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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 14 episodes, 12 hours, 58 minutes
Welcome to The Wellness Routine with your host, Emmy Hughes! This is a space for self growth, self discovery, honoring your body and mind, educating yourself, finding compassion for yourself and having a great time! Emmy talks about mental, emotional, and physical well being, relationships, with ourselves and others, herbalism, and so much more! Connect with Emmy below - Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
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14. balancing feminine and masculine energies, astrology, and the summer solstice

In this episode Emmy talks about balancing our feminine and masculine energies, what the balance vs. imbalance looks like and how to find your own personal road to finding balance. She talks about the start of the summer season, and how that's closely tied to the start of the astrological Cancerian season. Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
6/23/202231 minutes, 39 seconds
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13. my favorite medicinal herbs and what they help with + other favorites

In this episode Emmy talks about adaptogens, probotics, algaes, herbs you're probably more familiar with from your kitchen pantry, and how she uses them to take care of her mental, physical, and emotional body. **Disclaimer: Emmy is not a healthcare professional, these are just some of her favorite herbs that work with her body to keep it feeling good, every body is different and needs different care and attention so please check with your doctor and do your own research before starting to take anything she talks about in the podcast today.  Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine Email :: [email protected]
6/16/202257 minutes, 42 seconds
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12. why I stopped waiting for things to change to change my life

In this episode Emmy dives into how changing the long held negative self beliefs she had for most of her life helped her move through fear, worry, and doubt to living the life she really wanted.  Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine Email :: [email protected]
6/2/202243 minutes, 1 second
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11. how to succeed in new endeavors, projects, and life

There's so much in life that keeps us from pursuing our passions, and so much we can do to combat the fears, doubt, and worries that keep us from the life we really want. In this episode I talk about all of the ways I have succeeded in new projects, jobs and life. It's been a long journey so there's a lot to share! Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine Email :: [email protected]
5/26/202256 minutes, 56 seconds
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10. self-confidence advice from a capricorn

Self-confidence isn’t just born one day, it’s practiced over and over again, it’s a choice we make each day, again and again. It’s a skill, a muscle we must put effort and intention into each day until we get so good at it that our confidence can run on automatic. In this episode I talk about my journey to true, deep, lasting self-confidence and go in depth on all of the ways I work to build my confidence each day. Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
5/19/20221 hour
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9. how I romanticize my life by cultivating my routine

In this episode I talk about all of the ways to start falling in love with your day-to-day life, not waiting for your next vacation, or weekend to start living your dream life. Romanticizing your life means loving your life.  Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
5/12/202254 minutes, 41 seconds
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8. PMS, periods, and what I do to make my cramps less awful

I talk about hormone balancing, painful periods, how I take care of myself as I move through my cycle and all through my month and give you ideas of how you can feel better at any point in your cycle Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
5/5/202257 minutes, 44 seconds
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7. why being your own best friend is worth the energy investment

Why does it seem so much easier to look for love, affection, attention and self worth from others when we can give it all to ourselves? In this episode I talk about my own journey navigating myself to a place of wholeness and loving life, being my own best friend and giving myself all of the love and compassion I used to only give to others. It's worth it to make a home within ourselves, it's going to be the best thing we invest in.  Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
4/21/202251 minutes, 50 seconds
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6. how I manage anxiety when things get tough

In this episode I share all of the ways I've learned to take care of myself and manage my anxiety during the hardest, most stressful experiences in my life.  Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
4/17/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 47 seconds
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5. how to become *THAT girl* with a 9-5 job

In this episode I talk about how I'm making time for all of things I want to be doing with my time, how I'm becoming the girl of my dreams and how I'm managing negative self talk, self sabotaging and lack mentality by putting myself and my mental and physical health first! Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
4/15/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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4. how to overcome perfectionism and self doubt, with my sister Brigitte

My sister and I chat about how we've overcome our perfectionist nature, self doubt and started building the minds, bodies, and lives we can love and enjoy everyday. Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast TikTok :: thewellnessroutine
4/9/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 45 seconds
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3. bringing *weekend energy* into your week

Weekend energy is exciting, happy, powerful, it refuels us, relaxes us, it's everything good and everything we work towards through the week. In this episode, Emmy talks about how to release limiting beliefs and bring that weekend energy into your work week! Email :: [email protected] Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast Tiktok :: thewellnessroutine
4/7/202230 minutes, 13 seconds
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2. making time for yourself with too much on your plate

Emmy talks about her experience trying to make time for herself with too much on her plate and gives you ideas on how to make time for yourself in a busy and chaotic world  Email :: [email protected]  Instagram :: @thewellnessroutinepodcast  Tiktok :: thewellnessroutine
4/7/202257 minutes
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1. how I healed from my eating disorder pt. 1

The very first episode of The Wellness Routine podcast!  **Trigger warning** in this episode I talk very candidly about my journey healing from my 22 year long eating disorder.  Questions or need advice? Email me at [email protected] or DM @thewellnessroutinepodcast on Instagram.
3/27/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 53 seconds