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The Unmasked Podcast (by Ask The Martins) Cover

The Unmasked Podcast (by Ask The Martins)

English, Old Time Radio, 2 seasons, 21 episodes, 8 hours, 10 minutes
Kenya is a well put together marketing executive that has accomplished so much in life by not making waves for others. But when everything begins to unravel, and her perfectly curated world begins to crumble around her, she has to come face to face with herself (and her choices). So she goes to therapy. A wholesome mix between Being Mary Jane and Insecure, journey with Kenya as she tries to make sense of life, love, and failure—through the lens of her therapistTrue Love; Insecure; Issa Rae; Yvonne Orji; Meagan Good; Bel-Air; Harlem; Run the World; therapy for black girls
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Introducing A Soft Girl's Season's Greetings

We know you're missing Unmasked and we PROMISE we are hard at work on it! But in the meantime, we hope you will fall in love with Mac and Searcy on A Soft Girl's Season's Greetings. Our Christmas podcast special full of all the mushy love stuff found in all your favorite Christmas movies. Listen now: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: YouTube:
12/5/20221 minute, 6 seconds
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Chapter 5: Save Me From Myself

In this episode of the Unmasked Podcast, Obi comes face to face with the ex that still has a hold on Kenya; Dr. KAM is growing more and more tired of "shucking and jiving" to entertain people; And Kenya's therapist is beginning to call BS on her "progress." Listen in to see where Kenya's drama takes her this time.  Episode Sponsor: CultureStock Photography: Get BIPOC stock photography at Please don't forget to rate and leave a review! We can't grow without you! Learn more about the cast and crew at Stay up to date with us on social media! Twitter: @theunmaskedshow Instagram: @theunmaskedpod
4/1/202228 minutes, 8 seconds