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Authors and bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez render judgment on all the latest goings-on in the worlds of celebrity, pop culture, television and fashion. Strap yourselves in for some hilarious opinionating on all the most pressing issues of our time, darlings.
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"Fellow Travelers," "Our Flag Means Death," and the Question of Queer Representation

T Lo talk about Showtime's gay romantic drama "Fellow Travelers" and its depiction of hot, tragic gays and compare it to Max's "Our Flag Means Death" and its pan-queer rebel paradise. PLUS: Reviews of "A Small Light," "Loki," and "Bodies."This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at
27/10/202356 minutes 58 seconds
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Remembering Sinéad

T Lo talk about the life, legacy and career of the singular Sinéad O'Connor and why she represents the very best of Generation X. PLUS: The Valentine's Day episode of AND JUST LIKE THAT... was pretty good!This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at
27/07/202351 minutes 28 seconds
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SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE, The Return of Samantha Jones & Ursula Gets Undragged

T Lo review HBO's SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE and explain why you need to be watching this humane and rewarding show. They unpack the news of Kim Catrall's return to the SEX AND THE CITY universe and explain why Melissa McCarthy's THE LITTLE MERMAID makeup needed a much gayer touch. 
02/06/202348 minutes 39 seconds
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Remembering Tina and Targeting Target

T Lo talk about the life, work and legacy of Tina Turner; how the press let her down in life and death, how her bravery extended well into her advanced age, and how she rewrote the book for women in music. PLUS: Target capitulates to domestic terrorism in advance of Pride month and what you can do about it.
26/05/202335 minutes 14 seconds
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Meghan and Harry’s Catastrophe and the Attacks on Drag Legends

T & Lo talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's New York paparazzi chase and why they handled it badly, review Apple TV's SILO and Netflix's ALPHA MALES, and denounce the LA Dodgers organization for their cowardly response to complaints about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence appearing at their annual Pride Night.
19/05/202347 minutes 18 seconds
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What we REALLY Thought of the Coronation

T & Lo go all in on the Coronation of King Charles III in ways they couldn't on social media or blog posts, outlining all of the ways it was terrible, all of the things that looked dumb or awkward to their eyes, and why royal reporting and punditry is so focused on riling up various fandoms. PLUS: Why almost all royal fashion coverage is BS! ALSO: We stand with the WGA and we can't stand George Santos!  
12/05/202359 minutes 17 seconds
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The Problematic Legacy of Karl Lagerfeld

T Lo dive into the life and career of legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, whose work inspired this year's Met Gala. From his work revitalizing classic old houses to his love of celebrity and his history of problematic statements, they uncover why he never deserved the honor of a Costume Institute exhibition and give their picks for who deserved it more.
05/05/202340 minutes 38 seconds
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Travel Tips, Sci Fi Series and Drag Controversies

T Lo answer some listener emails about their recent trip and offer their tips for a fabulous, low-stress, affordable European vacation before giving their thoughts on the recent season finales of STAR TREK: PICARD and THE MANDALORIAN and how they approach the same issues very differently. PLUS: Is drag mocking women? A look at the history of politically incorrect drag.
21/04/20231 hour 1 minute 33 seconds
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Coronation Drama and Beer Can Backlash

T Lo bat around all the news surrounding King Charles III's coronation, from Frogmore cottage to the Queen's title to Meghan's miss-me-with-that. Then it's a look at the utterly tiresome anti-LGBTQ backlash to Bud Light, why it's happening again, and how you should respond to it. Plus: A review of Netflix's TRANSATLANTIC.
14/04/202346 minutes 15 seconds
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Let’s Talk TV, Kittens!

T Lo go deep on a whole bunch of TV news and reviews, touching on the rumored Harry Potter series, the bad news for THE RINGS OF POWER, their love of Netflix's BEEF, as well as their intense disappointment with season 3 of THE MANDALORIAN and their mild disappointment with season 2 of both SCHMIGADOON! and YELLOWJACKETS. 
07/04/202351 minutes 42 seconds
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Law Roach and the Politics of Celebrity Style

Tom and Lorenzo unpack all of the news coming out of superstar stylist Law Roach's sudden retirement, including some of the scorching observations and accusations he made in an interview with THE CUT. From dealing with all of the "in-between people" to the logistics of sitting in the front row, they explain everything they know about this world and why Roach's points are accurate and needed to be said.
20/03/202350 minutes 58 seconds
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Hugh Grant, Ashley Graham, and the Abysmal State of Red Carpet Interviewing

T Lo unpack all of the things that happened on the 2023 Oscars red carpet, from Ashley Graham and Hugh Grant's viral awkwardness to the poor state of the E! Red Carpet team and why truth-tellers like Christian Siriano would be perfect for the gig, but almost certainly never hired for it.
16/03/202342 minutes 14 seconds
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Protect Our Drag Queens!

T Lo unpack the seriousness of the recent Tennessee bill making drag illegal, show how it's part of a larger movement against LGBTQ rights and take RuPaul and the producers of RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE to task for not using their massive platform to educate their viewers on what's happening. PLUS: A review of DAISY JONES & THE SIX and a dismissal of the latest nothingburger scandal hitting the Oscars.
09/03/202349 minutes 50 seconds
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Ariana’s BAFTAs rap, New LORD OF THE RINGS Movies, POKER FACE and Red Carpet Etiquette

T Lo unpack everything surrounding Ariana DeBose's instantly viral BAFTAs rap, including why it probably was doomed to become a camp classic from the start. After that, they talk about why the announcement of new Lord of the Rings movies fills them with dread, admit that POKER FACE is getting a little gimmicky for them, and reprimand a few stars who are treating the red carpet like a joke when they shouldn't.
24/02/202347 minutes 32 seconds
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Let’s Talk About Sex (Scenes)

T Lo unpack YOU star Penn Badgely's recent comments about not wanting to do sex scenes anymore and how it led to a whole bunch of discourse about generational divides, consent, gender roles and the purpose of art. Plus: Why people were not feeling Rihanna's Super Bowl performance - and also why those people are wrong.
17/02/202346 minutes 12 seconds
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Madonna’s Face, Sam Smith’s Devil Horns, and Melanie Lynskey Kicking Ass

T Lo talk about the response to Madonna's facial work and how it's part of her long history of being shocking. They rail against the ridiculous rightwing freakout over Sam Smith and Kim Petras' Grammys performance and warn that it's part of a larger rollback of queer rights. Then, they unpack some of the recent controversies surrounding THE LAST OF US and how they reveal that the show is doing everything right to challenge its viewers and make them think about the world they're watching. PLUS: Why you should watch THE TRAITORS.
10/02/20231 hour 6 minutes 4 seconds
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The Oscar Nominations and the Riseborough Affair

T Lo dive into the major categories of the 2023 Oscar nominations, and unpack some of the screwed-up thinking behind some of them, devoting most of their time to the growing scandal surrounding TO LESLIE star Andrea Riseborough's seemingly "grass roots" campaign, what it reveals about the system in Hollywood, and how it contributed to the shocking shutouts of Viola Davis in THE WOMAN KING and Danielle Deadwyler in TILL.
27/01/20231 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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TV Talk With T Lo

Tom and Lorenzo debate recent AND JUST LIKE THAT... casting news, discuss their disappointment with ANNE RICE'S MAYFAIR WITCHES, and list all the reasons why THE LAST OF US isn't THE WALKING DEAD. Plus: a review of THE MAKANAI: COOKING FOR THE MAIKO HOUSE, on Netflix.
19/01/202355 minutes 50 seconds
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THE MENU, BABYLON and Prince Harry Going Spare

T Lo review THE MENU and BABYLON before unpacking some of the shocking revelations in Prince Harry's memoir SPARE. 
06/01/202353 minutes 28 seconds
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T Lo’s Picks for the Best Movie and TV Shows of 2022

T & Lo reveal their Top 3 picks for 2022 movie and TV shows - to you and to each other. Without coordinating ahead of time, each picked their 3 fave TV shows and movies and took turns revealing their choices and explaining why they chose them. Come for the expected raves and stay for the surprise picks!  
23/12/20221 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
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T Lo review THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN and THE FABELMANS before diving into the messier aspects of the second half of HARRY & MEGHAN.
16/12/20221 hour 45 seconds
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What HARRY & MEGHAN Says and Doesn’t Say

T Lo dive deep into the first three episodes of the Netflix docu-series HARRY & MEGHAN detailing the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and unpack what the series chooses to reveal, what it shies away from discussing, and how you have to look at both to get a full picture of the royal couple
09/12/202257 minutes 35 seconds
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Balenciaga and Buckingham Palace Exist in Bubbles of Privilege

T Lo take on the disastrous Balenciaga holiday ad campaign and what it says about the bubble the fashion world lives in. And speaking of bubbles, they also unpack the recent Buckingham Palace racism scandal and what it says about the institution of the monarchy. And finally, they review one of their fave films of the year, the thoughtful, provocative, humane WOMEN TALKING.
02/12/202256 minutes 14 seconds
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The Biden White House Wedding and a Deep Dive in TÁR

T Lo unpack all of the news surrounding Naomi Biden's wedding, from who made the dress to why they never should have done that Vogue editorial. PLUS: a deep dive in TÁR, the world of classical music conducting, its nuanced take on cancel culture, and Cate Blanchett's stunning performance.
25/11/202251 minutes 42 seconds
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The Iconic Style of Princess Diana

T Lo dive deep on the fashion journey of Diana, Princess of Wales, from her early days as a Sloane Ranger to becoming the hottest fashionista of the 1990s, tracing how she told the story of her life through her clothes. PLUS: Why does THE WHITE LOTUS suck so much this season? And why you should watch 1899.
18/11/20221 hour 1 minute 30 seconds
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Has THE CROWN Gone Soft?

T Lo dive deep on season five of THE CROWN and discuss the cast changes, the Diana drama, the sense that the show is going soft on its subjects, and why this season is the weakest one so far.
11/11/202253 minutes 22 seconds
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A Salute to Dragons and Sissies

T Lo recap the season one finale of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, pay tribute to the great Leslie Jordan, unpack the recent climate protests attacking works of art, and give an update on the ongoing Kanye saga.
26/10/202248 minutes 58 seconds
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A Duchess a Queen and a Legend Walk into a Podcast

T Lo discuss Meghan Markle's recent interview with VARIETY and the ways it underlines just how bad a fit she was for royal life. Plus: Judi Dench gets really mad at THE CROWN and Queen Alicent makes her move in the penultimate episode of season one of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. 
20/10/202244 minutes 1 second
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The Legacy of Angela Lansbury, the Rise of the Black Fantasy Figure and the Hilarity of DERRY GIRLS

T Lo pay tribute to Angela Lansbury, review the final season of DERRY GIRLS, unpack the latest HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and talk about the notable changes in ANNE RICE'S INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. 
12/10/202258 minutes 29 seconds
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Kanye, Dragons and BROS

T Lo review and recap the DRIFTMARK episode of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, unpack all of the heated and misguided rhetoric surrounding Bily Eichner's gay rom com BROS, and look at the recent Balenciaga shows and Kanye stunts to point out how silly the world of fashion can be.
05/10/202259 minutes 32 seconds
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How BLONDE Completely Misses the Point of Marilyn Monroe

T Lo take on the Marilyn biopic BLONDE, starring Ana de Armas, and unpack all of the ways the film brutalizes the memory of Marilyn Monroe in service to a misguided attempt to make a point about her victimhood. PLUS: Another deep dive into HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, with a discussion on the time jump episode THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN. 
30/09/20221 hour 9 minutes 16 seconds
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Does the ”Bury Your Gays” Criticism Apply to HOUSE OF THE DRAGON?

T Lo have a few final things to say about the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth's funeral before exploring the criticism that HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is homophobic for killing off a gay character. Is "Bury Your Gays" a valid criticism or have we moved past it? Does it even apply to a story as brutal as any set in the GAME OF THRONES universe? 
21/09/202253 minutes
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Royal Succession Drama, With and Without Dragons

T Lo unpack the latest Targaryen family nastiness in HOUSE OF THE DRAGON before diving into the pomp and circumstance surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's death, the reaction to members of the former British Empire's diaspora communities, the overly reverent response of the media and, of course, all of the behind-the-scenes royal gossip.
16/09/202256 minutes 8 seconds
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Of Magic Rings and Dragon’s Wings: HOUSE OF THE DRAGON vs. THE RINGS OF POWER

T Lo compare all of the ways HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and THE RINGS OF POWER are similar and do a deep dive on the deep and profound differences in each story. PLUS: All the "Don't Worry Darling" drama, which is too delicious to ignore
08/09/20221 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds
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Unpacking That Meghan Markle Profile and Episode 2 of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON

 T & Lo take a good hard look at Meghan Markle's profile in The Cut and how it makes them question the media training both she and Prince Harry have received. PLUS: A deep dive into HOUSE OF THE DRAGON's second episode, THE ROGUE PRINCE. 
31/08/20221 hour 4 minutes 38 seconds
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T Lo go in hard on the first episode of the GAME OF THRONES prequel HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, unpacking the themes, story points, cultural histories and characters of the first episode, with a focus on what to look out for, what doesn't quite work as well as it should, and why the show looks different from its predecessor. 
26/08/202245 minutes 46 seconds
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We Love to See It: Stars Prioritizing Their Mental Health

T Lo talk about the recent announcements by stars Jonah Hill and Tom Holland that they're taking a step back from public life for mental health reasons and unpack all of the implications of that, from their own privilege to the brave celebrities and athletes who paved the way for them. Plus Lorenzo talks about Apple TV+'s PHYSICAL and Tom gives his thoughts on Marvel's SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW.
19/08/202244 minutes 37 seconds
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Sad Celebrity Stories of the Week

T Lo run down a bunch of sad tales coming out of celebrity land, offering a tribute to the legendary Olivia Newton-John and discussing the travails of Britney Spears, Ezra Miller, and Anne Heche. Plus: What everyone gets wrong about Ben Affleck. And short reviews of UNCOUPLED and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. 
12/08/202256 minutes
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Everything You Wanted to Know About THE SANDMAN

T Lo review the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN series of graphic novels, explaining the history of the books, the cultural impact they had, why the fans are so nervous about this adaptation, who the characters are and whether it all works. Spoiler: It does!
05/08/20221 hour 10 minutes 43 seconds
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From The Met to the Red Carpet: Why Fashion Matters

T Lo give their impressions of The Met's Costume Institute exhibits, IN AMERICA: A LEXICON OF FASHION and IN AMERICA: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FASHION, exploring how they interpret the history and importance of American fashion, what parts they got right and what parts of the exhibits were lacking. Then, they explore the sudden explosion in creativity and self-expression among male stars on the red carpet. Where did it come from? What's fueling it? Who started it? What does it all mean?
22/07/202250 minutes 20 seconds
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Beanie, The Bear and a Bunch of Snubs

T Lo review THE BEAR and declare it one of the best shows of the year, review the Emmy nominations and talk about why they are no longer able to highlight the best in television, and unpack the backstage drama of FUNNY GIRL as Beanie Feldstein exits and Lea Michele enters.
15/07/20221 hour 9 minutes 1 second
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You Can’t Roll A Ball Halfway Down a Hill

T Lo talk about the recent attacks on Drag Queen Story Hour across the country, how they're related to the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and why allyship is more important than ever.
24/06/202238 minutes 25 seconds
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The Enduring Mystique of Marilyn and the Singular Career of Anna Wintour

T Lo dive into a couple of recent stories illustrating the hold Marily Monroe still has on the culture and then they dive deep on the life and career of Vogue editor Anna Wintour in an interview with Amy Odell, author of ANNA: THE BIOGRAPHY. 
17/06/202257 minutes 44 seconds
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Unpacking and Appreciating FIRE ISLAND

 T Lo review the queer rom-com FIRE ISLAND and explain not only why the film is so fun, but how it honors history and shows an intelligent and insightful understanding of gay male social spaces, both the toxic parts and the life-affirming parts, while showing a wide range of experience/perspectives in a sex-positive, non-judgmental way. 
10/06/20221 hour 7 minutes 44 seconds
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All of the Celebrity News We Just Had to Talk About

Kim Kardashian said something really stupid and offensive - again! Sarah Jessica Parker is talking about how she never talks about Kim Catrall - again! And the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard verdict is a sad commentary on where we are and where we're going as a culture. T Lo hash it ALL out for you this week.
03/06/202248 minutes 31 seconds
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A Springstravaganza of Opinions!

T Lo weigh in on a bunch of topics, from a review of Apple TV+s THE ESSEX SERPENT, to what books they're currently reading, to why criticism is important to consuming any media, to the sudden explosion of interest in the red carpet. It's all musings and observations and a little bit of bitchiness as they touch on a wide range of subject.
20/05/202233 minutes 11 seconds
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Feral Audiences and Fave TV Shows

T Lo talk about the recent bad audience behavior on Broadway and in Hollywood involving Patti Lupone, Dave Chapelle and Jesse Williams. Why has everyone forgotten how to sit quietly and clap when expected? Also: Why you need to watch THE STAIRCASE, STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS and SHINING GIRLS.  
13/05/202243 minutes 21 seconds
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Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe and the Met Gala

T Lo go all in on the biggest fashion story of the week, if not the year, Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" dress to the Met Gala. They look at the outrage and the criticisms that immediately arose in response to it, talk about the importance of the dress, why it never should have seen the light of day, and argue that people are angry about the wrong things. 
06/05/202254 minutes 12 seconds
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Hot Gossip and Hot Shows to Watch

T Lo run down all of the week's hottest celebrity gossip, from the Olivia Wilde process server incident to the Depp/Heard lawsuit, to Tina Brown's new book on the Royal family. PLUS: A deep dive on season two of RUSSIAN DOLL and a rapturous review of PACHINKO and why you should watch it.
29/04/20221 hour 4 minutes 18 seconds
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Performances We’re Loving Right Now

T Lo give the spotlight to eleven performances in film and television that deserve a little more recognition right now and explain why you should watch them, from Michelle Pfeiffer in THE FIRST LADY to Greta Lee in RUSSIAN DOLL to Janelle James on ABBOTT ELEMENTARY and Zoe Kravitz in KIMI, among many others.
15/04/202245 minutes 38 seconds
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Less About the Slapping, More About the Clapping

T Lo unpack the reactions to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, from why people laughed and clapped to how the Academy responded to why we're all still talking about it days later. PLUS: A review of HBO Max's JULIA, what it gets right about its subject, the legendary Julia Child, and why she makes a good window into mid-century middle class America. 
01/04/202251 minutes 54 seconds
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William & Kate’s Disastrous Caribbean Adventure

T Lo unpack all the disastrous optics of the Caribbean royal tour with Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. This tour has been so bad that it actually throws the future of the monarchy into question. PLUS: Reviews of TV shows, MOON KNIGHT, STAR TREK: PICARD, THE GIRL FROM PLAINVILLE, BAD VEGAN and THE DROPOUT. 
25/03/202251 minutes 36 seconds
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Bono’s Bad Poem and Zelenskyy’s Game-Changing Style

T Lo talk about the newly announced "Gilded Glamour" theme for the Met Gala and why they think Anna Wintour has had it with celebrities. Then they take on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's game-changing wartime leader style, his savvy celebrity understanding of image-craft and fashion and how it ruffles all the right feathers. PLUS: Nancy Pelosi's cringey reading of Bono's poem and why it pissed them off so much.
18/03/202235 minutes 34 seconds
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Disney, Dukes, and Dolce & Gabbana: How to Cover a Problematic World

T Lo break down the disappointing Disney response to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill as well as recent royal kerfuffles surrounding the Cambridges and Sussexes and the problematic popularity of Dolce & Gabbana on the red carpet, all to explain how things get covered and why things don't get covered. 
11/03/202242 minutes 27 seconds
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Exploring and Explaining the Costumes of WEST SIDE STORY

T Lo go into a deep dive on the Oscar-nominated costume design by Paul Tazewell for Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY. They explain the inspirations, the symbolism, and how the costumes work in conjunction with the script, camera movement, digital technology and even the sound design. PLUS: reviews of PIECES OF HER, STAR TREK: PICARD and SEVERANCE.
04/03/202244 minutes 46 seconds
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Queer Kids Are Under Attack

T Lo unpack the recent changes announced for the Oscars ceremony and why they're so misguided before launching into a discussion of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill and Texas' attack on trans children and why both developments signal a serious danger not only to queer families, but to all families. 
25/02/202255 minutes 43 seconds
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Oscar Noms, Scam Artists, and Black Dwarven Princesses

 T Lo review INVENTING ANNA, break down the new Tolkien character designs of the RING OF POWER, and unpack the Oscar nominations, including who should win, who will win, and who never got nominated.
11/02/20221 hour 18 minutes 29 seconds
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”And Just Like That...”, a Finale

T Lo give the final exhaustive review of the first season of "And Just Like That...," the "Sex and the City" sequel with too much of an agenda to be funny, interesting or entertaining.
04/02/202245 minutes 5 seconds
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Minnie Mouse and M&M Makeover Madness!

T Lo take on Minnie Mouse's pantsuit and the Green M&M's new sneakers, pointing out how corporations are deliberately turning routine branding exercises into culture war issues to their benefit (and no one else's). PLUS: The latest "And Just Like That..." was only partially problematic!
28/01/202250 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Uncompromising Life and Unvarnished Legacy of André Leon Talley

T Lo remember the legendary André Leon Talley with personal recollections, tributes, and quotes from his life and work, putting into context how revolutionary it was for a large Black queer man to dominate the fashion world. PLUS: Why you should watch "Station Eleven" and why "And Just Like That..." remains a huge disappointment to us.
21/01/202256 minutes 48 seconds
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SAG Snubs and TV Talk

T Lo talk about the surprising snubs of the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and what they portend for the Oscars before doing another deep dive into the latest episode of "And Just Like That..." PLUS: quick nerd reviews! Why is "Star Trek: Discovery" and "The Book of Boba Fett" so boring? Why is "Peacemaker" so much more fun than we expected?
14/01/202255 minutes 13 seconds
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Cringing at ”And Just Like That...,” Cheering for ”Yellowjackets”

T Lo cringe at the "Hamilton" cast singing away insurrection, rant about "And Just Like That..."'s pitiful portrayal of middle age cluelessness, and beg you to start watching "Yellowjackets" if you haven't already.
07/01/20221 hour 11 minutes 51 seconds
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Our Year-End List of the Best Films and Shows of 2021

Tom and Lorenzo give each of their Top 3 shows and films of the year and the honorable mentions that didn't quite make it. Plus a recap of the latest episode of "And Just LIke That..." - the one with Natasha!
17/12/20211 hour 13 minutes 1 second
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Diving Into ”And Just Like That...” and Understanding Jeremy Strong

T & Lo unpack the somewhat feverish response to the New Yorker's profile of "Succession" star Jeremy Strong and then dive deep into the first two episodes of "And Just Like That...," as long time fans of "Sex and the City."
10/12/202156 minutes 40 seconds
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Movie Talk: ”Being the Ricardos,” ”Belfast,” ”The Power of the Dog”

T Lo give their in-depth reviews of "Being the Ricardos," "Belfast" and "Power of the Dog." Is Nicole Kidman a believable Lucille Ball? Does Kirsten Dunst deserve and Oscar? Why did Tom cry through a one third of "Belfast" when it's not a tragedy? And why are all three of these films on their year-end Best list?
03/12/20211 hour 1 minute 24 seconds
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Unpacking ”Spencer” and its Relationship with Accuracy

T Lo dive deep on Kristen Stewart's astonishing portrayal of Princess Diana in director Pablo Larraín's "Spencer," unpacking the film's fantastical interpretation of the Princess of Wales' life and asking question about just how much leeway storytellers should have in interpreting real people.
19/11/202150 minutes 42 seconds
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”Passing,” ”The Green Knight,” and Respecting the Source Material

T Lo discuss "Passing," starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga and "The Green Knight," starring Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander, diving deep on the themes, art direction, costume design and performances and showing how each film's director let the source material determine the direction, no matter how dated it was.
12/11/20211 hour 4 minutes 48 seconds
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The Big Celebrity Stories of the Week and What They Mean

T Lo unpack a whole range of celebrity news, from Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating to Chris Pratt trolling the public to Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo's casting in the Wicked movie adaption. PLUS: Why early aughts bloggers had it right when they treated stars with a lot more cynicism than today and why it's pointless to get mad at Kardashians.
05/11/202152 minutes 41 seconds
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It Doesn‘t Matter How You Dune

It's a sci-fi themed PSO as T Lo explain why Apple TV's "Invasion" is such a disappointment before launching into an extended discussion of director Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Dune starring Timothee Chalamet. The costumes, the art direction, the performances, their favorite scenes and the cliched Middle Eastern cultural appropriation - they talk about it all.
29/10/202152 minutes 41 seconds
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A Whole Bunch of Opinions on the World this Week

T Lo unpack the news about the tragic accident on Alec Baldwin's film set and the homophobic attacks on Pete Buttigieg, but first: Are SJP's "And Just Like That" costumes for real? PLUS: Why Nicole Kidman is all wrong to play Lucille Ball and whether biopics need to cast for resemblance or mimicry. 
22/10/202145 minutes 40 seconds
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The Chappelle Mess, Lizzo‘s Triumph and Project Runway‘s Return

Description: T Lo give their thoughts on Dave Chappelle's transphobic Netflix comedy special and the fallout from it, dissect Lizzo's bold fashion choice for Cardi B's birthday party, and talk about the return of Project Runway for its 19th season and muse on the show's effects and changes in all the years of covering it.
15/10/202159 minutes 8 seconds
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What‘s Up with ”Squid Game” and ”Diana: The Musical”?

T Lo look at the astonishing popularity of Netflix's breakaway hit "Squid Game" and laugh their way through the hilariously awful "Diana: The Musical" in order to answer one question about both of them: Why are people so fascinated by this? From Harry and Meghan to the fall of capitalism, they break it all down for you. PLUS: Why Adele's double Vogue covers matter and why it's good that they're so different. 
08/10/202150 minutes 55 seconds
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Let‘s Talk About TV Stuff

It's an all TV TALK episode of the PSO as T Lo dive into the Ellen Pompeo/Denzel Washington "Grey's Anatomy" story and what it says about the insulated lives of stars, then offer their contradictory takes on "Midnight Mass," "Y: The Last Man" and "Foundation."
01/10/20211 hour 2 minutes 37 seconds
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Sandy and Megs, Having Themselves a Week

T Lo tackle the ridiculous brouhaha over the "TAX THE RICH" dress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the Met Gala and why she was perfectly in her rights to do so. PLUS: Harry and Meghan make the TIME 100, pose for a really weird picture, get a ton of totally predictable blowback.
17/09/202145 minutes 22 seconds
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Why The John Mulaney Parasocial Kerfuffle Matters

T Lo take on the huge blowback regarding John Mulaney's personal life and explain all the personal, professional, and societal reasons they're holding firm on their opinion that parasocial relationships with celebrities shouldn't be normalized. Bring back that early aughts cynicism!
10/09/202155 minutes 39 seconds
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Anti-Backlash Backlash!

T Lo unpack the recent so-called "backlash" against "Ted Lasso," explain why it was inevitable, and take a bunch of TV critics to task for buying into the pernicious "Let people enjoy things" framing. PLUS: A review of Hulu's "Nine Perfect Strangers" and why it seems to be falling so flat. 
26/08/202154 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cringe TV vs. Earnest TV: "Ted Lasso," "The White Lotus" and "Schmigadoon!"

T Lo talk television as they review "Ted Lasso," "The White Lotus" and "Schmigadoon!" and explain why those shows might not be for everyone. PLUS: What's with all these dirty celebrities? 
13/08/20211 hour 4 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Matt Damon is a D-Slur

After his disastrous Sunday Times interview, T Lo run down all of the ways in which Matt Damon has been a blindly privileged, narcissistic jerk and why his latest admission (of using an anti-gay slur) should not be celebrated or explained away so quickly. 
04/08/202143 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

"Jungle Cruise," Bad Gucci Accents and Hollywood Nepotism

T Lo give their thoughts on the campy Italian accents of the "House of Gucci," review the disappointing "Jungle Cruise," and go off on the blindness of Hollywood elites who think nepotism isn't a factor and that show business is a meritocracy.
30/07/202144 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Someone Pry the Olympics Uniforms Out of Ralph Lauren's Hands

T Lo have HAD IT with the preppy nightmares that Ralph Lauren keeps forcing on American Olympians and they'll tell you why his outdated Americana aesthetic is borderline offensive in 2021. PLUS: Prince Harry's memoirs and why they make T Lo cringe!
23/07/202139 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Emmy Snubs, "Loki" Disappointments and "Mad Men" in Space

T Lo run down the 2021 Emmy nominations and give their thoughts on who should win and who got snubbed before Tom launched into an extended rant about how much he disliked the "Loki" finale. PLUS: You absolutely MUST watch Apple TV+'s "For All Mankind."
16/07/202148 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

T Lo's Big Las Vegas Adventure!

T Lo give you the lowdown on all the fun and fabulousness of the Las Vegas leg of their book tour, give their thoughts on the Princess Diana statue, congratulate the new Miss Nevada for making history, and review both "Black Widow" and the latest "Loki."
02/07/202154 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Britney's Bombshell and Why Carl Nassib's Coming Out Matters

T Lo talk about the importance of Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib's coming out and why his political affiliations don't matter. Then, they run down Britney Spears' shocking testimony begging for her conservatorship to end and explain why it may be one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time. PLUS: a review of AMC's confusing "Kevin Can F**K Himself."
25/06/202148 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Queer PDAs, The History of Cruising & Hot Reality TV Goss

T Lo gossip about some "Project Runway" designer scandals, weigh in on the Chrissy Teigen and Rita Moreno stories, and talk about the history of queer PDAs, cruising, and non-verbal socializing in the pre-Stonewall era. 
18/06/202148 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr. Jill's Jacket, the Queens of Hacks, a Forgotten Queer Icon and Lilibet Diana

T Lo talk about Jill Biden's "LOVE" jacket and what it means, gush over the glory of the "Hacks" season finale, profile forgotten trans icon Rachel Harlow, and welcome Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor to the world.
11/06/202152 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Queer Erotic History, Sex Work, and Why Pride Must Be Horny on Main

T Lo take on the tiresome "No Kink at Pride" discourse by highlighting the importance of queer erotic artists like Bob Mizer and Tom of Finland as well as the brave contributions of the front line of Queer Liberation, the sex workers who fought back first. 
04/06/202148 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

When Fashion Design Meets Costume Design: "Cruella" and "Halston"

T Lo discuss the Oscar-worthy work of costume designer Jenny Beavan in the surprisingly high-quality and couture-focused "Cruella" and interview Jeriana San Juan, the costume designer for Netflix's "Halston" on how to merge fashion design with the needs of costume design.
21/05/202148 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

"Halston," "Hacks" and the Future of the Red Carpet

T Lo gush over Jean Smart and her new HBO Max series "Hacks" and the news that Laverne Cox is taking over red carpet duties on E! Then they give the history behind the legendary "Battle of Versailles" depicted in "Halston;" an event that changed the world of fashion forever.
14/05/202156 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Looking Out Over the Spring 2021 TV Landscape

T Lo report on upcoming seasons of "Lupin," "Call My Agent," and "Making the Cut," before launching into reviews of "Jupiter's Legacy," "The Nevers," and "Mare of Easttown." Plus a look at "Pose" and an explanation of why they don't want to cover the show.
07/05/202159 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

Oscar, Halston and Captain America

T Lo talk about the 2021 Oscars and what to expect from this year's red carpet, then Tom launches into a fairly critical review of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and how the series failed before Lorenzo gushes over the upcoming Halston biopic and why it's important.
23/04/202155 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Colton Underwood's Problematic Coming Out

T Lo take on the coming out of "The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood, his problematic past, and why you should support the act of coming out even if the person isn't a role model. PLUS: A review of the scandal-tinged but entertaining HBO series "The Nevers" and a look at the anti-queer backlash to a Valentino fashion ad.
16/04/202157 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr. Jill's Tights and Khloe Kardashian Fights

T Lo take on the minor kerfuffle over what the press called Dr. Jill Biden's "fishnets" and offer their theories as to why people may have been surprised to see FLOTUS rocking them. Then it's on to Khloe Kardashian's public meltdown over a candid photo, what she revealed about her own issues and why her statement lacked self-awareness. PLUS: You should watch "The Great Pottery Throw Down!"
08/04/202147 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Going Low on High Culture

T Lo review Netflix's "The Serpent" and Disney+'s "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" before launching into a gushfest over how amazing Michelle Pfeiffer is in "French Exit." PLUS: a long discussion on high and low culture and how most film, television and music critics play into some damaging ideas about who is accessing it and why. 
02/04/202149 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vax Musings, Virality, and Milkshake Duck

T Lo talk about their post-vaccination musings; what they've learned, what's changed, and what they're looking forward to when lockdown ends for good. Plus, the pitfalls of going viral: why Chrissy Teigen's twitter exit, Cinnamon Toast Shrimp Guy and Milkshake Duck represent a shift in social media literacy.
26/03/202153 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

This Week's Scandals in the World of Fashion

T Lo tackle the kerfuffle over Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alexi McCammond's resignation over racist tweets, Dolce & Gabbana's racist and problematic history and why it's bad that they've returned to dominating the red carpet, and the Oscar producers recent letter telling nominees they have to attend in person and why that's dangerous and ill-conceived. Plus: Reviews of Zack Snyder's Justice League and slate of Lorenzo's fave upcoming shows.
19/03/202146 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sifting Through the Rubble with Meghan, Harry and Oprah

T Lo unpack all of the details and implications of the Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, from the masterful image craft and media training, to what was said and unsaid in their replies, to the implied threats they made to the royal family and whether or not the British monarchy is truly in any danger given the shocking revelations.
08/03/202151 minutes
Episode Artwork

Navigating the Painful History and Awful Legacy of "It's a Sin"

T Lo talk about the HBO Max drama about the '80s AIDS crisis, "It's a Sin" from the perspective of two gay men who remember those days. A personal and historic journey through the worst years of recent queer history and a bit of an explanation of why older gays are so bad about accepting younger queer identities. 
26/02/20211 hour 3 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Let's Fight Over Meghan and Harry

T Lo debate/argue about all the latest news from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Are they hypocrites? Whiners? Justifiably pissed off? All of the above? PLUS: New York (Virtual) Fashion Week, why "WandaVision" should stick to its weekly release schedule and our thoughts on heading into Year Two of pandemic cultural coverage.
19/02/202154 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Britney Spears Reckoning

T Lo talk about the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary, celebrity culture, and how they had to reckon with their own blogging past. PLUS: A discussion on why "WandaVision" perfectly replicates a specific comic-reading experience, why you should watch HBO's "Lady and the Dale," and a little argument regarding how the "Sex and the City" reboot is dealing with the Samantha question.
12/02/202155 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Golden Globes Snubs and a Model Second Daughter

T Lo talk about the disappointing and weird Golden Globes nominations and why they matter, even though they shouldn't. Plus: Ella Emhoff's big-time modeling contract and why they're not thrilled to see the second daughter cashing in so quickly, even if it doesn't count as a scandal. Also: The "Sex and the City reboot! Bad idea or TERRIBLE idea?
04/02/202158 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

When All Culture Becomes Junk Culture

T Lo talk about the "Sandman" casting news, celebrate the work of Cicely Tyson and Cloris Leachman, review "Call My Agent" and then bat around the question of what's happening to the culture after a year of lockdown. Are we consuming our culture like junk food?
29/01/202141 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Politics of Fashion

T Lo take a look at all the fashions of the Biden inauguration and explain exactly why talking about political fashion is both important and necessary.
21/01/202152 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Vogue did Kamala Harris Wrong

T Lo take a look at the controversy surrounding Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris' covers for Vogue magazine, bringing their knowledge of the magazine's style and inner workings along with their perception of VP Harris' own style and why they two were bound to fail when you put them together. All that plus their reactions to the "Sex and the City" reboot!
11/01/202141 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

T Lo's Holiday Entertainment Guide

T Lo give their thoughts on a whole bunch of holiday home-viewing options, with reviews of "Tenet," "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," "Bridgerton" and "Wonder Woman 1984." PLUS: Why Tom may never watch "The Mandalorian" again!
23/12/202057 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Movie Talk: The Controversies Surrounding "Mank" and "The Prom"

T Lo review "Mank" and respond to the critical kerfuffle surrounding its mythmaking and then tackle Ryan Murphy's "The Prom" and the charges of "gayface" in casting James Corden. PLUS: Dumb online controversies and why they keep happening!
11/12/20201 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

"The Crown" Meltdown, Elliot Page and the Scary Decline of Movie Theaters

T Lo talk about the silliness surrounding the calls for "The Crown" to label itself fiction, discuss Elliot Page's announcement and how to talk and write about trans celebrities, and respond to the shocking Warner Brothers plan to release their 2021 slate of films on HBO Max.
04/12/202059 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Life and Legacy of Princess Diana

In preparation for season 4 of "The Crown," T Lo take a good long look at the life of Princess Diana - not just the scandals, heartbreaks, revenge schemes and fashion, but the way her tumultuous life changed both the institution of the British monarchy and how the public sees it, but also the royal family itself. 
13/11/20201 hour 5 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

AOC, Kim Kardashian and the Shifting Sands of Celebrity Culture

T & Lo contrast the outcry against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Vanity Fair cover with the outrage over Kim Kardashian's tone-deaf 40th birthday celebration, noting how celebrity culture is changing in 2020 while AOC is forcing change on the dried-up world of politics. 
30/10/202044 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

When Sarah Jessica Parker Calls, Pick Up

T Lo got a surprise phone call from none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, who took issue with something they wrote about her. The resulting conversation was broad, illuminating, sincere, nuanced and friendly as two different sides of the celebrity ecosystem got to hear what it was like for the other one. 
23/10/202044 minutes 55 seconds