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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 6 seasons, 44 episodes, 16 hours, 12 minutes
The Wizard Liz, Spotify podcast(Just to say that i'm not the Wizard Liz, i'm just a fan, uploading her vids into Spotify. To see her vids go on The Wizard Liz youtube, follow her plus to give her support, she is the best, in mental health, turning you into a bad beech and i just want to share her words)
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Stop comparing yourself to others - PERSEPHONES MIND

you are unique
4/1/202416 minutes, 33 seconds
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Watch this if you feel bad

4/1/202416 minutes, 21 seconds
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How to become extremely seductive

We can all say that liz is a pure beauty. let her give you her advices
4/1/202423 minutes, 34 seconds
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How to become rich - THE WIZARD LIZ

Money is key to life, wouthout money what can you do? nothing, let liz help you
4/1/202424 minutes, 54 seconds
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Life Advice - THE WIZARD LIZ

Special Episode
1/28/202446 minutes, 56 seconds
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Life lessons from a people pleaser - THE WIZARD LIZ - Audio

I'm repubishing the same episode but in audio because some other platforms are not available for videos. the wizard liz is back, i hope y'all gonna like this episode, and i dont understand why but there is one episode who is not free and you have to pay for it, y'all try to listen to it and if it blocks i'm gonna delete it and reupload it, and please give answers back in the Q&R
5/6/202325 minutes, 15 seconds