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Time for Tea with Kelly Pisani

English, Social, 1 seasons, 8 episodes, 5 hours 15 minutes
Get yourself a hot cuppa and listen to get the motivation you truly need to (finally) start chasing your dreams? You're in the right place bestie!? Kelly has been motivating her online besties to be sustainable queens living their best life since 2016 - and she's now going to take that a step further with her own podcast ? Tune in for all the tea on living your best life - here we use motivation instead of sugar to make our life sweet!
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The Art of Un-Friending: Why is it important?

Helloooo Besties and welcome for Episode 8 of the first Season of Time for Tea with Kelly! This Season has been a journey and I have learnt so much about me since starting it! Today we're discussing friends. But not in the making friends kind of way... we're delving deeper into why we shouldn't pursue some friendships any longer at times. These things happen, and if you lost a friend, it means that the universe has made space for you to recieve someone more abbundant. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Until start of Season 2, I'll be on instagram, were you can find me @kellyypisani - where I'll be sharing more than just my thoughts. There, you'll find my thrifting content & my day-to-day life on stories! See you for Season 2, bestie. Sending you much love, Kelly X
23/04/202336 minutes 58 seconds
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To be or not to be Self-Empolyed?☕️

Hello again besties🤎🧸 Today we'll be diving deep into the world of being self-employed - what does it actually entail? Is it even worth it? We'll also be briefly touching all that you'll need to do if you decide to take the leap onto being fully self-employed✨ & if your dream is that of being self-employed, then I also want this episode to serve as the motivation or inspiration you need to get you going. You can do it bestie, you are more than worthy of living the life you dream for yourself, you've got this🤝🤎 I'm also more than open to share more of my tips with you, so let's chat on instagram @kellyypisani 🪄
02/04/202340 minutes 59 seconds
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How do you find your happiness?👀

Hellooooo bestie! I'm so happy you're here again! It's time to discuss all things happiness. Can you really find it? Is it something you find? What can you do to find your happiness? I feel like happiness is a struggle at least once per lifetime per individual haha, and life is too short to go on at it telling yourself you'll feel happy once A, B and C are achieve and X, Y and Z are dealt with. So let's find you your happiness, bestie❤️ I'd love to hear your thoughts about this episode or my podcast in general - so let's chat on instagram @kellyypisani ✨
26/03/202343 minutes 39 seconds
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Confidence: Does it really exist?✨

Hi bestie - you're here again🥺 I'm so happy to finally be talking about Confidence; I feel like everyone has someday tackled with confidence - whether it is all throughout life or just in peculiar situations. So, today we're talking about just that!  Because really and truly, does confidence really exist? We're here to find out the answer. If you've finished listening to this episode on Sunday 12th March (when it's aired), I would love for you two share your view on confidence on my instagram @kellyypisani ; I have a poll up now as we speak! Xx Talk to you there!
12/03/202329 minutes 54 seconds
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Things you need to start doing✨ #1 To help yourself Mentally

Hi bestie! I'm super grateful you're here again today! I wanted today's episode to be a super light one but that does make your reflect on your current headspace. How are you doing? What can you do to help yourself mentally? Here are 10 things I've done that have literally shifted my mental health from super dependent to super independent and one which I am in control of. Growing up I always told myself I would not let anxiety dictate what I can or will do in my life - and I want to pass that on to you bestie🤎 If you've finished from listening to today's episode, I'd be super happy to chat with you over on my instagram - find me there @kellyypisani Xx
05/03/202340 minutes 1 second
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Anxiety and Being in love - how does that actually work?

Hello bestie💖 I'm so happy you're here again! Today we'll be talking all things love and anxiety. Can you actually be in love and have anxiety at the same time? Will you ever be at a point where you feel secure in your relationship even though you have anxiety? Get your hot cuppa and let's start delving deep in the world of love - you need to listen to this bestie🧸 If you've already listened to it - I'd love to hear what you think about it on my ig @kellyypisani, talk to you there 🧚🏼‍♀️Xx
26/02/202347 minutes 33 seconds
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Thrifting Unmasked✨ - The toxic thrifting community, bullying, misconceptions...

Hello bestie! I'm so grateful you're here again today🤎 Today we're having a little heart to heart on something I consider to be a personality trait at this point.. thrifting. You might know it's my utmost passion; but how do I love it so much when I have been bullied because of it, made to feel inferior and uncomfortable, and also like there are rules I'm not following through my life-long thrifting lifestyle? Time for you to get your tea bestie - get a coaster because it is going to be scolding hot🙊 & once the tea gets cold, let's continue our chat on instagram - @kellyypisani 🤎
19/02/202338 minutes 45 seconds
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Making Friends & having Anxiety - Do you really need friends?🤎

For the first episode of Time for Tea I wanted us to chat on what I feel is an issue or has been an issue in everyone's life at some point. You might struggle making friends and have this urge to finally make a couple or you might have a lot of friends but still alone. I want us to discuss this & delve deeper into whether having friends is really, that important. Because, is it? Get your hot cuppa ready & let's start chatting bestie👯‍♀️✨ 🤎What are your gratitudes for this week? 🤳🏼Be my bestie! Find me on instagram @kellyypisani 💖
11/02/202337 minutes 30 seconds