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Welcome to the "To all the People Podcast," A podcast that covers surviving adversity, being the first gen, overcoming work obstacles, and stepping into your calling. This season is dedicated to being an "F.O.D." First only and Different, and It's about navigating a white world, overcoming generational trauma, and finding joy when things don't seem very joyful. With a wide range of special guests, we'll discuss topics such as Roe V Wade, tokenization, navigating PCOS, and asking for your worth. Life is hard; it can be comical, sad, overwhelming, and then happy again. However, Janell (your virtual big sister) and #1 best-selling author and content creator is here to make you feel safe and understood.
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The price you pay when you give to the wrong people, is the exhaustion you live with. How to get rid of the takers in your life, and take back your power.

The price you pay when you give to the wrong people, is the exhaustion you live with. How to get rid of the takers in your life, and take back your power.
7/1/202428 minutes, 48 seconds
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Failure has to be apart of you achieving your DREAMS; How I found the courage to keep going + My journey of becoming a business owner

How to find the courage to keep going when you find yourself failing at your dreams. Today your host Janell discusses her journey of starting her own. This episode is raw, foreboding and unexpected. Feel free to follow your host on her social platforms at:IG: Janell_RobertsTT: Janell.roberts
6/17/202432 minutes, 4 seconds
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Vent Less and Pray More; How to Recenter yourself after being derailed from your dreams

Vent less and Pray more. Today your host goes over the importance of reentering yourself after being derailed from your dreams. If you like this episode please be sure to give us 5 stars, a download and a share. Follow your host Janell: IG: Janell_Roberts TikTok: Janell.Roberts
6/10/202432 minutes, 22 seconds
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How to forgive yourself, after Friend Betrayal Trauma

God, I'm losing all of my friends, while my life continues to elevate. Today we dive deep into what it means to experience betrayal trauma. Often it is easier for people to project their own insecurities onto you, instead of looking inward. Unfortunately, most of us become an easy scapegoat for peoples internalized insecurities. In this episode we dive deep on the importance of learning to forgive yourself after betrayal.If you like this episode, please feel free to share it and give it 5 stars.Follow our podcast:IG: ToallthepeoplepodcastFollow our HostIG: Janell_RobertsTT:Janell.roberts
6/3/202436 minutes, 35 seconds
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Your identity has to crumble in order to find yourself, Says Somalian Influencer Bahja; he discusses standing in your truth but staying grounded within your faith

Sometimes your Identity has to crumble in order to find yourself; Today we have none other than Bahja Abdi who uses her platform to help others unlock their full potential. Bahja discusses the not so pretty awakening that comes with losing your identity in order to unlock your own unique voice. Identity Loss can feel challenging, and abrupt; but here are so key steps, of combating these life changes. If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to rate us 5 starts and leave a review. Follow TATPP IG; ToallthepeoplepodcastYou Can Follow Bahja IG: BaahjaaaYoutube: Bahja Abdi
5/27/202447 minutes, 18 seconds
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How to reset your mind, in order to connect to yourself.

This year is already kicking most of our behinds! It seems as though so many of are mourning a past version of who we are and who we've been. Today, your host goes in depth about the importance of connecting back to yourself, by doing manual work, yes manual work. This is a great restart for anyone struggle to get back on track! If you liked this podcast, please be sure to rate it 5 stars.
4/29/202427 minutes, 21 seconds
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I've been making people upset most of my life because I know how to Stand my GROUND! People will hate you, because when they see you, they see what they lack in.

People will hate you because when they see you, they see what they lack in. So in order to be close they will befriend you in order to surveillance you. Give them grace, because they will never see their own greatness. I’ve always been a good scapegoat for people, I’ve always been easy to blame for people. So if you're going through a similar issue, this episode is for you <3
4/22/202421 minutes, 34 seconds
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Its time for a Mental Detox; Step 1 to focusing on things that actually matter

You deserve a mental detox from all of the nuances that are pushing you further and further away from your goals. Today is different from our usual Podcast, This is conversation centered around self awareness and letting go. Today we push you to ask yourself the question, "am I distracted from my goals?" "am I allowing things to distract me?" Today we cover all of the social programming that oftentimes make it difficult for us to see ourselves. If you like this episode please be sure to give us 5 stars.
4/8/202427 minutes, 26 seconds
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Bravo’s Summer House Martha’s Vineyard Bria Fleming; People will hate the confident Black Woman who knows her worth;

There is an unfortunate challenge that comes with being a Black Woman who knows her worth! This week we're joined by none other than the queen of Black Girl Luxury herself, Bria Fleming. Bria is notably known for her role on Bravo's hit show Martha's Vineyard; Where she shares her journey of learning how to overcome self doubt. Most of you have probably seen her on your FYP living her best life at Cannes Film Festival, or Paris. Bria is the perfect depiction of what it means to be Black, bold and beautiful. This episode is filled with so many gems, where she discusses the importance of protesting for your own self and stepping into your calling. Most importantly, this episode is for the little girl who may feel like her dreams are too big.
3/25/202459 minutes, 52 seconds
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YOU are so POWERFUL that your “Enemies” will come together just to FEEL CLOSE to YOU, This is what happens when you hurt other peoples ego; Let go of Ego and focus on Dignity

They will lie on your name. They will make up stories. They will rally up troops, but most importantly they will do everything in their power to try to destroy you. Their ego wounds is not YOUR responsibility, but sometimes your enemies will come to come together just to FEEL CLOSE TO YOU. The victory of letting go of people pleasing tendencies, often comes with challenges of doubt from outsiders. Life without challenges, isn't a life at all - just know that you are powerful enough to get through it <3
3/18/202429 minutes, 51 seconds
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You are worthy of achieving your dreams; But Be Weary of people who will try to Life Swap With you.

Be Weary of people who will try to Life Swap With you; who will try to make your dreams their own. Sometimes, when we sent clear boundaries we experience backlash. Here are signs that someone is life swapping with you
3/11/202427 minutes, 54 seconds
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You miss the shots you don't take! I went from being broke to making a Million a Year; Becoming Alina Benun and owning one of the Top Influencing Agencies in the Country.

From Real estate, to being broke, to starting her own company V1sion Ventures; Alina Benun discusses her journey of overcoming depression, moving with intention and stepping into her calling.From representing talent, like Keith Lee, Ronnie Lee (Myself) and so Many others. I am so honored and blessed to have none other than my bestie/ manager on our podcast today to discuss how to overcome doubt and loss. She also discusses the importance of acting on your dreams, living in the now and letting go of any uncertainty. This one is for anyone who is struggling to take that leap of faith when it comes to starting that business or chasing that dream.So turn the volume up and lets get into this weeks episode.
3/4/202453 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to stop being a people Pleaser + How to set clear Boundaries + How to stop being Hyper Independent

Those people pleasing tendencies can not go where you are headed. A “people pleaser” personality means a person feels a strong urge to please others, even at their own expense. They may feel that their wants and needs do not matter or alter their personality around others.
2/26/202429 minutes, 22 seconds
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Overconsuming OTHER PEOPLES LIVES MAKES YOU UNHAPPY. be unconventional

How to not get consumed by other peoples lives and leave the victim mindset.. This episode is about how I found myself as being the "unconventional black girl" 10% off on Athletic Greens with my code "To All the People"
2/19/202426 minutes, 13 seconds
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Galentine's" Finding love despite growing up without a father, How I left my masculine placement and found love in my female friendships

I no longer want to be a masculine woman. In fact, i'd like to be as soft as they come. In full transparency, discussions around my father have always been a touchy subject. However, with age I am learning how the absence of not having a father has personally impacted me as a woman and how I see love. It as though everything I've learned about love has come from my the women in my life, most importantly my female friendships. I hope you feel connected to this episode. Happy Valentine's day to my Gals around the world. Feel free to follow TATP @ toallthepeoplepodcast. Follow your host Janell IG: Janell_robertsTiktok: Janell.Roberts
2/12/202422 minutes, 46 seconds
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I was Ghosted by my Fiancé; But I Survived Heartbreak with Beauty Mogul Atrice, Atrice discusses surviving an emotionally abusive relationship.

This episode is one for the books! Today we have none other than Atrice to kick off the Month of Love! In this episode Atrice discusses the ongoing healing journey of surviving emotional abuse from her Ex Fiancé who ghosted her. This episode is vulnerable, raw and deeply needed to help women who have survived heartbreak.
2/5/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 32 seconds
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28 Things i've learned in 28 years; Big SIS advice I wish someone would've told me.

A few hard truths i've learned in 28 years. I wish someone would've told me this. <3
1/29/202424 minutes, 23 seconds
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Its not my responsibility to make you like me because YOU dont feel comfortable with YOURSELF: How to step into your Light.

Is it possible to excel without being seen? What happens when you're no longer in survival mode, but your body can't tell the difference? Why am I struggling to step into my light? Most importantly, why do I keep watering myself down? This episode is for anyone who has those unnerving questions.
1/22/202427 minutes, 33 seconds
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They weren't who you thought they were; Shedding Toxic relationships & Healing from Friendship Breakups

Hi Guys! We're so excited to back with TATPP, we've missed you all so much! Today's episode is all about overcoming friendship breakups.
1/15/202431 minutes
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“How to let go of motherly hurt”

Motherly wounds are often the most painful wounds. A mother wound isn't a specific clinical diagnosis. Rather, it describes a cluster of maternal abandonment effects that derive from “under-mothering.” Much of a child's sense of self derives from their relationship with their mother. For our parents are individuals who will shape our reality of love and life. On todays episode Janell brings on one of her closest friends licensed Therapists Dr. Preston Dargahai, to discuss the importance of humanizing motherly relationships in order to let go and move on. This is a conversation filled with love laughter and transparency. All videos can be live streamed on our youtube channel @ "To all the People Podcast." Please feel free to follow TATPP on Instagram @ ToallthepeoplepodcastFeel free to follow Dr. Dargahai on Instagram @ PrestondargahiYour Host Janell Can be followed at IG: Janell_roberts
8/7/202345 minutes, 8 seconds
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Everything you want IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU, so start acting like the MAIN CHARACTER not the supporting one

Everything you want is already within you. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianna Williamson
7/31/202324 minutes, 8 seconds
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How to Find Empowering Female Friendships with women who are HEALED (in honour of the barbie movie)

Women can be BRUTAL! And some of us have been deeply hurt by women who look like us; on this episode of TATPP, your host Janell is flying Solo as she discusses the importance of female friendships. She also highlights the difficulties of navigating relationships when you aren't fully healed! And that's Okay! Healing takes time, and healing is brutal, but in your journey, you can embark on a new level of self-discovery that will push you to encounter beautiful friendships with women who just want to love you. Ps. Remember all episodes can be streamed on Youtube. Follow the TATPP IG: @Toallthepeoplepodcast Tiktok: @Toallthepeoplepodcast Follow your Host at IG: Janell_roberts Tiktok: Janell.roberts
7/24/202337 minutes, 27 seconds
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You need to stop Minimizing your GREATNESS says Forbes Photographer Myles Loftin

When I stopped minimizing my greatness, I became greatness, says Forbes Photographer Myles Loftin Known for photographing Kid Cudi, Willow Smith, GloRilla, and so many more cultural icons, Myles discuss the importance of exposure, understanding your value and never minimizing your greatness.
7/10/202341 minutes, 53 seconds
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YOU deserve to become the person YOU WERE Meant to be: Says King Richard Actress Mikayla Bartholomew

Today we have none other than Tony Award, NAACP-winning Actress Mikayla Lashae Bartholomew, best known for her role as Tundi Price in the King Richard Film. She discussed a time when she nearly gave up on herself and how King Richard came at a time when she least expected it. This podcast is about forgiving yourself and learning to let go. It is an inspiring story about stepping into your calling and finding your unique voice. This is the perfect episode for anyone struggling to trust that voice that's in their head;You can follow Mikayla on all social platforms @carpeingdiemFull video can be found on youtube.
7/3/202351 minutes, 24 seconds
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Journal #5 | You can't POUR from an Empty Cup!

You're gonna want to hear this, because its the perfect cheat code for living a life of abundance and Following through with your DREAMS. On todays episode your host is flying solo, as she discusses the importance of Rest! For more content and conversations please be sure to follow Janell on her Social Handles. Be sure to check out Janells Best Selling Book "To all the People I loved before loving me" on AmazonJanells linktree: Socials:Tiktok: @toallthepeoplepodcastIG: @toallthepeoplepodcastPersonal Socials:Tiktok: Janell.RobertsIg: Janell_RobertsTo Purchase Tickets to a "World without Boarders" Featuring Exclusive Content;
6/26/202324 minutes, 29 seconds
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Journal #4| STOP chasing PEOPLE and start chasing YOURSELF

This episode needs no intro. Some of us are deeply struggling with finding our own sense of self worth. We tend to look to other people to tell us who we are and what our value may be. Your host is here to tell you, that the only place you need to look is within yourself. This is such a great episode to start your Monday. Listen to the TATPP wherever you get your podcasts. Follow the @toallthepeoplepodcast on all social platforms.
5/29/202324 minutes, 4 seconds
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Girls that look like me also Matter Ft. Toni Bravo | A conversation about Setting Boundaries, Colorism, The Beauty Industry, And surviving Imposter Syndrome as a Content Creator

On Todays Episode, we have none other than social media Icon Toni Bravo. Bravo uses her digital footprint to help women of darker hues feel comfortable in their skin. You may have seen it on your TikTok or the latest rare beauty ad; however, on todays episode, Toni Decided to grace us with her wonderful presence.. So sit back and enjoy this episode.
5/22/202351 minutes, 33 seconds
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Journal #4| STOP OBSESSING OVER YOUR DREAMS! you’re acting like an Intruder. Learn to flow naturally so you’re able to reach your dreams; Manifestation tips and the law of dissonance.

It is essential to take a step back and learn to trust that everything will happen as it should. This Journal is one for the books. In this episode, your host goes in-depth about how to flow naturally with your dreams. This is A big sister reminder that you are EXACTLY where you need to be. Too often, we put too much pressure on the ideology of "succeeding" it takes us down this rabbit hole and twisted belief system that for us to reach our goals, we must "obsess" When you look up the definition of obsession, it means "intruder." You are not an intruder, so stop acting like one. If you haven't already please be sure to follow the @toallthepeoplepodcast on Youtube, IG and Tiktok.Follow your host Janell IG: Janell_Roberts Tiktok: Janell.Roberts
5/8/202330 minutes, 49 seconds
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“Focusing on other people makes you forget your potential” Says Gigi Robinson, Author, Model, Business Owner

On Today's episode, we have none other than Gigi Robinson, whom we'd like to call the queen of persevering. Gigi Robinson is an Author, creator, Model, and Boss babe who was one of the first women of Sports Illustrated to speak out about surviving a chronic illness, and her journey along the way. In this episode, Gigi discusses losing friends, overcoming obstacles, and learning not to compare. You can follow Gigi on all of her Social Handles @gigirobinson.
5/1/202353 minutes, 2 seconds
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Journal #3| Maybe You're Miserable Because you keep Equating your Sense of Self Worth to the things that you have

Let's TALK ABOUT IT! Too often, (SOME OF US) equate who we are to our achievements, accomplishments, and lifestyle. An incredibly toxic and damaging paradox sends us on this constant emotional rollercoaster where we feel nothing once we achieve those goals we spent so many years trying to achieve. In this episode, your host asks you to get personal and honest about who you are and where your sense of belonging lies.Please be sure to follow @toallthepeoplepodcast on IG and Tiktok. To stay up to date with the latest you can check out the TATP website WWW. TATPM.COM
4/24/202329 minutes, 36 seconds
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"Getting Laid off Was the Best Thing that Could Have Happened For Me" Says Cedoni Francis, Today we discuss Tokenization, Black Exceptionalism, TikTok and So Much More

"Getting Laid off was the best thing that's ever happened to me" Says Cedoni Francis. In this episode Cedoni and Janell dive deep on "pivoting" when life tells you NO. Cedoni discusses how she's learning how to not equate her sense of "self-worth" to her accomplishments. You can follow Cedoni on IG and Tiktok @CedoniFrancis
4/17/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 29 seconds
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How to Mourn people who are Still Alive; Letting go so you can Heal

Mourning is a crippling feeling. Losing someone is incredibly hard. I've often wondered how loss transpired in our relationships with people who are still alive. In this episode we discuss how to let go so we can heal.
4/10/202320 minutes, 1 second
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Journal Entry #1 | How I fully broke free from Generational Cycles of Abuse (it cost me my family, but i'm okay.)

We can't begin Season 2 without coming to terms with our past. In this episode, your host Janell dives deep into her origin story. It is the not-so-pretty awakening that comes with healing. This episode highlights the things that have shaped us.It is up to us to decide what we want to do with it. This episode is a step-by-step guide to what it means to be free. If you need more than Audio, the visual documentary is available on Janell's youtube (we ask that you grab your tissues while you're at it). We hope this episode gives you the space to be as vulnerable as you deserve Feel free to follow the TATP Socials for the latest updates on IG & TT @toallthepeoplepodcast.
4/3/202327 minutes, 43 seconds
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To all the People Podcast with Janell Roberts

Season 2 is for you. This is the aftermath, the freedom, and the voices of pioneers like you who have survived and overcome adversity. It is the forgiving you. It is the Creative you. It is the encouragement you need when you struggle to find your voice. It is the podcast for belonging and the podcast for understanding. Here is what to expect on this season of the To All The People Podcast. Thank you,Your Host Janell
3/27/20231 minute, 41 seconds