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Tours with Google Maps and Apps by Shammah Timms

English, Arts, 3 seasons, 20 episodes, 5 hours, 32 minutes
A weekly discussion on places we have visited or would like to visit along with reviews of said places or discussions around reviews given around the world! This podcast will be informative as well as funny and quipy sorry to those who may have previously reviewed places the internet never forgets and it just might make you famous! Keep reviewing kidz!
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Zelensky the Great!

War rages on, while Zelensky edges out with empathy from others including the pope... but he loses one key battle front. Zelensky whom with the help of Allie's and supporters around the globe pledges a ceasefire or end of conflict for his people Russia's Putin still sight unseen on the battle front cowers at the Kremlin with fears of assassination looming abroad. Arrest warrants issued out of South Africa for Putin are being reviewed for validity and enforcement for war crimes. Will this minor infraction in the grand scheme be his demise in the court of law ?
6/4/202351 seconds
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Zelensky the lobbyist

In a war torn country the head of state and president lobbies about going country to country in support of his people and their right to co-exist on earth as a sovereign nation Meanwhile;The Russian president cowers at home base for fear or retaliation and even arrest talks after Zelensky gets quarter with the Pope himself ,NATO, the G7 Meetings, and finally meetings with The one and Only President Biden of the United States of America
6/4/202357 minutes, 10 seconds
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Drones are in the air!

Drones are flying high over the kremlin DRONES ARE SETTING BLAZES on reserves all while Zelensky continues to travel for meeting after meeting to what end . The cournel V. Putin continues to work business as usual ; quit unusual
5/3/20231 minute, 8 seconds
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Korea in the water!

Korea test nuke? Or a fluke? World news googlenews
4/10/202344 seconds
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Queries of the day ....the hungergames world news updates
4/10/20231 minute, 11 seconds
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The world's first ever HUNGERS GAMES.. EXCLUSIVE AND ALL YOURS this quarter quell is a

The world's first ever HUNGERS GAMES.. EXCLUSIVE AND ALL YOURS this quarter quell is a YEAR IN THE MAKING...Your champion and Mocking Jay Of the 🇺🇦 UKRAINE his nemesis The capitol leader and host of the quell 🇷🇺 Russia! Everlasting power with it all on the line... who will best who? GENERALS are steadfast but may see some chastising for loses gained! 🇨🇳 China is up and attempting to "koo" de Taiwan 🇹🇼 or is it cool? Korea showingits nuclear teeth underwater even oooooooo! This quell is geared up to be quite the games! Tune in tonite!
4/10/202337 seconds
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Grilled cheese Casino ..... cheese royale .. the ultimate grilled cheese to be never made again....
2/14/202331 seconds