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Get ready to throw out the "starving artist" mindset on this empowering podcast for independent artists! Co-hosts Wilson Harwood and Sarah Clanton flip the script, encouraging artists to take the reins in their music business, create financial freedom and the life they've always imagined.
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How To Find A Music Manager

FREEE Single Release Checklist: have said it, maybe you have said it…”if someone could just help me with all this work, I would be so much farther along in my music career.” There is no doubt that this is true, but getting a music manager seems like this mystical thing that just happens to some people. However, there is definitely a way to get your ideal music manager and in this article that is what we are going to learn how to do!1) Find An Artist With A Similar Fan Base To YouThis may take a little work, but the first step is to find an artist who you admire and is farther along in their music career. You want to pick someone who’s fans would also like your music. Your music will most likely be similar, but it is more important that the fanbase will overlap. Imagine the artist you dream of opening up for and start there.The key to this is not to go
13/01/202311 minutes 58 seconds
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Use Spotify As A Marketing Tool

FREEE Single Release Checklist: of us want more streams on Spotify to ideally make more money from those streams, but what if I told you the money doesn’t matter? Or what if I said the money is a nice bonus, but should not be thought of as a reliable source of income in your music career. That’s right, I am trying to stir up the pot of how you think about Spotify or streaming in general in your music career. 
06/01/202312 minutes 14 seconds
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Ultimate Home Studio Set Up For Under $250

FREEE Single Release Checklist: you want to start recording your own music, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. This home studio set up will not break the bank and will get you some good results right out the door. I will say that I am not including studio monitors because you can use any pair of headphones or speakers you already have. I am also not including a computer since most people have some sort of computer they use for either work or personal use. Most computers these days can get you started on your home studio journey.So let’s dive into exactly what you will need to get some basic home recordings going. If you want to save even more money on these items than buy them used. I really like and Facebook Marketplace for finding great deals on used gear.0:00 - Intro1:24 - Recording Software2:15 - Audio Interface3:03 - Microphone4:05 - Mic Cable<br
30/12/20226 minutes 36 seconds
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5 Ways To Land More Sync Placements

FREEE Single Release Checklist: you want to get involved with the sync world and begin creating a passive income side to your artist career than these five tips will help you jump off in the right direction. Sync licensing is a very competitive space so having a leg up in the game can be very helpful. Let&apos;s go over five ways to increase the likelihood of getting sync placements.1) Create More Music RegularlyWith sync quantity really matters. The old adage of quality over quantify does not necessarily apply here. If you only release 1-5 songs a year your chances of landing placements goes way down. If you release one song a month then you will greatly improve your chances of getting those songs placed. The more the better. This does mean costs may go up, so try and collaborate with a producer for a percentage deal or learn how to produce songs yourself.2) Create Mu
23/12/20227 minutes 9 seconds
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How to Turn a Spare Room Into a Home Studio - Part 1

During the pandemic, many of us are learning to record at home. However, learning to record at home can feel positively overwhelming. Never fear, The Wealthy Artist Podcast is here! In this two part episode Wilson spoon-feeds us step by step just how to turn that spare room into a studio, today. In Part 1 learn what kind of room is best to record in and  what few pieces of gear you need and in Part 2 dive a bit deeper into setting up and choosing monitors, your listening position and how to acoustically treat your space. Episode Resource Guide:YOUTUBE: &quot;Soundproof Your Studio&quot; - Wilson&apos;s Free CourseREAD MORE: Wilson in ProMusic Guide &quot;How to Treat Your Home Studio for Mixing&quot;THE GEAR:Interface: <a href='
21/12/202024 minutes 15 seconds