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This is Source - Conversations about Awakening

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 43 episodes, 1 day 18 hours 37 minutes
A gathering place for conversation, contemplation and activation. Come hang out with Mark Chabus, Agris Blaubuks, and friends as they explore topics such as human potential, spirituality, empowerment, healing and transcendence. This show was co-created to inspire you to take the most important journey of your life, the journey within. Learn how this journey can lead to radical and profound personal and social transformation. This is Source, is the vibrational frequency you’ve been searching for and the time to listen is now.
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AnYes: The Reinvention Mentor on Personal Transformation, Minimalism, and the Power of Letting Go

Ever found yourself grappling with the concept of change? Join us as we navigate the winding road of personal transformation with our exceptional guest, the Reinvention Mentor. Through a rich tapestry of personal experiences, they shine a light on their own metamorphic journey, shedding light on their significant life changes every eight years. Their recent adventure of moving to Croatia, the thrill of learning a new language, and their philosophical musings on the genetic influence on our propensity to reinvent ourselves, all contribute to this treasure trove of wisdom.Dive deeper into this enlightening discourse as we delve into the realm of transformational coaching. Our guest coach spills the beans on their unique techniques that guide individuals towards finding their purpose. There's a powerful emphasis on the strength of words and the potency of focusing on possibilities rather than problems. What's more, learn about the pivotal role that mindset plays in
30/11/202350 minutes 51 seconds
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Navigating Transformation: Amy Higman on Mediumship, Acceptance, and Dealing with ADHD

Are you feeling stuck and yearning for transformation? Do you ever wonder if there's more to life than what meets the eye? Join us on an illuminating journey with Amy Higman, a psychic and transformation doula, who assists individuals in navigating the raw and often tumultuous process of human evolution. Her work, which she likens to an intimate dance of death and rebirth, provides the much-needed support lacking in our societal systems during difficult life situations that are not related to bereavement or death. Our episode continues on a poignant note as we illuminate the challenges of living with ADHD through Mark's heartfelt personal story. His ADHD diagnosis has sparked a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The conversation takes a philosophical turn as we discuss the concept of energy flow and its vital role in personal transformation. Finally, we delve into the enigmatic world of mediumship with Amy Higman. Beyond the typical interpretatio
12/11/20231 hour 7 minutes 30 seconds