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English, News, 4 seasons, 162 episodes, 2 days, 15 hours, 57 minutes
We live in a confusing world… so if you’ve ever stopped and asked yourself WHY something matters, we’re here to help. Every week Adam Toy and Dave McIvor will ask one big question and uncover the answer to help you truly understand what’s going on around you. They'll try to get to the bottom of the issue by chatting with experts, journalists and even folks directly involved. They may not have all the answers to climate change, world politics or the economy BUT you can join them on this weekly expedition as we get you some straight answers. This Is Why airs on Corus Radio stations across Canada: 980 CKNW | Sunday | 7 – 7:30pm PT 770 CHQR | Sunday | 5 – 5:30am MT, 5 – 5:30pm MT 630 CHED | Sunday | 4 – 4:30pm MT 680 CJOB | Saturday | 9 – 9:30pm CT 900 CHML | Sunday | 5:30 -6:00pm ET
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Introducing... Crime Beat - Season 3

Ride along with 25 year veteran Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt, from Global News, through some of Canada’s most high-profile criminal cases. Real People, Real Crimes, Real Journalism. Each episode takes you inside case she has worked to give you all details you didn't hear on the news. Season 3 starts October 20 - Subscribe now!​ Crime Beat is the 2020 winner of the Edward R. Murrow Podcast Award (RTDNA).
10/8/20202 minutes, 22 seconds
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This Is Why Introduces you to: Russia Rising

“Russia Rising” is a new investigative podcast series hosted by Jeff Semple, the former Europe Bureau Chief for Global News. This series hopes to unravel the giant mystery behind Putin’s Russia with the help of those who know her best - Russian Trolls, Hackers, Putin Supporters, and even a former Russian K.G.B. agent.  Join Jeff on the journey to unravel how Russia has gone from tenuous ally, to a potential global threat. Here’s a sneak peek from episode 2 of the series…. and while you’re listening, search and subscribe to “Russia Rising” for free at or wherever you’re enjoying this podcast.
2/4/201913 minutes, 59 seconds
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This is Why: Welcome

Hey, I’m Niki Reitmayer, host of a brand new podcast called, “This Is Why.” Each week we will go beyond the headlines. It’s a podcast for those who are interested in news but want the full picture. This Is Why gives you context behind the stories people are talking about, or should be talking about. We want to feel the emotion that lies under the headline – the anger, the sadness, the joy – and get a true understanding of why it matters to you, to me, our friends, and our families. We want to arm you with details and a clearer picture so you can form your own opinions. After all, news is more than just facts and stats. News is a collection of stories that affect you, your friends, and your community. We’re going to do this with help from some of the best journalists in the country…and a wicked curiosity. We’re not going to shy away from tough stories or controversial questions as we try to get to the root of what defines us as Canadians. So here’s the deal: 20 minutes a week. And together we’ll explore the news in a way that actually makes sense. The show is going to launch on Friday, June 8th. You can subscribe now to the This Is Why podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, or anywhere you get your favourite podcasts. Subscribe now, and I’ll talk to you on Friday.
6/1/20182 minutes, 39 seconds