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English, Social, 3 seasons, 32 episodes, 17 hours, 11 minutes
This podcast is where Eve and Jackie dish about anything and everything about what’s happening in the world to what’s been going down in our day to day. Who doesn’t love a good girl chat. Come and hang with us.
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Girl Code?

Eve and Jack go over girl code.
2/12/202333 minutes, 22 seconds
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Let’s talk about sex

In this episode Eve and Jacks go into full blown discussion on the importance of communication during that intimate time with your partner and how it makes a difference in the experience. If you don’t already, check us out on IG @theventteapodcast
4/18/202131 minutes, 19 seconds
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Body Positivity

Jack and Eve go into how great was looking over the weekend. She screams confidence. Eve  mentions how changing the the way she speaks to herself really has helped her mental health. 
4/11/202132 minutes, 8 seconds
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Do you even date?

Eve and Jack talk about dating during quarantine.  Jack encourages Eve to stop being such a prude.
4/4/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Working Moms

In this episode, Jackie and Eve discuss the difficulties of working and being parents. 
3/21/202123 minutes, 30 seconds
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Quinceanera, women things and then some

Today’s episode is all about being a girl with a little TMI for the gents.Check out on Instagram: theventteapodcast
3/14/202141 minutes, 41 seconds
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Say Yes!

In this episode we talk about letting go of the usual customs and trying to adventure out and say yes more.Check us out on:Instagram: theventteapodcast
3/9/202128 minutes, 20 seconds
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001. Allow us to introduce ourselves

Welcome to our first podcast. We are here to introduce ourselves and let you know we are here for your entertainment.Check us out on Instagram at Theventteapodcast 
3/6/20219 minutes, 36 seconds