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English, Social, 1 season, 116 episodes, 3 days, 19 hours, 42 minutes
A weekly podcast by Kaiynath Rabnawaz, a 21 year-old British Muslim graduate in Biomedicine. Episodes are released every Friday and are centred around candid conversations about Islam, culture, society, mental health and studying. Follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @thewordaffairs and check out the website
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The Only Way You'll Change Your Life Is With A Growth Mindset

In this episode Kaiynath discusses the vital impact of a growth mindset and recognising the characteristics and traits within yourself. Chapters: Chapter 1 - Understanding the differences between a growth and fixed mindset. Chapter 2 - Recognising the traits and characteristics of a growth and fixed mindset. Chapter 3 - studies investigating a growth mindset. Chapter 4 - how to cultivate a growth mindset. Chapter 5 - setting goals with accountability and tracking. Find Kaiynath on @thewordaffairs on Tiktok and Instagram, and for more episodes.
6/30/202455 minutes, 21 seconds
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Reddit threads that made us laugh

Kaiynath sits down with some deep and some funny Reddit threads to discuss with the audience in this episode! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
5/19/202430 minutes, 48 seconds
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Practising GRATITUDE will CHANGE your life and here's how to start

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses the research behind gratitude and how to implement it in your life, in these chapters: Chapter One - Why you should practise gratitude. Chapter Two - Steps to incorporate gratitude into your life. Find Kaiynath on: @thewordaffairs - Instagram and Tiktok
5/12/202449 minutes, 55 seconds
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The mindset to MAXIMISE your DUA

You know what dua is, but you don't know how to maximise it? This episode is for you - packed with hadiths, evidence and relation to self-development. Chapter 1 - Understand the importance of dua. Chapter 2 - Maximise your dua with the dua sandwich method. Chapter 3 - Maximise the time you make dua at. Chapter 4 - Shift your focus to sabr and tawakkul Chapter 5 - Understand the answer to your dua. Follow Kaiynath for more content on: Instagram - @thewordaffairs Tiktok - @thewordaffairs
5/5/20241 hour, 25 seconds
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Change your mindset on being SINGLE

Chapters of the episode: Chapter 1 - understand singlehood is a blessing. Chapter 2 - maximise singlehood to achieve maximum happiness. Chapter 3 - prepare for your long-term commitment by figuring out what you want. Find Kaiynath on Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
4/28/202457 minutes
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3 Life Lessons We Could All Do With

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses the three types of lesson we all need to hear at some point in our life surrounding judging, shaming, praising and prioritising. Tiktok and Instagram: @thewordaffairs
4/21/202453 minutes, 28 seconds
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Beauty Standards and Seeking Validation

We're back with another episode after Ramadan! Join us to have a deep chat on how haya is transmitted through not just the way you dress. but how you avoid conforming to the beauty standards and seeking validation. Instagram: @thewordaffairs Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
4/14/202451 minutes, 24 seconds
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Take Your Heavy Heart Into Ramadan

In this episode we discuss the reminders and pieces of advice when it comes to dealing with how we view the world and how we can use it to benefit Ramadan @thewordaffairs on Tiktok and Instagram
2/25/202454 minutes, 45 seconds
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Is It Really Possible To Plan Ramadan? Feat. Dina Aziz

In this episode, Kaiynath sits down with Dina Aziz, the author of the 'Ramadan Planner' and discusses how to plan your Ramadan effectively but more specifically, the lessons we learn behind this blessed month and how to change our lifestyle for the better. How to find Dina on social media: Instagram: @dinaaaaziz Twitter: @dinapapii Tiktok: @dinawithdanina How to find Kaiynath: Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs How to find Kaiynath's business: Instagram and Tiktok: @priveflorals
2/11/202452 minutes, 50 seconds
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Controversial Reddit Threads

Kaiynath sits down to discuss some Reddit threads which could be controversial or common practice? Who knows, find out in this episode! @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
2/4/202452 minutes, 32 seconds
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4 Muslim Mindset Shifts For Prayer

Praying is a duty of all Muslims but sometimes, one that is ultimately hard to maintain. In this episode, Kaiynath discusses 4 ways you can shift your mindset into being more consistent with praying and give it the priority it deserves. www.thewordaffairs @thewordaffairs on instagram and tiktok
1/22/202454 minutes, 39 seconds
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4 Ways To Combat The Fear Of Failure

In this episode we discuss what the fear of failure is, the symptoms relating to it and how to overcome it - and with our Reddit threads making a return! @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
1/14/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 34 seconds
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3 Ways You Are Limiting Yourself And How To Fix It

This episode is a discussion of 3 major ways you may be limiting yourself, and that's why you are not achieving what you want in life and you cannot change your life. Kaiynath discusses how to identify these 3 mistakes, and how to fix them so that you can maximise what you want in life.
1/7/202450 minutes, 6 seconds
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5 Lessons I Learned In 2023

In this episode, we highlight the 5 take-aways of 2023 and the lessons we will take with us into 2024, but also, with insights and reminders from the listeners. @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
12/31/202351 minutes, 59 seconds
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Life Does Not End

We are in Agadir so enjoy a little episode on a rooftop terrace somewhere in Morocco, with some inquisitive self-reflection and life lessons!
12/22/202349 minutes, 42 seconds
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People Always Reveal Themselves

In this episode we run through a Reddit thread and a question from the listeners, in a thought-provoking conversation that will make you think. @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
12/3/202346 minutes, 29 seconds
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How Islam Helps You Escape From The Hedonic Treadmill

This episode discusses the theory of the hedonic treadmill and how to use the hedonic adaptation prevention model to escape it - but more specifically, how Islam actually encompasses this and is the way out of it. Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
11/26/202353 minutes, 13 seconds
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We've Made Millions Of Core Memories

In this deep, nostalgic and somewhat melancholic episode, the idea of forming core memories that are only realised upon reflecting is discussed, from all the highs to the lows of it. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and let us know what you thought of the episode - feedback is top tier!
11/19/202352 minutes, 5 seconds
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How One Person's Voice Can Impact So Much

In this episode, we talk about how the actions of one person can snowball positively into the actions of others. Tiktok and Instagram: @thewordaffairs
11/12/202336 minutes, 43 seconds
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Overachieving Can Be A Narcissistic Relationship!

This episode talks about how overachieving can at times feed into a negative and self-doubting narrative that affects our gratitude. We also discuss the current situation of the Palestinian genocide, and how we must never stop talking about Palestine. @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
11/5/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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Evil Eye And Keeping It Private

This episode touches on evil eye and what it is, and the ways it can manifest into - as well as some real life stories of it. @thewordaffairs on Tiktok and Instagram
10/29/202357 minutes, 12 seconds
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Palestine Will Be Free - Why does it matter so much to Muslims?

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses why Palestine is so significant and beloved to the Muslims, delving into the history behind it by linking it to the Qur'an and Hadiths, as well as talking about the correct terminology to use, and rejecting the brainwashing of the media. In this episode, the journal article referred to can be found here:,there%2C%20If%20God%20wills%22. The reference to Plan Dalet - the Israeli Zionist plan of apartheid and creating the genocide can be found here: If you'd like to donate to support Palestine, there is a 100% donation policy with Launch Good and Matw Project in collaboration with The Word Affairs and can be found here:!/
10/22/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 34 seconds
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Writing It Down And The Muslim Woman Dilemma

In this episode we sit down and discuss the effective ways of to-do lists, getting stuff done and writing it down. And as usual, Reddit serves with some interesting stories with this week's dilemma being about Muslim women. @thewordaffairs on Tiktok and Instagram
10/1/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 1 second
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Creepy Reddit Stories!

In this episode we explore the creepy and mysterious Reddit threads with a bit of a dark turn. @thewordaffairs on Tiktok and Instagram
9/25/202336 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Netflix Show Of Your Life

In this episode we discuss how you can view your life as a show with seasons, new characters and new arcs.# @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
9/10/202341 minutes, 46 seconds
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Crazy Reddit Threads

In this episode the Reddit threads POPPED off! Tune in for juicy stories and shocking situations. @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
8/20/202358 minutes, 27 seconds
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Our Generations Protected Their Belongings

In this episode we talk about the concept of consumption and possession and how its changed throughout the generation - from the first migration to today. @thewordaffairs on Instagram and Tiktok
8/6/202350 minutes, 2 seconds
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You Need To Start Being Alone

In this episode we talk about practising the art of solitude and how choosing yourself will actually allow you to understand the importance of sticking to boundaries, values and morals.
7/30/202355 minutes, 43 seconds
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A Dua That Literally Changes Your Life

In this episode, we discuss the power of dua and specific duas to make, as well as during which times they are most accepted. Not only this, but a small chat on powerful formulae you can create to get the best effect of your dua!
7/9/202352 minutes, 54 seconds
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Add Your Wellbeing To Your Routines

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses how wellbeing, taking time out for yourself, showing up for yourself and depending on Allah are all crucial add-ons to daily routines. Instagram: @thewordaffairs
7/3/202339 minutes, 21 seconds
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Your Environment Is A Reflection Of You

In this episode Kaiynath discusses the changes an environment has on you, with the impacts and the way it can represent you, as well as how mums always know best! @thewordaffairs - instagram and tiktok
6/25/202358 minutes
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Stop Expecting It To Fall Out Of The Sky

Kaiynath sits down for a refreshing and forward episode about creating a life with intentional changes to finally achieve what you so desperately want in life - by putting out good thoughts and positive mindsets to receive them in return! @thewordaffairs on tiktok and instagram
6/18/202358 minutes, 4 seconds
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Allah Tested Me With My Dua During Umrah

Kaiynath sits back and talks about her umrah journey with the audience - a beautiful and uplifting experience with so many different takes and turns, including how a specific dua she made was answered right there, but also tested too. Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
6/4/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Month of Loss

Kaiynath is back after a long break from podcasting and social media with an honest conversation, messages from the lovely listeners and a story that is close to her heart, talking about grieving and death. Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
4/6/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Man Who Tried To Cheat Allah

In this episode Kaiynath has a heavy discussion surrounding the fear we should have of Allah - out of respect, humility and awe. A beautiful hadith. An understanding of the true aspect of fear and tawakkul.  Instagram: @thewordaffairs
2/5/202359 minutes, 14 seconds
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Realistic Resolutions and Islamic Goals

Kaiynath is back with another episode and talks about the setbacks and aims we have when setting goals, and the difference between motivation and deadline. With a spin on goals in the sense of Islamic aims and aspirations, and Reddit threads! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
1/1/20231 hour, 47 seconds
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Snooping, Picky Eaters And Family Secrets | Reddit Threads

In this episode Kaiynath sits down and goes through a new set of Reddit threads including a handpicked thread sent in by the listeners! Tiktok and Instagram: @thewordaffairs
12/11/202255 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ghosting and Isolating

In this episode Kaiynath talks about all things ghosting, isolating and mental break-ing. It's a solid episode with a different perspective on why people ghost friends, messages and calls. Also the usual Reddit threads - with a beautiful message on how to deal with wanting male attention! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
12/4/202255 minutes, 57 seconds
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5 Lessons Of 2022

Kaiynath sits down and reflects back on the lessons she learned from 2022, ranging from life to Deen and everything in between. And - the last Reddit threads of 2022!
12/1/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 6 seconds
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Trust Your Gut Instinct!

Kaiynath sits down to reflect on the whole concept of gut instinct and why it is so strong when coming to make decisions and warnings about situations. And we are back with the Relax with Reddit segment! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
10/2/202246 minutes, 7 seconds
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Why I Dropped Out Of The Physician Associate Masters

Kaiynath sits down for a deeper conversation this week, discussing why she dropped out of the masters - many reasons and the importance of mental health and happiness. Get your headphones and your snacks!  Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
9/25/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 35 seconds
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Visually Representing Muslims and Islam

In this episode, Kaiynath sits down to talk about the struggles of hijab and the concept of whether it is a journey, and how it links to the differences between men and women when it comes to visually representing Islam and being a visible Muslim. And as usual, some classic Reddit threads.  Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
9/4/202255 minutes, 28 seconds
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You Can't Thrive In A Toxic Environment | Anonymous Stories

In this episode, Kaiynath sits down to talk about how you cannot expect to grow and thrive in an environment which has negatively impacted you and caused trauma and emotional distresses. And this week, there are some anonymous stories sent in by the listeners with some really good take home messages.  Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
8/21/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 28 seconds
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Money Ruined My Family And My Dad Gave Me An Ultimatum - Anonymous Stories

In this episode Kaiynath sits down and talks through some anonymous articles written in the Sister Guide, shocking and raw stories that open up new perspectives.  Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
7/31/202246 minutes, 43 seconds
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Hijab, Social Media and Relationships With Amirah

Amirah joins Kaiynath on this week's episode to sit down and talk about her journey with hijab, her relationship with Allah and answer some of your questions regarding relationships and marriage, as well as a good old Reddit thread rant! Follow Kaiynath on Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
7/24/20221 hour, 45 minutes, 52 seconds
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Taking A Social Media Break For Mental Health

In this episode, Kaiynath talks about her recent absence on social media and how she benefitted from it, including how she changed the way she uses it now. She goes through the reasons as to how social media can sometimes have a negative effect and also answered some of the questions you guys sent through on Instagram! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
7/10/202259 minutes, 40 seconds
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Medicine, Marriage and Reddit Threads With Hamzah

On this week's episode of The Word Affairs podcast, we have a special guest - the first ever listener who reached out about the podcast - Hamzah, a.k.a @h1_m__ on Instagram (drop a follow guys). As he is currently a second year medical student progressing onto third, Hamzah joined Kaiynath to talk about the harsh reality of studying medicine and being at medical school, as well as answering questions from the listeners, including some on marriage and imposter syndrome. And as usual, Reddit saved the day at the end, coming through with some amazing threads to discuss.  Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
6/19/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 28 seconds
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Why You Shouldn't Take Social Media People As Role Models

Kaiynath is back with another episode and this week she sits down to rant about the hate we can sometimes receive online and the differences in opinion - a great conversation to have, discussing the good and bad to social media and why it can be really challenging sometimes. As usual, this week's Relax With Reddit segment comes with some juicy stories! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
5/29/202254 minutes, 47 seconds
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Halal and Haram - Is It Really That Deep?

Kaiynath is back with another episode this week and we're talking all things permissible and non-permissible - haram and halal! Kaiynath discusses the meanings of what it truly means, the concept of eating halal and more importantly, the concept of earning halal and how it affects your relationship with your Creator when you eat haram. The episode rounds off with the weekly Relax with Reddit segment. Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
3/11/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 48 seconds
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Social Media and Double Standards?

This week's episode features a serious casual chat on the pressures of social media in terms of fitnah and insecurities and how it can affect your mental health, but also, the differences in expectations and reactions of men and women. And Kaiynath discusses some juicy Reddit threads! Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
2/25/202251 minutes, 48 seconds
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Setbacks, Hardships and Patronising ft. Iram a.k.a Iramslife

The guest for this week's episode is the loveliest soul ever - Iram, a second year medical student and the owner of the incredibly aesthetic Instagram account @iramslife - a personal inspiration of mine. Join Kaiynath and Iram on this week's episode as they delve into all the setbacks they faced during their academic journeys and how they overcame them. Hardships can actually be a blessing from Allah and the two of them discuss how today they are so thankful for all the difficulties they went through in life. And patronising comments?! Of course they've had their fair share of condescending tones and disrespectful comments, which they share in this episode! Follow Iram on Instagram: @iramslife Follow Kaiynath on Instagram and Tiktok: @thewordaffairs
12/17/202139 minutes, 38 seconds
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My Dua Was Answered 4 Years Later

Hey guys, Kaiynath is back with another episode! This week Kaiynath talks about the power of Allah, the power of dua and how it is answered - with a personal experience of how a certain dua was answered 4 years later by Allah. Islam is beautiful as we have a direct connection with Allah through praying and conversing, and the fact that dua has the ability to change qadr and is heard by Allah from the minute it is uttered. Join Kaiynath for a catch-up, a personal experience and the weekly segment of Relax with Reddit. Instagram: @thewordaffairs
12/10/202155 minutes, 55 seconds
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But When Are You Going To Get Married?! The PA course and South Asian Expectations ft. Anisa - Ladiesinhealthcare

In this episode, Kaiynath interviews Anisa - a second year physician associate student from London who is currently completing her masters and running her own business - Ladies In Healthcare. Join them for as they discuss the PA masters course, applying, expectations from parents and the South Asian community on marriage, children and the concept of 'time,' including many more pressures faced by South Asian women.  Follow Anisa on Instagram: @ladiesinhealthcare and productivityqueen. Listen to her podcast - Productivitea Follow Kaiynath on Instagram: @thewordaffairs
11/26/202141 minutes, 30 seconds
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Praying When Feeling Guilty

As chosen by the listeners, this week Kaiynath talks about the depth of Allah's mercy and how forgiving God is. Sometimes the act of sins and our behaviour can weigh us down and cause difficulties to pray. Kaiynath discusses the relevant hadiths and stories with personal experiences to understand why sinning and praying are connected to Allah's mercy, and how creating a relationship with God helps to pray regularly. Follow Kaiynath and the podcast on Instagram and Twitter: @thewordaffairs Check out the website:
10/22/202142 minutes, 47 seconds
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Mentality Towards Work, Jobs And Careers

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses how working life can sometimes take a hit and lead to burn-out and how the words of others can affect how you view different careers and jobs. Remember - there is no such thing as the 'best' career! Someone working in retail is just as 'good' as someone working as a doctor! Follow the podcast: Instagram: @thewordaffairs Twitter: @thewordaffairs
7/23/202127 minutes, 7 seconds
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Manifestation And Religion

In this episode Kaiynath discusses the different viewpoints of manifesting, words of affirmation and journaling - and how it can all tie in with God and religion. Follow the podcast! Instagram: @thewordaffairs Twitter: @thewordaffairs
7/2/202125 minutes, 13 seconds
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Raise Awareness For Palestine

#FreePalestine As you may have noticed, the current headlines and new outlets are covering the ethnic cleansing and destruction of Palestine by the Israeli Zionists. In this emotional episode, Kaiynath discusses why the words being used are misleading and diluting the atrocities committed by the Israelis.  This is not an act of evil against just anyone. This is an act of evil against the whole of humanity.  Instagram: @thewordaffairs Twitter: @thewordaffairs
5/15/202130 minutes, 31 seconds
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Dear Fellow Overthinkers

In this deep and serious conversation, Kaiynath opens up about mental health challenges including the big overthinking consumer. Overthinking is currently something she has faced a lot and struggled with and with experiences and examples, she talks about how it can consume her as well as the people around her. With some tips and advice for people who struggle with overthinking, Kaiynath engages with the fact that nowadays thousands of people are suffering from this issue in a world where we talk so much yet meet so little.  Follow the podcast! Instagram: @thewordaffairs Twitter: @thewordaffairs
4/30/202131 minutes, 26 seconds
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Put Yourself Out There Instagram: @thewordaffairs Twitter: @thewordaffairs In this week's chatty and more relaxed episode, Kaiynath talks about how actually starting a podcast has helped her put herself out there after taking inspiration from the award-winning podcast Not Overthinking. By putting yourself out there, whether it is just for fun or for a career-driven motive, Kaiynath discusses the benefits of using the internet world to get yourself across to other people, whether it be through a podcast, social media, Youtubing or blogging. Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Not Overthinking - Ali and Taimur Abdaal Teenager Therapy - Flighthouse #podcast #muslim #student #motivation #mentalhealth #female
4/23/202129 minutes, 3 seconds
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Understanding Istikhaara

Kaiynath talks about one of the niche duas of Islam today - Istikhaara. Generally referred to as the dua used to ask Allah for His guidance and counsel, Kaiynath delves into the misconceptions surrounding Istikhaara and a few stories relating to it, as well as the ways duas can be answered. If you have any questions about Istikhaara or just want to have a chat, Kaiynath can try helping out and can be contacted via her website - - or email her at [email protected]. Tiktok: @kai...r Apple Podcasts and Spotify: The Word Affairs
4/2/202132 minutes, 43 seconds
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We Need To Replace Motivation With Discipline

Ever thought about how quickly motivation fades and leaves you back to square one? Kaiynath discusses why she thinks and agrees with others about the need to replace the term 'motivation' with discipline - we need to replace the short-term, temporary fix with a long-standing commitment to working harder and consistent.
2/26/202126 minutes, 28 seconds
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A Review Of Yasmin Mogahed's 'Reclaim Your Heart'

First of all, the audio quality is really poor at the beginning due to the wrong microphone being used but apologies! But apart from that, this week Kaiynath sits down to review 'Reclaim Your Heart' by Yasmin Mogahed, a highly acclaimed self-help book centred on Islam and emotional wellbeing. Although quite sceptical of self-help books, Kaiynath goes into the details of how this book has been life-changing and has helped shape her perspective of being a Muslim with a heart and emotions. The Word Affairs - Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many more!
2/19/202126 minutes, 41 seconds
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How Research Into Cancer Has Affected Us

The Word Affairs is currently no. 9 in Society and Culture in Uzbekistan! As a biomedical student, Kaiynath has spent the past weeks studying the mechanisms of cancer and how difficult it actually is to acquire mutations leading to it. Kaiynath looks into why cancer is actually quite rare despite the amount of mutations in a lifetime, the money spent on cancer and research into it and opens up about personal stories of how cancer affects us and the ones we love emotionally. Youtube - The Word Affairs Podcast Spotify - The Word Affairs Apple Podcasts - The Word Affairs
1/15/202133 minutes, 27 seconds
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Family Dynamics That Influence Imposter Syndrome

The number of people suffering from some aspect of imposter syndrome has recently increased, with up to 20% of most university students suffering from self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Kaiynath discusses the research surrounding the phenomenon and focuses on how early upbringing and different family dynamics play into this condition in later adulthood life. 
11/26/202027 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Review of Nouman Ali Khan's 'Revive Your Heart'

In this episode, Kaiynath discusses the good and the bad of the American-Pakistani Islamic speaker Nouman Ali Khan's book 'Revive Your Heart: Putting Life Into Perspective.' She reads some excerpts from specific chapters and attempts the Arabic here and there too! If you would like to contact Kaiynath, send a message through 
10/9/202037 minutes, 45 seconds
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Early Morning Motivation

You may already be an early bird, or actually a night owl, but the benefits of waking up early and starting your day before anyone else are vast and work for many people. Kaiynath talks through some of the advantages of waking up earlier and relates it back to some of the Sunnahs in Islam and how we can integrate our day to combine both religion, productivity to succeed and become more efficient throughout the day.
8/21/202022 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Bare Necessities Of A Muslim - And An Update

Kaiynath talks about practising Islam and how sometimes people can get caught up with struggling with the idea of the bare necessities of being a Muslim as being conceived as not enough and how easy it is for us to compare to one another. Also, The Word Affairs now has an official website! Check out for episodes and articles relating to Islam, culture and society. You can contact Kaiynath with any questions or, if you want to feature on an episode or just have a conversation, feel free to drop a little message on the website! If you need a website for your own personal use or a business you have, check out for enquiries on websites and all things computer-related like databases and professional email addresses.
8/8/202031 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Word Affairs Podcast Trailer

Welcome to The Word Affairs! If you're looking for a podcast touching on topics like Islam, culture, mental health and the occasional geeky research, then this is the place for you. My name is Kaiynath, I'm 20, currently at university and can talk for as long as humanly possible.
7/16/20201 minute, 45 seconds