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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 16 episodes, 7 hours, 14 minutes
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Bumble Ad Controversy & The Problem with Dating Apps: My Journey from Intentional Singleness to Dating While Celibate

Fumi discusses "The Bumble Fumble" Ad Controversy, and her thoughts on what it reveals about the problem with dating apps. She also shares the details of her journey from intentional singleness to dating while celibate for the first time EVER. I will explore the latest dating app controversy and share some valuable insights. Join Fumi's Mailing List: ⁠⁠ Dating While Celibate Course: ⁠⁠ Non-sexual Intimacy eBook: ⁠⁠ Flagship Course: ⁠ ⁠Discord Community: ⁠ Chapters 00:44 - intro 01:09 - background on the controversy + summary of the ad 03:09 - what the ad says about dating today 04:44 - where the Bumble model went wrong 05:34 - the problem with dating apps 07:02 - my celibacy journey + my reasons 10:32 - dating today objectifies women 12:08 - my intentional singleness journey + embarrassing realizations 14:50 - dating again after 5 years out of the dating scene 18:49 - date while you’re chasing your goals 22:41 - it is important to talk to men you’re attracted to 23:17 - what my celibacy journey is built on 25:00 - my journey dating for experience and why I don’t recommend it 26:27 - my experience dating as a celibate woman 27:53 - unspoken pressure a lot of women feel  29:03 - celibacy as a tool to decenter men 31:26 - bumble ad reveals an unfortunate fact 33:09 - the cost of compromise 34:12 - high value men are willing to respect celibacy --- Support this podcast:
5/15/202436 minutes, 46 seconds
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Friendship First - How dating for friendship lands you the love you want

How a mindset toward friendship can help you enjoy dating more and choose better prospects. For the video, see: how dating for friendship gets you the love you want | Fumi --- Support this podcast:
5/6/20249 minutes, 29 seconds
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Common Dating and Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Running through some of the most common dating and relationship mistakes women make—including mistakes I have made in the past! --- Support this podcast:
4/3/202425 minutes, 2 seconds
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How to Deal with TOXIC People who are Close to You - Marry my Husband Reaction

Marry my Husband was a Kdrama sensation that had people talking! One particular aspect that has been the focus of many conversations is the complex relationship between the protagonist and her best friend, Su-Min. On the surface, their friendship seems strong and supportive. However, as we delve deeper into the story, it becomes clear that toxic elements are present in their dynamic. This begs the question: how do you recognize a toxic person, especially when they are someone close to you? There are several red flags to look out for when identifying toxic behavior in a person. These can include constantly putting you down, manipulating or controlling your actions and decisions, being overly critical or judgmental, and displaying jealous or possessive tendencies. I discuss this, and more in this episode. Watch the YouTube video here: --- Support this podcast:
3/20/202426 minutes, 26 seconds
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3 Character Traits that Landed me over 900k Followers, a White House Internship, and Two Ivy League Degrees

Looking to achieve and maintain success? In this podcast episode, I explore 3 Character Traits that Landed me over 900k Followers, a White House Internship, and Two Ivy League Degrees. A combination of three character traits has been linked to success: a sense of superiority, a feeling of insecurity, and impulse control. Here I not only delve into the origins of this theory, I also explain and discuss how I was able to harness these traits in my own journey to help you achieve your goals. From career success to social media content creation, I examine the ways in which these characteristics can impact your life. Tune in for practical tips on how to cultivate these traits and apply them to your own journey towards success. Don't miss this enlightening episode! --- Support this podcast:
4/18/202312 minutes, 24 seconds
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You Want to be His Rocky Road - Inside the Mind of Men

Welcome back to the White Mic Podcast with Fumi! Our guest Eli shares valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the often confusing and challenging world of dating, from online dating to in-person interactions. With a focus on empowering women to approach dating with confidence and clarity, this podcast is a must-listen for any woman looking to find love and build a fulfilling relationship. Tune in now and discover how to transform your dating life! Find Eli below: All my links --- Coaching Program Instagram Facebook Group: --- Support this podcast:
4/11/20231 hour, 1 minute, 6 seconds
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Happily Ever Afters for the Women who are Supposed to "Die Alone"

What happens when the women they say will die alone get their happily ever after? A deep dive in misogyny, misogynoir, and the resentment towards the empowerment of women in their romantic endeavors.  --- Support this podcast:
1/19/202316 minutes, 25 seconds
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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Date like Lori Harvey

Listen as Fumi analyzes the dating moves of none other than Lori Harvey, the ultimate modern-day relationship expert. In this episode of our podcast, we dive deep into some hard dating truths to see what we can learn about finding love and keeping it. Whether you're a seasoned dater or new to the game, this episode is packed with valuable advice to help you navigate the dating world and find the perfect match. Tune in now and learn how to stand out and make a lasting impression with the one you want. --- Support this podcast:
1/17/202323 minutes, 15 seconds
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how to be the one that got away

In this episode, Fumi discusses the importance of mindset in dating and the reality of being the one who got away. Learn to date like a man, and move on with no regrets once you realize that the relationship no longer serves your best interests. --- Support this podcast:
1/3/20238 minutes, 41 seconds
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How to Get Over a Breakup - Main Character Syndrome + Adopting an Abundance Mindset

Fumi interviews Funmi Monet, your favorite fragrance aunty, to discuss how to get over a breakup, realizing you are not the main character, adopting an abundance mindset, dealing with negativity, and the re-release of her new fragrance --Exalte! Hope you like this video :) --- Support this podcast:
12/21/202225 minutes, 48 seconds
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Your time is a Luxury - Perfecting the Art of Saying NO - with Funmi Monet

Funmi Monet, your favorite fragrance aunty, joins the podcast to discuss how she found her passion, how to make friends in your late twenties and early thirties, dealing with negativity, and the re-release of her new fragrance --Exalte! --- Support this podcast:
12/19/202236 minutes, 17 seconds
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how hunger and delusion helps you build the life you want

Fumi invites her best friend from undergrad, Odochi, to join the podcast to discuss dealing with the expectations of others, the importance of the pivot, and how hunger and delusion helps you build the life you truly want.  In this episode, Fumi shares how she made the switch from premed to prelaw, and the hurdles of balancing the expectations of others with authenticity and passion. --- Support this podcast:
12/15/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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how to get a boyfriend - start answering your DMs, ask the right questions, and know when to leave

Fumi interviews Victoria de Vall of "Victoria's Thoughts" to discuss how to get a boyfriend, what to look for when vetting a man, reclaiming celibacy, and how to communicate in relationships. --- Support this podcast:
12/12/202223 minutes, 40 seconds
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dark femininity and surrender as her super power - “to the man who made me a woman”

Victoria de Vall of Victoria's Thoughts joins the podcast to discuss dark femininity, celibacy, intentional singleness, and the power of surrender. --- Support this podcast:
12/9/202247 minutes, 54 seconds
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my podcast is finally here - hard launch, cryptic name reveal, topics

I'm Fumi, aka mahamaven, and I am finally here with the first episode of my long awaited podcast--The White Mic podcast. Here we will discuss everything from LOVE, to confidence and mindset.  I hope you guys enjoy the content, and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you would like to see more of. --- Support this podcast:
12/2/20223 minutes, 25 seconds