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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 6 hours 5 minutes
An inside look at the making of Mozilla Thunderbird, and community-driven conversations with our friends in the open-source software space.
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ThunderCast #5: Remote Work 101

The Thunderbird team is a remote-first, globally distributed group, so it made perfect sense to devote an episode to Remote Work! Join Heather, Chris, and Jason for some useful tips and tricks to make your daily remote work more enjoyable and more productive. We also include tips from ThunderCast listeners Pedro and Mike, who emailed us at [email protected]. (You can do the same if something's on your mind.)Plus: An inside look at the upcoming Thunderbird Send service, some fascinating origin stories, and geeky Raspberry Pi solutions for weather and BBQ. Software & Articles We Mentioned: Cherrytree Synergy The Pomodoro Technique Working on
27/09/20231 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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ThunderCast #4: Will The Real moz://a Please Stand Up?

The Thunderbird team is back from the Mozilla All-Hands event, and we're overwhelmed in the most positive way. In addition to the happy vibes we're all feeling from meeting most of our colleagues in person for the first time, we have a lot of takeaways to share. in this episode Ryan, Jason, and Alex talk about how Mozilla is building AI tools for the good of humanity, and how our perception of AI has changed dramatically. Plus, the problem with the "hey Mozilla, just build a browser" argument. Episode #4 is light on actual Thunderbird talk, and more focused on Mozilla as an organization, the current state of the internet, and the future of AI. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed discussing it! Have a question or comment for us? Just email [email protected]!  (00:00) - Intro (00:28) - The All-Hands Hangover (03:10) - The Thunderbird Team IRL! (09:42) - moz://a beyond the products (13:36) - Tac
13/09/202355 minutes 42 seconds
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ThunderCast #3: Behind The Scenes of Supernova

Hello Thunderbird family, and welcome back to a long-overdue episode of the ThunderCast! Ryan, Alex, and Jason get together to talk about the new features and improvements in Thunderbird 115 "Supernova." But they also share WHY those features were developed, and what's being worked on right now. Plus, Ryan shares some huge news about the future of the Thunderbird Project! It's a casual, unscripted, and informative behind-the-scenes conversation. USEFUL LINKS: What's New In 115 (Use Micah's awesome slider!) Why We're Rebuilding Thunderbird Thunderbird on Mastodon Thunderbird on Twitter Thunderbi
21/07/20231 hour 29 minutes 57 seconds
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ThunderCast #2: Mozilla's Mike Conley & The Retro Internet Retreat

Welcome back to the ThunderCast, the official podcast of Mozilla Thunderbird! In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome our first special guest: Mike Conley, Principal Software developer at Mozilla. Mike is a software mechanic, musician, livestreamer, and self-described "pre-internet phenomenon" among many other things. Creators & Guests Jason Evangelho - Host Ryan Lee Sipes - Host Mike Conley - Guest We had a wonderful conversation about the early days of the internet, Mike's early work on Mozilla Messaging, and his current work on Firefox. He also gives us a peek behind the curtain of upcoming Picture-in-Picture features, and some fresh changes to Firefox's migration tools. We also asked Mike
08/05/20231 hour 18 minutes 33 seconds
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ThunderCast #1: Origin Stories

Welcome to the debut episode of the Thunderbird podcast, which we're affectionately calling the ThunderCast! It's an inside look at the making of Thunderbird, alongside community-driven conversations with our friends in the open-source world. We can't wait for you to listen! Here are some of the highlights from Episode 1: What to expect on future episodes of ThunderCast We're hiring! Is Thunderbird still part of Mozilla? Alex starts a band, Ryan is building a keyboard, Jason's island adventures 4 years of "invisible work" to prepare for Supernova Thunderbird on Android... and iOS ★ Support this podcast ★
21/03/20231 hour 19 minutes 43 seconds