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English, Social, 1 season, 39 episodes, 21 hours, 32 minutes
Each week, clinical psychologist ‘DrD’, Dorianne Weil, interviews an inspiring guest who'll help provide us with guidance and tools for not only understanding and coping with life, but for thriving in it! 'DrD' hopes this podcast will inspire people to live their lives with understanding and intention. 'DrD' served as an expert psychologist during the Oscar Pistorius trial and has interviewed the likes of Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama.
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It’s not a Big Thing in Life (Arni Witkin)

Through this time of uncertainty and unpredictability there has been a priority shift and re-evaluation of new direction. How do you navigate life’s challenges. Move from anxiety to action; from procrastinating to progress; from fear of failure to taking risks; from blaming others to self-responsibility; from criticism to kindness and from self-doubt to self-esteem. Join ‘DrD’ in conversation with Arni Witkin as they discuss his book ‘It’s not a Big Thing in Life”, on Thrive with ‘DrD’.
9/16/202140 minutes, 52 seconds
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Post-Traumatic Growth: Lessons for the New Year

2020 has been a year filled with personal, relationship, family, business and global challenges. We have experienced uncertainty, lack of predictability, loss of jobs, money, physical contact and huge mental health issues. How do we not let suffering go to waste? Are there lessons that can be learned and sustained to improve our present and our future? What can we take into 2021 that will generate new possibilities and greater fulfillment? In this podcast, the final one for 2020, ‘DrD’ discusses: • Priority Shift • Gratitude • Resilience • The healing power of support • Balance between taking control and trusting the process • Being a more integrated member of the human race • Self-compassion and kindness Make the rest of your life the best of your life on Thrive with ‘DrD’. Happy Holidays and happy 2021!
12/10/202029 minutes, 7 seconds
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Forgiveness - why it's important (Episode teaser)

Join ‘DrD’ in conversation with John Edmonson, CEO of Life Works Foundation in Texax, about the art of forgiveness. Here's a short segment of the podcast.
12/3/20201 minute, 26 seconds
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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Have you ever been stuck in a moment that you cannot forget or move on from? In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, we explore forgiveness and reconciliation. "People think forgiveness is redeeming other people's behaviour. That's not the case at all. What's wrong is wrong. But, we want to be free [which is where forgiveness comes in]," says our guest, John Edmonson. We explore: * Why forgiveness is necessary * If reconciliation is always possible * How to deal with betrayal and pain * We look at the unresolved conflict that can be passed on through generations Join ‘DrD’ in conversation with John Edmonson, CEO of Life Works Foundation in Texas, USA. John is a Mindfulness, Health, Wellness and Recovery expert.
12/3/202057 minutes, 39 seconds
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Resilience - and how to develop it

In this week's podcast, we meet Istanbul-based Şule Kutlay Gandur - an international leadership coach, TEDx Speaker and resilience expert. She and 'DrD' unpack and discuss resilience and how to develop it. They examine: • Why resilience is so fundamental to our lives, especially during challenging times? • They look at whether we are born with resilience or if it can be developed • How resilience manifests in our lives • If it's possible to engender resilience in our children *Şule Kutlay's website: Şule Kutlay's website
11/26/202036 minutes, 49 seconds
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Rock star Steve Vai in conversation with ‘DrD’

Three-time Grammy Award winner, fifteen-time Grammy nominee; Frank Zappa, Van Halen and Whitesnake lead guitarist; composer, singer, songwriter, and producer Steve Vai unpacks his life experiences and shares his ideas in this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast. Steve Vai talks about his career in music and how it's helped teach him his most valuable lessons, including: • Understanding the power of desire • Dealing with fear through influencing your thoughts • Knowing that you are in control of your life • Being aware and expressing gratitude and appreciation • Experiencing joy, creativity, abundance and love. Join Steve Vai and ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil as they recognise that America and the world are on the brink of possibility and integrative change. *Music courtesy of Steve Vai.
11/19/202052 minutes, 59 seconds
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You and your future: Seeing the light in 2021 with David Shapiro

You and your future: Seeing the light in 2021 with David Shapiro In this podcast, we look at: • Understanding the global impact of the USA elections • Experiencing renewed optimism and collective relief • Receiving expert investment tips. David asks, and answers: "Will those companies that got us through the pandemic, continue to thrive? Will they still dominate and also what other permanent changes will we see?" • Understanding the sustainable impact of the pandemic -- what have been the losses and what have been the gains? Join ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil and well-known financial adviser, equity market expert and radio commentator David Shapiro - to look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we're going.
11/12/202026 minutes, 15 seconds
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Acclaimed Music Director Bryan Schimmel on beating the odds

Bryan Schimmel* is widely regarded as one of the leading and most diverse Music Directors, Arrangers and Orchestrators in South Africa. Aside from a story of success as a musician, his story is one of facing, overcoming and living with challenges, and beating the odds. Bryan has succeeded as a musician despite being a stutterer his entire life, as well as a victim of bullying, homophobia and a very difficult relationship with his late father. He is a recovered crystal meth addict and he's been HIV+ for around two decades. Bryan lived in the US from 1995 – 2002. When his life was at its most dire and desperate, he made a choice to return to South Africa to reclaim his life, reboot his career and became one of the most successful musicians in South Africa. Bryan talks to 'DrD' Dorianne Weil about that journey. * With a career of more than thirty years, Bryan Schimmel has worked in theatre, special events, recording and television across a full spectrum of music from rock bands to Big Bands, string quartets to symphony orchestras. pop to hip-hop. His theatre credits include music direction of PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, ANNIE, JERSEY BOYS, DREAMGIRLS, CHICAGO, WE WILL ROCK YOU, RENT and THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE working alongside international creative teams. He co-created the original A HANDFUL OF KEYS in 1994 and played the first 350 performances. Most recently, Bryan arranged and conducted a 45-piece orchestra for five sold-out performances of JONATHAN ROXMOUTH: The Musicals in Concert.
11/5/202033 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ways to make sure your year-end holidays bring you more joy than stress

The end-of-year holidays are fast-approaching, and while this is a time of joy and connection for many, it can also be a stressful time for various reasons, including strained family dynamics and financial pressures. In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, Dorianne Weil gives some practical advice for how to approach the holiday season, especially in the light of what's been an already stressful year. She mentions some ways to ensure they bring you more joy than stress.
10/29/20208 minutes, 44 seconds
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Social Media: Enhancer or Disaster?

Social media is here to stay. As parents we try and find some balance for our kids in this digital age of devices and screens. What advice can we offer parents to help avoid and deal with the potentially harmful effects of social media on our children? Can social media benefit rather than cost us? Digital parenting expert, Josh Ramsey, co-founder of - joins 'DrD' today to discuss the explosive new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, which looks at the reality of mass systematic manipulation of human vulnerability by the biggest tech companies in the world.
10/22/202031 minutes, 17 seconds
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Dealing with Depression: A personal story from Daryl Brown

Join ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil in conversation with Daryl Brown as he shares his very personal story of deep depression, failed suicide in the London Underground, losing both legs and his subsequent journey from survival to thrival. This story comes in World Mental Health Awareness Month*, and Daryl's message is one of challenging the stigma of mental illness and mental health; finding your voice and experiencing the healing power of support. He and Dorianne also talk about the importance of authentic vulnerability; of questioning assumptions and being kind and compassionate to yourself. *The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”
10/16/202035 minutes, 3 seconds
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Couples who thrive

These days we aim simply for survival .. getting through another day. What can we learn from couples who Thrive? Do they have less challenges or fewer problems? Of course not! It’s not whether there are difficulties .. it’s how they deal with them that determines Thrival. Join ‘ DrD ‘ as she answers your questions and discusses 3 characteristics of healthy couples: 1. Space but not distance. Closeness but not intrusion 2. Task Negotiation - who does what around here? 3. Communication: how to talk so your partner listens. And how to listen so your partner talks.
10/8/202027 minutes, 6 seconds
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Pandemic grief and loss - what stage are you in?

In the latest Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, clinical psychologist Dorianne Weil explores the five stages of grief and how they relate to the state of the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. What stage are you at - anger, denial, bargaining, sadness or acceptance? 'DrD' helps to make sense of our state of mind at this unprecedented time. She explores the concept of global mourning, and looks at why there's been an increase in the divorce rate.
9/24/202022 minutes, 37 seconds
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Has your relationship taken strain in lockdown?

Has your relationship taken strain over the past several months of lockdown living? Many couples have been together 24/7 - whereas previously they'd have time apart during the working day, and would reunite in the evening. 'DrD' Dorianne Weil has received numerous emails around this topic, and has some very practical advice for repairing or building a stronger relationship.
9/17/20205 minutes, 44 seconds
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3 key things everyone coping in this pandemic needs to know

'DrD' Dorianne Weil is breaking with the podcast's regular format this week, in order to respond to some of your questions around living and surviving - and thriving - in this so-called new normal. 'DrD' - a clinical psychologist - has three key pieces of advice for those of us who're trying to cope in the coronavirus pandemic, including those who’re working on the frontline. It's practical advice that everyone coping in this pandemic needs to know, and share with loved ones. She also has a really profound comparison with the after effects of the horrific 9-11 terror attacks in New York in 2001. Read more here
9/10/202013 minutes, 57 seconds
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Gaynor Young's plunge and rise - Overcoming adversity

Gaynor Young, an acclaimed actress and opera singer, had just performer in a play at the State Theatre in Pretoria when tragedy struck. During a change in scenery on stage, Gaynor took one false step and found herself tumbling off the stage, and ultimately down five floors to the basement level. It was an horrific fall of 18 metres onto a concrete floor. Gaynor broke almost every bone in her face and body and suffered a brain hemorrhage. What kept her going? She says it was the healing power of love. Gaynor never, ever gave up. Join ‘DrD’ and Gaynor as they talk about her journey to survival and then thrival. Gaynor's blog
9/3/202043 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Power of Energy - with Colin Hall

Your personal energy levels determine it all, says leadership and business coach Colin Hall - who has over 60 years of business experience and who runs the 'Learning to Lead' programme. "If your energy's low, your brain is not fully functional," he tells 'DrD'. Colin is the ex-CEO of WoolTru, and the former MD of South African Breweries. He believes that all effectiveness is related to energy. So, how do we charge our batteries in a sustainable way, especially when your energy is your most precious resource, while negative energy is your heaviest burden? In this podcast, you'll find practical tips on how to charge your battery. Colin's website
8/27/202037 minutes, 14 seconds
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Your thoughts determine your destiny – with John Demartini

Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost ‘tangible reality’. That's the belief of Dr John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author and Business Consultant. He talks to 'DrD' about how to understand negative self talk – where it comes from and what purpose it serves; why you don't need to “fake it ‘til you make it” – he says authentic confidence is a natural by-product of living in alignment with your highest values; and how to develop authentic confidence – by focusing your energies on goals that naturally inspire you! Listen here... * Note this episode was recorded before the national lockdown.
8/20/202036 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Science of Happiness with Justin Cohen

Did you know that people who are happier have substantially higher income; get sick less often and recover more quickly; have higher tolerance for pain, more tolerance for stress and less memory loss? *Justin Cohen - bestselling author, global speaker and transformational coach - believes there are practical things you can do every day to be happier. In this podcast, he speaks to 'DrD' Dorianne Weil about the science of happiness. *Along with Harvard professor Matt Killingsworth, Justin Cohen was the positive psychology expert on the global 'Joy takes you further' happiness campaign. He hosted Gurus on CNBC Africa where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. He is the host and coach on Mnet’s 'The Single Wives' starting on the 3rd of September. Justin is a doctoral candidate at Middlesex University in London.
8/13/202047 minutes, 25 seconds
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Parenting in a digital world where real predators roam

Parenting in a digital world - where real predators roam - can be really tricky. ‘Be in Touch’ was initiated by Josh Ramsey to educate, connect and protect families and schools, and enable our children to ‘thrive’ in this current digital world. In this podcast, Josh and 'DrD' discuss essential interventions and how to maximise technology safely for the benefit of our children. They also tackle: • Screen time – quality over quantity • Digital Family Alliance Forum – keeping your family connected • Device\App\Game settings • Parental insurance and control – prevent cyber-attacks and predatory grooming Be In Touch website
8/6/202030 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Essence of Leadership - with David Molapo

Dr David Molapo joins ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil this week to talk about the essentials of personal excellence and leadership, especially in tough and unpredictable times. David Molapo is a leadership coach, mentor to thousands and renowned motivational speaker. He's authored many books, including Growing up Spiritually, The 10 Exciting Keys to Success and If You Are Not Growing, You Are Dying. His messages of HOPE reach more than 8-million people across the world. He is the President and Founder of I CAN 4IR. In this podcast, Dr Molapo speaks of his 'WATCH' philosophy, and says that in tough times, leaders must be vigilant and WATCH: W - Words A - Attitude T - Thoughts C - Company they keep H - Heart
7/30/202049 minutes, 41 seconds
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How to stand out as an expert in your industry

What would change if you were seen as the top name in your industry? Could you become the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Oprah of TV, the Elon Musk of innovation or the Nigella of food? And would you be able to change the scale of your earnings exponentially? On Thrive with ‘DrD’ this week, Dorianne Weil talks to best-selling author and renowned speaker, Douglas Kruger, about the practical how-to of becoming an industry expert.
7/23/202033 minutes, 36 seconds
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You aren't here to fit in, you're here to stand out - with Dr John Demartini

You aren't here to fit in, you're here to stand out, says Dr John Demartini * - who's considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development. In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, Dr Demartini and 'DrD' Dorianne Weil discuss this fascinating topic. * Dr John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author and global educator. He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries. His presentations whether keynotes, seminars or workshops, leave clients with insights into their behavior and keys to their empowerment.
7/16/202039 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tracy Going - Domestic Violence: ‘Brutal Legacy’ & lessons of Thrival

Join ‘DrD’ and her guest, Tracy Going - award-winning former TV and radio news anchor and author of 'Brutal Legacy: A Memoir' - as they discuss with every woman, mother, sister or friend, how to recognise signs, reach out for help and overcome the crippling effects of domestic violence. They look at: How does a whirlwind love relationship turn horrendously violent? How do you navigate the landscape of post-traumatic stress disorder, public opinion and betrayal of justice? Can you recover from the devastating psychological effects of violent physical abuse? How do you survive and thrive to embrace your life with renewed faith and optimism?
7/1/202032 minutes, 45 seconds
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Emotional Intelligence: The Deciding Factor

As a pioneer, Steph Vermeulen has been Africa's authority on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) since 1996. Steph embraces advances in science that have matured the field of EQ into Personal Intelligence – the subject of her latest book. ‘DrD’ explores the relevance of using EQ to manage the challenges of the COVID crisis and in this podcast she explores: • What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) • Is EQ something that can be learnt • How can a healthy level of EQ help during and after COVID-19 • How do we understand the dynamics of gender based violence Steph’s latest book Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (EQ+IQ) is available on Amazon (Kindle too) and there is a wealth of info on Steph’s website:
6/25/202052 minutes, 20 seconds
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Enhance your life, improve your sleep

It’s an undisputed fact that the quantity and quality of sleep relates to both physical and mental health. • How much sleep do we really need? • How do we improve the quality of our sleep? • Are you an insomniac? And how do you deal with this? Listen to sleep expert Dr. Neale Lange* in conversation with 'DrD' as they explode the myths and explore this fundamental human necessity. *Dr. Lange earned his medical degree at the University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg. He served his residency at St. Mary’s Health Center in St. Louis, MO, and his fellowship at St. Louis’ Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine. The father of two is an avid cyclist and traveler.
6/18/202032 minutes, 45 seconds
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Building your Relationship (Hedy Schleifer and ‘DrD’)

What is relational maturity? What are the skills in developing it? Hedy Schleifer is an internationally renowned master relationship builder and motivational speaker who guides and teachers couples, partners, business associates, therapists and families about relational maturity. She believes that world peace begins with the human family and can be best achieved by strong committed growing mature partnerships. Hedy Schleifer has 40 years of professional experience with a BA from UCLA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical and Child Psychology from Tel Aviv University, as well as over 50 years of personal experience in her marriage and “living laboratory” with her husband, Yumi. Hedy is the subject of the documentary, “Hedy and Yumi Crossing the Bridge,” which won Best Documentary at the 2009 LA Femme Film Festival in Hollywood, California and tells the story of her life’s work through the lens of her relationship with her husband and professional partner, Yumi, Hedy was hand-selected to be one of the featured therapists on the Emmy-nominated Israeli TV show, “Couples Therapy.” Her talk at TEDxTelAviv on The Power of Connection is not to be missed. In 1996 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, embraced it as an adventure to be lived, and renamed cancer the “cellular challenge.” In 2016, a new diagnosis of breast cancer prompted Hedy to respond by writing the book, “The Diary of an Amazon: Joining the Clan of the One-breasted Woman.” Hedy was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and was raised in Antwerp, Belgium. She married and lived in Israel, but today, she and Yumi call Washington D.C. home. They have two sons and 13 grandchildren.
6/11/202038 minutes, 28 seconds
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Future-proofing your child

Today in these turbulent times and its effect on the education system, we ask the question, can you future-proof your children for the 2020’s and beyond? The world of work is vastly different. Is it possible to understand this changing world and learn a framework to assist parents in ensuring that their children are ready, prepared and future-fit? More important than a good report card, can we identify the X-factors associated with success and how do you help your child develop them? Join 'DrD', and her guests, authors of 'Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond' - Nikki Bush and Graeme Codrington, as they discuss current necessary strategies, the importance of family and preparing your child for the future. Book details
6/5/202045 minutes, 47 seconds
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Unpacking trauma

In this week's episode, 'DrD' and Clinical Psychologist Hayden Knibbs - who specialises in trauma therapy - unpack what trauma is and how to support those affected by a trauma. Trauma occurs when we experience a threatening event or period of time, outside of our expectations of reality. In this podcast, we look at: • What are the psychological and behavioural symptoms of trauma? • How should we understand and deal with trauma? • Is professional treatment always necessary? • How long do the effects of trauma last without intervention? • What is post-traumatic stress disorder and are there ways of preventing it? • Do we have to re-confront the traumatic event in order to process it? • Is it possible to find meaning and to recognise your own coping resources? Everyone has experienced trauma to some degree. We are living though through a traumatic time in history. *This episode was recorded before the national lockdown.
5/28/202034 minutes, 8 seconds
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Benjamin Zander - Practice possibility now

Benjamin Zander, co-author of best selling 'The Art of Possibility'; world renowned teacher of music and life; conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and the globe-trotting Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra; leadership guru and popular TED speaker, describes a powerful way of looking at life that makes you the conductor of your orchestra rather than a passive player. Facebook page
5/21/202036 minutes, 40 seconds
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Fatherhood (Craig Wilkinson)

This week, 'DrD' Dorianne Weil speaks with author, public speaker and Dad Coach - Craig Wilkinson about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders. Craig has worked extensively in the Non Profit sector in the development of men and fathers. He is the founder of Father a Nation (FAN), an NPO which restores men to true masculinity and authentic fatherhood. He believes that if we can heal men we can heal the world.
5/14/202036 minutes, 23 seconds
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Domestic violence

Join 'DrD' Dorianne Weil and her guest, psychologist Sue Hickey, as they discuss Domestic violence. Why do some women remain in an abusive relationship for years? Is there a profile of an abuser or a profile of an abuse victim? Were abusers abused? Can abusers be rehabilitated? How can you support a friend or family member who you know is being abused? * Sue Hickey is an expert therapist and co-author of “When Loving Him Hurts”.
5/7/202043 minutes, 31 seconds
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Cancer: A Love Story (Lauren Segal)

Lauren Segal is a four-time cancer survivor and author of the book 'Cancer: A Love Story'. Through her arduous journey in fighting the disease, Lauren discovers the unexpected opportunities that cancer presents - to confront her unmasked humanity, her fears, strengths and weaknesses. She discovers that a proximity to death brings with it a new proximity to life. In our conversation, Lauren explores some of the challenges, opportunities and gifts of a disease that affects one in nine women. She explores the unexpected love story that comes to light. Note: this episode was recorded before the national lockdown.
4/30/202038 minutes, 12 seconds
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Aim for 'good enough' instead of perfection in lockdown (David Abrahamsohn)

How do you explain this challenging time to your children? How do you respond to "I want to go to school, play with my friends, or where's my Grandpa?" How do you deal with their anxiety, fears and sadness? How do you keep your children occupied under lockdown? What do you do about your own feelings that spill out and are contagious? How do you talk so kids will listen, and listen so they will talk? Please join 'DrD' and her guest clinical child psychologist David Abrahamsohn* as they discuss lockdown with your children. *David Abrahamsohn is a Clinical Psychologist who has been in private practise for the past 20 years. He specialises in parenting, child therapy and adolescent therapy. He makes regular contributions on radio and advises schools on issues pertaining to student psychological and emotional well- being.
4/23/202030 minutes, 3 seconds
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Showing empathy and courage in this new normal (Julia Kerr Henkel)

We are living in an unimagined time of disruption and uncertainty. While we know that 'this too shall pass' - we don't know how or when or the extent of casualties along the way. 'DrD' Dorianne Weil talks to Julia Kerr Henkel - MD of Lumminos Coaching and Change Consulting - about how to find, and show empathy and courage at this time. They discuss important strategies and tools to deal with this new normal we're facing. Julia - one of Brené Brown's Certified 'Dare to Lead' Facilitators - is usually based in JHB, but was in Bali when lockdown was announced and so we catch up with her there.
4/16/202027 minutes, 41 seconds
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'DrD' talks lockdown finances and SA economy with David Shapiro

In this time of the COVID-19 virus pandemic the greatest generator by far of anxiety, fear and uncertainty is financial insecurity. Well-known financial adviser, equity market expert and radio commentator David Shapiro joins Dorianne Weil to discuss 'What now?'.
4/8/202026 minutes, 18 seconds
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Overcoming fear and taking action (Dr. John Demartini)

Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, a researcher, author and global educator. In episode 2 of Thrive with ‘DrD’, Dorianne Weil speaks to him about overcoming fear and taking action. Points they cover: • Have you ever had brilliant ideas but never quite gotten around to taking action? • Ever set goals for the coming months, only to worry about everything that could possibly go wrong and then found yourself trapped in your own inertia? • Ever wondered what it is EXACTLY that holds you back from taking action? And where it comes from? Dr Demartini will go through each and every one of the mechanisms that can lead you to question, hesitate and ultimately stop doing something amazing with your life. He will share his tried and tested practical strategies on how to: • Work out WHY each fear is there and where it originates from; • What constructive FEEDBACK each fear is giving you; and • How to ultimately BREAK THROUGH the blocks and fears that are keeping you from taking action! They also talk about falling in love: lust versus love - and how to achieve a fulfilling relationship.
4/2/202044 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Coronavirus Pandemic: Crisis and Opportunity (Mark Barnes)

We are living through a time of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption. Yes, we are out of control - but we can choose our responses. Understand and navigate this challenging landscape. Know that we are all in this together. Discover the opportunity in the crisis. In our first episode of Thrive with 'DrD' - Dorianne Weil explores these concepts with businessman; leader; columnist Mark Barnes. JacPod page
3/26/202032 minutes, 6 seconds
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Thrive with 'DrD' - Coming soon to JacPod

Thrive with 'DrD' - Coming soon to JacPod - and hosted by respected psychologist Dr Dorianne Weil.
3/1/202028 seconds