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Thinking outside the box with Gavin Rubinstein

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 32 episodes, 20 hours 15 minutes
Conversations between Gavin Rubinstein & the people he believes have trailblazed by thinking outside the box in their field, industry or even just in his office. Gavin is defining a new era of real estate. An unparalleled commitment to achieving excellence sees him as one of the most desired property advisers in Sydney. Awarded Ray White’s number 1 salesperson across the state of New South Wales for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2018 and 2019, that extended to the Ray White Group globally. As his first year as a principal, he ranked number 1 across Australia & New Zealand based on sales across the entire Ray White Group.
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#32 Jason Boon

Gavin sits down with Jason Boon to discuss his journey from falling into real estate to becoming one of Australia's top agents. Jason shares stories from his early career working as an assistant, the lessons he learned along the way, and the unique approach he took to build his business and brand. 0:00-5:00 - Jason's start in real estate and early career5:00-10:00 - Lessons from his time as John McGraw's assistant 10:00-15:00 - His approach to dominating Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay15:00-20:00 - Personal growth and shifts in mindset 20:00-25:00 - Transitioning to marketing himself over chasing leads25:00-30:00 - A memorable client experience with contrasting personalities30:00-35:00 - Building his team through loyalty over many years 35:00-40:00 - Balancing business and family as he got olderSee for privacy information.
25/02/202445 minutes 45 seconds
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#26 Charlie Touma

In this episode of "Thinking Outside the Box," Gavin Rubinstein sits with real estate agent Charlie Touma to discuss his success in the Surry Hills market. They delve into Charlie's journey in real estate, his connection to the Ray White Group, and his strategies to write millions of dollars in gross commission. They also explore becoming a "digital mayor" and building a strong profile. Tune in to hear Charlie's insights and experiences as a trailblazer in his field. Key Moments. [00:01:18] Becoming the digital mayor. [00:03:20] Legends of the game. [00:05:06] Discipline and standards of excellence. [00:09:55] Discipline and success in real estate. [00:12:08] Challenges in real estate. [00:14:29] Becoming the digital mayor. [00:17:14] Marketing oneself effectively. [00:19:30] Listing presentations in different markets. [00:23:11] Negotiation as a skill. [00:25:26] Stick to your structure. [00:27:15] Belief and confidence. [
06/08/202344 minutes 23 seconds
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#25 Tal Silberman and Luigi Rosselli

What occurs when you unite one of Australia's finest architects and developers?You get Verdical. The first-of-its-kind commercial development coming to Bondi Junction. It's a game-changer, standing eight stories high, with world-class architecture, views of Sydney Harbour, Rooftop Terrence, and a Soak Bathhouse to complete the oasis that's being created. Join us for this special episode and hear from Tal Silberman (Moshav Group) and Luigi Rosselli (Rosselli Architects) on what shaped their vision, the importance of first-class design and what it takes to execute projects at the highest level. Plus, they share their most valuable advice.See for privacy information.
02/07/202331 minutes 58 seconds
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#24 Carli Skurnik

Carli Skurnik is the founder and director of One Buyers Agency.  With 18 years of experience, she's a successful buyers agent in the eastern suburbs of sydney. In this episode you'll hear about: Her journey into real estate Being a female in a male-dominated industry. The story of One Buyers Agency The key differences between a buyer's agent and a seller's agent. What she does differently compared to others.  Plus you'll find out what made her give a young Gavin Rubinstein his first job in real estate.See for privacy information.
14/05/202336 minutes 55 seconds
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#22 Dane Atherton

Dane Atherton is titled Queensland’s best auctioneer, runs an outfit with 170 staff members, and owns Harcourts in Queensland.  Dane wanted to connect his love of property to the call of the waves. Joining with his life and business partner, Kym Atherton, he founded Harcourts Coastal at Broadbeach in 2011, with an aspirational brand of positive leadership. Gavin sits down with Dane on the Gold Coast to discuss the success of Harcourts, the importance of caring, what it takes to grow a large team and his advice for getting into the industry.See for privacy information.
12/03/202335 minutes 12 seconds
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#21 Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams is a top associate agent at TRG and exemplifies what happens when persistence and hard work pay off. With a healthy dose of competitiveness and high emotional intelligence, Oliver’s dedication to the transaction is instinctive. Hear the story of how this 24-year old went from living in Bathurst to becoming a highly efficient and accomplished part of Gavin’s core team.     See for privacy information.
26/02/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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#20 Ivan Bresic

Ivan became the co-founder of BresicWhitney, one of Australia’s top-performing real estate brands. He sold out of BresicWhitney and has now become the most in-demand real estate coach in Australia for high performers. In this chat, we discuss his ethos of excellence, how to double growth, his biggest career lessons, the importance of health and wellness and what he tells his top-performing agents.    See for privacy information.
05/02/202351 minutes 14 seconds
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#19 Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen is a buyer’s agent and Co-Founder of Cohen Handler, the largest Property Buyer’s Agency in Australia. Starting his career within Ray White, Double Bay, Simon was consistently ranked within the top five sales agents within the office, ultimately achieving “Top 3%” of agents Australia wide. As the highest-grossing buyer’s agent in the country, Simon prides himself in making the process of buying a property one that is “simple, fun and rewarding for the buyer.” In this episode we discuss what it takes to not only make it on top, but stay there in a competitive market.See for privacy information.
13/11/202240 minutes 33 seconds
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#18 Mat Steinwede

Ranking consistently as the number one agent in the McGrath Network, combined with leading one of the most successful sales teams in Australasia, Mat Steinwede is a sales specialist, international keynote speaker and author. Mat shares his incredible story from hit rock bottom to becoming a world-class real estate agent.See for privacy information.
23/10/202236 minutes 34 seconds
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#17 Dr Chantel Thornton

Dr Chantel Thornton is a specialist breast and oncoplastic surgeon. As a top performer in her field, she talks to Gavin about what it takes to build a top team, deliver an amazing customer experience and the sacrifice required along the way. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can find more info and donate here. See for privacy information.
09/10/202240 minutes 21 seconds
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#16 - Dan White

Dan White is the Managing Director of Ray White Real Estate. Dan became part of the executive team at Ray White in 2008 and now helps to see over 12,000 agents and shares about his journey, his learnings and the new relationship with TRG. See for privacy information.
18/09/202245 minutes 51 seconds
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#15 - Josh Altman & Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg & Josh Altman are two of America’s most successful and sought-after luxury real estate agents, having completed more than five billion dollars in residential real estate sales in the past decade.  Altman & Flagg are the number one and two agents in sales in the world’s most competitive market and stars of Million Dollar Listing LA. Fresh off the plane, the dynamic duo sit down with Gavin ahead of their live events in Australia. See for privacy information.
08/09/202216 minutes 27 seconds
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#14 - Clarke & Humel

Michael is the trailblazing co-founder and director of Clarke & Humel. Michael is currently ranked no #2 agent in Australia for the seventh year running. Partnering with his wife Cherie, the pair have created a breakthrough agency with a long list of returning clients, scoring over $5 billion in sales. Tune in to discover the secrets and mindset of a true real estate weapon.See for privacy information.
28/08/202236 minutes 26 seconds
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#13 - Dave Highland

A pioneer of the industry with a vision of growth, David Highland has over 25 years of experience within the Real Estate space. Dave started Highland Property Group in 2007 with 6 real estate professionals, and through their hard work and dedication have grown the team to more than 150 people. In this podcast, Gavin uncovers Highland's strategic vision, growth mindset and resilience.See for privacy information.
29/05/202238 minutes 25 seconds
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Marty Fox and Aidan Hathaway are the creators of White Fox real estate, a revolutionary end-to-end real estate negotiation and advisory firm. The business is only 5 years old, but has taken the Melbourne market by storm, having already transacted over 1 billion dollars in property since 2017. Starting out as strangers meeting during their lunch breaks they are now one of the most sought after voices in Australian real estate, marketing and advocacy. The pair candidly uncover the journey with Gavin in this podcast.See for privacy information.
11/05/202249 minutes 4 seconds
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#11 - Mark McLeod

"Agents' Businesses aren't defined by the task they are doing, they are completely defined by the task they are choosing not to do". Real Estate is a numbers game. Knowing how to crunch them will ensure you come out on top. Mark McLeod is the Ray White Group’s Chief Executive of Market Share and Growth. In this podcast, he shares with Gavin the relationships you must develop with your prospects, the magic of compounding interest and throwing more stones to make more movement in the market.See for privacy information.
20/03/202253 minutes 28 seconds
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#10 - Tom Panos

There is too much to say about Tom Panos. He is a Real Estate Influencer, the founder of Real Estate Gym, Head Coach for the REB top 100, host of the Million Dollar Agent Podcast and a Sydney Auctioneer. From opening his first real estate company at the young age of 22, to striking it big with News Corp, and creating a real estate empire, this podcast explores the mentality and movements of a true winner who has changed the landscape for real estate agents in Australia. Bring your pen and paper.See for privacy information.
07/03/202258 minutes 18 seconds
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#9 - XMedia

XMedia is a great example of what happens when two mates with a love for creative content stick it out for the long run. From starting out shooting videos on an iPhone for a $50 cheque, to working with brands like Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and The Rubinstein Group, XMedia directors Thomas Kuzma and Ben Treasure talk about how XMedia went from a side gig to a creative powerhouse and the biggest lessons on their path to greatness.See for privacy information.
15/02/202229 minutes 52 seconds
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#8 - Remi Lindsay

A fundamental pillar of TRG Remi wears multiple different hats and is seen as one of the most important figures of the business. Running the company like her own her unique perspective on real estate allows her to not just meet expectations but exceed them and today we discuss her journey.    See for privacy information.
09/12/202134 minutes 50 seconds
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#7 - Cae Thomas

In this episode, Gavin sits down with Cae Thomas. Whilst Cae is currently the number 1 agent at TRG based on financial year exchanges (since June 30th 2021) the start to his career was not a smooth one. Cae began his career feeling lost & moving between 4-5 offices until joining Gavin's team in 2017 - today we discuss his journey.See for privacy information.
16/11/202133 minutes 23 seconds
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#6 - Jerome Srot

In this episode, Gavin sits down with his first ever employee who over ten years ago would sit with him for hours going call for call out of the white pages prospecting for business. As the team grew his role evolved. Today Jerome is the director of Property Management at TRG. See for privacy information.
21/06/202123 minutes 56 seconds
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#5 - Jarryd Rubinstein

In this episode, Gavin sits down with his brother Jarryd, Managing Director of Ray White TRG. Hear about his experience, from being an elite Soldier to breaking world records to now being in the world of Real Estate. He’s across the financial side, the operational side, the legal side and the people side. But when it comes to his good side, that’s doing whatever it takes to safeguard the success of the business and everyone who represents it. See for privacy information.
30/05/202143 minutes 16 seconds
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#4 - "Making the top 3% with the youngest elite performers In the Ray White Group"

In this episode, Gavin sits down with the youngest 'Elite' members in the Ray White group. To be recognised as 'Elite' means you are in the top 3% of the group and have settled over $600,000 of commision in the last financial year. Rebecca Cuderman is the youngest Elite performer in Queensland at only 22 & Joshua Nassif is the youngest Elite performer in NSW at only 23.See for privacy information.
20/04/202152 minutes 11 seconds
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#3 - Michael Clarke AO

In this episode, Gavin chats with the one and only Michael Clarke AO, former cricket Australia captain regarded as one of the best batsmen of his generation. See for privacy information.
14/02/202139 minutes 50 seconds
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#2 - Oliver Lavers

In this episode, Gavin sits down with the first agent he hired: Oliver Lavers. They discuss how Oliver became the top performer at Ray Whites The Rubinstein Group, and the challenges he faced on his way, how he overcame them and what’s next. See for privacy information.
12/01/202134 minutes 33 seconds
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#1 - Team Cosgrove

In this episode Gavin sits down with Team Cosgrove after they have just finished a record month for their careers: Patrick Cosgrove, Don Riley & Liam O'Donnell.See for privacy information.
18/11/202019 minutes 44 seconds