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Thriving In Menopause

English, Health / Medicine, 8 seasons, 48 episodes, 19 hours
At Prevention we know how confusing and truly overwhelming the changes caused by menopause can be. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of Australia’s best health experts to share simple ways to make midlife easier in our new podcast, Thriving in Menopause. We cover it all, from minimising those awful hot flushes, to easing mad-eyed mood swings, to managing sudden weight shifts, to handling your relationship. If you’re a woman in midlife, this series just for you!
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S5 Ep 05 Are these mindless habits causing weight gain?

Why is it that some people manage to lose weight then see it slip straight back on, while others keep it off for good? Dr Gina Cleo has the answers. Gina is one of the world's leading habit change experts. In this episode she shares the surprisingly simple tweaks that will make it easy for you to stick with healthy habits, and recognise the unseen triggers that may be sabotaging them. Learn how to avoid mindless snacking (or that sneaky glass of wine after dinner) to making fitness a regular part of your routine and whatever else you hope to change to enjoy a healthy life during midlife.See for privacy information.
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