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English, Chat, 1 season, 17 episodes, 12 hours, 52 minutes
Dotty's joined by long time co-d Robby for your weekly dose of reckless behaviour. Be a fly on the wall to her wildest thoughts. Buckle up but please note, this is not for kids!
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“The last one”

The end of a very short era. Dotty and Robby host the last episode of the series with some ‘Too Rude’ friends and familiar faces joining the leaving party…
7/14/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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“Rule number one as a side piece…”

“… You have to play your position babes!” Dotty and Robby discuss August Alsina and Jada Pinkett-Smith and whether having a piece on the side is the key to a happy and successful marriage. Would you be open to an open relationship?
7/7/202048 minutes, 20 seconds
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“You think Gwen Stefani could wear a bindi and dreadlocks now?!”

NSYNC - ‘Tearing Up My Heart’ is Top 10 greatest boyband song of all time… at least according to Dotty and Robby. These two relive their favourite guilty pleasures from the 00s and there are some absolute shockers. Side note - does anybody know what zoomorphormic hentai is?
6/30/202056 minutes, 29 seconds
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I said "Or Baa"

Dotty's joined by long time co-d Robby for your weekly dose of reckless behaviour. They plunge deep into a hole of conspiracy theories ranging from secret agent cover-ups to whether dinosaurs actually roared. Buckle up but please note, this is not for kids!
6/23/202032 minutes, 32 seconds
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"Wooden beads and a kente skull cap"

What did Edward Colston do to warrant a statue - do the pros outweigh the cons? Should the statue be turned into cutlery? What other historical figures should have a statue? What things, that represent the black community, would you stand and protect? Dotty and Robbie discuss.
6/16/202049 minutes, 13 seconds
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“Run me my reparations”

Dotty and Robby discuss race and the Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. They are joined by long time friend and fellow 1Xtra resident, DJ Ace, to share their personal stories on institutional racism in the U.K. and microaggressions in the workplace following the global outbreak of Black Lives Matter protests.
6/9/202059 minutes, 40 seconds
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“I think I was a sociopath as a kid”

Is there anything wrong with a little white lie? What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? Dotty and Robby throw it back to their teenage days reliving the dumbest and most elaborate lies they’ve ever told to get out of a sticky one, and we dig into the Too Rude mailbox to see what the podcast family have been up to behind closed doors..
6/2/202048 minutes, 51 seconds
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“I did it bareback, I take chances”

She gave you Anime and you gave her a baby? Presenter, YouTuber and online personality Harry Pinero joins Dotty and Robby on this week’s episode, talking about how social media impacts your love life, sex life and parenthood. We also read out some more of your fan mail which sparks the question: would you rather walk into a club and see your girl whining on next man, or in the middle of the rave popping & locking?
5/26/202052 minutes, 57 seconds
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“Rush Hour is not a black movie”

Sunday Molly? Daisy Boo? X-AE-12? Jermasty? Dotty goes in cussing the wildest celebrity kids names and discusses what the difference is between a black movie and just a movie with black people in it. Alongside trusted sidekick Robby, they rip apart Complex’s latest list of ‘Best Black Movies’. We also read out some of your fanmail which goes a bit left…
5/19/202049 minutes, 8 seconds
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“Sex on the tube, it gets me going”

Would you have sex with Drake in a car? Dancehall queen Spice posted a video last week saying she wants to “f*** Drake inna di chunk”.. Which naturally prompted the question: where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex? We asked some fans of the podcast to send in their stories and voicenotes
5/12/202047 minutes
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"He’s a genius with a dead body under his patio"

Wizkid ‘Fever’ or Vybz Kartel ‘Fever’? Can we finally let go of the age-old Caribbean vs Africa debate? Dotty and Robby discuss Dancehall vs Afrobeats, and which artists they think definitely shouldn’t have tried to make a comeback this year (like where the hell has Keri Hilson been?!).
5/5/202042 minutes, 21 seconds
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“Wicked Inna Bed”

The biggest lie in rap is “I’m good at sex”. This week Dotty and Robby discuss whether your favourite artists are really as good at sex as they boast about in their lyrics. Is DaBaby actually packing? Do you think Megan Thee Stallion really goes all day? Is Shabba Ranks wicked inna bed for real? And how the fuck do you know if you’re good at sex?
4/28/202058 minutes, 2 seconds
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“You can’t name 10 celebrity sex tapes?”

Are you cool with any of your exes? How much money would it take for you to hold the Prime Minister’s penis for longer than 10 mins? Things get a little heated as Dotty and Robby are joined by Yasmin Evans. Expect talk about sex toys, embarrassing Instagram lives, porn and beggy exes.
4/21/202059 minutes, 48 seconds
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“Stop shoving socks in people’s mouths”

“2020, you dirty b*tch”. Dotty and Robby reel off about how rubbish this year has turned out so far and why Jessica Alba’s off-beat #SavageChallenge and Tory Lanez’ #QuarantineRadio are getting them through quarantine. Also, you’ll never guess what OAP celebrities Dotty and Robby would have a threesome with…
4/14/202044 minutes, 45 seconds
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"If you want it longer, man will give you longer”

Dotty does up another quarantine edition of Too Rude for Radio. How many bedroom MCs have sent you their mixtape link to listen to during quarantine? One too many for Dotty. Conversations go from 0-100 real quick as herself and Robby discuss everything from pet peeves to porn.
4/7/202028 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Pilot

Dotty does up social distancing the millennial way, as herself and long time co-d Robby chat on video call and record remotely in their individual houses during this time of quarantine. The pair waste no time roasting each other’s hairlines and we find out an unlikely similarity between Robby and Megan Thee Stallion
3/31/202027 minutes, 18 seconds
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This is Too Rude For Radio

Joined by long time co-d Robby for your weekly dose of reckless behaviour – be a fly on the wall to her wildest thoughts. Buckle up and please note, this is not for kids.
3/31/20201 minute, 59 seconds