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English, Arts, 1 season, 9 episodes, 9 hours, 1 minute
This is a lifestyle podcast that focuses on demystifying whether things are as simple as they seem. Tracey Gachie talks about different life topics and has intimate, real and relatable conversations with her guest who answer the question 'Is it really too simple?' We really try to make you see the simpler side and way of dealing with and solving different issues and situations that you are facing or have faced in your life. The main goal here is to Inspire, Motivate and Challenge each and every one of you. Karibuni!
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Lessons on Gratitude & Adulting

"What has been the most challenging thing in your adulting life?" thats what we are simplifying in today's conversation. All of the topics discussed came from you guys! i hope that this episode makes it easier or less rocky! Let's keep the positive vibes and energy as we walk through this amazing journey called Life! Music by Waithaka Ent - Jolie by Sasabasi ft jrio Enjoy and Share! :)
10/24/20191 hour, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
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Eden House Foundation - Addiction

In this Episode, Boniface Ndirangu, Nina Kosen and I have a conversation on Addiction and how mental health comes in when it comes to addiction. My mind was blown by the knowledge shared by my two amazing guests who have had victorious journeys! I was honored. They expound and simplify different issues on addiction as well as talk about Eden house Foundation which was an initiative started by friends who have gone through their recovery journey together. Listen in and let me know what you think. Ask all the questions in the comment box below! Cheers! Website - Eden House Foundation Phone Number - +254722867693 / +254726552476 Music from Waithaka Ent on Sound Cloud Ní Ngwendete - Kwame Rígíi
7/3/20191 hour, 24 minutes, 56 seconds
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Colorism & Body Shaming defining standards of Beauty- Esther Kazungu

Too simple tries to simplify almost everything, this one was a bit hard I must admit because we face this so much and in such high magnitude in the society today. To summarize this all, click on the Ted Talk link below and listen to basically what this episode touches on then listen to the episode! Chika Okoro - How Colorism shapes our standard of beauty Music: Dave Ndegwa - Old Love Enjoy!!! :)
6/24/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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Anxiety with Gloria Mwendwa

Welcome to Episode 6!!! We start unpacking issues on mental health. Both Gloria Mwendwa and I struggle a lot with anxiety and we try and give tips on how to deal with anxiety and figure out different coping mechanisms from both of our stories. We are here to tell you that being anxious is totally normal, there is nothing wrong with you. If it affects your health however, you may need to figure out how to deal with it. Have a listen and see if our methods work and let us know how you cope with anxiety.  Music by the lovely : (click link to listen to the good vibes!)  Dave Ndegwa - Don't You
6/12/201948 minutes, 31 seconds
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Friendship Simplified with Nyawira Gachugi

 Nyawira Gachugi has to be one of the wisest woman I know. She carries herself with so much confidence and love. In this episode we explore more on Friendship. Friendship for me personally has been one of the hardest things to simplify in my life but after this conversation I learnt so much. From this episode you will figure out: 1. How do I choose my friends? 2. How to know when a Friendship becomes toxic. 3. How does one handle conflict in friendship? 4. When to know that a friendship needs to go and how to handle the situation after. In relation to this topic you can read -  Sophia A. Nelson – The Woman Code Music from Waithaka Entertainment on Sound Cloud Shuga Mami - Ayrosh Enjoy!
6/5/20191 hour, 17 minutes, 32 seconds
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Being an Influencer with Wanjiru Njiru

The influencer space is growing rapidly; a lot more influencers are coming & a lot more brands are opting to go the influencer marketing way. I had a conversation with Wanjiru Njiru a well known Kenyan Influencer with quite a large following on how she began the journey, has it been that simple? She talks about the different challenges that she has faced as well as a guide on all those who want to join the space. Enjoy! Music by the lovely Dave Ndegwa Beautiful Stranger - Dave Ndegwa
5/29/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 20 seconds
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Passion & Purpose with Ben Cyco

I invited Benard Kariuki aka Ben Cyco (now verified on IG) to have a conversation with me on Passion and Purpose. We really got into it with this one! Ben talks about his life experiences that lead him where he is at in life currently. He talks about his struggle with doubt and how it hindered him from progress and instilled fear in him. Being a musician and creative, we talk about the struggles behind being a creative in the country and we also talked about the hashtag #PlayKEMusic and how important it is to be knowledgeable as well as professional in the creative industry. The Music today is one of my favorite Ben Cyco songs. Check out his music on the link below and subscribe to his channel. Neema - Ben Cyco Thank you!
5/22/20191 hour, 17 minutes, 8 seconds
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Let's End Rape Culture! with Linnette Muga

Episode 2 is here!! I featured my good friend Linnette Muga who works in an organization that deals with issues on Gender based violence. We unpacked sexual abuse, assault, defilement and rape. Our aim was to offer guidance to anyone who is asking themselves, ' Is it that simple to speak out?' 'is it that simple to get proper physical and mental health care when such a thing has happened to you?' Have a listen and let us know what you think and what your contribution to this topic is. Let's spread the word and End Rape Culture! We deserve a better world! Music by the lovely Dave Ndegwa. Sunny Days - Dave Ndegwa
5/15/201940 minutes, 49 seconds
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This is Too Simple!

I am one person who believes in self awareness in this day and age more than anything! I like to speak my truth in more than one way. This is just one of the many ways! Give a warm welcome to Too Simple, where we simplify anything and everything; what you find too hard has its simpler way of looking at or dealing with. We will be having fun and interactive real life conversations about a lot of things happening in this millennial world and who knows! you might just be needing it! I am EXCITED! Special thanks to Dave Ndegwa, One of my Fav Local Kenyan Artists, his music drives me insane, the good kind of insane. The track in this episode is Kairetu (girl) - Dave Ndegwa (see link below)
5/14/201910 minutes, 4 seconds