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English, Arts, 12 seasons, 126 episodes, 2 days, 23 hours, 19 minutes
Going beyond the book with a wide range of authors to discover the story behind the books we love.
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David Nicholls

Fresh from breaking hearts with the TV adaptation of his bestselling One Day, David Nicholls came in to talk to us about his new novel, You Are Here, which introduces us to Marnie and Michael, two souls on an epic walk, on the precipice of a new friendship, and maybe more. We sat down to talk about his love of walking, music and, well... love.
4/23/202423 minutes, 13 seconds
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Percival Everett

Not many writers would be brave enough to take an American classic like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and rework it from a new perspective, but then Percival Everett isn’t like most writers. We sat down to talk about giving fresh voice to one of American literature’s most important characters, the whole concept of ‘black voices’ and what drives his prolific output.
4/19/202416 minutes, 8 seconds
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Zeinab Badawi

With African history having largely been told through a western lens, Zeinab Badawi travelled to over 30 countries in the continent of her birth over the course of 7 years, speaking with historians, archaeologists and academics in order to give them voice and weave an epic narrative from the cradle of humanity to a vibrant future.
4/16/202430 minutes, 55 seconds
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Marian Keyes

Rejoice! For Marian Keyes is back with another hilarious novel which follows Anna Walsh's move from New York back to Ireland, leaving expensive beauty products and easy access to HRT behind, for a moving confrontation with her past - and some small-town politics. We spoke with her about the surprisingly personal inspiration for this new tale, changing your personal narrative and what it takes to forgive people.
4/9/202429 minutes, 57 seconds
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Chimene Suleyman

When Chimene Suleyman went to an abortion clinic with her partner, she had no idea that this would be the last time she would see him; even less that she was not the only woman to have been manipulated and betrayed by him. In a frank and revelatory conversation we speak with her about the social media post that united these women in their experience, the chain of support they were able to offer each other, and how the persistent misogyny that allowed smart and self-aware women to be duped in this way must be interrogated and challenged.
4/2/202430 minutes, 53 seconds
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Stuart Turton

With a debut that became an immediate bestseller and a second novel that joined his first as a Waterstones Thriller of the Month, we were of course front of queue to find out where Stuart Turton might take us with his latest book. Did anyone guess a crime thriller set in a utopian community made up of the last humans on earth after a catastrophe has wiped out most of humanity? We sat down with him to talk about the hurdles of writing, how he got over them, and why he’s enjoying creating his fictional worlds more now than ever.
3/26/202426 minutes
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Dr. Charan Ranganath

If you’ve ever seen someone in the supermarket who you’re sure you know, but can’t remember their name, or had the answer for something on the tip of your tongue, or had that sense of deja-vu; this is the book for you. Using the latest memory research, neuroscientist Dr. Charan Ranganath helps us to understand more about how memory works, why it’s important to forget, and some tips to help you remember that person in the supermarket.
3/19/202424 minutes, 42 seconds
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Anna Jones

Anna Jones has always been a passionate advocate for vibrant, sustainable cooking that places vegetables centre stage. In her latest book, Easy Wins, she highlights 12 hero ingredients that will allow you to get maximum flavour into your food with minimum effort, the perfect solution for those who don’t want to compromise on taste but may have limited time to prepare meals. We visited her kitchen to whip up a little something and to find out more about the philosophy behind the book and to get some great tips and tricks to transform your culinary life.
3/12/202439 minutes, 42 seconds
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Gary Stevenson

Growing up in the shadow of Canary Wharf’s towers, Gary Stevenson always yearned for more. In an eye-opening conversation we learn how a simple card game changed his life and how a nose for how the world turns combined with a skill for maths led him to become the most successful trader in one of the world’s largest banks. Featuring larger-than-life characters we discuss why making millions from wealth inequality led to him leaving the obscene bonuses behind in an attempt to alert people to a dangerously broken system. This is The Trading Game.
3/5/202433 minutes, 49 seconds
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Sophie Elmhirst

The facts are compelling: A couple sailing to the other side of the globe, adrift after their yacht sinks and a battle to survive for 117 days. But the telling of that story is taken to whole new level by Sophie Elmhirst who uses her journalistic skills to uncover the facts and then takes us inside the marriage of her eponymous heroes. Who were Maurice and Maralyn, where did their spirit of adventure come from, and how was their relationship the key to survival?
2/27/202430 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sam Sedgman

Fresh from co-writing the brilliant Adventures on Trains series with M. G. Leonard, Sam Sedgman has created an ingenious new adventure for children that follows aspiring inventor, Isaac Turner, across London landmarks on the trail for clues to his father’s disappearance. We spoke with Sam about how a visit to Big Ben with his own father proved to be all the inspiration he needed to create this new series, why he finds the real world so much more fascinating than fantasy and where Isaac’s adventured may take him next.
2/6/202414 minutes, 55 seconds
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Alex Michaelides

An idyllic, private Greek island in the company of a movie star may sound like paradise but things are about to turn deadly in The Fury, the latest thriller from Alex Michaelides. In a fascinating conversation we learn more about how his Cypriot upbringing infuses his storytelling, the new approach to writing that freed up his style, plus the real-life Hollywood inspiration behind his latest creation.
1/30/202422 minutes, 38 seconds
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Chris Van Tulleken

You've been told the problem is salt, or sugar, or even you! But in a fascinating conversation with Chris Van Tulleken we discover why it’s not you, it's the food. And by food we mean 'industrially produced edible substance' - YUM! What is ultra-processed food, what is it doing to our bodies and the planet, and what can we do to improve our health?
1/23/202423 minutes, 43 seconds