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English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 17 seasons, 232 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 32 minutes
The Wicked Library is a Parsec Award winning show featuring horror fiction stories from upcoming, new, independent and bestselling authors. Our Tales of terror are read by Host / Producer, Daniel Foytik and other popular voice actors and feature custom music to bring the stories to life. Each episode features the work of some of the best voices in independent horror fiction. Authors of all types have contributed stories, like Jessica McHugh, KB Goddard, C. Bryan Brown, Stephanie Wytovich, and bestselling authors like Neil Gaiman and Owl Goingback. If you'd like to be a featured author on the show see our website for submission guidelines.
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The Wicked Library Presents: The Viridian Wild 1.1 - Snurgle Snort

Today we wanted to present an episode of an audio drama called The Viridian Wild.The show is created by our good friend Davis Walden who has appeared as an author on this show two times so far, hosted last week's Pride Month Celebration Anthology episode, and is our new sound designer on Victoria's Lift.The Viridian Wild follows mythozoologist Sebastian Verwood as he travels the world studying magical creatures. Get more episodes wherever you listen to podcasts or at this episode:Sebastian releases an animal into the wild.(Content Warnings: Animal death, animal eating habits, animal mating habits, animal violence, animal injury, missing persons, animal attack, human death, humans as food source for animal, wilderness injury)The Viridian Wild is created, written, and produced by Davis Walden with creative consulting by Nicole Miller. Our music is composed by Daryl Banner. This episode features the voice of Davis Walden as Sebastian.
6/25/202118 minutes, 2 seconds
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TWL Presents, The Grey Rooms S3E1: Venus Fly Trap

Today we present an episode from our friends over at The Grey Rooms ( The Grey Rooms is a weekly horror anthology podcast set within an episodic narrative.Each week the season’s guest is forced to choose between two doors, seeking to unravel the mystery that trapped them in this endless torment. Behind each door, our guests face the extremes of the human condition. They love, live, weep, and die. Over, and over, and over again.Come listen to the show calls, “Tales from the Crypt meets Quantum Leap."THE GREY ROOMS INTRO – “Welcome to Ash Manor”A new protagonist has joined the Rooms. He does not seem impressed. Let’s show him what’s behind door #1, shall we?Written by Michael ZenkeBeckett performed by Eddie CooperTodd performed by Alistair MackeyThe Warden performed by Jason Wilson S3E1 – VENUS FLY TRAPMalfunctions on a space station are putting its crew in peril. While everyone else is scrambling to make repairs, one astronaut becomes rather curious about the cat that is following him everywhere. It has been said that in space, no one can hear you scream. That’s because the meowing is too loud…Written by Jason PourisJohn performed by Graham RowatKatya performed by Tanja MilojevicMakena performed by Anjali BhimaniLi Wei performed by Ewan ChungStation System performed by Michael Zenke
2/7/202153 minutes, 28 seconds