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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 8 hours 13 minutes
We are said to be a product of what we see and hear. We are the sum total of our surroundings. Even in the midst of the chaos that might characterize Zimbabwe, there is so much beauty, hope and power we can find in seemingly trivial things around us. With this podcast, I share my experiences in life and the amazing experiences of other people’s lives. Stories that inspire. Stories that give hope. Stories that are heartwarming. Such stories and more, make the Will-Kae experience. Experience this podcast with me as we “life” together and grow together. God - Wisdom - Money - Power - Respect! Support this podcast:
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E11: The Power That Be | The Experience With Curtly Gwindi

I chopped it up with my little brother Curtly and as usual it was real talk, banter and just some profound knowledge coming from him. Biggest take away was the encouragement that when you are down don't think you are going to stay down. So proud of the man you are becoming little bro.  Let's Connect - Links Below:    Website:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Snapchat: @Will-Kae    For Bookings Contact: [email protected]    Shout out to Curtly... follow him on all social media platforms: @CurtlyGwindi    Copyright © 2021 The Will-Kae Experience and The Red Zone Media Group All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any
02/02/202236 minutes 3 seconds
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E10: The Power That Be | The Experience With Mthokozisi Mpofu

I chopped it up with one of my close friends of over a decade. Just banter, real talk, reflection and projection. We touched on networking, golf, investing, distractions, staying focused and the likes. My biggest take away from this was just wake up and want to be better for you and nobody else. Keep going and don't stop for anyone. &nbsp; Let's Connect - Links Below: &nbsp; Website: Instagram: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqa2xlRG8wUWlnQ0xlb3h1bzVwdFR2aVVoYVdxQXxBQ3Jtc0trci12V3QxM09rc21HT051QVRZeUZLc1NJdDB0REhVMTZuQldaT
26/01/202238 minutes 55 seconds
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E9: The Power That Be | Life As It Is with Tapiwa Bengewa (WEKWEDU)

We all come from different walks of life but the degrees of separation are now less because of Social Media. Don't just be on your phone for the sake of it, use it to tap into circles you previously had no reach! Cheers to this lad for reaching out and now each time he is in Harare he makes it a point to drop by. He recently finished his A' Levels completing them with 14 Points A A B, Well done! --- Support this podcast:
28/04/202144 minutes 39 seconds
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E8: The Power That Be | Taking & Creating Opportunities with Fungai Mettler (Raw Stories Podcast)

I was hosted by a Zimbabwean born lady (Fungai Mettler) on her ‘Raw Stories Podacast’ we discussed Taking & Creating opportunities. I explain the relocation back to Zimbabwe from Australia. --- Support this podcast:
24/02/202137 minutes 14 seconds
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E7: The Power That Be | Start Where You Are With Incorporatezimcast (Guest)

I was honoured to be invited to be the first speaker on Incorporatezimcast. One of the most valid podcasts for youth in Zim right now and my message to them was simply Start Where You Are! Everything else will follow in due time. --- Support this podcast:
22/02/20211 hour 5 minutes 31 seconds
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E6: The Power That Be | Note To Self

In this introspective episode, I use the podcast as a mirror to speak to myself and remind myself that in the same manner that I share love and passion with others, I ought to do it with self. As I speak to self, I hope you are also reminded to speak to your inner person. Bless --- Support this podcast:
12/02/202122 minutes 17 seconds
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E5: The Power That Be | Purpose & Influence With Tehn Diamond

Tehn Diamond is widely known for his lyrical prowess as one of the finest rappers to ever come out of Zimbabwe. In what he described as a reality similar to that of Batman and Bruce Wayne, he spoke about the evolution of his identity and everything around it. It was a conversation on purpose, rediscovery, faith and more. All in all, it was a grand conversation with this multi-faceted creative. --- Support this podcast:
03/02/202148 minutes 35 seconds
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E4: The Power That Be | Music & Life with Bryan K

Bryant K is like a gift that keeps on giving. He is one of the few people that I know who have fully immersed themselves in the love of their craft. I was incredibly honoured to have a chat with him about his music and life in general. (Kiriba) --- Support this podcast:
27/01/202150 minutes 55 seconds
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E3: The Power That Be | Parenting With SHALdo

Not only do we credit them for bringing us into this world, but for also guiding us through life in this world. Today my guest and I talk about our first superheroes, our first role models, our parents. --- Support this podcast:
20/01/20211 hour 6 minutes 15 seconds
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E2: The Power That Be | Ask For Help!

When in need of help, ask! If you don’t ask the answer will always be no! I spent the first 13 days of 2021 facing hell but with the support and help from, friends, family and strangers i managed to get through it and that's when i relearned what i had learnt a couple of yours ago! I can be Superman and Clark Kent at the same time. A problem shared is a problem solved! Enjoy Episode 2! #GWMPR --- Support this podcast:
14/01/202124 minutes 36 seconds
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E1: The Power That Be | Intention with SHALdo

When I sit down with people in my circle, we talk about everything and nothing in what seems like a rambling of thoughts. Our conversations are a grand reflection of how life plays itself out. Having been placed under locked down restrictions much earlier than anyone could’ve have anticipated, I found myself reflecting through it with my right-hand man, SHALdo. This marked the intro to the podcast. Welcome to The Will-Kae experience. #GWMPR --- Support this podcast:
07/01/202154 minutes 49 seconds
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Intro to “The Experience”

2021 is the year of intention. My biggest intention with this podcast is to share my experiences of life with you. Let’s “life” together and grow together. --- Support this podcast:
02/01/20213 minutes 55 seconds