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English, Sports, 1 seasons, 74 episodes, 2 days 34 minutes
#thisleague UNCUT dishes on hot NBA topics beyond what Chris Haynes and Marc Stein report on social media with even more candor and opinion. Stein and Haynes go deep and dive into the all the NBA topics, rumblings, and intel!
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#thisleague UNCUT: Mark Cuban and the In-Season Tournament

Can Mark Cuban sell a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks and still continue to run the Dallas Mavericks? Why are the Golden State Warriors' problems only growing? And did Chris Haynes survive Thanksgiving in his crowded house? All is revealed by Haynes and Marc Stein on the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes & Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
30/11/202338 minutes 58 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: The NBA at Thanksgiving

Why are there no NBA games on Thanksgiving? How are we feeling about the league's inaugural In-Season Tournament now that we know two of the eight teams (Lakers and Pacers) that will play in the knockout rounds? Can Indiana's Tyrese Haliburton or Minnesota's Anthony Edwards crash the MVP race? Chris Haynes and Marc Stein answer all of these questions on the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT. Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes & Marc Stein here!
23/11/202343 minutes 49 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: What a wild West

Thunder, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Kings, Mavericks, Rockets, Suns ... Chris Haynes and Marc Stein talk about them all on the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT -- as well as mixing in some chatter about their Thanksgiving plans -- as the first month of the NBA regular season draws to a close.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes & Marc Stein here! #fsr #oddcoupleSee for privacy information.
21/11/202338 minutes 10 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Draymond's suspension, lots of Clippers talk and Chicago’s next (trade) move

The NBA has suspended Draymond Green for five games for grabbing Rudy Gobert around the neck. The Clippers fell to 0-5 in the James Harden Era with Chris Haynes in the house in Denver. And Chicago's Zach LaVine is suddenly at the center of trade speculation. In the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT, Haynes and Marc Stein analyze all of those situations ... with some bonus coverage of the Milwaukee latest from Chris.  #fsrSee for privacy information.
16/11/202345 minutes 43 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: An NBA Sunday

Have the Clippers already reached a Crisis Mode with James Harden? What's the latest in Milwaukee in New Orleans? Have you seen the new Mavericks and the new Rockets? Did you see the Timberwolves go to Golden State and win their sixth in a row? Chris Haynes and Marc Stein cover it all in this edition of #thisleague UNCUT. Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee <a href="https://omnys
13/11/202339 minutes 17 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Two teams that impress -- and concern -- us

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein held a little draft on the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT and each picked the team that has most impressed (and concerned) them at this early juncture of the 2023-24 season. The guys also went in-depth in discussing the merits of making the NBA Draft a two-night affair, what a United States vs. Rest of the World All-Star Game would look like ... and unexpectedly shared some secrets of marriage.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
10/11/202350 minutes 20 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: James Harden's Clipper debut ... and so much more

Essentially two weeks into the new NBA season, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein react in real time to an 11-game Monday night that featured James Harden's debut with LA Clippers and Minnesota bumping Boston from the ranks of the unbeaten. Haynes and Stein also dish on the Bucks and Mavericks as part of their tour around the league that covered numerous teams.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
07/11/202339 minutes 38 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Double Debate Edition

Ready for some spirited discussion about the NBA's inaugural In-Season Tournament (and Marc Stein's long list of concerns regarding the Year 1 format) How 'bout a bonus back-and-forth on the NBA's switch from a player draft back to an East vs. West format ... as well as the increasing likelihood that a United States vs. The World will be tried out down the road? Chris Haynes and Stein go deep on both topics in the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
03/11/202350 minutes 10 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: James Harden traded (again)

Blockbuster trades in the NBA are a rarity in late in October, but James Harden got everything he wanted in the early hours of Halloween 2023 when Philadelphia abruptly agreed to traded him to the LA Clippers. Chris Haynes and Marc Stein connect here for an emergency podcast to react to the blockbuster deal and break down what it means for the Sixers, Clippers and Harden himself after he starred in a major Halloween transaction  for the second time in his career.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
31/10/202328 minutes 3 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Giannis Contract Extension Blockbuster

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein thought they were going to be focused on Terry Stotts' sudden departure from the Bucks' coaching staff on this edition of #thisleague UNCUT. Instead they found themselves breaking down an unexpected Giannis Antetokounmpo contract extension months earlier than Giannis himself said he was going to sign one. The guys went deep on what this Giannis decision means, worked their way to the sudden Stotts exit and discussed the latest on James Harden and Victor Wembanyama, too.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for privacy information.
24/10/202344 minutes 41 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: George Gervin

The Iceman has a new book out co-written with Scoop Jackson and joins Marc Stein to talk about "Ice: Why I Was Born To Score." In this lively convo, Stein asks Gervin about his famed finger roll, what he likes about today's NBA and, of course, San Antonio's new darling: Victor Wembanyama. Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee <a href="
21/10/202321 minutes 31 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: It's all happening

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein have lots to discuss and share on this edition of #thisleague UNCUT. Namely: The latest on James Harden and his desire to be traded out of Philadelphia ... updates on the Dame-and-Giannis partnership from their preseason debut in Los Angeles ... a surprise phone call WITH Damian Lillard himself during the pod ... some frank talk about Victor Wembanyama and the Rookie of the Year race ... and more! Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here!<a href=";;sdata=N9pAop%2FRZjWJUaOeR84REUAItEIiJbfZxQXTvtb2l10%3D&amp;reserved=0" data-auth="Verified" da
18/10/202336 minutes 25 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: G League Ignite forward Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith, who has joined the G League Ignite for the 2023-24 season after forgoing two seasons of high school ball to play at Overtime Elite, joins Chris Haynes and Marc Stein to talk about his unique and modern career path as he attempts to secure first-round pick status in the 2024 NBA Draft.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee omny
14/10/202329 minutes 50 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: On the road again ...

Chris Haynes was in Phoenix this week for Nuggets at Suns. Marc Stein was in Madrid this week for the last leg of the Mavericks' lengthy preseason trip abroad. They meet up here to go in depth on the state of the depending champs, as well as Phoenix and Dallas, as part of what turned into a wide-ranging discussion about how dangerous the whole Western Conference looks right now. And they also weaved in some discussion about Joel Embiid ultimately deciding on his international future. A jam-packed pod from the guys! Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here!<a href=";;sd
13/10/202344 minutes 8 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Michael Jordan cracks the Forbes 400

Selling the Charlotte Hornets has enabled Michael Jordan to claim a spot on Forbes' list of the 400 wealthiest people in America, but what does MJ really think about his NBA ownership legacy? Will we ever really know? Marc Stein examines these questions in solo essay form.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee f
05/10/202313 minutes 24 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Who's the best in the East?

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein are back together again to discuss Chris' trip to Milwaukee for Bucks Media Day, who they see as the favorite in the East after the Bucks' and Celtics' big trades, how Miami and Philadelphia will react to their, uh, less successful summers and (don't worry) one or two of the guys' trademark detours from the norm.  Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee <a
04/10/202344 minutes 11 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Dame Trade Time

Damian Lillard is now a Milwaukee Buck and -- after Chris Haynes' revealing behind-the-scenes piece for Bleacher Report on the blockbuster trade -- Haynes and Marc Stein reconnect on the pod to go deep on all angles of the Lillard deal and, specifically, to detail the depths of the discontent that marked Dame's divorce from the Trail Blazers. Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsr #oddcoupleSee <a href="
29/09/202353 minutes 38 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT BONUS EPISODE: Jason Kidd

A special BONUS episode! Mavericks coach Jason Kidd joins Marc Stein to preview the start of training camp and shares his thoughts on stars Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving, Dallas’ center situation and his plans for rookies Dereck Lively II and Olivier-Maxence Prosper. Follow, rate and review #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes &amp; Marc Stein here! #fsrSee for priva
26/09/202318 minutes 50 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Tyronn Lue

On the morning after the United States' loss to Lithuania at the FIBA World Cup, Team USA assistant coach Tyronn Lue joins Chris and Marc to insist that the Americans were "not shaken" by their first defeat and, after an update from inside USA Basketball's camp, Lue shifts gears to talk at length about the Clippers' expectations for the coming season, coaching Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook and the challenges posed by the team's struggles to stay healthy throughout his first three seasons as head coach in Clipperland.    #fsr #herdSee for privacy information.
04/09/202324 minutes 10 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Summer reunion and our Giannis Latest

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein don't get together as often for podcast convos in August and September as they do during the season, but they had plenty to talk about in this episode after Giannis Antetokounmpo's recent explosive interview with The New York Times in which Giannis himself suggested his future might be elsewhere. The guys discuss the quotes Giannis shared with their former fellow Walt Disney World bubble resident Tania Ganguli and debate which team's Media Day in early October (Milwaukee's, Philadelphia's, Portland's or someone else's) will be the most tension-filled.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
29/08/202353 minutes
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#thisleague UNCUT: Marc J. Spears!

Fresh off receiving the prestigious Curt Gowdy Award from the Basketball Hall of Fame, ESPN Andscape's Marc J. Spears joins Chris Haynes and Marc Stein to share stories from Hall of Fame induction weekend, trace his path from seventh grader dreaming of playing in the NBA to NBA writer and reveal some secrets for aspiring journalists about how to do the job.  #fsr #oddcoupleSee for privacy information.
16/08/20231 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Dirk Nowitzki interview

As a bonus for #thisleague UNCUT listeners, with Dirk Nowitzki just days away from officially becoming a Hall of Famer, we're sharing Marc's one-on-one interview Nowitzki this week from his weekly radio show in Dallas (The Saturday Stein Line on 97.1 FM The Freak) right here.  #fsrSee for privacy information.
05/08/202316 minutes 49 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Summer Trade Watch

Back from their stint on the famed Vegas Strip for summer league, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein discuss the latest on where things stand regarding possible trades involving Portland's Damian Lillard, Philadelphia's James Harden and Toronto's Pascal Siakam.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
21/07/202329 minutes 59 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Darvin Ham Part II

The Caesars Palace conversation with Darvin Ham rolls on. He tells Chris Haynes and Marc Stein that he sees Austin Reaves as a future All-Star, addresses the Lakers' offseason moves, reveals what got him into coaching, reflects on breaking the backboard in college and shares a message for Mike Malone amid the burgeoning Nuggets-Lakers rivalry.    #fsr #oddcoupleSee for privacy information.
13/07/202330 minutes 23 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Darvin Ham Part 1

In Part 1 of a live Caesars Palace sit-down with Lakers coach Darvin Ham, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein go in-depth with Ham on the Lakers' rough start in his first season as a head coach, how they pulled out of it, coaching Russell Westbrook, coaching philosophy in general, coaching LeBron James in particular and all the teams that interviewed Ham for head coaching jobs but passed him over. #fsrSee for privacy information.
11/07/202336 minutes 14 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: The Dame Game

On the latest #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein cover the dance between Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers after Lillard's trade request from all angles and also dig into Portland's decision to match Dallas' offer sheet with restricted free agent Matisse Thybulle as well as Atlanta's contract extension with Dejounte Murray.   #fsrSee for privacy information.
07/07/202347 minutes 2 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Trade SZN

NBA free agency is only a few days old, but Blockbuster Watch has begun with Philadelphia's James Harden and Portland's Damian Lillard both registering trade demands with their teams within a span of 72 hours last week. Chris Haynes and Marc Stein cover the Lillard and Harden situations extensively in their latest #thisleague UNCUT podcast in addition to analyzing Kyrie Irving's return to the Dallas Mavericks and other key free agency topics.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
03/07/202357 minutes 39 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: LIVE with Davion Mitchell

In a first in the five-month history of the show, #thisleague UNCUT went live on location with a special guest: Kings guard Davion Mitchell. The show was hosted by Chris Haynes in front of a live audience in Elk Grove, Calif., with Marc Stein joining remotely to join the discussion with Mitchell about various aspects of his first two seasons in the league, Sacramento's unexpected run to the West's No. 3 seed and some previously untold stories about how Mitchell became a King.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
28/06/202357 minutes 26 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Free Agency Preview

This, shall we say, is only the first installment of our look ahead to Friday's opening bell for NBA free agency and the true launch of the offseason. In this episode, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein tackle Draymond Green's expected re-signing in Golden State, Chris Paul's arrival in the Bay Area as the newest Warrior, what Sacramento might do now that it appears they won't be able to lure Green away from the team with whom he's won four championships and also discuss the futures of James Harden, Deandre Ayton and, of course, Damian Lillard.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
26/06/202348 minutes 26 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Bradley Beal Blockbuster and our NBA Draft preview

Bradley Beal has been traded to Phoenix ... not Miami. Chris Paul did not want to be traded to Washington, so he needs a Plan B ... as does the Heat. Is Clipperland big enough for CP3's return and Russell Westbrook? How does Damian Lillard factor into all this? Chris Haynes and Marc Stein tackle all of these topics and then enlist the help of NBA Big Board director of scouting Rafael Barlowe to preview Thursday night's draft with some fun stories about Victor Wembanyama and the latest Intel on the lottery ... including (possibly still rising) draft sleeper Bilal Coulibaly.    #fsr #dpshowSee for privacy information.
20/06/202350 minutes 43 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: NBA Trade talk

The latest with Bradley Beal and his likely looming exit from Washington. The prospect of New Orleans actually trading Zion Williamson. All the transactional talk that has surfaced so quickly since the NBA Finals finished ... Chris Haynes and Marc Stein go through every bit of it for you on the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT.    #fsr #douggottliebshowSee for privacy information.
15/06/202350 minutes 19 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: The NBA's annual off-season frenzy is almost here

On the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein preview Game 5 of the NBA Finals but also start to turn their attention to the offseason chaos that awaits. They discuss the prospect of a significant trade at the top of June 22 draft, Toronto's hiring of Grizzlies assistant Darko Rajaković to fill the league's final head coaching vacancy and the latest with Kyrie Irving's looming free agency ... including potential interest from Houston.    #fsr #2prosSee for privacy information.
12/06/202337 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

#thisleague UNCUT: The Finals AND free agency

Chris Paul's likely exit in Phoenix, Kyrie Irving's apparent determination to re-sign with Dallas, all of the twists and turns -- and rival teams -- those stories potentially involve AND a look at the state of the NBA Finals after Denver's Game 3 masterpiece in Miami ... it's all here in the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes and Marc Stein.   #fsrSee for privacy information.
09/06/202348 minutes 53 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Nuggets GM Calvin Booth

To preview the NBA Finals, Chris and Stein connect with a special guest direct from the Finals in Denver: Nuggets GM Calvin Booth. The matchup with Miami, daily life with Nikola Jokić, Denver's lack of national respect, playing vs. GMing and more ... Booth and the guys discuss a wide range of subjects. See for privacy information.
31/05/202327 minutes 46 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Miami Nice

Marc Stein has some solo instant reaction to the Heat's stunning Game 7 victory in Boston to clinch a spot in the NBA Finals after they had blown a 3-0 series lead ... and how the Denver Nuggets won big, too, on Monday night ... and how the volume on questions about the Jayson Tatum/Jaylen Brown duo are about to get louder than ever. #fsr #benmallershowSee for privacy information.
30/05/202314 minutes 9 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Emergency LeBron pod

Chris Haynes was the first to report Monday night that "retirement is under consideration" for LeBron James. So naturally, on the morning after that bombshell, Haynes and Marc Stein got together to record an unscheduled episode of #thisleague UNCUT to cover the sudden end of LeBron James' 20th NBA season and his podium comments afterward from all angles ... including a look at various roster implications for the Lakers. #fsrSee for privacy information.
23/05/202335 minutes 44 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: On Melo, playoff sweeps and Giannis

Carmelo Anthony unexpectedly announced his retirement Monday morning. In their latest pod convo, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein react to the Melo news and then go in-depth on the potential sweeps in the Eastern and Western Conference finals ... with particular time spent on the crumbling Celtics and surging Nuggets. As a bonus, Chris shares a detailed breakdown from a weekend pickup game starring several prominent NBA reporters and Giannis Antetokounmpo's unexpected love affair with Fresno, Calif.   #fsrSee for privacy information.
22/05/202354 minutes 32 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: All things Victor Wembanyama with Nicolas Batum

LA Clippers forward Nicolas Batum has been talking up Victor Wembanyama for years. After we learned this week that Wemby is San Antonio-bound after the Spurs won the draft lottery, Batum joined Chris Haynes and Marc Stein on #thisleague UNCUT to talk about all things Wemby, international basketball with France, whether there's really room on the national team for Wembanyama and Rudy Gobert AND Joel Embiid ... plus we weaved in some talk about the Clippers' season and future, Phoenix's attempts to lure Ty Lue away from the LA bench and even a bit on Lionel Messi for the soccer lovers among us.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
18/05/202340 minutes 48 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Six degrees of NBA madness

So much has happened since the last time Chris Haynes and Marc Stein got together for a podcast -- which was only a few days earlier -- that the guys decided to tackle six key NBA topics in (roughly) six minutes each. They started with Philadelphia's Game 7 flop in Boston, proceeded to the abrupt firing of Monty Williams in Phoenix, assessed what's next in Golden State after the defending champs were ousted in Round 2 by the Los Angeles Lakers, previewed both the Western and Eastern Conference finals and naturally closed with a look at Memphis' sudden need to suspend Ja Morant again.    #fsr See for privacy information.
15/05/202351 minutes 18 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Celtics force a Game 7 and Nikola Jokić forces a whole league to take notice

The latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT features instant reaction from Chris Haynes and Marc Stein to Boston's season-saving Game 6 win in Philadelphia and Denver's Game 6 rout in Phoenix to close out the Suns ... with lots of discussion about the changes expected in the desert in the wake of of the Suns' early exit and a look ahead to two more Game 6s Friday (Knicks at Heat and Warriors at Lakers) that give both home teams a chance to secure conference finals berths.    #fsr #douggottliebshowSee for privacy information.
12/05/202343 minutes 48 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Super Sunday + Tales from the Lakers' locker room

On the latest #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein react to two Sunday classics -- Sixers/Celtics and Suns/Nuggets -- in which Philadelphia and Phoenix saved their seasons with clutch wins that enabled both to avoid a 3-1 series deficit. The guys also debate the likelihood of a Nikola Jokic suspension for Game 5 back in Denver ... then we take you inside Chris' one-on-one interview with the Lakers' Anthony Davis that was also unexpectedly attended by Tristan Thompson and LeBron James.    #fsrSee for privacy information.
08/05/202345 minutes 42 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Post-game show meets Coaching Carousel

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein connect for some instant Game 2 reaction after the Warriors even their second-round series with the Lakers in which they also assess the rest of the playoffs, then move on to tackle the news that Milwaukee has parted ways with championship-winning coach Mike Budenholzer ... and what that means next not only for the Bucks but the other teams (Toronto and Detroit) that also have coaching vacancies. In the middle of it all, Stein launches into passionate speeches about his love for "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" movie and "The White Shadow" TV series ... neither of which, to his great dismay, Haynes has ever seen. See for privacy information.
05/05/202338 minutes 19 seconds
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#thisleague UNCUT: Revenge of The Beard and LeBron vs. Steph

The only place for Chris Haynes and Marc Stein to start on the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT: The best playoff game of James Harden's life. The guys discuss Harden's 45 points in a huge Game 1 win for Philly without the injured Joel Embiid, reflect on a historically bad two sports days in Boston, examine a playoff field that has more lower seeds than we're used to see this time of year and naturally spend a lot of time looking ahead to the league's dream second-round matchup: Stephen Curry's Warriors against LeBron James' Lakers.  #fsr #oddcoupleSee for privacy information.
02/05/202340 minutes 15 seconds
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EPISODE 30: Bucks OUT ... Z-Bo IN!

What is next for the Bucks and under-fire coach Mike Budenholzer after their stunning first-round exit? What is next for the Clippers after finishing the season without Kawhi Leonard or Paul George? Chris Haynes and Marc Stein tackle those questions AND catch up with Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph before Memphis' Game 6 in LA against the Lakers on Friday night. See for privacy information.
28/04/202344 minutes 52 seconds
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EPISODE 29: The most underrated player in the NBA

In his latest #thisleague UNCUT soliloquy, Marc Stein reiterates his long-held contention that Jimmy Butler never gets sufficient praise for his production. See for privacy information.
26/04/202313 minutes 26 seconds
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EPISODE 28: Playoff Intel and a historic interview

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein open the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT with the usual helpings of playoff talk, focusing on Kings/Warriors and Suns/Clippers as well as the latest on Kawhi Leonard. They also speak at length about Damian Lillard's unexpected courtside appearance in Brooklyn and what it REALLY meant. As a bonus, Haynes and Stein chat with 17-year-old Dink Pate, who is poised to become the youngest known American-born pro basketball player after his decision to forego his senior year of high school AND college to join the G League Ignite. See for privacy information.
24/04/202353 minutes 58 seconds
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EPISODE 27: The Draymond Experience

Even with injuries that sidelined both Ja Morant and Giannis Antetokounmpo on Wednesday night and major front office news in the nation's capital AND lots more going on, there was only one place for Haynes and Stein to train their focus for the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT: All things Draymond Green. All the ins and outs of Green's suspension Game 3 against Sacramento, his many highs and undeniable lows as a Warrior and his future in the Bay Area ... they cover it at all while also weaving in the usual array of NBA whispers and tales from their careers and pasts. See for privacy information.
20/04/202347 minutes 28 seconds
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EPISODE 26: Personnel and personal

Our first pod of the playoffs has inside stories on Pat Bev, Ty Lue and Nicolas Batum, updates on the Milwaukee/Miami series and a lengthy look at the Clippers/Suns series from a number of angles. But Haynes and Stein also manage to weave in some unforeseen tales about Chris wearing a white suit on South Beach, Marc's high school graduation cruise and the state of Chris' game. In short: There's a lot here. See for privacy information.
18/04/202346 minutes 11 seconds
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EPISODE 25: The NBA playoffs are (almost) here

On the latest #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein reflect on the play-in games we've seen so far, look ahead to the first-round matchups we already know and mostly discuss the various teams feeling the pressure to build around their stars like Portland (Damian Lillard) and Dallas (Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving) ... and in New Orleans' case get the star (Zion Williamson) on the floor. The pressure  Minnesota faces in its play-in home game Friday night against Oklahoma City, after Rudy Gobert's one-time suspension, is another prime topic. See for privacy information.
14/04/202352 minutes 35 seconds
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EPISODE 24: Draymond Green Part 2

In Part 2 of our conversation with Golden State's Draymond Green, Draymond discusses his leadership approach this season, goes in-depth on his practice floor clash with Jordan Poole and the aftermath, addresses his long-term future with the Warriors and helps us break down the Western Conference playoffs.See for privacy information.
11/04/202335 minutes 29 seconds
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EPISODE 23: Draymond Green Part 1

Two rookie podcasters meet a veteran podcaster when Chris Haynes and Marc Stein host Golden State's Draymond Green on #thisleague UNCUT. In Part 1 of their conversation, Draymond dishes on why this has been the hardest of Golden State's four title defenses, goes in-depth on his own mindset on D and the Warriors' struggles at the defensive end on the road this season and shares detailed insight on the way he approached the recent home win over New Orleans in which the defending champions came back from 20 points down in perhaps their most important victory over the season.See for privacy information.
10/04/202329 minutes 53 seconds
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Until the next time Chris Haynes and Marc Stein connect for the usual serving of #thisleague UNCUT, Marc has an essay that focuses on Kevin Durant and the unprecedented nature of the Suns trying to win a championship after trading Durant at midseason ... with some ranting about a deflating final week of the regular season thrown in. See for privacy information.
07/04/202310 minutes 47 seconds
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EPISODE 21: Let's go inside with the insiders

Entering the final week of the regular season, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein dig into the hottest news items in their notebooks in the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT. They share insights on the NBA's new labor deal and proceed from there to Kyrie Irving's future in Dallas, Stephen Curry's suggested MVP vote and then the latest from the coaching carousel regarding Toronto's Nick Nurse and San Antonio's Gregg Popovich. Also: Haynes and Stein share some tales from their time as residents of the NBA Bubble in summer of 2020. See for privacy information.
04/04/202349 minutes 38 seconds
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EPISODE 20: Kangz to Kings!

Fresh off Sacramento clinching its first playoff spot since 2005-06, Kings head coach Mike Brown joins Haynes and Stein for a wide-ranging and candid convo that explains the approach he brought into this new job, some of the challenges involved in trying to change a culture, jobs he didn't get before landing Sacramento's, Xs-and-Os insights to explain some of the success De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis have achieved this season, how aware the Kings are of some West teams reportedly wanting to face them in the playoffs and some little-known history about what his playing career had in common with Dirk Nowitzki's. See for privacy information.
31/03/202346 minutes 14 seconds
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EPISODE 19: Doomsday for Dallas?

On the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT, Marc Stein tells Chris Haynes that he thinks we already know the 10 teams that will occupy the top 10 spots in the final West standings ... because Stein contends that the Mavericks will not be able to rally from their two consecutive losses to Charlotte to even make the play-in round. From there the guys go deep on the Mavericks' nightmarish weekend, Luka Doncic discussing his frustrations, Dallas' struggles since trading for Kyrie Irving and how badly the Mavs miss the guy Chris just interviewed for Bleacher Report: Jalen Brunson. There's also much more on the West playoff race, LeBron James' earlier-than-expected comeback, Patrick Berkeley's impact on the Bulls and, thanks to Haynes' storytelling, more about Stein's motoring preferences than you ever expected to hear. See for privacy information.
27/03/202349 minutes 15 seconds
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EPISODE 18: March in #thisleague is also madness

On the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT, after Chris Haynes' arrival for their latest recording was delayed slightly by a one-on-one chat he had to finish up with a Knicks star, Chris joined Marc Stein to discuss all the latest major injury news in the West surrounding Paul George, LeBron James and Zion Williamson and how injuries have affected the strange-looking West standings. They also naturally talked about the Dallas Mavericks' looming protest of their Wednesday night home loss to Golden State, delved into the tenuous climate for referees in today's NBA and closed, unexpectedly, with some moving remembrances of former Trail Blazers forward Jerome Kersey. See for privacy information.
24/03/202349 minutes 9 seconds
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EPISODE 17: The Lakers, The West, The MVP Race, The Shoes ... and The Shirt

What can you expect from the latest episode of #thisleague UNCUT? Ifyou want injury updates on LeBron James and Anthony Davis that you can't get anywhere else ... and more rants about the uncharacteristic mediocrity that pervades the Western Conference ... and Chris Haynes' insistence that Mike Brown should be a UNANIMOUS Coach of the Year selection ... and Marc Stein's (let's call it untraditional) list of his all-time favorite hoops sneaks ... and another hard-to-fathom tale from Haynes about the time he almost had to cover a game on television with no shirt ... THIS is your podcast! See for privacy information.
20/03/202352 minutes 27 seconds
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EPISODE 16: All things Ja, All-NBA guards, and deep thoughts with Dame

The latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT covers lots of ground, from our reaction to the NBA's Ja Morant sanctions to a breakdown of the very crowded All-NBA landscape for guards to our review of Damian Lillard's latest podcast comments to JJ Redick -- as well as what he said to this very podcast about a month ago. As a bonus, at Chris Haynes' behest, we also addressed some listener complaints after nearly two months of podding together. See for privacy information.
17/03/202349 minutes 14 seconds
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EPISODE 15: The mild, mild West

On the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT, Marc Stein rants against the uncharacteristic  mediocrity throughout the Western Conference that, essentially 70 games into season, has begun to set him off. Chris Haynes isn't quite as down on the West as Stein ... maybe because he just connected with Kings coach Mike Brown and star guard De'Aaron Fox for an inside look at Sacramento's Cinderella season. The guys go in-depth on Chris' recent Bleacher Report story on the West's No. 2 seed and the Kings' long-awaited playoff push and also talk more about various award races, share some behind-the-scenes stories about what's been happening in Sactown in recent seasons and somehow wind up with an unplanned but revealing look at elements of Chris' college career.See for privacy information.
13/03/202339 minutes 11 seconds
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EPISODE 14: Breaking News! The MVP race is not over!

On the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein get together to talk about Joel Embiid's postgame interview with Chris from Tuesday night on TNT, how Embiid seems almost resigned to losing the MVP race to Nikola Jokic again, how both Haynes and Stein believe the race is NOT over, how they both approach MVP voting philosophically ... plus an extended discussion about James Harden's first full season in Philadelphia and the looming threat of him going back to Houston. See for privacy information.
09/03/202346 minutes 2 seconds
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EPISODE 13: On all things Ja Morant and so much more ...

After profuse apologies from Marc Stein for a travel schedule that delayed the dropping of this podcast by one day, Stein and his pod partner Chris Haynes finally do connect to discuss the Ja Morant situation in Memphis from numerous angles, share their takeaways from Sunday's Phoenix/Dallas showdown, wander unexpectedly into the secrets of sideline reporting and ultimately assess Stein's claim that Denver, Golden State and Phoenix are the only three teams that can win the West. See for privacy information.
07/03/202344 minutes 53 seconds
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EPISODE 12: KD is back, LeBron is out ... and that's only the beginning for a jam-packed show

On a very busy edition of #thisleague UNCUT, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein discuss Kevin Durant's impressive debut as a Sun, how Phoenix will cope with the continuity edge possessed by title contenders like Boston, Milwaukee and Denver, Stephen Curry's looming return from injury in Golden State, LOTS on Russell Westbrook's early days in Clipperland, LOTS more on what LeBron James' foot injury means for the Lakers' ongoing struggles to get into the playoffs, Chris' own epic struggles adjusting to snow after moving from Portland to Cleveland nearly a decade ago, Marc's incurable tennis addiction and eclectic shoe collection ... and a tribute, in closing, to legendary Pacers PR man David Benner.See for privacy information.
02/03/202341 minutes 29 seconds
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EPISODE 11: Surprises galore on a wild show to start the new week!

Episode 11 is best described is a freestylin' edition of #thisleague UNCUT. Chris Haynes and Marc Stein reflect on a slew of memorable games that have taken place since the NBA returned from the All-Star break ... but they do so in the midst of Damian Lillard's 71-point eruption against Houston. So brace yourself for some live play-by-play and excited reactions from Chris, amid talk about the Kings and Lakers and Mavericks, once it becomes apparent that Lillard will register a new career high in his first game played since appearing on the pod himself just last week. There is also some analysis of the Hawks' hiring of Quin Snyder and some behind-the-scenes storytime that Haynes steers Stein into and, in closing, an impromptu interview with Chauncey Billups when Chris decides to call the Blazers' coach on his drive home. See for privacy information.
27/02/202358 minutes 34 seconds
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EPISODE 10: $10,000 poker tournament; Where do dysfunctional Hawks turn next?

In episode 10, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein begin recapping NBA All-Star weekend. Chris was in Utah for All-Star weekend and shares stories about a $10,000 poker tournament and parties involving the games biggest stars. Later, they react to the Atlanta Hawks parting ways with Nate McMillan and then they discuss the role Hawks star PG Trae Young plays. Chris and Marc finish up examining the NBA buyout market and answering which player will be most impactful - will it be Westbrook with the Clippers, Love with the Heat or someone else that steps up?See for privacy information.
23/02/202332 minutes 40 seconds
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EPISODE 9: Damian Lillard

NBA All-Star Damian Lillard joins Chris Haynes and Marc Stein on this episode of #thisleague UNCUT. Dame explains why he's not surprised by his exceptional level of play this season and then he shares his perspective on the Gary Payton II trade. He also takes us inside a conversation he had with Kevin Garnett about his future with Portland and then he talks about his experience going from a young player to a veteran.See for privacy information.
20/02/202326 minutes 8 seconds
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EPISODE 8: Jamal Crawford Joins The Show!

3-time Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford joins Chris Haynes and Marc Stein on this episode of #thisleague UNCUT. He gives his expectations for judging the NBA’s Dunk Contest despite, admittedly, only dunking twice in his professional career! He also gives his analysis of the Suns after adding Kevin Durant as well as the Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving pairing in Dallas.See for privacy information.
16/02/202342 minutes 32 seconds
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In their latest pod session, Chris Haynes and Marc Stein go deep on the NBA's 2023 buyout market -- on both the players who have already found new homes (Reggie Jackson, Terrence Ross and Danny Green) and several of the more high-profile names (such as Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Patrick Beverley and Serge Ibaka) who are still looking for their next team. They also discuss the delayed four-team trade that will at last bring Gary Payton II back to Golden State and send James Wiseman to Detroit ... with some fresh insight from Chris on why the Blazers are expected to face an investigation from the league into their injury disclosure practices. All that and more in the latest edition of #thisleague UNCUT. See for privacy information.
13/02/202338 minutes 50 seconds
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EPISODE 6: Trade Deadline Chaos & Unreported News

Chris Haynes and Marc Stein recap one of the wildest trade deadlines in recent memory and where  Kevin Durant’s Suns, his now former team in Brooklyn and the rest of the NBA goes from here after all the movement. As a bonus they also share a slew of unreported tidbits from their notebooks.See for privacy information.
10/02/202339 minutes 37 seconds
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EPISODE 5: Kevin Durant trade REACTION!

News happens fast and #thisleague UNCUT has you covered! Marc Stein handles this episode solo to give you an immediate reaction to the MASSIVE trade sending Kevin Durant to the Suns to team up with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. See for privacy information.
09/02/20239 minutes 24 seconds
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EPISODE 4: The Kyrie Irving Trade REACTION

#thisleague indeed! Chris Haynes and Marc Stein are here reacting to the blockbuster trade sending Kyrie Irving from the Nets to the Mavericks to team up with Luka Doncic. Chris dives in on the timeline, explaining how this trade came together and what other offers the Nets were considering. Marc shares the team the Nets did not want to have Kyrie end up with. Plus, the surprising All-Star that was offered to Brooklyn in a deal for Kyrie but was turned down.See for privacy information.
06/02/202329 minutes 10 seconds
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BONUS EPISODE - Malik Beasley Joins The Show!

It’s the first week of the podcast so why not welcome our first guest and drop a bonus episode?! Malik Beasley of the Utah Jazz joins the show to tell you what it’s truly like to be an NBA player who could be on the move as the trade deadline approaches. He shares his experience with being previously traded, what he’s hearing about a possible trade right now and why the Jazz have been one of the surprise teams so far this season.See for privacy information.
03/02/202324 minutes 17 seconds
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EPISODE 2: Bones Hyland Update, OG Anunoby Rumors & A New Player To Watch!

#thisleague UNCUT featuring veteran NBA reporters Chris Haynes and Marc Stein provide their latest insight as the NBA trade deadline is now one week away. Chris adds to his reporting on Bones Hyland of the Denver Nuggets and why we can expect him to be moved in the coming days. Marc has his doubts about Raptors F OG Anunoby getting traded but does believe another Eastern Conference players will be on the move. Plus, Chris shares a fresh report about a new player to keep your eyes on as talks are heating up!See for privacy information.
02/02/202340 minutes 49 seconds
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EPISODE 1: Trade Deadline: Lakers, Pacers, Raptors & more!

It’s the first episode of #thisleague UNCUT featuring veteran NBA reporters Chris Haynes and Marc Stein giving you the latest on news from around the association. They discuss the Lakers acquiring Rui Hachimura and if we can expect LA to make another move to order to climb back into contention with LeBron James. Stein explains why the Raptors are hesitant to move Fred VanVleet and Chris shares a surprising name to keep an eye on as the deadline approaches!See for privacy information.
30/01/202337 minutes 10 seconds
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Introducing: #thisleague UNCUT

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