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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 32 episodes, 1 day, 8 hours, 49 minutes
Welcome to the Third Dimension Podcast! The Podcast about music, life, and culture featuring your hosts, Tony G and Durrel! Tune in and have fun listening to us choppin' it up about music, business, relationships, culture and everything in between! You'll here from us and special guest's from all backgrounds and get a fresh perspective on the things we all think and talk about. Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy!
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Freedom Convoy 2022 - Interview with Justin @dsignersworld - Live from Canada

Yo! What's going on, TDP family! It's been a while, but we are back! We've had a big layoff on content due to all three of us going through significant career-wise changes and the crazy state of affairs in Canada. With that in mind is why we are back. Just in case you don't know, Canada is in a really tough place right now. Our freedom and democracy are under attack, and we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't join the information war that's going on out here. It's truly a tale of two stories out here.. the mainstream media rhetoric vs the real stories from boots on the ground. If you don't know what's going on, go to YouTube and search "Freedom Convoy Ottawa." To kick this series off, we will interview people who participated in the largest and most peaceful protest in the history of Canada and Canadians from all over to hear their REAL LIFE stories because our voices are not being listened to, possibly even suppressed. Please enjoy this open, casual conversation with a Canadian brother and fellow freedom fighter, Justin @dsignersworld. 
3/9/202258 minutes, 39 seconds
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Muhammad Seafi and Mind N Body! Everybody's favorite meditation coach!

What's good TDP fam! It's been awhile but we're back! Life has been wild the past month and a half and  we've finally been able to get back to some kind of "normalcy" with the Covid-19 situation here in Toronto. In today's short episode, we bring to you Muhammad Seafi, the owner/operator of Mind N Body Retreats. Tune in to hear a quick episode on getting started with meditation and mindfulness and three quick tips on how to finally get started on this habit that so many high performance people do. If you are needing some help, guidance,or just some words of encouragement to get started, you can reach out to Muhammad on Instagram! (Link below) Slide into his DMs lol! He'll message back! Thanks TDP fam! Enjoy! - Tony G!
7/27/202018 minutes, 5 seconds
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Navigating through life, tough times and getting over shit with Stoicism featuring special guest Uriel Nunez!

What's TDP fam! In today's episode we are diving into stoicism with our special guest, Uriel Nunez! We had a very intimate and deep conversation about how stoicism has helped him get through some of the most troubling times in his life and how it has translated into a source of power that helps him on a daily basis. Also, we did something a little different on this one and decided not to use a background beat because we really wanted the conversation we had with Uriel to be the star of the show. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks TDP fam! - Tony G & Durrel   Intro and Outro beat produced by Luke Taylor
5/6/20201 hour, 11 seconds
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Fitness, Reggio Emilia, and Covid thoughts with Jolene Parks!

What's up TDP fam! We're back at it again with another one! On this episode we're joined by our special guest, Jolene Parks! (Ig: @jjprks) Jolene is a good friend of ours and has always been someone we have ton of love and respect for. She has competed in fitness competitions and was an athlete for many years and shares her thoughts on staying fit and getting started. She is now in the educational industry working with kids using the child led approach to early education and development known as Reggio Emilia. We round the episode out with our Covi̇d-19 thoughts and she shares her TDP 3! We had an awesome time recording this episode, hope you guys enjoy! Thanks TDP fam! - Tony G & Durrel   Beat Provided By Produced By White Hot
4/18/20201 hour, 2 minutes