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The Weekly Metaverse Business Brief

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AIXR and Zuri Lives bring you the biggest news in metaverse, VR / AR, Web3 and Realtime. In bite sized updates (Less than 5 minutes) stay up to date on the latest advancements in these cutting edge technologies and find out how they'll impact your world. The WMB is released every Monday, alongside our weekly written brief:
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Nvidia pushes for HTML of the Metaverse and Apple's headset has a name?

Meta announced that it will now let users post their NFTs across both Instagram and Facebook. To post an NFT on either Instagram or Facebook, users need to connect their wallet to the app. Some compatible wallets include Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Wallet. Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset has a name, according to a Bloomberg report earlier this week. The outlet spotted trademarks filed by Apple-affiliated firms for nam
05/09/20224 minutes 15 seconds
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Sony Playstation VR2 Faces off with Meta's New VR Headset #Aug-29

Good morning Metaverse Business Brief readers. Let’s take a dive into the biggest news from the industry in our weekly roundup. Sony says the PlayStation VR2 is going to launch in early 2023. Meta rolls out the new Metaverse ID system. Mark Zuckerberg says Meta’s VR headset will launch in October. The BFI London Film Festival announces their immersive lineup “LFF Expanded And much more...
29/08/20224 minutes 51 seconds
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Virtual Real Estate Crashes, $100m Fund Launches & Nvidia Go All In #Aug-15

Top Stories in the WEekly Metaverse Business Brief: At the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, Nvidia revealed their latest set of software innovations The virtual real estate market is crashing despite a McKinsey report predicting a $5 trillion market by 2030. Lenovo teased a ‘Legion VR700’ headset in a poster shared on social media in China. Receive a copy of the WMB direct to your inbox every Monday >>>
16/08/20225 minutes 13 seconds
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Conjoined Twins Separated by VR, Resident Evil 4 and Zenith Fight for GOTY #Aug-8

Top stories in the Weekly Metaverse Business Brief:  Brazilian twins who were joined at the head have been successfully separated with the help of virtual reality. 2022 Finalists for the 6th International VR Awards have been announced. Synchron has implanted its BCI in a human for the first time. Gym Class just closed an $8 million seed round from Andreessen Horowitz. Receive a copy of the WMB direct to your inbox every Monday >>>
08/08/20225 minutes 33 seconds
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Meta in trouble, Variant raises $450m & VR Chat Blocks Mods WMB #Aug01

Today in the Weekly Metaverse Business Brief:  Starting in August, Meta's Quest 2 VR headsets - the world's most affordable headset - will both go up in price by $100. The Venice International Film Festival unveiled its selection for Venice Immersive. VRChat has had a difficult week. After announcing that it would be implementing a new anti-cheat system that would ban all client modifications. The FTC is suing to block Meta's acquisition of VR fitness app. Claiming that the deal would violate antitrust laws. Receive a copy of the WMB direct to your inbox every Monday, and view past issues:
01/08/20224 minutes 6 seconds