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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 season, 20 episodes, 15 hours, 6 minutes
ThisConnect is a conversation. About cars. About motorcycles. About good things. Things as nouns as well as verbs
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The Last Episode | ThisConnect Season 01 Ep 20

Episode 20 marks the end of the first Season of #ThisConnect, our #podcast. For the past 5 months, we've loved interacting with you in the comments' stream. So for this episode we decided to pick two comments from each episode that really made us think. These are your comments and this is what Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi are thinking on those topics. - It's a long episode, three times the normal size, so we've broken the chapters into "questions" and "answers". Do feel free to skip ahead if you like. And we do have questions for you at the end (in the last chapter). We would like to hear from you! Thank you so much for watching! We're super thrilled you all have enjoyed ThisConnect so much! We hope to see you on Season 2, very soon! ~ CHAPTERS 00:00-00:58 Introduction 00:59-02:13 Q: Riding Gear 02:14- 04:27 All The Gear All The Time 04:28-06:27 Q: Family Perspective 06:28-11:20 The State Of Fear 11:2-15:18 Q: India's Two-Wheeler Market 15:19-17:23 India's The Next Big Thing 17:24-17:41 Q: Yamaha Fans' Woes 17:42-19:14 Yamaha's A Bit Lost 19:15-19:44 Q: Stock Bikes on Racetracks? 19:45-21:06 Stock Bikes + Racetracks is OK! 21:07-21:12 Q: Racetracks are far! 21:13-23:32 Good Things Need Effort 23:33-24:56 Q:Price vs Value 24:57-26:44 Cars Today? Outstanding Value 26:45-28:11 Q: Features vs Trim Packages 28:12-33:41 Trim Levels & Value 33:42-34:33 Q: Restoring Old Bikes 34:34- 36:44 Restoratings Need Patience! 36:45-37:26 Q: Ideal Adv for India? 37:27-40:29 Spec vs Reality 40:30-43:16 Q: Who Buys Vehicles in India? 43:17-47:17 India Customers Play Safe 47:18-48:12 Q: How Important is VFM? 48:13-49:10 Security of Purchase 49:11-49:35 Q: MotorInc Meet-ups? 49:36-49:55 Meet-ups Coming Soon! 49:46-50:18 Q: Will EVs Take Over Soon? 50:19-50:43 The Dream Is Bigger Than Fuel Source 50:44-51:07 Q: How Do We Test Vehicles 51:08-55:26 The Database Of Things 55:27-1:00:49 Quick Q&A Session! 1:00:50-1:01:22 Q: Run Flat Tyres 1:01:23-1:03:32 Run Flat's Are Real! 1:03:33-1:04:11 Tip: Checks For Used Vehicles 1:04:12-1:05:17 Read The Manual Too! 1:05:18-1:05:56 Tip: Rent Before You Buy! 1:05:57-1:06:33 Great Tip! Do Rent! 1:06:34-1:07:08 Q: Slow Bikes Rock! 1:07:09-1:08:25 Ride Your Own Ride! 1:08:26-1:09:00 Q: Status Vs What We Really Do? 1:09:01-1:10:15 Status Is Part Of Growth Process 1:10:16-1:10:55 Q: Delivery Day Photo Mystery 1:10:56-1:12:24 The First Photo You Remember... 1:12:25-1:18:24 Books Books Books! 1:18:25-1:18:36 Q: Dashcams/Aux Lights 1:18:37-1:23:43 The Festival Of Worrying 1:23:44-1:25:00 Q: Blessed To Be Out Riding 1:25:01-1:26:36 Riding vs Tourism! 1:26:37-1:27:11 Q: Is Fitness Important? 1:27:12-1:30:50 Yes. But Not A Barrier 1:30:51-1:31:16 Q: Patience is Important, Right? 1:31:17-1:32:27 System & Us Need Change 1:32:28-1:32:52 Q: Who Fails a Driving Test? 1:32:53-1:35:47 Almost No One! 1:35:48-1:37:18 Season 02's Coming Soon
4/14/20231 hour, 37 minutes, 17 seconds
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Cars & Motorcycles That Changed the Game | ThisConnect Ep 19

As road testers and vehicle evaluators, our job is to figure out where a new vehicle fits. Into its universe of rivals, into your life and into its role. How we do this is what Kartikeya and Shumi are discussing on episode 19 of ThisConnect, our podcast. And if you think databases were boring, here's our database of vehicles that are game-changers. Meet the milestones. - Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos at We’re offering this podcast on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google. - Chapters: 00:00-01:12 Introduction 01:13-02:45 Suzuki Shogun 02:46-04:03 Ford Fiesta 04:04-06:08 Suzuki Access/Honda Activa 06:09-09:58 LML CRD100/Freedom 09:59-11:14 Honda Shine 125 11:15-12:29 Maruti Alto/ Renault Kwid 12:30-14:09 Ford Figo 14:10-16:43 Skoda Octavia 16:44-19:28 Bajaj Pulsar 150 19:29-22:18 Maruti Zen 22:19-24:05 Tata JTPs 24:06-28:47 Honda City 28:48-30:09 How Japan Lost It 30:10-33:34 KTM 390 Duke/Yamaha RD350 33:35-34:52 Yamaha YZF-R15 34:53-35:15 TVS Ntorq 35:16-37:18 Suzuki V-Strom XT 37:19-42:19 Hero Impulse 42:20-45:35 Ducati Multistrada 45:36-48:57 Aprilia RSV4 48:58-51:59 BMW 7 Series 52:00-53:18 Closing Comments
4/5/202353 minutes, 18 seconds
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How Fast Is too Fast? Speed Has Limits! | ThisConnect Ep 18

Episode 18 of ThisConnect starts with a question from a viewer to Kartikeya: "How do India's fast new roads change things for speed limits, for safety and for how people will drive?" Shumi and Kartikeya discuss speed, limits, approaches, common sense, enforcement and so much. Here's everything you need to know about speed. ~ CHAPTERS 00:00-01:22 Introduction 01:23-04:56 Fastest Roads 04:57-08:29 Chaos Management 08:30-10:28 Fast Is Boring 10:29-12:17 Sense Of Speed 12:18-14:39 Shapes Of The Road 14:40-19:59 Limits Change! 20:00-24:08 Skills & Vehicles 24:09-27:36 We, The Source Of Chaos 27:35-29:59 Long, Fast Roads 30:00-31:55 Enforcement & Tolls 31:56-35:26 Looking Inward 35:27-36:29 Tiered Licensing 36:30-36:29 Celebrating Speed 38:41-43:56 Road Rage 43:57-50:50 Closing Comments ~ We’re offering our podcast, ThisConnect, on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google. Audio Podcasts are available at: Amazon: Apple: Spotify: Google: JioSaavn: RSS (via Anchor):
3/30/202350 minutes, 50 seconds
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How To Travel/Tour Like a Boss | ThisConnect Ep 17

Being outside the city with our machines is the part we look forward to, right? On episode 17 of #ThisConnect, Shumi and Kartikeya are discussing the tricks, tips, techniques, and the thinking they tour with so that the days outside are fun, easy and the minimum of interruptions. More podcast episodes? Go to ~ Chapters 00:00-02:03 Snack Basket Intro 02:04-05:39 Planning Your Days 05:38-08:24 What You Travel For? 08:25-11:42 Travel Without A Plan 11:43-13:29 Highway Nights 13:30-16:38 Packing Geeks 16:39-22:57 Tools & Touring 22:58-25:09 Don't Cheap Out 25:10-29:23 Content Creators Touring 29:24-31:56 Tour Alone? Or Group? 31:57-34:32 Touring Pillion 34:33-36:18 Enjoy The Sweet Spot 36:19-40:37 Weather Men 40:38-42:41 Days To Not Travel 42:42-45:00 Sleepy? 45:01-46:59 Adverse Situations 47:00-48:56 Luggage Preferences 48:57-51:44 Closing Comments
3/23/202351 minutes, 43 seconds
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Must Have Accessories For Your New Car/Motorcycle | ThisConnect Ep 16

What are the essential accessories that you should think about when you're buying your new car of motorcycle? And which of the accessories on offer should you never even bother with? On Episode 16 of ThisConnect, our podcast, Kartikeya and Shumi talk about what they do, and what they absolutely can't see the point of. - CHAPTERS 00:00-01:53 Introduction? 01:54-03:58 Rust Coatings are BS 03:59-08:28  Polishes and Gloss Coatings 08:29-13:22 Motorcycle Grip Pads 13:23-14:47 Zero Depreciation Insurance 14:48-16:25 Branded Gear & Luggage 16:26-22:24 Crash Protection 22:25-23:30 Bull Bars 23:31-26:15 Music Systems 26:16-27:41 Window Rain Guards 27:42-29:12 Floor Mats 29:13-30:47 Seat Covers 30:48-31:28 Useless Accessories 31:29-32:55 USD Fork Seal Covers 32:56-36:14 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 36:15-37:24 Puncture Kit 37:25-40:15 Essential Vs Good To Have 40:16-41:07 Radiator Guards 41:08-41:53 Portable Vacuum Cleaner 41:54-42:45 Annual Detail 42:46-43:58 The BS Accessories 43:59-46:16 Closing Comments
3/16/202346 minutes, 15 seconds
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Taking delivery of your new car/motorcycle | ThisConnect Ep 15

The day you bring your new baby home is a big one. The excitement of a new vehicle, all that emotion… it’s really a great day. Kartikeya and Shumi discuss the process, the plan, good practices, essential accessories and so much more on episode 15 of ThisConnect, our podcast. This podcast is also on our Youtube ( We would love to interact with you -- you can reach us on Instagram (@motorinc.official).
3/10/202348 minutes, 39 seconds
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Everything About The Hyundai Ioniq 5 | ThisConnect Ep14

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 is not boring. Some would say it’s not Hyundai either. Or an SUV. Or a mass market car. Or a car, even. Wait. What? Well, of course it’s a car – just not what you expect from a regular car. Because that’s the thing, the Ioniq 5 isn’t what you expect,  says Kartikeya Singhee after he briefly drove it. Shumi asked him to calm down and spell things out in this episode of ThisConnect, our podcast. ThisConnect is on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google at
2/28/202348 minutes, 40 seconds
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Small Cars/Motorcycles Are a Big Deal | ThisConnect Ep 13

It's easy to think that a fancy, expensive car or bike is the dream. But our goals are a path, not a destination. Smaller vehicles can do incredible things too! We just don't think of it that way. On ThisConnect, Kartikeya and Shumi talk about big things and small packages. And the idea that dreams are about what you do, not just what you have. ~ If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the playlist link is
2/23/202336 minutes, 37 seconds
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How To Buy A Used Car/Motorcycle | ThisConnect Ep 12

It's natural to be unsure of a used car or motorcycle. You're also tempted – the deals are fantastic, and you can find your planned car/motorcycle for less... or a vehicle that would be beyond your reach at its new-vehicle price. Kartikeya Singhee & Shumi break down how they approach buying a second-hand car or motorcycle.
2/16/202344 minutes, 10 seconds
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Tyres, and Their Superpowers | ThisConnect Ep 11

Everything you do as you ride or drive requires the tyres to transfer your intentions to the road. Those 'featureless' black rubber rings are holding your experience back. Or, with simple ideas, they'll unlock a new world of driving/riding for you! Kartikeya and Shumi are geeking out about tyres on #ThisConnect! If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the playlist link is
2/7/202344 minutes, 20 seconds
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Everything about the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 | ThisConnect Ep 10

Shumi returned from the Super Meteor 650 experience in Rajasthan. And then Kartikeya wanted to know what's what. So we filmed their conversation. If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes,  the playlist link is - #motorcycle #motorcycles #Cruiser #ride#RoyalEnfield #Shumi #MotorInc #KartikeyaSinghee#SuperMeteor #SuperMeteor650 #RESM650 #Kami#FirstRide #Impression #instamotor #motorbike#photooftheday #instamotorcycle #instamoto#instamotogallery #bikestagram
2/1/202339 minutes, 22 seconds
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What Your Car/Motorcycle Spec Sheet Won't Tell You | ThisConnect Ep 09

Shumi always says you don't ride the spec sheet. On episode 9 of  ThisConnect, MotorInc's podcast, Kartikeya and Shumi break down the  reasons why technical specifications should not be taken seriously  beyond a point. How you buy a vehicle is more complex a process than the  data can capture. If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes,  the playlist link is
1/24/202348 minutes, 20 seconds
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How to Pay For Your Dream Car/Motorcycle | ThisConnect Ep 08

There's a method to the madness! Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi lay out the basics of how one goes about organising the money needed to pay your way to having your dream car or motorcycle in your garage. It's easier than it seems... and might take a bit longer than you think. If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the playlist link is
1/17/202348 minutes, 4 seconds
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Brands, products or value? | ThisConnect Ep 07

Indians are tough customers. Or so the folklore goes. We think otherwise. Yes we are legendary at stretching every Rupee and generous with their dreams. We push for deals as a rule, harder when we are buying a car or motorcycle. But is that really who we are? Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi discuss what they think Indian customers really want. And why a simple thing like this is so hard for so many brands to grasp. If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the playlist link is
1/10/202336 minutes
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2023: India's Year of Adventure Tourers | ThisConnect Ep 06

Hero Xpulse 400 and Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 are only the tip of the 2023 iceberg! They'll be joined by many others! On episode 06 of ThisConnect, Shumi and Kartikeya Singhee are discussing the new Advs headed to the market, and why adventure tourers are so important (and popular). ~ Note: The Ducati test rider Shumi refers to is Andrea Rossi (andreacicarossi on Instagram), not Andrea Cairossi as he keeps saying. He's promised to keep the names straight hereafter. ~ If you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the playlist link is Links to all our platforms: - #Adv #AdventureTourer #Adventure #MotorInc #ThisConnect #Podcast #Kartikeya #Kami #Shumi #Himalayan450 #Xpulse400
1/4/202337 minutes, 23 seconds
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What you can do about car price hikes | ThisConnect Ep 05

Prices and taxes rise. This is given to you as a maxim that won't ever change. On episode of 5 of ThisConnect, Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi work out what is the right way to deal with price hikes. And if you've missed seeing our other podcast episodes, the YouTube playlist link is - To watch our videos? @motorinc on YouTube, @motorinc.official on Instagram. We are @themotorinc on twitter and Facebook.
12/29/202235 minutes, 18 seconds
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The safest way to go ever faster | ThisConnect Ep 04

We're petrolheads. And we've found that there is just one place that encourages you to go faster, push to the edge of your ability and find out who you really underneath. Welcome to heaven on Earth. Welcome to the racetrack - #MotorInc #ThisConnect #PodCast #KartikeyaSinghee #Kartikeya #Kami #Shumi #Weekend #Goals #Racetrack #Fast #Safe #Skills #LifeSkills
12/20/202235 minutes, 21 seconds
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Why they won't let you buy your dream car or bike | ThisConnect Ep 03

We've all been there -- pining for the vehicle of our dreams, ready with money and intent. But for some reason, the manufacturer refuses to sell you one. What's going on! ~ Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos: We’re offering the podcast on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google . Links below    Audio Podcasts are available at: Amazon: Apple: Spotify: Google: Our social media channels: Facebook: ~ #Cars #Bikes #Dreams #GarageGoals #DreamGarage #Garage #Kartikeya #KartikeyaSinghee #Shumi #PodCast #ThisConnect
12/13/202233 minutes, 17 seconds
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Safety tech: the good, the bad and the scary | ThisConnect Ep 02

The march of safety technology, active and passive, has brought accidents, injuries and fatalities down over the years. But will it eventually eliminate your ability to drive? What about motorcycle riders? ~ Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos: We’re offering the podcast on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google. Links below Audio Podcasts are available at:  Amazon: Apple: Spotify: Google: Our social media channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:   Website: ~
12/7/202239 minutes, 35 seconds
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Tomorrow? Electric vehicles. And today? The answer is not obvious | ThisConnect Ep 01

Electric vehicles are the future. This is not in question. But do they belong in your present too?   ~ Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos: We’re offering the podcast on YouTube, Anchor/Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google. Audio Podcasts are available at: Amazon: Apple: Spotify: Google: Our social media channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  Website: ~
12/1/202232 minutes, 3 seconds