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Think Like A Man

English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 64 episodes, 3 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes
A bi-monthly podcast that will give you a break from the "real" world. Join Jeremy, Joe, and Steve as they reboot the Think Like a Man podcast for round two! This show is full sarcasm, wit, and humor. If you are a man who is looking to just laugh at things dudes laugh at...climb aboard this show is for you. If you are a woman who is just wanting to understand a little bit more of what goes on between the ears of your man...this is the podcast for you! Dont miss a minute of the Think Like a Man podcast.
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The Godfather meets Dees Nuts

The Refined Gentleman's club is back open for business, and the guys are in rare form. We have everything from new family members and flying sharty Walmart bags to a story about Michael Jackson becoming a new father. Steve has another bright idea of something to eat that just about takes out two of the crew, and you don't want to miss Ivans's bedtime story. The bar is open, and the bourbon is flowing. So grab your seat and get ready for the next episode of Think Like a Man!       
3/5/20232 hours, 11 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Shocker, The Sugar Glider, and The Sleeve

Happy Thanksgiving from Think Like a Man! It has been too long since everyone has heard from the guys, but they are back with a brand-new episode. Don't miss a minute; as Ivan returns from his trip to Russia, a sugar glider goes berserk at a Mcdonald's, and three of the guys are considering a career change.  Grab yourself a turkey leg, a nice pour of a great bourbon and sit back and enjoy this episode of Think Like a man.  
11/25/20222 hours, 5 minutes, 31 seconds
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Big Girls Dont Cry

The guys are back at home sweet home in the Refined Gentleman's Club for the next episode of Think Like a Man. There is lots of good news to share with everyone since our live show at Mossback Distillery and great things on the horizon for our fans. In this episode, we have flying spiders and poop buttons, a hold my beer segment to weird news, and a whole lot of tears from one of the guys. So come on in the door and grab a comfortable seat and how about hitting that power button to the mics on your way in...we are ready to roll! 
3/12/20221 hour, 24 minutes, 42 seconds