our opinion. &nbsp;With some very iconic characters, but when will w
23/01/20221 hour 21 minutes 8 seconds
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#247: Does whatever a PizzaBurger Does

Today on the ToyPower Podcast it&rsquo;s movie review time and there is no hotter movie in the world right now than Marvel and Sony&rsquo;s latest team up : SpiderMan No Way Home. But before we get there, enjoy some awkward tales of our Xmas/New Years break. Prepare to be whelmed&hellip; But what can I tell you about Spider-Man? Well, if you haven&rsquo;t seen the movie, not much! The SPOILER gun comes out very early in this one so be warned! We got a little off-track and wonder what possibilities this multiversal-movie-madness could spin off. With great performances and a death we didn&rsquo;t want to happen, all Trent could focus on was a hair style. Then it&rsquo;s a quick game of Would You Rather. There&rsquo;s movie options, redemption arcs, the future of MOTU and the toughest question yet that divides opinions! Finally Ben is taking some shore leave so we get down on one knee to ask an indecent proposal to our long time collaborator Scot. Will we get the answer we hope for? &n
16/01/20221 hour 15 minutes 38 seconds
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#246: Best of 2021

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we kick the New Year off; but looking back at the previous year that was?! &nbsp;Yep; that's how we roll! &nbsp;We have not one but two special guests; Scotty M. &amp; DaveyDamaged to help us breakdown what made 2021 what it was. &nbsp;We asked our listeners to vote under different criteria's of what they thought from last year.These questions included:- Best Movie- Best TV Show- Best Non-Toy Category (Statues, Video Games, Merchandise etc.)- Favourite "pre 2020" toy purchase (did you buy something vintage or something from a few years ago this year? &nbsp;Shout it out; we would love to hear what it was!!)- Best Value Toy- Toy Most Fun To Play With- Best Sculpting- Biggest Toy/Franchise Flop of 2021- Biggest Toy Related Suprise of 2021 (That came out of nowhere in your opinion)- Best Oversized/Giant OR BAF Toy- Best overall Toyline (as an entirety of 2021)- The Darren Award for: Best Action Figure re
09/01/20222 hours 4 seconds
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#245: An Eternian Xmas!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it's high time we talked about the second instalment of MOTU Revelation; &amp; what better way to unpack this, than bring in some great guests - Criss Fresh &amp; Uncle Mitch! &nbsp;A quick round table health check before we go into a Full Spoiler chat about the season two of Revelation. &nbsp;Lots of comparisons between the two seasons, as well the unanimous thoughts about which season was better. &nbsp;We touch on everything here - Power Levels, Death, Voice Acting, Animation &amp; The Hulk!? &nbsp;We ask the question too - from the words of Kevin Smith - is it really a follow-on of Filmation or does it pave its own path? &nbsp;It wouldn't be a proper review without talking about our favourite moments; &amp; what that final scene means! &nbsp;What are the chances of seeing this series continue?? &nbsp;Our other major topic this ep is all about reminiscing about past Xmas's. &nbsp;Memorable gifts or events, as well as a shout-out to what we have each
18/12/20211 hour 9 minutes 32 seconds
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After much debate, the controversial lyrics of last week are put to bed, and Ben walks alone. Looks like he&rsquo;s getting beaten with a stick by the 4HM newest figure &ndash; the villainous Krampus! A toy that is just announced AND available to purchase &ndash; NOT pre-order! Crazy! We attempt to explain the Rancor-sized hole in Hasbro&rsquo;s budget while at the same time, cheering on a Sky-Striker sized-one to victory! Follow @hordeworld on Insta if you want the behind the scenes story on how the news was received in the Star Wars team&hellip; There&rsquo;s new almost-spoierish Marvel Legends, a pair of gorgeous RoboCops, new Flash Gordon for Scotty and even some teases for future NECA Turtles. The only question is: how many Animaniacs are we ordering? And will there be a wave 2? Then we chat Hawkeye and are pleasantly surprised what we find. Spoilers for eps 1-3 if you&rsquo;re not current! Ben gives us a few thoughts on the new Ghostbusters all while we welcome another new Pat
12/12/202158 minutes 40 seconds
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#243: I WALKED HER HOME.....

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it's about to get very sandy, so grab your Water Bottle, Sandboards &amp; Toboggan's as we head towards the hot property of DUNE!&nbsp; First up we chat about the new Villeneuve Film itself, with a review back at how much inspiration this property has had on other franchises.&nbsp; An examination of its origins from its critically acclaimed book series by Frank Herbert; to the 1984 David Lynch Film. &nbsp;Not forgetting the Jodorowsky's Documentary that never really was.... &nbsp; What has this new Villeneuve version offer that the previous ones missed - noting this film is only Part One?&nbsp; The visuals of this new film is absolutely outstanding backed up with great casting! &nbsp;One review conversation leads to another and we hit FULL-SPOILER chat quite early on.&nbsp; What &amp; who can we potentially expect from Part Two?&nbsp; Then we sum it all up with a DVG rating out of 19.&nbsp; Next main segment is a wind back into a Vintage Toy Retrospec
06/12/202154 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

#242: How Many More Big Toys Can We Fit?!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast; it's time to cover all the exciting News topics that have hit our radar since last fortnight!! &nbsp;Kicking off the ep is the amazing Super 7 TMNT Party Wagon! &nbsp;With a great design &amp; loads of accessories!! &nbsp;It gets a big thumbs up - but what about that price though..... &nbsp;Wave 5 Super 7 Thundercat's - Four very interesting Ultimate figures this round with TONS of extras!! &nbsp;Did they get the scale right though? &nbsp;Another Rancor HasLab update. &nbsp;We unpack the updates &amp; all the tiers. &nbsp;We carefully look at why fans aren't signing up for this Iconic Monster; &amp; naturally we give our two cents on what could be done better too! &nbsp;Neca's Catwoman from Channel 6; looks extremely impressive; everything from packaging to all the little extras included! &nbsp;5K Toys Samurai Turtles peaks our interest - but without a license; will these even see the light of day? &nbsp;Teasers from Super 7 Wave 3 Transformers Ul
28/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 13 seconds
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#241: The Eternal Mash-Up!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, it's time to talk about a film that tries to encompass seven centuries of Time into a single film / storyline. &nbsp;The film is of course the Eternals. &nbsp;This is a FULL Spoiler chat, so please be aware of our discussion. &nbsp;With a few Acadamy Award Winnings up her sleeve, does Director Chloe Zhao, have what it takes to make a traditional Marvel Comic Book Film? &nbsp;As the lads try to highlight the very diverse cast, they are often sent on tangents whilst they dissect the film itself. &nbsp;What would it be like to be a being of the age of seven thousand years? &nbsp;Those Post Credit scenes - we chat about the excitement of what this means, as well as what to expect moving forward for the MCU.... &nbsp;We give it a rating out of 19 DVG style to really establish what we thought of the film.Then our other major segment of this ep was put forward a few episodes ago: Two Toy lines Mashed-Up. &nbsp; Ben has: Centurions X TMNT - Air Ve
20/11/20211 hour 5 minutes 27 seconds
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#240: Frank stuffed up!

It&rsquo;s time to get back into the latest toy news and we have a bit of a backlog to clear as we talk to some of the new hotness that has us excited. There&rsquo;s a bevy TMNT news including the wildest crossover from NECA. We finally get to talk about the juggernaut that is HasLabs and the first action figure we know of that has a drool accessory. Ghostbusters fans have stood UP while the future of Masters spins off into uncharted territory. There&rsquo;s Mogwai, Todd McTarlane (you read that right) and an anniversary for Marvel Legends that will hurt you in the age muscle. Can Hasbro do the impossible and make a cell shaded figure look good? Then it&rsquo;s a brief update on the progress of Darren&rsquo;s collection. Huge shoutout to @GreenlightComics for helping us and Darren&rsquo;s parents. And along the way, we collect two new Patreons! Cowabunga!&nbsp;Support the show:</
14/11/20211 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds
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#239: DoesTEN - is amAzing!

PSA: This was recorded before Darrens passing. He was unable to make this recording so please keep that in mind when we refer to the great man. Today on the show, we chat to long time Patreon DoesTEN and find out what the toy-life is like all the way in Georgia. He is doing our dream job: working in vintage toy store! To say we are jealous, is putting it lightly! So you can imagine the crazy stories of random toys that wander in, special finds and some hilarious hijinks that happen in this magical place. DoesTEN is also the worlds biggest (only?) Swamp Thing fan. The secret origin story of this passion may surprise you... We then head to quick round of Tennis which results in more non-answers that score a 0 in tennis, but a 10 on the laugh-o-meter. Then we setup a future episode with a mash-up selection wheel involving some of our favourite properties. Spin me away baby!&nbsp;Check out their store @WizardsVideoGames<a href=""
07/11/202155 minutes 27 seconds
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#238: A Tribute To Darren

After a bit of a hiatus, Trent, Frank &amp; Ben are back behind the mics again to chat about the legend that was Darren Filsell. Our co-host, our friend, our positive minded hero. We give you an update on what the three of us have been up to and how we are helping Darren's parents make the most of his vast collection, as well as generally helping them too. A huge thanks to everyone whom so generously donated towards Darren's GoFundMe to help with funeral costs. Huge appreciation to all the other podcasts shining the light on Darren. Listen to the Eulogy that was so perfectly delivered by Trent. Then as a way to reminisce on some fun memories, we look back at some of the zany things Darren brought to the Podcast. There's even a little bit of Toy News that we think Darren would have been so excited about. In rounding out the episode, we have a realistic take on how we personally feel about collecting; since Darren has passed.This is a somber episode. It will hit you in the feels; but
30/10/20211 hour 14 minutes 45 seconds
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On Eternia, we don't say Goodbye...

Support the show: for privacy information.
14/09/20212 minutes 32 seconds
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#237: The Great Flood!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we are once again joined by Special Guest Scotty. &nbsp;Scot dusts off a few skeletons from the closet, with an extended intro to this ep; &amp; we acknowledge the unfortunate absence of Master Darren. &nbsp;It's a full-on news centric episode &amp; we take no time in acknowledging the rapid pace that McFarlane seems to be able to produce toys! &nbsp;Batmobeast, Batman Year 2 and many other key callouts! &nbsp;Xenomorph reveals from Mezco as well as a few Kenner Homage figures from Neca. &nbsp;Street Sharks from Mattel Creations - do these make a splash with us? &nbsp;THE BIGGEST HasLab to date - is fully funded &amp; has a lot of extras to be excited about plus a true Victory for Transformers fans. &nbsp;Neca licensing the Usagi Yojimbo Comic by Stan Sakai &amp; Sponge Bob SquarePants - Ultimates by Super7. &nbsp;The Star Wars expands the size of a non-vintage toy, plus Brandon Lee's The Crow - gets a deluxe release by Mezco. &nbsp;We finally have
05/09/20211 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#236: A Fresh Take On The Suicide Squad!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we are joined once again by the one &amp; only Criss Fresh! &nbsp;He helps us unpack a SPOILER filled review on The Suicide Squad Film. &nbsp;Many questions are unpacked this ep including the standard: how did we each see the film; given the troubled times the world is in right now. &nbsp;Plus, an interesting round table chat around cinema vs home viewing &amp; what the future may hold.... &nbsp;The Suicide Squad certainly lives up to its name with its death count &amp; it's disposable big-name actors; but is the rug pulling trick used too often? &nbsp;We look at such aspects as Idris Elba VS Will Smith, &amp; even compare the two Suicide Squad films against each other. &nbsp;Even though this new one is quite a standalone journey. &nbsp;With so many bizarre plot points, how can one skip past the Tarantino scene?! Plus, a quick chat about the toys that coincide with the film too. &nbsp;Then second topic of the episode is a classic Show &amp; Tell se
28/08/20211 hour 10 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

#235: I want to speak to the Manager!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s news time and there&rsquo;s plenty to entertain people of all tastes! But we are stopped in our tracks by the villainous Karen who gives Marvel Legends the stink-eye! New Ultimates should mean more money leaving our account, but a few odd choices by Super7 has us on the edge&hellip; Who the hell is Poochie anyway? More crowdfunding projects means more expensive toys, this time from WWE. Who does it better &ndash; SpinMaster or HotWheels? We speculate on a potential NECA pivot and go to town on Playmates latest &ldquo;reissue&rdquo;. Darren invents a new mode of travel while Ben has a new best friend that shoots bullets. Then it&rsquo;s the big one, new MOTU toys and the recently unveiled trailer for the kids version. Does it impress these grumpy old fans? And did Ben just invent a new spin-off show?&nbsp;Support the show: <a hr
22/08/202158 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

#234: A True Lego Artist

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by one of Australia's premier Lego creators - no it's not Trent, but we did shoutout one of his creations a few episodes back : say hello to Brent Waller. (No, not Brett Walker!) As someone who has gone through the Lego Ideas program, Brent gives us the inside scoop on what it's like to be crowd-approved and then work with Lego designers themselves. How does he do it? Why does he do it? The answers might surprise you... And if that doesn't, then you simply have to hear his amazing brush with fame, all thanks to one mini-fig! Does Brent cross the streams into Lego Masters? Find more of Brent's amazing work @wallercustoms IGSupport the show: for privacy information.
15/08/202155 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

#233: News from the Volume!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we take a look at the big news headlines hitting our radar! &nbsp;First up there are some "What If" scenarios from both Marvel and then into Aliens! &nbsp;We get very excited about the new MOTU Origins Mosquitor that actually features Blood Pumping Action! &nbsp;Spoilers are coming in thick &amp; fast in the form of Ghostbusters Afterlife. The Todd Father looks like he is taking over DC &amp; opening up a direct-to-consumer website! &nbsp;Wave 2 reveals from both MOTU Revelation &amp; Super 7 Transformers Ultimates. &nbsp;Mythic Legions are kicking arse with their new game!! Leaving the Umbrella Acadamy figures &amp; the Playmates TMNT Classics 2pk's in the dust. &nbsp;We touch base with the big guy that is HasLab - to see how Galactus is going &amp; what are the Stretch goals. &nbsp;A crossover we are all hyped about is the Power Rangers X TMNT - Lightning Collection &amp; a good healthy discussion about SpiderMan - No Way Home; - is the idea of N
07/08/20211 hour 12 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

#232: The Trifecta Review!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we have not one, but three latest release visual things to review. &nbsp;Please note: ep is full of SPOILER CHATS!Also - we are once again under strict lock-down conditions &amp; therefore have had to record this episode over Zoom. &nbsp;So please bear with us through the dip in audio quality &amp; the other minor hic-ups corresponding to this ep. &nbsp;First up we have the highly anticipated Netflix show: Masters of the Universe: Revelation - how did we each watch it, space it out or binge?.... Spoiler alert we all Binged It! &nbsp;We chat about the key characters, storyline as well as any issues / concerns we had with it. &nbsp;A prediction for the future &amp; a request for you all to push the #MOREMOTU hashtag too! &nbsp;Next up, is the Marvel film: Black Widow - which turns out to be easily classified as a James Bond film. &nbsp;How did we each see this very delayed film? &nbsp;Who were the standout characters? &nbsp;As well as a fun discussio
31/07/20211 hour 4 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

#231: SDCC 2021 - sorta

Today on The Toy Power Podcast, the lads are forced to stay at home - which is ironic cause so are all our fave companies instead of being at SDCC! But that doesn't stop us, or the bevy of new toy goodness that we can chat about! There's arm biting Dinos, a slew of new Gi Joes, the BIGGEST Marvel Legends of all time, new-but-also-old Clone Wars, The Main Man and two of the best uses of packaging you've ever seen. Of course there's more MOTU reveals, HotWheels, McFarlane (aka: The A-Train of toy makers) and NECA - are they fast approaching a TMNT cliff? How many Shredders is a bridge too far for our own Shredder-fan Ben? Do you jsut make a Con by slapping CON at the end of your name? Shoutout to our fave tv-toy guys in Jay and Rob with some exciting news!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
26/07/20211 hour 16 minutes 32 seconds
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#230: Toys: Loose or TIGHT?!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we are once again joined by our great mate - Mr Davey Damaged! &nbsp;As forecast, he has stolen Master Trent's spot again! &nbsp;Davey wonders how well you; the listener knows us? &nbsp;So; he has devised an extensive: "Get to know you" questionnaire. &nbsp;This includes but is not limited to: Saving on Ream's of Paper; Malcom &amp; The Middle Sequels; Spanish backgrounds; Stan Winston Creations; The proposal of a new host....; Marvel Vs DC - not just character wise, but in animation too... &nbsp;But that's not all!! &nbsp;Davey then flips the questions into a different category of a "Would You Rather" Quiz containing some of the following scenarios: Time on Alien infested worlds; being pursued by Robot or regular Dinosaurs; and many more head scratching proposals. &nbsp;Then we pivot into our final segment - which is a classic Show &amp; Tell. &nbsp;We have a mystery character that holds a Fish in a Bowl from Ben. &nbsp;Darren brings two toys this ro
16/07/202158 minutes 36 seconds
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#229: Brett or Brent?

Today on the Toy Power podcast, we are joined by none other than Davey Damaged who opens up on his thoughts about our ideal set of hosts. There&rsquo;s loads of headlines to discuss but along the way, we take some serious detours. Davey invents his own Con. A Venom figure can now disappear? Egg Cups officially enter the Marvel Universe. How kissable are Timothy Oliphants lips? Is Star Wars Power of the Force actually good? The Todd suddenly impresses Davey. Trent (despite being absent) is a bully. NECA are slipping on multiple fronts. Terminator and MOTU officially cross-over. To the punks who want less representation in their franchises: SHUT. UP. Davey gets jealous of Criss Fresh. Frank sucks at segways. Just like how Seinfeld LEGO isn&rsquo;t great. And, belly buttons. The list of toys to buy just keeps on growing. Not helped by the amazing Pixel Dan Dark Horse book as reviewed by Ben and Darren. But don&rsquo;t count those pages wrong &ndash; how very dare you! If none of that m
11/07/20211 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds
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#228: California Dream House

This week on Toy Power the team is joined by Chris Finlay (aka Webstor.83) to talk all things toys. Yep, the IQ of the room is instantaneously skyrocketed into the stratosphere... but that's not the only mind-blowing aspect of having Chris on the show! His collectors dream house is displayed beautifully with 4 full rooms of toys, collectibles and video games that mean the TPP boys are already planning their next trip to Southern California (and will each get the best guest room imaginable)! Trent takes note on how to "negotiate" more space in his own house, whilst pondering how long it would take to get dressed if he had an 80s shrine (including vast MOC goodness) in his wardrobe! Chris talks about what the average year looks like in the Californian toys scene and its an extravaganza of toy shows and pop culture events. Darren is blown away that Masters of the Universe makes it into Chris' lectures, so we all know that we can learn a thing or two by studying this 80s phenomenon. We
04/07/20211 hour 13 minutes 18 seconds
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#227: News & Hype Train!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we have another hard-hitting News episode ready for you! &nbsp;Kicking it off with an incredibly strong foot is MOTU Revelations! &nbsp;Followed with a rough tackle, which gives some never-before-seen damage to the toys themselves! Yes, we have a Battle-Damaged Cat with a Vac Metal HeMan combo! &nbsp;The timeless winning team is a Fantastic Set of Four (or Five), characters, that simply look MARVELous. &nbsp;We hear the crowd screaming for Golden Axe &amp; Universal Monsters reveals! &nbsp;But what is this? &nbsp;Someone has brought an RC VAMP to the match; &amp; the mascots have been sighted wearing an Ultimate Power Ranger costume! &nbsp;Is that Bob under there?! &nbsp;Batman 66' punches their retail prices down at the snack bar; plus, more Movie TMNT reveals on the stadium screen in the form of the Shadow Warriors - who is actually lining up for this set may surprise you! &nbsp;A blink and you'll miss it glimpse of the famous Gargoyle Cheerleader &a
27/06/20211 hour 1 minute 43 seconds
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#226: Gilly - The Apex Predator

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a long-overdue catchup with our good mate, the most Aussie &lsquo;Murican out there, Guillmero Olivio! (He even has a pretty good Aussie accent) Gilly takes us through his myriad of projects some that we know of, others not so much! But don&rsquo;t get comfortable, cause Gilly flips the script on the unsuspecting hosts and has some very particular questions for us! There&rsquo;s questions about Shredders, army building, Lego vs iPad and one in particular, pretty much breaks Frank&hellip; Then we chat about Grading &ndash; as opposed to last time when we speculated about it, Gilly ACTUALLY knows what he&rsquo;s talking about and gives us great insight into the road rarely travelled by Australians. But which one of the lads has a graded piece? The answer might surprise you! We end it all with a quick trip around Reading/Watching/Playing which leads to a shock retirement of a former gaming great! Follow all of Gillys great work at Plastic
19/06/20211 hour 12 minutes 38 seconds
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#225: News, Revelations & The Mega Toy Fair!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we come to you with a lot of News!! &nbsp;Yes, McFarlane seems to be doing the impossible with so many new DC sub-lines and releases it's difficult to keep up. &nbsp;What does the 3 Jokers have to do with Swamp Thing? &nbsp;Knee concerns from The Suicide Squad, but King Shark looks like a must have!! &nbsp;66' Batman returns with Batmobile &amp; maybe a diorama Batcave? &nbsp;Some really neat Avatar the Last Air Bender toys revealed as well, from the Todd Father!! &nbsp;Marvel Legends, Gi Joe Classified with vehicles &amp; the big S7 SILVERHAWKS reveal!! &nbsp;Then it's straight into the new MOTU Revelations trailer! &nbsp;Wow! &nbsp;Just Wow! &nbsp;Keeping with Masters, we see some exclusive Royal Guards released as well as a slew of Star Wars reveals. &nbsp;Our buddy Dave Bond has a website we recommend you check out: &nbsp;Then we have tales from the Adelaide Mega Toy Fair to finish off the episode; including scores from said ev
13/06/20211 hour 20 minutes 50 seconds
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#224: Impressing Your 9yr Old Self!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we fianlly chat with a long overdue pair of Melbourne legends; that's right! We are joined with special guests: Criss Fresh &amp; Dirty Uncle Mitch!! &nbsp;Because it's their first time with us, we must break the ice by getting to know there who they were as ten-year old's! &nbsp;This initiation includes difficult questions about Spice Girls as well as, but not limited to "Hey Hey It's Saturday" too!! &nbsp;Then it's a good ol' round the room game show of: Would You Rather.... &nbsp;We have all sorts of queries in the mix, including but not just contained to: Cats Vs Dogs; Bringing back businesses of the past; Collection Prices over Obtainability? &nbsp;Successful Future Film Dream Projects; Batman Vs Batman? &nbsp;And then rounding out the ep its a twist on: Heroes vs Kings!! &nbsp;Also, spoiler alert.... Only one question gets full points by all!......Please find Criss Fresh: @CrissFresh &amp; Dirty Uncle Mitch: @BlockBusterJ &nbsp;Also Chris &am
05/06/20211 hour 13 minutes 33 seconds
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#223: Toxie, Tygra and Tickles?

Today on the ToyPower Podcast there&rsquo;s new hotness from all our fave brands &ndash; and even some suprises as well. Is Hugh Jackman part of the Spawn-verse? Did you miss World Turtle Day too? Are we getting a certain blue news van AND new Toxic Crusaders? Trent learns that buying Transformers is like a can of Pringles &ndash; you can&rsquo;t stop at one! There&rsquo;s a Legends livestream to talk about and which reveal has Frank already thrown down for? Is this this tallest LEGO set ever? How many copies of a book does one really need Darren? Then it&rsquo;s a brain-bending question that Frank throws out that leads us to wonder if there are actually any New Zealanders we haven&rsquo;t claimed. Finally, Ben talks to his potential Toy-Room disaster and the journey to getting it fixed. Have no fear, it&rsquo;s a good news story in the end!&nbsp;Support the show: <a hr
30/05/20211 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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#222: Streaming Shows + Showcasing Toys!!

Today on The Toy Power Podcast we understand with the great variety of Streaming Services; comes the requirement of time to watch them all!.....&nbsp; So, in re-working &amp; butchering that Spidey quote; we take a fairly non-spoiler look at four Super Hero based shows. &nbsp;We cover what the show is about, what we personally think of the show &amp; solidify the shows with a DVG rating out of 19. &nbsp;But wait, there's more! We also let you know if there are any toys to coincide with the show!&nbsp; Does the Disney Plus show - The Falcon &amp; The Winter Soldier play things to safely; or is the 'Finger Waggle' enough to steal the show? &nbsp;Second up is the animated series - Invincible - from Amazon Prime. &nbsp;The voice acting alone is one of the many reasons to check this show out! &nbsp;Certainly not a show for kids - but this show gets some pretty high scores by those in the room whom have seen it!! &nbsp;Jupiter's Legacy - streaming on Netflix - is set in the 'MillerVerse'
22/05/202155 minutes 51 seconds
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#221: A Better Beard

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, there is news to be had and we are HERE for it! But the biggest news comes from our fave Canadian and his insanely successfully Kickstarter. Faking Filmation is gonna be ma$$ive&hellip; Super7 come to the party with more Ultimates from the Disney-verse as well as very tempting re-release of our favourite mutants. And what sort of dinosaur foot inspires the boys to break out into song? PowerCon show off some goodies but the pricing has us asking questions. Marvel Legends tick off some missing gaps as the Infinity Saga rolls on. There&rsquo;s trailer news involving breakfast foods and we talk to our fave LEGO Master and his return to our screens! Then we roll out some our fave Modern Toys that are Damn Near Perfect. As it turns out, we are all about the villains this time! A classic DC monster, a robot ninja, a despot and a superior robot. There&rsquo;s a shoutout to our newest Patreon and Frank can finally take the packaging off his new show all about
16/05/20211 hour 16 seconds
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#220: I love a good checklist…

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we finally get through the last of our Patreon questions and somehow they still keep bringing the gold to test our brains. How should we flag-wave our love for toys to the younger generation? Peter Parker knows&hellip; Then it&rsquo;s onto a rundown of how we find all the latest Toy news and info &ndash; our fave online haunts, YouTubers and sites. Everything from mega news sites, to fan-run ventures from all corners of the toy-sphere. Checklists, Apps, Databases &ndash; all the buzzwords that Frank won&rsquo;t shutup about. There&rsquo;s enough gold in them hills for everyone! Even a local Adelaide champion whose passion for all things robots is amazing to see. We all learnt about a few more great places to check out and I&rsquo;ll bet you do too! Check out the list below!&nbsp; <a href="http://www.actionfi
09/05/20211 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
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#219: News, Chats, plus A Comic & Toy Fair!

Today of the Toy Power Podcast; we are joined once again by special guest: Scot Menement. &nbsp;He makes some unpleasant jokes in the beginning; but we quickly turn this concerning issue around into some great toy news topics! &nbsp;At the top of our show; it's full steam ahead for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise; with discussions on Super7, Neca Cartoon reveals, the 1990 Movie and even some Mech Turtles! &nbsp;Then it's over to our favourite barbarian line - Masters Of The Universe - with Shogun Crossovers &amp; not one, but two new waves of Origins to chat about! Plus PowerCon 2021 Teaser Images that have us confused. &nbsp;Off the back of that is Marvel News - with MCU trailers and a new toyline to back it up. &nbsp;A dedicated Marvel Legends Disney Plus wave may spoil some things, but it looks so damn good regardless. &nbsp;A few other News headlines, then a quick review of the first 4 episodes of Plastic Chats (by Guillermo Olivo); please drink to every time Ben says
02/05/20211 hour 30 minutes 5 seconds
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#218: A Dazzle Of Questions & Scores!

Today on The Toy Power Podcast we continue from where we left off; with more of our Patreon Questions from a few episodes ago. &nbsp;Then we flip over to Latest Scores with a really good chat about some big items, at the end of the ep. &nbsp;Questions this episode include topics such as: the best advice on starting out collecting Vintage lines. &nbsp;What might have been our first toy that we fell in love with? &nbsp;You all know we love 80s toys; but what about our choice 80's Music? &nbsp;If we could shrink down to play-size scale; what Toy Playset would we each choose to live in? - Warning - this gets a little wacky!! &nbsp;What Toyline/s deserves their own cartoons? &nbsp;What toys would we grab from our Toycollection, if our house was on fire? &nbsp;Predictions of when the golden age of Modern versions of Vintage Toys will end; if ever?! &nbsp;Then as promised a great segment on Latest Scores that includes (but not limited to), Neca Turtles gets quite a few shoutouts! Darren fi
24/04/20211 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds
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#217: The Best Time!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we&rsquo;re joined by creative extraordinaire, easily one of our top 5 fave Canadians, Mr Rob McCallum. He&rsquo;s got more projects in the works than we&rsquo;ve had hot dinners! Find out all about Action Figure Adventure, 5 Fave Figures and his most recent, insanely successful Kickstarter project Faking Filmation. What drives a man from Canada to make a doco about an Englishman&rsquo;s passion project to recreate an American cartoon? Find out by listening to four Australians! But despite Rob&rsquo;s protesting, there was simply too much cool toy news that we just had to cover. All new hotness from local store Lobos, NECA, Hasbro&rsquo;s FanFest, Mondo and even a clip from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. How many Ace Ducks is too many? Any guesses for the new HasLabs project? Transformers that transform themselves? A GI Joe color scheme best described as &ldquo;week old yogurt&rdquo;? Is it Skids or Tracks? And is the Phone exclusive version of Robs content
18/04/20211 hour 8 minutes 35 seconds
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#216: Q & A - When is Six Not Enough?!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it's an episode dedicated to Answering Questions! &nbsp;So, to get things started we have an Ice Breaker examination, regarding Famous Voice Actors - who would you wish to interview? &nbsp;Then we get into the main part of this episode, Answering our Patreon Powered Questions! &nbsp;There are some real bangers in this session! &nbsp;Queries such as: what would we hypothetically 'borrow' from each other's collection? &nbsp;What Toylines post 1995 are our key choices, if there wasn't anything prior? &nbsp; A super down to earth inquiry regarding what talent or skill set do we wish we had? &nbsp;What did we have high hopes on, only to be ultimately disappointed about? &nbsp;If we had our way, what Toylines are screaming for a big screen presence? &nbsp;If the previous questions hadn't melted our brain, this next one certainly does - are we comfortable in collecting the same toys over and over again? &nbsp;In the creative world; what Toys should be crosse
10/04/20211 hour 2 minutes 38 seconds
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#215: Hop Hop Do the Bunny Hop

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s our Easter special with a great mix of topics. But first the news and NECA surprises us all with another great reveal. Speaking of reveals, can you find Wally/Waldo? There&rsquo;s some potential Legends spoilers and is SDCC coming back? SpaceJam2, TweeterHead and James Gunn&rsquo;s Suicide Squad. Phew! As it is Easter, what better than a run down of some of the most famous rabbits in pop-culture. There&rsquo;s way more than you might think! Is Frank one of them? Then it&rsquo;s time to dust off the soapbox with a robust discussion about the trails of ordering from the Little Guy &ndash; what&rsquo;s a collector to do? And be sure to check out DVG where Ben chats about Judge Dread!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
05/04/20211 hour 11 minutes 7 seconds
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#214: Let the Games Begin!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s all about games and testing our toy knowledge. But we need a ringmaster to pull it all together so Scotty M returns to the studio! Warming us up with a round of What Would You Rather, Scotty then quizzes the team &ndash; but with a twist &ndash; our wonderful Patreons have supplied the questions! It&rsquo;s show-host against show-host in a battle for bragging rights and Toy Power supremacy! For Science! I think it&rsquo;s fair to say the Patreons found gaps in our knowledge but there are some fascinating duels &ndash; how many Batman villains can you name? And more to the point, which A-lister did we forget to mention? And there&rsquo;s a bonus, heart-wrenching question that makes Darren wish for the sweet release of death&hellip; Also, Wogsters. Then it&rsquo;s Latest Scores time as we find out how much it takes to earn a free PopCulture pin &ndash; the answer varies. Ben adjusts his monocle with a bevy of goodies before Frank talks to his
28/03/20211 hour 2 minutes 35 seconds
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#213: Origins of the News!

This week on The Toy Power Podcast, we have Scot Join us once again! &nbsp;He brings a missing person report..... In the form of the Joe football player; The Fridge! &nbsp;Can you believe he is STILL missing?!? &nbsp;But furthermore, we are actually recording in Trent's Toyroom once again!! &nbsp;We have lots of News topics to get through including re-releases of The Real Ghostbusters line with Ecto-1, Fearsome Flush &amp; Bug Eye. &nbsp;Then onto The Loyal Subjects, where they seem to have some great properties, however, there is some controversy that needs to be taken into account before buying them. &nbsp;Just when you thought you had all the Gremlins toys you can want, we see Neca reveal Gizmo in his Pink Sports Car! &nbsp;Then as we change gears its onto Marvel Legends - The Villains Wave - is this an all-in decision for Frank?! &nbsp;Back to Neca as we praise RJ McReady - aka Kurt Russel from The Thing, when he gets the Ultimate treatment in toy form. &nbsp;As indestructible a
21/03/20211 hour 7 minutes 38 seconds
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#212: Vinnie! The Man whom can do ANYTHING!!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we are unfortunately down a TPP member; however, we have a very talented guest with us instead! &nbsp;We are joined with Vinnie Fiorello!! Yep, you might know him as the Drummer from the Punk Band 'Less Than Jake!' &nbsp;But did you also know he is head of: Paper + Plastick!? &nbsp;They produce Designer Toys; and Vinyl Records. &nbsp;Yeah, that's right, we chat with Vinnie at length about his journey from musician to business-man as well as owning a Tattoo shop too! &nbsp;Is there anything Vinne can't do? &nbsp;Well, it certainly seems like he could do anything he sets his mind to. Find out what he collects, and how he formed a relationship with Funko! &nbsp;Is the Ultimate Combo of Toys, Comics &amp; Music possible? &nbsp;Yes, it is! &nbsp;It comes out in the format of: The Inevitables! &nbsp;Be sure to check that out as well, all the while ensuring you are staying close to people named Brian..... &nbsp;Then the last part of the episode, we chat all t
12/03/202155 minutes 21 seconds
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#211: Fight like a BattleCat, Stung by a Bee

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we&rsquo;ve got new toys and TV to talk about! But sadly we are one-person short tonight &ndash; however Frank doesn&rsquo;t sound too unhappy about that&hellip; There&rsquo;s new product reveals from Mattel, NECA and Playmates (so, 2/3 of it is good) With new Masters coming soon, is the great cross-over of GeekDudes and Darren going to end up equalling a streak? The figures look great but there&rsquo;s a problem&hellip; Mythic Legions are at it again with their Masters tributes and tongue twisting names. And the new TMNT LootCrate has been revealed &ndash; who&rsquo;s in? (The answer might surprise you) Then Frank gets his chance to gush about the figures he&rsquo;s been dreaming of for years &ndash; only he&rsquo;s starting with Wave 2 of Super7s TMNT Ultimates. Which one was the surprise packet? Then it&rsquo;s a movi&hellip;err TV review as we cover the finale of WandaVision. Big Spoilers exist in this pocket of the multiverse so be warned. Bonus
07/03/20211 hour 6 minutes 28 seconds
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#210: Stay Classy

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we&rsquo;re two months into 2021 so it&rsquo;s time to take stock and talk about where our collections are at, where they&rsquo;re going and what does it all mean. Ben&rsquo;s story starts out sad, but there is a silver, and even gold lining to it. Did we just coin the phrase BS-Stop? Trent sets himself lofty goals of actually entering his toy room &ndash; did you know there was carpet in that room? Frank&rsquo;s collecting takes a decidedly modern turn but is less actually more? Darren says he&rsquo;s fine tuning before listing 10 toylines he&rsquo;s interested in! Did you know that a ThunderCat is also a boat? Then it&rsquo;s Show and Tell time and we have it all: from great value vehicles, to some of biggest, smallest and &ldquo;first&rdquo; toys ever made from some iconic lines. Prepare your ears for another rendition of Trent&rsquo;s famous Wookie battle cry&hellip; Then we shoutout a couple of projects including our good friend Rob and Jay at Ac
27/02/202155 minutes 36 seconds
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#209: Rad Plastic News

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we bring you all the latest news plus a review of the Rad Plastic Book!!But right at the top our list is information about our local Adelaide Comic &amp; Toy Fair. &nbsp;We have a date! &nbsp;So please clear your schedule on the 7th of April for another awesome event! &nbsp;Next up, we have a teaser pic of Hot Toys Bobba Fett as he appeared in the Mandalorian - Dad Bod Bobba? &nbsp;Staying on that larger-than-life theme - how damn cool are these Muppets from Diamond Select - a beautiful offering of famous characters in their "best of line". &nbsp;Then flipping the coin between Statue &amp; Action Figure we have a new Mortal Kombat - Spawn Dark Ages, but we are struggling to work out what to call it..... &nbsp;Onto news from Neca, we are all quite blown away with the Cartoon TMNT Disguise 4pk. &nbsp;This set really is an ultimate pack; the list of accessories is simply amazing!! &nbsp; Who doesn't like a good Crossover? &nbsp;Well it appears tha
21/02/202158 minutes 3 seconds
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#208: Diamonds and the Gap Year

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, Comic Store worker, Toy Store owner, friend and all-round top bloke Sam Cripps is in the house! But before we enter his world of knowledge, Frank fires off a question without notice &ndash; you get $1000 of toys but there&rsquo;s a catch&hellip; Sam fills us in on what it&rsquo;s like in the comic and toys world in 2021. Are things back to normal or is COVID still causing havok? And remember that DC thing where they split with Diamond &ndash; what happened there? Sams store Nerds Paradise is hitting pause as his life takes some new directions BUT there&rsquo;s plenty of stories and advice from the toy world including some incredible discoveries that should have the big stores running scared! Want to know how to start your own toystore &ndash; Sam tells you how! We round it out with some Reading/Watching/Playing and you NEED to hear Sam&rsquo;s comic recommendations! There&rsquo;s WandaVision chat but no spoilers for the latest ep we promise! Be sure t
14/02/20211 hour 3 minutes 31 seconds
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#207: Latest Shooty Shooty News!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast - we have all the latest news to talk about, and believe me, there is a lot to get through!! &nbsp;First up we have the Fortnite Crossover G.I. Joe. &nbsp;With a playable Snake-Eyes skin to play as in the game plus an Action Figure - is this the perfect synergy combo? &nbsp;Then onto the anniversary nobody asked for - the 50th Anniversary of LucasFilm? &nbsp;- Retro figures of Greedo, Obi-One &amp; Jawa that play beautiful homage to the Original Kenner toys. &nbsp;There is lots to talk about the Hot Toys Batman Forever figures and damn, do they look good!! &nbsp;What is this new Maestro Hulk or Cos-Play Santa Hulk all about?? &nbsp;Rob McCallum is at it again with a new Kickstarter in the works - Faking Filmation. &nbsp;Obviously documenting the efforts of James Eatock &amp; many many others involved in this project. &nbsp;Living up their name - Super 7 teases us with a massive seven new reveals from different properties! &nbsp;It started off as a
07/02/20211 hour 1 minute 31 seconds
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#206: The Wonder Of Indy!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we kick it off with a vintage toy retrospective; because we haven't had one of those for so long!?! &nbsp;This retrospective topic is all about an 80's franchise - an original movie trilogy line - of which the 3rd film was ghosted when it came to the toys! &nbsp;You guessed it; it's all about the Indiana Jones franchise! &nbsp;"You call this archaeology?" &nbsp;Trent puts on his Fedora &amp; cracks the Whip as he speaks in detail about Indy's run with Kenner &amp; then LJN; as well as the more modern run with Hasbro for Crystal Skull. &nbsp;Yes, we actually go there too! &nbsp;Was this the defining point of toy companies realising they must work closely with the movie producers? &nbsp;Where the best toys made &amp; produced or where they may be based on the boring bits? &nbsp;What parts sharing for Harrison Ford were used between Indy &amp; Star Wars?? &nbsp;Just how damn difficult was it to clear the peg warmers from this line - and did this circ
30/01/20211 hour 6 minutes 21 seconds
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#205: The Finger Waggle!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s news day and there&rsquo;s plenty to talk about &ndash; Playmates (remember them?) are suddenly back in the game, The Todd is beginning to look like an Austin Powers villain who likes goooooold! Just how deep is Darren prepared to go for Origins? (This question is brought to you by: Rhetorical!) The big multi-national-corporate monster that is Hasbro actually LISTENS to the fans &ndash; bye-bye Fornite colours! NECA switch it up from all those two-packs and that&rsquo;s a good thing! Then we go back to the wonderful customs John gifted us but this time, out of package &ndash; with one exception&hellip; Then we look at the exciting world of TV and the new hotness of Mando, WandaVision and the future of television. But one of us just needs more, bleakness and less obscurity &ndash; and boy do they get schooled on it!Support the show:<p
24/01/20211 hour 5 minutes 11 seconds
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#204: Opening Bonanza!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s all about opening toys! Are there are none more anticipated than an overseas mystery parcel that has literally been 7 months in the making. Our fave Luxemborgeon has gifted us some amazing pieces that very nearly emotional breaks one of the Toy Power crew. After the stunning start, it&rsquo;s on to some of NECA&rsquo;s finest work &ndash; Our brother-in-arms Davey lends us his new purchase that we get to open on air. These two are best described as &ldquo;babies &ndash; they&rsquo;re BABIES!&rdquo; But do we get hung up on the packaging it comes in? Then it&rsquo;s some imported Bots as we look at the new Transformers R.E.D line &ndash; a line that probably won&rsquo;t come to Aus so get the low down here if it&rsquo;s worth your effort to track down. All that plus the usual hijinks of botched intros, big outlandish statements, our latest scores (Christmas 2020 edition) and controversial quizzes.&nbsp;<a href="
17/01/202156 minutes 58 seconds
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#203: TPP Best Of 2020!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we send a big welcome to 2021 - it's obvious we all partied pretty hard to bring in the New Year; and what better way to celebrate the New Year than look back at 2020?! - We systematically shout out the releases from the year that has just gone by; with assistance from the awesome community, we have built quite a diverse list and formulated it together for your listening pleasure!! &nbsp;Some of the Categories include: Best Movie, Best TV Show, Best - Non-Toy Category, Favourite "pre-2020" Toy Purchase, Best Value Toy, Toy Most Fun to Play With, Best Sculpting, Biggest Toy / Franchise Flop, Biggest Toy Related Suprise, Best Oversized / Giant or BAF Toy, Best Overall Toy Line and of course the question on everyone's mind - what was the Best Action Figure released in 2020?!? &nbsp;Thank you again for all whom voted in these categories, we have such a rich list because of your assistance and it certainly made this episode a heap of fun to create!! &n
10/01/20211 hour 31 minutes 3 seconds
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#202: A Hot Xmas Spectacular!!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we mix things up a little and have Davey intro the show - of which he does a very monotone job of. &nbsp;But have faith, the boring bits have passed already, as we get straight into a chat about the Live Action FernGully film. &nbsp;The good, bad and the ugly. &nbsp;In reflection; I think this entire conversation was made; only so Davey could 'photoshop' our faces on these Smurfs for the cover pic? - of which does not disappoint!! &nbsp;We then get changed into our regular attire for Celebrating Christmas &amp; we present each other with our annual Kris Kringle gifts between us. &nbsp;Who got what &amp; what came from who?? &nbsp;It's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from the Nakatomi building - nor is it Christmas without Darren giving a history lesson about John Martin's! &nbsp;With all this talk of gifts - Trent tells us about how he was invited to the new Lego store and now has a new dilemma and that damn T-Stop spoiling all the fun...! &
19/12/202056 minutes 1 second
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#201: Aussie Accents suuuuuck

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s a Party of Five when Davey Damaged stops by to remind us all how humble he is. Has Hasbro gotten lazy with its latest repaint? And which Marvel character is now forever known as DimSim? There&rsquo;s wishes about Dragons and failed arconyms. Which toy company makes fragile cake toppers? But at least they look cool, right? There&rsquo;s new MisFits (no, not those ones!) and MediCom beat NECA to the Homelander punch, but is that a good thing? Don&rsquo;t cry over spilt milk Boys! New Predator toys that aren&rsquo;t NECA? And they look good!! Ben gives an Xmas spoiler so hope his kids aren&rsquo;t listening&hellip; Of course there&rsquo;s Mando to talk and its &ndash; explosive. More Transformers that don&rsquo;t transform, but we still want them anyway. Then it&rsquo;s a wind up of Ep200. Did we get our own TV show out of it? Or was it truly a Lisa episode?&nbsp;Support the sho
14/12/202045 minutes 16 seconds
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#200: Frank-en-Joes

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s another milestone as we crack episode 200. But whats this ep all about? Well, believe it or not, it&rsquo;s a retrospective on G.I. Joe!! Yes, it&rsquo;s true. Even Frank is here and willing to be involved! But it&rsquo;s far more than meets the eye, we&rsquo;ve got special guests like you won&rsquo;t believe including Guillermo Olivo from the Plastic Crack Documentary; our fave Canadian Colin Betts and all the way back from Episode 65, the one and only Leanne Hannah. They help us along the journey of this legendary toyline all the way from it&rsquo;s origins in 1964 to the modern take and what the future holds for the franchise. So prepare yourself for an episode like no other &ndash; by far the longest we&rsquo;ve ever published but I promise you it&rsquo;s worth it &ndash; especially for Joe fans. And maybe, just maybe Frank even enjoyed it as well. Does all this Yo-Joe goodness change one of the lads minds on collecting? The answer can
06/12/20202 hours 8 minutes
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#199: Dark Death Metal News & Opinions

This week on The Toy Power Podcast we are unfortunately a man down again; but that doesn't stop us from bringing you all the awesome updates on all the latest news topics at hand. First out the gate is all the new Lego Mario sets! Then the Player One version of Sub Zero from Storm Collectables proves that line is just going from strength to strength! Flying through the course is more Star Wars Black series - with a heavy focus on characters from the Mandalorian leading the way. We have Power Con news from the horse's mouth - revealing a brand-new fan influenced toyline with fan votes creating said figures? Back on the track there are two new GI Joe Classified characters - Lady Jaye &amp; Flint -is this a result of course correction? We are all gearing up for the Glam Rock Band: McFarlane with his crew of Dark Knight Death Metal Characters. We stand around Puzzled from other teases such as Silver Hawks as well as Neca teasing: "if you know... you know!" Before the weather - we touch
28/11/202055 minutes 32 seconds
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#198: Mando On Mando Action!

This week on The Toy Power Podcast - it's all about what we have been Reading, Watching &amp; Playing - with a very healthy discussion about the first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2 in the second half of the ep. &nbsp;But first we reflect on what a tremendous time it is for streaming services, comic books and also new consoles hitting the market!! &nbsp;Ben is watching a combination of animated films &amp; Thriller TV shows. &nbsp;Frank talks to the new TMNT Comic -the hype is true!! &nbsp;Darren promotes the Perry Mason series; it seems to have ties to 2020 in more ways than one! &nbsp;Trent is reading some retro picture magazines...... &amp; talks at length on Sci-Fi TV and Pokemon!Then; quite literally half way through the ep; we kick off our discussion on the first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian!! &nbsp;*Warning Spoilers ahead!* &nbsp;We attempt to do an episode-by-episode breakdown; but naturally jump around between eps quite a bit. &nbsp;Frank throw's in a predictio
21/11/202056 minutes 54 seconds
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#197: Return of the Mostachionos

Today on the Toy Power Podcast it&rsquo;s a return to full power as the gangs back together again. But somethings different about all of us right now &ndash;&nbsp;mo(re) magnificence perhaps?&nbsp;There&rsquo;s some new toy news to talk to, with a report from the field thanks to&nbsp;intrepid&nbsp;Mythic Legion reporter John Caulfield.&nbsp;Just how big is 2/5th&nbsp;scale? Is that a thing? How many Moose figures can you name? (Cmon Canada, we&rsquo;re counting on you here!) Mumm-Ra gets the Glow-in-the-dark treatment while Trent&nbsp;regals us with stories about a dishwasher. (I promise it all makes sense) Which of our wives is now a Star Wars convert thanks to The&nbsp;Mandolorian?&nbsp;Then it&rsquo;s Q-and-A time as supplied by the fans:&nbsp;Is Ben stealing Dinos from Trent?&nbsp;What Masters playset is mistaken for a soccer ball? There&rsquo;s eBay success and horror stories as well as those annoying gaps in our collection which are missing accessories.&nbsp;And is the T-stop
15/11/20201 hour 11 minutes 13 seconds
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#196: The Integrity Of Jem!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we are unfortunately down a few members, however, Ben &amp; Darren are joined by Special Guest: Damian aka @Truly_Truly_Truly_Outrageous - Our local Jem &amp; The Holograms expert!! &nbsp;The 35th Anniversary of the Jem property kicked off this year; and we deep dive into what the is happening to celebrate this milestone event. &nbsp;Integrity Toys are certainly leading the march with a second wave of Jem products that are just gorgeous in hand! &nbsp;Listen in &amp; find out how the world has helped get behind this milestone - with makeup, custom outfits, song covers and even signings from the original voice actors! &nbsp;Damian has brought the first two sets of the Integrity Dolls, released as part of the 35th anniversary into our studio, &amp; we study them quite closely pointing out all their great features they offer - including the environmentally friendly aspects! &nbsp;Up And Rockin' Set - Jem &amp; Jerrica - flip side gift-set - which util
08/11/202056 minutes 33 seconds
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#195: News, AFA ep1 and half the power?

Today on the Toy Power Podcast it&rsquo;s a first for the show &ndash; when 2 out of 4 are all you&rsquo;re gonna hear! Ben and Darren take over the ship &ndash; does it immediately start taking on water? Far from it: there&rsquo;s some cool news to help keep them sea-worthy including new LEGO, ReAction and Playmates making Turtles figures that people may ACTUALLY want? Confirmation of a vehicle by NECA (no, not a boat) and GI Joe gets the 1/6 treatment. Off in the distance, just past that island, there&rsquo;s a new Kickstarter that&rsquo;s grabbed our attention by Fox Forge Toys. Then it&rsquo;s onto the real treasure: our sneak preview of Action Figure Adventure. Yes, we&rsquo;ve seen the first episode! Big thanks to Rob McCallum for the scoop so the boys get to find their sea legs talking about something the world has not seen yet. There may also be a pirate signal that interrupts the show at some point&hellip; The dynamic duo wind it up with some Latest Scores and give thanks t
01/11/202054 minutes 19 seconds
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#194: Darren's Distraction!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have our 'Runsheet' ready to go; and then we are immediately thrown off course with a present for Mr. Darren! &nbsp;A very welcomed gift from @webstor83. &nbsp;Our first main topic is around the Masters Of The Universe Origins Toyline. &nbsp;A healthy discussion around USD to AUD price conversion and what we actually think they should sell for in our market Down Under. &nbsp;We also do an analysis of what other toylines cost for a good comparison of value for money. &nbsp;Then we move onto looking at Season 2 of The Boys - *beware*; we do spoil many plot points and such in this review chat. &nbsp;We talk through many of our standout scenes and of course the new character in the 7 - Storm Front - with her Raiden like Powers And all the shock factors of the series, as well as getting our money worth with Amazon Prime. &nbsp;Our final segment is another round of: "Would You Rather" ~ some difficult choices made in this game, but very entertaining
24/10/20201 hour 6 minutes 40 seconds
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#193: Nic from NeMa Studios

Nic - A toy designer from the UK chats to us about his company NeMa Studios and what products he has to offer. &nbsp;From original ideas, and how they come about, all the way through to the sheer dedication one needs to take to create something as cool as this! &nbsp;A very imformative chat around the time lines of design concept to actual manufacturing and all the details inbetween, we certainly get a very interesting peek behind the curtain! &nbsp;Nic makes us all quite jealous with his backstory, of previously working an office job, and now making Toys for a living! &nbsp;We find out about the origins of DuckBoy and his basis in reality; and then onto Novatron - from a simple phone connverstaion to production! &nbsp;Going in with a motto of - a thing that would beat the crap put of HeMan! &nbsp;Nic shares the latest news about Novatron's future in both scales as well as some tips from the pro - if your thinking about entering the toy manufactioring market yourself.Plus we get
18/10/20201 hour 38 seconds
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#192: Adelaide Toy and Comic Fair!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, they said it couldn&rsquo;t be done &ndash; but we had a live in-person toy event in 2020! True story! Before that though, there&rsquo;s some cool news items that dropped including new DinoRiders, an actual Havok Staff and a new Castle Greyskull! We get to see new Turtles from Super7, more Mortal Kombat DLC for Frank to buy but is it Rambo or more Hot Shots? At the Fair, it was first come first served &ndash; do you know the manager? Davey gets out of an awkward hoarding situation while we have a Muscle-for-Hire help us out. Trent sidebars us with stuff about Lego (it&rsquo;s almost like he was on TV for it or something&hellip;) before we learn just how small Adelaide really is! But don&rsquo;t worry, Trent is still managing to practice toy-social distancing. There was gravy, people makin&rsquo; it rain and good ol&rsquo; fashioned tub diving! Who&rsquo;s in for next year? Then there&rsquo;s a question about our intro and where a particular sound bite
11/10/20201 hour 3 minutes 21 seconds
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#191: PulseCon 2020

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we take a look at all things Hasbro as they host their first ever online-event, Hasbro PulseCon. It&rsquo;s full of reveals from some of the biggest brands around: Star Wars, Marvel, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers and Transformers. Do ya think that&rsquo;s enough for one episode??? There&rsquo;s a new HasLabs project to drool over that has already met production numbers. When is a Plasma Series product NOT a Plasma Series? The Ghostbusters are on the case! And what&rsquo;s this &ndash; a NEW Marvel Legends line that Frank DOESN&rsquo;T care about? What is it, opposite day? We&rsquo;re all for paying tribute to old toys on this show but I feel like Hasbro took it too far with the face of one especially popular mutant&hellip; Lots more GI Joes which means, lots more exclusives to find. And do toy companies really just write lore around the toys? They would NEVER do that, right?!? And is strictly Retro always a good thing? Despite being absent this
04/10/20201 hour 9 minutes 57 seconds
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#190: I Don't Want It In The Box; Chris!!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a Heroic episode for you all with a very Special Guest - Mr Chris Wisdom! &nbsp;We have two boxes to open, sent to us by Chris! &nbsp;One is the size of a shoe box, but the other is absolutely enormous!! &nbsp;Some of the items in this unboxing recording are items Chris has picked up for us as a helpful friendly gesture over the course of this year; but some of the items are personalised gifts which have been very tediously chosen for some of us by Chris; and that's where the real surprises come into play!! &nbsp;Chris has some great stories from the journey he had to obtain some of these unique items..... &nbsp;The rest of the unboxing reveals will have to be heard to be believed! &nbsp;Some absolute gems unwrapped- and an enormous THANKYOU to Chris for going out of his way to create this awesome unboxing experience for us! &nbsp;After calming down from the excitement, we start chatting about the Marvel Legends - Age Of Apocalypse - Sugar Man
26/09/202059 minutes 43 seconds
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#189: God Gave Toys too ya

Darren is running the show now and it&rsquo;s in celebration of our first non-Zoom episode since March! Good thing too as there&rsquo;s tons of news that needs a talkin&rsquo; too! Pour one out for ManBat cause McFarlane clearly isn&rsquo;t a fan &ndash; but are we fans of DC marketing team? Marvel Legends seem to have gone COVID appropriate while Aussie&rsquo;s finally get some GOOD news about figure distribution. He who controls the DUNE, controls the box-office dollars (assuming?) and just how many Jason Mamoa figures does Trent own? Are all pirate bad guys because of their eyewear fashion choices? Does the obscure reveals from Megalopolis have a chance in a crowded market? More importantly, what do Barnyard Commandoes smell like? And can we finally stop using the word cessation &ndash; Frank invents the worst acronym for it.&nbsp; There&rsquo;s a new Castle Greyskull but does it pass the Toy Power Test? Ben then brings us back to MicroMachines &ndash; how do the old compare to t
20/09/20201 hour 6 seconds
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#188: Trent is, what now?

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s a bit of everything as we check in on the team to see how are they managing the beast that is 2020. Where are we at with collecting? Trent in particular makes a big call about his future in the hobby &ndash; it sparks a great conversation about the psychology, trails and tribulations of this crazy world we love. And for it all, there is about 3 seconds of respect? Sheesh, tough room&hellip; With all these re-releases of our fave properties, do we all just end up with a room of the same stuff? Can ones toy room ever be TOO full? Does Ben have a DinoRiders problem and how long exactly has Darren been stalking Frank&hellip; Then it&rsquo;s some Reading Watching Playing where the game is not the present &ndash; the TIME to play it is! Ben tries to get us addicted to Monster Energy drinks while Trent produces a new sound effect that might just be as famous as the BOOONG! Next up is Would You Rather with a bevy of tough choices. How many Transfor
13/09/20201 hour 11 minutes 50 seconds
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#187: News and Fandome!!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we start on a sad note, as we pay our respects to the amazing man that was Chadwick Boseman. Then onto the new Gold Label figures from McFarlane Toys. A chase Joker figure with no known background isn't our thing but a retro Dr. Doom with some great accessories certainly is! We geek out over the new TMNT Movie accessories pack, as well as the new Cartoon Diorama. Can you measure the hype when we announce that 'The Boys' get licences for Toys!? Then we cover all things DC Fandome. Video Games, panels without proper trailers like Black Adam, Flash Point. But it's all the more exciting to chat about actual Trailers such as WW84, Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder Cut of the Justice League and The Batman. We round the show out on a high with our latest scores, and needless to say, Neca gets quite a few callouts from all.Support the show: <a href="http
05/09/20201 hour 4 minutes 2 seconds
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#186: Toy Story 5 Revealed!!

This week on Toy Power Podcast, we have Special Guest: ScottyTheToyHunta join us, to share his great insights with us. We kick it off with the usual "Get To Know You" questions. Then our first main topic is all things Toy Story. We go around the room with some standard questions such as: 'Who is our favourite character?' Then we ask the difficult question - rank the films - least favourite to most favourite! Scotty's detailed analysis will certainly make you look at your own rankings again! Do we need a 5th Toy Story Film? Well Scotty has it all mapped out already! We then change gears and chat about Pokemon! How has Pokemon outlasted so many other franchises and continues to stay relevant today. How does the latest Detective Pikachu stack up to a dedicated fan? We then round out the episode with Scotty's evolution of how Pokemon assisted him in running his own bricks and mortar retail store. And, as an extra bonus, a huge congratulations to Scotty and his wife, as shortly after thi
29/08/20201 hour 9 minutes 17 seconds
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#185: Just a Flocking sensation

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s news time and while we peaked right before all those DCFandom reveals, there&rsquo;s still plenty to cover. We check in how our friends Jay and Rob did with the finale of their Action Figure Adventure and we speculate how many Darren actually bought. There&rsquo;s all the PowerCon news that has Darren hyped like it&rsquo;s 1985 all over again &ndash; just don&rsquo;t ask who won the fan-vote (BOOOOO!). The actual April O&rsquo;Neil is actually doing some reporting as NECA confirm what we&rsquo;ve all been waiting for &ndash; but what&rsquo;s the deal with that Super Fiasco Shredder? Are there any winners out of this? Even in the industries darkest hour, Brian Flynn proves to be a shining light while Darren spends up big for his birthday &ndash; the milky-bars are on him! Ben calls out the Hasbro execs for their mash-up ideas as well those collectors who are into decidedly, adult, toys&hellip; Then a pair of exciting reveals as friend of sho
23/08/202056 minutes 51 seconds
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#184: I'm In Love With A Robot!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we are joined with Scotty again! &nbsp;We kick off the ep with a flow on conversation from BTP - 'Characters that Don't Get Enough Love'. &nbsp;We take Splinter as an example and let the conversation flow from there. &nbsp;Shoutouts include: ladies in toys, marketing standpoints, powersets and proposed costume transformations. &nbsp;We also touch on Characters that are over saturated as well. &nbsp;Then we move on to one of our traditional segments of: Show &amp; Tell - we take a close look at Injustice Bane from Storm Collectables, Vintage Prince Adam, The Flying Alien Queen and Super Mutants Leonardo. &nbsp;Then another game, set, match, round of Toy Power Tennis! &nbsp;Some great subjects in this round and probably our longest rally's to date! &nbsp;In closing the show - Frank questions the crew 'would you rather?' with a series of hypothetical scenarios. &nbsp;Also - please don't forget to vote in our Give Away Competition - enter thru our FB p
15/08/202059 minutes 13 seconds
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#183: Home Run or Swing and a Miss?

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, our good friend Scotty stops by to help us get through a few news items. We sift through the rubble of post-SDCC to assess the damage. Did NECA&rsquo;s pre-order method work as we&rsquo;d hoped?&nbsp; There&rsquo;s some great news of a local Aussie talent getting time with the Predator while Super7 heads down the Disney path with some Ultimates figures that capture the magic. Just don&rsquo;t ask about the name of the cloth goods&hellip;. There&rsquo;s Madballs to be purchased and is Mulan set to break records or wallets in this brave new cinema delivery method? Then we head to Cybertron as we do some spoiler-free looks at the new Transformers show on Netflix. Who didn&rsquo;t take a toilet break while watching it? Who is the first to make a Game of Thrones comparison? And the big one: are you buying any of the new toys? We end on a series of shoutouts including the Action Figure Adventure lads, our buddy Paul Klotz and a show first giveaway competiti
09/08/20201 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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#182: Close & Lodged In Everyone's Heart!

Today on Toy Power Podcast we are joined by not just one, but two special guests both Davey &amp; Casey! &nbsp;And let me warn you they certainly bring along a lot of laughs for this episode! &nbsp;Casey is asked the usual initiation questions, whilst Davey is asked about his redeeming qualities..... &nbsp;and the Toy Power lads are given a stern warning within the first 5 mins. &nbsp;The first topic off the rank is all about Fast Food Toys - and let's face it, everyone was exposed to these in one form or another! &nbsp;We go around the room with nostalgic memories of our personal favourite toys through the ages as well as hunting these toys down. &nbsp;Darren phone-in's thru the drive thru bay as he aims for a new show sponsor. We touch on the quality and collectability of these juggernaut toy lines; with their heavy hitting - well known properties, especially movie companies - marketed at kids versus the fast food inhouse promotional characters, plus the fashion behind them too! &
02/08/202059 minutes 34 seconds
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#181: SDCC 2020 aka Shuttup and Take My Money!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, our fave event may not have happened, but there is SO much still to talk about! All the big (and small) players have been dropping their reveals and we are frothin&rsquo;. Is Glow-in-the-dark the new black? Which character is defying gravity while another fills a VERY big gap in the roster. There&rsquo;s new Joes &ndash; aaaaand 3 out of 4 ain&rsquo;t bad. Is Mer-Man tripping? Who will get violent if the fan-vote doesn&rsquo;t go their way? Is it a bat or a shield? Best looking Batman ever? (Not you Clooney!) Whats the WWWE? (Not a typo) And if you ship toys, why not start making your own? And as always, we&rsquo;ve got our hands ready on the famous sound bite &ndash; what will we choose? We also shoutout our new fave show &ndash; Yes Have Some podcast. If bustin&rsquo; makes you feel good, look &lsquo;em up!Support the show: <a href="htt
26/07/20201 hour 24 minutes 14 seconds
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#180: Who watches the retailers?

Today on the Toy Power podcast, we get real for a bit as we attempt to break down the state of the collecting world, 18 months since the exit of Toys R Us. It&rsquo;s a chat mainly based around the suffering of our US friends as in a weird twist of fate, these toys are mostly easily available here in Aus&hellip; Whats the role of the retailer and do they even care? Whats the meaning behind an exclusive? Do they have it black? And if not WalMart or Target, where does a collector go? Then it&rsquo;s onto the Watchmen TV show &ndash; and we can&rsquo;t stop gushing about it. Trent even screams in delight at one particularly gruesome scene. We break down just why this reboots stands alone above all others &ndash; are you paying attention ThunderCats Roar? And whats with the egg? Did Trent finally pronounce JJ&rsquo;s name correctly? And in what looks like the start of a new thing, find out how Frank went with his hunt for the rogue figure in his toy room&hellip;<a href="http://pa
19/07/20201 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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#179: WORLD EXCLUSIVE (like, for reals)

Today on the Toy Power Podcast it&rsquo;s news time before we get started, we get gate-crashed by our fave Canadian (Sorry Justin Trudeau) the one and only Mr. Rob McCallum. He&rsquo;s back to tell us the latest on his amazing doco Action Figure Adventure &ndash; but this is no puff piece. He reveals information literally no-one outside of the project knows yet : the full list of pieces set to be auctioned on the show! And it is an insanely good list &ndash; you can tell this by the amount of octaves Trent&rsquo;s voice goes up with each reveal. Also a shoutout to the Mythic Legions fans: you are most definitely the best type of fan out there! *bows* After that there&rsquo;s more news from around the toy-verse including a new Predator with some real wow-factor packaging, the Turtle return in both film AND to the concert stage (yes &ndash; it&rsquo;s THAT version of the Turtles), more symbii-otes (*shakes fist at Sony*), a passing of the torch at Dark Horse, a new Batwoman and Homela
11/07/20201 hour 9 seconds
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#178: Boo Hoo Betty and JT?

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we&rsquo;re joined by another of our American friends Mr. Chris Wisdom. He lived our dream by working in a toy store back in the day &ndash; but was it everything we imagined? Chris takes us through the highs, lows and the wacky experiences he saw during his time. We get distracted by some of the economics of toys and discuss just how hard it is to order toys in the modern era. But what caused the downfall of KB? It&rsquo;s not a great business model&hellip; Then we dial back the clock even further and all go through our top 5 toys from childhood. There&rsquo;s some great variety in here with some stories involving family drama, chumps and some suspect generosity from Bens parents&hellip; &nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
05/07/20201 hour 10 minutes 9 seconds
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177: Discovering A New Species Of Dinosaur!

This new episode of the Toy Power Podcast is specially dedicated to Mr. C. Fresh. &nbsp;We have a heavy news filled episode for you starting off with Super 7 reveals; we now have the four brothers, or do we? A life sized Deadpool head that talks and has appeal! &nbsp;Who is a Rattle Snake Ring really aimed at? &nbsp;Is this the new way to go? Transformers that don't transform, - and what ideas do Frank &amp; Ben have for this line? &nbsp;Mad-balls &amp; Barnyard Commandos hitting those nostalgic feels just perfectly &amp; a ton of G.I. Joe Classified news including variants that don't actually exist! &nbsp;Pimp Daddy, Tiger King wanna be's with references to the Simpsons cartoon written all over it. We have listings that we are excited about and a bit more confirmation about the Joe Retro line.... Plus a reveal of a well know Sargent from Valaverse. &nbsp;Mafex DC &amp; Marvel reveals plus the real reason behind their cost. &nbsp;Star Wars reveals in both 6 and 3.75inch - including
28/06/20201 hour 17 minutes 14 seconds
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#176 Gilly's Good Journey!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we have the a very Special: Guest Guillermo Olivo! &nbsp;He is responsible for the amazing Plastic Crack Documentary! &nbsp;Growing up as a huge Star Wars fan, he revisits his experience as a kid walking into the Empire Strikes Back Film and how another kid walked out! &nbsp;Gilly is a true Diorama and Scene Specialist, even from the young age of 10! &nbsp;We talk all things Bounty Hunter, cinema shots &amp; even cover special Star Wars languages. &nbsp;Gilly may boast an outstanding Tatooine Diorama in his collection, but how does that translate to praise on our end and do we really sound like Thor? &nbsp;So how exactly does the GI Joe Flagg resonate with Gilly, and what was the Catalyst &amp; Journey behind S1 Plastic Crack Documentary? &nbsp;We ask Gilly about Plastic Crack S2 and get exlusive info that it will be International focused; plus exclusive talk for future doco segments and some filler media in the works! &nbsp;Bring it on!! &nbsp;Then w
21/06/20201 hour 12 minutes 21 seconds
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#175: Battle of the Bands

Today on the Toy Power Podcast it&rsquo;s a big showdown week &ndash; which news headline is bigger and badder than the last? All the BIG names are here &ndash; Andre the Giant, King Kong, The Queen of the Undead and even NEWMAN!? There&rsquo;s some pleasant updates for fans of Turtles as some of NECA&rsquo;s most famous work gets a little easier to find. Then it&rsquo;s another clash of the titans as it&rsquo;s DC vs Diamond. What does this mean for your local store? We get an inside word from an expert. Not big enough for you? How about 4-way rumble as it&rsquo;s Batman vs Batman vs Batman vs Batman (not a typo). Is there such thing as too much Batman? The Todd doesn&rsquo;t think so. But then these Dark Knights combine (or do they?) to take on another metal band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!&nbsp; Next on the card is apathy vs Playmates (A one-sided contest if ever I saw it!) And finally, the long awaited title fight: PS5 vs Xbox StupidName-X! Who has the best memes? Along
15/06/20201 hour 8 minutes 12 seconds
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174: Questioning The Checklists!

Today, the team start off by answer the hypothetical question - which Playset would be the most exciting to see explode!? &nbsp;Then we take a sharp turn into how to go about discovering a new toy line! &nbsp;Just how deep is the Loony Toons rabbit hole? &nbsp;This question actually perfectly leads into our next topic which is all about Toy Checklists! &nbsp;We run through the many different versions around the room and speak at length about digital vs hard copy; can't we just have both? &nbsp;Unofficial vs official endorsement versions and if endorsed by the parent company do we then need a lawyer for said checklist!? &nbsp; If we where to create a checklist guide - what would we want - and what amazing idea has Frank got for it? &nbsp;On the digital front, what websites are out there and what apps are available? Best place for IDing toys and items? &nbsp;It's all covered in this episode; as we all know that ~ "knowing is half the battle".<a href="
07/06/202054 minutes 41 seconds
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#173: Toy Power Tennis!

It&rsquo;s News Day and boy is there a lot to get too! There&rsquo;s Moon Knight and a girthy Daredevil but that&rsquo;s nothing compared to one massive leg. There&rsquo;s chat around Mafex vs Legends while Streets of Rage makes a comeback in toy/videogame form. Hot Toys are accused of using small blue workers to get the perfect face, while over at Black Series, there is a decided introduction of colour. Bye-bye numbering system, hello incomplete artwork! And don&rsquo;t forget fish-guy! Go-go-Gadget is back but will we be reaching our extendable arms to grab it? Tweeterhead step into the Sideshow MOTU void but you have to ask, which head is better? McFarlane are actually able to produce a figure with no paint and it totally works! But how? There&rsquo;s juicy tidbits from another Pixel Dan/Brian Flynn interview and of course, we can&rsquo;t avoid the huge story that is The Snyder Cut. PS: We totally know what&rsquo;s going to be in it! Trent tries to convince you that inversions ar
31/05/20201 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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#172: It was Eric from Toy Island with the sewing kit!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, the lads delve back into some of the listener questions &ndash; and somehow they seem to get harder! (That&rsquo;s what she said (Sorry, watching a lot of The Office at the moment)) What are some of our holy grails and what are the factors that push us over the edge, price, seeing it upclose, planets aligning &ndash; and yes, Trent tells the Blank story, just one more time! Does the Ben Squeal make another appearance? Can sowing lessons save Frank money? Patreon Trenton&rsquo;s loss is someone elses gain! Which of fave properties is in desperate need of a reboot? Then it&rsquo;s decision time: banish a line from your collection. Darren&rsquo;s choice, begs some questions&hellip; Speaking of, Darren plays quiz master in a return of the Toy Power Quiz. It&rsquo;s all about some of his fave properties. And dates. Lots of committed-to-memory-dates. We round it out with some dream future picks in the growing NECA Turtles army&hellip;<a href="http://
25/05/202056 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

#LM05: Curse of the Yellow Demon!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we take our look at the amazing LEGO Masters Season that was. In celebration we rope in a few special guests with Davey returning and Trent&rsquo;s teammate Josh joining the fun! We cover the highs and lows of Trent and Josh&rsquo;s journey and find a little bit more behind the scenes look at the shenanigans that don&rsquo;t get put to air.&nbsp; There&rsquo;s some analysis of the will-they-won&rsquo;t-they nature of Trent and Hamish&rsquo;s relationship, a Dick Dynasty Rap, a pledge to split the prize money with a non-functioning UFO and even an appearance by George Michael from his WHAM! days. Trent&rsquo;s social demographic investigation has to be heard to be believed but it does concur with the Wonderbread voting &ldquo;system&rdquo;. All our bias aside, what build captured our hearts across the whole season? And prepare for the inevitable spin-off shows, coming soon to a DVG near you&hellip;<a href="" rel=
21/05/202051 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

#171: A literal Bad Orko

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we are (mostly) back in the studio as the world (slowly) returns to normal. Pandemic or no, there is still plenty of toy news to get through! Do YOU like buying figures without seeing them first? Apparently NECA thinks a lot of people do &ndash; but do We? (The answer is shocking!) There&rsquo;s more Marvel-ous reveals, a big slab of plastic (also known as a floating blue head), double putty action and erm, RoboCop?!?! What even IS this episode!? NECA look to take more and more of our money including new licenses that have Darren feeling all the love. There&rsquo;s some big changes from LEGO and even DUNE (yes, that Dune). Trent finally confesses something we&rsquo;ve joked about for a long time and we get a look at the new Batman. Then our new Patreon David Bond delivers the good word on the early arrival of the new G.I.Joe Classified toys. (Does it change Franks mind?) It&rsquo;ll be 2021 before we see them so massive thanks to David for his awesome
17/05/20201 hour 4 minutes
Episode Artwork

#LM04: The One Before the Finale One!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, LEGO-MANIA reaches fever pitch as we review the penultimate episodes before finals week. And what better way to do this than from a Galaxy Far Far Away as we talk about the Star Wars build. But it wasn&rsquo;t the Lego that everyone smiling &ndash; it was Trents amazing reactions that captured the nations hearts and minds. Couple that with his flawless quiz answers and is it too early to say he is the Chosen One? But don&rsquo;t forget Josh and his ability to mimic all that he sees&hellip; We were all having so much fun, did they forget to announce a winner? Prepare yourself for MouthGate 2020 as the most controversial and tiny piece of Lego threatens to bring our boys undone! Then we dive under da sea in a challenge that the builders actually DID manage to predict! But what on earth happens from here? Does Trent spill the beans? Or do we just wildly and inaccurately speculate?? Thanks to @koncrete_bricks for the amazing cover art for this ep!<
13/05/202026 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

#170: You’ve been – Thunderstruck!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we answer some listener submitted questions and oh boy &ndash; we did NOT anticipate this virtual Pandoras&rsquo; box of anguish we would open! There&rsquo;s everything from your own superhero origin story (complete with copyright infringements, time machines and amateur theatre??) before we just go all out bonkers and detail our own toy-spewing magic portal. Did Trent get a MOTU release date wrong? Never fear &ndash; Darren is here! Then it&rsquo;s the hardest question ever &ndash; you can delete one Michael Bay reboot, but the other is all that remains. Our answers might surprise you and lead to the rise of Rock Lords?!? Then it&rsquo;s State of the Nation time as we all touch base and how we are doing personally, but also as collectors in these trying times. Sometimes, even we have to admit there is something bigger in the world than just toys. Also Trent gets a New Idea &ndash; but does he actually make a Womans Day? You decide!<a href="htt
11/05/20201 hour 7 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

#LM03: I call Bull!

Today it&rsquo;s another mini-ep as we talk about the latest episodes of LegoMasters Australia to hit our screens. When is 3D not-so 3D and when is over and under, less so? It&rsquo;s all about the interpretation folks! Trent gives us the scoop of what it felt like to be in that room as Jay and Stani returned. Thought their cowboy Lego face was good &ndash; wait till you hear what Brickman has to say about the artform! Just between us, I think he&rsquo;s forgotten about the most famous rabbit of them all&hellip; How much of an advantage IS the Jordy Brick, truly? Also Frank is terrible with names, Ben describes a particular face with extreme prejudice and we look ahead to the future challenges &ndash; Star Wars and Underwater &ndash; with one of the most outrageously memorable reactions from our boy Trent.Support the show: omnys
06/05/202026 minutes 34 seconds
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#169: I pity da news, fool!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s time for the newscycle with toys from all across fandom &ndash; The Todd&rsquo;s Spawn kickstarter knows no limits, NECA show off their Metalhead in gorgeous anti-fence-sitting detail and even Battle of the Planets gets some love. There&rsquo;s a Final Fantasy VII shoutout to our boy Scotty and we talk to possibly the most expensive single item ever mentioned on the show &ndash; a legit life-size Alien. Sure hope James Cameron is up to the task&hellip; There&rsquo;s Super7 news after Brian Flynn&rsquo;s interview with Pixel Dan and we speculate on a few organizational things. And does Brian have wings of silver, nerves of steel? A new Transformers movie but this time ANIMATED by the people that brought you Toy Story? For reals??? Then it&rsquo;s back to the 80s with the Galoob and the all-conquering A-Team. BA, Face, Hannibal and that other guy are all here. Plus explosions and guns. Lots of them. Ben mistakes an action hero with a comedy s
03/05/202059 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

#LM02: Are you Kevin Eastman?

Today on our second LEGO Masters special ep, we cover the 2 most recent episodes and marvel at this wonderful world of pure imagination. Step aside A Current Affair, this is the only headline we wanna watch! There&rsquo;s micro-scale builds, crazy new challenges and even a LEGO udder?? (not a typo) And in an industry first, we get to watch a reality TV show that DOESN&rsquo;T involve backstabbing, a villain or potty language. Unless you factor in Trent and his &ldquo;not regulation girth&rdquo;. While there is lots of focus on the builders, we wonder how the poor cleanup crew are sleeping at night after having to un-do and sort aaaaaalll those bricks. Will someone think of the children!?!?! We speculate on the upcoming episodes and what craziness awaits as Trent finally achieves a life long dream &ndash; positive schoolyard recognition!Support the show: <a href="https:/
30/04/202023 minutes 44 seconds
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#168: Tell us a story Brett!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we have another special guest this time from our hometown in Mr Brett Owen. Known throughout Adelaide as the host of one of our favourite pop-culture events, we muse on what could have been in a non-COVID world. Finding out more about a 10-year old Brett automatically makes him Franks fave, while Trent gets all flustered about the best way to film dinosaurs. So why put yourself through the stress of organizing such an event? Because Bretts a big softie and just loves the community too damn much! But there are some perks like a MOTU purchase tale that just keeps getting better. As a comics guy Brett wows the team with breadth of knowledge, passion and a staggering collection that is library worthy. How does he keep track of it all? Where do you stop (or don&rsquo;t) and what&rsquo;s his craziest find?&nbsp; Then we chat around the Diamond closure, what does this means for the industry and the big one: Digital vs Physical books? Sorrynotsorry for trigge
26/04/20201 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#LM01: LegoMasters Special

EMERGENCY: Trent has been on TV and we need to talk about it! Join us for a quick recap of LegoMasters Australia eps 1 - 3 as we get the scoop from our man on the inside. Just what was going through his head at THAT moment? Who do we think are the eventual winners? (other than Trent!) It's the first of our weekly bite-sized eps as we recap Trents crazy building adventure to popularity!&nbsp;Support the show: for privacy information.
25/04/202041 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

#167: Packages, Phil and Purchases

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, Phil from Philly joins us on the show and we nearly veer off the cliff into Mad Max and US Politics. Ben perhaps over-shares just a little&hellip; Toy Power gets a mention on Vurbul as one of the best shows to listen too: but who else made the list? Trent unleashes Davey the Attack Dog as the social media for Lego Masters ramps up! Lego also pivot to make visors for first responders (though Franks imagination takes it in a different direction), we talk to The Todds ultra successful Kickstarter and a couple of other headlines. But the real surprises are from some very generous overseas Patreons @DeltaChamelon and Colin Betts. What did they send us? We might get a little carried away and forget to call things out on air but trust us, it&rsquo;s amazing! Phil then sells us on Animal Crossing and SOMEone takes the plunge into their own island paradise on air &ndash; who was it?? Find more of Phil including his new show Nooks Tavern @imaginarynomad<
19/04/20201 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#166: Send us the bill, Jay Bartlett!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we chat the other half of the Action Figure Documentary and our new favourite Canadian (sorrynotsorry Rob) the face of Nintendo Quest, Jay Bartlett! We learn a little bit more about this collecting madman and open with the big one: What is your favourite video game? Jay takes us on a trip down Nostalgia Avenue complete with its array of stars &ndash; BlackStar, Crystar, BraveSt&hellip;. You get the idea. We go off the rails a little as the topic of the 1986 Transformers Movie comes up &ndash; how did we all handle the trauma and who hasn&rsquo;t fully recovered? Jay shares his thoughts on everything from his 80s vs 90s toys, the current state of beloved Star Wars, games vs toys and even what Trent should do with his Blank figure&hellip; But most of all we try to tease info from him about the upcoming Action Figure Documentary and what secrets await. Don&rsquo;t panic Rob, Jay done good with the no spoiler-talk, though he did educate us on the horror th
13/04/20201 hour 1 minute 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

#165: Fabulous secrets are revealed…

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we start with a HUGE secret that has been burning a hole in our collective pockets since 2019. Where was Trent REALLY during his &ldquo;time away for work&rdquo; And what behind the scenes stories and secrets can we finally talk about? No spoilers here but suffice to say, there are some crazy tales involving state rivalries, a twice broken Rocksteady and VPNs&hellip; Just quietly - we sure hope Trent f*#@ing wins it! Then it&rsquo;s onto news and none bigger than Diamond stopping shipping of all new product &ndash; what does this mean for the comics industries and our beloved toys? We hear from those affected in our friends Sam Cripps and Gamma Ray Comics. In a huge pivot, Mattel are during their bit to help the world in this time of need. There&rsquo;s a new GI Joe reveal &ndash; but will Frank buy it? SH FigurArts give us their take on Batman &ndash; but how many did Darren buy? ThunderCats, more McFarlane DC reveals, Q-Figs do TMNT and just who is
05/04/20201 hour 11 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

#164: Real Toys have Curves

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, the boys catch up with our American brotha Mr Chris Wisdom and Trent has lined him with an entrance song and a familiar voice he was probably hoping to escape&hellip; The Soapbox is dusted is off and makes a welcome return as we swing hard and wide at all things toys and retail related. Even in the US, the fabled She-Ra toys seem hard to find but what are they up against in todays market? Is Chris&rsquo;s wife a paradox? Ben discovers a brother-in-arms as Chris takes us down a Dragon-Ball-filled memory lane with guest spots for Young Justice, Bluey and Baby Yoda. Then it&rsquo;s time for the hard facts with Frank: Just where did the wheels start to fall off the Star Wars bandwagon? Is the tomato-meter a factor? Then it&rsquo;s Quiz time only this one only has one participant : Just how well does Chris know his Toy Power? Is Ben&rsquo;s mum the reason he drinks? Darkwing Duck inspires respect while Where&rsquo;s Wally inspires a grammatical war of word
29/03/20201 hour 15 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

#163: Not even my final form!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we address the elephant in the room. Or more to the point, we&rsquo;re NOT in the room as we try this whole &ldquo;social distancing&rdquo; craze. How has it impacted us in our professional lives, our toy collecting and the pop culture space in general? Check out our recommendations from the education, social services, retail and unemployment sectors. Darren gives us a quick history lesson before a technical hitch cuts us down to three. But hey hey, it&rsquo;s ok, don&rsquo;t leave just yet &ndash; we bring it back to the fun stuff cause dammit, we could all do with some of that right now! There&rsquo;s a new Shredder from NECA and now we all have to buy it! But what else does NECA have in their LootCrate pipeline? Check those subscriptions people! And then there&rsquo;s LEGO and Mario &ndash; what could go wrong? As it happens, quite a bit&hellip;. Lots of Batman to talk about as Tamashi Nations joins the Burton-verse. We all know Tony Stark has a ha
23/03/20201 hour 17 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

#162: The Fantastical Review of the Movie About Harley Quinn and the Rag Tag Team including a Cynical Police Detective, Crime Fighter, Singer with the Doppler effect for a Power and Oddly Named Pick-Pocket who we hope never becomes part of the Bat-Family!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the boys unbox the latest NECA TMNT emerald green variants. Are THESE how you remember the cartoon? Has NECA struck gold by including simple printed pack-ins! And how cold does a pizza in an open pizza box get if its made out of plastic? We break it all down for you and work out which one you would choose if you could only buy one set (a fantastical world, granted, but you gotta suspend disbelief for this segment) AND the next segment too! Yep its time to dive into the new Harley Quinn movie, which has us all a little confused as to what we should call it. A super cool female team up? An underwhelming underwhelmy not so whelming masses pleasing superhero romp? You decide... from hair-ties in fights, to face peeling, hyena hijinx - we break down and conclude its all really batsh!t crazy after all.&nbsp; And then its a deep dive into the state of the boys toy collections after all the glitz and glamour of NY20. Who's getting what, and what needs to m
17/03/20201 hour 2 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

#161: McFarlane - All tassels, no hassles.

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, there&rsquo;s a couple of burning news stories from the world of fandom we have to touch on &ndash; is Origins coming to Aus or isn&rsquo;t it? Mattel won&rsquo;t tell! Teenage Mighty Morphin &ndash; Turtles? And our first look at the newest Batmobile &ndash; we think&hellip;. But now it&rsquo;s time for the main event: DC Multiverse by McFarlane. No we didn&rsquo;t dive in and buy (at least not yet) so we got friend of the show Mr Scotty back on to show off his latest purchase. But the first test is: can Trent bring himself to open one??? We cover it all the accessories to paint, flight stands and some questionable articulation. We all had our impressions going into this, but did having them in hand change our minds? While Toy Power IS an all ages show, you might need to do some explaining to your kids about Nightwings real name &ndash; cause our banter is total juvenile! (DVG eat your heart out!) Can Ben add up to 100%? Is the BAF Batmobile a good o
08/03/20201 hour 22 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

#160: Jem is my name!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by a special guest and fellow SA collector Damien. He&rsquo;s a rare breed of collector who manages to keep his passion for one line and one line only: the 80&rsquo;s classic Jem and the Holograms! It was a time of flashing earrings, shoulder pads and face-paint so Damien takes us through the brand from conception at Hasbro to production. What famous show (beyond on her own) was Jem attached too? Was she even called Jem to begin with? We love figures with multiple accessories, but Jem takes it to another level with a staggering amount of outfits in a dizzying amount of colours. But is it all about the fashion, or the music? Or the Keytar?? Learn about the 80s corporate espionage and subterfuge that was Jem vs Barbie &ndash; it was big big money, so much so, one former employee banked some serious coin: and it might not be who you think! Can you have a love-triangle with two people? Hey, it was the 80s&hellip; We also get to peek at some
01/03/20201 hour 42 seconds
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It hasn&rsquo;t even been a week since our last episode but here we are! We held an emergency session to cover the biggest toy event of the year, New York Toy Fair 2020! There&rsquo;s so so SO much to cover and it&rsquo;s a super extended episode to match! All of our favourites are there, as well some suprises, disappointments, show winners and losers. Baby Yoda brings the cuteness at a reasonable price, Avatar swoops in and Transformers confirms we are all &ndash; innocent. We recount an old episode and Frank&rsquo;s Days of Future Prediction in the Marvel Universe. Ben finds a new BOOYA while we all speculate about a future HasLabs project. Wonder Woman is here with new Tim-verse from a re-re-named company? Mezco have Darren&rsquo;s attention while Trent joins the Bronie-verse as a Spirit Human! How much does it cost to ship some foam? Frank ain&rsquo;t afraid of no ghost! Oh and all these companies we mention &ndash; guess what: they OWN US. Ben wants his kids to be Ghostbusters
26/02/20201 hour 45 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

#159: Robot Anatomy Analysis

This week on Toy Power it's not quite NYTF (but don't worry, we'll definitely get to all that toy goodness). But there's still a lot of pre-New York news to delve into. Is Dino-Riders getting a re-boot? Yes. Does it have Dino's? You betcha!!! Can you afford it? Probably not. We get a tease into what the G.I. Classified line has to offer, with the very first reveal of everyone's favorite talkative Ninja: Snake Eyes. And he even gets Frank's tick of approval (and your new ring-tone!). There's MOTU: Revelations casting news that has Darren skipping down the mall singing at the top of his voice (and on an unrelated note, the Mall's never been so uninhabited!) Thanos gets a new figure that your going to be so happy the team over at Mezco decided to click into existence, and the new Two-Face that has so many accessories he might as well be called Fifty-Face! Some delicate observations of a minor "flaw" with the new Masterpiece Arcee, that has some of the strangest descriptions of robotic-
23/02/202057 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#158: Lords of Power & Wisdom

Today on the Toy Power Podcast the boys jump into the *latest news. From Super7's TMNT ULTIMATES wave 2 which has more guts than most toys, we find out that Shredder has been to a pretty good chiropractor since 1988 and got his back sorted. Also, when you are a company that's all about paying homage to an original figure, that means replicating the good, and the erroneous! Seeing some glorious Thundercats statues brings out the best (and worst) in Trent, as we find out he's still suffering from PTTRD (Post Traumatic Thundercats Roar Disorder). Find out when a BAF is not a BAF (and the most philosophical question of all... if you don't have to build it, is it still a BAF?!?!) Mystic Legions goes all ALL STARS 3.0 (and sneaks in a but of Imp-on-a-stick goodness), we get some PowerCon teaser silhouettes which delight and excite (and no, it's got nothing to do with Austin Powers and an umbrella!) and there's even some leaked MOTU lists that have us both hyped and scared. An Australian P
16/02/20201 hour 14 minutes 22 seconds
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#157: Rob McCallum - The Guest takes over!

Today on the Toy Power podcast the boys are joined by another international guest from the friendliest place on earth (you heard me New Zealand!) with renowned filmmaker Rob McCallum. Known for Nintendo Quest, a MOTU doco and much more, Darren kicks it all off with the longest intro every received on the show. Rob fills us in on his latest film making adventure that is days away from completion: Action Figure Adventure. &nbsp;This amazing 10-ep show is already fully funded on Kickstarter but there is more to be done &ndash; and Trent throws out a challenge to YOU the listener! Prove the Australia does exist! Along the way Rob talks more broadly about film making, his pop culture passions and how not-grown-up he is. The list of special guests will make your head spin and if that&rsquo;s not enough, the truly humanitarian outreach of this doco will melt your plastic heart. We also learn about Rob&rsquo;s dream project, the price of doing business, The Wiggles, Duckburg ,Wikipedia all
08/02/20201 hour 1 minute 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

#156: Colin's Catalog(ue) Collection

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we welcome another international guest all the way from Canada, Mr Colin Betts! While he's a Patreon and passionate toy collector he also delves into a oft-forgotten world of Toy Catalogues. But these aren't the small paper ones you get with your toys, these are big retail tomes sent by Hasbro, Mattel etc to help sell their wares in a time before PDFs! Colin gives us the history, some wonderful stories and tricks of the trade when it comes to these important historical documents. Some might be cut-out, some might be smelly or eve tattoo'd but they all form a wonderful tapestry of the toys we love - and even the toys that never were! Oh what could have been.... Colin then puts on his economics hat with a 3min break down of what makes the toy industry great and bad that will melt your face! Follow him and all that he does on IG @fairplaythings and @toycatalogmemories. Also check out his friends show http://pleasesavem
04/02/202059 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

#155: The Trent Monologues

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the boys are all back together (albeit one fashionably late entrance!). That's right Trent is back, and he's missed you all so much he's got a monologue prepared - a snappy summary of all the toy goodness and nerd rage that's built up over his last 3 months in exile. Did he manage to cast the ring into the fires of Mt Doom? How hard is it to sculpt seagull crap on a figure? And how does hearing a small cartoon Thundercat roar turn Trent into the embodiment of Walter Matthau? Tirade over and it's on to the latest news. Neca raises the bat for a herculean effort, and it pays homage to Jean Claude Van Damme's best role to remain firmly on the cutting room floor. Funko reneges on Buzz-Off being the last POP to be done in the Masters of the Universe styling, with a bevy of new characters including the first 10-inch treatment for one bone-head. And its time to see what other colours are available for Black Widow figures. We know you guessed white... but
26/01/20201 hour 18 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

#154: Question Time on Crack!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we continue where we left off with MORE of your great questions. And the first one is an absolute time-travelling doozy. So much so, Frank may have alienated our entire US fan-base in one foul swoop&hellip; #controversy&nbsp; We then take a call from a major business meeting and Ben is up to the board-room challenge.&nbsp; Can a one winged-dragon still fly? Does Frank have any original thoughts, or is he just a Ben clone? Most of the questions ask us to choose which means &ndash; you guessed it &ndash; Darren struggles to pick a side! Our story of lost or broken toys might just break your heart &ndash; but it&rsquo;s OK cause we get to combine two villains and Ben is all about that!&nbsp; What famous toy-gods would we like to meet? We get so caught up in the madness and hilarity of these questions, we never even got to talk about the toys we brought in!Support the show: http://patreon.c
20/01/20201 hour 12 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

#153: McFarlane and Mic Drops

Today on the Toy Power podcast, it&rsquo;s a new year and there&rsquo;s new DC &ndash; and lots of it! McFarlane and SpinMaster kick of the year with a host of new reveals and we dive into all detail and rampant opinions. We explain what a C2B is and make some assumptions about Trent&rsquo;s buying habits on this line. But there&rsquo;s a spanner in the works and thy name is blind bagged! There&rsquo;s new Power Rangers to talk too and thankfully, Hasbro has learnt the lessons of SOTA lines past&hellip; We hope/assume/pray to the Sorceress that Mattel has a plan! More TMNT ReAction figures but did they reveal more than intended? And did Ben just reveal more than HE intended? If you thought Deathlatron was cool wait till you hear Nemar Studios next project. It&rsquo;s then time for some Listener write-in questions. This was so popular we had to split it across two episodes! What does Toy Power do for real-life work? What is Darren&rsquo;s guilty TV pleasure? Did we just invent Uber-C
13/01/20201 hour 10 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

#152: Star Wars Double Feature!

2020 has only just begun but there is already so much Star Wars to talk about! So much so that the guys decided to call in an expert from a galaxy far far away in Marty!&nbsp; We hit him up with the usual Toy Power questions but not before he hits Frank with an absolute zinger!&nbsp; Then it&rsquo;s Rise of Skywalker time to see just what we all thought about the latest (and final) chapter in the Skywalker saga. Did JJ pull it off and stick the landing? How the heck do you wrap up a 42 year storyline? Which one of us is &ldquo;one of those guys on the internet&rdquo; with an unpopular opinion?&nbsp; What did we think of THAT cameo and how do Power Rangers tie into the mythology? Marty confesses to having lost his love for the franchise &ndash; did this movie help or hinder that? Goes without saying there be spoilers ahead&hellip;&nbsp; Then it&rsquo;s a shift into hyperspace as we look at the other new Star Wars in The Mandalorian. Are we the target audience?&nbsp; Marty takes us th
06/01/20201 hour 2 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

#150: Toy Awards of 2019 + SURPRISE guest!

We made it &ndash; we actually made it. For some reason you all keep listening so we&rsquo;ll keep on making it! Our good friend and 5th podcaster Davey joins us for this milestone ep where we look back over the year that was and dish out some awards. But hold on, what&rsquo;s this?? *GASP* who is our SURPRISE guest???&nbsp; In this celebration, there are no rules as we throw the timer out the window in this extended episode. There&rsquo;s loads of categories to get through and a whole bunch of your feedback to shoutout &ndash; what was the best movie, best show, most fun toy and many more including the big one &ndash; the single best toy of 2019. Despite our growth some things remain the same: Darren struggles to pick one while Davey stirs the pot &ndash; in particular the Star Wars pot. What does Frank&rsquo;s video game choice say about him? Is Davey planning a spin-off Toy Power show? How many awards can one Shredder toy win? Which toy line is classed as the coriander of 2019? &
15/12/20191 hour 46 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

#149: COPPA this Ben Solo!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we tackle a serious topic that is making waves on YouTube &ndash; The COPPA laws and the flagging of content designated as &ldquo;For Kids&rdquo;. Whether you&rsquo;re a video channel veteran or just a casual watcher, you&rsquo;d be surprised how these sweeping changes will affect your online habits. As a former YT star, Ben talks to his experiences and what he has done with his back-catalogue of content while Darren and Frank throw different scenarios at this seemingly black-and-white law. &nbsp;To lighten things up, the team then talks about some of their favourite toys in another episode of Show and Tell. There&rsquo;s combining Transformers, Mezco 1-12 and new Masters designed to look vintage. Aaaand just like that, we sit on the verge of another milestone episode, with 150 around the corner. Who will our special guest be (you can probably guess &ndash; DING!) &nbsp;Stay tuned for a spectacular episode next week!<a href="
08/12/201949 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

#148: TTMU S3, Good Trent Hunting

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, its time for more toy news! New NECA product is NEARLY in our hands, new Mandolorian figs and what is that &ndash; actual Black Series on Aussie shelves?? There&rsquo;s skeleton army builders, new Aliens and our thoughts on the potential Netflix-killer that is Disney+. Big moves in the LEGO community as a fan site goes corporate &ndash; good or bad? We ask some experts. Then it&rsquo;s time for not-movie review as we look at the newest Season of The Toys That Made Us. We&rsquo;ve got Turtles, Wrestlers, Bronies and Rangers to talk too. Which one surprised us the most? Was there anything in the Turtle ep we didn&rsquo;t already know? Did Voltron do it first? How much does Davey throb? How did the humor strike us this time around? Will there be a Season 4? We do some fan-casting anyways! Frank then follows up to his recent LEGO windfall &ndash; yes this story somehow gets better!Support t
01/12/20191 hour 9 minutes 22 seconds
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#147: Top 5 Vehicles AKA: Massive "Affection"

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a special guest all the way from Kansas USA, Mr Chris Wisdom!&nbsp; We find out about his brush with fame plus his newfound love of an Aussie staple &ndash; which leads to a controversial disagreement between Frank and Ben! We then turn the page to discuss our fave comic-book arcs. What happens when you find out Batman&rsquo;s identity? Is there another Sarah Conner we should know about? What if THAT pod from Krypton had landed in another country? Chris complains about it begin Sophie&rsquo;s Choice, but still plays along anyway!&nbsp; Then we create more division and controversy as we make the hard choices about our favourite pre-2000 vehicles of all time. Do you let nostalgia overtake you? Or do you give it to the Massive Affection? Which one features Davey as a character? Darren&rsquo;s list has a running theme while we all spent the last week not doing much actual work compiling our lists! &nbsp;Send us in your Top 5 to create even more sp
24/11/20191 hour 21 minutes 21 seconds
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#146: Things happen in threes!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s news time! And there is good, great and not so good news on the crowd-funded front. There&rsquo;s new Reaction figures from Super7 some with gorgeous artwork, others, not so much&hellip; New Star Wars is better than no Star Wars right? Even if it comes from the video games? More and more people sign onto the Matt Reeves Batman film, but how many is too many rogues in the gallery? Meanwhile Batman&rsquo;s number one enemy continues to rake in all the monies. Is the Mandalorian worthy of the hype? Our American friends give us the scoop! Then we switches faces (not gears) to talk about one of the lesser lights in the MOTU universe, Man-E-Faces. You probably remember the toy, but stick around and learn more about this strange Eternina actor with a crazy skill set. Then it&rsquo;s a quick Reading/Watching/Playing where we talk Watchmen the show and ask ourselves which one is more brutal: Dr Sleep or old school nursery rhymes?? Meanwhile Frank is
17/11/201955 minutes 4 seconds
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#145: The Splatter Gun effect

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, the boys delve into the other side of the collectors world &ndash; what happens when you decide to sell? Thanks to Trenton Barrets query, we look at all facets of this including the face-to-face sale, online and even the psychology behind it all. Along the way we learn the boys super-hero origin stories of how they all met &ndash; no surprise it involves toys! :p There&rsquo;s hints and tips for sellers of any experience&nbsp; and some weird stories and questions: What can&rsquo;t we seem to sell? Has Darren ever sold anything? Are water-logged toys a good idea? Is Ben gonna offer us his toys? We then dive into our Scrouge McDuck-like toy rooms and ask the team where they are all at. What&rsquo;s on our radar? What factors make you rearrange everything? Is shelf jealousy a thing? And have you found Wally?Support the show: <a href="https:/
10/11/201957 minutes 43 seconds
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#144: John Caulfield - 110%

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, with Trent on holidays, the team welcomes in an overseas stand-in, one of our fave Patreons, Mr. John Caulfield! We get to know John with our usual questions and great story about a movie experience gone slightly askew&hellip; There&rsquo;s a whole ton of news with new Marvel Legends, Star Wars, a Halloween susprise from Mondo, a NEW biggest Transformer and an exciting TBA reveal from LEGO and DC. John clues us in on the 4Horsemens new shipping deal and asks the hard questions: Is Paw Patrol cocaine for kids?? We then go through our latest pick ups and John gives us a wonderful breakdown on what Masters fans can expect from from Mondo. Ben goes 3rd party with a MOTU custom that surpasses the original, while Frank tells a positive retail experience &ndash; it&rsquo;s nice to be nice people! John then tests the guys with an awesome quiz &ndash; did he finally catch Darren out with a MOTU question? Which original name made Mattel think twice about potent
03/11/20191 hour 31 minutes 19 seconds
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#143: Do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say…

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s a very special ep as we&rsquo;re joined by not one, but two of favourite guests in Davey Damaged and Scotty so that&rsquo;s right &ndash; it&rsquo;s a Homer episode! Trent takes us through a vintage retrospective look at The Addams family by Playmates. Perfectly timed for Halloween, we wonder what could have been with this short-lived line and look to the future of the franchise as a new movie approaches. What characters didn&rsquo;t get made, which ones make the camera glow and where does MC Hammer fit into it all? We make the jump to Show and Tell as Davey tries to trump as all with a purchase so large, we doubt it will actually fit in his toy room. There&rsquo;s some DC, MOTU and even Final Fantasy options to choose from. Frank gives a lovely tribute showing that sometimes, the value of a toy lays in more than its sticker price. Then it&rsquo;s Quiz time and with Davey onboard, anything is possible. To say this episode goes off the rails
27/10/20191 hour 9 minutes 56 seconds
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#142: Corrections, Car Trips and Clowns

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we start with a straight up correction as the fans write in to set us straight on a couple of points from last week. Despite our best efforts, the internet is truly the worlds greatest source of crowd research! Ben takes us on a road trip to Melbourne and his jaunts around the nerd-tastic stores on offer. In particular, the highly reknowned Lobos. Did he swap one of his kids for toys?? Then it&rsquo;s off to the news with some looks at new TMNT product, Gremlins and Space Marines. 10-HUT! The niece of an Aussie favourite and the daughter of a rock icon make for some casting news but is there trouble in MOTU-Movie paradise? The challenge: keep your response to one sentence! (Spoiler: it doesn&rsquo;t) Frank and Ben tell some tales of the recent Adelaide toy and Comic Fair while we give a big thanks to super-fan Scotty. For our headline act, Whakeem Pheonix takes us down the most controversial of rabbit holes in his new movie, Joker. Does this movie mak
20/10/20191 hour 10 minutes 34 seconds
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#141: Jumping the Nanu-Nanu

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we attempt to answer a curly question: Name a toy line without a show or other media tie in. Not as easy as it sounds huh? Thankfully toy-genius Ben is on the case, even if he can&rsquo;t make it in-person. We unearth lines long forgotten alongside Trent&rsquo;s own budget Infinity Gauntlet, Little Josephine down the street, and a stretchy wolf? Oh and who brought this armored Goat? (You heard me) We then look at an upcoming exciting period of upcoming TV &ndash; Watchmen, Crisis, Good Place, Mandalorian and more Sci-fi than should be legal. Also, is it legal to portray Batman as old? Old guy in a mansion surely equals Alfred right? Then Darren tests Frank and Trent with a brainsplatter of a quiz that starts in the most unlikely of places. Who is Billy and what sport does he play? Is Michael useless? Back to the Trump? All ending with a tense all-in question that will have you screaming the answer &ndash; but is it a triple bluff?<a href="http:
13/10/201957 minutes 34 seconds
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#140: I can't stop looking at it!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the boys cover New York Comic-Con 2019. Start spreading the news... the previously teased NECA Triceraton gets a full reveal, and he&rsquo;s big! But is there something strange about his face? And who remembers this version anyway? And which Loot Crate exclusive was made speicifally with Frank in mind? Clue... it involves meditation, fire and a talking rat. Frank then schools Trent on the differences between MK1 and MK2 Raiden, effortlessly ignoring Trent's incorrect notes like a true professional. It's then onto DC and who knew Chris O&rsquo;Donnell&rsquo;s Robin had such a strangely shaped... package. But how screen accurate is it you ask? Find out this in-depth analysis (note there no discussion on the pros and cons of rubber nipples in sight). It&rsquo;s then over to Force Friday and all things Star Wars... and how much extra are you willing to pay to buy toys in-store? As long as they come complete with condescending quip from shop assistant w
06/10/20191 hour 6 minutes 36 seconds
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#139: Trent, Evil Master of Buying Time!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we get to know our newest guest Scotty aka Matt-El from our Patreons. If you got his clever naming references, you are streets ahead of Frank. Scotty talks us through his toy journey and stories and is living proof that old school marketing works! Today we round up a few of our regular segments including Show and Tell, Reading/Watching/Playing and Latest Scores &ndash; all of which leads to some weird and wacky answers. Ben learns some musical history, Frank discovers how to condition his son, and Trent is seemingly there just to cause chaos and misdirection. There&rsquo;s shoutouts to all corners of the fan-verse from Jurassic Park to Ali G, Tiger-Sharks to The Simpsons and all the way back in time to the famed ramps of John Martins. Then Scott takes control and tests the boys with a truly villainous quiz. Will our intreptid team survive? Which famous Star Wars character is an old woman and a monkey? And did Trent just get recognised thanks to Davey?
29/09/20191 hour 15 minutes 44 seconds
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#138: A World Without Reality

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we enter a world beyond imagination and look at the amazing work of a toy legend &ndash; the enigma of Marvin Glass. You may not know the name, but we guarantee you&rsquo;ve played with a toy that this designer/genius inventor has influenced. From iconic board games, action features and innovation, Marvin Glass and Associates has helped to influence the toy industry for over 40 years. This epic tome written by Bill Paxton (not the one you&rsquo;re thinking of!) details Marvin&rsquo;s amazing life and career. Big thanks to Bill for providing us the book to review! There&rsquo;s also some toy headlines to talk through from Zeta Toys, NECA, Disney Plus (cue the karaoke machine) and a big reveal about the amazing Plastic Crack documentary from our good friend Guillmero Olivio. We round it out with some Perfect Modern toys from Cybertron, The Moon, the MCU and the NYC sewers. We also debut a new podcaster Scotty who features on our Patreon.<a href="h
22/09/201958 minutes 58 seconds
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#137: Trump wants your Plastic Crack!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we look at outstanding toy-centric documentary Plastic Crack. Don&rsquo;t worry, it&rsquo;s not as drug riddled as it may sound &ndash; though it does deal in addiction! This great show takes us into the lives of the collector behind the collections. Touching on themes we&rsquo;ve talked about previously (I think they listen to our show!) including space and financial management, swapping one hobby for another and even what happens to all our goodies when we die?!? Featuring collections of all flavors this doco is a must watch &ndash; a bit like the current world politics where things can change with one angry tweet! A look at the State of the ToyNation as business expert Trent breaks down what all this talk of tariffs and trade wars is about and just what does it mean for our toy-spending habits? Must be said, these tea-leaves make for some grim reading&hellip; #WhatNowSupport the show
15/09/201953 minutes 28 seconds
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#136: King of Gifers

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we thought it was gonna be a quiet news week &ndash; the toy-sphere had other ideas! Those ideas include some of the BIGGEST toys ever including a stat-breaking Lego set and some direct competition to HasLabs latest super-bot. (You just know Trent has these on pre-order already) There&rsquo;s good news for Marvel Legends and NECA Turtle collectors alike and even the TunderCats fans &ndash; as long as you like looking at Dalmatians at the same time. Also in this wonderful pet store are some Foxy additions and a Jurassic predator who is rather clever. Ben&rsquo;s fave new figure gets fully funded and we speculate about a possible future direction for Marvel Legends. Grab your popcorn cause there&rsquo;s also buckets of movie news to get through including Star Wars, MCU, The Joker featuring Whackeem Phoenix, Titans and much more. And did someone write more fan-fiction about a 5th Ninja Turtle? Trent then tests out the lads with a quiz from all over the mu
08/09/20191 hour 18 minutes 48 seconds
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#135: Who is Hush?

This week on the Toy Power Podcast we take a look at DC latest animated film Batman: Hush. Who is Hush? Well, he's a good guy to have with you in a cinema if the boys in the back row are causing a ruckus! Also good in a library! But is the twist as you remembered it? And in a world where you have to suspend believability, will Ben buy it? We then jump into Show and Tell, as Ben, Trent, and Darren all bring in a special toy from their collection (one of them was even purchased on a honeymoon! Mad respect!). One of the coolest Two-Face figures ever conceived (okay, even if it was all a dream!), a pilot duck who needs four arms to pilot his spaceship AND shoot bad guys at the same time, and a transforming Bruce Wayne who even wore a batman logo around the offices of Wayne Enterprises, because that's not suspicious at all! Then it's over to Reading Watching Playing for an in-depth look at what the guys have been getting up to in their spare time away from toys! Its all packed in there!
31/08/201958 minutes 37 seconds
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#134: Jack Attack!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast its Power-Con baby! All the news from the Masters of the Universe convention *live from Anaheim California! And it's all coming up ULTIMATES! Who exactly did the Four Horsemen Studios use as inspiration from the original MOTU Classics buck? (hint: Down! Up! Down! Up! More Energy!) How many weapons, weapons-racks, heads, hands, and accessories does $10 really get you? And they got Mysterio's Jake Gyllenhaal to write Kevin Smith's cover story for why he was really at Power-Con! (interviewing Rob David? Come on! People will believe anything these days!) Then the boys jump into all the latest toy news including Hasbro's goal to remove all plastic from packaging by2022! No, don't worry! Optimus Prime won't be built out of those leftover shipping cartons. And even though Ewoks may have been George Lucas's Gungun's of the 1980's, Hot Toys have possibly made them one of the coolest toys on offer today! (So meessa gonna be popular-doo-doo in 2
24/08/20191 hour 19 minutes 29 seconds
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#133: F*#k Nostradamus

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the boys take a look at the history of Mortal Kombat toys. (Hey! Teacher! Leave our spelling ALONE!) From its humble beginnings as a spin-off G.I. Joe line, it's been home to many different toy manufacturers over the years (Including Toy Island, who sung that hilarious song about being on a boat, right!?!?). There has been some wonderful toy lines over the years, but only one really lets us recreate all those gory Fatalities. Its then time to see who will make the cut in the new Mortal Kombat movie! Will Davey make the grade, or does he need to get a few more tatts? It's then over to the next installment of "Questions from the Internet," where we answer YOUR questions! We take a look at MOC preservation, scalpers and our best op shop finds! Ben then does his best Nostradamus to bring you all a prediction that will make the hairs on your neck stand on end. A Ben "tingle" you might say? What is it? And will it come true... only time will tell. The la
17/08/20191 hour 15 minutes 23 seconds
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#132: Flying Dolphins and BIG dumps!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the Boys take a look at the hit Amazon Prime TV series; The Boys. The "must-see" show adapts Garth Ennis's cult comic book series of the same name into a Black Comedy for the ages. Nothing is off-limits, and its as if Davey helped the screenwriters with the dialogue for this show. Whilst everyone likes holding hands with their significant other, this sheds a whole new light on that concept. From talking lobsters to mid-air "rescues", it's all here (even dolphins can fly... although stopping moving trucks is best left to the Amazons). Then it's then over to YOUR questions, as the TPP crew answer all those toy collecting questions; whose collection would you swap with if you had the chance, what was the first toy you bought with your own hard-earned cash and which company would you get to make your favorite toys! And some questions just seem a little self-indulgent... but we always like to indulge. Even if it leads to a shameless plug.&nbsp;<a
11/08/201958 minutes 44 seconds
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#131: Spidermen, Ooshies and Amazons

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we look at the newest entry into the MCU with SpiderMan Far from Home with resident Spidey-expert Sam Cripps. We bravely try to talk non-spoilers about a movie that has twists on its twists! Frank gets horrifically confused and doesn&rsquo;t understand how the Blip works &ndash; I guess he&rsquo;ll have to watch the new show! Instant Kill is a recipe for future counselling and we all learn that there is in-fact a Marvel Cooking show!?!? Is there a Multiverse or not? Is it a BARF or a TURD? Can you drive around Venice? I dunno but Janice, you better hurry up ironing that cape dammit! There&rsquo;s so much to talk about that I&rsquo;m 65% sure we do the movie justice. Speaking of justice, Trent regals us with an Amaz(on)ing story about his quest to get some Marvel Legends. Lets just say a certain big retailer won&rsquo;t be getting a 5 star review anytime soon&hellip; Closer to Home (new Spidey movie name &ndash; you heard it here first!) there&rsquo;s c
03/08/20191 hour 4 minutes 29 seconds
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#130: SDCC extras with Sam and Aliens!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, the team are a man down with our good friend and plastic crack provider Sam Cripps subbing in for Darren. So we make use of his legendary comic knowledge&nbsp;as we look at all the San Diego Comic Con news we missed last time. There&rsquo;s new product from Mondo, Hot Toys, Mezco, Mattel, Diamond Select and Loyal Subjects. And lets not forget the HUGE load of Marvel Cinematic Universe news with a ton of new reveals for both the big and small screens. The Russo Brothers reveal their next project, Mythic Legions show off their next bug wave of fantasy goodness and reel in the big-Trent fish. Ben backs a kickstarter by the name of &ldquo;Deathlatron&rdquo; and finally drops his SDCC Shuttup and Take my Money on something you&rsquo;ll never expect! Ben then tests our knowledge on all things Aliens with a multiple choice quiz &ndash; and thank GOD it was multiple choice! Trent gets a spelling lesson and discovers that A is for Alien &ndash; shocking! &nbsp
28/07/20191 hour 8 minutes 28 seconds
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#129.5 SDCC 2019 - Chapter Two!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we continue the discussion from San Diego Comic-Con 2019! We take a look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including more reveals from Neca. Yep, Randy Falk and the guys at NECA seem to have found the portal into our brain, and turned all those beloved versions of the turtles into real, 3D objects! And that Dimension X diorama has so many hidden goodies it's bodacious!&nbsp;There's GO GO Power Rangers to be astonished by, including a look at Gumby's muted cousin, Mr. Putty, of the Putty Patrol. Photo real? You betcha! It's enough to make Trent "don't-make-me-draw-lines" throw the line right out the window. And if HasLab's 2nd outing had you confused (and secretly raiding the cookie jar), then fear not, because three times a charm. Or a planet devouring megalomaniac. But we love him anyway. $575 sorta love. Yes, Unicron is real, or it will be soon if we can get enough backers (please. please, pretty please). Who said Unicron's are imaginary. Probably
23/07/20191 hour 2 minutes 30 seconds
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SDCC 2019 - Chapter One!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, it truly IS the most wonderful time of the year! With a ridiculous amount of content to get through, we had to split our Con coverage across two episodes! We hit up some of your favorite big brands from across the toy-verse : Masters, DC, Marvel and Transformers - with some surprises along the way. But before that, Ben kicks it off with a generous surprise of his own. There&rsquo;s news from Mattel on their finally unveiled MOTU Origins line, MegaConstrux, DC Essentials, more BTAS, Marvel Legends goes BIIIG with some amazing reveals and Transformers aim for a more subtle approach. As always we have our Shuttup and Take My Money moments and discover that Trent is big ol&rsquo; tease! Too many companies, brands and cool stuff to mention &ndash; and remember that there is still another whole ep to come later this week!Support the show: <a hr
21/07/20191 hour 4 minutes 24 seconds
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#128: Comics Vol.2 + Boardgames

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we put down the toys for a moment to talk about two more things that permeate most 80s kids lives: Comic Books and Board Games! We got a ton of feedback from our last outings into Comics so we&rsquo;re back with four more TPRRs (Toy Power Recommended Reads). From all across the multiverse there&rsquo;s Transformers, Batman and even Zombies! There&rsquo;s character origins, deaths, twists and turns in this universe-changing chat. We then go back in time to the 1980s where Board Games were king. Some of our fave properties are represented here and some, you may not have ever expected! There&rsquo;s shoutouts to some of the all time classics including Hero Quest, Guess Who, Monopoly and even the mighty Test Match! Which ones did you have? But before you answer, it&rsquo;s your turn so roll the dice already!Support the show: <a href="https://
14/07/201954 minutes 49 seconds
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#127: Who You Gonna Call

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we take a look at one of the wackiest toylines of the 1980s; the Real Ghostbuster. How real are they you ask? About as real as the profits that this film made. We then test the tagline "I ain't afraid of no ghost" as we take a look at the action features; including the wonderful fright features! And of course, no podcast on the Ghostbusters would be complete without asking the question "who you gonna call?" And if you're the casting agent for the animated series, the answer is "not Ernie Hudson!" And yes, karaoke theme song time! Then, Frank, Darren and Trent head to the front of the class for "show and tell." From Frank smuggling Marvel Legends on international flights in his clothes to Trent's beachside holiday destination (with a toy shop around the corner) to Darren finally receiving a dream figure... and not a thread of rooted hair in sight! Sure, it may finally after all these years be in a consistent styling to that of her twin brother! But how
07/07/201958 minutes 30 seconds
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#126: News v Batman v TMNT

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we catch up on some of the early reveals of SDCC 2019. It seems Mattel is going big with stuff from Masters, Princess of Power and Batman - but are even these variants too much for Darren? There&rsquo;s also some swirling rumors surrounding a possible buyout of Mattel, but is it all smoke and mirrors with some sour grapes? NECA show us more Turtles product which gives us a clue as their future plans. We also ask the question: does a 2D paint job work on a 3D sculpt? There&rsquo;s new stuff from Storm Collectibles as they delve deeper into their Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter lines. And hot off the press, we learn of a very cool cameo for the up-coming Ghostbusters film. We then look at possibly the greatest crossover film ever made with Batman v TMNT. What was our favorite part (this goes for a while&hellip;), what was not so great, where can you get Bane Syrup and how does Pink Floyd fit into all this? Get ready to press all the buttons are we rate
30/06/20191 hour 2 minutes 32 seconds
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#125 What's Wrong with your Gwildor?

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we are joined by Dave from Dave's Video Graveyard (Paulie did not agree to the podcast being called "Dave's Video Daveyard") and Paulie. Paulie gets the TPP initiation in typical style (no, his nipples were not harmed in the recording of this episode). Then we jump into a review of the Masters of the Universe motion picture. Why does Castle Grayskull look like a 5G cell tower? Did Bill Conti get asked to show his workings to explain how he came up with his score? And just what did the hair and makeup team have on their mind when they designed Gwildor? No topics are out of bounds, especially not Chelsea Field's impressive T-Shirt and gun holster. But perhaps the most valuable lesson of all - don't stand next to Dolph at a firing range. The guys then embark on a special quiz designed masterfully by Frank, where there can be no winners. Except in the stakes of who uses the best hair conditioner. But does Davey use it on his Qwildor? To find out,
22/06/20191 hour 18 seconds
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#124: Bilsy – The LegoMaster!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we sit down with a local LegoMaster, as-seen-on-TV Bilsy! Much like he did on the wildly popular show, he takes us on a crazy journey through his time in Japan, in front of the camera and all things Lego. How does one audition for a show like LegoMasters? What are Brickman and Hamish like in real life? Is the Brick Pit what heaven is like? How many grey-bricks does it take to become a Jedi God? Plus Bilsy&rsquo;s fave non-brick toyline may just surprise you! There&rsquo;s even some teasers for his future Lego projects! We then talk to some Latest scores with Bilsy talking to the epic shopping trip that is Japan with some awesome retro pickups. Trent attempts to stop collecting. It is a poor attempt&hellip; Follow Bilsy&rsquo;s work and life @iambilsy on all the socials.Support the show: omnystudio
16/06/201950 minutes
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#123: Whats old is new again!

Today on The Toy Power Podcast, there's so much news its crazy! Trent keeps a close eye on the Licensing Expo held in Vegas as all the big companies are pimping their wares looking for interested buyers. Sounds boring, but these are the genesis of the deals that will shape our toy future. And at this stage it seems like we are going back to the future with brands such as Micro Machines, Tonka and Hello Kitty striking new deals... There's new reveals from Hasbro which are cooking up a storm, S7 pre-orders are radio-active (in a good way) and we look into our Magic 8 ball to see if there is a film adaption coming... "Signs point to Yes"&nbsp; There's also looks at the new WonderWoman 84, more Transformers MasterPiece, Ecto-1, Inspector Gadget - and if that wasn't enough, is TRU coming back to Australia?!?! We also determine that Trent's voice over work needs some, work...&nbsp;Support the show:
09/06/20191 hour 11 minutes 42 seconds
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#122: Mega Toy Fair 2019!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast we take this show on the road as we record on location at the 2019 Adelaide Mega Toy Swap Meet. It's our own ComicCon with a massive variety of goodies to look at, friends to catchup with and beers to be drunk. While we wait in line for doors to open there's a few hot topics doing the rounds of fandom including our new Batman, Snake Mountain and some SDCC reveals. From there it's all about the latest scores as we talk you through our highlights of one very expensive day! We also chat to some of our toy community brethren on their own passion projects and finds for the day. So join us for as Bilbo Baggins once said: We're going on an Adventure!Support the show: for privacy information.
02/06/201939 minutes 35 seconds
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#121: “This is AMA-ZING”

Today on the Toy Power Podcast there&rsquo;s a few juicy news headlines to address including the end of Game of Throne, Stranger Thing LEGO, The Watchmen TV show, a looming Mortal Kombat vs He-Man showdown and the casting heard round the world, a new Batman? We then dive head first into the murky depths of one of DC&rsquo;s most curious characters, the ever-green Swamp Thing. This Kenner line comes at an weird time in history which is almost as weird as the associated cartoon. But whats not to love about a monster who protects the greens of earth? Like all cartoons of the era, its theme song is memorable &ndash; but not in the way you&rsquo;d expect! We close off with a look at some &lsquo;perfect&rsquo; modern toys. We&rsquo;ll always skew vintage but today we tip the hat to some of the best product from NECA, Takara, SH Figurarts and Mattel have produced in the modern era. Frank however makes a fatal mistake by joking at the expense of He-Man : Look out! A wild Darren attacks! (By
25/05/20191 hour 8 minutes 20 seconds
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#120: Banana in the tail-pipe!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we dive back into the world of Etheria as the team looks at Season 2 (allegedly) of Netflix&rsquo;s She-Ra and the Princess&rsquo; of Power. We cover the great and the not-so-great of this ultra-short season. Is it headed where we THINK it is and more importantly &ndash; do we want it too? But will we actually see any toys? Only Mattel knows (allegedly). Darren then challenges us to a quiz with an opening question that redefines out of left-field. And did we have our first ever dead-heat on an all-in-question? It&rsquo;s then latest scores time and Frank seems to take ALL the time to talk through his purchases. Has he replaced Trent as the shop-o-holic? (allegedly) Ben also proves talent runs in the family as he tells us of his Free Comic Book Day experience!Support the show:
18/05/201957 minutes 26 seconds
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#119: We’re in the Endgame now...

Today on theToy Power Podcast, it&rsquo;s time to review the biggest cinematic event of our time: Avengers Endgame. We cover EVERYthing so it means there WILL be spoilers and this ep runs longer than usual! This movie is so massive, it changes an age old saying! It&rsquo;s tough to write this without including spoilers so if you&rsquo;re one of the 5 people on the planet who haven&rsquo;t seen the film, now is the time to bail! If you&rsquo;re still here then strap in as we talk to our cinema experience, the mind boggling levels of fan-service, character arcs, post-credits controversy and finally land on a score out of 22. Shutup Davey, you don&rsquo;t own that system! But fear not, it&rsquo;s a Disney movie so there are toys to talk to &ndash; aren&rsquo;t there? We also welcome our newest Patreon to the Toy Power Family. We love you 3000!Support the show: <a href="htt
12/05/20191 hour 19 minutes 54 seconds
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#118: Bionic Tales from the Other Side

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we look at a vintage line from LJN &ndash; no it&rsquo;s not ThunderCats, say hello to the Super-Future-Family, The Bionic Six. With a theme song that sounds like a Rick Astley cover, these GI Joe sized figures are another 80s line that you may not remember. But stick around and learn about this crazy line including the most amazing origin story you will ever hear! We also attempt to answer a un-finished piece of toy history &ndash; what does F.L.U.F.F.I stand for? We then welcome a special guest to the show &ndash; Frank&rsquo;s wife Ali Allan! She helps the team answer tough questions as we look at our collections through the lense of our significant others. What&rsquo;s their reactions? Do they attempt to buy stuff for us? Where do they draw the line? What&rsquo;s it like to live with a collector? Is this show a podcast or a support group for the truly addicted? Was Frank bullied by school kids into buying toys? And where does Monopoly Man fit into
05/05/20191 hour 22 seconds
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#117: Shazam and (Toy) Friends

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we hit up the latest news including the hotley debated reveals from Star Wars Celebration 2019. There&rsquo;s mixed news from DC Collectables, GREAT news from NECA and reveals from Hasbro and the Four Horsemen. Patreon favourite Swamp Thing stops by and fights for Discord icon-superiority with Trent. We then regale some of our favourite stories from the recent Comics and Toy Fair &ndash; with Sky-Lynx being the centre of a heartfelt story. Can Ben stop at just ONE Dino-Rider? What Sideshow statue did Trent pickup? Finally we look at Shazam with a full spoiler-riffic review of DC&rsquo;s latest offerings. Did we like it? Did you? But most importantly, WHERE ARE THE TOYS??Support the show: for privacy information.
29/04/20191 hour 20 minutes 25 seconds