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English, Talk, 1 seasons, 79 episodes, 2 days 3 hours 16 minutes
Join Liz Hayes, Rachael Lyon and Aimee Crooks as they buzz through the spin, the jargon and the pointy-heads of New Zealand politics so you don‘t have to. The self-confessed political geeks will bring you a weekly update of all things politics but will try and make it sexy. Ok so maybe not sexy sexy, but not boring!
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Who owns Māori?

This week the Gals discuss all the action inside – and outside – the first week of the 54th Parliament. We talk about a newbie MP whose maiden speech got a lot of attention, as well as protests and fiscal cliffs! Georgie claims Christchurch is the musical hotspot of Aotearoa, Brigitte has a love fest with the Auditor General and Holly has some poignant thoughts about Te Pāti Māori.See for privacy information.
08/12/202346 minutes 57 seconds
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No smoko break for new government.

This week the Gals talk about ciggies, tax cuts and Winston. We discuss the new Government’s ambitious plan for its first 100 days, the Opposition getting ready for battle and we crown the unsung heroes of Parliament as this week’s Yass Queen and Beehave Mate to some childish art.See for privacy information.
30/11/202343 minutes 51 seconds
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A throuple is born!

This week the gals have ploughed through the coalition agreements to bring you the bits and bobs you need to know about your incoming government. From racing portfolios to partnership schools, Brigitte and Georgie run through the government’s work programme for the next three years. Not to mention, the ultimate jobshare that is the Deputy Prime-ministership! Yass Queen goes to an incoming Minister who had to borrow his boss’ shirt and Beehave Mate goes across the Tasman for a few lessons in how NOT to be accountable.See for privacy information.
24/11/202341 minutes 19 seconds
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No deal!

This week the Gals discuss where we’re at with negotiations and take our picks as to when we’ll have a new government formed. We revisit what’s up with the Electoral Commission as the three recounts are finalised and tell a tale of two Mayors (Auckland and Wellington). The most deserving Yass Queen and Beehave Mate are given their respective crowns, and we answer a few of your questions on Question Time. Plus, we lose Brigitte to Italian internet, Holly has a strong message for MFAT’s CEO and Georgie aspires to be Lord Stylianou.See for privacy information.
16/11/202333 minutes 35 seconds
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Electoral Commission shitshow and Matua Jones off to the doctor

This week the Gals navigate some wi-fi issues as Brigitte attempts to podcast on dodgy Croatian internet while drinking an 8 per cent beer. But back to politics – we chat about a string of stuff-ups by the Electoral Commission, journos chasing MPs around Wellington and Hipkins remaining as Labour leader… for now. We share the Yass Queen crown between Labour and National for putting foreign diplomacy first and Beehave Mate sees Georgie sing.See for privacy information.
10/11/202329 minutes 30 seconds
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Musical chairs and the three-headed Medusa

This week the Gals dive into the final election results – what changed since Election Night and what happens now. We crown Parliamentary Services as Yass Queen for the week and name and shame some New Zealand media. Holly talks helium and Georgie talks about her former boss and his beef with Luxon.See for privacy information.
03/11/202334 minutes 31 seconds
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PM-elect, PM-reject and MPs losing their marbles

Now squarely on the other side of Election 2023, PM-elect (Blue Chris) and PM-reject (Red Chris) return to Parliament to face (more) media, and two (of the three) gals discuss what comes next for the two major parties. While one outgoing Minister chooses to bow out in style, another has some sweary words for a journalist. And Winnie Watch returns, giving you an update on all that Winston has been saying since his return to Wellington - hint, it's not much at all. Feel better soon George xxSee for privacy information.
19/10/202324 minutes 35 seconds
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The Morning After

In short – we have a new government. Three tired (and one hungover) Gals talk about what went down in the 2023 general election, where things are at now and who emerged victorious in those battleground electorates. Plus, the Gals share their election night highlights and democracy nerd Brigitte gets all warm and fuzzy.See for privacy information.
14/10/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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The Final Countdown!

This week the Gals talk by-elections, second election and the election. We take a look at the seats to watch on Election Night, talk about New Zealand’s response to the violence in Israel and the Gals give their final pre-election thoughts. Hang in there folks – we’ll see you on the other side!!See for privacy information.
11/10/202342 minutes 13 seconds
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Fat bears, Big Pinky and ‘he said, she said’.

This week the Gals discuss the South Island election debate schmozzle, the feral nature of this election campaign, and new Ministers, new promises. Brigitte gives out the Yass Queen crown to another, far more important, election and Holly gets mad at the Electoral Commission. On Unstuck, we talk law and order.See for privacy information.
06/10/202335 minutes 35 seconds
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More polls, more drolls and bipartisan alignment on immigration.

As we draw closer to Election Day, the Gals break down the latest polls, newly announced benefit policies from the right, the release of Labour’s Fiscal Plan, and the bumper immigration policy drop touted as Immigration Saturday! The Gals give their take on the second Chris vs Chris TV debate, and what does a 'tasty sandwich' have to do with Election 2023? Find out in this week's Beehave Mate! ‘Unstuck’ delves into the myriad of education policies on offer this election.See for privacy information.
28/09/202340 minutes 21 seconds
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Blue Chris vs Red Chris, campaign promises and the mess that is Oranga Tamariki

This week, the Gals discuss the first major TV debate between the leaders of the two major parties before looking at what policies have been announced on the campaign trail this week. Holly has some words about how kids in state care are being failed and Georgie has some words about Brigitte’s noisy typing. Yass Queen to a special Welly bookshop and Beehave Mate to a repeat offender. We also get ‘Unstuck’ about the various health policies parties are promising.  See for privacy information.
21/09/202336 minutes 43 seconds
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James Shaw on climate change, abuse towards politicians and his vision for NZ

On the fourth episode of the Three Gals Leaders Series, the Gals chat to Greens co-leader James Shaw about why climate change is an economic crisis as well as an environmental one, what he loves about his job and why he couldn't work with National. See for privacy information.
16/09/202334 minutes 26 seconds
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Numbers, abolishing prisons and a hot pink billboard

In this week’s episode of E Toru Kōtiro Kotahi Wharepī (3 Gals, One Beehive) the Gals talk about the state of the Government’s books, health targets, the stark contrast between two political parties’ law and order plans and Winnie Watch two weeks in a row. Yass Queen to a billboard artist and Beehave Mate for Labour’s digging through schoolboy awards. And a new segment this week – Unstuck – where the Gals bring you the ‘sexy tax special’. Enjoy Brigitte’s singing.See for privacy information.
14/09/202339 minutes 23 seconds
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Chris Hipkins on family, education and dealing with COVID

In the third episode of the Three Gals Leaders Series, Labour leader and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins talks about why his keeps his family private, the importance of education and how he found being the front man for a global pandemic.See for privacy information.
09/09/202327 minutes 45 seconds
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Putin vibes on a horse and a gallop through election policy announcements

This week the Gals discuss National and Labour’s campaign launches, Labour going hard on crime and the Nats going hard on everything. We also talk about political donations being back in the courts. This week’s Yass Queen goes to an American couple helping Ukrainian refugees and Beehave Mate to some lol-inducing social media content.See for privacy information.
08/09/202342 minutes 36 seconds
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Christopher Luxon on motivations, climate change and being a swiftie

Three Gals Leadership Series: National Leader Christopher Luxon In the Gals’ second leadership series episode, the Gals korero with National Party Leader Christopher Luxon. He shares what keeps him motivated in politics, pitched his party’s approach to climate change and outed himself as a Swiftie.See for privacy information.
02/09/202330 minutes 36 seconds
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Tax, flooding and whack-a-mole

This week the Gals mark the end of the 53rd Parliament and chat about National’s tax plan, the Greens’ plan for Climate Safe Communities and Labour and New Zealand First’s conscious uncoupling. The Gals also talk about one minor party causing trouble and what that might mean for the election campaign. Yass Queen to one amazing domestic violence survivor and the Beehave Mate crown goes to a catwalk model MP.See for privacy information.
01/09/202334 minutes 11 seconds
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Vapes, lists and search bars

This week, the Gals discuss our politicians’ plans to crackdown on vaping, Labour’s promise to teach Kiwi kids how to manage a budget and National’s plan to fund more cancer drugs. We also talk about the release of two more Party’s lists ahead of October’s election. Brigitte and Georgie clash on why some minor parties get more media coverage than others and Holly finds herself partly defending Winston Peters. An outgoing MP gets the Yass Queen crown, while some well-intentioned campaign volunteers take home the Beehave Mate trophy after accidentally tearing up some Hutt Valley grass.See for privacy information.
24/08/202341 minutes 32 seconds
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David Seymour on building a car, his beef with Winston & fireworks

In the first of the Three Gals’ leadership series, ACT leader David Seymour goes deep on the difference he believes he can make in politics, the divisive Treaty debate and government waste. Holly grills him on his comments about the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, Georgie is surprised by David’s view on lifting kids out of poverty and Brigitte gets grilled herself on common sense policies.  See for privacy information.
23/08/202333 minutes 23 seconds
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Coleslaw with or without dressing? The parties campaign on tax.

In this week’s pod, the gals universally fall more in love with James Shaw and his policy announcements on renewable energy, despair about the economy and discuss the merits of paid parental leave promises. Holly continues her war on wasteful spending, Brigitte engages in word salad on The Opportunities Party and Georgie calls out a journalist bullying young politicians.See for privacy information.
17/08/202336 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tunnel vision, bye bye Snapchat at school and AI

This week the Gals talk about the Government’s climate change and environment announcements, plans to build three new tunnels over Waitematā Harbour and how one party will save $1 billion on day one in government. One Gal gives some love to the Nats for their plan to ban phones in schools and another praises Green MP Golriz Ghahraman for grilling the Iranian ambassador at Parliament. Question Time sees the Gals talk about AI and its impact in the coming years.See for privacy information.
11/08/202342 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Telling the Labour Party where to go on climate change, parental leave and spending on bureaucrats.

This week the gals look at who could lose their job after the release of the Labour list rankings, why parents finally have a reason to rejoice on school strikes and how National plans to cover the motu in bitumen. And a bit of ranting by the gals about Labour putting politics over families when it comes to paid parental leave. The election polls are ramping up, which means the gals are on #WinnieWatch – will Winston Peters get back in to Parliament?See for privacy information.
02/08/202348 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

One party begins to leak like a sieve as the country goes into policy overload!

Apologies for the tech issues last week but don't worry we're back, and it's a bumper episode! This week the Gals look at the Labour Party's latest resignation, and how the Prime Minister wedged a secret portfolio resignation in to his latest reshuffle. And while political parties are announcing policy at lightening speed, cracks are beginning to appear Parliament-side. The Gals also mull over whether Election 2023 really is the Tax Election? Spoiler alert, it might just be as the Gals resolve - mid podcast - to host a (sexy) Three Gals Tax Policy Special!See for privacy information.
27/07/202343 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Political polls, moles and the greyhound appreciation society!

If you come to us for the political tea, well buckle in, it's piping hot this week! The Gals dive into the Green Party Conference (including the 3 Gals assessment of the kai), the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed with the European Union this week, and Georgie and Holly disagree over parts of the racing industry, so Brigitte tells them to both go hug a greyhound.Meanwhile, mid podcast Georgie declares her love for a (current) Member of Parliament, which leaves the other Gals stunned.Mānawatia a Matariki! See for privacy information.
12/07/202344 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rent controls, our embattled health system and science experiments!

This week the Gals take a look at the Green Party’s housing policy, discuss the state of our health sector amid a flurry of announcements from the Government and unpick the “leaked draft” of the new proposed science curriculum. Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is the subject of Question Time on this week’s pod and we crown an MP with the Yass Queen title for their passionate speech in Parliament on the back of allegations against staff at Oranga Tamariki.See for privacy information.
06/07/202338 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Policy over personalities, bullying allegations + a plane that can barely fly!

This week the Gals talk about why policy over politics is important this election, discuss recent allegations of bullying in the Beehive and look at a new law that will ensure your savings will be protected if a bank goes belly up.Also, the Prime Minister travelled to China this week to reaffirm our nation's economic relationship with our largest trading partner, but he took two planes with him - one he travelled on, and one, well, spare. Given climate change is REAL and we are all being told to do our bit to reduce emissions, the Gals will give details behind this odd decision!See for privacy information.
30/06/202339 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gangs, local government and another Minister gone.

This week the Gals discuss the controversial Equity Adjustor Indicator, one politician’s reo Māori fail and the overhaul of the Emissions Trading Scheme (which is well overdue)! We also give a shout out to a Wellington City Councillor for saving the capital city many zeroes worth of spending and the resignation/not resignation situation of Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon.See for privacy information.
22/06/202337 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wealth tax, a recession, hate speech and a wet whiny NZ!

A lot to unpack in the world of politics this week and we'll apologise in advance for where the discussion about Trump's bathroom goes... We talk the Green's wealth tax - love it or hate it, it's bold and we're crying out for a bit of bold! We're officially in a recession - which isn't actually a surprise. But what do we think will come next? Plus we dabble with a wet, whiny NZ (are we actually that?), hear about a masterclass in journalism, and answer what we think will happen with hate speech laws post-election.See for privacy information.
15/06/202343 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Minister Wood: 12th times a charm

This week in politics, one leader drove their yellow and pink car on to stage, Minister Michael Wood got sloppy with some important life admin and the gals grabbed their popcorn to watch Jan Tinetti struggle in Privileges Committee. Yass Queen goes collectively to all women. And all the media get lumped in with a telling off by Georgie on Beehave Mate.See for privacy information.
09/06/202344 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fees, signs and knowing your P's.

What REALLY went down with the contraception prescription fee storm this week? Brigitte has an interesting take on it. Te reo on road signs and why that also became a sh*tstorm! And the gals explain politics versus policy versus Parliament. Have a lovely long weekend!See for privacy information.
02/06/202342 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Will Winston be back? The gals place their bets...

Today on the show the gals discuss the Government announcing its single largest emissions reduction project.  The latest OCR hike and what that ACTUALLY means. Kudos to the Department of Conservation for telling off a Miami Zoo for its treatment of Paora the Kiwi. And in our new occasional Question Time, the gals place their bets on whether Winston will make another comeback...See for privacy information.
25/05/202344 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fun fact: we all got fired by the same Govt...

Georgina, Brigitte and Holly share their backgrounds so you know what you're dealing with! Plus, they look ahead to the election, which is set to be a political drag race (no way near as fun as RuPaul's Drag Race unfortunately). A quick look at some key points from Budget 2023. And, we praise the community of Gore. See you next week!See for privacy information.
19/05/202336 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Three new gals, same old Beehive!

Sorry this podcast has ghosted you all for a while. But we are BACK and we are coming in hot! Join Georgina Stylianou, Brigitte Morten and Holly Bennett from Friday, 19 May 2023 as they introduce themselves so you can get to know them, and then you best believe they'll give you some Budget tea.See for privacy information.
18/05/202351 seconds
Episode Artwork

Well that was quite the year...

In the last podcast of the year the girls talk Pricks, Peters and Python clits (lol) and wrap up the political gift that was 2022, and do some ball gazing (and ball aching) about 2023 and the election year to come. Have a safe and happy Christmas break, and we'll see you next year!See for privacy information.
21/12/202245 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

A media merger or a media mess?

It's the penultimate episode before the Christmas break and the gals chat polls, the Finnish PM and Pharmac, before diving into the details (or lack thereof) of the RNZ + TVNZ merger. Will bringing this public media entity under one roof create a more diverse and educational platform or will it just be a mad house??See for privacy information.
06/12/202253 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Haters gonna hate...

Busy week with the gals discussing that Florida businessman who just won't go away, the controversary surrounding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and how we're in for a rocky 2023, with the Reserve Bank predicting a "shallow recession" which will see things like mortgage rates rise.  Then we look at the Government's new hate speech law proposal - why it's being called "watered down", why it's so controversial, and what it means for you.See for privacy information.
24/11/202250 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Are the kids alright?

The gals are back and have a guest host in, none other than producer Brodie Kane! They talk COP, US midterms and bank record profits before jumping into crime (not committing it). The real question is, do our headlines match the stats or is it all a beat up?See for privacy information.
10/11/202246 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is change upon us?

With less than a year from the election the gals do some crystal ball gazing about the state of the vote, following the local body election. We also seethe about Ukraine's latest invasion (it’s not what you’d think) and begrudgingly say farewell to our amazing Rach. We'll miss you so much! We'll see you in a fortnight with a new host.See for privacy information.
20/10/202231 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

You go girl!

This week the gals flex some serious feminist muscle, looking at women in leadership and how far (or not) we've come. They also chat about the United Nations General Assembly, Netball and New York.See for privacy information.
21/09/202239 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

A right royal week.

This week the gals pay tribute to the ultimate Yass Queen and debate the future of the monarchy...and Meghan. Also on the agenda is medicinal cannabis, Maori Language Week and masks.See for privacy information.
15/09/202237 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Are University degrees still relevant?

This week the gals discuss the relevance of a University degree vs learning on the job following AUT's job cuts announcement. Liz gets heated about vegans, Aimee bags Invercargill (it's ok, she's from there!) and Rach wishes her kids were a bit more Royal at school drop-off.See for privacy information.
08/09/202233 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

You want to do WHAT with our KiwiSaver?

This week the gals look at the major Government cock-up in trying to sneak in a tax on Kiwi's precious KiwiSaver, and the spectacular backtrack that followed.  See for privacy information.
01/09/202236 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Parliament’s naughty step.

This week the gals form a consensus on the Finnish PM, welcome the new Speaker of the House and take a look at what happens to MPs who get sent to the naughty step.  See for privacy information.
26/08/202235 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Calling out the crazies...

This week the gals discuss the "Sharma Drama", and then look into the worrying trend of people entering our local government elections with some dangerous motivations.See for privacy information.
18/08/202243 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Saints or Sinners...

National gives a gift to the gals this week with the Sam Uffindell controversy and they take it with open arms, and then they lose the plot when Liz starts talking about runners and their willies...See for privacy information.
11/08/202237 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rumour Has It

The gals get into a hearty debate about whether a politician’s family is fair game or off limits. They pick apart Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the cost of living payment cock-up before Liz gets all high and mighty about celebs use of private planesSee for privacy information.
05/08/202241 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Gaggle Of Greens

Liz wonders if Christopher Luxon got lei'd in Hawaii, the gals talk Food and Mouth and the US Secret service before getting all unstuck about the Green Party Leadership debacle. And then they fight over who makes the best kids birthday cakes.See for privacy information.
29/07/202238 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Don’t have a cow man!

Aimee recounts her weekend protest action, the gals discuss immigration and how rick folk spend their dosh, before questioning whether agriculture is really the climate change villain its made out to be. See for privacy information.
22/07/202243 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Working on it.

The gals debate whether the Government has dropped the ball on immigration or if its Kiwi companies who need to up their game, before lowering the bar to talk fashion, farts and a mid-air farce.See for privacy information.
07/07/202236 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Labour lands blows at home and abroad.

The gals dissect the political fallout from Roe v Wade, before rating the PM's performance at NATO and the free trade deal with the EU. And Liz dresses up as a chicken...See for privacy information.
01/07/202247 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

The health system report card.

We are mere days away from some of the biggest changes to our health system the country has seen - and the big question is: can it even cope given shambolic state its currently in? Plus, do you know the US President's middle name? Because two of us certainly didn't. Hope you get out there and celebrate Matariki!See for privacy information.
23/06/202235 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Down the hatch...

This week the gals talk parliament reshuffles, the use of Te Reo and Trump's retribution, before ordering a stiff drink to discuss the country's relationship with alcohol and what the Government is or isn't doing about it (for the record, the stiff drink was a coffee!). See for privacy information.
17/06/202242 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Government and gangs.

This week Liz and Rach get toasty for winter and the gals muse over their own gang names, but also discuss the political issues around the recent rise in gang wars/crime.See for privacy information.
10/06/202249 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Around the world in 14 days.

This week the gals look at the Queen's Jubilee, international relations in the Pacific, the PM's trade mission and what it takes to break into the US market.See for privacy information.
03/06/202249 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is teal the new blue?

This week the gals look at the election results across the ditch as Australia said NOMOSCOMO - and hypothesised what that could signal for the future back home.See for privacy information.
26/05/202248 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Let’s open the budget books!

This week The Gals get unstuck with the budget (it's boojay if you ask Liz), with a deep dive the Prime Ministers flaccid cheese rolls, and whether or not this will be the vote grabber the government hopes it will be.See for privacy information.
19/05/202248 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Women’s rights and political fights.

This week the gals examine the female reproductive system (figuratively speaking!), looking at why it's become such a political hot potato in this modern age. YUCK. And then we get a little bit caught up in celebrity court cases!See for privacy information.
13/05/202242 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Periods, porn, puzzles. And politics!

The gals are back and raring to go! Today they ponder puzzles, period pain and porn before getting unstuck about rising sea levels and the politics of climate change.See for privacy information.
05/05/202241 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Politics: team sport or an individual pursuit race?

In the wake of Louisa Wall's resignation and fiery valedictory speech, the gals talk about what it takes to get anything achieved in the game of politics. Is it better to play the game with your party or forge your own path?See for privacy information.
14/04/202241 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Who on earth wants to be a politician?

This week the gals address the barrage of online abuse faced by politicians and debate how much of a turn-off the insults, ridicule and threats are for anyone thinking about a life in politics.See for privacy information.
07/04/202247 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

A big thumbs up to NZ history in schools!

This week the gals discuss the Aotearoa New Zealand history curriculum, which will be made compulsory in every school and kura up until Year 10 and why it's so important. The long-awaited curriculum will be implemented in 2023 and has seen the Ministry of Education work with history and curriculum experts, iwi and mana whenua, Pacific communities, students and ākonga, parents and whānau, and other groups to shape it.    See for privacy information.
31/03/202238 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The art of backtracking...

In tumultuous times, it's quite common for a Government to backtrack on certain things. The gals look at the current backtracking movements taking place with this Government, and a little look back over recent times because hey, we all do it! Also, Rach hasn't filled up her car with petrol in 15 years...find out why!See for privacy information.
18/03/202240 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

The three C’s: Covid, Cost of living, and Christopher Luxon.

The gals have a really useful discussion to break down all the jargon politicians fling around about the cost of living - which is front and centre for us all right now. Are Christopher Luxon's tax cuts going to help with it? And did his State of the Nation Speech hit the mark? Covid is in there too, because we all know, it's like that annoying guest at the party who won't leave even after you run the vacuum cleaner over...  See for privacy information.
10/03/202242 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Watching a war unfold.

It's been a pretty awful week watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfold on our screens in real time. The gals discuss what's happened, why, and what might be next. Virtual hugs all around this week x    See for privacy information.
03/03/202236 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Protests, Omicron, OCR and Putin =

If you put protests, Omicron, OCR and Putin together it is POOP. Which, quite frankly, is how this week feels. Lots to talk about including this week's unstuck: In an age of information overload, has the time come to weed out the nasties from our digital media garden? Stay safe out there folks. See for privacy information.
24/02/202236 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

The seeds sown on Parliament lawn.

The gals wade into the mess on the front lawn of Parliament taking a look at how the seeds of misinformation are planted, fertilised and what grows...See for privacy information.
17/02/202242 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

The country is bracing for the big Omicron outbreak, but what exactly WILL it look like?

Plenty to catch up on as the gals decide to return the same week the politicians did! And what a loud, noisy week it's been with protestors setting up camp outside Parliament in what started off as a "Freedom Convoy" across the country, but quickly turned into an aggressive, rather ugly situation in central Wellington. We still haven't quite tipped the Omicron scales yet, and the gals wonder what the peak of the outbreak is actually going to look like, considering reported case numbers have not even come remotely close to the modeling. Great to be back!See for privacy information.
10/02/202242 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

The gals get out their crystal balls for 2022!

How weird is it saying 2022? That really escalated! The gals drop an episode for you to ponder the year ahead. There are some big issues (and no, not just COVID) to look at, but it's all done with a laugh and a gin and tonic... Actually, Rach is cutting back on the tonic so it's gin and soda. See you in a few weeks, stay safe out there!See for privacy information.
02/01/202238 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

The year that was...actually what was it?!

Remember us laughing at the end of 2020 that it really couldn't get much worse? Well 2021 definitely said "hold my beer". The gals look back on the political highs and lows of a tumultuous year marred by that pesky virus that really doesn't realise it's fully outstayed its welcome. There's plenty of laughs in there, because amidst it all there definitely was some good!See for privacy information.
15/12/202136 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

The morning after the night before.

This week certainly feels like the morning after the night before - in terms of settling into a new normal after such a big week last week. How are things tracking heading into Christmas? Plus, Rach has a great tip on how to use COVID to your advantage with your children. And, for a few minutes there's a cameo from Aimee's flatmate talking on the phone (unfortunately we couldn't hear quite what he was saying, but it's just one of the joys of recording from home haha!). Have a great weekend!See for privacy information.
09/12/202137 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

A week for the history books.

The traffic lights are in play, the National Party has a new man at the helm and there's a new COVID variant doing the rounds...the gals tackle it all and still find time to discuss the dreaded Elf on the Shelf.See for privacy information.
03/12/202142 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Judith Collins‘ slippery slide to self-implosion.

What a week in politics!!! Judith Collins is no longer the leader of the National Party after a spectacular own-goal in a bid to take down potential leadership rival Simon Bridges. The party has some serious work to do and some soul searching to figure out who can pick the pieces up and become a serious threat to the Labour Government. Because at the moment, it's an absolute shambles.See for privacy information.
25/11/202137 minutes 51 seconds
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Unpacking the polls

This week the gals break down how polling works. You'll see different media outlets using different polls which can seem a bit confusing but we break it all down for you. Plus, they say a change in hair style can symbolise a big life change, so is Simon Bridges' mullet a sign of another run at leadership?    See for privacy information.
19/11/202141 minutes 4 seconds
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Unlocking the Auckland Bubble

Christmas is looming and the Government has the thankless task of figuring out how to let Aucklanders safely back into the mix so they can enjoy Summer freedoms they've been promised. The city has sacrificed so much to keep Covid out of the rest of the country, and with high vaccination rates, when and how do you press go on letting them get back to normal? The Government doesn't seem quite there yet which is certainly not helping!See for privacy information.
11/11/202141 minutes 24 seconds
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Who‘s at the Climate Change Conference and what are they eating?

Turns out what happens in Glasgow doesn't stay in Glasgow, with some large scale climate change promises being made by world leaders at COP26. But what does it all actually mean? And importantly, what are all the leaders eating? Plus find out why Rach may never be allowed back there...See for privacy information.
04/11/202137 minutes 3 seconds
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Has the Govt dropped its own ”be kind” policy?

She's been a full noise week in politics - most people are either still getting their heads around the traffic light system, or getting used to the new vaccine mandates. Amidst all the noise, there was also the pushing ahead of the extremely controversial Three Waters reform, not to mention the surprise housing changes last week. Has the Government decided to push through a whole bunch of stuff people have not really had a say about while they're angry and distracted by Covid? And is that part of its "be kind" approach? Hmmmm...See for privacy information.
29/10/202138 minutes 16 seconds
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Now is not the time to spin the health system.

Welcome to episode one of Three Gals One Beehive! Get to know Liz, Rach and Aimee before they rip into the issue of the week: spinning the health system and why now is not the time to be doing so. Plus, Rach has a degree in using a she-wee, Liz would rather a roundabout system because she hates traffic lights, and Aimee failed her first restricted driving test in Gore. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
21/10/202139 minutes 46 seconds
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Three Gals One Beehive - Trailer

Join Liz Hayes, Rachael Lyon and Aimee Crooks as they buzz through the spin, the jargon and the pointy-heads of New Zealand politics so you don't have to. The self-confessed political geeks will bring you a weekly update of all things politics but will try and make it sexy. Ok so maybe not sexy sexy, but not boring!See for privacy information.
15/10/202135 seconds