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English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 31 episodes, 12 hours 12 minutes
After listening to a 9-1-1 call from the longest hostage situation in Oregon history, host Gwen Radford finds herself on the trail of America’s most missing person. From CastBox and the comedy producers behind Stop Podcasting Yourself, CBC’s This Is That, and Dexter Guff comes another fictional story so believable it can't be true.
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Introducing: The Weird Place

From executive producer Dana Carvey and Team Coco Podcasts, "The Weird Place" is an episodic sci-fi comedy adventure that will blow your mind. From manipulative aliens to time-traveling pirates to a power-hungry mad man with a magic globe, "The Weird Place" has no shortage of action-packed supernatural occurrences. On this episode, a Cold War–era nuclear submarine accidentally travels back in time and encounters a pirate ship from the 1700's. Listen to the next episode of "The Weird Place" wherever you get your podcasts.
01/11/202214 minutes 50 seconds
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Introducing: Let's Make A Sci-Fi

Producer Dave Shumka introduces a new show from the team behind This Sounds Serious: Let's Make a Sci-Fi, an eight-part adventure through the creative process as three comedians try writing a successful sci-fi pilot— with help from scientific experts and Hollywood screenwriting pros.In the first episode, hosts Ryan, Mark, and Maddy talk to producers Catherine Winder (Star Wars) and Jem Gerrard (Vagrant Queen) and learn how to identify great story ideas. Then, they pitch each other concepts for their science fiction pilot and land on a winning idea.Subscribe to Let's Make a Sci-Fi : Apple Podcasts | Spotify 
01/03/202235 minutes 43 seconds
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A Message from Kirk Todd in Jail

Kirk Todd is back in jail and he has an important message for you: He wants you to vote for This Sounds Serious in the 2021 Webb Awards for Best Writing in a Podcast.  Click here to vote.
29/04/20212 minutes 8 seconds
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8: The Premiere

With Kirk’s release from prison and a movie premier in the works, the truth comes into focus.
20/10/202031 minutes 1 second
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7: Vegas

Gwen travels to Las Vegas, where crime writer Frank Reeves tells her that a casino robbery took place during the film shoot, and Kirk buried the movie to hide the evidence.Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
13/10/202024 minutes 41 seconds
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6: Rotten Popcorn

After tracking down Grand Casino, Gwen watches the movie and is underwhelmed. She calls on the goofball hosts of the “Rotten Popcorn” podcast to weigh in, and investigates a theory that maybe Kirk was the one who buried the movie.Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
06/10/202027 minutes 15 seconds
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5: The Con Man’s Handbook

Gwen finds out how Kirk finally got caught. Kirk insists Grand Casino exists and invites Gwen to use his “Con Man’s Handbook” dictaphone recordings to help uncover it.Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
29/09/202029 minutes 40 seconds
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4: Visiting Hours

Gwen travels to Maricopa County Prison to meet Kirk Todd and get inside the mind of a con man. She learns about his marriage to art forger Helen Chatham and the events that tore them apart.Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
22/09/202028 minutes 11 seconds
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3: How to Make a Fake Movie

In order to pull off the Grand Casino con, Kirk had to convince the studio and the crew that he was making the movie. How did nobody catch on?Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
15/09/202029 minutes 16 seconds
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2: We Were Filming a Crime Scene

Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.How did Kirk Todd put himself in the position to pull off this con? Gwen answers that question and reveals the events of the Grand Casino premier from the red carpet to the chaos in the lobby after the crime is discovered. 
08/09/202025 minutes 14 seconds
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1: Jeremy, Kenny, Karl, Klaus, and Kirk

A 9-1-1 call about a heart attack at a 1991 movie screening leads investigative journalist Gwen Radford to unearth the life story of con man, Kirk Todd, from his childhood crimes through his career as a TV producer, up to Grand Casino, the movie he never made.Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.
01/09/202022 minutes 30 seconds
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This Sounds Serious: Grand Casino

Click here to get the entire season right now, ad-free.In 1991, TV producer Kirk Todd was supposed to direct his first movie, Grand Casino, but the movie was never made. Kirk disappeared with the film’s budget and was revealed to be a con man named Jeremy Weaver. We follow host Gwen Radford as she tracks down the victims and puts together the pieces of this con three decades later. 
25/08/20201 minute 4 seconds