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Threshold Moments

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 67 episodes, 2 days, 1 hour, 51 minutes
Threshold Moments is a podcast about people who follow their hearts to lead their most authentic lives. Along the way they will cross over some thresholds in which it is clear that what once worked, no longer works. The next version is awaiting. The path is unknown, and safety structures will fall away.Once a week, you can expect to hear from incredible guests about the moments that forever changed them. They’ll share their messy middles, the things they can now laugh at in retrospect, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and the freedom they’ve found by following the pull. You’ll hear about a variety of navigation tools: Some of my guests rely on breathing, fitness, or hot/cold therapy.Some track the moon, their menstrual cycles, their mind set, or sensations in their bodies. Others attune to nature, their spiritual team, and/or dreams.Others use psychedelic medicine and or psychotherapy. No matter the tools, threshold moments tend to be ripe w/ heartbreak, excitement, fear, and possibility. Therefore this podcast is also about companionship because being accompanied and witnessed on the way through can be the most essential layer of support our nervous system and psyches can receive during a time of uncertainty and reclamation. I started this podcast because I deeply honor the full cycle or transformation, not just the sparkly ends. I think it’s inspiring. And, it lets us know we’re not alone on this journey home. My hope is that you will feel that in your bones: you. Are. not. Alone. You are in great company.
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Welcome to the Threshold Moments Podcast

Hello, welcome. I'm Sarah Tacy and this is Threshold Moments, a podcast where guests and I share stories about the process of updating into truer versions of ourselves. The path is unknown and the pull feels real. Together, we share our grief, laughter, love and life-saving tools. Join us.
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