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The Weekly I Ching

English, Education, 2 seasons, 54 episodes, 21 hours, 59 minutes
Weekly advice from the ancient Oracle, the I Ching
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ep. 53 - A cycle has ended, you were asleep, now awaken

We are deeply saddened to announce that Dr. Bobby Klein has departed from this dimension. He joined his guides, teachers and loved ones Tuesday, March 15th. His memory and teachings will prevail through time and in our hearts. We love you Bobby. Rest in Peace. —This is a replay of the last hexagram of the IChing #64   Wei Ji Not Yet Crossing At this time you will need no translator, shrink, guru, shaman, or priest to tell you what is being said and how to behave; rather, you will know it from your intuitive voice of inner wisdom, the voice that got you here, standing fully awake at this place at this time, fully exposed and with no fear, guilt or shame. Close old chapters and cut off the dead weight with a sharp, swift sword of compassion and light. Your releasing of the old will free you from the bondage that has been holding you back for many moons. Be brutally honest with your self and look to what or who you have been holding in bondage and swiftly release them. In that release you will be free, for in a prison the one that is most confined is the jailer. Laugh, sing, dance and be joyous, and let yourself be found.
3/19/20229 minutes, 25 seconds
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ep. 38 - A time of protection

You have garnered attention by your recent personal accomplishments and advancements. Normally it would seem that it is time to use this notice as fuel to move further toward your goals. It looks that way… but it is not such a time. Do not fall prey to the temptation of ego to take the good vibes, notice, and acclaim given you by your tribe and community to move further toward your goal of love and abundance. It seems energetically more than possible. Now you will benefit from making a plan and sticking to it.
12/4/202118 minutes, 31 seconds
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ep. 15 - Correct connections will be made

It is the time. Heaven and Earth are joining; Intuition is your guiding light.
6/27/202120 minutes, 19 seconds
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ep. 14 - Don't look outside yourself for the answers

You are the leader of your quest.
6/20/202117 minutes, 8 seconds
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ep. 10 - Making change from within

Give way to the teachings of others Work with purpose and gusto Walk with fellow programs who align with you and your view Do not lead: Follow
5/23/202125 minutes, 11 seconds
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ep. 9 - Gentle changes

Gentle changes correct old no longer useful patterns. 
5/16/202127 minutes, 51 seconds
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ep. 8 - Releasing old patterns

#40 Xie Unraveling Zhen  Shake, arouse, inspire, excite: thunder rising from the Earth Kan    Gorge, test, a critical time: a swift stream tearing through a gorge; proceed with caution.
5/9/202130 minutes, 47 seconds
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ep. 6 - Behold

A stunning moment of time is here. Observe and honor the stillness you see in nature. 
4/24/202134 minutes, 34 seconds
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ep. 3 - Prepare For Success

A gentle wind is rising over the water. This indicates that the obstacles that have been blocking your progress are now, calmly and gently being removed.
4/3/202117 minutes, 59 seconds
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ep.2 - Finding Stillness

Finding stillness in times of transformation, is one of the most powerful lessons within the I Ch'ing. Once learned, this will be your medicine in this world of yin and yang, darkness and light.
3/27/202114 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Weekly I Ching with Bobby Klein - Trailer

Join I Ching Master, Bobby Klein weekly as he translates the 5000 year old ancient oracle, bringing powerful insights to bring answers to questions in your daily life and beyond. Bobby has been translating the I Ching for over 40 years and is considered a Master Interpreter of the Oracle from his background as one of the first licensed Acupuncturists in the United States, Bobby has been devoted to the Tao as a student and practitioner and has dedicated his life's work to preserving this rich tradition for modern day solutions. Join Bobby as he brings these messages to thousands of individuals each week.
3/16/20211 minute, 6 seconds