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English, College & Highschool, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 3 hours 13 minutes
The podcast of the official publication of the Pembroke Hill School.
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"He Has Used Up All of His Tokens" - May 2019

On my final episode of the Voice Podcast, I sit down to talk with the Romicks to discuss their experience at Pembroke Hill and what lies ahead. -Jay Mehta
12/06/201917 minutes 53 seconds
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"I Have Tattooed Myself With a Moment" - May 2018

On this episode, I sit down with Erin Lowe, Hannah Buttshaw, Emlen Brown, Janna Withrow, and Ms. Abernathy to discuss spoken word poetry. -Jay Mehta
03/05/201819 minutes 25 seconds
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"And We're Friends Now . . . Which is Pretty Dope" - February 2018

On this episode, I sat down with the writers of the Voice's Where We Stand political column to discuss the political year in review. -- Jay Mehta
20/02/201837 minutes 36 seconds
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"Dates and Names and Dead People" - September 2017

On this episode, I speak to Mr. Lucas Richardson about the importance of studying history and about a surprising discovery he recently made regarding his own family history. - Jay Mehta
09/09/201716 minutes 28 seconds
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"You're Gonna Like Being Irrelevant Even Less" - November 2016

On this episode, I take a look at the historical context for the 2016 presidential election. - Jay Mehta
07/11/201610 minutes 27 seconds
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"That's As Powerful As It Gets" - October 2016

On this episode, I take a look at the relationship between athletics and global relations, safe spaces and trigger warnings, and an upcoming feature film created by a PHS alum.
10/10/201629 minutes 21 seconds
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"Thank You For Watching" - May 2016

"Thank You For Watching" - May 2016 by The Voice
27/05/201616 minutes 42 seconds
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"Sorta Like A Final Lap" - October 2015

This month, we talk to Shaina Desai and Gunjan Guar about Senioritis, and we hear from James Parkerson and Alice Rowland about the disparity between men's and women's sports. Find us on iTunes!
03/11/201525 minutes 5 seconds
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"You Should Probably Avoid Face Tattoos" - September 2015

This month, we talk to Alec Mitchell about Foals' What Went Down and we talk to Jason Lips about the stories behind his tattoos.
09/10/201520 minutes 5 seconds