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English, Sciences, 2 seasons, 12 episodes, 6 hours, 10 minutes
Up to the minute environmental news and deep dives into some of the biggest - and weirdest - climate stories from across the globe. An irreverent and thought provoking podcast on the health of the planet, for anyone who happens to live on it (or just vacations here). Hosted by longtime brothers Chris and Donnie Stemp, The Week on Earth is like John Oliver's TV show, only slightly less funny (the environment's just not that funny). Produced by Peabody award winner Elease Lui with music by Grammy award winner Amy Aileen Wood.
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Footprints on the Moon: The Season One Finale

In the final episode of the season, Donnie and Chris talk about what they've learned, the terrifying awesomeness of the universe, climate optimism, Halloween candy, and where the podcast is going next!Featuring only the Stemp brothers, without any pesky scientists or climate experts getting in the way. Plus the news of the week. Stay in touch over the break at [email protected]!
10/31/202236 minutes, 59 seconds
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Carbon from Space!

This week we hitch a ride on the International Space Station to monitor and understand our CO2 emissions. And we finally get an answer to our question, does our breathing contribute to climate change?Featuring Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee, the project scientist for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 at JPL. Plus, the latest climate news of the week.
10/24/202238 minutes, 26 seconds
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Beyond HFCs: What's in my Air Conditioner Now?

In the thrilling conclusion of our three-episode series, we learn about the next generation of cutting edge refrigerants, and go shopping for Donnie's new AC unit.Featuring Phil McKenna of Inside Climate News and Christina Theodoridi of the NRDC. Plus, the latest climate news of the week!
10/17/202230 minutes, 6 seconds
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Beyond Ozone: HFCs and the Next Big Climate Win

So what happened after we saved the ozone layer? We moved on to another destructive chemical, this one causing climate change. But brand new developments have produced another massive climate win against HFCs! Is it enough?Featuring NRDC policymaker Christina Theodoridi, Inside Climate News reporter Phil McKenna, and documentary director Jamie Lochhead. Plus the climate news of the week.
10/10/202228 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Ozone Hole: How Ronald Reagan Saved the Planet

Or Chris's alternate title, "Ozone: A Big-ass Hole." The astounding story of how the planet came together to solve the pressing environmental issue of its time (under conservatives Reagan and Thatcher, no less!). With the dire threat of climate change looming, what can we learn from this story going forward?This episode features Jamie Lochhead, the director of the PBS documentary 'The Hole: How We Saved the Planet." Plus the latest climate news of the week.
10/3/202231 minutes, 15 seconds
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Carbon Sucks!

Or, how to suck carbon. In this episode, Donnie and Chris try really hard to understand CO2, our most prolific greenhouse gas. Featuring UCLA scientist and X-Prize winner Dr. Gaurav Sant from the Institute of Carbon Management, and Mike McGee, the creator of Plus the latest climate news.
9/26/202233 minutes, 10 seconds
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Who Killed the Electric Mail Truck?

A Week on Earth Whodunit! In this episode we explore the controversy around the push for electrification of the USPS mail fleet. Featuring Katherine Garcia of the Sierra Club, Britt Carmon and Frank Sturges of the NRDC, University of Michigan scientist Max Woody, and, the "evil postmaster general" himself! Also, the brothers reminisce about the time Donnie crashed his car into mailboxes, and a roundup of the week's environmental news.
9/19/202237 minutes, 33 seconds
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Crushed: Is Recycling Broken?

50 years of recycling messaging and we still can’t recycle properly in the USA. What on earth is going on?This episode features Mitch Hedlund, Founder and Executive Director of Recycle Across America, on the reasons why recycling remains unsuccessful,  Franziska Trautmann, co-founder of Glass Half Full NOLA, on the creation of the first glass recycling and coastline restoration facility in New Orleans, and our very own Uncle John, the unofficial mayor of Santa Barbara, on his town’s advanced new recycling facility. Plus, the week's latest climate news.
9/12/202240 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Cone of Silence: Why is nobody talking about the C word?

Is talking about climate change useful, or just a bunch of hot air? In this episode, we explore the importance of climate communication and the reasons people just don't talk about it. Learn how to talk climate at your next party - without your guests running away!And, we send Donnie to the mean streets of Santa Monica to have awkward conversations with random strangers about whether they talk about climate change. Plus the latest climate news of the week. Our episode features behavioralist Tom Bateman, climate communicator David Saddington, and presidential advisor/TV host Mark McKinnon.
9/5/202238 minutes, 59 seconds
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Toilet Paper: Are We Flushing Our Future Down the Drain?

In our premiere episode, we cut the crap and examine why we're wiping our butts with our most precious resource - and what we can do about it. You will be surprised how the simple act of switching to alternative toilet papers can have an immense impact on one of our most important carbon fighting tools, our forests. And, the caribou and wolverines will thank you. In this episode we feature Jennifer Skene of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as well as the founders of the alternative toilet paper brand Betterway.We'll also catch you up to date on the latest climate news of the week.
8/29/202227 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Week On Earth Begins

The first full episode of The Week On Earth will air on Monday, August 29th, 2022, and new episodes will follow every week after that.Check out this trailer to hear why you should subscribe!
8/22/20222 minutes