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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 43 episodes, 2 days 2 hours 19 minutes
This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting edge world of enterprise technology. Hosted by Lou Maresca, TWiET features IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions. Records live every Friday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.
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TWiET 561: That Cloud Looks Like A Llama - Moving on from old protocols, accessible machine learning with Predibase

This week on TWiET, Lou Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curt Franklin talk with Dev Rishi, Co-Founder and CEO at Predibase, discussing the hurdles of moving large language models into production environments and how privacy concerns factor into that decision. Guest Dev Rishi of Predibase explains why many organizations say they can't use commercial LLMs, and shares best practices for getting started with privacy-focused ML. Other topics include: Microsoft, Oracle deliver direct access to Oracle database services on Azure Cyber Extortion Attacks No Longer Require Ransomware World's Largest Lithium Deposit Found Along Nevada-Oregon Border AI-Powered SOC Automation: A New Era in Security Operations The ripple effects of phasing out older TLS protocols Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and <a href="https:
01/01/00011 hour 14 minutes 14 seconds
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TWiET 562: Who Woulda Thunk Splunk? - Cisco to aquire Splunk, Intel's new neural processors

This episode of This Week in Enterprise Tech packs in analysis on Cisco's shocking $25 billion acquisition of Splunk and what it means for the cybersecurity ecosystem. Plus, Intel VP of Sales &amp; Marketing Jason Kimrey joins to decode the company's groundbreaking new neural processors and innovations in chip design, and accelerating AI processing at the edge. * Major vulnerabilities uncovered in Apple and Google image libraries - despite patches, blindspots remain   * Surge of cyberattacks originating from Middle East and Africa * OpenAI unveils new AI image generator DALL-E 3 - balancing innovation with ethical concerns    * Cisco announced plans to buy Splunk in a monster $28B deal - how will this impact Splunk's products and rock-solid community? * Jason Kimrey, VP of Sales &amp; Marketing at Intel discuss announcements from Intel Innovation 2023 including new neural processors for offloading AI workloads, and how they are looking to advance
01/01/00011 hour 5 minutes 36 seconds
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TWiET 563: Don't Drop Your File Drawers - SASE in the Enterprise, document archiving & file management

This episode of This Week in Enterprise Tech covers the convergence of networking and security with the emergence of SASE (secure access service edge), tips for navigating the document and file management landscape, and more enterprise tech stories. A new Chrome 0-day is sending the Internet into a new chapter of Groundhog Day DHS Calls Into Question Physical Security in Johnson Controls Cyberattack Hikvision Intercoms Allow Snooping on Neighbors Backdoored firmware lets China state hackers control routers with "magic packets" On our Byte discussion the hosts explore the rise of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) as organizations embrace cloud and hybrid environments. The hosts weigh how acquisitions like Cradlepoint &amp; Ericom will shape the SASE-as-a-service market. For the host roundtable, Lou Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curt Franklin talk about document archiving and file management systems. They trace the evolution f
01/01/00011 hour 6 minutes 9 seconds
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TWiET 564: Data Is Bigger In Texas - Cybersecurity Recruitment, Edge Computing, Hyperscale Cloud With Involta

This episode of This Week In Enterprise Tech discusses the major cybersecurity recruitment challenges organizations face today and dives into the world of enterprise edge computing and the future of hyperscale cloud services with Scott Evers of Involta. News Blips: The hosts discuss a severe vulnerability in Atlassian's Confluence Server that allows attackers admin-level access, how over 100,000 industrial control systems are exposed on the public internet, using fiber optic cables on the ocean floor for earthquake detection, and a Linux "Looney Tunables" flaw threatens most distributions. Byte Discussion - Cybersecurity Recruitment: The hosts examine the cybersecurity talent shortage and creative approaches to recruiting, like looking beyond degrees to aptitude and expanding the talent pipeline. Interview with Involta Enterprise Architect Scott Evers: Scott discusses his career path from physicist to enterprise architect. Common security gaps he se
01/01/00011 hour 10 minutes 40 seconds
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TWiET 565: Cheebert's MDM Dreams - Adobe's Content Credentials, programmable MDM with Fleet

On This Week in Enterprise Tech, Lou, Curt, and Brian dive into how remote console devices are empowering IT pros, the future of digital trust and content authenticity, and the evolving landscape of endpoint management security. Jeff Marraccini from Altair explains how air console devices allow him to remotely access noisy server racks to diagnose issues, avoiding dangerous sound levels. This saves time and prevents disruptions. This week's news blips: Comcast announces DOCSIS 4.0 in select U.S. cities. Security pros warn that EU's vulnerability disclosuer rule is risky. Edge AI-enabled drones delivering first response for public safety. On this week's discussion byte, hosts debate whether Adobe's new content credential system can combat misinformation and assure authenticity. They conclude it helps provide traceability but has limitations as a voluntary system. Zach Wasserman from Fleet discusses ho
01/01/00011 hour 12 minutes 3 seconds
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TWiET 566: DevOps Culture Vulture - Reimagining DevOps with System Initiative

This info-packed episode of TWiET dives into the hidden dangers of Google hosted ads with malware. Guest Adam Jacob shares his vision for a "second wave" of DevOps to achieve better collaboration and outcomes. Patch Winrar right now The most used IT Admin passwords Cisco reports 10,000 network devices backdoored with unpatched 0-day The global chip talent shortage and partnerships addressing it The risks of malicious Google ads using punycode to disguise fake URLs Adam Jacob, CEO of System Initiative and Co-founder of Chef talks about his vision for improving and rebuilding DevOps from the ground up. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Ad
01/01/00011 hour 17 minutes 27 seconds
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TWiET 567: Lost in Translation - Boosting security hygiene, DNS security with Infoblox

iLeakage gives hackers access passwords and sensitive data on iOS and macOS browsers. 0ktapus is "one of the world's most dangerous financial criminal groups" says Microsoft. Apple backs national right-to-repair bill. Pro-Russia hackers exploiting 0-day in Roundcube webmail software. 9 innovative ways to boost security hygiene for Cyber Awareness Month Josh Kuo, Senior Educator and SME in Cyber Security of Infoblox talks about why we need Punycode and how DNS can be a security solution for malicious Punycode. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Josh Kuo Download or subscrib
01/01/00011 hour 16 minutes 1 second
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TWiET 568: Find the Gap Before You $pend - President Biden's AI Executive Order, Software TCO with Olive

Okta customer data exposed in support breach impacting 134 companies. Biden requests $3.1B more for FCC's "rip-and-replace" program to remove insecure equipment from federal networks, targeting Huawei and ZTE equipment. Kaspersky finds Android spyware targeting WhatsApp users, reusing malware from Telegram cyber attacks. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is using AI to scan social media for derogatory content before approving visas. Brian warns about oversharing online. President Biden signs executive order governing federal agency use of AI, requiring non-discrimination, privacy, security, and responsible testing. The hosts debate if AI needs unique regulation. Chris Heard, CEO of Olive Technologies talks about how businesses can properly evaluate the total cost of ownership when looking for the right software solutions. Hosts: Louis
01/01/00011 hour 5 minutes 7 seconds
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TWiET 569: Are Your Patches trackd? - Bridging the cybersecurity skills gap, vulnerability and patch management with TrackD

CISA Alerts: High-Severity SLP Vulnerability currently being exploited. ChatGPT outages attributed to DDoS activity. Gen Z and Millennial employees are a bigger cybersecurity risk than older employees. Security firm finds highly invasive malware hidden in software developer tools. Strategies for bridging the cybersecurity skills gap. Mike Star, CEO and founder of trackd talks about managing patches and how the community can help preventing disruption from bad updates. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Mike Star Download or subscribe to this show at
01/01/00011 hour 13 minutes
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TWiET 570: Well-Placed Friction - EU's NIS2 Directive, better UX for DevOps w/ LaunchDarkly

Ransomware group reports a victim company to the SEC for failing to promptly disclose a breach. Shadowy hack-for-hire group behind sprawling web of global cyberattacks Electrical arc detection devices that can prevent dangerous home fires caused by faulty wiring. The worst passwords of 2023 The NIS2 Directive: The first piece of EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity Jenna Bilotta of LaunchDarkly joins to discuss transforming DevOps tools with better user experiences. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Jenna Bilotta Download or subscribe to this show at
01/01/00011 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
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TWiET 571: DNS Deep Dive Part 1: Demystifying DNS - Enterprise DNS basics

Hackers Can Easily Extract ChatGPT Training Data Cheebert's prediction about VDI just came true Big Tech jobs are not as immune to layoffs as we thought Siemens PLCs are Still Vulnerable to Stuxnet-like Cyberattacks Josh Kuo, DNS Expert and Ross Gibson, Principal Solutions Architect of Infoblox join Brian Chee and Curt Franklin for part 1 of a 3 part in-depth primer on enterprise DNS, from the basics of DNS lookup, key considerations like security and encryption, and why run your own DNS versus other free alternatives? Hosts: Brian Chee and Curtis Franklin Guests: Josh Kuo and Ross Gibson Download or su
01/01/00011 hour 8 minutes 10 seconds
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TWiET 560: Vishing for compliments - Out-of-Band Management, Voice Network Security w/ Mutare

On This Week in Enterprise Tech, Lou Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin dive into how the SEC's proposed cybersecurity rules could reshape how corporations handle disclosures and risk management. Guest Brian McDonald from Mutare also shares insights on securing voice communications against rising cyber threats. Plus Brian Chee explains out-of-band(OOBI) network management. Brian Chee breaks down out-of-band management(OOBI) for remotely accessing devices separately from production networks. He explores solutions like LTE-enabled serial consoles. The SEC's proposed cybersecurity disclosure rule pushes public companies to reveal incidents faster and boost security governance. But CISOs face challenges balancing speedy reporting and fully understanding new threats. Guest Brian McDonald explains how Mutare is redefining voice communication security amid rising vishing and spoofing threats. Hosts: <a href="https://twi
1 hour 10 minutes 1 second
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TWiET 559: Salesforcing AI - ISPs want Big Tech to fund broadband construction, AI for CRM with Salesforce

UK's Online Safety Bill compromises end-to-end encryption and could result in systemic security risks Cybercriminal gangs are trafficing cybercrime workers Pros and Cons of JAVA programing AirBnb accounts hacked using stealers malware and stolen cookies Should Big Tech firms help pay for broadband contruction? Ketan Karkhanis, executive vice president and general manager of Sales Cloud at Salesforce talks about trust and challenges with AI, and how generative AI will change sales. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Ketan Karkhanis Download or subscribe to this show at htt
1 hour 4 minutes
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TWiET 558: You Got Your AI In My Enterprise - 2023 Black Hat and DefCon report, AI data analytics with Virtualitics

This week on This Week in Enterprise Tech, host Lou Maresca and co-hosts Curt Franklin and Brian Chee explore the key takeaways from the 2023 Black Hat and DEF CON cybersecurity conferences. They discuss the proliferation of AI, especially in relation to security. Guest Michael Amori, CEO of Virtualitics, talks about how AI is impacting data analytics and access. Curtis Franklin shares highlights from Black Hat and DEFCON 2023, noting generative AI was the dominant theme across both events. He breaks down differences between classic and generative AI models, quantifying risk, and other topics like IoT/OT security. IBM revealed Code Assistant for IBM Z, an AI code translation tool that can convert legacy COBOL code to Java. The hosts reflect on converting other legacy code, and the risks of AI-generated code. Michael Amori explains how Virtualitics is using AI and data visualization to help enterprises explore and understand their data, serving as an
1 hour 8 minutes 45 seconds
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TWiET 557: How Lucid Are Your Collaboration Tools? - ChatGPT copyright issues, visual collaboration with Lucid Software

This episode of This Week in Enterprise Tech discusses the latest issues around AI, including legal implications, security concerns, and practical applications. Lucid Software Chief Product Officer Dan Lawyer joins hosts Curt Franklin, Brian Chee, and Oliver Rist to explain how Lucid's visual collaboration tools aim to improve teamwork through integrating AI capabilities. Recent phishing campaign targeting Zimbra customers in over a dozen countries AI requiring changes to data center heat dissipation strategies Verizon expanding 5G coverage using newly available C-band 5G spectrum White House again telling executive branch to take cybersecurity seriously Potential NY Times lawsuit against OpenAI over ChatGPT training on copyrighted content Lucid Software's Chief Product Officer Dan Lawyer explains how Lucid's visual collaboration tools aim to improve teamwork through integrating AI capabilities, and streamlining the HR
1 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds
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TWiET 556: Smart SaaS - Facial Recognition Lawsuit, AI-generated Fake Books, SaaS Management with Zylo

Facial Recognition Lawsuit, AI-generated Fake Books, SaaS Management with Zylo, and more. How fame-seeking teenagers hacked some of the world's biggest targets Innocent pregnant woman jailed amid faulty facial recognition trend XWorm, Remcos RAT evade EDRs to infect critical infrastructure Homage to Lahaina Author discovers AI-generated counterfeit books written in her name on Amazon Zylo co-founder and CSO Ben Pippenger sheds light on the importance of managing SaaS applications, revealing shocking statistics about the wastage of SaaS licenses and the complexities of software usage. Hosts: Louis Maresca and Brian Chee Guest: Ben Pippenger Download or subscribe to this show at <a href="https://twi
1 hour 6 minutes 34 seconds
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TWiET 555: AR and VR Grow Up Into XR - White House's National Cyber Workforce Strategy, Spatial Computing with IQXR

Researchers strengthen defenses against denial-of-service attack Cult of the Dead Cow Hacktivists Give Life to 'Privacy-First' App Framework Photoshop can now use generative AI to expand images Text prompts for AI are also available in over 100 languages. US military battling cyber threats from within and without White House Cyber Workforce Strategy: No Quick Fix for Skills Shortage Michael "Hoff" Hoffman, Co-founder &amp; CEO of IQXR talks about extended reality(XR) and spatial computing in the enterprise and how the Apple Vision Pro could revolutionize the industry. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Michael "Hoff" Hoffman Downlo
1 hour 12 minutes 23 seconds
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TWiET 554: Is AI The Next Spell Checker? - SEC wants cybersecurity experts in corporations, Erudit: AI for workplace wellbeing

Cloudflare Radar's new BGP origin hijack detection system TSA Updates Pipeline Cybersecurity Requirements AT&amp;T and Verizon's ancient lead cables have US lawmakers demanding action EFF: FBI Seizure of Mastodon Server Data is a Wakeup Call to Fediverse Users and Hosts to Protect their Users Companies Must Have Corporate Cybersecurity Experts, SEC Says Ricardo Michel Reyes, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Erudit talks about how AI can be used to help organizations build healthier work communities. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Ricardo Michel Reyes Download or subscribe to this show at <a href="
1 hour 15 minutes 11 seconds
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TWiET 553: The Holy Grail of SaaS Security - The White House's Cybersecurity Label, SaaS Security with DoControl

Rootkit Attack Detections Increase at UAE Businesses White House, Big Tech Ink Commitments to Secure AI Firmware vulnerabilities in millions of computers could give hackers superuser status The Biden administration is tackling smart devices with a new cybersecurity label Adam Gavish, CEO and Co-Founder of DoControl talks about how you and your organization can control your data exposure. Hosts: Louis Maresca and Curtis Franklin Guest: Adam Gavish Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at
1 hour 2 minutes 18 seconds
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TWiET 552: Keyless is the Key - White House National Cybersecurity Strategy, digital identity management with Veridas

AWS Lambda proactively warms things up WormGPT Cybercrime Tool Heralds an Era of AI Malware vs. AI Defenses DirectorStorage on Windows now works for consumers and games White House Fills in Details of National Cybersecurity Strategy Hackers Say Generative AI Unlikely to Replace Human Cybersecurity Skills According to Bugcrowd Survey    Alfonso Santos and Larry Longhurst of Veridas talk about digital identity and biometric security Hosts: Louis Maresca and Curtis Franklin Guests: Alfonso U. Santos and Larry Longhurst Download or subscribe to this show at
1 hour 14 minutes 57 seconds
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TWiET 551: Humans -The Problem in IT - Verizon's 2023 Data Breach Report, Data Security with Sentra

336,000 servers remain unpatched against critical Fortigate vulnerability Patchless Cisco flaw breaks cloud encryption for ACI traffic Google changed its privacy policy to reflect Bard AI's data collecting Top 10 cybersecurity findings from Verizon's 2023 data breach report Ron Reiter, Co-Founder and CTO of Sentra talks data security and improving your Security Posture. Host: Louis Maresca Guest: Ron Reiter Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsors: <a href="" target="_bla
1 hour 4 minutes 19 seconds
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TWiET 550: Shine a Light on Dark Data - Minimizing Dark Data Risk, Advanced ERP systems with Oracle

TSMC confirms data breach after LockBit cyberattack on third-party supplier Red Hat Says "Bye Bye CentOS" Cybercriminals Hijacking Vulnerable SSH Servers in New Proxyjacking Campaign ChatGPT's Still a Baby and It's Already Getting Sued Minimizing Dark Data Risk Ranga Bodla, Vice President of Field Engagement and Marketing of Oracle talks about simplifying tech stacks to minimize costs, and advantages to using advanced ERP systems. Host: Louis Maresca Co-Host: Oliver Rist Guest: Ranga Bodla Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at <a href="
1 hour 6 minutes 52 seconds
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TWiET 549: Aerospike's Real-Time Data Platform - Power meter vulnerabilities, USB drive spyware, Processing Real-Time Data with Aerospike

AWS launches $100M program to fund generative AI initiatives Smaller firms aim to consolidate security tools Schneider power meter vulnerability opens door to power outages Satellite-based laser communication: A rival to fibre networks? USB drives spread spyware as China's Mustang Panda APT goes global Lenley Hensarling, Chief Product Officer of Aerospike talks about helping businesses process real-time data in today's fast-paced environment. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Lenley Hensarling Download or subscribe to this show at
1 hour 8 minutes 27 seconds
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TWiET 548: Encrypted Christmas Ornaments - Global Hack, AI-Generated Art, Todd Johnson

Chinese spies breached hundreds of public, private networks, security firm says Millions of Americans' personal data exposed in global hack Nature bans AI-generated art from its 153-year-old science journal Shady Chinese firm's encryption chips got inside the US Navy, NATO, and NASA Use of Multifactor Authentication (MFA) nearly doubles since 2020, Okta secure sign-in trends reports finds Nexer Group Managing Director Todd Johnson talks what the newly-revamped Microsoft partner ecosystem looks like in 2023. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Todd Johnson Download or subscribe to this show at <a href="
1 hour 11 minutes 33 seconds
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TWiET 547: DROOLCON 5 - Avoiding cybersecurity worker burnout, Hybrid Cloud solutions with IBM Cloud

Google to crack down on office attendance, asks remote workers to reconsider CIOp gang sat on exploit for MOVEit flaw for nearly 2 years Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts... again.. and again... U.S. Congress to consider two new bills on artificial intelligence Ways to help cybersecurity's essential workers avoid burnout Jason McGee, GM and CTO of IBM Cloud talks about how companies like the Boston Red Sox are using hybrid cloud solution from IBM and Wasabi. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at <a href="
1 hour 11 minutes 38 seconds
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TWiET 546: The ChatGPT Balancing Act - AI Challenges, human fallibility, maintaining data agility with Talend

AI challenges, addressing human fallibility, maintaining data agility with Talend, and more. Triangulation Spyware hits iPhones Jetpack WordPress plug-in API bug triggers mass updates Lawyer cited 6 fake cases made up by ChatGPT; judge calls it "unprecedented" Team sets new speed record for industry-standard optical fiber Using IR spectroscopy for counterfeit drug detection Pentagon leaks emphasize the need for a trusted workforce Talend Security Leader Nick Vigier shares insights on maintaining data agility, accelerating time to compliance, and ensuring security, privacy, and governance Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: <a href="" target="_
1 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds
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TWiET 545: AI FUD - China-backed cyber attacks, AI's impact on cybersecurity with ManageEngine

China-Backed cyber attacks, AI automation a savior or job-stealer? AI's impact on cybersecurity with ManageEngine, and more. How three US teenagers built Mirai, a DDoS botnet that exploited IoT devices, and avoided prison by helping the FBI with cybercrime and cybersecurity matters. Volt Typhoon' breaks fresh ground for China-backed cyber campaigns. Enterprises must prepare now for shorter TLS certificate lifespans. AI-generated automation: Taking jobs or preventing burnout? We talk to Ram Vaidyanathan, IT Security Evangelist from ManageEngine, about the ever-shifting priorities in cybersecurity, budgets, and AI ops and discuss emerging ransomware threats, ransomware-as-a-service, and the implications these disruptions could have on IoT and operational technology. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and
1 hour 11 minutes 8 seconds
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TWiET 544: Polly Wants Self-Sovereign Identity - Improving Incident Response w/ Security Testing, Taking Control of Your Digital Identity w/ Indicio

KeePass Vulnerability Imperils Master Passwords 3 Common Initial Attack Vectors Account for Most Ransomware Campaigns Montana becomes 1st state to ban TikTok Rapid prototyping for the years to come Sit and Surf: High-tech benches bridge digital divide 5 ways security testing can aid incident response Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio talks about taking control of your identity data. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Heather Dahl Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at <a h
1 hour 11 minutes 21 seconds
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TWiET 543: Bare Metal Mojo - Chatbots taking your Drive-Through order, Bringing the Mojo Platform to MLB.

Google expands TensorFlow open-source tooling for accelerated machine learning development CISA addresses 'Cyber Poor' small biz, local government Wendy's drive-through orders to be taken by a chatbot The future of real-world evidence and data analytics - self-service mode Ex-Ubiquiti engineer behind "breathtaking" data theft gets 6-year prison term Mike Wagner, co-founder of Metify talks about bringing the Mojo (Platform) to Major League Baseball. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Mike Wagner Download or subscribe to this show at
1 hour 12 minutes 12 seconds
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TWiET 542: Technology is Easy, People are Hard - Are Passkeys the solution to passwords? Security awareness with Terranova Security

Data leakage is becoming a bigger issue for chipmakers. New White House AI initiatives include AI software-vetting event at DEF CON Hotels at risk from bug in Oracle property management software Fresh GDPR ruling says even 'minor anxiety' could mean payouts for EU folks Do Passkeys fix the problems with passwords? Lise Lapointe of Terranova Security discusses implementing security awareness programs in your business. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Lise Lapointe Download or subscribe to this show at Get
1 hour 5 minutes 1 second
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TWiET 541: A Spreadsheet For Tracking Your Spreadsheets - NSA: Buckle Up for Generative AI, Supercharge Spreadsheets with Coherent

NSA Cybersecurity Director Says 'Buckle Up' for Generative AI As sea levels rise, the East Coast is also sinking Russian Bank Releases a ChatGPT Rival Google's New Cloud-Based Authentication Isn't End-to-End Encrypted Yet The FDA's Medical Device Cybersecurity Overhaul Has Real Teeth, Experts Say High-Severity SLP Flaw Can Amplify DDoS Attacks up to 2,200 Times John Brisco, CEO and Co-Founder of Coherent talks about a SAS service to unlock the data in your spreadsheets. Hosts: Louis Maresca and Brian Chee Guest: John Brisco Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes a
1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds
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TWiET 540: Checks Without Borders - Consumers fed up with passwords, protecting data with Protegrity

iOS 17 to support app sideloading to comply with European regulations GhostToken opens Google accounts to permanent infection Over half of the enterprise routers researchers bought secondhand hadn't been wiped IT companions instead of managers Consumers are fed up with passwords, according to 1Password research Paul Mountford, CEO of Protegrity, talks about empowering your business with Borderless Data. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Paul Mountford Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-fre
1 hour 12 minutes 17 seconds
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TWiET 539: .001% Trust - Properly terminating employee accounts, implementing zero-trust with Ericom

Over 1 million WordPress sites were infected by Balada injector malware campaign Western Digital Hackers Demand 8-Figure Ransom Payment for Data NY Senator Chuck Schumer calls for bipartisan legislation to slow down AI Hackers flood NPM with bogus packages causing a DoS attack Almost half of former employees say their passwords still work Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom talks about Zero Trust, and how to implement it in your organization Hosts: Louis Maresca and Curtis Franklin Co-Host: Oliver Rist Guest: Dr. Chase Cunningham Download or subscribe to this show at <a href="
1 hour 10 minutes 13 seconds
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TWiET 536: You Break It You WhatFix It - Malicious ChatGPT extentions, Exploding USB Drives, Digital Adoption Platforms

Hackers drain bitcoin ATMs of $1.5 million by exploiting a 0-day bug Malicious ChatGPT Extensions Add to Google Chrome Woes Journalists Targeted by USB Drives That Explode When Inserted Into PCs Stanford sends 'hallucinating' Alpaca AI model out to pasture over safety, cost Attackers Are Probing for Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Edge Infrastructure Products Vispi Daver, Chief Revenue Officer at Whatfix, talks about digital adoption platforms(DAPs) Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Vispi Daver Download or subscribe to this show at
1 hour 7 minutes 26 seconds
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TWiET 530: The Death of "The Password" - Have PLC's overstayed their welcome? Passwordless options with Cloudflare

CISA releases recovery script for ESXiArgs ransomware victims MagicWeb mystery highlights Nobelium attacker's sophistication Challenges facing Bing, Bard and AI search in the future Amazon secures key FCC approval to deploy its Project Kuiper broadband satellites Have PLC's overstayed their welcome? John Engates, Field Chief Technology Officer from Cloudflare talks about MFA and passwordless options for the enterprise. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: John Engates Download or subscribe to this show at Get
1 hour 6 minutes 44 seconds
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TWiET 529: MDM'ing Your MAC - Can Google compete with ChatGPT? Trusting appliances on your network, managing Apple devices in the enterprise.

Can Google Compete with ChatGPT? Rising 'Firebrick Ostrich' BEC Group Launches Industrial-Scale Cyberattacks iOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2 add hardware security key support MIT Engineers Invent Vertically Stacked MicroLEDs With Highest-Ever Pixel Density Appliance makers sad that 50% of customers won't connect smart appliances Welden Dodd, SVP of Product Strategy of Kandji talks about managing Apple devices in the enterprise. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Welden Dodd Download or subscribe to this show at Ge
1 hour 11 minutes 21 seconds
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TWiET 531: How Akamai Are You About DDoS? - Hospitals violate HIPAA because of Meta Ad-tracking, the evolution of DDoS

Health info for 1 million patients stolen using critical GoAnywhere vulnerability ESXi Ransomware Update Outfoxes CISA Recovery Script Comcast gave false map data to FCC—and didn't admit it until Ars got involved Atlassian and Envoy briefly blame each other for the data breach Hospitals Sued for Using Meta's Ad-Tracking Code, Violating HIPAA Steve Winterfeld, Advisory CISO of Akamai talks about the continued evolution of DDoS. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Steve Winterfeld Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at <a href="htt
1 hour 7 minutes 56 seconds
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TWiET 532: Render Time Is Money - Nvidia's $10K AI chip, auth management, observability with Catchpoint

Nvidia's $10K AI chip, authentication management, monitoring &amp; observability with Catchpoint, and more. Voicemod tools up with $14.5M to ride the generative AI (sonic)boom 'New Class of Bugs' in Apple Devices Opens the Door to Complete Takeover The big reuse: 25 MWh of ex-car batteries go on the grid in California Meet the $10,000 Nvidia chip powering the race for A.I. Descope Handles Authentication So Developers Don't Have To Catchpoint Fellow and Director of Engineering Tim Kadlec talks app monitoring and observability. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Tim Kadlec Download or subscribe to this show at <a href=
1 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds
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TWiET 537: Day of the Dongle - The future of AI in the Enterprise, building trust and fighting fraud in the Metaverse

Cylance Ransomware strain emerges. BEC Fraudsters Expand to Snatch Real-World Goods in Commodities Twist Bitwarden Announces Secrets Management With a Combination of Open Source, End-to-End Encryption, and Ease of Use Leaked IT contractor files detail the Kremlin's stockpile of cyber-weapons GPT and Enterprise Impact - Edge Tech, Services, and Software What CISOs Can Do to Build Trust &amp; Fight Fraud in the Metaverse Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at
1 hour 14 minutes 9 seconds
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TWiET 533: Quantifiable Risk - Storing the world's music collection on quartz wafers, implementing DevSecOps

Pernicious Permissions: How Kubernetes Cryptomining Became an AWS Cloud Data Heist CISA, MITRE Look to Take ATT&amp;CK Framework Out of the Weeds Meta unveils a new large language model that can run on a single GPU BlackLotus bootkit bypasses UEFI Secure Boot on patched Windows 11 Microsoft to Store World's Music Collection on Quartz Wafers Andre Keartland, Solutions Architect at Netsurit Professional Services talks about how enterprise organizations can implement DevSecOps to enhance security. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: André Keartland Download or subscribe to this show at <a href="
1 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds
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TWiET 538: Paving the Mobile Security Potholes - Designing effective Tabletop exercises, secure and trustworthy IoT with Kigen

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure face antitrust probe. Cybercriminals 'CAN' steal your car, using novel IoT hack Romance Scams: Authorities claw back funds from "Pig-butchering" cybercrime ring EU Chips act likely to get the green light on April 18 Designing Tabletop exercises that actually thwart attacks Vincent Korstanje, CEO of Kigen, talks about how to make IoT devices more secure and trustworthy. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Vincent Korstanje Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free
1 hour 10 minutes 26 seconds
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TWiET 534: Never Cross The Shards - Malware that survives firmware updates, Biden FCC nominee withdraws, database scalability with PlanetScale

Malware infecting widely used security appliance survives firmware updates IceFire Ransomware Portends a Broader Shift From Windows to Linux Thousands scammed by AI voices mimicking loved ones in emergencies Personal details of U.S. House members exposed in health data breach Biden FCC nominee withdraws, blaming cable lobby and "unlimited dark money" Nick Van Wiggeren, VP of Engineering with PlanetScale talks about fully managed database-as-a-service. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Nick Van Wiggeren Download or subscribe to this show at
1 hour 9 minutes 47 seconds
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TWiET 535: Clouds Materialize - PayPal Data Breach, Copyright of AI Content, Streaming Databases With Materialize

PayPal data breach, copyright of AI content, streaming databases with Materialize, and more. PayPal data breach exposes personal information of 35,000 users Low-budget 'Winter Vivern' APT awakens after 2-Year hibernation Moon-gate: Samsung fans are mad about AI-processed photos of the moon Making deepfakes gets cheaper and easier thanks to AI Authors risk losing copyright if AI content is not disclosed, US guidance says Materialize CEO Arjun Narayan talks about streaming SQL database for real-time applications, live dashboards, and streaming data pipelines Hosts: Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin Guest: Arjun Narayan Download or subs
1 hour 18 minutes 12 seconds