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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 85 episodes, 3 days 42 minutes
This is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker! From maker interviews to tutorials and more, we're here to talk about all things no-code. #nocode
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An interview with RR Abrot

RR AbrotOn TwitterOn YouTubeWebsite 
28/07/202256 minutes
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No-code roundup - July 25th, 2022

4:43 - Webflow has some updates...4:48 - WebP image support is here in Webflow (I made a video to guide you)5:22 - Sunsetting support for IE7:09 - Made in Webflow is here9:30 - Bubble released their new responsive editor10:23 - And they rolled out deferred drawing to everyone10:56 - Outseta released support for Bubble too! 👀11:23 - Zapier rebrand
25/07/202245 minutes 12 seconds
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0:22 - Episode beginsParker ThompsonEpisode 69 with Kyleigh SmithKyleigh Smith
14/06/202231 minutes 41 seconds
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An interview with Kendra Rainey

Kenrda's TwitterEdgar Allan content design blog posts
09/06/202234 minutes 31 seconds
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No code roundup - June 6th, 2022

0:22: Episode begins6:51 - It’s been a while and Webflow has released a lot of things11:24 - Updating CMS items via CSV, Client Billing sunsetting, live phone support for Enterprise, superscript and subscript, flex gap, new role for Enterprise (limited designer), publish improvements for CMS heavy sites, re
06/06/202246 minutes 48 seconds
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An interview with Chris Spags

JetboostChris Spag's Twitter Account
03/06/202238 minutes 59 seconds
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No code roundup – April 4th, 2022

0:22 - Episode begins6:42 - Visual Dev FM Youtube Channel11:55 - ROUND-UP BEGINS12:17 - Webflow announces Series C funding & 10MM Community grant at a $4B valuation15:05 - Don’t forget to catch up with Colleen’s latest No-Code event tweet thread15:39 - Weglot, with a big investment announcement!16:45 - Finsweet hosted a Global Open House!18:10 - Cash Your Flow looks really cool, an awesome tool to guide your pricing20:39 - CopyFlow launched this past week....21:30 - Snowhouse Studio is <a href="
05/04/202233 minutes 12 seconds
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No code roundup – March 9th, 2022

12:05 - No-Code flow released this awesome tool to support Ukraine12:42 - Daniel Brassnyo put together - Webflow released Generation No-Code! Let’s go Webflow TV!!14:18 - Women in No-Code relaunch — Lacey’s Twitter18:03 - Favorite and follow Colleen’s no-code events thread18:31 - Snowhouse Studio is looking for a Webflow Developer19:40 - Airtable released some new interf
10/03/202247 minutes 28 seconds
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No code roundup – February 21st, 2022

1:00 - Matt and Ben check-in3:53 - Webflow launched Workspaces (See blog post)7:00 - are looking to hire a Webflow Developer!8:56 - 8020 is hiring a Low-Code Developer!11:57 - Edgar Allan officially released Knockout!!12:47 - Visual Dev is going to host a Webflow Framework smack down and you're all invited14:15 - Last Round Up we mentioned No Code Map App which looks awesome, but has anyone tried Nown?14:43 - If you're looki
21/02/202242 minutes 40 seconds
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An interview with Nick and Hannah from Squarekicker

1:07 - What is Squarekicker?2:28 - How Nick and Hannah got into tech 5:45 - How Nick and Hannah began building for Squarespace13:52 - Squarekicker’s early marketing efforts 18:00 - What’s the difference between Squarespace and tools like Webflow?24:45 - What they learned from building Squarekicker27:30 - Nick has listened to Visual Dev FM28:27 - Who are the people building with Squarekicker?31:03 - What Squarespace said and how people have reacted34:50 - If Hannah and Nick could build anything, it would be...more Squarekicker!38:24 - Find Hannah and Nick on LinkedIn
18/02/202239 minutes 26 seconds
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No code roundup – February 10th, 2022

11:06 - Webflow released an update to the style manager12:34 - Colleen’s Twitter thread on upcoming no-code events14:19 - Glide announced they’re sharing revenue with experts (apply to be an expert)14:44 - Bravo Studio is offering mobile development as-a-service (Enterprise)15:22 - Autocode now has multi-player to make it easier to collab on your code15:50 - B
10/02/202237 minutes 55 seconds
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No code roundup – February 3rd, 2022

0:51 - Matt’s not with us because he’s speaking at Webflow Sales Kickoff in LA this week!7:12 - The Figma to Webflow course is live now!7:49 - Edgar Allan sent out early invites to their Figma to Webflow framework — Knockout8:21 - Wordpress made a big announcement! (See the roadmap for 6.0 here) 10:24 - There’s a new tool out called Logo to Use - think of it as Unsplash for logos11:22 - launched <a href="https://tech
03/02/202240 minutes 33 seconds
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No code roundup – January 27th, 2022

5:00 - The Figma to Webflow course is on its way!! 5:35 - Edgar Allan is releasing a Figma to Webflow template/framework5:45 - Chesly’s Tweet Thread about Knockout6:05 - Nelson and Vlad streamed the first quarterly update for this year10:10 - Airtable has launched two new features, first is Bulk Field Actions10:55 - The second is an quality of life improvement for expanded records11:17 - Coda now gives you the ability to globally
27/01/202231 minutes 44 seconds
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No code roundup – January 20th, 2022

1:59 - Intro and talking about the new year!4:17 - Webflow announces page level presence in collaboration5:56 - Webflow announces image limits/validation in the CMS (Dylan Garcia)7:01 - Webflow announced improved accessibility with the keyboard focus state7:47 - Webflow announced new CMS enhancements to improve performance in the Designer9:35 - 8020 is hiring! (Careers Page)10:51 - Carri is hiring as well, looking for some Webflow expertise!11:20 - Airtable <a href="
20/01/202233 minutes 37 seconds
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No Code Conf recap

0:22 - Intros4:00 - Audit Panel4:19 - Background filter 6:49 - Production value was through the roof!12:30 - CST Guide15:48 - Nelson Abalos Jr., Speed Build Challenge17:39 - Collaboration20:24 - User Systems27:41 - Logic28:30 - Ben’s Twitter Thread31:40 - Webflow Keynote
02/12/202141 minutes 23 seconds
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An interview with Aron Korenblit

1:20 - Lacey joined the team at Webflow! 🎉2:38 - Webflow with some BIG No Code Conf announcements, and it’s next week!!!3:30 - Airtable launched Interfaces4:01 - Bubble launched their new responsive editor (see it in use with repeatable groups)4:42 - We’ll be doing a whole episode on this new responsive engine VERY soon!6:19 - Refokus shared their tool on how to easily add social share buttons in Webflow6:56 - Pory has a new layout builder that lets you drag and drop in detailed views7:28 - Pory also has a new sidebar layout and a new <a href="
11/11/20211 hour 1 minute 24 seconds
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An interview with Kyleigh Smith

1:09 - Webflow is now completely free for students worldwide!1:39 - Vlad, from Webflow, was on TechCrunch live2:14 - Tellie launched on Product Hunt3:06 - Parabola adds Editor AND viewer roles to flows3:50 - Brizy is a drag and drop no-code builder for Wordpress4:42 - Zapier announced Transfer!5:52 - The new Bubble responsiv
04/11/202150 minutes 35 seconds
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The case for ClickUp

0:22 - Episode begins2:44 - Webflow did some fun things with the pages panel3:11 - And Refokus built a cool tool for Webflow Rich Text called Rich Text Enhancer4:06 - Notably (shouts to Colleen) is a tool for researchers4:52 - Airtable now has advanced filters5:29 - released a drag and drop builder to build landing pages in Notion7:39 - Have you seen Living Dead? It was made in Webflow8:20 - Also worth visiting My Dope Ass Apartment. (Props to Jon
15/10/20211 hour 23 minutes 58 seconds
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Coda Block Party

0:22 - Episode begins2:50 - Collaboration tool was featured in Forbes3:35 - usepastel.com7:15 - Postman has a tool called flows in beta9:25 - Mutiny, a no-code marketing website builder to help you convert11:15 - ClickUp Poll14:52 - PixieBrix, a low-code extension builder to automate the web15:25 - GitHub + Your Webflow site and versioning with webflow-git17:39 - <a href="
07/10/202154 minutes 47 seconds
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No end to no-code news

0:22 - Episode begins1:40 - Webflow did another live stream with Nelson and Webflow’s No Code Conf team2:40 - Kate Marshal (Spelling?)2:50 - Corey Moen3:46 - Corey’s most used code snippets3:56 - Jetboost has dynamic sorting now!!6:35 - Zapier introduces TikTok partnership7:10 - Coda cleaned up and redesigned their app home page7:58 - Yash Mehta sent us Makeswift and we gave it a tr
01/10/202156 minutes 54 seconds
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When to bail on no-code

2:23 - Webflow announced a Memberships beta 👀5:20 - The NCC speaker list and agenda is live!10:05 - Zapier just made paths more powerful. Now up to 5 paths in a Zap!! (Previous limit was 3)10:42 - Squarespace made some BIG announcements about their E-commerce offering14:36 - Lacey told us about Mason this week16:44 - Out of our Bubble episode, we heard they have a flexbox design editor coming...19:59 - NoCode Devs <a href="
23/09/20211 hour 22 seconds
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A conversation about Bubble

0:22 - Episode begins02:44 - Webflow announced some features like embed improvements, Marketo integrations, and collaboration!05:34 - NoCode Conference News09:01 - Stacker raised $20 Million12:34 - Wix launched an no-code app builder16:20 - Coda raised $100 Million17:39 - Outs
16/09/202158 minutes 31 seconds
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Adalo Series A and an interview with David Adkin

1:20 - Adalo announced a Series A investment! 🎉2:44 - “Laceyiscool”3:40 - Adalo is also hiring a lot of people 👀5:12 - And they announced you can customize map markers (anticlimatic) 5:33 - Google ripped off Coda...and Notion...8:47 - Notion released their API13:01 - Stacker App rolled out a brand new version of their product16:15 - Webflow rolled out some cool things for GAA
20/05/202152 minutes 56 seconds
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The Nobull Airtable app from Finsweet

0:22 - Episode begins2:22 - Adalo launched a new Component in the Marketplace, Interstitial ads4:09 - Jetboost dropped some new features!7:42 - Connor Finlayson has a new video out “11 tools to level up your Webflow game” 8:27 - Sara Soueidan announced a new accessibility course!9:19 - Finsweet announced a new show, Critique!12:40 - Finsweet also released Nobull into beta (more on that later in this episode)12:50 - MKT1, dropped a <a href="https://mkt1.substack
29/04/202146 minutes 6 seconds
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How no-code will replace developers

00:22 - Episode begins 1:40 - Glide now lets you create an account without using Google3:31 - Bubble released a guide on building a no-code app at scale4:14 - Parabola announced that a big addition is coming soon5:59 - We Made agency is looking to hire a Webflow Developer6:33 - Config from Figma is going on and we’ve seen talks from folks at Webflow and Coda8:40 - Figma also announced Figjam 🤯  (Replaces Whimsical + Miro
22/04/202147 minutes 4 seconds
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When code gatekeeps no-code

0:22 - Episode begins...1:40 - Webflow launched “focus mode” in the style panel3:30 - Also, the Webflow community update was today!6:17 - John Saunders had an awesome thread about his foray into Webflow7:44 - The rise of the no-code economy panel was awesome!12:01 - Coda now has a color scale in conditional formatting12:15 - Coda also <a href=""
16/04/202152 minutes 37 seconds
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An interview with Mike from Minimum Studio

00:22 - Episode begins01:12 - Webflow updated limits on some site plans01:42 - Webflow’s smooth-scroll will soon respect user preferences02:27 - Webflow is having a live community update on April 14th03:22 - Webflow added a new post to their blog: Zapier vs. Integromat04:14 - Adalo made a huge update to the app bar!05:52 - Formstack is hosting a panel - “The Rise of the No-Code Economy”07:13 - Bildr is <a href="
09/04/20211 hour 15 minutes 18 seconds
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The March 26th no-code roundup

00:22 - Episode begins03:17 - Webflow is featured in the new Google UX Design Certificate03:42 - Webflow also released an awesome blog post about Women designers in history04:22 - Parabola announced a native Airtable integration05:08 - Parabola also dropped some new pricing12:50 - Glide updated their Data Editor to use Glide Grid - and it’s open source13:20 - Softr has new pricing, custom domains on the free plan, SEO improvements, and more14
26/03/202143 minutes 41 seconds
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An interview with Mason Poe

0:22 - Episode begins0:42 - Mason Poe, Edgar Allan1:05 - Webflow is bringing back quarterly updates with Vlad!!1:32 - Global open house organized by Webflow Meetup chapter leaders (site)XX:XX - Adalo 3:40 - Uhhhh....Elliot is back....errr...this Christmas?!?! The saga continues (site)8:45 - Gumroad did a thing, and there were some opinions about it - here’s the drama 🔥13:00 - H
18/03/20211 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds
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The March no-code roundup

2:21 - Webflow launched a Merch Store3:50 - Webflow order manager now available in the Designer4:12 - Adalo launched a tutorial on their QR Code Scanner4:39 - And Adalo released new single use in-app purchases!4:50 - Adalocado launched from Parker!!6:47 - Airtable launched an engineering blog7:30 - Airtable also has a Gantt view now9:20 - Airtable also <a href="https://community.airt
12/03/202149 minutes 45 seconds
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Design tools no-coders can't live without

0:58 - Webflow launches another accessibility feature, vision preview!1:30 - Stark 2:27 - WCAG 3.02:45 - Adalo adds new fonts (over 1,000!)3:56 - Parker Thompson, No-Code Report + Olada.fun4:35 - Coda opening packs up for everyone? 5:28 - Corey Moen’s Tweet6:02 - Memberstack introduces new pricing6:40 - Webflow for
29/01/202159 minutes 14 seconds
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First impressions: Softr

1:25 - Mackenzie Child launched!! 4:59 - Adalo making a call for people to test bringing in external users! 👀07:30 - Webflow is launching a Component Marketplace10:31 - Tom Osman’s new course - “Everything you need to know about no-code”12:57 - Top 100 Makers in the No-Code Space15:19 - Women in No Code (WINC)20:00 - Tally Forms adds conditional logic!20:45 - Finsweet launched a new podcast21:29 - Wix Editor X event on February 4th24:20 - Lacey’s <a href="
22/01/202158 minutes 50 seconds
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An interview with Carri Craver

1:24 - Webflow raises 140 million Series B and now valued at $2.1 Billion 🤯4:00 - Jetboost 6:25 - Visual Dev FM’s episode with David Adkin (Adalo)8:03 - Adalo has 41 new list customization options9:48 - Webflow and Zapier made YCombinators list of top companies10:10 - Zapier posted an article on Google form settings10:55 - Finsweet hires Alex Iglesias Piñol12:14 - Aron and Finsweet teach you how to <a href="
15/01/202157 minutes 2 seconds
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An interview with the Pixel Geek

0:22 - Episode begins1:27 - Webflow launches it Enterprise program1:50 - And with it a new wing within Experts: Enterprise Partners3:39 - Webflow launched a new feature – nested symbols5:36 - Webflow is launching a new 21 day course5:59 - A great guide on how to make your Webflow site more accessible6:40 - Airtable now has script templates7:40 - Also, Airtable is hiring!7:54 - Zapier now has <a href="
12/01/20211 hour 10 minutes 37 seconds
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The December no-code roundup

1:16 - Webflow Cyber Week sale on templates!2:00 - Have you been watching Webflow’s Design Monday’s2:50 - Bravo has HTML & Markdown styling now3:22 - No Code Jac is looking for some Zapier and Integromat pros4:04 - Carrie Craver has the No Code Coffee Club to connect for free4:46 - We need more women in no-code7:25 - WINC7:43 - Buildbox has a guide out on how to
03/12/202043 minutes 30 seconds
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The November no-code roundup

0:22 - Episode begins02:47 - Webflow now lets you organize assets with folders03:32 - Webflow has a load more backups button in the Designer now04:17 - You can import multi-reference items via CSV in Webflow now! 🤩06:08 - Webflow also released the Auditor Panel to help you find and fix accessibility issues 💯08:28 - Glide now lets you enable tablet/desktop mode in Pro apps09:10 - Glide also recapped a lot of recent updates and announced new features November 12th09:
19/11/202034 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

The no-code tools we’re most excited to try

0:22 - Episode begins1:32 - Webflow E-commerce now has variant pill selectors2:49 - Webflow has billboards now? 3:35 - Webflow has folders4:58 - Adalo now has horizontal lists5:45 - Coda and Masterclass launched a doc about launches5:55 - Notion → Coda Importer6:38 - That incredible Coda marketing video7:44 - You can mark columns as protected in Glide now8:37 - Bubble has a new community stream, Bubble Office Hours!<
22/10/202053 minutes 23 seconds
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Coda's new Notion import feature

0:22 - Episode begins1:33 - Webflow E-Commerce Update: new product types3:32 - Webflow’s Digital Dollar Store, proceeds going to OTTP-SF4:02 - Webflow has iPhone 12 widths in the Designer already!6:50 - Integromat has been acquired8:36 - Celonis13:06 - Memberstack’s Blog Post: Celebrating New Milestones15:00 - Adalo Updates: Ada Lovelace Day15:45 - Adalo’s
16/10/202052 minutes 58 seconds
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The most underrated Webflow features

0:22 - Episode begins1:35 - Webflow Mini Lessons are here with Grimur1:49 - McGuire Brannon3:26 - First, Last, Even, Odd Styling is here in Webflow for CMS Items4:16 - E-commerce Discounts are out of beta5:30 - FoxyCart, Shopify6:47 - Webflow Customer Support Team won an award! (S/O to Ben!)7:48 - Finsweet poaches Raymmar Tirado (NoCodeVideo, CloneComp)9:20 - NoCodeDevs Newsletter was on Product Hunt<li
08/10/202048 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

A first look at Google Tables

0:22 - Episode begins1:07 - Zapier tweeted out their Fastest Growing Apps of 20201:44 - ClickUp, Webflow, Zoom, Netlify2:09 - Webflow surpassed 100,000 customers2:47 - Webflow Update: You can set now set global Canonical Tags4:13 - Airtable Update: Airtable has a new view sidebar5:00 - Airtable's blog post: How to Schedule Google Calendar Events right from within Airtable5:20 - Adalo's blog post: <a href="
24/09/202048 minutes 6 seconds
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Best build strategies when using Webflow

0:22 - Episode begins1:09 - Webflow announced the Webflow World Tour Winners1:19 - Business or E-Commerce Prototype: Zoom Prototype by Sarkis Buniatyan1:41 - Best Enterprise Solution: Webflow Haypi by Finsweet5:25 - Best Integration or Add-on: Vivek Shukla5:56 - Best Social Impact Project: STEAMCycle6:10 - Best Portfolio or Side Project: <a href="" target="_bla
17/09/20201 hour 8 minutes 39 seconds
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An interview with Alex Yaseen

0:22 - Episode begins1:40 - Notion’s API is coming soon?2:31 - Newsletter4:13 - Bubble’s new integration with Slack6:10 - Marcel’s tweet / #UnpopularOpinion10:16 - Nelson Abalos Jr (PixelGeek) has launched his community!11:00 - Webflow has updates to Alt Text12:57 - Zapier now has Zap Details!14:30 - Why Ben
04/09/20201 hour 1 minute 7 seconds
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Using code in your no-code project

In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey discuss how and why to use code in your no-code projects. Ben also breaks down his process for using code in his projects and shares great resources to give you a head start!
27/08/202054 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

An interview with David Adkin

In this episode, Ben, Matt, and Lacey chat with Adalo founder, David Adkin on the new Adalo Marketplace Components! David also shares some updates and news about what's next.
18/08/202056 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

A recap of our AMA from the Stanford no-code class

In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey share about being speakers at Stanford's first no-code class and the questions that the students asked regarding no-code tools. And, as always, we cover everything new in no-code!
13/08/202055 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting over the fear of getting started

In this episode, we do the usual no-code roundup and also discuss how to get over fear of starting. Ben, Matt and Lacey each share their own experiences with failing and winning with product launches and how to get over the fear of starting.
04/08/202051 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Webflow vs Editor X

In this episode, we discuss the differences from Wix's Editor X and Webflow. Ben got to play around with Editor X and was surprised by some of the functionality. We break down what types of projects Editor X may be suitable for and which projects seem to be better if built on Webflow.
28/07/20201 hour 1 minute 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Memberstack vs. Memberspace vs. Firebase

This week we're discussing MemberStack vs. Memberspace vs. Firebase. We each use our different backgrounds and projects to share which one is our favorite and when you should Memberstack, Memberspace or Firebase in your projects!
24/07/202055 minutes 30 seconds
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Passive Income with No-Code Ecommerce Tools

In this week's episode we cover the no-code round up and how to start a business with little startup money using no-code tools. We recommend some tools to check out, as well as ways you could get an online business up and running in no time!
15/07/20201 hour 5 minutes 45 seconds
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The End of Elliot

In this episode, we talk about everything new in no-code. Then we dive into the end of Elliot E-Commerce. It's always a bummer when a company or tool calls it quits, especially in the no-code space. Matt had his heart set on using Elliot and so we talk about the timeline and lament the end.
08/07/202048 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Joe Krug

In this episode, we're back with all that's new in no-code. A lot has happened in our time off and we try to catch up. Also, Matt and Lacey talk with Joe Krug of Finsweet about all the amazing tools and resources he's launched, how to pronounce Finsweet, and so much more!
23/06/202056 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Black Lives Matter

We didn't feel like talking about no-code this week. Instead, we encourage you to speak up and speak out for what's right. Donate to great causes like Black Lives Matter and EJI. And look to see where you can use what you have to help those in need.
02/06/20203 minutes 50 seconds
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An Interview with Anfernee G

In this episode, we spoke with Anfernee G. about his website, The Big Bed, that was built on Webflow. We learned about what inspired him to create such a stunning website and what kept him motivated throughout the long build. Anfernee is the unofficial champion of Webflow interactions and we were happy to speak with him.
26/05/202051 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with the Memberstack Founders

In today's episode we are talking with the co-founders of Memberstack, Duncan &amp; Tyler! We discuss how they started Memberstack, the funding they received, and what's next for the platform.
19/05/20201 hour 14 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Future is No-Code

In this episode, we talk with David Adkin from Adalo about his new e-book and miniseries &quot;The Future is No-Code.&quot; This project started with one simple idea. What if David could ask a bunch of experts the same questions to help us figure out what exactly “No-Code” is, how it’s going to affect everyone, and why we’re all so excited about it.
14/05/202041 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Arlan Hamilton

In this episode, Matt and Lacey talk with Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital. Arlan went from being homeless to managing a multimillion dollar investment firm, and she shares with us how she did it. We also talk about her newly release book, &quot;It's About Damn Time&quot; and how it's meant to not only encourage founders, but also give them a practical business perspective.
12/05/202047 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Nelson Abalos

In this episode, we're talking with the legendary Nelson Abalos Jr. — known to many as the PixelGeek. From being employee number #13 at Webflow to leading their popular weekly livestreams + rebuilds, Nelson is commonly known as one of the most recognizable faces in the Webflow community. Nelson shares his start into web development, how he landed a job at Webflow and what he hopes to work on in the future.
05/05/20201 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Tara Reed

In this episode, we're talking with Tara Reed of AppsWithoutCode - a platform and course that teaches you about how to use no-code tools to build your next app without a technical co-founder. From storytelling to the masses at TedX Detroit to digging in deep on LinkedIn to build Kollecto - her art-based, no-code startup - Tara is the epitome of the no-code movement.
28/04/202059 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Cat Noone

In this episode, Lacey is joined by Cat Noone from Stark. Stark is a suite of accessibility and compliance tools that are designed for product teams. Cat shares about her background in design and what led her to founding Stark. Additionally, Cat shares about how no code can challenge designers ー and why that's a good thing.
21/04/20201 hour 5 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Typeform vs. Jotform vs. Google Forms

In this episode, Lacey, Ben, and Matt talk about forms — specifically, how do Typeform, Jotform, and Google Forms stack up against each other? How's accessibility in these tools? Does any deliver more value than the other? We're answering all this and more here, and as usual, starting things out with our weekly no-code round-up: your source for the latest no-code updates, releases, and news.
14/04/20201 hour 17 minutes 11 seconds
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Sheets vs. Coda vs. Airtable

In this episode, Ben and Matt compare the pros and cons of Google Sheets, Airtable, and Coda for Spreadsheets. When should you use each? Why should you use one over the other? What's your thought process when choosing? Coda is a Spreadsheet? These are all valid questions — and we're answering them here, along with our pros and cons for each. Plus, we're covering the latest in no-code news.
09/04/20201 hour 22 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

OK for OK

In this episode, we talk about all the things we missed last week. It's an extensive no-code roundup and we also tackle our current preferred no-code stacks. Then, we talk about what it was like building OK for OK and what we learned.
05/04/202059 minutes 12 seconds
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No-Code Round Up and COVID-19

In this episode, we have no interview or in-depth topic. One of our #includeher participants had to cancel at the last minute. So this week it's all about the no-code roundup. Also, how can we not talk about COVID-19?
17/03/202024 minutes 39 seconds
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Softr and Mariam Hakobyan

In this episode, we dive into new things from Glide, Webflow, and Makerpad in our no-code roundup. Then, Lacey has a great talk with Mariam Hakobyan about her no-code tool Softr and her career in tech.
11/03/202041 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Parabola Roundtable

In this episode, we have an awesome slate of no-code news and goodness that includes no-code challenges and some new no-code funds! Then, Lacey connects with some women on the Parabola team to talk about what it's like to be a woman working in tech. They also talk about how amazing Parabola is to build with.
05/03/20201 hour 14 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stacker App

In this episode, we talk about all the new things in no-code! A lot of great stuff from Adalo, Bravo Studio, Draftbit, and more. Also, there's going to be another No Code Conf this year! Then we dive into a great tool called Stacker App.
25/02/20201 hour 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Interview with Max Lind

In this episode, we have a lengthy no-code round-up where we talk about SquareSpace, Stacker, No Code Report, and so much more! After the round-up, we have a great interview with the fantastic Max Lind!
17/02/20201 hour 31 minutes 57 seconds
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Can You Have a Career as a Visual Developer?

In this episode, we cover all the latest news in our no-code roundup. Glide has more new features, and what is Wix doing? Also, we talk with Marco Cornacchia about whether it's possible to have a career as a Visual Developer.
12/02/20201 hour 3 minutes 22 seconds
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Today, we're talking about Coda — Ben's favorite doc maker that he believes is the best doc maker out right now, and comparing it to Matt and Lacey's favorite doc maker, Notion. With features like Automation to eliminate boring manual tasks, Packs to integrate everything from Figma to YouTube to Slack right within your doc, and Views to completely bring your data to life, Coda becomes more than a doc-maker — it's your own web app!
04/02/202050 minutes
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An Interview with Bram Kanstein

Join us for Visual Dev FM's first ever interview! Today, we're talking to Bram Kanstein about his journey into entrepreneurship, his 2-year stint in Medical School and how he pivoted into No Code MVP, monetizing your no-code product / skills, and much more.
29/01/20201 hour 40 seconds
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The No Codies

In this episode, we talk about the upcoming No Codies awards, the categories, and how you can nominate and vote for your favorite no-code tools and makers.
21/01/202035 minutes 14 seconds
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How to Price No-Code Projects

n this episode, we talk about the ins-and-outs of pricing + scoping a NoCode project. We go over things to think about on your end, questions to ask the client, red flags to look for, and much more. Hope you enjoy!
14/01/20201 hour 12 minutes 5 seconds
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Bravo Studio App

In this episode we cover the latest in no-code and talk about what it's like to build mobile apps using Figma and Bravo Studio!
07/01/202038 minutes 54 seconds
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Visual Dev School

In this episode we talk about what's new in no-code. We also talk about the newly announced Visual Dev School and how it's going to work.
17/12/201941 minutes 10 seconds
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The Webflow Wordpress Plugin

In this episode, we talk about the Webflow Wordpress plugin and how you can use it to bring No-Code to your Wordpress installation.
09/12/201939 minutes 41 seconds
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Zapier vs. Integromat vs. Parabola

In this episode we talk about three popular automation tools that no-code makers use and compare their pros and cons.
03/12/201955 minutes 37 seconds
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Building an Upvote System With No Code

In this episode we talk about how you can use no-code tools to build simple upvote systems similar to Product Hunt.
25/11/201937 minutes 49 seconds
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No Code Conf Recap

In this episode we talk about all the happenings from No Code Conf. Buckle in for our favorite sessions and highlights from two awesome days of #nocode!
18/11/201951 minutes 28 seconds
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Tinder, but for Employers and Employees

In this episode, we talk with Brigid Hoban and Mary Siems about their idea for an app to pair job hunters with employers. Matt and I will be building their app in the coming weeks.
11/11/201944 minutes 29 seconds
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Building a Meetup Site with Webflow and Zapier

In this episode, we talk about rebuilding functionality with #nocode using Weblfow and Zapier. It's time to take your meetup to the next level!
05/11/201932 minutes 41 seconds
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No Code Conference

In this episode, we talk about Webflow's upcoming #nocode conference aptly titled &quot;No Code Conf.&quot; The conference is celebrating the future of visual development— and the makers behind the movement.
29/10/201928 minutes 35 seconds
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Building No Code Apps with Glide

In this episode, we talk about what it's like to use Glide to build an app powered by Google Sheets. Glide turns spreadsheets into beautiful, easy-to-use apps.
15/10/201946 minutes 34 seconds
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An Interview With Lacey Kesler

In this episode, we chat with Lacey Kesler! Lacey is the found of No Code Creators and is an awesome voice in the #nocode space. We hope you enjoy her story and insights!
07/10/201933 minutes 34 seconds
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Building a Blog with No Code (Pt. 2)

In this episode, we jump into the weeds of building a blog using Webflow. We cover adding commenting systems, and replace Wordpress plugins. We also cover the differences between Squarespace and Wordpress as well.
01/10/201937 minutes 37 seconds
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Building a Blog with No Code (Pt. 1)

In this, the very first episode of the Visual Developers Podcast, we talk about our goals for this show and our site. We also talk about what goes into building a good blog and how to build a great one without using code.
22/09/201938 minutes 44 seconds