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This Round Is On Me with Gauri Devidayal

English, Financial News, 1 seasons, 89 episodes, 3 days 6 hours 49 minutes
This Round Is On Me is an insightful show which focuses on global topics and trends emerging post the pandemic and deep dives into them with industry Thought Leaders and Experts. The show aims to inspire and challenge you, and perhaps help you rewire your approach going forward. Your host, Gauri Devidayal, is a Partner at Food Matters India Pvt. Ltd. and co-founder of F&B brands including The Table, Magazine St. Kitchen, Mag St Bread Co, The Table Farm, Miss T, Mei 13 and Iktara.Being an entrepreneur in the F&B industry, Gauri Devidayal will bring in her experience and stories to cover different viewpoints in the show along with the guests.
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Bonus Episode: From the Frontline ft. Dr. Pankaj Narvekar

 We are amidst a pandemic, a public health emergency. And there is a clutter of information available out there on the internet, on social media, on 'Whatsapp University'. In order to declutter all of that and bring forth important handy guidelines to refer to in these times, we invited Dr. Pankaj Narvekar to talk about the situation and share some important information. Dr. Narvekar has been working with the Covid facility at NSCI Dome, Worli for more than a year. He tells us about:-His life as a Covid Warrior-Identifying the symptoms of the disease-How to manage home isolation and when to consider hospitalization-About Oxygen requirements-About the medicines used to manage the virus-About the Vaccines-Safety ProtocolsTune In, and do share it with everyone. Let's keep misinformation at bay. See
03/05/202131 minutes 2 seconds