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The Redskins Capital Connection - discussing all things Redskins, with guests each week such as Redskins players, local beat reporters, and national media personalities. Each week we break down the games, cover the big stories, and bring you insight and a bit of humor to top it all off! Follow hosts Chad (@ChadwikoRCC) and Mark (@RedskinsReview) on Twitter, and check out the website at
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Draft Eve Special, w/ Benjamin Allbright & Marc Sessler

We're back! Yes, although the Redskins Capital Connection hiatus was planned, it did end up going much longer than planned. But we're back, and what better time to return than on the cusp of the NFL Draft. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by two absolutely stellar guests today.  First they dial up NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright for the latest on trade offers for the #2 pick, what the situation is for Trent Williams, and what other storylines to watch for during this week's virtual NFL Draft. Next Chad goes one-on-one with friend of the show Marc Sessler from the NFL Network/Around the NFL podcast. Together they talk about how this draft can shape the identity of the Washington Redskins franchise moving forward in this new era under Ron Rivera.  Both discussions are fascinating and filled with great pearls of wisdom, and we know you'll enjoy them Redskins nation! Thanks for your patience while we were on hiatus, but now that we're back, more than ever we'd love to hear from you! What did you agree with or disagree with from today's episode, and what are you hoping for out of the 2020 NFL Draft? Get in touch!  
4/23/202056 minutes, 35 seconds
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Offseason - Jan 1st 2020 - Bruce Fired. Ron Hired.

Happy New Year, Redskins fans! The 2010's are behind us and the winds of change have turned their attention towards Ashburn with the highly sought-after departure of Bruce Allen now confirmed, the signing of Ron Rivera as the new Head Coach reported but not yet confirmed (at time of recording), and many other changes that have occurred, or will shortly. Today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection features not one but two fantastic guests about all the developments surrounding the team since the 2019 season officially ended for the Redskins in Dallas this past Sunday. First up, our good mate Michael Phillips joins to give us the inside scoop on what's going on behind closed-doors at Redskins Park. Then, Jourdan Rodrigue from The Athletic Carolina Panthers beat joins to talk about just what Redskins fans are getting from Ron Rivera. It's a brilliant chat and one we really enjoyed, and we know you will too. We'll do a proper season wrap-up discussion at some point in the future, but for now, today's episode is solely focused on this tumultuous week.
1/1/202035 minutes, 56 seconds
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Week Fifteen - Philadelphia at Washington, & The End of Bruce Allen?

Last week the Redskins still had a faint glimmer of hope, but this past week in Green Bay that hope was extinguished, and now the season is all about running out the clock and trying to move on towards a more productive 2020 both on and off the field. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by good friend Chris Russell (106.7 The Fan, Sports Illustrated) to dive into the fact that there's three games between now and the offseason for the Washington Redskins, and all three are against the NFC East. So for those fans who don't care about getting the absolute best draft pick possible, there's also some inter-divisional pride up for grabs too. With a Quarterback who sprained his ankle, a Running Back who sprained his MCL, a Cornerback who was on drugs, an Interim Coach who probably deserves to be fired, and a Team President /slash/ self-designated Emperor in his last weeks with the team, there's a lot going on in the final stages of the 2019 season. So let's talk about that a bit today, shall we?
12/11/201950 minutes, 56 seconds
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Week Fourteen - Redskins at Green Bay, & Unbelievable Playoff Possibilities

On today's show, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by Chip Brierre (ABC7) for a look ahead to Sunday's Week 14 game against the Green Bay Packers, which is of course the first of four games that the Washington Redskins need to win consecutively if they want to, and I can't believe we're saying this... win the division and head to the playoffs. That's right; with the Redskins currently 3-9 and seemingly staring down the barrel of a top five draft pick three quarters of the way through the NFL season, the rest of the NFC East is such a cornucopia of dysfunction that the Redskins are still alive! And if the Redskins can go into Lambeau Field at 1pm on Sunday and pull off an unlikely upset, then the run home from there suddenly becomes bizarrely achievable with games at home against the Eagles and Giants, and a penultimate week 17 battle in Jerry World against the listless Cowboys.
12/6/201957 minutes, 44 seconds
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Week Thirteen - Redskins at Carolina, & 2019 Season Legacy?

Season 2019 has not been a successful one for the Washington Redskins, and now that we're entering the last month of the regular season, it's appropriate to consider what the legacy of season 2019 may be for this team, this city, and this fan-base.   After an extended bye-week break in Thailand, host Chad Ryan is joined by Mark Phillips to ponder that question, as well as preview this week's game against Carolina in which the Redskins will look to win consecutive games for the first time in over a year.   With promising signs from young players like Derrius Guice, Steven Sims, Kelvin Harmon, and Fabian Moreau in last week's win vs Detroit, are the Redskins finally starting to turn the corner? All of that and more - it's good to be back!
11/29/201948 minutes, 5 seconds
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Week Nine - Redskins at Buffalo & Trent Williams' return, w/ Kareem Copeland

Hello Washington Nationals fans and thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the Nationals Capital Connection;your number one home for independent and worldwide coverage of your World Champion Washington Nationals! If you're anything like host Chad Ryan, you've been riding high on cloud nine ever since Wednesday night, getting minimal sleep as you relive each and every moment that delivered that Commissioner's Trophy into the hands of Ryan Zimmerman and the team. As Chad himself said recently; "I tell you what, I've been having some weird dreams lately. I dreamed just last night that I was actually the host of a Redskins podcast, instead of a Nationals podcast. Oh my god, can you imagine? I'd have to spend today with my co-host Mark Phillips, as well as special guest Kareem Copeland (Washington Post), and we'd be talking about beef between the best player on the Redskins and the Team President. Beef that involves missed rare cancer diagnoses, a lack of basic decency, monetary disputes, and hospital visits. I'd have to talk about the 1-7 Redskins having gone two straight weeks without scoring a touchdown, and noting that the team has NEVER in it's HISTORY gone 3 consecutive weeks without a TD. I'd have to talk about a Quarterback in the concussion protocol and a rookie who isn't ready to start potentially being thrust in to his first start against Buffalo in Buffalo on Sunday..."  
11/1/201958 minutes, 13 seconds
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Week Eight - The Haskins Dilemma

This Washington Redskins team that we all support is now officially off to their worst start to a season in over 20 years. They're sitting at 1-7 after a road loss to the man Bruce Allen still refers to as 'Kurt Coosins' and the Minnesota Vikings, with a starting Quarterback in the concussion protocol, a rookie Quarterback who is being pushed and pulled in way too many directions, and another starting Quarterback who has an equal chance of starting this week just as much as he's likely to be inactive. Yes, it's a great time to follow this proud and historic franchise, so let's spend some time today talking about them. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by fellow RCC family member Chip Brierre (ABC7/WJLA) and they spend the majority of today's episode dedicated to the biggest question currently surrounding this Redskins team; What should the plan for Dwayne Haskins be? Sit him? Start him? Play him? Bench him? If not now, then when? And why? And how?  It's a spirited debate filled with twists and turns.  Take a listen Redskins fans then reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know your thoughts on the subject matter! 
10/25/201942 minutes, 45 seconds
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POST-GAME: Week 06 at Miami, 17-16 win, w/ Jerry Brewer

For the first time in season 2019 your hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are here today on the back of a Washington Redskins win! It was a very interesting 17-16 win down in Miami against the Dolphins; the first time the Redskins have ever won in the regular season in Miami, curiously enough.  Joining the show today is Jerry Brewer (Washington Post) to help us break down the win, as well as diving in to the big issues; Should Dwayne Haskins sit or start? Is Terry McLaurin a genuine OROTY candidate? Has anything actually changed since Jay Gruden was dismissed? Were the Dolphins really trying to win that game?  All of that and much more! Tune in, enjoy, and then yell at us on Twitter about what you've heard us say! (A note about today's episode; for a portion of the show, there's background noise from a television set. Apologies!)
10/14/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 56 seconds
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Week Six - JAY GRUDEN FIRED Emergency Podcast

Welcome to this quote-unquote emergency edition of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast, with hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips here to discuss the breaking news that yes; Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden was fired sometime between Sunday evening and early Monday morning after the 0-5 start to the 2019 season. For as mediocre-to-bad as this franchise has been, this is the first time in 19 years that the Redskins have fired a coach mid-season. We knew it was likely coming. Vegas knew it was likely coming. And the players certainly knew it was coming from listening to their comments after the game last night. It was the right move, and by the way for those who listened to the last RCC episode it was step one in the 12 month plan Chad outlined on how to save the Redskins. But now that it has happened, what's next? And what is Gruden's legacy? Where is Bruce Allen in all of this? All of this and much more on this emergency RCC podcast!  
10/7/201929 minutes, 36 seconds
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Week Five - The Plan to Save the Redskins

Things are bleak for the Washington Redskins at the moment. Really bleak. They've started the season 0-4. They have a Quarterback controversy. They have their best player holding out with no end in sight. They have multiple players missing significant time to injuries. They have veterans under-performing. They have a home stadium routinely filled with opposition fans. They have a fan-base at the end of their rope. And they have what appears to be a lame-duck coaching staff being governed by a potentially lame-duck front office administration. So yeah, things are bad. So on today's show, host Chad Ryan does something a bit different before we look ahead to this week's game vs a scrappy little team called the New England Patriots; he presents to you his twelve month plan for turning this franchise around in the most achievable and realistic way possible, under the ownership of Dan Snyder. It is The Plan to Save the Redskins.  Including everything from interim coaches, to full-time coaches. Trades. Draft picks. Off-field moves. Front-office moves. He names names and goes into detail about the moves he believes will best equip the Washington Redskins to reset the culture and move forward under a model of success.  Take a listen, and then tell us what you think he got right, and what he got wrong in this plan. 
10/3/201940 minutes, 1 second
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POST-GAME: Week 03 vs Chicago, 31-15 Embarrassment

Okay... Let's do this, Redskins nation. This raw post-game edition of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast is hosted by your tired, frustrated, and grumpy hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips, as well as guest Matthew Paras (Washington Times)... and boy oh boy did the Redskins crap the bed on Monday Night Football. AGAIN. And if you didn't watch the game, the scoreline could trick you into thinking that this was a competitive game of football. Let's be clear. It wasn't. The Redskins fell into a 28-0 hole in the first half, and the entire second half of the game was basically garbage time. And on a night that saw the coaching staff get embarrassed, the players get their asses kicked, and the fans get emotionally abused, you'd think that at least something as simple as honoring a past player like London Fletcher at half-time would be a respite from the shit-show? WELL YOU'RE WRONG, BECAUSE THE REDSKINS MIS-SPELLED HIS NAME ON THE FEDEX FIELD BIG SCREENS.
9/24/201943 minutes, 4 seconds
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Week 03 vs Chicago on MNF, w/ Mark Bullock

On this episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by good friend Mark Bullock (The Athletic DC).  Together, they cast their eyes forward to Monday Night Football at FedEx Field where the Chicago Bears are coming in to town. The Redskins famously haven't been intimidating under the bright lights of Prime Time, and are 2-15 on Monday Night Football since 2008. Couple that with the fact that the Redskins are 0-2 to start the season, and you can understand why on our RCC podcast from Sunday night after the Dallas game they called this Week 3 action a 'sliding door moment' for Jay Gruden. What are the keys to victory against Chicago? How do the Redskins nullify Khalil Mack? And is it possible at this point to solve the penalties issue that has plagued this team?  All of that and more on another episode of Redskins Capital Connection. 
9/20/201938 minutes, 25 seconds
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POST-GAME: Week 02 vs Dallas, 31-21 loss

Welcome to the post-game edition of Redskins Capital Connection that we like to call RCC RAW, because we're recording this while the emotions are still high and the analysis is still loose.  The Cowboys came to town and made FedEx Field look like a Dallas home game once again, as the Washington Redskins went down 31-21 which puts them at 0 and 2 in 2019, with both losses coming against NFC East Division rivals. To put it bluntly, the Redskins are in deep doo-doo to start the season. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips put down the drinks and snacks on football Sunday afternoon and share the three areas that ended up deciding today's game. We then look ahead briefly at why next week's Monday night game against the Chicago Bears is going to be a 'sliding doors' moment for Jay Gruden. Take a listen Redskins fans!
9/15/201927 minutes, 11 seconds
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Week Two vs Dallas, w/ Linebacker Cole Holcomb

On this week's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips recap week one of the NFL season where the Washington Redskins fell to the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-27 at Lincoln Financial Field, then Chad talks to Redskins rookie Linebacker Cole Holcomb about his first game, life in the NFL, Dallas week, and his dog Benji. We'll also look ahead to this Sunday's home opener against the Dallas Cowboys. And since it's Redskins season again, that means it's time for our famous 3-2-1 game MVP votes as well! Who earns the honors in week one? Tune in to find out! 
9/12/201942 minutes, 50 seconds
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Week One at Philadelphia, w/ Lake Lewis

On today's show we are talking about honest-to-god actual Redskins football! The Washington Redskins open up their 2019 campaign by heading North-east up the I95 and playing against the Eagles in Philadelphia at 1pm on Sunday, and after a long, strange, and at times chaotic offseason, we here at Redskins Capital Connection simply can't wait to put it all behind us and watch the Redskins throw around the pigskin. Joining hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips is our good friend Redskins insider Lake Lewis ( to help us preview the game and look at the story-lines to follow, and also talking about how the Vegas bookmakers have the Redskins as heavy underdogs vs Philadelphia, and whether or not that's realistic.  This is our fifth year here at RCC, and we're thrilled to have you with us along for the ride again! Thanks for listening, and support the show by telling your friends to listen too!
9/6/201943 minutes, 9 seconds
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Preseason Week 4 - Reviewing the Redskins OL

We've now got three weeks of preseason football under our belts. We know who the starting Quarterback is going to be. We've seen Derrius Guice return from injury and look explosive in doing so. It seems that we know who are Inside Linebackers are going to be. So then the biggest question that remains is; what is the Redskins offensive line going to look like? And like Batman responding to the Bat signal from Commissioner Gordon, any time we mention the Offensive Line here at RCC, our own Robbie Duncan comes a hollering and hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips welcome him with open arms! We go along every position across the Offensive Line and look at the presumed starters, the depth, the strengths, and the weaknesses. It's a position that will likely define what type of season the Washington Redskins have in 2019, so there's a lot riding on it!   
8/26/201936 minutes, 4 seconds
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Preseason Week 3 w/ Rhiannon Walker

On this week's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection... there's a whole lot of stuff to talk about; the Redskins are 0-2 so far in the preseason, but does it matter? Which players are healthy, which players are not, who is the starting Quarterback going to be, and where the hell is Trent Williams? To cover all of that and a bunch more, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips dial up Rhiannon Walker from The Athletic DC, who smashes her RCC debut! And yes folks; Chad has a cut on his tongue that's giving him a bit of a lisp like a 13 year old kid with braces going through puberty. Bear with him this week! 
8/21/201943 minutes, 5 seconds
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Training Camp 2019 - First Week of Action, & Previewing Preseason

Washington Redskins Training Camp 2019 is well and truly underway, and in a few short days the team will make their way to Cleveland Ohio for week one of preseason football. To take us through the news so far from  camp, and what story lines we'll all be following throughout the preseason, this week making his triumphant return to the place he called home for training camp last year, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by Chip Brierre from ABC7 News Washington DC! We discuss the Quarterback situation as news emerges that Colt McCoy will not play in preseason week one, and the impacts that will have up and down the offense. We also dive into updates on guys like Derrius Guice, Trey Quinn, and Landon Collins, as well as the rookie Dwayne Haskins! All of that and a lot of laughs on another fun episode of Redskins Capital Connection!
8/7/201943 minutes, 54 seconds
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Training Camp 2019 - Previewing the Defense

Last week we recorded a great chat with Kareem Copeland from The Washington Post looking at the offense, so if you missed that episode go back and give it a listen. But that means that as we continue our preview of the Washington Redskins 2019 Training Camp, today hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are looking at the Redskins defense with special guest and Richmond's favorite son, Michael Phillips (Sports Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch).  The Redskins defensive line is stacked with young exciting talent, but what about the rest of the defense? What holes can an opposition exploit, and do new faces like Landon Collins and Montez Sweat mean significant improvements across the board, or new challenges to overcome? All of that and more on today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast!
7/23/201941 minutes, 33 seconds
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Training Camp 2019 - Previewing the Offense

Break's over. Washington Redskins Training Camp starts Thursday next week July 25th at the Bon Secours center in Richmond, Virginia. Just because Redskins Capital Connection won't be there on the sidelines every day in 2019 doesn't mean we aren't going to take a comprehensive look at what Redskins fans should be watching out for at Training Camp this year, and that's what today's episode is all about. It's the first of two episodes dedicated to previewing Training Camp 2019, and this week we're focusing on the offense! To help us, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips dial up good mate Kareem Copeland from the Washington Post to help us really analyze the story-lines as the Redskins load the buses and head down I95. There's quite a lot of questions we want to discuss today when it comes to really getting our brains ready for season 2019; some of the questions are small and minor, and same have the real potential to completely dictate the Redskins fortunes in the coming season. New Quarterbacks. New coaches. Player hold-outs. Injuries. Depth charts and roster battles. Guys in contract years. We're going to touch on as many of these as we can without making the show three hours long. Wish us luck and stay tuned!
7/19/201953 minutes, 13 seconds
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Offseason - Terry McLaurin interview, Trent Williams holdout, and mandatory minicamp

We've got a great show for you on this week's Redskins Capital Connection.  Host Chad Ryan has an exclusive one-on-one interview with Redskins rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin, where they talk about his route tree, his best 'position' as a wide receiver in the NFL, and his perceptions of the poor corner backs that are forced to try and keep up with his blazing 4.35 speed! Together with co-host Mark Phillips, we also break down where we're at with the Trent Williams hold-out situation, including the apparent poor perceptions of the Redskins medical personnel that RCC's own Rob Henson has been trying to tell people for some time.  And because mandatory minicamp is well underway, we have actual football to discuss as well. Sure, the players aren't in pads and aren't hitting each other, but a little bit of football is better than no football.  It's a fun episode today! Enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a rating & review on whatever podcast platform you're listening to Redskins Capital Connection on - it helps us massively. 
6/6/201943 minutes, 10 seconds
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Offseason - Talking OTAs, Hard Knocks, & Dwayne Haskins

We're back! Thank you for tuning in to the first Redskins Capital Connection episode in about a month, and for those who follow host RCC Chad Ryan on Twitter or Instagram, you'll understand why we took a little bit of time off; on April 25th he and his wife welcomed their first child! But we can't just sit on the sidelines in a fugue state forever, so it's time to dive head first back into the waters of Redskins football punditry and analysis, so let's do this. Joining Chad today are two Richmond Virginia brothers in name only; Michael Phillips (Richmond Times-Dispatch) and RCC's own Redskins historian Mark Phillips.  Together they talk about the news that the Redskins may be this year's HBO Hard Knocks team, the OTAs that have taken place this week, and the competition for starting spots at both the Quarterback and Running Back positions.  It's a great return-to-form for the RCC team, and we hope you didn't miss us too much. 
5/23/201943 minutes, 2 seconds
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2019 Schedule, & Positions of Need for the Draft

Today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection is focusing on two things; we take a quick look at the points of interest about the Redskins 2019 schedule that was released last night, and then after that discussion, we cast our eyes forward one week from today to the NFL draft and discuss what specific positions the Redskins need to focus on upgrading via the draft process. Joining us on this adventure today are three of our RCC family members; host Chad Ryan and co-hosts Mark Phillips and Robbie Duncan.  Together they identify what position group they believe requires the most attention (other than Quarterback, they all pick a different position!), what hidden pitfalls might be lurking on the Redskins roster at present, and what salary cap casualties may be in the near future... All of that and much more!
4/18/201935 minutes, 7 seconds
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Offseason - Josh Rosen possibilities, w/ Benjamin Allbright

With less than two weeks until the 2019 NFL Draft, things are getting very intriguing... The Washington Redskins have picks 15, 46, 76, and 96 in the first 100 picks of the draft, and they also have a lot of holes that need to either be filled or improved on their roster. And the biggest question mark, by far, is the Quarterback. If Cardinals GM Steve Keim wants to take Kyler Murray, then he needs to figure out how to maximize his return on investment in Josh Rosen. Which means he needs an active buyer in a trade market. A team who needs a Quarterback, and would be willing to trade for him. Enter, the Washington Redskins. Host Chad Ryan is joined by Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) to take a deep-dive down in to the murky waters of this fluid situation, and ask all the pertinent questions; will the Cardinals take Murray? What is Rosen's price likely to be on an open market? Is he worth that price? What would this trade mean for the Redskins?  All of that and more on today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection. 
4/15/201924 minutes, 35 seconds
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Offseason - League Meetings, Josh Rosen, & the Draft, w/ Tarik El-Bashir

We are now one month away from the 2019 NFL draft which means in the coming weeks we're really going to start ramping up our draft coverage here at Redskins Capital Connection. We'll be looking at players, position groups, potential trades... you name it! And today we're really only dipping our toes in to that pool, just to get started. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by Tarik El-Bashir (The Athletic DC). Together they talk about this past week's NFL annual league meetings that saw coaches, owners, and front office staff congregate in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as taking a look at what the logistics of a potential Josh Rosen trade might look like, and what the 2019 NFL Draft actually means for this Washington Redskins team. It's all good, folks!
3/29/201949 minutes, 37 seconds
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Offseason Wrap-Up & Looking Ahead...

We're back!  Yes, the Redskins Capital Connection team took a longer than anticipated break following the 2018 season, but we spent the time wisely tending to pregnant wives and working the phones trying to keep our fingers on the pulse of this Washington Redskins team.  So today, we're making up for lost time.  Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips dial up 106.7 The Fan's resident Redskins insider Craig Hoffman.  We're recapping -literally- every single story that we missed over the last 6~ weeks, including (but not limited to) the coaching changes, the signings, releases, and re-signings, the rumors, and the around-the-league machinations that have impacted the way the Redskins are preparing for season 2019.  Landon Collins. Adrian Peterson. Case Keenum. Josh Rosen. AJ Green. All the names that need to be discussed are discussed, as we spend the better part of an hour covering everything that is to be covered.   Whether you've been paying close attention on a daily basis, or you've been taking a break from living and breathing Redskins news, this episode of the podcast is definitely a great way to get up to speed and start getting ready as we head to the 2019 NFL Draft in some six short weeks.  It's good to be back!
3/14/201957 minutes, 6 seconds
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Season 2018 Wrap Up, & Announcing the RCC 2018 MVP!

Alright Washington Redskins fans. Enough time has now passed since the end of the season. The wounds have healed and are no longer raw. Emotions have simmered a little bit.  It's finally time to look back on the 2018 Redskins season and wrap it up once and for all.  That's exactly what your hosts today do, as Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, and Robbie Duncan list the three best things and the three worst things to come out of the 2018 season. What will this season's legacy be? What will we still be talking about in years to come when we think of the 2018 season? It's an interesting question, and one that is discussed heavily today. Then we finish today's episode by announcing the results of the Redskins Capital Connection Season MVP voting! It's been a long, strange year in terms of the 3-2-1 voting, and we know you've been hanging out to hear who is taking home the glory! A sincere thanks to all the RCC listeners throughout the 2018 season for your continued patronage and loyalty. It's an honor to talk Redskins football for such a wonderful audience.  Tell your friends about us and help us to continue to grow, because 2019 is going to be a doozy...     
1/17/201958 minutes, 34 seconds
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Week 17 - PHI vs WAS, DJ Swearinger, and more w/ Kareem Copeland

Merry Christmas and happy holidays Redskins fans. Here's hoping Santa didn't leave you a DJ Swearinger jersey under the tree this year, and here's hoping that you haven't been holding your breath for one of these Redskins Capital Connection podcasts because you probably realized we skipped last week's show. Our bad, but in the lead up to Christmas things got a little crazy, with work, with life, and with travelling back home to tell friends and family that host Chad Ryan and his wife are expecting their first child next year! So please forgive us for that missed week, but we are back with aplomb this week and just in time... because man, this team is the nightmare that doesn't end. And yeah, we'll talk about it. Kareem Copeland (from the Washington Post) joins Chad as well as co-host Mark Phillips to recap the fallout from the waiving of Swearinger, as well as another season where the Redskins are going to miss the playoffs. Is it the culture? Is it a lack of leadership? Or is it just plain bad luck? Let's try and figure it out together.   
12/26/201859 minutes, 23 seconds
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Week 15 - So Much Drama, w/ Michael Phillips

Sigh. Things seemed so good such a short time ago, but a few bad losses and then one especially bad loss this past Sunday against the New York Giants, and it has quickly unraveled.  There's literally so much drama around this team right now that hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips had to make an itemized list just to cover it all with today's guest Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch (no relation).  That list includes; Mark Sanchez's long storied career as the Redskins starter is over The Redskins will start a 4th QB in the same season for the first time ever Mason Foster drama and confusion on social media Zach Brown's comments about his future with the team Bruce Allen's job security, and then being linked, then not linked, to Oakland Jay Gruden's job security Derrius Guice news finally broke about his set backs in his rehab, (but he's fine now) Josh Doctson is in the concussion protocol Basically every OL player is listed on the injury report Oh yeah, and the Redskins were down 40-0 against the putrid New York Giants Warning; there are some swear words on today's episode. 
12/13/201843 minutes, 2 seconds
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Week 14 - Giants vs Redskins, w/ John Keim

Alright Washington Redskins fans; we're definitely in troubled waters right now, but the goal of today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast is to figure out if these troubled waters are uncharted, or is this somehow familiar territory? We've actually got a good show for you today, in somewhat stark contrast to what you all probably witnessed on Monday Night Football against the Eagles. Joining hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips is the most trusted voice covering the Washington Redskins - ESPN's John Keim, making his long-awaited RCC debut.  Together they do a bit of a pulse-check on this organization and try and figure out if the perception of doom-and-gloom that seems to be surrounding this 6-6 team at present is warranted, or just weird.  The conversation then turns to Mark Sanchez, whose starting role in this week's upcoming game vs the New York Giants will represent only the third time in 20 years that the Redskins have started three different Quarterbacks in the same season.  All of that and so much more on today's episode of the Redskins Capital Connection!   
12/6/201851 minutes, 42 seconds
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On the Warpath - The Redskins Run Home

The Robs are back! The On the Warpath hosts Robbie Duncan (Former D1 offensive lineman, now OL film guru) and Rob Henson (Former Washington Redskins Linebacker) return from a long break to bring you their thoughts on a wide-range of Redskins issues. Together they cover the Reuben Foster situation and the Kareem Hunt video and the impact it has on the Redskins and the NFL. They also share their thoughts on Alex Smith and how he played before his major injury, and how they predict the rest of the season will play out, including Monday's pivotal game vs the Eagles. It's good to be home! 
12/1/201835 minutes, 29 seconds
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Week 13 - Reuben Foster discussion, w/ Craig Hoffman

Instead of doing an 'emergency' podcast right after the Washington Redskins claimed Reuben Foster off waivers, we here at Redskins Capital Connection wanted to pause for a moment and let at least a few more details roll in before talking about it. Well, we have some more details but we still have a lot of questions. Today, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by Craig Hoffman (106.7 The Fan) to unpack what we know about how and why the Redskins elected to claim a man twice accused of domestic violence. It's a discussion that deals with a lot of uncertainty, but we attempt to stick with what we know and what it leads us to believe. We also look ahead to this week's NFC East action that could see the Redskins back in outright 1st place... or they could drop to out-right 3rd place. It's a pivotal week, to say the least. As always, thank you for tuning in - tell your friends and enjoy the show.
11/29/201852 minutes, 43 seconds
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Alex Smith injury & the QB situation - Bonus Episode

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Alright, let's do this. Washington Redskins fans; no one enjoys situations like this, but after Alex Smith broke his leg in a gruesome fashion on Sunday afternoon against the Houston Texans, we've rallied for a quick emergency podcast to talk through the ramifications both short and long term, and the steps that this football team will likely take to mitigate the fallout from such a disastrous occurrence. Host Chad Ryan and co-host Mark Phillips are here for a two man show today and please bear with us; we don't usually record on Mondays unless the shit has hit the fan, and in the famous words of old William Shakespeare; the shit hath hitteth the fan. So really there's three things on the agenda today; Firstly just the immediate fallout of the Alex Smith injury and what it will mean to this team. Secondly is the very real requirement all of a sudden to sign a new Quarterback, and who the likely candidates are and who the candidates should be. And finally; beyond the 2018 season what this means for the Washington Redskins as a franchise that really needed to get at least two serviceable seasons out of Alex Smith in 2018 and 2019. We know it's a bummer, but this is a big deal and we have to talk about it, so why not do it with us?   
11/19/201833 minutes, 12 seconds
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Week 11 - Texans vs Redskins, w/ Maurice Harris

The Washington Redskins find themselves at 6-3 after 10 weeks of the 2018 NFL season -their best start to a season since 2008- and at 6-3 are two games clear of the Cowboys and Eagles who are both 4-5. In short, things are looking great for this team on paper. But this past weekends 16-3 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a classic example of an 'ugly win', and today hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are going to try and figure out if that's a problem. We've also got an exclusive 1-on-1 with one of the emerging stars of the Washington Redskins, Wide Receiver Maurice Harris, so look out for that towards the end of today's show as it's a really insightful discussion that takes you inside the Redskins locker room.  As always - Hail to the Redskins, and thanks for listening!
11/14/201850 minutes, 56 seconds
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Week 10 - Redskins vs Buccaneers, w/ Michael Phillips

Welcome back to the Redskins Capital Connection - your number one source of independent coverage of the Washington Redskins. We've got a great show for you today, but right at the top we have an announcement from the Redskins themselves; if you are a 6'5 300lb human who knows how to keep your centre of gravity low, please report to Redskins Park in Ashburn Virginia for your new contract to play offensive line for this football team. Coach Callahan will bring you up to speed... Of course we're kidding, but the Redskins offensive line suffered a brutal round of luck in the 38-14 loss against the Atlanta Falcons this past week in round 9 of the 2018 NFL season, losing not only Left Guard Shawn Lauvao to a season ending ACL injury, but also Pro-Bowl Right Guard Brandon Scherff to a season-ending pectoral tear. This in a game where Pro-Bowl LT Trent Williams was watching from the sidelines already, and Morgan Moses just lives in a state of perpetual dinged up status, and things are suddenly looking bleak for a team whose 5 wins this year have come on the back of a solid ground game and keeping the QB protected. To talk about this and more, your hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by their pal, the sports editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Michael Phillips. Tune in, enjoy the show, learn a couple of things, and then when you're done tell your friends and share the love!
11/9/201841 minutes, 28 seconds
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Week 9 - Falcons vs Redskins & Trade News w/ Kareem Copeland

Welcome back to another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast - your home for the best in-depth and independent coverage of the Washington Redskins! Big show today as we recap the 5-2 Redskins as we stream past the half-way point of the 2018 season, and of course we also dive head-first in to the big trade deadline day news that the Redskins made an aggressive move and brought in Ha'sean Treshon Clinton-Dix, who of course goes by the best moniker in the NFL - Ha Ha. Joining hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips in this endeavor is Kareem Copeland (The Washington Post) making his RCC debut! We start with how and why this trade came to be, what it means for the Redskins moving forward, and the front office machinations that were required to pull it off.  Then we look at what Clinton-Dix brings to the Redskins on the field, when we can anticipate he'll start, and what his overall fit with this defense may be.  Finally, as we're dropping this podcast on the Wednesday morning between Week's 8 and 9 of the NFL season, we're officially at the halfway point of the 2018 season, so we have a quick chat about what the run home holds. 
10/31/201844 minutes, 11 seconds
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Week 8 - Redskins vs Giants, w/ Craig Hoffman

Your Washington Redskins are 1st place in the NFC East with a 1.5 game lead over the Philadelphia Eagles. When you couple that with the fact that the Redskins are 4-1 in the NFC, it means that no matter what happens across the league this weekend, the Redskins will finish this week still in 1st place of the division! It also means that this week's game against the 1-6 Giants offers yet another great opportunity for our team to consolidate their division lead and control their own destiny. To talk about that today, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips welcome back their good mate Craig Hoffman (106.7 The Fan). Together they discuss who is injured and unavailable against the Giants, the dominance of this Defensive Line, the emergence of Jonathan Allen as a leader, and with Tuesday's trade deadline looming, do we anticipate movement from Jay Gruden? All that and more on another episode of RCC - your home for the best independent coverage of the Washington Redskins!
10/26/201850 minutes, 56 seconds
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Week 7 - Cowboys vs Redskins, & Remembering Rich Tandler, w/ Lake Lewis

Right off the bat today we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a good friend of ours and a stalwart of the Washington Redskins beat, Rich Tandler, who sadly passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 63. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips share their tributes to a great reporter and an even better person, and remark on how he's been a huge part in both of their respective journeys when it comes to covering the Redskins. For Chad, Rich was the first reporter he ever met. Mark and Rich, however, go back a long time, and they started their radio show together back in 1999 in Richmond VA, both of them brand new to the industry. We then pivot back to football and preview Dallas Cowboys week with friend of the show Lake Lewis, who goes so far as to say that this week's game may be one of the top two most important of Jay Gruden's entire Redskins tenure. Tune in to the podcast to hear why!  Thanks for listening Redskins fans. Hug your loved ones and be good to each other. Celebrate wildly when the Redskins beat Dallas this week. 
10/19/201856 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Grumpy Morning-After Episode

Welcome to the grumpy early morning-after edition of the Redskins Capital Connection. First up a warning; usually we keep it rated PG here but today there's probably going to be some cursing, so consider yourselves forewarned. If you're listening with young children or those with delicate sensibilities, prepare accordingly. That said, anyone with delicate sensibilities will be no more offended by this podcast than they would have been by the putrid display the Redskins served up on Monday night football against the New Orleans Saints. No sugar-coating it here; hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are grumpy and tired of watching the Redskins get their asses wooped in Prime Time games.  This isn't the regular RCC episode; this is a venting session.   
10/9/201839 minutes, 3 seconds
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Week 5 - Redskins vs Saints, w/ Mike Jones

For those who have been long-time listeners of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast, you'll know that in years past we use the bye week as an opportunity to take a step back and try and get a 'big picture' look at how the Redskins season is tracking by talking to a national NFL reporter as opposed to one of the players or local beat writers.  A week four bye makes that a little trickier though.  Given the small sample size, however, we're fortunate that there's a friend of the show who seemed perfect for this challenge today, so hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips dialed up Mike Jones (USA Today, formerly Washington Post).  Together they talk about what we've seen from the 2-1 Redskins thus far, what the coming weeks will reveal about this team, and what the biggest factors contributing to their ability to make the playoffs in 2018 will be.  All of that, plus a quick recap of the Packers win, a preview of the Saints game, and Chad starting the show tripping over basic words.  Enjoy the show!  
10/3/201851 minutes, 55 seconds
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Week 3 - Packers vs Redskins, w/ Tarik El-Bashir

After the Washington Redskins built our hopes up in week one, they brought us back down to Earth with thundering mediocrity in week two against the Indianapolis Colts. What went wrong, why did it go wrong, and where to from here? Those are the questions that Redskins Capital Connection hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips seek to explore on today's episode as they recap the Colts loss, talk about the news of the week, and look ahead to this week's game hosting Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at FedEx Field.  To help them do it, they're joined by who must surely hold the record for longest time between RCC appearances, The Athletic's own Tarik El-Bashir, back on the Redskins beat after a few years covering the Washington Capitals.  A great and fun episode today, so gather your friends and family around the podcast fireplace and tune in! If you enjoy the show, do us a favor and share it on social media, and leave us a review on whichever platform you're listening to us on.  
9/19/201850 minutes, 33 seconds
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Week 2 - Colts vs Redskins, w/ Chase Roullier

Welcome back to the #1 independent podcast dedicated to your first place in the NFC Washington Redskins! That's right; after one whole staggering week of NFL regular season action, the Redskins find themselves atop the entire conference on tie-breakers after dispatching with the Arizona Cardinals with ease, cruising to a 24-6 victory. Your hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are here to talk about that, plus all the news around the team this week, as well as previewing the Week 2 game vs the Indianapolis Colts. Then later in the show, Chad goes 1-on-1 with Redskins Offensive Lineman Chase Roullier for a fascinating discussion on the belief that this team has this year, what it's like to block for Chris Thompson and Adrian Peterson, and what the Redskins game-plan might look like against the Colts this week It's a big show and a good show today, so tune-in! And if you enjoy it, please do us a favor and spread the word among your fellow Redskins fan friends and family. The more people we have on team RCC the better! Reach out to us on Twitter @ChadwikoRCC or @RedskinsReview with your thoughts/comments on anything covered on today's show!  
9/13/201849 minutes, 36 seconds
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Week 1 - ARI vs WAS, w/ Mark Bullock

After 35 long weeks of offseason, of OTAs, of minicamp, of Training Camp, and of preseason... in 72 hours the Washington Redskins play regular season football once again! We made it! That's right; on Sunday afternoon at 425pm the Redskins host the Arizona Cardinals at FedEx field and here to help host Chad Ryan preview everything there is about this game is an old friend of the show, Mark Bullock fresh off the announcement that he is one of the founding members of The Athletic's foray into DC! Together they cover everything including why Las Vegas thinks the Cardinals are so bad, how to stop David Johnson, and what to expect from the first real outing of Alex Smith as the new franchise Quarterback for Washington. All of that and so much more. You'll just have to trust us on that one until you tune in, but there's a lot covered today!  
9/7/201848 minutes, 50 seconds
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Previewing the Cutdown to 53

This is probably the toughest week in the entire year to cover an NFL team as we cut the roster down from 90 players to 53. Some players will get other opportunities, whether it's on another team, or on a practice squad... but for many, this will be the end of a lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. It's heavy stuff, so to talk about it today we definitely need some emotional support and backup, and for that host Chad Ryan is joined by regular co-host Mark Phillips as well as RCC family member Robbie Duncan.  Together they run through all 90 players currently on the roster and give their final thoughts on who will make the cut and who will be cut, and where the biggest roster battles will be won and lost, including this week in the 4th and final Preseason game in Baltimore.  It's a deep-dive today, so strap in and enjoy the ride!
8/29/201856 minutes, 31 seconds
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Preseason Week 3 - DEN vs WAS, w/ Craig Hoffman

Hello Redskins fans and welcome back to the Redskins Capital Connection podcast; your best source for hearing all about what's going on with the Washington Redskins direct from the guy who might be the next Prime Minister of Australia. On today's show hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips recap the past week of news around the team including the fact that Adrian Peterson is now in the Burgundy and Gold. Then they dial up Craig Hoffman from 106.7 The Fan to talk about tonight's penultimate Preseason week 3 game against the Denver Broncos.  The conversation hits on which players will suit up in the most important preseason game and which players will be watching from the sidelines, as well as what the key storylines to keep an eye on tonight are.  Today's show is jam-packed with juicy information so don't miss it! And please remember to tell your Redskins-supporting friends and family to listen to the podcast too!  
8/24/201844 minutes, 38 seconds
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Training Camp Day 15 w/ the Special Teamers

It's a bittersweet day today; our last day at Washington Redskins Training Camp 2018.  Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are here one last time from the grass here at the Bon Secours facility in Richmond VA.  No fights today (unlike yesterday), which means we actually got a good look at the Redskins vs the New York Jets. Listen as we recap the days action including the play of the day by Alex Smith. Because it's our last day at camp, Chad went around and spoke to over two dozen reporters out here covering the Redskins and asked them for their personal highlights from Training Camp, which was great fun.  After that, we sit down with all three Special Teamers in Nick Sundberg, Dustin Hopkins, and Tress Way. They gave us a great look at a day in the life of the Specialists out here at Training Camp, and then we ran them through the RCC Teammate Trivia gauntlet!  Tune in for all the laughs and all the learning that you've come to know and love from the Redskins Capital Connection podcast. 
8/13/201853 minutes, 10 seconds
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Training Camp Day 14 - FIGHT

FIGHT! This felt inevitable, but most people were surprised how quickly the joint practices between the Washington Redskins and New York Jets degenerated into an all-out melee.  And Redskins Capital Connection host Chad Ryan was right there in the middle of it - literally. The fight engulfed his beloved camp stool as 40 NFL players scrapped on top of it. So if you want the details for what happened, you'll find no better place than right here to get it! Joining Chad on today's show are co-hosts Chip Brierre and Mark Phillips as we recorded the episode from a Buffalo Wild Wings downtown after the rain shut things down at the Bon Secours facility.  We cover off day one of the joint practices and say our farewell's to Chip as today was his last day at camp. Tune in and get caught up on all the action!   
8/12/201826 minutes, 14 seconds
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Training Camp Day 13 w/ Chris Thompson

Today was the last day that the Washington Redskins will take the field on their own for Training Camp 2018. Tomorrow, the New York Jets come to town for three days of joint practices, and with them will be a bunch of New York media and a lot more noise. But fear not! Redskins Capital Connection is still here to guide you through all the madness and sadness that comes with being a Washington Redskins fan.  Tune in to hear host Chad Ryan sound depressed as he talks with co-host Mark Phillips about the Derrius Guice injury... there's no sugar-coating it. It just sucks.  But the show must go on and today we sit down with Chris Thompson, who explains why no one is better equipped to deal with this setback than his "little brother" Guice. Thompson also tells us about his off-season workout that has seen fans take notice of his new upper-body strength, as well as his plans for this season. All of that and so much more on another episode of RCC. Check it out, and spread the word; tell your friends and co-workers in your life. RCC is one big family and we're always inviting more people to the table. 
8/11/201832 minutes, 46 seconds
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Preseason Week 1 - WAS vs NE

The Washington Redskins hit the road for Preseason Week 1 against the New England Patriots in Foxborough, so Redskins Capital Connection hit the road as well.  Literally. Today's episode was recorded in the car on the drive back to Boston after the game, with host Chad Ryan joined by special guest co-host Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch! After going in to half time with a 17-3 lead, the Redskins ended up losing 26-17 after Colt McCoy left the game and Kevin Hogan took over.  But the score wasn't the main story from tonight, with injury scares to key players such as Derrius Guice, Matt Ioannidis, and Trey Quinn. We've got the updates on all of those guys for you, with both Chad and Michael spending time in the Redskins locker room after the game getting it all from the horses mouth.  Tune in and listen in to the fun as Michael gives you the tourist's guide to the highway from Foxborough to Boston as well. A lot of laughs on today's episode of RCC, so tune in and have fun!  
8/10/201830 minutes, 23 seconds
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Training Camp Day 12 w/ Derrius Guice

Things are starting to get real interesting here at Washington Redskins Training Camp as today the players took to the field for the last time ahead of Thursday night's preseason opener against the New England Patriots at Foxborough.  The players weren't in pads today as they went through what most resembles a regular season 'Friday practice', where it's a half-way point between a normal practice and a walkthrough. We got a good insight into which players will take the field on Thursday night and which players will be watching from the sidelines, as well as a good idea on what sort of game plan Jay Gruden will utilize. (Spoiler alert: vanilla).  Hosts Chad Ryan and Chip Brierre were once again there every step of the way to bring you all of the action from Richmond, before Chad sat down 1 on 1 with rookie Running Back Derrius Guice for what was, unsurprisingly, a very entertaining and informative discussion!  All that and much, much more on another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection! 
8/7/201827 minutes, 23 seconds
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Training Camp Day 11 w/ Tim Settle

On a day that Jay Gruden referred to himself as a "genius" for switching practices to the morning, today's practice just finished in time before the rains once again started to fall heavily here in Richmond at Redskins Training Camp.  But fear not; the Redskins Capital Connection crew of Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, and Chip Brierre still managed to record today's podcast just in time before the facilities were closed off and everyone was herded inside to get out of the lightning.  Multiple veterans didn't participate today due to a combination of scheduled rest days as well as minor injuries, which meant that practice was a little more reserved compared to previous days. With Preseason Week 1 against the New England Patriots coming later this week, you'll start to see some backups get a bit more work to prepare for the lions-share of gametime on Thursday night. Also today, we sat down with rookie Defensive Lineman Tim Settle and talked to him about life at training camp, the benefits of being a local boy, and of course, we ran him through the RCC Teammate Trivia contest. Spoiler alert; Settle did very well for himself in this contest! But was it good enough to supplant Anthony Lanier II atop the leaderboard? You'll have to tune in to find out!  
8/6/201827 minutes, 48 seconds
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Training Camp Day 10 w/ Mason Foster

A hot and sweaty day of Washington Redskins Training Camp 2018 today as the players hit the field and put in work.  DJ Swearinger & Jamison Crowder got a veteran day off today, which meant that Deshazor Everett and Trey Quinn stood up in their place. And today we also saw the single biggest hit we've seen at Training Camp this year! Your hosts today are Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips and Chip Brierre and together we recap all the action for you to ensure that you don't miss a single thing! Also today, we sat down with Mason Foster and had a fantastic discussion with the hard-nosed Middle Linebacker. Foster told us all about how he was pressuring Zach Brown to re-sign with the Redskins, about what makes them work so well as a tandem together, and exactly why he's a PUBG guy and not a Fortnite guy.  All that and of course more on another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast! Tell your friends, tell your family, and subscribe to us wherever you get podcasts!
8/5/201833 minutes, 47 seconds
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Training Camp Day 9 w/ Jamison Crowder

Things went to a new level on the field today, just as Coach Jay Gruden promised they would. Here on day nine of Redskins Training Camp 2018, it was fan appreciation day which meant that the crowds were big and the energy levels were high, and the players responded in kind!  The hits were bigger than we've seen at Training Camp in years, and the trash talk matched that intensity. And as always, Redskins Capital Connection was there for every moment of it! Today's hosts Chad Ryan and Robbie Duncan recap all the action, including having a disagreement on whether or not the Offense or the Defense were the victors today!  Then we sit down with WR Jamison Crowder who finally settles the issue of how Chad pronounces his name once and for all. We then run him through the RCC Teammate Trivia gauntlet, so tune in to see how he went! The Redskins Capital Connection podcast can be found everywhere you subscribe to podcasts; iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and lots lots more!  
8/4/201831 minutes, 19 seconds
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Training Camp Day 6 w/ Jeremy Sprinkle

After some thankfully uneventful days of Training Camp, day six here in Richmond VA saw a flurry of activity.  And as always, Redskins Capital Connection was here every step of the way to bring you all the action.  Hosts Chad Ryan and Chip Brierre recap the shoulder injury to Josh Doctson, the on-field action today that saw Paul Richardson make not one, not two, but three highlight catches, and then we also had the official retirement of Redskins legend DeAngelo Hall at the podium after practice.  If that's not enough Redskins content for you, then you'll be pleased to know that we also sit down with second year Tight End Jeremy Sprinkle, who was a fantastic interview and provided some great laughs and also great football insight. And as always, we ran him through the RCC Teammate Trivia which is fast becoming one of the biggest storylines of camp among the players! It's getting competitive. If that all sounds like a lot, worry not! RCC sorts the wheat from the chaff and brings you everything you need!
8/1/201830 minutes, 24 seconds
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Training Camp Day 5 w/ Montae Nicholson

And after the first scheduled day off of Washington Redskins Training Camp 2018... we're back! The pads were back on and the players hit the rain-soaked fields here in Richmond today for another intriguing day of practice. As always, your Redskins Capital Connection team was there from start to finish to watch all of the intrigue and report back to you!  Today hosts Chad Ryan and Chip Brierre recap the action including another promising win for the Defensive Backs today, the emergence of Josh Doctson, and some really promising signs from Ryan Anderson, to name just a few of the topics covered. We then sat down exclusively with Montae Nicholson and had an absolute blast asking him about the Safety group's reputation for being prolific trash talkers, what it's like working with DJ Swearinger, and what his approach going into year two as the starter has been like.  Of course we also run him through the RCC Teammate Trivia contest and put him to the sword to see how he does. Tune in to hear the laughs and the results! All that and much, much more on another episode live from on the field here at Redskins Training Camp. 
7/31/201827 minutes, 27 seconds
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Training Camp Day 4 w/ Deshazor Everett

Welcome back to your home of Redskins Training Camp 2018 coverage - the Redskins Capital Connection podcast.  Day four today and the players were in full pads for the first time this year, and that meant the hits were harder and louder. It truly does sound like football is back! The theme of today's discussion is all about the Safety position for the Washington Redskins. Hosts Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips and Chip Brierre sit down 1-on-1 with Safety Deshazor Everett after a practice session this morning that saw the Safeties on the roster talking a lot of trash to the offense. It started with DJ Swearinger but rest assured Montae Nicholson and Everett got just as involved as well.  You'll also hear Chad talk to Troy Apke about playing Safety opposite Deshazor Everett, as well as Swearinger and Jay Gruden talking about how exciting and how important it is to be going into 2018 with the same starting Safety tandem that the Redskins had last season - the first time that's ever occurred in Gruden's time with the Redskins! All that and a lot of laughs on a great episode of RCC from day four of camp! 
7/29/201835 minutes, 23 seconds
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Training Camp Day 3

The action continues in Richmond as Redskins Capital Connection continues our live coverage from here at Training Camp 2018! Today your hosts Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips and Chip Brierre bring you all the news from day 3, including the progress of Alex Smith as he continues to develop a rapport with his team mates, and just why Derrius Guice and Jamison Crowder might be set for really big years. We then sit down with Anthony Lanier II and talk about that rebuilt defensive line, playing in a contract year, and how fatherhood changes his approach to the game. Lanier also took today's RCC Teammate Trivia challenge very seriously. It's competitive out here on multiple levels. All that and more on the day 3 edition of the Redskins Capital Connection. 
7/28/201829 minutes, 3 seconds
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Training Camp Day 2

We're back! That's right; Redskins Capital Connection is once again coming to you recorded live from the field here at the Bon Secours training facility for Washington Redskins Training Camp 2018.  Host Chad Ryan is joined by Richmond's own Chip Brierre, making his RCC debut today as he jumps on board the team for Camp! Together we sit down with Left Guard Shawn Lauvao today for a great chat about his injury history, what it takes to stay healthy in this league, and why Coach Bill Callahan calls Lauvao a "warrior".  We give you a nice recap of all the day 2 action, including our observations on why this Redskins Defensive Line is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. All that and more on the latest Redskins Capital Connection episode!
7/27/201829 minutes, 8 seconds
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Training Camp 2018 Preview!

We have a big show for you today; it's not just another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast, it's a joint show with our RCC network family pod the On The Warpath crew! That means it's a full house today as we prepare you with everything you need to know as we head into Redskins Training Camp 2018 starting next week! That includes an introduction for what training camp actually is, what the schedule is going to be like, and then because it's a joint show with our On the Warpath crew today, of course we're going to have three rounds of debate as we look at some pivotal training camp position battles that will start taking shape very, very soon. Your hosts today are Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, Robbie Duncan and Rob Henson, as we bring you a jam-packed podcast where we all do our best to hide our excitement at the fact that this week is the last time in 2018 we will be without some form of Redskins football! Thanks for tuning in; tell your friends, share it on social media, and leave us a rating & review! HTTR!
7/16/201840 minutes, 2 seconds
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Special Teams Talk with Nick Sundberg, plus QBs and TEs breakdown

We've got a great show for you today as we finish our position group breakdown series by looking at the Quarterbacks, Tight Ends and Special Teams players currently on the Washington Redskins 90 man roster as we steam towards Training Camp, which is just now some 4 weeks away! Host Chad Ryan is joined by cameo co-host Robbie Duncan on today's episode, and oh boy is it a good one.  We dialed up friend of the show Nick Sundberg, who is now officially the longest tenured current Redskin on the roster following the retirement of DeAngelo Hall. Nick helps us break down the special teams units at the top of the show and really give us a good front-line insight into what it takes to be a strong special teams unit, including what he's seen from young guys like Deshazor Everett and Quinton Dunbar that has impressed him, and what it takes to be a true specialist in the modern NFL.  We end the show by looking at the Tight Ends and Quarterbacks, and SPOILER ALERT: we think Alex Smith will be the starter this year. A lot of laughs and a lot of great football insight on today's RCC podcast - who says you can't have both?! Listen out for the cameo from Nick Sundberg's dog, too.  
6/29/201852 minutes, 56 seconds
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1-on-1 with Chris Thompson, and RBs and WRs breakdown

The Redskins offseason is officially over! Yes, with Head Coach Jay Gruden cancelling the last day of mandatory minicamp, the Redskins players have now been released back in to the wild for the last time in 2018 as they now enjoy five and a half weeks of personal time to do whatever they please, so long as they report to Training Camp on July 26 in fit and fighting condition. Today hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are once again joined by Redskins Capital Connection's own Robbie Duncan as we continue our ongoing series that looks at every position group and every player currently on the Redskins 90 man roster.  And this week to help us look at the Running Backs, we have a very special guest; Redskins RB Chris Thompson dials in to the show for a quick 1-on-1 chat with Chad about life in the Running Backs room in 2018, his own recovery, and what fans can expect in 2018. We recap minicamp, including the buzz surrounding both Alex Smith and Derrius Guice, and take a deep dive on the Wide Receivers as well. All in all, another fun show! Tell your friends!
6/14/201849 minutes, 21 seconds
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OTAs and Offensive Line & Defensive Line

Normally it doesn't matter what else is happening in Washington DC sports - the Washington Redskins are typically the main event. Not today. If most of you are just tuning in today this Thursday June 7th to help pass the time before the puck drops in Las Vegas tonight as the Washington Capitals look to become the first team in 25 years to bring a major league championship home to DC, that's fine by everyone here at RCC! For those of you who are still interested in Redskins news today however, we've got a great show for you! Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are again joined by RCC's own Robbie Duncan, and together they first recap a little bit of what we've learned from OTAs this week, and then they continue the series that began last week looking at position groups going into training camp. Last week we looked at the Linebackers and Defensive Backs, and this week we're going in to the trenches; it's the Defensive Line and the Offensive Line.  As always, thanks for listening, please help us spread the word by telling your other Redskins friends and family to tune in, and don't forget to leave us a nice rating/review on the platform you listen to us through!  
6/7/201854 minutes, 58 seconds
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Reviewing DBs & LBs, and doing Liz Clarke's Redskins Beat Exit Interview

Hosts Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, and guest third-wheel Robbie Duncan are your pilots today on another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast! On today's show we're going to be starting our pre-training camp series of positional reviews, where we look at the current lineup of players across all the different positions, talk about who are stone-cold locks to make the roster, who has to fight for a spot, who is exciting us and intriguing us, and other bits and pieces of info. This week we're kicking the series off by looking at the Defensive Backs and Linebackers, which makes for a great and insightful chat. Also on this week's show, we learned last week that good friend of the show and just all around absolute champion Liz Clarke from the Washington Post is transitioning off of the Redskins beat and covering other sports for the Post now. So Chad took it upon himself to conduct her Redskins Beat Exit Interview. It's all a bit silly but we think it was a lot of fun and it really gave Liz a great chance to reflect upon her time on the beat in a unique way, and is a great lens upon which to look at this organisation through. Thanks as always for tuning in!
5/28/20181 hour, 17 minutes, 21 seconds
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Rookie Minicamp & Offseason Workouts

Lots to talk about today as we really start getting closer and closer to football, and this week has seen the veteran Redskins players back in the building and on the practice field for offseason workouts, and come Friday the 11th of May (which is tomorrow as of recording this podcast) the Redskins 2018 draft picks, undrafted free agents, as well as a handful of tryout players report to Ashburn for three days of rookie minicamp. It's the first time we'll see guys like DaRon Payne and Derrius Guice in the Burgundy and Gold, and will be a great opportunity to really start getting a better idea about what this 2018 season Redskins roster may look like. Hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by friend of the show Lake Lewis from the USA Today's 'The Redskins Wire' to discuss that, as well as the items in the news that we'll cover off from the past week as well including the departure of Scott Campbell from the Redskins front office, the re-signing of LG Shawn Lauvao, and the fact that it looks like the Redskins will be getting a bunch of compensatory picks in the 2019 draft! PLUS this was the first podcast episode that we simultaneously broadcast live as we recorded it on Twitch, so in future you can listen in at for a good behind the scenes look at what goes in to making this podcast happen!
5/10/201846 minutes, 30 seconds
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Post 2018 Draft Mega Pod!

Right off the bat, let us remind you that on Friday morning we released our 'morning after' podcast following the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft where the Washington Redskins selected DT Da'Ron Payne out of Alabama, so if you missed that load it up in your favorite podcast player and give it a listen. Because on today's show, we're talking about the other seven players the Redskins selected in rounds 2 through 7, as well as giving our thoughts on the strategy and philosophy behind the approach that Doug Williams and Bruce Allen took to this years draft.  In the end, the Redskins draft class for 2018 included the following eight players;  DT Da'Ron Payne RB Derrius Guice OT Geron Christian S Troy Apke DT Tim Settle LB Shaun Dion Hamilton CB Greg Stroman WR Trey Quinn And on today's show, hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips are joined by Craig Hoffman (106.7 The Fan) and Mark Bullock (The Washington Post) to do a deep-dive on every single one of those players! Their strengths, their weaknesses, and what they bring to this Redskins roster for 2018 and beyond! It's a mega pod for a reason, folks! So strap in, get comfortable, and listen to a lot of detail about the eight newest players in the Burgundy and Gold!
4/30/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 38 seconds
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Da'Ron Payne - The Morning After

Welcome fellow bleary-eyed Redskins fans to our morning-after episode following night one of the 2018 NFL Draft, where we saw the Washington Redskins dip back into the Alabama pool of players to select Defensive Tackle Da'Ron Payne. On this episode of the show hosts Chad Ryan and Mark Phillips talk about how the first twelve picks of the draft shaped the board resulting in the Redskins taking Payne, what his selection means for the future of this franchise, and what Payne brings to this defense as an individual talent. We also dial up our pal Michael Phillips, Sports Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, to get the firsthand account from ground-zero at Redskins HQ in Ashburn about what transpired, whether or not Payne truly was the top player on their draft board, and how this pick reflects on the philosophy that Doug Williams and Bruce Allen have taken in to the 2018 draft. 
4/27/201843 minutes, 16 seconds
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Workouts Begin, & Three More Potential Redskins First Round Selections

This week saw the 2018 football offseason officially begin as the Washington Redskins players returned to Ashburn for their first round of offseason strength and conditioning workouts in team facilities this year! So things are finally starting to get exciting both locally with the Redskins, and nationally across the league as we get closer to next week's 2018 NFL draft, which we will talk about on today's show by continuing our theme from last week where we look at three potential first round picks for the Redskins by looking at notable mock drafts and talking about the players they've projected to Washington, and what each board looks like. Last week we spoke about Derrius Guice, Vita Vea and Derwin James. This week it's Da'Ron Payne, Denzel Ward and Tremaine Edmunds! Join hosts Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, and Robbie Duncan as they talk about those three potential first round rookies as well as recapping all the Redskins news of the past week! Let us know on Twitter if you agree or disagree with anything we've said, or if you think we've got something plain wrong!   
4/19/201840 minutes, 17 seconds
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Pre-draft projections, & Punter Sam Irwin-Hill

On this episode of the Redskins Capital Connection, we are diving straight in to our draft coverage, but we're doing it in a slightly different way; we're looking at three of the more credible mock drafts doing the rounds each week and discussing who they have allocated to be the newest member of the Washington Redskins, looking at who they've left on the board for us, and how the player they've selected would fit here in DC! This week covers RB Derrius Guice, DT Vita Vea, and S Derwin James! Then later on in the show, the interview that many (many) of you asked for is finally here... Usually on the Redskins Capital Connection, host Chad Ryan tends to tone down his Australian eccentricities for the sake of his primarily American audience. But after the Washington Redskins signed free agent Australian Punter Sam Irwin-Hill, any chance of that persisting flew out the window.  Together with co-host Mark Phillips, we also of course cover off on all the pertinent news circling around Redskins headquarters at this quiet time of the NFL years. It's a good show!
4/11/201855 minutes, 6 seconds