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Hi, we’re Ruiming and Wei Choon, the co-founders of The Woke Salaryman. We’re a web-comic with over 400k followers across our Instagram & Facebook platforms where we talk about personal finance, investments, career things and more. Follow us on Instagram (@thewokesalaryman) or check out our articles at
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Should you start a business with a close friend?

This episode, we talk to the founders of The Black Hole Group; a collective of lifestyle and F&B concepts. They started out in 2012 with a backpacker's hostel, and now they own about 13 F&B and lifestyle concepts and are still going strong. More importantly, they are friends who started a business together, and we are super excited to talk to them because The Woke Salaryman was also started by two friends who met in school. They met in JC; while we met in Poly, so we have so many things to ask. We will ask them about what it's like starting a business with a close friend, how to maintain or balance being friends and business partners, and their journey from plucky 26-year-olds running around putting our fires in a backpackers hostel to essentially, F & B moguls. 0:00 Intro 1:16 Why are they called The Black Hole Group 10:05 Starting a hostel in their 20s 15:17 The margins of running a hostel 21:08 Scaling the bus
14/11/20231 hour 1 minute 6 seconds
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We talk to a professional cruise magician

Jeremy Tan is a professional magician who does a lot of work on cruise ships! We talk to him about the pros and cons of working in such a unique job, what it takes to succeed as a magician, balancing artistry and corporate crowd pleaser, adapting to COVID, and more. 0:00 Intro 1:23 How he started magicking 7:19 Becoming a cruise ship magician 15:31 Adapting to COVID 22:17 Revealing magic tricks to the public 33:50 Crowd pleasers OR artistry 38:14 Jeremy does a magic trick
17/10/20231 hour 25 minutes 23 seconds
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Our approach to sponsored content

We respond to some spicy comments on Reddit about the fact that we have sponsors, and talk about how we approach sponsored content, what we say no to, and whether we think we've sold out, and whether we can sleep at night. The Reddit thread: READ OUR COMICS: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Our website: Timestamps: 0:48 Is TWS sponsored nonsense? 4:38 When we reject clients 9:52 Do sponsors make content bad? 13:06 Fluffy centrist content VS taking a stand 15:18 Have we run out of topics? 18:14 Choosing tone, raw vs empathic 23:02 We make readers feel unambitious :( 24:17 Limitations of content formats 27:26 TWS is self-righteous 32:00 OP elaborated more 35:03 Bye bye :(
19/08/202338 minutes 31 seconds
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Why this financial agent doesn't take commissions and why Asian fathers struggle to be vulnerable

Watch this to understand how your financial agent is actually being paid, and what your options are.We also talk about parenthood and why Asian parents find it so hard to be emotionally vulnerable with their kids.⁠0:00⁠ Intro⁠1:24⁠ Convo starts⁠12:06⁠ Flashy agents and flashy wealth⁠20:56⁠ Chris' childhood⁠25:39⁠ Being caught in the wealth trap⁠30:14⁠ Working hard VS Time with family⁠38:00⁠ Asian parents and affection⁠43:22⁠ Fresh grads, do this now⁠46:50⁠ What are rich people like?⁠50:27⁠ Financial freedom as a MINDSET Providend's Podcast:
27/07/202356 minutes 9 seconds
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We interview our first hire

Meet Vivienne, she's the first person we hired since we went full-time with The Woke Salaryman. 2.5 years ago, Viv left an amazing job at a very esteemed bank to join our humble little rickety company. 2.5 years on, our company is still rickety; but she has become indispensable. We interview Viv in this podcast about what it's like to go from a huge, highly regarded MNC to a tiny SME, whether she has any regrets, and what we do well and not so well.
17/06/20231 hour 39 seconds
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At The Woke Salaryman, we create content by writing and drawing. A.I. solutions for these 2 functions are getting really really good. Are we at risk? In this podcast, we discuss specific short and long-term worries we have about A.I. We also talk about what we'll do if we are fresh grads entering the market now.
10/06/202348 minutes 45 seconds
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Are hawkers sustainable in Singapore?

Hawker culture is very important to Singapore culture. Central to the definition of HAWKER is the idea that hawker food should be CHEAP and GOOD; but are hawkers still financially sustainable in a world with aggressive inflation? Can hawker prices keep up with inflation and still satisfy customer expectations of low prices? We talk about this and more with Faye Sai, one of the three siblings that run Coffee Break: a third-generation hawker store at Amoy Street Food Center. They took over the stall from their father, and they serve traditional-style coffee in a hawker setting.
12/05/20231 hour 14 minutes 11 seconds
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Singapore is the most expensive country to retire in

We talk about this infographic that compares the cost of retiring around the world. Singapore is the most expensive country apparently. We discuss why this is so and what Singaporeans can do. Source: Original source: (The link to the original source article doesn't seem to be working anymore but you can still find the infographic if you google 'Netcredit cost of retiring around the world'.) Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 2:18 Reasons why Singapore is the most expensive country to retire in 2:24 Singapore's unique position as a city-state 3:22 Retiring in Malaysia? 6:16 Retiring in Australia? 9:09 Retiring in Japan? 11:14 Prices of retiring at different countries 11:49 Pros and cons of retiring overseas 11:56 The value of the Singapore dollar 13:24 Size of the
11/03/202345 minutes 15 seconds
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Do we become more conservative with age?

It may be hard to believe but we used to be very left-leaning when we were younger. This is us reacting to a short clip of an older fellow with a nice voice talking about how his political leanings shifted as he grew older. Original video: (This is purely anecdotal and qualitative of course, we know plenty of people who stayed left, or became MORE left with age.)
02/03/202319 minutes 40 seconds
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Almost half of Singaporeans don't have enough savings to last 6 months

We react to a report summarizing how Singaporeans are doing when it comes to financial wellness in the past year. Read the report here:
24/02/202336 minutes 55 seconds
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Are most bosses incompetent? The Peter Principle REACTION

(Sry there was an issue with the export so some parts were muted. We've fixed it) This is a bit late but we intended not to publish this for audio initially. But I think we will just drop it anyway because it's quite a good discussion. Hope y'all enjoy! The original clip can be found on YouTube if you just search for 'The Peter Principle'.
13/12/202222 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep 10: Quiet quitting? Really?

Setting healthy boundaries with work, measuring productivity, attendance vs work done. Time stamps:  0:00 What is quiet quitting and our thoughts on this 3:45 Is quiet quitting just setting healthy boundaries and pushing back against hustle culture? 8:45 Make productivity part of the negotiation with your boss 9:00 How quiet quitting might be damaging for your career long term 11:42 How companies manage employees out in response to quiet quitting 13:54 Comparing this with hikikomori and the lie flat movement 15:54 What will we do if our employees are quiet quitting? 19:15 Our thoughts on companies managing people out 21:08 What will we do if we're thinking of quiet quitting 26:05 Understanding markers of productivity as a response to the quiet quitting culture 28:03 The top 1% of workforce talent and the benefits that come with it
07/09/202234 minutes 14 seconds