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English, Finance, 5 seasons, 54 episodes, 1 day 1 hour 20 minutes
Hosted by wedding business coach Faye Cornhill, The Wedding Business Podcast is here to motivate, energise and inspire you to grow a wildly profitable and successful wedding business. Each season Faye will share interviews with members of her community, how-to episodes to navigate you to success, Q&A episodes to answer all of your questions and meditations to help you find a place of business calm.
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Running a business with soul and connecting to your spirituality with Janie Wolverson

Before we dive into this episode, I HAVE AN INVITATION FOR YOU… NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN MY FREE 5-DAY BOOTCAMP! 3rd-7th October 2022 - Online workshop - 12pm In this week-long session, we’re learning my repeatable system which has helped over 8000 wedding business owners land their dream clients, who are ready to book AND pay your premium prices (even during a time of economic uncertainty!).  Click here to reserve your FREE SPACE! And check out my Instagram to keep an eye out for more of these opportunities- @fayecornhill</
03/10/202242 minutes 57 seconds
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Why Instagram shouldn't be your entire marketing strategy (and what should be!)

Good morning and welcome to this week's episode. In this session, I am giving you the wake-up call YOU need.  You do not own your Instagram account, say it with me now guys... Now, we all know how fantastic Instagram can be. But I am here to tell you, that you need to evaluate your investment in the platform, and most importantly your return from it. Is it your main source of enquiry? If the answer is no, then you need to listen to this podcast. In this episode, I am also teaching you my blogging top tips, and how to funnel your blogs into your everyday content and maximise your visibility. _______________________________ Before you go, I'm inviting YOU, to my FREE 5-DAY BOOTCAMP, that you can participate in from home. When?  3rd-7th October 2022, online workshop, 12pm daily Why? What will I learn? In this week-long session, we’
26/09/202247 minutes 44 seconds
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How to encourage body positivity in the wedding industry with Sally Jackson

Before we get into today's episode, I have a very exciting invitation for you to join my FREE MASTERCLASS! In these sessions, I will teach you The 4 Pillars to a Fully Booked Wedding Business, alongside sharing my tips and tricks in the world of marketing and social media. SAVE YOUR SPACE FOR THE MASTERCLASS NOW.  TW: in this episode, we talk about weight and body confidence  In today’s episode, I speak with Wedding Business Club member Sally Jackson about all things bridal confidence and positivity. Coming from a senior role in healthcare and nursing, Sally has always had an urge to help and coach people through illness. Alongside strong intere
19/09/202243 minutes 20 seconds
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How to keep your wedding business afloat during economic uncertainty

In today's episode,  I asked YOU a question…  ‘What is the biggest threat to your wedding business?’ Now, this is not an easy question by any means, but it does hold an abundance of importance for not only your business- but the wedding industry as a whole.  In this episode, I'm running you through my to-do list for beating this period of economic uncertainty and how you can use this period as a time to find those desired enquiries and better your wedding business. Need more on this topic? JOIN MY FREE 5-DAY BOOTCAMP! Learn my repeatable system which has helped over 8000 wedding business owners land dream clients who are ready to book AND pay your premium prices (even during a time of economic unc
14/09/202238 minutes 7 seconds
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How to Deal with Conflict in your wedding Business with Grania O'Brien

Today I am joined by the wonderful Grania O’Brien, a letterpress, stationery and calligraphy genius. After spending over ten years in a market research career, Grania began to find that, ’her creative itches… were no longer being scratched’. This is where Ink & Paper, a luxury letterpress brand, was born.  In this episode, Grania shares how she made her way into the wedding industry, how she copes with 2022 as a year of catch up and how she deals with the terrifying, yet almost unavoidable, subject of conflict.  Whether you are overcommitting to keep the books afloat or having supply chain issues, listen out for our top tips on stripping back the emotion and getting the job done. You can take a look at some of Grania’s creations over on her Instagram: @inkandpaper_ldn</p
05/09/202242 minutes 38 seconds
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Welcome to Season 5

A big hello, and a warm welcome to the new season of The Wedding Business Podcast! I am beyond excited to be back and I am so looking forward to chatting about all things business and the wedding industry once again.  We’re kicking off this 5th season by talking about the many hangover weddings that are still in play, climbing Kilimanjaro and even taking enquiries for 2026-2027 (crazy... right?). Alongside this, we also touch on the current state of the wedding industry in its busiest months and the normality that we hope is to come from the year 2023. But first, I would like to take a moment to really reflect on the summer so far. It's August, so a big pat on the back is due for reaching this milestone! But what I want to ask you,  is what have you learnt this year? And what are you taking into the next epic season? Acknowledge these highs, and perhaps lows an
29/08/202215 minutes 46 seconds