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English, Personal/Lifestyle/Family, 1 season, 22 episodes, 10 hours, 17 minutes
Your go-to podcast for all things self-worth, confidence and happiness with leading Self-Love and Happiness Coach, Rosie Leach. A mixture of short and practical episodes with tips, tricks and resources to help you finally feel good enough, and longer interviews with some incredible people about their own experiences with self-love.
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E21: Grief, Motherhood and Building Businesses with Ceri Gould

TW: suicide, anxiety In this episode I'm joined by Ceri Gould AKA The Female Coach. Ceri is a working mum with a painful past which she has turned into her purpose. Ceri talks about the loss of her mother, her journey into self-discovery and how personal development saved her life.  To connect with Ceri head to her website or Instagram.
4/14/202344 minutes, 4 seconds
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E20: 4 Books To Improve Your Mindset

Next up within the book recommendation mini-series is mindset. Now there were so many books that could have fallen into this category but I have chosen the four that truly left me with a new perspective on the world, myself and life in general. These books all give a no-nonsense approach to mindset and have an abundance of practical mindset advice. What category of books would you like recommendations on next? IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
4/7/202314 minutes, 22 seconds
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E19: 12 Things I've Learnt In My 20s

I'm turning 30! I'm just a couple of months away from entering my 30s and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on my 20s and what I've learnt. In this episode I share with you 12 lessons I wish I knew ten years ago in the hope that they might help you too. If you'd like to connect or work with me on a 1:1 basis then reach out on Instagram or book a free discovery call via the website. IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
3/31/202327 minutes, 34 seconds
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E18: Self-Love and Sobriety with Bethany Rymer

TW: addiction, drug use, anxiety This week I'm speaking with Bethany Rymer, founder of House of Figs CBD. Bethany is just 24 years and spent nearly a decade in the depths of drug addiction. Her story is one of sobriety, business creation and dealing with judgement and negativity and I'm sure she will inspire you. To reach out to Bethany or for more information on her products then check out her Instagram. 
3/24/202338 minutes, 9 seconds
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E17: Let's Talk About People: Are You a Drain or a Radiator?

Energy is a huge part of our lives and we so freely give our energy to the wrong people. This episode is a quick dive into the two types of people and a reminder that nobody is entitled to you or your energy.  IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
3/17/20239 minutes, 9 seconds
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E16: 6 Books To Boost Your Productivity

This marks the beginning of a new mini-series within the podcast where I will be bringing you my best book recommendations. There have been certain books that really have changed my life and I believe reading is an easy, cost effective way that you can make real changes in your life. First up in this series is productivity. Let's be honest, we all want to be more productive and many of us struggle with procrastination so this episode gives you 6 books that can help you make long term changes to your productivity.  IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
3/10/202314 minutes, 22 seconds
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E15: Founder of The Authenticity Project, Sarah York

TW: anxiety  In this episode I meet with Sarah York, an authenticity mentor and writer about breaking free from societal conditioning, limiting beliefs and the false story of who we think we are or should be to live a life of freedom, joy and truth.  If you'd like to find out more about Sarah and The Authenticity Project then head to her Instagram.
3/3/202355 minutes, 34 seconds
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E14: Let's Talk About Lucky Girl Syndrome

TW: Anxiety Another BS TikTok trend or something worth paying attention to? You've probably heard Lucky Girl Syndrome doing the rounds on social media and this episode explains the phenomenon and gives you my take on why it might worth giving Lucky Girl Syndrome a chance.  IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
2/17/202316 minutes, 9 seconds
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E13: Valentine's Day Self-Love Survival Guide

It's so easy to get triggered by Valentine's Day if you're single or to feel pressured into having the perfect Valentine's Day if you're a new couple and watching all your friends on Insta out for fancy dinners and extravagant dates. But here's the truth of it, Valentine's Day is about love so why can't that love be directed towards yourself? In this episode I talk about how to change your perspective on Valentine's Day when you're single as well as four ways anyone can work on improving their self-love this V-Day.  For more advice on surviving Valentine's Day as a single girl then check out my collaboration with Interflora here. IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
2/10/202321 minutes, 57 seconds
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E12: There Is No Single Route To Happiness

This is your reminder that there is no single route to happiness, you have the power to define what makes you happy and to create your own path to get there. This short episode is one for those difficult days where you need a little bit of reassurance! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
2/3/202319 minutes, 1 second
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E11: Resilience and Self-Creation

TW: death, baby loss, fertility, anxiety, mental health,  This episode was an incredible interview with the inspirational Samantha Hearne. Sam is a business coach, ex-teacher and anxiety sufferer. She has used her resilience, drive and determination to overcome some heartbreaking life experiences and has gone onto create huge success and happiness in her life. This is her story and whilst heavy in parts, it is a story of hope, strength and self-creation.  If you would like to work with Sam or connect with her further then please check out her Instagram here.  IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
1/13/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 56 seconds
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E10: You Don't Need To Have It All Figured Out! (plus 3 ways to get clear on what you do actually want!)

There is so much pressure to know what you want out of life. Whether you're a student fresh out of uni, a newly divorced mum of three or a businessman in his late fifties, you'll no doubt feel the constant pressure to have everything figured out. But the truth is this: you're not failing if you don't know what you want, you're allowed to change your mind and there are going to be many times throughout your life that you feel a little lost because we all do - it's part of being human. In this episode I talk about removing this pressure from yourself and 3 tools that can be used to help you get a little clearer on what you want out of life but without the pressure of feeling that you have to. These tools are designed to help you remove the noise in your life that is stopping you from truly understanding yourself and your desires and to help you get some clarity because you want to and not because you feel you need to.  I would love to hear from you with your feedback, questions and any topic requests so please reach out! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
1/6/202319 minutes, 1 second
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E9: 7 Habits That Will Transform Your Life

This episode gives you 7 actionable and practical habits you can begin to implement to help you make the most out of life! Small daily actions lead to BIG results! Which habit will you try first? IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
12/30/202230 minutes, 22 seconds
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E8: What To Do When Self-Development Feels Boring!

This episode is about being realistic and accepting that sometimes self-development is boring! It's not all breakthroughs, unicorns and rainbows nor is it all totally painful, emotional and hard. Of course it is all of those things but a lot of the time it's daily habits and tasks that at time can feel a little boring - and that's totally normal! Talking about acceptance of the boredom, asking yourself the bigger questions that come from being bored and how to deal with the boredom are all topics covered in this episode.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you get all the episodes and if you'd like to work with me on a 1:1 basis then feel free to reach out! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
12/23/202214 minutes, 15 seconds
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E7: Reflection and letting go

As we come to the end of 2022 now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year! I recommend reflection every 6-12 months minimum and to ensure you're making time to look at all you've overcome as well as making sure you're aware of anything you're holding onto that is no longer serving you. Grab a cuppa, get a notebook and listen to this practical episode to help you clear some mental space to create clarity, confidence and peace.  If you'd like to reach out and find out more about working with me on a 1:1 basis then don't hesitate! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
12/16/202218 minutes, 21 seconds
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E6: Anxiety and Me

TW: anxiety, baby loss, eating disorders This is the first episode where I share with you some of my own personal self-love journey and the many experiences, traumas and difficulties that I have experienced. In this episode I share with you a brief insight into my lifelong struggle with anxiety. I have never before shared the details of the breakdown that I suffered at just 24 years as well as my childhood anxiety and my struggles with OCD. My hope is that you find this episode interesting, honest and raw. I also hope that if this finds you feel anxious, it will give you hope that it is possible for you to feel better. If I can overcome this, you can too.  If you're really struggling right now then please do reach out to a doctor, mental health professional or charity for support. The Samaritans are a great source of help and you can access their website here. I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on this episode so please do reach out on the details below! IG: selflovecoachingwithrosie
12/9/202246 minutes, 13 seconds
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E5: Why Rock Bottom Can Be A Good Place To Be

TW: baby loss and anxiety This episode is a heavy one but something that is so, so important! Whether you're struggling right now or still have wounds to heal from the past, this episode aims to help you try a new perspective when it comes to the hardships of life and how you can grow through tough times. Personal growth is often painful and life can throw a lot your way but there is often something good to be found in the most life-altering and difficult moments.  I would love to know what you think of the topics covered in this episode so feel free to drop me a message! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
12/2/202225 minutes, 6 seconds
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E4: Self-Love and Single Life

This week we have our very first interview episode! I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Chantelle who is a Single Life Confidence Coach for women looking to feel confident and thrive in their singledom! She's the host of then brilliant Single Girl's Guide To Life podcast and is the founder of the Single Girls Club community.  In this episode she shares her story with separation, divorce and coping with being single after divorce as well as her experience with the quarter-life crisis and topics from dating to long-term relationships.  Notable mentions/recommendations:  Dr Oliver Robinson  Brianna West Jay Shetty's Genius Community The 5am Club - Robin Sharma You can find all of Chantelle's content here and I know she would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback from the episode so feel free to drop her a DM! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
11/25/202255 minutes, 45 seconds
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E3: Three Ways To Improve Your Self-Worth Today

Here are three practical and immediate ways to help you improve your self-worth. Grab a notebook and pen and create your plan for the week ahead to help you start incorporating these three powerful ways to improve the way you're feeling about yourself.  Drop me a DM as I'd love to know how you get on and don't forget to send your topic requests or dilemmas in for upcoming episodes! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
11/18/202229 minutes, 21 seconds
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E2: The Number One Rule For Life

In this episode I give you some insight into the number one rule I live my life by. This rule changed EVERYTHING for me and I think it could for you too! This episode is short and straight to the point (very much in keeping with the rule itself) and it's honestly going to be a game changer! Drop me a DM and let me know if you're going to live by this rule going forward! IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
11/11/202217 minutes, 29 seconds
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E1: What is Self-Love?

In this episode I share with you my definition of self-love and what I believe are the three essential stages of learning to love yourself. By the end of this episode you’ll hopefully have a lot to think about and be ready to create your own definition of what self-love really means to you. IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
11/4/202232 minutes, 5 seconds
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Welcome to the trailer of the This Is Who I Am Podcast! 👋🏻  This episode is super short and sweet and is just to let you know: - What to expect from this podcast  - Who I am and what I do  - How you can connect with me and send me your self-love questions and dilemmas! Every Friday you'll have a dose of self-love and confidence coming your way so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a thing!  IG @selflovecoachingwithrosie Website:
10/28/20223 minutes, 24 seconds