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English, Health / Medicine, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 4 hours 43 minutes
Getting diagnosed, treated for, and living a healthy life with a thyroid condition can be frustrating and exhausting. Join thyroid patient advocate and New York Times bestselling author Mary Shomon as she does a deep dive into the challenges and successes of every facet of thyroid disease. Every episode features empowering advice and information from patients, physicians, and other experts from across the conventional to integrative spectrum. If you are struggling to get properly diagnosed or treated with a thyroid condition, need to become an empowered patient, or you are looking for practical and effective ways to truly feel and live well with a thyroid condition, it’s time to dive in!
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Behind the Pharmacy Counter

When you're being treated for hypothyroidism, every time you fill a prescription for thyroid hormone medication, it can be a roll of the dice. Will you actually get the medication your doctor prescribed? Will the pharmacy say it’s out of stock, but it’s mysteriously not out of stock at the pharmacy across the street? Will your pharmacist substitute a different brand or give you a generic without even telling you? Will your insurance even cover it? And how much will it cost? Will a prescription that cost you $15 last month run you $40 this month -- and $70 next month? In this episode, you'll hear from two experienced pharmacists who have worked in retail, online and specialty pharmacies for several decades. Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi is cofounder of online mail-order pharmacy Honeybee Health. And Chris DiLascia is president of Transition Pharmacy Services, also known as TPS, a specialty pharmacy. Dr. Jessica and Chris take us “behind the counter,” to explain what’s really going on at ph
16/12/202043 minutes 2 seconds
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Two Roads Diverged, Part 2: Integrative/Naturopathic Physicians and Hypothyroidism

There are two very different views of how to test for, diagnose, and treat hypothyroidism. Part One featured the conventional endocrinology approach. Part Two focuses on how integrative and naturopathic physicians tackle this challenge. You'll hear from two of the nation's top holistic physicians and thyroid experts, Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, and Kevin Passero, ND. These doctors, with decades of experience diagnosing and treating hypothyroid patients, share their unique insights and approaches to diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.
09/12/202051 minutes 9 seconds
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Two Roads Diverged, Part 1: The Endocrinologists

What type of treatment should you pursue for your thyroid care? Which road should you take? One direction is conventional endocrinology. Take a deep dive with two top endocrinologists, Dr. Gladys Palomeno and Dr. Ernest Asamoah, who explain their approaches to testing, diagnosis, and treatment of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. You'll get an eye-opening look at how the endocrinology world views hypothyroidism, and what you can expect from conventional hypothyroidism care. And, be sure to check out Part Two for the integrative/naturopathic perspective on hypothyroidism.
09/12/202034 minutes 28 seconds