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The World is yours podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting the opinions and stories of friends, social media, sports and more. Hosted by Dj Wurld Prem-Heir, King Raymond and the rest of the crew.
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Purple pill Wop

This week the guys are byke! Dj recaps the birthday week. Dj gives a breakdown of a new strippy adventure and the Nas 30th Illmatic anniversary show. Wop covers the TDE Canadian blockage. Whats this say for the rest of the beef? Has any other rapper been exiled from the industry after a beef? 50 vs Ja rule? We break down birthday fajitas and Red pill Wop turns into purple pill wop. This a transformation unlike no other
7/25/20241 hour, 31 minutes, 36 seconds
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Hug Protocol

Wop opens the pod with a recap of his week and his outside activities. The varieties of young ladies at a house party. Dj discusses the current obsession with a man on the internet living in the woods with a white woman. This is the same guy who was living in the storage unit. The crew talks about the cancer of social media that is the ballon popping videos. And Jonathan Majors has a silent battle with Micheal Ealy. Whats your hug protocol? How is that different when your partner is around? Find out how ya favorite pod feels about 360 hug
7/13/20241 hour, 45 minutes, 34 seconds
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Klay I Luhhh you!

Dj is in no position to pod today. Here at The World is yourz we apologize for the inconvenience to our listenership. This opening is not our normal style, but Dj needed a moment to mourn a major loss. If you a fan of the pod you know this has always been a Warriors appreciation pod. This pod is the funeral for our Florescent Beige Splash Brother. We cover the NBA free agency this week and there are a lot of moves. Who won in free agency? The knicks are dangerous again, Philly is assembling a army and Boston retained their depth.We talk about Bronny and the draft, @ 53 min Wop gives a recap of the birthday festivities. Another one bites the dust! Guess who sold their music catalog for 1.4 Billion. NFL owe yall some money and Keith Lee got in some shit
7/4/20242 hours, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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You know we had to double it for the celebration of WOP! Its my guy birthday and fresh off the break we celebrating Wop day and Lil Wop day! Wop talks about taking his young'n to hooters. Shout out to shorty in the orange shorts tho! Bad Boys spoilers start at the 6 min mark - until the 20 min mark. Wop talks about birthday celebrations upcoming. @29 min Dj breaks down the victory lap Kdot went on and the craziness surrounding the digital show. Is Bron foul for dancing and being carefree at the show? Should he be loyal to the beige Canadian? Whats up with YG dress code? @47 min Dj and Wop break down the NBA draft. In usual sports fashion somehow the convo gets taken to cheese eyes and his legacy. To wrap up the pod Dj wants to know the appropriate amount of drinks for a LADY on a first date. Keep in mind DJ says a LADY! Like comment and subscribe
6/27/20241 hour, 43 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sittin' in da park

Dj is actually a victim to his own production this week. A timely placed movie clip and song put Wop and Dj in a position to have a sloppy pod. I know yall kill us for the long intros or the long music on the pod but this is actually hilarious. Moving past the intro Dj and Wop take a trip down memory lane for Father's Day. DJ and Wop share stories of their Fathers and it leads to an important question. What's more important from a father, being a provider or providing time? Are men with southern traditional values different type of father? Transitioning off fathers Dj talks about this week's race baiter. The Glizzy Olympian gets banned while waffle house employees get a $3 raise...bringing them up to a total of $5 something an hour. This doesn't count the needed hazard pay but i think we can all agree those all stars are underpaid. The great white hope was left off the Womens Olympic team and we talk about the difference between marketing and name association. We break down the Mens NBA final prior to technicnal difficulties leave yall on a cliff hanger. Like comment and Subscribe to the World is YOURZ!
6/13/20241 hour, 46 minutes, 4 seconds
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There's something about Caitlin

This week we open up the pod discussing boxing and the state of the sport present day. Wilder got cooked over the weekend and needless to say Dj got some hate in his heart about it. We break down how the game has changed and who's to blame for the culture of boxing today. Transitioning to another violent sport Dj and Wop discuss the hoopla with WNBA and what's going on with the competitive spirit in regard to Caitlin. Is this competitive or a bounty? Who deserves endorsements? We unpack all the women's pro basketball business. NBA finals predications and more. Tune in! Like comment and subscribe
6/6/20242 hours, 1 minute, 27 seconds
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This week Wop and Dj shoot the breeze and talk about all the business! Dj states the mission objective for the upcoming month celebration. Wop talks about his bday and the crew compare men's birthdays to women's birthdays. Charlston White gets a little praise from the pod. What was the most risky thing you've done at work? Kicking it off with the foulness of the San Diego PD and a strange decision made by a on duty officer. Its some red pill content in here and then Wop and Dj discuss who the real villain was in the movie Fences.
5/30/20241 hour, 41 minutes, 21 seconds
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Dark Space

Wop and Dj back after our hiatus! Since its been a while we open up talking about the rap dram and that Canadian young man versus the world.... Literally a 20 vs 1 here today on the pod. How much do we miss rap beefs? What are the most influential beefs in our era? Dj touches on the upcoming 50 cent doc about the Diddler. Dj has a hot take in response to the situation. Wop and Dj talk about the Diddler situation and its a mess. Plenty of people have had the "serious" conversation but Wop and Dj took a fair approach. This is a serious situation, and we treat it as such. We transition into the current state of the NBA- Tune in and set ya clocks cuz the world is yourz is byke!
5/23/20242 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds
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TWIY Presents: Th3 Us3d Podcast- All Grahams Matter

First of all I want to thank The World is yourz channel for helping launch The Us3d podcast! Stay tuned for more updates on where you can find this show directly. This week we open up with a recap of our weeks and in the midst of all the pod'n this Drake and Kdot beef has seemed to escalate @20min and in true hip hop fashion Kdot responds, and we play that track @64 min mark. The real convos happen in between and thats what needs yours attention.
5/4/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
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TWIY Presents: Th3 Us3d - The P3rsonal Pod

Doco came ready to pod today! This week was something similar to what one could call th3rapy and damn did we need it. Just to update the listeners on the structure of Th3 Us3d podcast, we wont be talking about current events, hip hop happenings or sports unless the topics form organically. Scoli opens the pod asking which region has the worst accents. Lovelace provides a hot take as his weekly mission. What's your medical etiquette? Do you prefer a male or female staff? The guys give their weekly updates and Scoli is still claiming to be bald on purpose. @16 min we have a conversation about securing your DNA. Doco talks about his current experience with integrating others in his career.@30 mins Doco ask the crew "what's your weakness? @ 54 min Scoli unpacks his experience trying to fix a broken person. What are your boundaries when trying to help someone? @ 58 min What are you the proudest of? And to wrap up the episode Scoli give the crew and the listeners a homework assignment. Tune in! Reach out to the guys or email [email protected] if you want to submit questions or complete the homework.
4/14/20241 hour, 35 minutes, 4 seconds
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This week Dj opens up the pod looking for Wop to speak to some of the foolishness that the CHI has been responsible for in the past years. Jussie, R.Kelly singing about shots and passports etc. On to the serious topic we break down the WNBA updated TV schedule that's hugely beneficial to Catilyn and a few other teams this upcoming season. We recap the NCAA March Madness Men's and Womens Tourney. We also talk about the stink that losing may have left on a certain young lady baller. Why do the old athletes hate? We will unpack this and more in a quick happy hour this week on The world is yourz
4/11/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 53 seconds
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TWIY Presents: Th3 Us3d - Legendary Soulja

This week Doco, Lovelace and Scoli open up with the new Elitest ranking. How much is a proper tip? This opening convo might strike a nerve with some of our listeners. @12 min- Doco takes a moment to flex on his most recent accomplishments. Shoutout to Doco! Lovelace encourages Doco to speak out about his journey and a great conversation was had. @21 min- Transition to Weekend plans and Wrestlemania. In true Used podcast fashion we get distracted by The Rock and his bad movies and Scoli tries to break down his IMDB...This is nasty work by the way. Doco has never been to a luxury movie theater. Thats not crazy to you?@49 min We start the discussion of the legendary Soulja vs Nip$ey Hussle. Who was a rap legend in your eyes? @67 min we talk about Dad updates and Scoli drops gems on his baby, Lovelace deals with extracurricular activities and Doco finds out firsthand that words mean things. We are still in the creative stages of this pod so please email [email protected] with feedback so we can make this a better listening experience.
4/6/20241 hour, 27 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Diddler

We back with long intros people!!! This week Wop and Dj unpack the nefarious Diddler. What new breaks are coming from the situation? Who gonna tell on who? Dj also thinks this could lead to a Trump re election. Mrs. Officer is back in the news. She didn't just take down 6 guys this time either. Dj request a March Maddness bracket of most expensive boxes. Wop breaks down NCAA Womens Tourney and Angel Reese. NFL Free agency and Draft and NBA playoffs
4/5/20241 hour, 53 minutes, 31 seconds
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Plan B

This not that other show or that other other show today yall! The big Thr33 (Doco, Lovelace and Scoli) break down the current state of hip hop and discuss is Drake has to respond to the Kendrick bars or does he have the ability to let the bus pass this time? We also tackle questionable church etiquette. How often do you go to church before a major holiday? It seems like Lovelace may be held in "Homie Court" for a church rico. Scoli baby going to the Nicki show in MSG and we all discussed Dad adventures in the time of raising kids. Does Doco have a doppelgänger? After a few jokes he might actually have a few of them. Listen to us discover who looks like who in real time. We break down wrestling, Scary movies and which trip is better a girls trip or a guys trip? And what friend types are needed on each trip? Which type of friend are you? Reach out to the gang and let us know!
3/30/20241 hour, 36 minutes, 40 seconds
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ISO on Lovelace

So much Yugo sh*t is Afoot!!!! This is a Yugo Trifecta to end the week. First Jameson, Then Doco and now Lovelace! ISO on Lovelace tho! Scoli opens in inquisitive nature about Lovelace and his wild takes. These takes aren't limited to socials either. Lovelace frequently shares these wild opinions in group chats and individual text threads. Is Drake the GOAT or the BOAT? Where does he rank against Hov? Lovelace offers a friendly warning to any opps and then he tells us all why Atlanta isn't a real place. Stay tuned for more episodes of The world is yourz.Shoutout to Dori, Jameson, Doco, Feetz and the rest of the gang on XCheck the Yugo gang wherever you see this shared
3/9/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 55 seconds
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Traumaverse - Not Another Jameson Pod

Back at it again ladies and gents! Not another Jameson Pod featuring Scoli (Dj) and Lovelace...Doco is quietly monitoring the situation making sure we don't get to rowdy. This week we really talked about a whole lot of nothing. Jameo opened up talking about disliking women who purchased honeybuns for inmates and somehow this pod turned into a Trauma versus between Lovelace and Jameson. Who makes the best booga sugar music? We unlock all the unknown secrets on this episode.Make sure you check out Jameson Youtube page (See below) and check in with the channel for more pods from the gang!Jameson OTC - On youtubeUCF6PKDB90ptSt3J-qC4F8qg
3/1/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 3 seconds
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Generational Tings

This week we open up going down memory lane about "Flower" -DJ has a friend that's a unicorn, We quickly get into the NBA all star festivities. DJ and Wop talk about alternate All star locations and Wop unveils who really ruined the dunk contest. A convo about expensive stadium food leads DJ to talk about his financial management during his time in the New Orleans Super Dome. *@55 mins How do you look at generational gaps/updates? Wop and Dj have a convo about the previous generation and how they operated (whippings, toxic family stuff etc) How do you view that stuff today? How do we bridge the gap? Shockingly we transitioned into a related topic about the current generation and their shortcomings and what's the blame.
2/23/20242 hours, 25 minutes, 5 seconds
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Do you remember the pod?

Do you remember the time, when we used to pod? DJ opens the pod with a timely remix. Wop and Dj on a 2man catch up and briefly discuss the hiatus of ya favorite pod. Somehow we talk about Tupac and Dj ask who had the best run on death row records? We transition to Pat Mahomes Sr and his DWI and then to the SuperBowl. Who you got in the big game Sunday? Will Brock and his weapons outshine Pat and his top tier coaching crew? We drift into boxing then talk about the NBA. DJ really hates Klay smh
2/8/20241 hour, 34 minutes, 39 seconds
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Not the Jameson Pod

Welcome to the Not the Jameson Pod! We have special guest from the "Not the Jameson Pod" on the show this week. We have the collaborative host of Jameson, Doco, KJ and Scoli participating today. This week we open up with a hot take from Jameson giving "excessive props" to NBA Youngboy. Is NBA Youngboy a better rapper than Lil Wayne? Is this an age bracket argument? Is Dj unqualified to participate in this conversation? We gonna find out really quick this week. Where is Cheeze when you need him? We open the pod with a NBA YB vs Wayne battle which is weird because who is better than Wayne? @28 mins- Jameson says the Carter 3 isn't a better album than the Carter 2. Why are we dissecting the Wayne discography? This conversation morphs into a drake discography convo and DJ is Cleary outmatched by the youth. We basically talk music, Hov, Drake and Wayne for the first 65 minutes. _Music break_ @70 minutes we talk Canadian bag milk*True or False* and NFL playoff predictions for the remainder of the pod-
1/13/20241 hour, 59 minutes, 10 seconds
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Send Da Video!

This week Wop and Dj provide our annual year end recap- This year who's gonna win the nasty award of the year? Entertainer of the year? Album of the year? This isnt the typical recap of the year like those other pods. At the 84 min mark we get into sports with Tom Brazy and his most recent commentary. We also discuss Draymond and his consistent foolishness.
12/20/20232 hours, 15 minutes, 57 seconds
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OPP, Slime and COKE?

This week Jose and Dj get into the record setting contract made with the LA dodgers and Shohei. Is this type of contract going to become the new standard in sports? Is this going to ruin competition as the Yankees used to? Ya favorite Biracial Angel shows his ass on tv in front of the you feel about it? Joseph Wacco Flacco makes a comeback to the NFL? Thats not brazy to you? (@1:30:00)-Dj and Joe break down all of the new "meanings" to some of our beloved terms and slang.
12/15/20232 hours, 2 minutes, 43 seconds
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Prem-Heir & Wop

This week on a two-man mission Wop and Dj pod about all the important things in life. When I say important things I mean Popeyes chicken, Women being more skilled at cheating than men, 63k worth of trick'n and a gang of other topics!
12/7/20231 hour, 37 minutes, 32 seconds
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Warning: There are no BARS here

This week DJ opens the pod discussing the upcoming Andre Benjamin album. Flutes? Woodwind instruments? No Bars? How does one of raps sought after artist drop an album with no bars? Dj finds this quite disrespectful.
11/17/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

The League is Yourz - King Vs. Prem-Heir

This week King and Dj break down the week 8 results in the league. Da Mayor cleaned up DJ and he had a healthy discussion about it. King had a good week in week 8 but unfortunately he has to play Dj this week. Shout out to Cali for his birthday this week. Cashapp my brotha at $ChrisCash1102
11/3/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 47 seconds
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Apply Yourself

DJ opens the pod and speaks to the most recent hiatus. Apologies extended to the fans. Jose and Dj talk about the Saints and lightly get into NFL and the new NBA season. Harden got traded? Thats brazy. Dj Talks about Atlanta not being a real place. And When Cheeze joins the pod the guys give our awards for hall of Fame Crack heads. Somehow this turns into a competition and the fellas challenge each other to see who would be the best crack head. I guess you can do anything if you apply yourself
11/1/20232 hours, 14 minutes, 40 seconds
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This is for the PAWGS

And we did it again! This week seemed to be disrupted by a certain album release. Will Jose and Dj let the Florescent Beige Canadian boy disrupt the pod energy? Well that's up to the 6 gawd aint it? We open up with discussion and reviews about the most recent release. Dj feels this album isn't really aimed at our demographic...Which demo is more appreciative of this type of music? Is the backlash going to impact black media? Where can you let your opinions fly if you cant let it fly on your platform? The world is yourz podcast? That sounds like a safe haven for ya hot takes.Like, Comment, Subscribe! We dropped a lot of content and you might be missing out if you dont.
10/11/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 45 seconds
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Go DJ - Time Will Tell

Inspired by the time stamp killer - This mix was made and brought to you by DJ Wurld Prem-Heir.
10/10/202333 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

What's going on?

Sorry for the wait yall! We had some technical difficulties to clean up so this pod is a little short. Dj promises to make sure the streets get heat on a timely schedule. This a short podcast for Jose and Dj this week. Dj airs his grievances about the Saints organization. Dennis Allen, Peter Carmicheal, Derek Carr count your DAYS!!!!!!Is it play calling? Is our QB trash? Is it the coaching staff? King Raymond wont be happy about this Ny Football Giants Slander. Dj gives his thoughts on draft strategy.... relax bro, its only week 4. Of course, we had to talk about the "Swifties" in KC. Dj starts to unveil a theory about the second largest gang on the planet...and then boom technical difficulties happen...Coincidence? I think not.
10/7/202352 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ya favorite dynamic duo is byke and they acting brand new! Dj talks about a new purchase of a velvet durag, Jose talks about a new experience as a STARB'S Customer. These guys are really acting brand new outchea. We get into some questionable game shows and Dj unlocks a hidden gem witht the NWTS album. Tune in
9/29/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Aye Aye Ron

Wow another wild week with your favorite dynamic duo! Jose and Dj open up with jokes and laughs about Aaron. Too soon? You be the judge. We recap the Jets crazy game the first week of NFL action. Does Sexy red have a good heart? Dj inquired about the availability of happy endings in todays current society. We protect black women....but what about the scammers? Dj reveals the newly discovered truth about the young lady and the brick. We also open up about the Tyrese situation with Dj envy.
9/14/20231 hour, 57 minutes, 55 seconds
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This is a PUBLIC SERCIVE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! All pod fans please take notice and govern yourselves accordingly! This PSA is only 20 minutes, im not writing a description. If you too lazy to read at least click the links hahahaLike, comment and subscribe! Please tune in! linktree contains links to the following:The PodThe HostThe Youtube page! Tok
8/30/202321 minutes, 51 seconds
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DJ and Joe tear up the preproduction list this week and just vibe out with natural conversation. Dj opens the pod with an important question that the world needs to answer. Who had the better run No limit or Ca$h Money? Dj breaks down why songs of today dont resemble times of yesteryear. Are we currently living in the time of the Jetsons? DJ complains about another Madden purchase. Why haven't we boycotted this game yet as a community? Are you eating ice cream with freezer burn? We unpack all the important topics here on The World is Yourz Podacast!
8/23/20231 hour, 50 minutes, 1 second
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Honesty Pod

Wop and Dj on a fastbreak this week! Dj opens the pod with some green room fodder requesting some type of "reparations" from relationship's past. Once we get to business Dj request an "Honest Pod". The 2024 Basketball HOF eligibly was released and we are not pleased with this list. Dj talks about the most recent HOF with Wade, Dirk and Pau being inducted. We transition to Harden and his comments about the Sixers GM. Where is the best place for James to play? NFL updates with the preseason in full swing. Wop calls a certain QB "Top 10" and Dj is befuddled trying to dispute. Micheal Oher and his issues pop up and We want to know whats your favorite White Savior movie?
8/16/20232 hours, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
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Issa Dime?

DJ and Jose on a fastbreak might be unstoppable! This episode starts in a crystal cave and Jose had the audacity to slander the island roots of Steven Segal...What's the world coming to? Did Jose violate? Does Steven have some slaps on his album? Dj breaks the news about the short Canadian young man and his sentencing. Is a dime too much for what took place after a wild pool party at the Kardashian residence? Daystarr and his PR team are out of control trying to seek alternate places for him to be placed. Dj unpacks a childhood trauma and discusses the consequnces of losing the house key.
8/11/202359 minutes, 9 seconds
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Aqua Hands

The gang is back in full force for this event! We are celebrating Montgomery Madness! You thought our people was going to fight in Alabama and we wouldn't unite to POD this Riverboat Madness? Guess again! DJ threw his fitted in the air and assembled the PODCAST AVENGERS!
8/9/20231 hour, 51 minutes, 54 seconds
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DA White

This week Joe and Dj start the pod with a brief moment to discuss mental health. With the passing of Angus Cloud, Dj ask where men can be vulnerable, who supports men? Mental health is important- All people(Especially men) need to know what resources are available. Opening up the pod Jope and Dj talk about Joey badass impact and slept on gems. We go right from that to talking about the classic album Travis Scott dropped last week. Da WHite is acting awfully creepy in the DM"s. You wont believe how flagrant this was. NFL Running backs dont stand a chance to set up better odds for themselves and the crew discusses those issues.
8/3/20231 hour, 36 minutes, 8 seconds
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Oh this week is full of Cappuccino! Dj opens the pod with wise words from an "old head" is a 6 week contract the new wave for young boppers? How would we organize a "Drunk Uncle" Pod? Dj revisits an old question that we never got answers to, How much is rope? Carlee Russel and her cheez it extravaganza. Is this a classic attempt to chase clout? Why is Dj obsessed with Keychain JLo? We discuss they cloned Tyrone and Jonah Hill and his boundaries.
7/28/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 14 seconds
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I got a story to tell

Listen up I got a story to tell! Fresh off the birthday weekend- DJ is back and he 40 now. Shoutout to the PODFATHER! DJ breaks down the birthday weekend in the 757. All i got to say is no matter how bad he paints the story....Shenanigans were had, and they were had by all in his presence. Adam 22 clout chase has seemed to backfired? Or was this all part of the plan? Joe and Dj talk about Ice cube and his public "outing" of the powers that be interfering with the big 3 basketball league. Tony Yayo has also brought Ice Cube in the media with his recent visit to the Drink Champs visit. DJ and Joe discuss who their top 5 Storytellers in rap. With all the Tony Yayo interviews Dj wanted to ask where does 50 Cent rank in all time conversations? Tune in to this new episode of The World Is Yourz Podcast!
7/19/20232 hours, 2 minutes, 56 seconds
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Voyage to Atlantis

This week Dj and Joe geek out fresh off Pod'cation. Dj opens with a genius strategy for airlines that could be a million dollar venture. Dj talks about the big 40th birthday coming on the 14th! Usher might be the new super villain to all relationships. Joe shares his personal issue with shopping at Sams club and Dj opens the notes app so the world can see he been pod'n in his time away from the pod. There is a strange list of things men CANT do floating around the innanets.
7/12/20232 hours, 7 minutes, 19 seconds
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The crew is back this week - We had to cut the pod short due to some technical issues. This week we recap Father's Day. Dj opens a can of worms with the Zion situation. How much is too much to pay for silence? Isn't it more attractive when she hold it down? We talk about the 25 game suspension for Ja Morant and Wop and DJ go back and forth on oppression.
6/22/20232 hours, 3 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Dad Draft

For the first time ever in honor of Father's Day - The world Is Yourz Pod has a Dad Draft! This structure will run just like the sports draft's we are all accustomed to. Who's going to come out victorious in this draft? This week we also discuss Floyd Mayweather and his most recent fight with the Gotti gang, Gunplay has words for all the people who demanded refunds from his wife's go fund me. NBA season is over and Dj has some hot takes about the Denver Nuggets and their championship run.
6/14/20231 hour, 58 minutes, 5 seconds
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Softboy Era

Byke at it again!!!!!! This week the gang is byke with more content! Somehow men painting their finger nails is the new wave, is this the beginning of the Softboy era? Front row Joe breaks down his epic birthday celebration in Philly at the roots picnic. Dizzle continues to disrespect black legends...some of this makes sense and the crew hash out character types on def jam fight for NY. Joe refuses to go Meek to Meek-Dj has a strong personal relationship with "methy's" And his platforms have been seeing more of him than normal, and Cheeze has an adverse reaction to public transportation...specifically trains. This is a damn near 3 hour pod....The crew was in they bag...Like, Share Comment!
6/7/20232 hours, 43 minutes, 26 seconds
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House In Vegas

This week Dj and Wop delve into the NBA ECF between the Celtics and Heat - Predicitons for the NBA finals, of course Dj has some serious fuego takes. Melo's retirement has mixed reaction. Dj rejects hall of fame NBA players with some pretty questionable standards. Dj reveals his thoughts on a legend and their house in Vegas. A talk about Ross Vs Ti turns into a 50 Cent Vs TI and Dj doubles down on the disrespect. This a wild 0ne
5/31/20232 hours, 6 minutes, 31 seconds
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The F is for Fent!

This week Jose and Dj are back on the pod! Dj spent a week in San Antonio and shares his experience. According to his Tik Tok's Dj is the heavy weight food reviewer champion now. Jose laughs at the unfortunate season of Lebron and in true fanatic fashion Dj puts the cape on for Bron and every listener yells at the speakers. Is Embiid really MVP after this second round performance? Is Ja really trying to be "Tough"? Dj explains the foolishness of a young man call Spreaddie Gibbs- Is there any protection against what a man says during the honeymoon period of courtship? Could you date a corn star? How much time do you need on your lunch break to smoke crack? Find out this week on The World is Yourz
5/25/20232 hours, 29 minutes, 19 seconds
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Picture Boyz Tour Pt 2

Part 2 from our previous pod - On this episode we give a run down on the current NBA playoffs. Dj speaks of the difficulty of dealing with a potential playoff exit for the Brightskin Brigade - Finals predictions and thoughts on what would make a great media story for the remainder of the playoffs. Dj breaks down a 20/20 documentary to close out the pod
5/14/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 25 seconds
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Picture Boyz tour pt1

This week the Picture Boyz recap their recent tour run up to Maryland!Cheeze and Jose was outside on a new level over the weekend. Dj wants to know what's road trip etiquette. A funny conversation came up about relationships with a large age gap. If experience life's best teacher?
5/12/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 26 seconds
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@Crazy Shot Josh

This week Dj is joined by a sports creator @CrazyShotJosh We delve into the NBA Playoffs - Josh has some takes about KD - Is KD a sidekick? CP3 playoff curse and how the measure up to the Nuggets. Dj has a theory on Giannis and his image within the NBA. We also talk about the Warriors and lakers series. A whole lot of sports convo on the pod today.Make sure you follow @CrazyShotJosh on all platforms.
5/9/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 8 seconds
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Beige Gawd

This week we started with a little green room content- Is your girl turning you into her gay bestie? Dj thinks women's fits are MID? Thats brazy right? Is 30 too old for your first tattoo? A discussion of meaningless tattoos walked us into a great review of the Beige Gawd's Discography. We spent the rest of this episode trying to figure out if Drake has a "Classic" Album. Turn the 6 upside down....its a 9 now? Nevertheless, The world is yourz
5/3/20232 hours, 24 minutes, 6 seconds
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Full Force

Pause on the title if applicable!The week the whole gang in here! Wop and Jose talk about recent vacations and DJ ask what standards are outstanding when the fellas go on trips. What are the proper room accommodations are required for your trip? Cheeze talks about an upcoming trip and ask for advice on dealing with "Bro-mates". Dj talks about the bad wwek for Dillon Brooks, Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson. We break down sports and the NBA playoffs
4/27/20232 hours, 19 minutes, 53 seconds
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NoKiddn Reviews - SnowFall Finale

The Inaugural episode of NoKiddn reviews! The podcast is branching out! I watch a lot of TV and Movies and when I describe shows and movies to people I have a unique way of breaking down the detailed intricacies of the experience with a cultural twist. On the premier episode Wop and DJ break down the series finale of Snowfall. Which character had the most development in the series?What did you love about the finale?What did you hate? We will discus it all on NoKiddn reviews!Find the host World Is Yourz supports creators! This week we want to give a Special Shoutout to the Bronx and Queens!!!!!!!!Two very inspiring creators please like, comment, share and subscribe to their socials@Sync_lips (Instagram)@Natandkeash (TikTok)
4/22/20231 hour, 34 minutes, 58 seconds
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Fake Hate

Its all fake...This week is a fake pod, Fake hate, Fake takes, and fake stories! ShrugThink of your favorite concept album and apply that to this weeks pod. its all fake. we open up with random green room content after some technical difficulties. We talk about Jonathan Majors and all his mess. Is he a victim or is his crime of passion going to be his downfall? A lot of random topics - DJ shares groupchat content about cheese eyes and out of nowhere Dj starts hating on Hov? Is it hate or is it fake? You be the judge and tune into The World Is Yourz!
4/20/20232 hours, 25 minutes, 54 seconds
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Picture Boyz

This week the Picture boyz was in they bag you hear me?!!!!! Dj reveals that he is an honorary "Baddie"...Pause if applicable. Why cant your coworkers be friends on ya socials? The pod has a genius idea for shark tank that involves 'Tutes. We also cover Angel Reese and her record breaking NIL deals. And the young teacher that created a fight club for 6th grade girls.
4/12/20232 hours, 3 minutes, 24 seconds
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I really dont have an explanation for this episode. The gang is back and we started off with some green room content. We talked about Snowfall and then we go into sports. Hi Angel - DJ has his eye set on a new lady now that Rhi is unavailable. Is our LSU star being treated unfairly? How the hell is Jokic on the path to his 3rd MVP? Is Kyrie the problem or is it Luka? Dj welcomes back Meg into the public eye and boy did he miss her..
4/6/20232 hours, 44 minutes, 22 seconds
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March Sadness

Another green room conversation getting in the way of yall favorite intros? Thats not brazy to you? Green room convicts content coming soon. This week the crew opens with making a great comparison between cable tv and marriage. This stemmed from a conversation about paid app and streaming costing as much as cable tv. Dj compares a Male haircut to a BBL and ask the fellas " If you pay for the BBL don't you have rights to the new jawn?" We tackle the uncomfortable domestic dispute conversation, and DJ wants to crown Druski as Finesse Gawd of the year early. Its a bunch of convo in the middle of alluhdat because...that's how we do.
3/30/20232 hours, 31 minutes, 35 seconds
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We not NOT Pod'n?

Well we late but we not NOT Pod'n right? This week we open with some green room conversations and I promise you the intros will return next week. We discuss cook out and function behavior. Are you showing up for the food or for the fun? Dip low has a wild take that involves eye contact. Spring break is wild and Dj feels like he really missed out on a life milestone. We cover some tv shows and Dj ends with a funny story about...well just tune in and listen to the show.
3/23/20232 hours, 25 minutes, 24 seconds
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R&R Pod (Ralph&Raiden)

This episode is off the rails - We open up talking about NFL free agency - Dj and Jose still hate Derek Carr. Cheeze has high hopes for ARod with the Jets. Dj calls out the nations favorite WR for being BYE (Figure it out). There seems to be collusion afoot in the NFL also. The hoax documentary trailer dropped today and Dj is excited at the idea of hearing the other side of the story from the Jussie ordeal. Who is the most famous person you think listening to the pod? Who turned you out? Find out this week on The World is Yourz!
3/15/20232 hours, 17 minutes, 13 seconds
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GO DJ Paper Planes

Go Dj Paper Planes- Ge lifted
3/11/202358 minutes, 2 seconds
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Snowfall recap

This week the crew recaps the current Snowfall season. We touch on the Wu Tang series and how that final season is looking so far. Its not just all TV this week folks- We also break down the new Danny Dimes contract, Derek Carr to the Saints and the Tag placed on Lamar Jackson. Ja Morant couldnt be avoided this week either. Is Ja on that Za?
3/8/20232 hours, 57 minutes, 46 seconds
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She-gans R Us

In the midst of pronoun wars Cheeze decides that She-gans should be introduced into the conversation. The crew follows up on corny and when it became trendy to be corny or if money washes the corny off of you. Best rapper debate- Does wayne deserve to be higher on the list than #7? We restructure the list - Remove old rappers and apply a few different rules. Dj claims to have proof that Steven Wonder isnt blind. Tune in to this sh**
3/1/20232 hours, 17 minutes, 30 seconds
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Go DJ - Quick Fix

Just inspired and wanted to drop a quick fix
2/25/202325 minutes, 23 seconds
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Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 is BYKE YALL!!!! This week we talk about the hiatus and how Vday was for the fellas. We also dig into the all star weekend and the creep that is Karl Malone. Does the NBA hurt the brand by bringing him out or is leaving him in the shadows more of an issue? Marques Houston got some tendencies, and we get into that also. Dj is hurt because not only is Rhi Rhi pregnant but so is DA Brat. Snowfall final season predictions and more.
2/22/20231 hour, 56 minutes, 51 seconds
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Another exciting week with the gang - Dj drop the ball on the intros so that's a clear sign this episode is going to be pretty random. Dj talks about self control, a trip to best buy and Cheeze is told about himself. We dive into the Grammy's , Is the podcast media culture turning into content over everything? 3 hour pods are brazy
2/9/20233 hours, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
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Harry Pod'R

Whole lot of gang ****!!!! Nah we just kidding...Everything im not, makes me everything I am? Cheeze is the MVP this week. That young man was Pod'n for his life you hear me? This week the crew talks about a 29 day "Girls Trip" - Dj wants to know if guys are allowed on girls trips or is any invite a fake invite? Passport bros may not be the exciting movement of black men being well traveled. It might actually be awkward men looking to take advantage of women in 3rd world countries. We will unpack the double standard of men vocalizing their preferences on the internet. Dating survey? What's your opinion on this new age way of getting to know someone before actually getting to know them? Top 5 female sports analyst list goes brazy.
2/1/20232 hours, 7 minutes
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Little spoon pod

Back at it once again with a riveting pod! This week the crew opens with a discussion of extreme cat fish involving a young college athlete- Is this a catfish moment or did a young man just get buyers remorse? Dj and Cheeze talk about the benefits of cuddling and drawbacks from cuddling your partner. Jose is not a fan of the rocketpack lol "Who hurt you?" Look at you...enjoying content from men about the benefits of cuddling! * VA NATIVE ROLLS OVER HUSBAND 39 TIMES!! AFTER CATCHING Him being intimate with HER GRANNY!!!
1/25/20232 hours, 18 minutes, 3 seconds
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10 toes down

Hi Rihanna! Another successful pod in the making. We would like to think that this is another classic for the listeners but yall be the judge of alluhdat. Hi Rihanna! This episode Dj is crowned as the king of all haters and Joe and Cheeze act like hating isn't natural. Thats not brazy to you? We dig into the Meek tweets about Lori, What a curve looks like coming from the opposite sex, Top 5 black actresses on the CGI list (can get it) and Dj ask if its acceptable to let your partner sell feet pictures online. Another wild and random pod
1/18/20232 hours, 28 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Pod about nothing

THE WHOLE GANG HERE!!!!!! This is a pod about nothing... We open the pod with Keith Murray and his oversharing nonsense- We talk about black actresses and random black movies- We transition to Gabrielle Union, while being the breadwinner she uses "man Logic" to justify her cheating. Then the gentlemen discuss "Mrs. Officer" in Tennesse who was serving and protecting like a mug - Tune in to the POD
1/11/20232 hours, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
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Home is where the POD is

Thats right....Its not a mix but an actual POD from ya favorite POD - The fellas open up with a washed new year recap. Either they getting old or being at home is the wave for 2023. The pending court drama for the Atlanta rappers/gang comes to mind and so does the case with that Canadian gentleman, Its definitely been a while but listen to the gang
1/6/20232 hours, 8 minutes, 53 seconds
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Go Dj - The yellow Tape

Go - Dj * The real Yellow TapeThis tape is for Dom Kennedy Fans- I had a chance to recreate the yellow tape and i did just that! Tune in- like - Listen- Comment - and Subscribe
1/1/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 43 seconds
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Go Dj - Sweet

This mix might be old but its still mint! - Sweet- Jose gonna love this here.
1/1/202359 minutes, 47 seconds
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Go DJ - Merry Bhristmas

We byke with another Mix!!!! Dj got some new toys for Bhristmas!!!!!!!! lets get to work!
12/25/202230 minutes, 32 seconds
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Go Dj - Rona vibes

This blend of house music and feel-good vibes is brought you by COVID! Dj messed around and caught the Rona - Soon as Im sounding like myself we byke! On my SOOOUUULLLLLLLLLL
12/4/202238 minutes, 11 seconds
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Go Dj - DJ Vs. Everybody part 2

Quick lil mix- Swizz Beatz & Mannie Fresh
11/27/202222 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go DJ - DJ Vs. Everybody

Quick mix to hold you over - Dr. Dre - Kanye and Just Blaze
11/18/202228 minutes, 54 seconds
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Go Dj - 28 Grams til Reup

This is a special request for Joseph McFly- My man! 28 Grams til Reup is one of ya favorite joints so I had to upload it for you bro.
11/5/202242 minutes, 7 seconds
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GO Dj - The Rebirth

Another mix from Dj- I made this a million years ago when I was more inspired. At this point of my life I was dedicated to my craft. I was comfortable at home and this series mended a relationship with Jose-Like- Listen-Comment - And please Subscribe Starting5Podcast supports the pod so please support these creators
11/5/202242 minutes, 29 seconds
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Likes over Life?

This week Boowop returns!!!!!! On gang!!!! We discuss Takeoff and the events around the untimely passing. DJ ask what's more important? Likes or Life? We also talk about Kyrie and his latest drama over a social media post. Kanye again? Yeah you guessed it...He isnt exempt this week. Podcast break ups are trending again...Is money ruining partnership? NBA news and Dj randomly talks about the OJ trial? Who you trust more? Chubby Luther or Chubby Johnny Cochran?
11/2/20222 hours, 30 minutes, 14 seconds
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No Karen's to give

We don't care about any of the topics we covered tonight - We got no Karens to give at this point. King and Dj open with leftover conversation about Kanye....Is Kanye a black Karen? Was his stunt worth the clicks to Nore? Does Kanye Karen about losing the expected net worth? Kings informs the pod on who the OG Karen is! This is actually genius. Dj has another "NoKiddn Review" and breaks down the Game of thrones red wedding - We get into House of dragon- Black panther 2 and Sports- Tune in and enjoy Remember you can find the crew here Starting 5 pod Fam POD Fam
10/26/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 43 seconds
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*Go Dj* Wine Down

Its been a long day- Light a candle-Incense Whatever you need to catch a vibe. Pour up some wine and relax. Play this through ya speakers. Enjoy the vibe! This is live music and Wine music
10/17/202252 minutes, 12 seconds
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F* Around and Find out

This week the guys are all over the place... but what's new? You are here for the shenanigans and that's what we brought. Random conversation that leads to Charlston Whit and his most recent attention ploy. Is Draymond in the wrong for the practice altercation? Boowop and Dj go on a fast break to recap sports prior to some technical difficulties.
10/12/20222 hours, 6 minutes, 6 seconds
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We got AN EPISODE FOR YALL!!!! EPISODE 2 - THE MAYOR IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!! CAN FIND THE Mayor on the link aboveYou can find the pod on this link week we talk about all things footbal- The TWIYPOD fantasy football league and more!
10/8/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 15 seconds
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Put ya tough down

This week we open the pod with conversation about ATL and "Chant" songs. What's ya favorite chant song? Women have embraced the "soft girl era" when do men put the tough down? Kanye is back at it again...White lives matter? Is this all a stunt or is he desperate for money? Dj has a "one has to go" question in relation to Hov/Dj premier collabs. Cheeze ask the crew one has to go in relation to Tupac and Drake. These responses are brazy
10/5/20222 hours, 45 minutes, 59 seconds
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THATS RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!! The KINGS BYKE!!!!!!! This is the first episode of the world is youz Fantasy football league!!!!!! This week we discuss the KINGS poor draft picks, Whis is DJ scared of in the league? All kinds of stuff
10/2/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 21 seconds
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Puppy's Milk

This episode is late.... Super producer DJ WULRD PREM-HEIR aint as SUPER as advertised!!!! My apologies family. We cut up about a bunch of stuff.... just tune in!
10/2/20222 hours, 16 minutes, 10 seconds
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Nasty Work 101

Episode 101- This here nasty work- We talk about flagrant text sent in the group chat- How does this behavior reflect in your day-to-day life? Rest in peace PNB Rock- How do our artists protect themselves? Chicago's Purge laws? O Block? Dizzle capes for gentrification? Sports breakdown an all of that... The world is yourz
9/14/20222 hours, 40 minutes, 43 seconds
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One Hunna!

It's a celebration!!!!!!! Episode 100 for the POD! This is an amazing event for us. It's been a great journey for all of us. We want to thank the supporters and all the influential folks on and off the pod. King Raymond...we aren't here without you bro, can't wait til you come back. Shout out to Cheeze and Jose who came to support when we were in need. Real energy guys who changed the dynamic of the show. Special shoutout to Boowop...Life is about timing, and our paths crossed at the right time. Nothing about this pod is accidental and you've been one hell of an addition to the show. If this is your first episode or your last.... we appreciate you. The world is yourz.Like, comment, Subscribe, Share alludat!!! Visuals and more content coming soon.
9/7/20222 hours, 18 minutes, 48 seconds
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8/24 - Black Mamba

The crew missed last week and we was full of conversation this week. We went 4 hours......ON MY SOULLLLLL!!!!!! We talked about Manti Teo and his catfish experience and in effort to take Mati off the island Dj ask if anyone on the pod had been catfished and that was informative. Is Game good enough to diss Eminem? Who gains the most from this potential battle? We remember Kobe and his most epic moments. Somehow this turned into a top 75 NBA player convo- And to wrap up the pod we discuss the current issues with meg and Carl Crawford. Can you bounce back from underperforming purposely?
8/24/20223 hours, 47 minutes, 34 seconds
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Bitter or Better?

This week the crew breaks down Irv Gotti and his childish tattle telling ways. Is this a violation because he kiss and told or because it seems like a rollout for his murder inc doc? Speaking of getting revenge on ya ex and being bitter what's up with Ye? Is he bitter? Was she better than Ye before marriage? Kenly, NC should inspire a lot of the future trap albums because all the cops quit. Where do you rank Serena? Brittney Griner 9 years a slave? A lot of poor decisions being made by athletes this week, Buckle up we finna get active!
8/10/20222 hours, 44 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Clout, Contracts and Massage-Ony?

This week the crew come back to discuss Fivio and Ma$e contract blunder. Is this a rollout? Did this drama make you listen to his music? Kelis chases clout on the eve of the Bey release. With the release of the Bey album Dizzle ask the crew if this is the new wave of music moving forward. We got a fly out story on the internets and Boowop and Dizzle give a full breakdown of sports....6 game suspensions, Danny Ainge ruining free agency and the goat Tom Brazy!
8/3/20223 hours, 11 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Da Pynk

Down in the valley where the pod gets naked? Nah this aint that but the crew is byke this week and we are unpacking the "pink sauce" that took over the internet. Did you buy it? If you may be entitled to compensation, Is the internet ruining independent ownership? @44 min we discuss predatory behavior or a lack of resources in regard to Ma$e and Fivio Foreign rap contract. We get sidetracked talking about Rap albums and movie goats. Then Dizzle wants to know what's behind male podcast break ups. Too much flossing? Too much Sam Rothstein? Cheeze ends the pod on a fast break with DJ and we talk about the importance of defining relationship roles and emotional support Vag
7/27/20223 hours, 10 minutes, 51 seconds
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You see the boyz is byke right? 2.5 strong!!!!!(pause if applicable) The first 40 minutes we spend breaking down the weekend recap of the podfather DJ Wurld Prem-Heir birthday weekend in the 757 then we transition to nasty ol Ricky Martin. What do men think about the PALM olive technique? Do men appreciate the Alfredo Warriors? @54 min- 30 bodies in 10 years? Thats not Brazy to you? Tune into the world is yourz to find out!
7/20/20222 hours, 23 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

30 for 30 presents: Dream killers

This week the crew chops it up about that sentence handed down to chi towns second favorite son...Boowop is the first favorite of course. Dizzle wants to know which friend group is a better vibe, ya girls' friend group or yours? Who's really behind this Brittany Griner outrage? Who killed ya dreams when you were a kid? Is it your job to kill your kids dreams if they don't make sense? These boys was ready to pod today tune in to the world is yourz!
7/13/20222 hours, 38 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mr. Brooks

This week the crew breaks down the 4th- Glizzy Gladiator Joey Chestnut- Whats proper cookout etiquette for eating glizzy's? Dj wants to know if the cookout H*e is extinct. Are Smashable cousins a thing in 2022? Do White people have family reunions? What's your hobosexual experience like?
7/6/20221 hour, 53 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fat Kayak Daddy

This week the guys recap the cookout- Was momma scoliosis flirting with Cheeze? Whats trash cookout food? Jose and Cheeze have an intervention with Dj about his cookout footwear. We also tackle important topics but in a way only we can do it
7/1/20221 hour, 58 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Coming from a straight place....

how do you know you're not gay? Cheeze brings up a good "What do you do?" topic. This might save your lives so pay attention. Speaking of ill-advised decisions we talk about Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson and present day NFL drama- We break down the NBA finals and who we think is the Finals MVP. Montrez got caught with 3lbs? Is he a trapstar or did he make a bad decision? The pod reacts to the NORE tweets before technical difficulties took us out
6/25/20221 hour, 40 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Father's Day 2023

This week the crew chops it up about a lot of random topics- How come Father's isnt even in the top 20 of holidays? Dj is inspired by the lackluster Father's day and wants to plan a Guys trip in vegas....Drugs, Strippers, Blackjack and white castle? Sounds like a plan. Its a 2 hour pod....You know its random
6/22/20222 hours, 29 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Who's in control?

Pardon the interruption but the boyz are byke!!! This week we discuss Jose's birthday shenanigans. Dj wants to change the name of the famous "Hoochie Daddy" shorts. Dj also uncovers a pet peeve about bald men.... He's bald so we really dont get it. The 20th anniversary Wire freestyle that nobody asked for. Aaron Donald got paid, Warriors vs Celtics and the alphabet gang strikes again. Tune in for another great episode of the world is yourz
6/8/20222 hours, 19 minutes, 37 seconds
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Its a zoo?

Dizzle opens up to the pod and explains their pod money was spent on "Diverse snacks" (17:00) - What's your worst impulse purchase? - A young Virginia Rapper/Social media personality went viral teeth? Shout out to the Starting 5 podcast for inspiring this week's question! Your Dad at your age today...who wins if you go toe to toe? @67 min we talk about black moms and the power they have to gas you up at any stage in ya life. Are men attractive? Dizzle discovered the definition of mental illness and 2.5 hour mark we talk about sports! Tune in! Like, follow, share and subscribe! The world is yourz.... until we get cancelled *Shrug*
5/25/20223 hours, 17 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tyson, aliens and nostalgia

What could we possibly talk about this week? Slavery, Mike Tyson, fighting aliens and Ushers trash discography. Thats is...thats the breakdown of this weeks pod...tune in
5/18/20223 hours, 12 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

*Go Dj* Fab Tape

After a long discussion on the pod about Fab- Dj decided to create a mix so the crew started respecting Fab as an artist. Tune in and enjy
5/13/202253 minutes, 19 seconds
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Gentrified Superstitions

The crew is back this week = Boowop open the pod with a must watch show. @18:00 -We unpack the Young Thug and the pending case= Are we culturally sloppy in our habits? @33:00 We discover we all fell victim to black superstitions. We speculate the release of the new Kendrick album- We get sidetracked by a random Fab conversation and who's the best villain. We unpack some of the Kevin Samuels back lash - At the two hour mark we hit the NBA Playoffs- Its not Giannis in 5-What got into Al Horford? Was poole malicious?
5/11/20223 hours, 10 minutes, 56 seconds
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You cool in real life?

This week we open with a little green room content - Cheeze and Jose link up with Dizzle while he was in the 757! Whats up with internet friends? Why are they weird in person so frequently?? The guys tackle D-Hop and PEDS- and the NBA playoffs. Is Giannis the best current NBA player? Are we still sticking with our playoff predictions? We have mail from a listener where we gave good advice and petty advice. Gotta have balance. The crew also discusses igloos and sharing igloo bonds
5/4/20223 hours, 17 minutes, 40 seconds
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Opposite Day

ITS OPPOSITE DAY!!!!!! The crew starts the pod off but something is a little different...or is it? We have fun doing our best impersonations of each other and get into the Meg interview with Gale. In light of a radio host book coming out DJ ask the crew "Can you finish the job?". This pod delivers a message to all women, it the official SL*T Men out campaign. We deep dive into the season finale of Snowfall and NBA Playoffs. Boowop says KD is no longer top 5 after getting swept. Do you agree? Tune in to argue, tune in to catch a vibe, tune in because you aint doing nothing anyway! The World is yourz
4/29/20222 hours, 54 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fault Lines

Back at it again! The crew opens up talking about Snowfall and the upcoming season finale. Is Louie playing the game wrong? Is Franklin a bad leader? Whats going to be the big dramatic ending for this season? NBA Playoffs are starting and DJ still hating on Kawhi and the Clippers- Stat gawd never listened to the "I got smoke" episode and tries to talk Dj off the ledge. The crew talks about predictions for upcoming series and if Ben Simmons should actually play- Tune into The World Is Yourz!
4/20/20222 hours, 26 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Toxic Talk

Inspired by "male podcast energy" the crew breaks down a few controversial topics in toxic fashion. First topic the crew breaks down is child support. Is the support for the child or a punishment for a failed relationship? How does it feel to put a cape on for the opposite gender? The crew defines "Simp" and discuss what's more hurtful being friendzoned or ghosted. In the second half of the pod the crew discusses the topic of hating and how thats impacted the culture
4/11/20221 hour, 56 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

50 cent vs Rick Ross

This is 50 vs Ross -Boowop vs Jose in an intense battle! Tune into the world is yourz!!!
4/3/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

We Alsina simp right?

We back this week with a little green room content to open the pod- The crew is funny when the mic is on and pretty flagrant in preproduction. More green room content to come. This week we break down the smack heard all around the world. Is Will a simp?Is Jada the fun police? DJ ask the crew "What's the worst thing you've done for love?" Boowap talks about relationship boundaries. oh and we have a brief appearance from Maya Angelou
3/30/20222 hours, 5 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Where's Cheeze???

Dj fumbles the intro and Cheeze isn't happy. This week the crew discusses top rap album of all time- Cheeze admits that his preference is R&B and a debate of the best R&B song begins. Where is Ben Simmons? Why are the nets an 8th seed? We get side tracked into a discussion about the greatness of the wire series - Whats the best Wire season? Best character? Once we get back on track we discuss NFL updates- Deshaun Watson to the Browns - Bakers future with the Browns. Matt Ryan Trade.- Devante Adams to the Raiders and what that says about Aaron Rodgers. You wont believe who woke up to pod about Rodgers
3/23/20223 hours, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

How much is rope?

The crew discusses fans in sports. Fan is short for FANATIC but are the present-day fans at risk with their behavior? Sometimes you got to die with the lie but Jussie doing the most! We breakdown Jussie and his lies and his courtroom antics. Cheeze asks the most important question in pod much is rope? We find out who still supporting the iconic R&B singer from the Chi. Tom Brady let the world know his kids aint a vibe and DJ give a meaningful breakdown on this news.
3/18/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Game Vs. Jeezy

Boowop battles Dizzle this week on the pod - Jose and Cheese are the judges in this battle. Will Boowop win again? Will Dizzle make the crew a fan of the game and his music? Tune into The World is yourz! Once you listened to the battle submit your scorecard to [email protected]
3/17/20222 hours, 55 minutes, 40 seconds
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Transparent or Decepticon?

The pod starts off with the EPIC versus battle- Cheeze vs Boowop! This battle is amazing-@75 min the battle is complete and Jose becomes Transparent about a recent situation he dealt with. This leads to a great discussion about who's rights are more important. This episode of the pod is essential- Tune into the world is yourz
3/9/20223 hours, 30 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Banned from Pod'n

Oh this here is the episode that gets us cancelled! Cheeze opens with a story that has a suspenseful ending. The crew complains about the algorithms and bot thots and how somehow DJ follows a one-armed twerker on the clock app. Is Boowop a clock app bully? How do you navigate your aggressive commentary on the apps? Boowop talks about his journey being a "sports Dad". When attempting to discuss the best Ross album the crew got sidetracked and discussed what a versus would look like between Hov and Drake. This is an interesting conversation! Tune into The World is Yourz
3/5/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 59 seconds
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This week we open up addressing the absence of Cheeze from the last pod- This leads to a very interesting topic...What if ya kid isn't a vibe? The crew discusses kids with BAN tendencies. DJ inquiries when the crew found out certain family members weren't qualified to have some conversations with you. After stumbling across a pretty deep conversation DJ attempts to clear the air by asking "What's a more high-pressure situation?" Boowop wants to connect the dots and ask Cheeze and Jose how long they knew DJ and Jose shares a story about a time when he hated on Dizzle. This ep is full of good convo, laughs and free jewelry! Check out The World is Yourz
3/3/20221 hour, 46 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Top 75

Back again for another POD!!! This episode we breakdown the NBA Top 75. WHo deserves to be higher? Who missing from the list? Boowop thinks Hakeem should be #3 but has even more interesting words on Scottie Pipen. Dj thinks Steph is rated too high but can he actually land the plane? Tune into The World is Yourz
2/26/20221 hour, 57 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week the crew talks about the fluorescent beige general and his performance at the all star game, Lebrons comments during all star weekend and Dj tries to figure out who Eminem 2 is while tryna land the plane *spoiler alert he doesnt*. Dj has some hate against Larry Bird. Off script per usual somehow Adam Sandlers filmography is discussed
2/23/20222 hours, 41 minutes, 9 seconds
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Boowop89 Episode

This episode Joe and Dj are joined by Boowap89 from TikTok- Stop what you doing and go follow Boowap89 for pure sports takes! We open up and give the floor to Boowap and let him break down his platform and what drives it. Its more than the "eye test" with him, he provides real stats and no player is exempt. Was the Brooklyn big 3 a failure? Who won the Brooklyn/Philly trade? Boowap talks about the Fluorescent beige Captain (Steph Curry) and his terrible shooting slump this year...why haven't YOU noticed it? Tune into ya favorite sports pod The world is yourz
2/18/20222 hours, 27 minutes, 34 seconds
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Tell a friend

Dizzle opens up with a traumatic story about "paying the bill" This leads the crew to a discussion of how many 5 year olds can they beat up. Either Dj is delirious or Joe and Cheeze know something about 5 year olds and their fighting skills. How important is ya cell phone? The guys break down social media addiction. Screen time challenge coming to the pod next week. Cheeze and DJ give a breakdown of Euphoria. Would you rather take a punch from Peak Mike Tyson or spend 30 days as a slave? THe world is yourz breaks down important topics on the pod today- Enjoy! Tell a friend
2/17/20222 hours, 33 minutes, 19 seconds
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TLP Star - We Outside

This week Dj sits down TLP Star a young up and coming artist - We chop it up about the story of TLP, struggles of a new artist and what motivates TLP Star. Tune in to this one-on-one conversation with TLP Star below are the links where you can find him- The world is yourzIG- TLP_Star3 FB: James BondsFind the video on youtube:
2/16/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 40 seconds
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Pushing P?

Dominican Papi returns this week! Cheeze offers left handed dap to Dj to open the pod-Dj AKA Dominican Papi talks about pushing P, travelling abroad and all that fun stuff. The guys get sidetracked with Black shows and movies. Is Joe Rogen bulletproof? How offensive is the N word? Odd "I have a black friend" moment And Jose Shares a confession before being outed as a Trimester tyrant
2/9/20222 hours, 52 minutes, 38 seconds
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Kiss from a rose

This week we open up with a direct line of questioning with Cheeze about his whereabouts last week- Joe has a strange topic to introduce called Richard Conversations- What's the hottest show on tv right now? Apparently, some show called "what's done in the shadows" spoiler alert this aint got nothing to do with ninjas 40 mins- We break down the NFL playoffs. Were the games disappointing? Are the Rams able to beat Tommy? Cowboys Eulogy! - Russell Wilson Bipolar-Weird ass "never have I ever". Cheeze and Dj bond over mindless tv shows like fear factor and naked and afraid- What are you taking into the wilderness? This week Jose seals the deal *Pause if applicable*
1/19/20222 hours, 27 minutes, 21 seconds
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Go Dj - Hola Hovito!!

This mix Dedicated to the GOAT IYKYK
1/15/202233 minutes, 11 seconds
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Jose the wayward detective

This week the pod is Cheeze-less? Joe and Dj hold it down in his absence. This was probably the most random pod we ever recorded. What's the most overrated fast-food chain? What's in your condiments? Is Toxic masculinity blocking your blessings? White Jesus was in your grandma house? More random conversation for the pod oh and we covered sports too
1/12/20222 hours, 23 minutes, 46 seconds
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Sunday Shenaniganz with The Young Black Entrepreneurs Cheeze, Jose and Dj this week, Dj shares an intimate story on how he "paid the bill" The pod is blessed with Bars from Eminem - The guys break down the new year festivities, the 2021 crate challenge...being washed and what a fall risk looks like vs. "i tried meth today" in your adult age?Follow TWIY_Pod on yuoutube
1/9/20222 hours, 7 minutes, 36 seconds
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King's Day...again???!??

To celebrate the big 40 King came byke to the pod!!!!! Not only are we celebrating King and his milestone but our brother B- Easy on his transition and new location. TWIY Pod has a poll for the gentlemen...How do you deliver life changing news to your guy friends? Please email [email protected] to the Youtube page TWIY_Pod
1/9/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 41 seconds
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Welcome back DJ - Beginning of the end!

Dj is back this week- Unfortunately he's been traumatized by road trip woes. - To wrap the year up the guys crown MVP of the year - There is some "diet hate" in this topic. Who had the worst year? Album of the year? More yearly wrap up content. We covered sports - Saints trash without vanilla Vick -Cowboys dangerous? Cheeze and Dj debate Wayne vs Jayz
12/29/20212 hours, 14 minutes, 31 seconds
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Talkin like its just you and me

Dj took a break and Jose and Cheeze take over pod!talks of Djs where abouts (old man shit) NFL MVP race Saints shock the world and shut out Bradythe Power of Tom BrazyThe only competition for the God MC!?
12/22/20212 hours, 5 seconds
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Who Hurt Cheeze?

This week we opened up with a discussion about Odell- Is he really good? Who is the best WR in the league this year? Does the money take the heart out of the game? Jose talks about athletes not meeting the standard level of performance post a contract extension. Who is NFL MVP? Steph breaks the 3 pointer record but isnt a top 10 all time player? Jose seeks advice about how to break the ice with the opposite sex. Cheeze gives a lot of pointers about dating which leads to the question of the day...Who hurt Cheeze? We gonna unpack all this today on the world is yourz
12/15/20212 hours, 21 minutes, 45 seconds
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All over the World

This week we all over the world- We open up with wise words from Terrance Howard-Bars from Rozay. The guys break down Mob movies - Jose hates Scarface but loves Nino Brown? Make that make sense please- Dj discusses terrible Christmases and the amazing technology behind VHS tapes. Jose and Cheeze break down an adult movie discovery that altered their childhood. We talk about sports and the greatness of the Pats- Is football fake if the Pats play the bucs in the SB? Jose shares with story time this week on the world is yours- Check out new gamer content on our Youtube page TWIY_Pod
12/8/20212 hours, 35 minutes, 57 seconds
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Fresh off the holiday Rozay surprises the pod with bars. The guys talk about Turkey day. How long is it acceptable to eat leftovers?(25 min) Dj breaks down "white guy slang" and predicts what kind of old man he's going to be. (45 min) - A letter to Drew Brees - Followed by breaking down the NFL- More black QB hate - Is Baker a Faker? NFL Playoff predictions. (1:25) Whats up with the Lakers? Who needs to be traded?Boogie ring chasing? MPJ Hurt again- Is the Chef Byke? Post sports Cheeze breaks down the drama at ODU with the M>A>P> - This world is yours (except Jose)
12/1/20212 hours, 16 minutes, 40 seconds
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But was it Malice in the palace?

This week we welcome Cheeze to the pod! We break down the so called "Malice in the palace PT2" Has your GOAT ever made someone bleed during a game? Was a suspension valid? Who does Lebron punch in the face first Russ or AD? Why does AD run from defending Giannis? Did Scottie get cheated out of an MVP? We break down the Saints terrible decision making- Cheeze recaps why a certain Saints defensive player has blocked him on socials. The guys breakdown King Richard and more this week on The world is yourz POD
11/25/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 9 seconds
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WHO NAME RINGS BELLS!!!!!! Dj talks about TWIY POD fantasy football league. Dj talks a lot of shit for a guy with a 6-4 record in the league. DJ and Joe unpack the recent week in the NFL - and Joe has a strange idea about "intensity" - Are the Houston Rockets tanking in the NBA? What do people look for in a partner? Tune in to The World is yourz
11/17/20211 hour, 52 minutes, 48 seconds
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Cant stop the Reign!

Cant stop the Reign! Happy 1 year Anniversary of the world is yourz pod!!! First i want to thank all the supporters, its been a tough year and we haven't been consistent but I appreciate yall for ride'n with us. This week we give praise to the fans for the support - Joe talks about grudges and how that impacts your emotional intelligence-the guys talk about the drama with the Suns owner and OBJ tune in for more on The World is Yourz
11/7/20212 hours, 10 minutes, 22 seconds
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GO Dj #53

Go Dj-Episode 53 This here bout samples and new tunes
11/6/202132 minutes, 30 seconds
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Dont be a Pooh Putt

Dj and Jose talk about the injury bug in the NFL- Tom Brazy losing in the dome- Marshon Lattimore the diva? Did the jets find a new QB on accident? Dj continues to hate on Black QB's and this week he might have a point. The guys also talk about Zion and how its time to take the training wheels off him with our expectations of a #1 draft pick Listen to more sports takes from The world is yourz
11/3/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 40 seconds
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So Anxious?!?

This week we break down what's the worse thing you did to avoid going to work?Is Ben Simmons playing with this mental health thing? Is Philly bad for your anxiety? Dj talks about the one hit wonder that is the career of Pat Mahomes- Frequent hate on black QBS because Dj Dislikes Jameis
10/28/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 52 seconds
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Fifty Cent

Dj & Jose give more than 2 cents about talks life and sports this week. Dj opens the pod with a custom mix and about what life has taught him over time 40:00. Dj and Jose talk about the loss of Colin Powell and the brazy ass anti vaxxers- 60:00-Music Break- Dedicated to Jimmy Mac!!! Is Derrick Henry the best RB in the NFL? How bad was the Bills coaching? @90m min the guys talk about the chip and how long you can keep the chip on ya shoulder? We talk about NBA and more sports
10/20/20212 hours, 13 minutes, 5 seconds
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We Byke Pt2

The guys talk about the world is yourz Fantasy football league - Dj talks about his theory on "QB Face" (Pause if applicable) - We talk about a lot of other stuff but F**** a timestamp
10/15/202158 minutes, 25 seconds
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We byke pt1

We coming in HOT!!!! The guys talk about John Gruden- Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irvin- Stay tuned because The World is yourz is BYKE!!!!!
10/15/202143 minutes, 3 seconds
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Go DJ - Clean ya house!!!

I love ya more- There's nothing in this world-Either way- Everyday struggle-Girls x3 - Samples and some more ish!!!!!!! Got my wheels and now im blending!!!! The world is yourz!!!!!!!!!!! #GoDj
10/10/202139 minutes, 23 seconds
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Go DJ Freestyle Friday

Just a mix of random freestyles
9/12/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 20 seconds
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Go DJ - Spitta Tape

This is for the session- This is for the morning route! The real ones know
9/4/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 56 seconds
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Top 5 DOA? Part 2

This episode ends the conversation about the Dipset vs LOX event. The guys discuss NBA free agency- How impactful is the Russ trade? Are the bulls serious? A lot of ballers getting paid this summer! Tune in for more
8/7/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 36 seconds
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Top 5 DOA?

This Episode The guys talk about the MURDER that took place in MSG-
8/5/202142 minutes, 52 seconds
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Marvel Talk 2

Episode 2 of Marvel talk Dj is joined by Dante- We talk about the current state of Disney + and having to pay the actors/actresses for stepping on the box office numbers with same day releases. We give a full Black widow breakdown and a Loki breakdown. Upcoming joints include Shang -Chi and Venom. Its gonna be a great year for Marvel and we want to open dialogue- If you looking for my man check him out on IG - @AliensBuiltThePyramids
8/3/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Four Tee one (part Two)

Dj and Jaris continue the conversation- What's better? being Right(logical) or being strong in ya principals(Emotions)
7/24/202147 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Four Tee One (part 1)

This Episode Dj talks that talk with Jaris- Enjoy the conversation between old friends
7/24/202144 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cap Or No Cap

The boys are back with a lot of random conversation - as a listener you tell us is it cap or no cap! No matter what- The world is yours
7/10/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 50 seconds
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Han Solo

YEEEERRRRRR Solo cast with Dj Wurld Prem-heir - Just random talk about being a sucka for love in high school- NBA Finals- Birthday celebrations! With the countdown to Dj's Birthday lets talk about ya best birthday and ya worst! We celebrating on the 14th!
7/9/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

S.W.L. (Sports - W**d-Lectures)

This week the guys recap the holiday weekend- They break down the NBA Finals & Rachel the sports Analyst and her poor comments -(34 min-45 ) We touched on the Olympian that was suspended for a non performance enhancing drug. Dj ask a great question- How do you deal with YOUR Trauma? Please remember its ok to not be "OK" NCAA Players can get paid- Is the scholarship helpful or harmful? Dj Wurld Prem-Heir gets into his lecture bag- Buckle up folks The World is yourz!!!!!!!!!!The World is Yourz supports all VA businessPlease reach out to DivineScentervention.comUse Promo Code "TWIY" for a discounted purchaseThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses to have. A great smell can lead you to a piece of mind.Divine Scents , custom or classic.We provide traditional scents(such as watermelon, and vanilla), to scents that take you away to a mystical place (like Jamaica me crazy). Custom scents and scent request are also welcome
7/6/20211 hour, 56 minutes, 51 seconds
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More Smoke

This episode Dj gpt smoke for Kawhi Leonard - What's up with the Only fans girls? King Raymond has many opinions on this topic!!!!!! This week lit!!!
6/27/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 23 seconds
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Stroke of Genius

This solo episode Dj talks about the events that took place 6/22/2020From the stroke to recovery to present day. Stroke of Genius: A brilliant and successful idea or decision.
6/22/20211 hour, 46 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Father's Day

This special Father's Day edition the guys talk about the clear imbalance between Mother's Day and Father's Day- Should single mothers celebrate both holidays? NBA Playoffs (11-59:00)- Flyout Tragedy -Is sex on a flyout implied? Why would you travel without your own money?
6/21/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 33 seconds
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Go DJ- Wale Tape

Dj Wurld Prem-Heir made a Wale MixTape Wale is in my Top 5 current artist DMV- Get me doe- #Moe- #Gump #HewLew Episode 32- Magic Johnson- Karl Malone(He is a nasty man but he w0re 32) Kevin Mcale
6/8/20211 hour, 50 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj- Lil Wayne Tape

Dj Wurld Prem-Heir makes a lil Wayne tape for the streets
6/6/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

I got smoke part 2

This pod was strictly sports talk- From NFL and the weak a** Aaron Rodgers to the state of the NBA playoffs- Is Lebron going fishing? Who can beat the Jazz? Find out on The World is Yourz
6/4/202150 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

I got smoke part 1

Today we are joined by Dante @AliensbuiltthePyramids and Dj got smoke over a "spicy Chicken" sandwich- The ladies on the innanet got smoke with Damson Idris and we touch on dating in the pandemic- Due to technical issues this is part 1 of the episode
6/3/202134 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel Talk!

This episode Dante and Dj talk the talk about Marvel comics! We start off with the Eternals trailer review- As a guest on TWIY Pod you have to claim your affiliation...Are you team Cap or team Tony? Why do Villain's have the best story Arc? Tune in to The World is Yourz
5/26/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Light saber Muzik Vol 1 B.A.R.

King Raymond here! Making drop offs in the 757 and this is how I ride outchea! Enjoy the mix and don't forget B.A.R. = Burn After Rolling! This is Light Saber Muzik Vol 1!!!
5/25/20211 hour, 39 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj - Playoffs??!!???!

This here mix was created by Dj Wurld prem-Heir while I was watching the playoffs..... It was a good SadderdaySpecial Shoutout to our sponsor BlackoutPNDFor all orders and inquiries please reach out to:[email protected]/blackoutpndTell him the WORLD IS YOURZ for a special[email protected] clean you can trust, a clean you deserve. Experienced, Reliable, Pleasant and Professional. Call for your free quote today (757) 698-5017DivineScentervention.comThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses to have. A great smell can lead you to a piece of mind.Divine Scents , custom or classic.We provide traditional scents(such as watermelon, and vanilla), to scents that take you away to a mystical place (like Jamaica me crazy). Custom scents and scent request are also welcome.
5/24/20211 hour, 48 minutes, 49 seconds
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Go DJ - Rozay Tape

Dj Wurld Prem-Heir made this mix while inebriated-This here is the Rozay Tape. Perfect episode for #25DivineScentervention.comThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses to have. A great smell can lead you to a piece of mind.Divine Scents , custom or classic.We provide traditional scents(such as watermelon, and vanilla), to scents that take you away to a mystical place (like Jamaica me crazy). Custom scents and scent request are also welcome.
5/24/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj Verzus Grselda/L.O.X.

5/8/20211 hour, 41 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj #FlightSchool

Another mix from Dj Wurld Prem-Heir
5/2/202159 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork


The world is yourz!!!! This week we talk about Tik Tok and how Dj fell into the rabbit hole and discovered SW are on all sites-From minute 17-41 the guys talk that sports talk! - (40) Never prove yourself to innanet strangers - Whats more important Nature vs. Nurture? How Brazy are these dating apps? - Tune in to find out more on The world is yourz!
4/29/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Issa Dub

This week we open up talking about Dj's obsession with Tik Tok. The guys pay tribute to DMX (16 min-30min) - Sports topics (30min-62min) this week, Jamal Murray, KD wylin in the DMS? Lake Show- Paul Pierce was on one? Issa Dub or Issa Vibe? Can your woman who makes more than you? And much more! The World is yourz
4/14/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bet on yourself

The guys are talking about everything important this week! Black men...stay out of elevators- Deshaun Watson wins the nasty award- NBA Talk is byke and much more
4/3/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

We Byke

The boys are byke!! This week we discuss the Drew Brees retirement-NFL Free Agency- Free Desean? the Cardinals going brazy? Whos mans is Myers Leonard? Young Sweater Gawd discusses the hierarchy between your girlfriend and your work wife.
3/18/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The InnaNETS

Episode 16 the guys open with talking about putting sopme respect on the food service industry workers- Never cross people who make your food! Speaking of Food Reach out to Tippy Ty on facebook - Friday the 19th Tippy's Take-Out is in business - there is an amazing menu available for the 19th only! The guys recap the super bowl and recent QB changes. Dj is distracted by the InnaNets and makes a serious inquiry...Did the innanets ruin Valentines Day? Tune in and find out this week
2/18/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj- Thr33tox

The third installment of the detox series- Thr33tox was the final installment to a neighborhood classic mixtape series. Enjoy!
2/14/202153 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sometimes in life...

This week the guys talk about Stafford getting his freedom papers-Rodgers being passive aggressive and the Super bowl picks. Free Deshawn Watson and Bradley Bea (42 min)l- We also discuss preferences and how when displayed on the internet they usually come back to bite you in the a**.
2/1/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj - Sadderday

I created this for you- My unicorn-My Person-My perfect expression
1/31/202153 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj - Therapy pt 1

Dj was in the archives and uploaded Therapy pt 1
1/31/202120 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Audio Heroin pt 2

Dj finishes the series with Audio Heroin pt2
1/31/202126 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go Dj - Audio Heroin pt. 1

Dj is byke again - Enjoy part 1 of a classic series Audio Heroin
1/31/202122 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tom Brazy!

This episode Dj talks about the heartbreak of being a Saints fan. Playoff breakdown- Don't let ya kids play catch with the enemy(14:00-40:00)- Is he Thirsty or is your perspective just wrong? The guys discuss the difference between being Thirsty and applying pressure- Dj talks about the benefits of dating a fat boy- Does King Raymond have game?? Find out on The World is Yourz TWIY POD supports black business- This week we highlight two[email protected] clean you can trust, a clean you deserve. Experienced, Reliable, Pleasant and Professional. Call for your free quote today (757) 698-5017DivineScentervention.comThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses to have. A great smell can lead you to a piece of mind.Divine Scents , custom or classic.We provide traditional scents(such as watermelon, and vanilla), to scents that take you away to a mystical place (like Jamaica me crazy). Custom scents and scent request are also welcome.
1/18/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Go DJ!!!

Dj Wurld Prem-Heir took a few shots and played songs trying to make a decent Friday mix- Still playing around with the pod capacity limits- FWM tho!!
1/16/202118 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Black Lies Matter

This week we recap the NFL playoffs- Lamello Ball'n , Is Steph back? Beal and McCullom stranded with no wins. Black Lies Matter- The guys discuss some lies that are specific to the black culture. Sweater Gawd advice segment- Can you date over 30? We travel down memory lane and relive some funny moments at the[email protected] clean you can trust, a clean you deserve. Experienced, Reliable, Pleasant and Professional. Call for your free quote today (757) 698-5017
1/12/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 24 seconds
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Kings Day!

This week we celebrate Kings Day!! This episode the guys talk NFL updates (21:00)- (45:00) /Toxic topic- Can the side become the main? -Breaking generational curses/ How does that impact your family? Happy Born day KING!! The gang celebrates King Raymond's birthdayTWIY POD supports black business- This week we highlight two[email protected] clean you can trust, a clean you deserve. Experienced, Reliable, Pleasant and Professional. Call for your free quote today (757) 698-5017DivineScentervention.comThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses to have. A great smell can lead you to a piece of mind. Divine Scents , custom or classic.We provide traditional scents(such as watermelon, and vanilla), to scents that take you away to a mystical place (like Jamaica me crazy). Custom scents and scent request are also welcome.
1/2/20211 hour, 41 minutes, 51 seconds
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Year End Awards

This episode the guys recap NFL and the return of the NBA in a quick sports segment. Toxic topic of the week- Has the provider died?-Year end awards!This episode is sponsored by RileysProtouchA clean you can trust, A clean you deserve. Experienced and reliable, pleasant and professional. Call for your free quote today -7576985017
12/28/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 36 seconds
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This week the guys break down the Greek Freak (pause) getting the super max deal. Is this good for the bucks or good for the bucks? Wall traded for Russ- Harden the new Trick Saban? Being disgruntled at ya job. NoKiddn movie reviews- Are black people getting super powers on 12/21? Find out and see this week on The world is yourz!!Special Shoutout to our sponsor BlackoutPNDFor all orders and inquiries please reach out to:[email protected]/blackoutpndTell him the WORLD IS YOURZ for a special discount.
12/17/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Turkey Day Shenaniganz

This week the guys break down NBA free agency and trade frenzy, Toxic text, WHats your role in the crew? Sex worker tips from the gang. Find out this week on The world is yourz
11/27/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Trick Saban?!?

This episode the guys talk about week 9 NFL- 2K and Madden battles and a random FIFA mention. Twitter love story gone wrong? Is it really Trick'n if you got it? A trip to Southside Johnny's. Enjoy!
11/13/20201 hour, 31 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork


Episode 1- They guys cover Week 9 NFL, State of the NBA, Random moments and more. Tune in!
11/9/202055 minutes, 25 seconds