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Tinsel Tunes - The Christmas Music Podcast

English, Seasonal-Holiday, 6 seasons, 59 episodes, 1 day 8 hours 40 minutes
The Tinsel Tunes podcast goes into great detail about Christmas music. Full of fun and interesting facts, it will get you into the Christmas Spirit! Hear about classics, modern songs, songs you love, and even those songs that you dislike. We go deep into the history of Christmas songs, explore the compositions, and play lots of music!
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Podcast Preview: Christmas Morning (with The Little Drummer Boy song battle)

As some of you may know, I host another podcast called "Christmas Morning" with Brandon Gray from "Deck the Hallmark".  Our show is a weekly celebration of Christmas, including news, jokes, days until Christmas countdown, and TV listings.  What may be of interest to Tinsel Tunes listeners is the Christmas music battle we do at the end of each episode where we compete to bring the best version of a given song by an independent artist on I'm including one episode of Christmas Morning here in the Tinsel Tunes feed because we'd love to have you over there. (If this isn't your thing, no worries! I won't be including any more of these here) You can find out more information about the show at  I hope you enjoy it! Here's the link to vote on the music battle:
16/12/202224 minutes 47 seconds
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Tinsel Tunes Podcast Trailer

Join us for fun and information about everyone's favorite and not so favorite Christmas tunes.
01/08/20182 minutes 48 seconds