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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 season, 44 episodes, 2 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes
Part of the Hagerty Podcast Network, The Viva Bastardo Show is a celebration of all things, “Bastardo!” (meaning an embodiment of the contrarian spirit, the person who sees the normal and proudly declares “this is not for me!”). Hosted by Phil Toledano (a former ad agency guy, a self-proclaimed contrarian, a conceptual artist, an entrepreneur and an enthusiastic collector of interesting cars and exceedingly interesting watches), he may be more familiar to the audience through his Instagram username of @MisterEnthusiast. With a passion for oddball 1970s Patek watches, as well as box flares with four wheels, Phil is the type of enthusiastic collector who focuses on both the overall experience, as well as the aesthetics, and he’s the collector friend we *all* need in our lives. The Viva Bastardo show will feature a variety of interesting guests form the worlds of automotive, watches, sports, entertainment and of course, Bastardo!
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Scarr Pimentel, Entrepreneur & Founder of Scarr’s Pizza - The Viva Bastardo Show - 029

Greetings, fellow Bastardo! This week we have Scarr Pimentel on the show! Scarr Pimentel is the namesake of the legendary and delicious Scarr’s Pizza in the Lower East Side of New York City, an establishment that has become an award-winning pizza staple in one of the most cut-throat pizza capitals of the world. While Scarr is known for his slices, he’s also a long time automotive connoisseur- Phil and Scarr talk 90’s Volkswagens, pre-merger AMG Mercedes, the secret sauce behind early Porsche 996s, and much more. If you love cars, Cartier, and pizza, this is the episode for you! Check out Aerovault Trailers here: The Viva Bastardo Show is part of the Hagerty Podcast Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/9/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 4 seconds
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Paolo Garella, Automotive Designer - The Viva Bastardo Show - 028

Greetings, fellow Bastardo! This week we have Paolo Garella on the show! Automotive designer Paolo Garella is responsible for some of the most iconic designs conceived at Pininfarina in the 1990s and 2000s, including the Ferrari P4/5 and the new Stratos. Garella was also responsible for special projects for the Sultan of Brunei, and shares some incredible stories of how the Brunei Special Projects kept alive some of the most important manufactures we know and love today. This is a fantastic conversation you won’t want to miss! The Viva Bastardo Show is part of the Hagerty Podcast Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/2/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 19 seconds