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The Womb Room Podcast is is a place to learn how to care for your physical, emotional and spiritual womb -- at all stages of your life. Join female health practitioner and clinical herbalist Qiddist Ashé each week as we dive into topics of radical health & healing education, stories, and tangible strategies to support you in stepping into your womb sovereignty.
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Why I'm Not An Abortion Activist: My Origin Story in Reproductive Sovereignty Work

Last year I shared an episode on "my unpopular thoughts on the abortion bans". Since then, I've supported over 70 women in navigating the decision and process of bringing on their bleed. Today, I'm sharing my reflections and takeaways.  I share about: my origin story in reproductive sovereignty work, and my personal potential pregnancy scare what my mother's experience has to do with my path the balance between rejecting credentialism, while honoring education and lineage why I am NOT an abortion activist My three takeaways from the last year of case studies what I believe is needed in stepping onto this medicine path  what led me to start Sovereign Cycles, a mentorship learning program for pregnancy prevention & release work how you can learn with me this year and cultivate your skills! Save your spot in the free live class! <a href= "
10/08/202359 minutes 41 seconds
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Unlearning "Good Girl Programming" and Shifting Patterns Through Nervous System Mobilization With Lindsey Lockett

If you find yourself afraid of disappointing others, stuck in spirals of shame or judgement, or attaching your worth to your goodness, you might have a case of "good girl programming". I chat with Lindsey Lockett, nervous system and trauma educator, about how through tending our nervous system, we can bring awareness to old patterns, and learn how to mobilize into our fullest expression.  We explore:  “Good girl programming” and how it shows up in our nervous system response, and our relationship with other women Lindsey’s evangelical upbringing and its impact on her default responses The “freeze” response versus immobilization, and how it shows up in women Reflective questions for when we get activated <li c
15/03/20231 hour 11 minutes 38 seconds
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The Magic of Cervical Mucus with Chloe Skerlak

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Re-mothering & The Bio-intelligence of Psoas with Liz Koch

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Thoughts on Manifestation, Extraction, and Co-Creating with Integrity

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Wild Mothering with Lenci Satori

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Embodied Grief and the Womb

Grief lives in the body. This is a simple truth, and yet in our culture, our collective conversation around grief is often focused on the mind, on “moving on,” and on processing in isolation. So how do we truly embody our grief, and stay open-hearted to the gifts it brings?  Today, I share my conversation with Grace Harman, an embodied grief guide (and member of The Womb Room!) Grace brings her experience as a dance/movement therapist, as well as her own experience of grieving her mother, into her work with people as they remember how to bring the body back into grieving and, by extension, into fully living. We talk about the wisdom of our embodied grief, including: Why grief needs witnessing and moving out of our isolated grief culture <span style= "font-we
09/03/20221 hour 3 minutes 17 seconds
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Revolutionizing Your Womb Care: An Introduction to the Womb Room Podcast

Welcome to The Womb Room Podcast, a space for radical female health education, autonomous womb care, and conversations on cultivating a sovereign relationship with your womb. I'm Qiddist Ashe, and I'm a female health educator, birthkeeper, and clinical herbalist. I'm the founder of The Womb Room, and I'm here to support you on the journey to stepping into your power by getting to the root of your pelvic health issues, aligning your life with your cycle, and cultivating a sovereign relationship with your womb. Every week, we’re diving into the real talk we need on periods and menstrual health, unpacking sex, pelvic pain,  and pleasure redefining what nourishment and nutrition mean, and journeying through powerful stories of autonomous birth, do-it-yourself pelvic care, and so much more. If you’re looking for sisterly guidance, radical health education  with a good do
17/08/20212 minutes 14 seconds