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English, Education, 1 seasons, 168 episodes, 3 days 15 hours 37 minutes
The Yoga Inspired Life Podcast is your wellness focused weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and positivity hosted by Shayla Quinn. Join Shayla and special guests for real, authentic conversations about all things yoga, wellness, fitness, health, self-love, nutrition, mindfulness and everything in between. Dive deeper: |
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cultivating, building & boosting SELF-CONFIDENCE

Today's solo ep is all about confidence! We're chatting cultivating, building & boosting SELF-CONFIDENCE plus 10+ actionable tips that will help you feel better and more confident!Click here to learn more about the next cycle of the TYIL Program! Send me a DM @shaylaquinn Send me an email  Connect with Shayla✨ Instagram: @shaylaquinn YouTube: TikTok: @shayla.quinn Website: Learn more about TYIL Program ✨ 
30/03/202324 minutes 23 seconds
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From Rock Bottom to Mission-Driven Brand with the Founder of Softwear Sabrina Zohar

From Rock Bottom to Mission-Driven Brand: How Sabrina went from smoking a pack of cigarettes per day in 2016 to founding an ethical clothing line that inspires women to see the light at the end of the tunnel: Sabrina Zohar started her career in the fashion industry, working sales for large brands and showrooms. In the industry, she particularly noticed how brands were both ripping their consumers off with low-quality materials and offshore and unethical manufacturing plants and damaging the environment with inefficient and wasteful standard manufacturing processes. When her mother went to the doctor with a headache, was diagnosed with six brain aneurysms, and given a three-percent chance of survival, Sabrina realized there was more. She watched as her mother took this time of adversity as a moment to find gratitude. When her mother survived, Sabrina decided to start Softwear the next day. After spending eight months creating the exclusive fabric and deals already in place with dozen
20/12/202251 minutes 45 seconds